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A New Treat

Two teens find that trick-or-treating isn’t quite the way they remember. For more on this new candy bar, you may want to read “Chocolate Fog.” All characters are 18 or older.

“Trick or treat!!”

A common scene in suburban Anytown, USA. Small children running from house to house, shrieking, parents walking along behind them. And two teenage girls, with a bit of gore makeup and torn clothes—just enough to suggest zombie versions of themselves, but not so much that they weren’t still attractive—standing on a porch, in the light of an open door.

“Well, what have we here?” the man said, leaning on the door frame with an easy smile. “The sexy zombie, an excellent choice.”

The blonde one giggled. “You think we’re sexy, mister?” she said, throwing out a hip.

“Don’t be gross, Jess,” muttered the other zombie.

The man laughed. “You guys look great. How old are you? Still in school?”

“We’re seniors. We were supposed to go to a party, but our friends bailed on us after we already had our faces on, so we thought we’d take a walk, get some candy.”

“Wise choice. You haven’t had too much of ‘Aren’t you a little too old for trick-or-treating,’ I hope...”

“Nah,” said Jess. “Once or twice, but overall, people have been really nice. What’s the harm, right? It’s Halloween!”

“Exactly. And better than a lot of things teenagers could be getting up to. Hang on.”

The man turned, and passed his hand over the big bowl of little candy before reaching into the little bowl full of big candy. He handed the girls a pair of chocolate bars.

“Full size candy bars? Awesome! Thanks!”

“Happy Halloween, you two. Have fun tonight.”

He smiled, showing his teeth.

They waved, and hopped down the steps, giggling as they headed toward the next house.

The man closed the door slowly, watching them go. On the back of the door was a small chalkboard, with a piece of chalk attached by string. He carefully took the chalk and added two tally marks to the marks already counted there ...

* * *

The leaves were crunchy underfoot as Jessika and Dionne crossed the quiet suburban street. It was dark enough that there were fewer kids out now. Most of the younger ones had been taken home.

“My bag is getting heavy,” said Jess.

“Oh, poor baby! I’ve got so much candy, I can hardly carry it all,” laughed her friend. “’I can’t close my wallet cuz it’s too full of fifties, and my diamond shoes are too tight.’”

“Stop it.” She gave Dee a playful shove.

It was a nice warm night, warmer than average for Halloween. A nice night for a nice walk with her best friend.

“I’m gonna start eating my candy, I’m hungry.”

Then they both shouted, “Hungry for SUGARRRRR ...” One of their many pointless running gags, whose origins were lost in time.

“So what’s your boyfriend doing tonight?” asked Jessika, rummaging in her bag.

“Oh, you know, nothing much. Just being useless. Call of Duty, I think, or one of those games that’s more important than going to a party with his—What?”

Jess had let out a squeal. “I forgot about this! Lookit that big-ass slab of chocolate...” She produced the bar from the man they’d dubbed “Mr King Size”—a nickname that had kept them in stitches for blocks. “I’m starting with this ... ”

It was some kind of off-brand chocolate—not a name they’d ever heard of before. But that didn’t matter, “Chocolate Fog” was exactly what she needed right then. She tore it open and broke off a piece, then moaned, in shocked exuberance.

“Holy cow, what am I eating?! My mouth just had an orgasm!”


“You got your own ...”

“One piece!”

“Damn, it even smells good. Here, smell it.” She held the chocolate under Dionne’s nose, and was a little impressed—and a little aroused—when she saw her friend’s eyes flutter. Dee’s mouth hung open a little, and her eyes glazed for a second.

“Oh, fuck, that smells divine. Where’s mine ...”

Dionne had to fight back a sudden impulse to dump the whole bag out just to find the candy bar. She got on her knees on the sidewalk and dug around with both hands and it didn’t take long to find the biggest piece of candy. In seconds she had torn off one end of the wrapper, broken off a square, and stuffed it in her mouth.

“Oh godd why is that so good ...” moaned Dionne, lying back on the sidewalk. “Am I just that chocolate-starved?”

“Get up, you lunatic!” laughed Jess. She had already chewed up a second piece, and was licking her chocolatey fingers. “Mmmm, I’m definitely going to have to find some more of these at the store ...” She sucked on her fingers, not wanting to take them out of her mouth, in case she found a little more chocolate taste. “Geffup,” she said indistinctly, giving her friend a gentle kick.

Dionne leapt dutifully to her feet, and they walked on. “Here, I’ll show you how good I think it is,” said Dee. She peeled back the paper and sucked on one end of the bar, then started pushing it slowly into her mouth. Her moans took on a sexual quality.

“Eww you’re disgusting!!” screamed Jess, finally taking the fingers out of her mouth.

Dionne put a hand to the back of her own head, and pushed her head onto the chocolate, simulating someone forcing it deeper and deeper into her mouth. Jess howled with laughter as she broke off another square.

Dee had felt the chocolate hit the back of her throat, just for a second, and now, as she pulled the bar slowly out of her mouth, strings of drool hanging between it and her lips, she panted. A light sheen of sweat showed on her face as they approached the streetlight, and her eyes seemed a little out of focus as she gasped breathlessly.

“Here, watch this,” said Jessika. The square had been melting between her warm fingers for a moment, but now she held it up to run her tongue over and around the dark chunk. Around and around her tongue swirled, as she made oral love to it, watching her friend with a smirk.

Dee licked her lips as she watched, mesmerized ... staring at the chocolate. Staring at her friend’s tongue. Jess popped it into her mouth, and Dee, still not smiling, just watched. Watched her lips as she chewed, the tongue that came out to lick the lips ... Then her eyes moved to Jess’s chocolatey fingers.

With a sudden grab for her wrist, she sucked Jess’s fingers into her wet, warm mouth. Dee’s eyes closed and she shuddered a little as she tasted the chocolate. Waves of pleasure tremored through her body and she moaned, and kept sucking, working her tongue between the fingers, poking her fingernails into the back of her throat.

“Oh god,” Jessika breathed, open-mouthed at this performance. Dionne really looked like a zombie for the first time all night—heavy-lidded, dull-brained, drooling, and needy.

Having her best friend suckle on her fingers was sending warm tingles through Jess’s core. A fluttering in her belly ... and lower ...

“Hey ... Hey Dee—” she gasped, pulling her wet fingers back to grab the chocolate bar. She broke off a piece, then waved in front of her zombified friend’s face.

Dionne’s eyes followed it back and forth, her mouth open slightly. Jessika put it between her own lips, holding it in place with her teeth, and smiled.

Dionne didn’t hesitate. She moved in, kissing her friend passionately. They bit the chocolate in half and each kept chewing and tasting while sucking on each other’s tongues, hands groping their clothing, their skin ...

Jess’s hand pressed into Dee’s cunt.

Dee lifted Jess’s sweater to squeeze her breast.

Jess bit Dee on the neck, licking and sucking.

Dee hungrily brought her lips to Jess’s nipple, even as she squirmed against Jess’s insistent fingers.

Jessika pulled her tight little sweater and bra over her head, smiling.

Dionne pushed her friend back into a huge pile of leaves, and leapt on her, devouring her juicy tits, lifting her skirt, ripping off her panties, and diving tongue first into the first pussy she’d ever tasted. It was juicy, and warm, and delicious, and her mind swooned with flavor and desire and need.

Jess held her friend’s head in place, humping against her lips, knowing her turn was next, needing to give as much as she was receiving.

Dee growled like a werewolf.

Jess screamed like a banshee ...

Later, as they rested in the crunchy pile of leaves—feeling like children, but not at all like children, resting from their play that was more than play—Dee stroked Jess’s hair as Jess cooed and smiled muzzily.

“That was amazing,” murmured Dee. “I’ve never felt anything like it.”

Jess looked up, kissed her friend’s mouth. “Let me take you home. I’ll sneak you into my bedroom for a while before you have to go home.”

Dionne bit her lip, thinking. Her boyfriend wouldn’t even miss her.

“We’ve still got some of that chocolate left,” Jessika sing-songed.

Dee grinned. “Deal.” And they helped each other out of the leaves and into their clothes, and walked off hand in hand, to enjoy more of this new treat they’d found ... each other.

* * *