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New Rival Chapter 2

Zoe paced back in forth in Ashley and Lily’s room nervously. Lily was sitting on the bed, slowly going through one of her books on magic. “I got it!” Lily exclaims.

“The spell to unlock the door?” Zoe sops her pacing.

Lily nods. “Yeah, I should have everything I need for it.”

“Great! Let’s go save Ashley!” Zoe starts towards the door.

“Hold on, there’s one more thing.” Lily grabs Zoe’s arm. “Our triggers.”

Zoe blinks. “Oh yeah, Ashley could just drop you right away.” She pauses for a moment. “Wait, what do you mean our triggers? I don’t have one”

Lily gives her a look. “I’m afraid you do. Ashley just thought it would be more fun if you didn’t remember it.”

Zoe sits down across from Lily. “So what do we do about them? That elf probably knows about them by now, and she can just make Ashley drop us as soon as she sees us.”

“Well, that’s at least the easy part,” Lily says with a slight smile. “We just have to hypnotize each other and program each other so those triggers don’t work anymore.”

Zoe gets a puzzled expression. “Does that work? I haven’t ever hypnotized anyone yet. What if I do something wrong?”

Lily puts a hand on Zoe’s to calm her down a bit. “We’ll be fine. You’ve been studying and learning from Ashley, and she’s a great hypnotist. You’re more than ready. And I’ll tell you how to program me. You just need to tell me that my old trigger won’t work anymore. Maybe reinforce it a little just to make sure, but it should be really simple.”

Zoe nods at this, calming down a little. “Okay, I can try.”

Lily drops Zoe into trance easily enough, removing Ashley’s trigger to instantly drop her. She pulls Zoe back up, and then tells her what she needs to do, and writes down some of the things Zoe should say to remove her trigger. It takes a little longer for Zoe to drop Lily, but she’s able to do it without too much difficulty. Zoe checks the notes Lily gave her a bit before saying anything else, and then begins to deprogram her. After a bit of this, Zoe pulls Lily back up.

Lily sighs, as she wakes up. “Okay, that’s taken care of. At least she can’t drop us right away now. Now things are probably going to move fast once I get the door open. Even if she can’t trigger us, that elf is going to use Ashley to try to hypnotize us. At best, it’s a 2 on 2. I know this is going to be only your second time, but you’ll have to be ready for anything. I’ll take the elf, so you’ll need to take Ashley.”

Zoe nods nervously. “Okay… if you think I can take her. But she’ll be resisting, right?”

“She will, but it’ll be easier to drop her.” Lily, replies. “She’s already hypnotized, and there hasn’t been much time to deeply program her. She’ll already be halfway in trance when you start. You’ll just have to pull her down to the point where she can’t try to hypnotize you anymore.”

“If you say so. But are you sure you can take the elf?”

Lily gives her a sly grin. “Oh, don’t worry about me. You’re about to see a succubus go all out with her hypnotic and seductive charm.” Together, Lily and Zoe walk out the door, heading back to the room where Ashley was taken.

* * *

Meanwhile, in said room, Ashley is making out with the elf. Naked. “Mmmm, Ashley dear. You’re quite good.”

Ashley lets out a happy moan at the praise. “Thank you, Mistress. I’m happy to serve you and your Mistress. I can’t wait for my friends to join me in submission, so we can all meet Mistress.”

“You’ll make such good slave and help with Mistress’ plan.” The elf says, petting Ashley’s head, which causes her to purr softly.

At that moment, both of them could hear. Something outside the door. Some muffled chanting. “I think that’s Lily, Mistress. She’s unlocking the door.”

The elf just smiles. “No need to worry, slave. We can just stay here on the comfy bed. You know what to do.”

Ashley smiles. “Yes, Mistress.” She falls back onto her Mistress’ body, watching the door.

* * *

The door swings open, letting Lily and Zoe see inside the room. The first thing they see is the elf and Ashley lounging naked on the bed. Before they can process this, they hear Ashley’s voice. “Remember your tits, hypnosis is wonderful.” There’s a smug look on the elf’s face, but it quickly fades as Lily and Zoe don’t fall into trance.

“Yeah, nice try, but we took care of that. Now you should really let our friend go.” Lily begins walking towards the elf seductively.

“Well it’s a shame it wasn’t so easy, but you’ll still be wonderful slaves for Mistress. I guess we’ll just have to work for it.” The elf moves Ashley off of her as she slides off her bed. “I’ll take care of you, sexy succubus. Ashley dear, take care of your other friend.”

Ashley gets off the bed and walks towards Zoe. “Yes, Mistress.”

Lily spares a glance to see Ashley squaring off with Zoe, but she needs to focus on the elf. She stops suppressing her aura, letting it all out, but making sure it’s all focused on the elf so as not to distract Zoe. She wouldn’t normally use her Aura like this, but this time was an exception. Lily needed to get her friend back. “My my, it sounds like you’re already a good slave. So you already know how good it feels to submit. How good it feels to obey. And drop down. Down into trance for me.”

The elf is simply stunned. She found the succubus attractive, of course, but her attraction to her just skyrocketed in a fraction of a second. She was so in love. She wanted nothing more to please her. This goddess in front of her. But she needed to obey her Mistress too. And Mistress always wanted more slaves. “mmmm, so you’ve noticed my submission. That’s good. Very good. And I’m sure you know all about submission. I don’t even have to tell you about it. You’ve experienced it. You’ve seen mine. Just let yourself fall into that submission.”

It did sound tempting when she said it like that. Lily did enjoy submitting to Ashley. So would submitting to the pretty elf be so bad? But thinking about Ashley reminded Lily of her goal. Saving Ashley. She concentrates her aura more. “You’re right, submission feels so good. But who would you rather submit to? That silly mistress you’re struggling to remember? Or the beautiful, sexy, perfect Goddess right in front of you?”

The elf shook her head, but couldn’t look away from Lily. Of course she wanted to submit to her Mistress… her mistress. But it was so hard to remember her. Not with this perfect sexy Goddess dominating her vision. Dominating her mind. “I… but mistress…” She protests softly.

“No no. You don’t need her. You just need your Goddess.” As she says this, Lily reaches out and pulls the elf into her, causing her to gasp. “That’s right, just your Goddess. That’s who you submit to. Not any silly mistress. Just me. Now melt and fall to your knees for me.”

The elf’s attraction to Lily spikes as she’s pulled in. Thoughts of her mistress leave her mind, pushed out by her awe, her reverence, her lust for her Goddess. Her perfect, sexy, succubus Goddess. Her body slumps at her Goddess’ words, and the arm around her back leaves, letting her fall down to her knees, letting out a “yesss, Goddess,’ her breath plainly hot. Lily smiles in satisfaction, suppressing her aura again, and looks over to check on Ashley and Zoe.

As Ashley made her way over to Zoe, Zoe glanced nervously at Lily, who was already focused on the elf. Even if she couldn’t beat Ashley, Zoe hoped she could at least lull Ashley into a bit of a trance. Lily would surely be able to take out a mostly tranced Ashley. Zoe shakes her head. No point in thinking like this. Either she’ll hypnotize Ashley, or Ashley will hypnotize her.

Ashley stands right in front of Zoe. “Hey, Zoe. I know this is scary for you, but you don’t have to worry about it. Everything you need is right here in my eyes. Just look into my eyes.” Ashley’s eyes are noticeably glazed over and spacey. “They’re so empty. So blank. Just like you will be. Just look, and let me guide you down.”

Ashley’s eyes were really nice. Zoe had seen them more times than she could remember, but they were different now. So blank. So empty. It could be so easy to let that feeling infect her. Not not now. Not while she needed to save Ashley. Zoe holds up her finger and begins moving it in a slow circle. She and Zoe hadn’t had much time to prepare before coming here, so Zoe couldn’t grab anything to use as a focus. “Your eyes are so nice, Ashley. And I’m sure it would feel even better if you let your eyes follow my finger. As it goes around and around. It’s so easy, so simple.”

Just as Lily had predicted, Ashley in her hypnotized state was far more susceptible to hypnosis than Zoe had expected. Ashley’s eyes immediately focused on Zoe’s finger. She was hooked, but it wasn’t over yet. “And as my eyes follow your finger, you can see them move. They’re so captivating… so alluring… Just follow. They’re so empty… So blank… Just how you should be…” Ashley’s voice is noticeably more spacey at this point.

Zoe continued to watch Ashley’s eyes as the followed her finger. Those blank eyes. Those empty eyes. It was so easy… To watch them… To feel herself falling into them… But she needed to save Ashley first. “Let your eyes… follow my finger. Around and around… Around and around…” Zoe recalled something about physical sensations being used to help pull people down. She slowly started moving her finger towards Ashley’s face, keeping it moving in a slow circle. “Keep watching my finger… Finding that when it touches your forehead… You’ll fall into trance…”

Ashley’s eyes followed Zoe’s finger perfectly. Her body slumped forward slightlyy as her whole posture became more relaxed. It was so nice to watch the finger. But she needed to obey her Mistress… She needed to be a good slave… A good slave… Good slaves follow… Good slaves obey… Follow that finger… Obey and fall into trance…

Zoe continued moving her finger closer to Ashley’s forehead. She was feeling a bit spacey, and her expression wasn’t as focused as it had been, but she was aware enough to keep her finger going. “That’s right… Just follow… Just obey… you love it so much… falling into trance… as my finger taps your forehead…” As she finishes speaking, Zoe’s finger taps Ashley, which causes her head to drop forward. “That’s right, deeper and deeper now. Just falling for me, down into trance.” Zoe starts to come back to herself as she continues to deepen Ashley.

“Hey, that was pretty good for your first proper duel.” Zoe hears Lily’s voice and looks over to her. She sees Lily standing over the elf, who is looking up at Lily with so much adoration and devotion she might as well have hearts in her eyes. Lily was idly patting her head while she watched Zoe.

“Thanks. How much did you see?” Zoe asked, blushing slightly.

“Just the end.” Lily’s hand moves down and caresses the elf’s face softly, which she leans into as she lets out a soft moan of pleasure. “We can figure out what to do with this cutie, but let’s deprogram Ashley first. Do you want help, or to try it on your own?”

Zoe looks back at Ashley. “I think I’ll try on my own.” Lily nods and gestures to Lily to go ahead. “Now, Ashley. All that programming you’ve been given. Feel it fading away. You’re not a slave. You don’t serve a mistress. You’re coming back to yourself. You are Ashley. You’re not a slave. All that fades from your mind. When you wake up, you will be free of any programming. Your mind will be your own. Do you understand?”

Ashley nods as she lets out a sleepy “yessss…”

Zoe looks over to Lily. “Will that be enough?”

“It should be enough for the level of programming she has. Deeper, more long term programming would require something more thorough, but that will be enough for this.” Lily says, nodding.

“Alright then. Coming up now. Following my words up, remembering everything. Rising up now, coming back to yourself. Mind returning, thoughts returning. Waking up now, Ashley.” Zoe snaps her fingers.

Ashley pulls herself up, blinking, and looks around the room. “Uh… Hey guys. Thanks for saving me.” She looks down and realizes she’s naked. “Can I get my clothes?” Lily picks them up off the floor and tosses them to Ashley. “Thanks. Sorry for the trouble.”

“Not a problem. Just a risk of being at hypnosis school.” Lily says smiling.

Ashley puts on her clothes. “Even so.” She looks at Zoe. “I’m sorry you got dragged into this too. You didn’t sign up for this.”

Zoe shakes her head. “It’s fine. It’s nowhere near what I was expecting, but I’m just glad I could help you.”

Ashley smiles kindly at both of them. “Well, thank you. I really mean it. And I think there’s something more going on here than just the elf enslaving me.”

Lily nods. “Yeah, it sounded like she was also hypnotized. Not what I was expecting.” She looks down at the elf with a quizzical look.

“Yeah, her mistress has some kind of plan. Not sure what it is thought.” Ashley shrugs.

“We can always just ask her.” Lily says. “Now, first things first. Tell me your name, slave.”

“Yes Goddess, my name is Michelle.” She says excitedly, so happy to finally have an order to obey.

“Well, Michelle, tell me about your Mistress and her plans.” Lily orders, smiling down at her.

“mmmm, yes Goddess,” Michelle says, still leaning into Lily’s hand on her face. “I was originally enslaved by one of the teachers, but she brought me to her mistress. I don’t remember who she was, or much of her plan. Just something about taking over the school.”

Ashley, Lily, and Zoe look at each other after hearing this. “I think this is bigger than any of us thought.” Ashley says. “We might be the first people to hear about this that didn’t end up enslaved.”

Lily nods. “Yeah, we need to do something about it. And we can’t tell anyone about it, they could already be enslaved. If they’ve already gotten at least one teacher, then we can’t trust anyone. It’s up to us.”

Ashley nods in agreement but then looks to Zoe. “Lily and I are involved in this, whether we want to be or not. If we do nothing, we’ll end up enslaved anyway. But you can leave. You’re not a part of the school. We don’t want to force you into this.”

Zoe considers it. It would be easier to leave. Safer too. Let the school deal with its internal issues. But if she left… “I can’t just leave you like that. If I left and you got enslaved, I’d never forgive myself. So I’ll stay and help.”

Ashley and Zoe share a smile. “As long as you’re sure about it.” Ashley looks back to Lily. “What should we do with Michelle? I’m not sure we could take her with us, so it might be better to keep her as a sleeper agent. It might help.”

Lily thinks about it for a few seconds and then nods. “Yeah, probably safer that way, at least in the short term. It doesn’t sound like she’s that high up in whatever hierarchy they have going on, so hopefully she won’t interact with the mastermind. She could be useful later.” She looks back down to Michelle. “Now Michelle, when we leave here, your mind will revert to how it was before I hypnotized you. Your waking mind will still believe you’re a good slave for your old mistress. But deep down, you’ll know you truly serve your Goddess. Whenever any of us here say ‘Remember your Goddess’, you will become our good little slave once again. You will obey Ashley and Zoe just as you obey me. Whenever you hear any of us say ‘Remember your Goddess’, you will remember who you truly serve.” Lily looks back to Ashley and Zoe. “Anything else I should add?”

Ashley thinks for a moment. “I remember she told her mistress about me and about you two, so she’ll have to tell her something. Maybe Michelle could say something about how the programming in me didn’t stick as well as she thought, and I got away, but I didn’t seem to remember anything. It’s not perfect, but it shouldn’t make the mastermind worry too much.”

“And after we leave, you’ll tell your old mistress that the girl you caught managed to break out of your hypnosis, but she didn’t seem to recall anything about being enslaved or your mistress’ plan. If she asks for a description, you will make one up that is entirely different from me, Ashley, or Zoe. Do you understand?”

Michelle gives an eager nod. “Yes, Goddess, your slave understands.”

“That should be enough for now. We need to get back to our room to plan.” Lily says.

Zoe nods. “Yeah, that sounds good.”

Lily and Zoe walk out of the room, and Ashley starts to follow them. Before she leaves, she notices the orb Michelle had first used to hypnotize her. She recalled how quickly it had worked to drop her. It could be useful. Ashley picks it up, and walks out of the room with it, following Lily and Zoe back to their room.