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New Neighbors

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This story is fiction. It is meant to be read by adults. Children under the age of 18, please leave. All the characters in this story are of my own imagination, and not real in any sense of the word. Any similarities to that of living people is pure coincidence.

This story involves a man & wife (and later their daughter) being used by a set of new neighbors. It includes hypnotism, male/female sex, male/male sex, and female/female sex. Comments are always appreciated, but please limit those to ideas & not to just give grief. At this moment, the story has a few parts and is not complete, so asking how it will end—well, we will just have to wait & see.

And now—on with the story. I hope you will enjoy.

Chapter 9

When Sue arrived home, she found that her daughter Sara had arrived after being away for the past 6 weeks. They hugged and kissed just like Mom’s and daughters do, but it wasn’t long before Sue began to nag at Sara for immediately making her room into a pigsty. She also discovered that Joe and Sara had been arguing over the same ol’ thing again—Her boyfriend Tony. It seems that although Sara had just arrived home, the argument over her boyfriend was back on the front burner. Sara wanted independence—she wanted control over her own life, and her parents thought she was still a little girl who was not capable of picking her friends. Joe and Sue thought that this boy was arrogant and cocky, and that he wouldn’t treat their daughter very well in the long run. It seemed that the more they objected to him the more she wanted to be with him.

The time away had done a lot for Sara, who sported a very dark tan for a natural blonde. She looked like she had grown a couple of inches taller, and her once perky breasts had come into their own. She was 5′ 5″ and measured 34D—25—33, but with the low cut shirt she wore, her breasts looked truly awesome on her fabulous body. Her hair curled lightly and had grown a bit, but was still shorter than her Mom’s—stopping short of the middle of her back. Any guy would be lucky to date her—but the irritating Tony was just not suitable. Tony was easy on the eyes, at 6′ 1″ 175 pounds and dark black hair and if it were not for his rude and demanding personality he would be a good catch for any young girl. He was all man and always went around trying to prove it. Masculine to an extreme, he didn’t just try to talk the talk—he walked the walk.

Sara never let ANYONE boss her around. She fought us all the time to keep us from “bossing her” but this guy—she would let him get away with anything. Basically nothing stopped him either.

Sara had invited him to dinner, and we tolerated his presence at the table.

Sue served polish sausage and sour kraut with some fruit on the side. But shortly after sitting to the table Joe started playing with his food. He stroked the hot sausage with his hands, running them up and down the length of the eight or nine inch piece of meat.

“Hot sausage—ohh, this is really warm.” Joe said to himself yet out loud.

Everyone watched as he played with his food. The whole family and Tony to boot watched in awe as Joe handled his sausage like he was in love with it.

“Dear, why don’t you cut it with a knife and fork like everyone else?” Sue bewilderedly asked.

He ignored her and went about playing with his sausage.

It was like a scene out of the movie “close encounters” when Richard Dryfus was building the tower out of his mashed potatoes.

Joe inserted the thick polish sausage into his mouth and sucked on it—then slid it back out again. Over and over her would suck on the dinner, just adoring how little pieces of meat would break off and slide down his throat.

Tony was disturbed over this scene, and commented in his uncouth way that Sara’s dad must really be able to suck the sausage. As he laughed, the others cringed. Sara was humiliated that her dad would be sitting at the table worshiping this piece of meat like it was a huge cock.

“Dad, that is soooo gross. Please stop it!” Sara told her father.

Tony, not missing a beat to show off how much he and Sara have been involved with each other “Damn, sucking the sausage must be a family trait.”

Sara squirmed and kicked at Tony under the table.

Sue was embarrassed for herself, and her husband. She didn’t care what Tony thought, but the fact that he was saying things that alluded to her daughter going down on him didn’t help matters.

Joe could only make yummy noises as he engulfed the sausage in and out of his wide stretched mouth.

Finally he acknowledged the stares and gasps from around the table. He blushed and admitted “I can’t help it—I love to suck—I need to suck big sausages—I get the juice from it. I enjoy making it go all soft in my mouth.”

There was no doubt in Tony and Sara’s mind that he was not just talking about his dinner. Afterward, Tony asked Sara “Say, if you can’t get your dad to agree to let me spend the night—wonder if I whip out MY SAUSAGE—I can trade a suck job from him for a few nights with you.”

“As IF—MY dad is not GAY. I think he is doing that just to get at you. 2 weeks ago when I called he said if you have a bigger cock than HIM, then he wouldn’t object to you and I spending the night. I think it is just his macho way of getting to you.”

Tony laughed at Sara’s weak explanation, and said “Girl, there was NOTHING MACHO ABOUT WHAT HE DID at dinner. You heard him, he wants to suck big sausages.” Then the malicious thought came to Tony “How ‘bout I find a way to show off my package, and see if he will keep his word to you.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, he is bigger all around than you—surely he is bigger there too.” Sara rationalized.

“We’ll just see” Tony smiled.

“Now?” Sara asked.

“No, not now but soon enough I will find a way.” Tony admitted.

The next night after her parents had returned from work Sue and Joe were getting ready to go out. It was Joe’s big night. He was delivering a speech to the town hall on behalf of the citizens and since he is a writer, he got elected to express their view. He was a bit nervous and Sue wasn’t much help either. Sue came into Sara’s room and started to nag about cleaning up the place. Sara’s just beautiful about how she keeps herself, but you wouldn’t know it if you saw how she trashes the place while trying to become beautiful each day. Sue got on her case, and Sara snapped back. “If you want it clean so much, why don’t you do it?”

Sue glazed over and said, “Yes ma’am” and began to pick up after her daughter.

Naturally Sara thought her mother was just kidding. But she enjoyed sitting on her bed while her mother rushed around the room in just bra and panties, cleaning up after her youngster.

“Hey since this is YOUR THING—Why don’t you clean the bathroom too.” Sara told her mom.

When Sue was through straightening up the bedroom, she went on to the bathroom as instructed.

Joe came in to see his petite wife—moments before was clean and sweet smelling—now down on her hands and knees scrubbing the toilet.

“Sue—What are you doing?” Joe asked.

“Cleaning for Sara.” Sue explained.

“WHY—we are going to be late!” He got upset.

“She told me to.” Sue explained to her peeved husband.

Joe went into Sara’s room “What did you tell her to do—we are going to be late.”

“She likes to clean—I just told her to do it.” Sara shrugged her shoulders

“Well tell her to stop and get ready.” Joe beseeched his daughter.

“Dad—since when does she listen to me?” Sara asked

Since Joe had heard all about his wife and other larger women—he suspected that she was now obeying her own daughter. He let the cat out of the bag. “Please Sara—I implore you—Just let her go with me.” He paused to let those words sink in. “This is a big night for me.”

“Well it’s a big night for me to be with Tony—and you are not giving in on that.” She threw back at him.

“I don’t go for blackmail little girl.” Then grabbing her arm hauled her toward the bathroom door. “Tell her to get ready and go out with me”

“You tell her yourself” Sara told her father.

“She won’t listen to me—she will listen to you.” Joe tried to explain to his confused child.

“Why?” She asked.

“Ask her yourself” Joe pointed at Sue who was just completing the toilet and was busy straightening the towels.

“Mom, why are you cleaning—instead of going out with Dad?”

Sue turned and stared right at her beautiful daughter “YOU TOLD ME TO CLEAN UP AFTER YOU—YOU TOLD ME TO CLEAN YOUR BATHROOM”

Sara looked back at me—I looked at her with a ‘see I told you so’ kind of expression.

“So you do what I tell you to do?” Sara quizzed her mother.

Sue bowed her head and spoke quietly “Yes Ma’am”.

Sara started getting excited over this interesting change in family status. “Dad, you go ahead without her. We need to have a little chat.”

Joe looked at his daughter—“But Sara, this isn’t fair. She is my wife and she need to be by my side tonight. You will just have to wait till later to talk to her. Now tell her to go with me.”

Joe was whining. He sounded like a little kid all of the sudden. He was begging Sara to let her mother come out and play. Sara had been a babysitter with little boys who whined about what they wanted. She knew how to handle them except one thing—she didn’t know how to handle a little boy for a Dad. “Go with Dad, you want to go to this—fine go ahead and go.”

Sara liked the feeling of power. She enjoyed the way people did what she wanted them to do—or what she didn’t want to do for herself. It made her feel all excited inside, and she was afraid to show that to her own parents. But she thought about how Sue had obeyed her, and her Dad had begged for her permission. This was interesting.

The next day things in the family changed for the good of Sara.

Sara had gone shopping with her friends, and returned mid afternoon to find the new neighbor Bob fucking Sue on the couch. He had his back toward Sara when she entered the family room. They didn’t hear her come home. Instead of gasping in shock, she quietly backed up so that she could still see the action but not be noticed.

Sara watched intently as her mother was being fucked. Sara wanted to race in and show them that they were caught in action, she could threaten her Mom—that she would tell her Dad. He was big and strong, and could ‘take out’ this guy in our family room. All the thoughts of last night were gone; she just hoped that Dad would come home and kick this guy’s butt for screwing around with his wife.

It was then that she heard some strange talk from the guy with his back to her. In addition to the moans and groans that her Mom was making, and the grunts that this guy was making as he thrust into her pussy, she heard him “Yes—lick it there. Lick my balls while I ram in her pussy.”

Who could he be talking about? Sue was on the couch doggy style, and he was behind her ramming his dick into her pussy. So how could she be licking his balls? It was then that she got the newest shock to her young life. Laying face up on the couch, with his face directly under Sue & this guy’s privates was none other than her Dad. She took another step backward. Dad wasn’t going to come to Mom’s rescue. Dad was involved.

After a few minutes, the guy squirted his load deep into Sue’s wet pussy, and backed off and slouched down in a chair across the room. Sara couldn’t get a good look at him since she was quickly trying to duck down and not be seen. From her view in the kitchen, she could make out that the guy was tired from fucking her mother. But more importantly Sue was now riding her father’s face.

“Suck his seed out—Ohhhh, yeah, that is what YOU are good for.” Sue told her husband as she bucked up and down on his nose and tongue. “Mmmmm, yes, lick my clit. This is the ONLY way I can come with you.”

Sara listened intently, since she had NEVER heard her Mom talk this way to her Dad. As far as she was always concerned he was the boss of the house. Mom did what he said. Now, he is face up on the couch sucking another mans cum from Mom’s slick wet pussy.

Sara could also see something else—her Mom had shaved her crotch. She was bare naked down there. Sara could see the slobber from her Dad and perhaps the excitement from her Mom—after being used by this man.

She waited in the kitchen—afraid to make a move—lest she be found to be spying on them.

Soon Sue grunted ... she moaned and threw her head back. Her breasts looked pretty good for an old lady, and from this particular angle they looked full and firm. That was until Sue finished with her orgasm and slumped down to catch her breath.

The man in the chair called out “Pet, crawl over here and worship the cock that just fucked your pretty little wife”

Joe pushed Sue off of him and rolled off the couch landing on his knees. He raced on his knees to the side of this guy. Without any hesitation he leaned over to kiss and lick this guys sloppy cock.

“Ah, Ahhh, Ahhh, What do you say? Beg me Pet.” The man teased.

Sara heard her once proud father beg for this mans cock. “Please Master, let me kiss it. Let me suck it clean. I promise to do a real good job”

“Why do you want THIS COCK?” The man taunted

“Because it is POWERFUL, it is firm, and I worship big cocks.” Joe declared

“Yes, even flaccid it is still twice the size of your little wiener.” Then he slapped Joe across the face with his prick. Back and forth Joe was being dick slapped by a bigger man.

Sara needed to get a better look at this man in her family room—a guy whose cock is twice the size of her Dad’s. She sneaked a bit closer and hid behind the TV trays that were right at the entrance to the family room from the kitchen. She watched this guy dick slap her Dad.

Sara was in awe of the tool this guy sported. It had to be 9″ long and 2″ thick—and that was soft. How big is he when he’s hard she wondered.

“OK my Pet, you can clean my cock like a good little boy.” Then calling out to Sue, “Come and stand beside me—I want to stick a few fingers in you as you watch my cock being cleaned by your hubby.”

Sue obeyed. He slid 3 or 4 fingers into her dripping wet slit, as she stood beside the chair.

“You get very wet when you see this cock. Don’t you little pretty?”

“Yes sir” She moaned as she glanced up—she was shocked to see her daughter crouching down in the entranceway.

Sue was helpless to move. She was unable to stop Bob from fingering her. She worshiped his cock and the drugs made her a slave to it—just like her husband. If Bob had looked up—he would have seen the terror on Sue’s face as she saw her daughter witness this humiliation. Instead, Sara watched as Sue came from Bob’s finger-fuck. The orgasm and juice ran down her leg.

Sara backed away from the group action—and managed to escape without Joe or the stranger seeing her. But she knew that her Mom saw her. She stared straight into her eyes. Sara blushed when she saw what this guy was doing. She didn’t know anything about the drugs. She just knew that the man with the huge cock had fucked her Mom and her father had been under them when they did it. He licked it up when they finished, and worshiped that cock when it was all over. Sara flashed back to the dinner table—the scene of Joe sucking on the sausage. This guy’s limp dick was bigger than that sausage.

Sara ran off to be with Tony. But what would she tell him. How could she face her Mom again? Would she like to see her Dad worship Tony’s cock? How big is her Dad? Many thoughts raced through the young blonde’s head.

Would she tell anyone what she had just seen? Sara slid her hand to her crotch; her own panties were soaking wet. She liked what she saw; there was no doubt about it. Her Mom obeys her, her Dad is a cuckold and she wondered if she would end up like them—OR RULING THEM!!.

End of chapter 9