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Finally, this story is heavily inspired by the amazing Oblivious by Pie in the Sky.

New Slave

By MonsterMash62

* * *

“Dude, you’re not going to believe this! I got a magic rock that grants wishes!”

“Oh yeah?” Steve asked, not letting his eyes leave the hot brunette’s two tables over.

He wasn’t really paying attention to Martin, his dorky friend. They were between lectures at University, and Steve was playing his favourite game: trying to get laid.

“Did you hear me? It’s a magic rock. It grants me wishes.”

“Ok hot shot, if that’s true, wish that the brunette over there would suck me off during my next lecture. I’m horny and she’s hot as fuck.”

“Really? I can wish for anything, and that’s what you want?”

“You don’t? I know you’re gay, but don’t you want to, I don’t know, get laid occasionally? You’re my friend and everything, but you don’t exactly play to your strengths. You look like you haven’t washed your hair in weeks and you’re wearing a Spider-man t-shirt. Don’t you want to try to make yourself look half decent? You’re not a super model, but decent clothes and clean hair would definitely help.”

“Dude, whatever. You don’t have to be such a huge dick.”

“Sorry dude. It just seems like you don’t ever want to have sex.”

“Anyways. What are you doing tonight? The new Halo just came out and I wanna try the multiplayer.”

“Can’t tonight. I like Halo as much as the next guy, but that would ensure that I’ll be beating it tonight when I get home, instead of banging some prime ass.”

“All right man, you have got to get some action, obviously. Check this out.” Martin held up a small blue rock and said “I wish that the brunette over there would give Steve a blow job during his next lecture, and no one besides Steve or the brunette will notice.”

The rock flashed and forced both of them to look away. When they looked back, the brunette was gone. Martin had a huge dorky grin on his greasy face. Steve sighed, shook his head, and left for class.

* * *

“Oh my god. That brunette totally just blew me, while the professor was droning on about derivatives. It was in the back of the hall, no one else was sitting near me, and no one else noticed.”

Martin had a huge self satisfied grin plastered across his handsome face. His immaculate blond locks fell a bit over his left eye, and perfect white teeth gleamed.

“Yeah? Told you my rock was magic.”

“I guess so. She whispered that she saw me looking at her in the cafeteria here, and just knew I had a tasty cock.”

“Does that mean that you’re ok to play Halo tonight then? Now that you’ve shot your load down some poor woman’s throat?”

“Halo? Are you kidding? You’re going out with me tonight! You’re going to be my wing man.”

“Me? You never ask me to go out with you. Why are you asking now?”

“Huh? I always get you to go with me. It’s one of the few perks of you being gay and so darn incredible looking. You help me reel them in, and then when they realize that they can’t have you because you’re gay, they’re all over me.”

“Oh! I get it. I’m handsome and attractive now, so you want me to come with you. I got it.”

“What are you talking about? I always want you to come with me.”

“Dude, no you don’t. You told me you were going out tonight before last class and didn’t invite me. Then I wished that I was super model handsome, and now you’re inviting me out.”

“Why would you wish to be super model handsome? You’ve always been ridiculously handsome. The girls have been all over you since we were 16.”

“No, seriously dude, I’ve only looked like this for 2 hours now.”

“No way. If you did, I’d remember it.”

“That’s how the rock works. The only people that can tell there’s a difference are the ones that hear the wish being made. Since you weren’t here when I wished it, you don’t remember things being any different.”

“Bullshit dude. I’d remember if you had changed.”

“No, you wouldn’t. Because you don’t.”

“Yeah? Well I’ll bet you one wish on your stupid rock that I can figure out what you wished for without you telling me.”

“Seriously? All right. But what I do I get if you don’t figure it out?”

“Respect? Come on. What am I possibly going to give you? You’ve got a wishing rock already.”

“All right. While you’re out trying to hit it, without me, I’ll make some wishes. If you figure out one of my wishes tomorrow before lunch, I’ll let you make one wish on the rock. Deal?”

“Deal! But they have to be wishes I’d notice too. Like, you can’t just wish that you have a tattoo, cause I wouldn’t know if you had one before or not.”

“Ok, so I have to wish for something that you’ll interact with. Got it.”

* * *

The next morning, Steve woke up in the tiny carpeted area of the floor that was his bed. He looked around the room trying to figure out what could possibly have changed.

He grabbed his rather large morning wood and gave it a few light strokes. That’s just as big as ever, he thought. He knew how much his master loved big juicy cocks, but knew that hadn’t changed. If his master Martin had made a wish about Steve’s dick, it would be ridiculously huge, as opposed to the foot long it was now.

Steve began to stroke his cock in earnest, thinking about how much he’d enjoy getting fucked by master’s cock later, if he was lucky. He started to drip precum, but stopped himself before he got too close. He knew that he was supposed to save his loads for when Master told him to shoot. Steve had never understood that, considering how big his loads always were anyways. But it didn’t bother him. He loved doing what his Master told him to.

He heard Master stirring and climbed onto the bed slowly and quietly. He considered whether or not the bed or his Master was any different, but couldn’t see anything. His master was just as handsome as he’d always been. Steve gently stroked his Master’s morning wood and then carefully started to lick and suck it. This was how he always woke his Master in the morning, as per his Master’s wishes.

His Master stirred, staring down sleepily at Steve as his head bobbed up and down on his Master’s cock.

“Steve! What are you doing?”

Martin’s dick fell out of Steve’s mouth as Steve gave Martin’s face his full attention.

“Master, you’re going to be late for class if you don’t get up soon! I was just trying to wake you, like I always do.”

“Oh! You’re right. Sorry, I must still be half asleep.”

“Did you still want your morning blow job now that you’re up, Master? I’d be a horrible slave if I let you go to class with blue balls.”

“Uhm, sure. Go ahead.”

Steve lean down to start slurping again, but sat up again suddenly.

“Wait a minute! Did you wish that I would wake you up with a blow job today? Is that what you wished?” Martin smiled.

“No, that definitely wasn’t what I wished. I wouldn’t have been so surprised, would I?”

Steve guessed that made sense, but wasn’t any closer to guessing what Martin had wished for.

“Steve, any other ideas about what I wished for?” As Martin asked this, he thrust his hips up towards Steve’s mouth and waved his cock a bit.

“All right, Master, I get the hint. I don’t know what you wished for yet, but I’ll figure it out.”

He leaned down and started to suck on his Master’s dick once more. After a few minutes, Martin’s hands grabbed onto the bed sheet and he shot off in Steve’s eager mouth. Steve greedily swallowed every drop.

“Ok, slave, let’s see you shoot a load all over your chest now.”

“Oh! Master’s going to let me shoot a load this morning!” Steve thought to himself.

He quickly grabbed his own much larger cock and stroked it quickly three times. A large load shot out of it and landed on his large pectoral muscles, followed by a number of smaller loads that eventually dribbled onto his hard eight pack. He lazily smiled up at his Master.

“Thank you Master! I love getting off while you watch.”

Martin smiled staring at Steve. He reached over and pinched one of Steve’s big nipples.

“I know you do slave. It’s a good thing I enjoy watching your huge dick and impressive muscles so much, otherwise you’d have blue balls more often.”

Steve started flexing his muscles, the way he knew his Master loved. Something felt not quite right about it though. They weren’t as big as he wished they were. “That’s it, isn’t it? You wished for my muscles to be smaller, so that I wouldn’t look so different from everyone else.”

“Uhm, that’s still not it. And where have you been lately? You stand out in a crowd wherever we go.”

Steve nervously tugged at his leather slave collar. It felt tight around his big bull neck, but then, it always did. Martin got up, slid on some socks, a white tshirt and some jeans. He was commando, just the way Steve liked it. It made it easier for Steve to free Martin’s cock under the table when he wanted a blow job while they were out.

“Come on slave. Let’s go get breakfast. I’m going to skip my morning class. If I miss anything that matters, I can just wish that I had gone and remember it.”

Steve quickly put on his leather slave sandals and handed Master the leash to his collar. Martin used it to pull Steve in, then titled his head up and stood up on his toes to kiss Steve. Steve was so much taller that he had to bend down to make it work. Of course, when standing, Steve’s head brushed the ceiling anyways, so this didn’t make much difference. Martin’s lips tasted delicious, as always.

Martin went first, leash in hand, leading the way. Steve came slightly behind him, his pendulous cock swaying back and forth, brushing against his thighs and trailing pre-cum. Steve was still semi-erect, as usual when Martin was around. As they walked through the dorms, Steve looked for signs of changes, but everything looked the same to him.

Many of the bedroom doors were open, and Steve could see other dorm slaves waking their master’s in the same way he had woken Martin. The other slaves were just as big and muscular as always, mostly on all fours as they slurped and sucked on their master’s rods. Steve winked at his friend Joe, the other dorm slave that he normally worked out with while Martin was in class. Joe blinked back at him, but didn’t have time for much else as his master grabbed him by the ears and pushed his head down further on his pole. Steve smiled. Joe wasn’t as muscular as Steve, but then, who was?

An overweight student walked up to them, his small slave walking a little behind him. Steve felt bad for Carl, the slave. Carl couldn’t seem to ever put on any muscle in the gym, and so he could never seem to attract a better Master than Philip, who was extremely overweight and had disgusting breath.

“Martin, I would pay you to lend me Steve for one night. I’d love to get my dick between those bubbly cheeks of his. One night, what do you say?”

Steve was nervous that Martin would agree. He did not want to get fucked by Philip, but if Martin told him to, he would do it. Good slaves obeyed their masters.

“I don’t think so Philip. Steve would be too much for you. He’s too much for me. Look at him! He shot a load about 3 minutes ago, and his dick is still ready to go.” They both turned to look at Steve.

Steve blushed, but his dick quickly inflated to its full 12 inches, excited to be on display. Philip slowly reached over to feel it, but Martin slapped his hand away.

“Whatever Martin. Don’t share your stupid slave. Carl here is enough for me.” He sneered at Carl and tugged roughly on his leash as they left.

Something felt off about that encounter to Steve.

“Master, did you make it so that all of the other masters would want me?”

“Uhm, not exactly.”

“Ah hah. So it’s something to do with me and the other masters?” I smiled my biggest smile at Master, hoping he’d explain.

“Uh, well, kind of, but not really. You can’t tell, can you slave?”

“I will. And I’ve still got another 2 hours, right?”

“That’s right slave. And if you figure it out before we get back from breakfast, I’ll even fuck that amazing ass of yours. Philip had a good idea.”

Steve’s dick got even harder at the thought.

They walked out into the quad, and Steve tried desperately to notice anything new or changed. Everything looked normal though. On the grass, a group of students sat chatting. Next to them their slaves lay on their backs, mostly stroking themselves, or being stroked absent-mindedly by their masters. The slaves were all big and muscular, but that was because they spent hours a day in the gym, making themselves attractive for their masters. Steve knew this, because that’s how he spent hours of his own day.

Steve thought again about how lucky he was to have a master as handsome, sexy and male as Steve. He knew many other slaves that had female Masters and were unhappy. Well, it was tough for a slave to serve any master for long without enjoying it. They were programmed to enjoy serving any master. Steve just knew how much he loved getting fucked by Martin, and how much hard it made him to know how much Martin loved his body.

They got to the cafeteria and Martin went to get their food as Steve sat at a table. Martin placed a bowl of slave chowder in front of Steve, and he dug in, then noticed Martin’s look of surprise.


Martin grimaced. “How can you handle that crap? It smells disgusting.”

“It’s got everything I need, Master. It’s the perfect blend of protein, carbs and fat for a slave like me to stay in shape and look my best for my studly master.”

“Gross, dude.”

“Ok, that’s it. You must have wished that my meals would change to this. Right?”

Steve laughed. “Not quite. Any other ideas, slave?”

Steve looked around one more time but still couldn’t see anything different. Finally, he looked into Martin’s eyes, ready to admit that he was stumped. When he realized that Martin’s eyes were different.

“Ok, I think I’ve got it now. Your eyes! They were brown yesterday, now they’re green! I got it, didn’t I?”

“Uh, yeah, that was it. Man, how did you figure that out? I didn’t think you’d notice, my uh, eye color.”

“I notice everything about you Master. That’s my job.”

“All right then slave. Finish up your food so we can get back and I can fuck you.”

* * *

Steve stroked his foot long erection as he bounced up and down on Martin’s dick back in Martin’s bedroom. “Master, since I guessed what you wished for, could I please have a wish on your rock?” He huffed as he said this.

“Just... a... sec...” and Martin’s cock shot into Steve’s big bubble butt. Steve’s own cock exploded in his hand, shooting cum all over the bed. He’d have to clean the sheets after they were finished, or at least, get his Master new ones.

“Well, ok. A deal’s a deal. But what are you gonna wish for?”

“Uhm, I’d rather not tell you.” He grimaced. “Is that ok? I mean, I kind of want to see if you’ll be able to guess what I changed.”

Martin grinned. “That sounds fair. Ok, here it is.”

He reached into the drawer next to the bed and pulled out a small green gem and handed it to Steve.

“Ok, here I go.”

Steve padded into the bathroom and shut the door. Martin sat patiently, wondering if he’d feel anything happen. When Steve came out a second later, he didn’t feel any different.

“Master, what did you wish for?” Martin asked.

“You mean you can’t tell?”

Martin looked around, surprised that he couldn’t see anything different. He knew that Steve hadn’t been able to tell when he wished that there were male dorm slaves and that he could be Steve’s. But Martin still felt like he should be able to sense the change.

But the room was just the same to him. The bed was still covered with Martin’s cum, where he had shot his load when Steve fucked him with his huge dick. He knew he was going to have to clean the sheets, so that Steve didn’t have to sleep in his cum.

“Master, please tell me! I can’t tell.” He fingered his leather slave collar without thinking.

“Maybe if I fuck you some more, it will come to you.” Steve grinned and stroked his quickly hardening foot long dick, ready to fuck Martin for the first time. He had loved being Martin’s slave, but knew he’d love being Martin’s Master just as much.

“Uh, slave, can I make more wishes on your rock? You’re super hot right now, but you’d be even hotter with a bigger dick and more muscles. And it would be great if your dick was hard and ready to go whenever I’m horny... What do you think?”

“Of course, Master! Anything to make you happy!” Then Martin frowned. “But can I be in the room when you make the wishes? I want to be able to tell what’s changing.”

“Anything for you, slave.”