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* * *

“Bean counter called for you.” My older sister Michelle told me as I walked into the house.

“His name is George, not bean counter.”

I hated it when she did that. She loved to give people these stupid nicknames. My boyfriend George was an accountant so to her he became the “bean counter.” I don’t know why I ever decided to move in with her after college. She was a real pain in the ass. But at least I knew she was good for her half of the rent, and besides it was only temporary.

“Whatever. Just call him okay. He sounded kind of strange.”

I dropped my purse and picked up the phone. He picked up on the second ring.


“I just got home. Michelle said you called.”

“Yeah, I did.” His voice sounded strange, kind of strained.

It was odd. Something was obviously stressing him out.

“Annette, I-I don’t think we should see each other anymore.”

“What? What’s wrong?”

“Well, I don’t know how to put this Annette. But I’ve . . . met someone. I’m sorry. I didn’t want to hurt you.”

He didn’t want to hurt me? Wasn’t that swell? The tears started to well up and I didn’t want him to hear start crying.

“Good night, asshole. <SLAM!>“ I managed before smashing the phone down onto the cradle.

Michelle, attracted by my sudden volume increase, came quickly to my side.

“What is it Annette? What happened?” Michelle asked as I started to cry.

“George dumped me!” I sobbed.

“I knew that bean counter was bad. Asshole.” Michelle told me, but I didn’t want to hear it from her.

I stumbled off to the privacy of my bedroom to wonder how I hadn’t seen this coming. I was perfectly satisfied with sitting alone in my dark room, left to my thoughts, when I heard Michelle knock lightly at my door.

“Come on out of there. You need to be around people, forget about that asshole. I called Cecilia already for you. She’s coming over and we’re going to go out and have a good time.” Michelle told me.

“You told her about George?” I let the anger show in my voice.

Cecilia was my best friend. I couldn’t believe Michelle had done this to me. And I certainly didn’t feel like going out anywhere.

“Relax. I just saved you the trouble. Get pissed at me later, for now just get dressed. Cecilia will be here in a half hour and then we’re going out to hit the clubs.” She told me, closing the door before I could respond.

As much of a pain in the ass as my sister was, at least her heart was in the right place. My anger faded as I pulled on a little dress that I knew I looked sexy in. I came out of the room in it, and Michelle gave me her best encouraging wolf whistle as I headed off to the bathroom to fix my hair and make-up. By the time Cecilia arrived I had fixed my face so that you couldn’t even see a trace of my former crying jag. Seeing Cecilia made me feel better immediately, she came right in and gave me a big hug. She didn’t ask me anything about what had happened with George, which was great. I didn’t even want to think about the bastard.

Michelle soon dragged us outside to a waiting cab, which she must have called for. And like that, we were off to the club.

* * *

Four hours, three clubs, and about four or five free drinks later, we all ended up back at the apartment. Michelle had been so right about going out. I felt a hundred percent better. It was great to have guys hitting on me, buying me drinks, and dancing. It took my mind off of George completely. I’d never really hung out with Michelle this way much, and it was fun. My tolerance for alcohol is pretty low, and all three of us were pretty drunk. We stumbled back into the apartment, laughing and giggling like schoolgirls at some joke Michelle had just told us.

I didn’t want to let the good time end so soon, and it wasn’t that late yet. So we sat around the kitchen table, drinking and making crude jokes. Some of the stuff that came out of Michelle’s mouth was amazing. I’d never seen this side of her personality before. I was into a nice George bashing rant when she interrupted me, amazed.

“You’re telling me he never went down on you?”

“Not once.” I admitted.

“You should be glad he’s gone then. Fuck, I can’t even imagine staying with somebody that wouldn’t eat my pussy.” My sister remarked, her crudeness shocking even to my drunk ears.

“Michelle!” Cecilia squeaked.

“What? Well it’s true. If a guy wants to be with me, he’d better be good with his tongue. And he gets bonus points if he’s willing to lick my ass too.” She continued.

“You’ve been with a guy that wanted to do that?” I asked, incredulous.

“I was the one that wanted it actually. And it wasn’t a guy.” Michelle said, as if talking about the weather.

I was astounded! Was my sister a lesbian?

“Michelle! Are you gay?” I blurted.

“No no. You remember Debby?”

I vaguely recalled her college roommate being named Debby. I nodded.

“She had a huge crush on me. By the end of my first year there she was going down on me all the time. And she loved to lick my ass too.”

“Uh, Michelle, if you were having sex all the time with a woman, doesn’t that make you gay?” Cecilia asked her pointedly.

“No! I never did anything for her. It was strictly one-way. She did all the licking. I just received.”

I was still hung up on the whole ass thing.

“She licked your ass?” I couldn’t keep from asking.

“All the time. And it felt amazing too. She used to make me cum sometimes just by eating my ass.”

“That’s so disgusting.” Cecilia said, making a face.

“I’m telling you, she loved it. And it felt great too.”

“You’re so full of shit Michelle.” I told her.

“I’m not lying. She licked my ass all the time.”

“Bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit.” I countered maturely.

“It’s true. Debby was a dream roommate. She got me off all the time, and all she wanted was for me to talk nasty to her while she went down on me. She even taught me how to hypnotize people. I hypnotized her a bunch of times.”

“Now you expect me to believe you could hypnotize someone? Quit making stuff up Michelle.” I laughed at her.

“It’s true! I can show you right now-I’ll hypnotize you!” She told me defiantly.

“Even if you could Michelle, I wouldn’t let anybody hypnotize me. You could fuck with my head.”

“Oh come on Annette. You’re wrong and I can prove it. I can’t prove to you that Debby licked my ass, but I can prove to you that I can hypnotize people. And besides, Cecilia will be right here-she wouldn’t let me do anything with you. And you can’t make anybody do anything they don’t want to anyway.” She urged me, her eyes flashing with excitement.

She was right. Cecilia would watch out for me. And I’d have a good laugh at her after she failed.

“All right. But let’s make a bet first. If you can’t hypnotize me, you have to clean the apartment on your own for a month.” I told her.

“What if I can hypnotize you?” She asked.

“Then I’ll clean the apartment for a month.”

“Deal.” She said, and I noticed that Cecilia was staring at us like we were insane.

“You guys sure are competitive.” Cecilia laughed.

She was an only child. She didn’t understand how it was. Michelle immediately set about setting up for my “induction.”

* * *

The lights were dimmed, and Michelle had lit a candle and put it on the table between us. Cecilia was sitting next to me, watching to make sure Michelle didn’t try to make me do anything stupid if she could hypnotize me.

“I want you to watch the flame and listen to my voice very closely. Concentrate on the flame and my voice and forget about everything else.”

I sat there staring at the candle, listening to Michelle babble on.

“Relax completely. This is totally harmless. Even enjoyable. I’m just going to relax you and make you feel good. Watch the flame, flickering happy and carefree. Let your muscles relax, just settle loosely into the chair and watching the beautiful flickering happy flame.”

I felt pretty relaxed, but it was probably from the booze in my system. But I tried to do what she asked. I felt a little sleepy. It was late and I was drunk, and now that we weren’t doing anything I was starting to zone out.

“Watch the happy, carefree flame flickering. Your muscles are nice and relaxed, now let’s relax your mind too. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel like the happy flame? Let your mind relax and set if free to dance like the flickering flame, carefree. The flame has no worries, no responsibilities, it has only the happy freedom of not thinking. Let your mind relax and let your thoughts go, relax and be happy as the carefree flame. Let your mind dance and be free.”

I felt more and more relaxed. I sort of lost sight of the rest of the room, all I could see was that beautiful little dancing light. All I heard was Michelle’s soothing voice.

“Now you’re starting to let go, to let your mind dance like the flame. As you set it free you become more and more relaxed. The flickering flame dances so happily because it doesn’t have to control itself. It cannot move, it cannot do anything on it’s own, it only has to be happy and dance. Let your mind relax fully and feel it become part of the flickering happy flame.”

I was so sleepy now. I felt so dopey that I might just slump over and ruin Michelle’s stupid attempt to hypnotize me.

“I’m going to help you become part of the happy flickering flame now. I’m going to count backwards from five, and with each number I count you are going to let a bit of your mind join the flickering flame until I count one. And then all of your mind will be happily dancing in my flickering flame. Five. You feel the first bit of your mind slip out of you and into the flame. That part of your mind feels so happy and free. So happy not to have to think.”

I must be really drunk, because I felt part of myself jump into the flame!

“Four. Now even more of your mind is dancing free in the flame, dancing free in my flame.”

Again, I felt it!

“Three. Now more of your mind is in my flame than in you. Watch your mind dancing happily in the flame. Watch how the flame can’t control itself, doesn’t want to control itself. I control the flame. I can make it change, make it move. I can make it do what I want. And the flame loves it, loves not having to decide what to do. Loves doing what I want it to.” The flame flickered and moved as she said it.

Michelle could control the happy flame. The happy flame loved Michelle controlling it, making it happy. I was having such a hard time thinking now. But Michelle would help me, I knew it.

“Two. Now that most of you is in the flame you know how wonderful it is. How wonderful it is to be carefree like the flame. To be under my control like the flame. Watch as I make the flame do what I want, and feel your free mind joining the flame in obeying me.”

The flame shook and flared, and I felt my mind shake and flare with it. I felt so happy and free. I wasn’t even trying to think anymore.

“Soon I will say one, and when I do you feel your mind join the flame completely. You will be totally free of thoughts, totally happy to be under my control like the flame. When I say one, you will be so deeply relaxed by being a happy dancing flame that your thoughts will stop completely.”

A tiny piece of my mind thrashed desperately at the edge of my consciousness. But I was too happy and relaxed to care. Most of my mind was already dancing happily in the beautiful flickering flame. I hung on the precipice, wanting to be set free. Needing her to plunge me over it. I wanted so badly to be set fully free in the flame.


And then I was totally free. My consciousness was dancing happily in the flame, gone from my body.

* * *

Someone was shaking my shoulder, but I was having a hard time waking up. I was sleeping so cozily. Gradually I began to gather my senses, and realized that it was light out and apparently afternoon already. Michelle was the one shaking me. She was dressed, and had obviously been awake for a while.

“Wake up sleepy head. How do you feel?”

“Great.” I told her groggily.

I woke up a bit more as I realized with a start that I did feel great. Not fine, great. After drinking so much last night, I should be hung over like-last night . . . what had happened last night?

“Michelle, what happened last night?”

“We had a bet. You bet me that I couldn’t hypnotize you, and I did. That’s why you feel so good. I helped you guys have a deep and restorative sleep that fixed you right up. You two slept twelve hours. I just got Cecilia up a few minutes ago.”

Guys? She’d hypnotized both of us? Cecilia was supposed to be watching out for me.

“You hypnotized Cecilia too?” I asked her.

“I wasn’t trying to, but when I finished your induction she was out too. Come on, get up and shower-Cecilia just got done. Don’t be a sore loser.” She said, gloating a little at winning the bet.

She left me there, confused, and I stretched out luxuriously before getting up to shower. I showered and got dressed, and joined Cecilia and Michelle in the kitchen. They were eating cereal, and I poured myself a bowl and joined them.

“Good morning Annette.” Cecilia greeted me happily.

“Good morning.”

Michelle was done with her cereal. She got up and put her bowl in the sink and then excused herself.

“Wow, I slept so well. And that was on your couch! I should have let Michelle hypnotize me the last time I got drunk. I feel great!” She told me.

I was still a little angry that she hadn’t done her job, and made sure Michelle didn’t screw with me.

“You weren’t supposed to be the one getting hypnotized.” I said, pointedly.

“I know. I’m sorry. But it was so relaxing that I just got sucked in. Besides, Michelle wouldn’t do anything to you. She’s your sister. You’re so paranoid.” She laughed.

“Well, you don’t know Michelle like I do Cecilia. Sometimes, she’s a little . . . ”

“What Annette? I’m a little what?” Michelle asked sweetly as she reappeared in the kitchen and sat down with us.

“You know Michelle. You’re a little hard to understand sometimes. Like this thing with Debby.”

“Don’t worry Annette. I promise I didn’t do anything to hurt you.” She reassured me.

She was quiet while Cecilia and I finished our breakfast. Cecilia picked up both of our bowls and was putting them in the sink when Michelle broke the silence.

“I did give you guys two special nicknames though.” She said, as if it was an afterthought.

“What do you mean?” Cecilia asked, turning to face us.

“Well, let me tell you yours first Cecilia. Your nickname is ‘cuntslurp’.” She told her.

It was an unbelievably crude expression. I couldn’t believe she’d said it. It was the nastiest thing I’d ever heard her call anybody.

“Michelle, you’re so rude!” I told her, but she just gestured for me to look at Cecilia.

Cecilia had the strangest look in her eyes. She approached my sister and Michelle stood up. It was surreal, watching my best friend kneel down in front of my sister and start rubbing her face in Michelle’s crotch!

“My god Michelle. What did you do to her?”

“Shhhhh. Cecilia, is there something I can help you with?” Michelle asked with false innocence.

“Please, let me eat your pussy. Please, I need it. I want it so bad.” Cecilia begged, rubbing her face up into Michelle’s crotch obscenely.

Michelle was wearing a loose-fitting T-shirt over some old sweat pants. Michelle pushed Cecilia’s face away from her crotch just long enough to pull down her sweats and step out of them. Now she had on just a T-shirt and panties, and I watched in shock as Cecilia plunge her face into my sister’s panties. Kissing and sniffing with obvious lust. It was disgusting. Obviously Michelle had screwed with Cecilia’s mind when she had us hypnotized!

“Michelle! I won’t let you make her do this. Make her stop!” I told her.

“I’m not hurting her Annette. She loves what she’s doing. Besides, before you get too angry at me about Cecilia, don’t you want to know what your new nickname is?” She asked me.

I was instantly frozen with fear. I had been so mesmerized by the absurd sight of Cecilia bowing down to Michelle that I’d forgotten she’d even mentioned giving me a nickname.

“Michelle, please. I don’t want to know. You win the bet. Just make Cecilia stop degrading herself like that.”

“Degrading herself? Cecilia’s happy. Because she just loves my pussy, don’t you Cecilia?”

“Oh yes Michelle. I love your pussy so much. Please let me lick you, please. I’ll do a good job, I swear.” She plead, and it was awful to watch her in this state.

Michelle just smiled and patted Cecilia’s head as she went back to sniffing and kissing my sister’s pantied mound.

“If anybody is going to degrade themselves here, it’s you . . . ‘assmunch’!” Michelle told me with a laugh.

No! She couldn’t . . . I wouldn’t. But even as I tried to deny it, I felt this urge growing in me. At first it was like a strange tickle in the back of my brain. Under it’s urging I moved around Michelle, my eyes glued to her gorgeous fleshy ass. I stared at it as I moved behind her, and I was awed by its beauty. Even though I knew I was only feeling this way because of my sister’s awful hypnotic hold over me, I couldn’t ignore the feelings I was experiencing. Her ass was so beautiful, so inviting. I wanted to kiss it, to sniff it to suck on it. The desire just grew and grew in me. I couldn’t fight it. I didn’t want to fight it. I was getting wet just staring at those glorious cheeks, covered only partially by her cotton underwear. As I sank to my knees there was only one thing on my mind—Michelle’s ass. I had to have it. I buried my face in the crack between her glorious cheeks and felt its divine warmth and softness spread over my face like sunshine on a cloudy day.

“That’s not so bad, is it Annette?”

“No, it’s wonderful. I love your ass so much!” I cried into her heavenly behind as I inhaled deeply of her aroma.

I can’t begin to explain how good it felt to surrender my face to her rear. Contact with it felt like filling a gaping hole within me. A yawning hungry chasm that would destroy me unless it got what it wanted, my submission to the magnificence of Michelle’s hindquarters.

“Would you like me to take off my panties?”

“Yes! Please!” Cecilia and I each cried out, both of us lost in our own little delirious act of devotion.

My reverie was broken for a moment as my sister pushed Cecilia and me away from her. Michelle then slowly slid the cotton panties out of our way, and then stood between us in her full half-nude glory. Oh how I wanted to bring my mouth to her exalted behind, but I didn’t dare move for fear of defying the owner of this altar of my worship. With what seemed like agonizing slowness she pulled our heads in toward her, plunging each of our faces into our separate nirvana’s. With a wiggle she settled her cheeks around my face so that my head was practically buried in the profoundly wondrous cleft. As my mouth came to her rear opening, my pussy throbbed with excitement at the knowledge that I would now be allowed to worship her divinity in full. The pungent aromas of her ass and pussy mingled in my nose and drove me insane with lust. In front of me, invisible yet so close, I heard the wet slurping of Cecilia’s devotions.

As I brought my tongue to it’s first soft caress of Michelle’s incredible anus, I shuddered with the beginnings of an incredible orgasm. As the sensation thundered through every nerve in my body like a freight train rumbling across an old bridge, I made love to her asshole with my mouth. I plunged my tongue into her again and again, and unbelievably my orgasm seemed not only to not be ending, but in fact to grow stronger and stronger again. I couldn’t breathe and I didn’t care, her anus was my entire world. I felt as if I would surely die from the sheer ecstacy of my worship as Michelle’s ass shook and wiggled in my face with the force of her own powerful fuck-quake. She came again and again, and her every scream only enhanced my seeming continuous state of orgasm. It seemed that my pleasure was somehow tied to her achieving hers as I hurtled over the brink to oblivion. My brain on fire from the strength of my hypnotically enhanced orgasm.

“Enough cuntslurp. Enough assmunch.” Michelle said, and instantly my orgasm subsided.

I fell panting to the floor, and Cecilia slumped forward against Michelle’s knees. Above us Michelle shook too, recovering from the unbelievable pleasure we’d provided her. She glistened with her own sweat and mixture of our saliva and her juices. Cecilia began to cry as she pushed herself away from Michelle’s legs and I saw that her face was wet all over my sister’s lubrication, and her hair matted from the same. As a black blanket of shame fell over my mind I realized that I must look the same or worse, and the humiliating truth of what I’d just done seized me.

I fought the tears that threatened to well up in me and struggled weakly to my feet. I began to head for the door, knowing like a cornered beast that I had to get as far away from Michelle as I could.

“Annette. Stop. I have to talk to you.” Michelle called to me, but I planned to get away and now.

“Assmunch!” She shouted before I could even unlock the door.

I felt the first twitches of need beginning in me, and with difficulty I ignored them and got the door open. I was in the threshold of the door, on my way to apparent freedom when the pit began to open inside me. I knew what it wanted. I knew that the ass that I desired so badly I could picture it in my mind was mere feet behind me. I struggled with the pit, but her proximity seemed to make the chasm grow wider and wider until it would surely consume me. I paused there in the door, struggling with my inner demon, and almost managed to take a step outside. And then she spoke.

“Come on assmunch, you know you want to lick my ass.” Hearing her, the heavenly glory of worshiping at her anal altar was too much for me to resist.

I spun around like and a leaf in the wind and threw myself at her feet. Still in the kitchen, Cecilia pulled herself up uncertainly to her feet.

“Cecilia, learn a lesson from my little sister here and forget about trying to run. Just sit down and watch.”

Cecilia moved to a chair by the kitchen table and sat down. Michelle turned back to me.

“Assmunch, you left the door open. I’m displeased. You’d better close it if you want to worship this.” She said, caressing her own naked behind as she twisted it toward me.

Every time she said that awful word, it made me even madder with need for her rump. I would do anything to be allowed to surrender my face once more to the warm prison of her ass cheeks. I dashed up and quickly closed the door, before once again throwing myself at her feet and her mercy.

“Please Michelle, let me kiss it. I’m begging you.”

“You’ve been bad, why should I let you have what you want?”

“Please Michelle, I’m so sorry. I’ll do anything but please let me lick it. Please let me lick your asshole.” I begged, desiring the release only her ass could provide me more and more with every moment that passed.

“Lay down on your back.”

I threw myself into obeying her order as quickly as I could, in hopes of wining her favor. On my back, I watched as she stepped over me facing my feet so that her own were placed on either side of my head. Slowly she squatted back down, lowering her ass closer and closer to my face. The position she was moving herself into over me was absolutely profane in its nastiness. Posed almost as if to defecate, her hips moved closer to her heels as she balanced on the balls of her feet. But I saw nothing obscene, in fact I saw divinity in her approaching buttocks. Something so beautiful as to be deserving of my absolute devotion. Michelle squatted her anus directly onto my mouth, her full weight securing the sublime connection between my mouth and her puckered ring. Once again my body responded ferociously as I thrust my tongue into her holiest orifice and I tasted her most private place. Lost in the orgasmic bliss of my worship I barely heard her next order.

“Give me your hands.” She commanded and I lifted blindly up to her.

While I tried to extend my tongue even further into her smelly depths Michelle took a careful hold of my wrists and held them strongly in her hands.

“Watch this Cecilia. And think about it before you try anything rash like my little sister here.”

I was beginning to writhe with uncontrollable passion as I reached that insane orgasmic plateau again. Michelle carefully checked her hold on my wrists and then spoke quietly but forcefully.

“Enough assmunch.” Those words destroyed my state of bliss, returning my mind to its normal state and plunging me into an unimaginable world of humiliation.

With just a few words from Michelle, I suddenly was myself again, and my tongue was buried in her ass! She was sitting on my face! Instinctively pulling my tongue from her tight opening, I found her awful taste renewed in my mouth. A second before I had loved what I was doing, even to the point of getting off on doing it. Now that she’d turned off whatever awful power she had over me I found myself in this horrifically degrading position and I was shamed beyond belief. I was smothering in the sweaty, smelly weight of her ass and I found that she could easily hold me there as long as she liked. Her weight kept my head totally mashed to the floor, my face’s position deep between her cheeks keeping it trapped upright, and I couldn’t even begin to budge her grip on my arms. And every second that passed I got a little more light-headed. I was smothering, smothering in Michelle’s bare ass!

“Still feeling sparky Annette? I would hope that this would teach you your lesson. I’m going to get up, and you’re not going to say or do anything rash. You’re going to just get up and go sit down by your old friend Cecilia at the kitchen table. And then we’re going to have a little chat. Just give my asshole a little lick if you understand.” She said with a nasty laugh.

I was dying for breath, so I did what she wanted. I forced my tongue to softly touch up against her smothering asshole, and then I was gasping for air as she lifted herself off of me. Michelle stood with her hands on her hips, smiling at me as I slowly rose and sat, panting, at the kitchen table by Cecilia. Michelle followed me, and stood smiling that awful smile that just made my humiliation worse.

“Now that we’re all ready to behave, let me explain some things to you.” She began.

“So you are a lesbian after all, huh?” I managed to sling the barb at her in spite of my obviously precarious situation.

“I would have thought that you’d just learned your lesson. Would you like to run through it again?”

I shut up and she grinned at the sight of my obvious fear.

“And no, I’m not a lesbian. I not only like men, but I’ve never gone down on a woman ever. Nor have I . . . " She said and then leaned close to me.

“Ever licked a woman’s ass. You have though, so I guess that would make you the lesbian.” She gloated.

“Why are you doing this to us Michelle?”

“I don’t know. Because I can, I guess. I didn’t plan to, but when you both went under so easily I couldn’t resist. And because Annette here was pissing me off a little.”

“You’re not going to get away with this.” I told her, but after what she’d just successfully made me do I wasn’t so sure.

“Why not? I did the first time. Remember Debby? I fibbed a tiny bit when I told you that she taught me hypnosis. I taught myself really, from text books. She was my first subject though. It took me several weeks to condition her before I revealed my control to her. I can remember the first time I made her want go down on me like it was yesterday. I carefully built her program so that she was helpless to stop me from raping her every night. Just like I’ve done with you girls, I gave her a keyword that made her crave pleasing me. Add to that the subconscious blocks against telling anybody about what I’d done, trying to get anyone to hypnotize her, ever doing anything that could harm me and a little bit of a hypnotic leash to keep her from running away and I had the perfect little sex toy. I could make her do any humiliating thing I could imagine, and she had to carry on her day to day life as if nothing happened in the mean time. All it took was the odd reinforcing trance session and I kept her like that for more than two years.”

“You’d never let her go, so what happened to her?” Cecilia asked.

“She got away, didn’t she. Or it wore off or something.” I said, hoping that either was true.

“Actually . . . she killed herself. I had left one loophole I hadn’t considered, and she took it. But don’t worry, I learned my lesson from Debby’s death. You two can no more hurt yourselves or each other than you can me.” Michelle said, almost glowing with pride at her workmanship on our enslavement.

“This doesn’t have to be such an awful thing. I tried to make it as easy for you guys as I could. The first time I did this, in college, I didn’t make Debby start to enjoy it until after I’d used her for six months. I saw that my programming worked with you two though, you both came like mad when I used you and you know it. If Annette hadn’t have tried to run off like an idiot, I wouldn’t have had to do what I did.”

Cecilia began to cry anew as the horror story we were hearing began to sink into her. I couldn’t believe my sister’s arrogance. She actually believed that we could enjoy the torment she was putting us through?

“You’re crazy Michelle. I can’t believe that you did this to me. How could you think I’d like it? You made me lick your ass! <Sob> You sat on my fucking face! <Sob>“ I began to break down, as I shouted at my half-naked sister who stood smiling after explaining how she raped my mind.

“Calm down, be quiet or I’ll make you want to do something with your mouth that won’t allow any shouting. I’m going to get dressed and go out for a while. I think I may rent a movie or two for tonight.” She said calmly as she began to dress herself.

I forced myself to calm down to a soft crying, knowing that her threat was no bluff.

“I know you won’t believe what I’ve just told you, so test it out. You can go do whatever you want unless I tell you otherwise. So relax and calm each other down. Your programming won’t let you go too far away, and you’ll find it drags you back here every night at eight o’clock. You just won’t be satisfied until you get back here and see little old me. The next few weeks I’ll probably be putting you both under again every night, just to reinforce my work. After that I’ll probably only need to do it every once in a while. Anyway, like I said I’m going to rent some movies, and you’re both welcome to come and watch.” She told us before heading for the door.

She paused at the door and turned back to us for a moment.

“Oh, and Cecilia, why don’t you bring over some clothes when you come back. You’re going to be staying the night. I’m sure.” And with that she was gone.

* * *

When the door closed, we both just sat there crying for a long time. When we began to talk to each other, the conversation seemed to keep inevitably setting one of us off crying again. We decided quickly to just split up and get as far away from there as we could. After what she’d made me do I had no illusions about Michelle’s ability to fuck with our heads. I cleaned myself up, taking a shower and brushing my teeth for something like ten minutes. I grabbed a few things and set out to test the boundaries of my mental leash. I hopped in my car and headed for the nearby police precinct building.

* * *

At about seven o’clock I started to feel my sister’s unholy pull on me. Every thing I’d tried to do that day had failed me. I’d started at the police station, where I found myself speechless when the female officer behind the window in the lobby asked me what I wanted. Hard as I tried to tell her what Michelle had done to me, I couldn’t speak. I even tried to write it down, but my pen failed just as badly as my mouth. After leaving the puzzled police woman, I tried phoning my parents. I was able to talk about work, the weather, the break up with George, but try as I might I couldn’t mention anything to do with the horror that had befallen me.

The next thing I tried was to just drive away. I got on the expressway and made it about ten miles out of the city before I found myself pulling off at an exit as if on autopilot, and crossing the overpass and getting right back on the highway going into the city! My sister was evil incarnate, and apparently a true hypnotic artisan as well.

I tried to drown my sorrows in alcohol, but when I left the bar I stopped at the bartender must have been puzzled to find the second drink I’d ordered left untouched. It made sense that she didn’t want me to impair my mind, and thereby her programming, but it depressed me that she’d thought to cover every angle.

And so, when I felt the urge to see her start, I didn’t even try to fight. I just meekly drove home and entered the apartment to find my sister/mistress reclining on the couch in wait of my arrival. I hadn’t been far when the urge started, and I was apparently the first to return. Michelle smiled that nasty smirk that made my stomach turn and my palms sweat. That smile that said ‘I have complete control of you and there’s nothing you can do about it, ha ha ha’.

“Hi Annette, how was your day?” She said, as if nothing unusual was going on.

“Fine. It was fine.” I told her flatly.

“Don’t make this so hard Annette. It will be a lot easier on you if you just settle into your new life and learn to enjoy the benefits.” She told me warmly.

The benefits? What benefits there could be to being forced into performing analingus on your own sister for her twisted amusement was beyond me. But I was going to let her get me to play her game of crime and punishment anymore. I planned to meekly obey until I could figure a way out of this.

“I hope so. I’ll try to get used to it.” I answered.

She actually seemed disappointed that I didn’t rise to the bait and start arguing with her again, and something inside me rejoiced at this tiniest of victories.

“How can you do this to us?” I asked her, as calmly as I could.

“How could I not? When I had both of you there, deep in a suggestible trance state, how could I possibly resist the opportunity to make the two of you toys for me to play with? But why don’t we wait for Cecilia to arrive before we have this discussion.” Michelle said, glancing up at the clock as she said it.

“I’m sure she’ll be along soon.” I said, hoping that she would do anything but.

“Oh, don’t worry, she’ll be here any moment now.”

As if on cue, the doorbell rang. Michelle looked at me and then the door, and I got up and let Cecilia in. Her face was wet with tears. She must be having an even harder time handling this than me.

“Hi.” I said, but she couldn’t even meet my eyes, she just came in and set down a little bag with her things.

“I-I couldn’t keep away.” She sort of whispered to me.

I wanted to talk to her about my experiences too, but this wasn’t the time.

“I know. I couldn’t keep away either.” I answered her, with a regular volume so Michelle could hear.

“Come on both of you. Sit down here and tell me all about your day.” She gestured for us to sit beside her on the couch.

As we approached and began to sit on either side of her, she shook her head at us.

“No. Not on the couch, the couch is for me. Down on the floor, on your knees.” She told us forcefully.

It had been quite a while since she’d forced me to do her will that morning, and I paused for a moment when I probably should have just hopped to obey her. Cecilia was already kneeling in her place when I started to move.

“Oh come now Annette. Do I have to mention your nickname to you again? Or don’t you remember how that makes you feel?” Michelle said angrily, standing up off the couch to confront me.

“No-no you don’t-I remember.” I quickly answered, sinking to my knees in front of my glaring sister.

“I don’t think you do. I think you need a little reminder.” She said, flaunting her power over me as she began to remove her sweat pants.

“No, please Michelle. I remember.” I plead.

She didn’t stop at the sweat pants. Her panties and top were soon also tossed on the floor, Michelle now standing over me in all her naked glory.

“I think you know what’s next Annette. I loved the way your tongue felt in my ass earlier. But that’s right, you don’t remember how much you loved sticking your tongue up big sister’s ass, do you?”

“I’m sorry Michelle, please don’t. I’ll do whatever you want.”

“You know Annette, I’ve heard about enough of you. You’re such a little assmunch.” She told me, and I felt the yearning begin to grow.

It was my third time now, and the craving was almost familiar. I knew what I wanted. What I needed. Michelle turned around and bent over, her beautiful ass now demanding my full attention. Like a deer in the headlights, I was transfixed at first by the sublime sight before me.

“Go on you stupid little cunt. Worship my ass with your mouth.”

I knelt behind her and with loving care pulled apart her breathtaking buttocks to expose her rear opening to me. Plunging my face into her rear, I gave myself to its glorious heat. Craving its taste, I gave myself fully to my act of devotion surrendered my tongue to her delicious hole. Kneeling behind her with my face immersed in her ass, I squeezed my own thighs together as my clit throbbed with excitement.

“I hope you’re watching this closely Cecilia. I can practically feel her tongue in my throat she’s got it stuck so far up there. And she’s loving it too.” Michelle said, moaning a little with the pleasure I was providing her.

I barely even heard my sister talking to Cecilia. I was so intent on her divine derriere. My pleasure seemed to grow and grow, the longer I had my face in her ass the better I felt.

“My ass is making her wild with lust, but she can’t cum unless I do. She can’t feel the release she needs unless I get off first. But unless I say the key phrase and release her, she’ll continue to lust for it forever. Watch this.” My sister said, and then suddenly she pushed my head away from her ass.

I looked up at her confused, as she turned around and faced me. My contact with her butt broken, I felt the most profound sense of loss. Why had Michelle taken her ass away from me? Had I done something to displease her?

“Michelle, please. I’ll lick your ass better, I swear. Please let me kiss and lick you some more!” I begged, wanting her ass more urgently than I’d ever wanted anything in my life.

“I hope you can see that trying to resist me is useless, I can make you do anything I want, anytime. I think this should make you understand.” Michelle told Cecilia.

I was kneeling at Michelle’s feet, begging forgiveness and kissing and sucking at her toes. I needed to convince this superior goddess to let me worship her anus. I was so mad with need for her ass now that I consumed my every thought.

“Please, please Michelle. I’ll do anything. Please let me go back to worshiping your ass!”

“What won’t you do for me slave?” My sister asked me.

“There’s nothing I won’t do. I’ll do anything!” I told her, desperate to be allowed access to her ass.

“What is it that you want so bad?”

“To worship your asshole, please let me even just kiss it.”

“But that’s nasty Annette. You want to lick me where I shit from. Are you telling me that doesn’t disgust you?”

Disgust me? Licking her asshole was the meaning of my life. It was like heaven on earth for me to bury my face in her rump. I had to make it clear to her. She just didn’t understand!

“No Michelle! Please let me show you. I love your asshole more than anything in the world!”

“I think that should be about enough to make things clear to both of you. Enough Assmunch.” She commanded me.

Almost instantly I regained my senses and suddenly my desire for her behind was gone. And the hole that that gaping hungry need left in my psyche was instantly replaced by an equally huge share of shame at what I just been made to do.

“I hope you both realize by now that I really can make you do anything I want. I’m sure you both tried to escape all day, and considering that you’re both here on your knees then I guess you must have failed. Do you have any questions?”

“W-what do you plan to do with us?” Cecilia asked, her fear obvious.

“To use you as my personal servants when we’re together, both sexually and otherwise. You’ll be free to live normally during the days, but at night and on the weekends you’ll both pamper me like a queen.”

“I don’t understand Michelle. If you want us to be your slaves all the time, why didn’t you just program us so we’d just always do what you say?” I asked her, and Cecilia instantly shot me a withering glare.

“In a perfect world, that’s what I would do. But it’s just not that easy to make such a total change in a person without driving them insane. I can’t make you just be my slave all the time, but I can make you completely addicted to my ass when I say the word. And that addiction gives me more than enough power over you to get what I want.” She explained.

My sister really was evil incarnate. Her idea of a perfect world was having the ability to totally steal my mind! But it was at least a little reassuring to hear that there was some limit to her power.

“You see, from my side of the equation it makes no difference. I can still make you do anything I want. If I tell you to do something and you refuse, I’ll just use your nickname and you’ll be begging me to do whatever I want to you. So I get what I want either way. But it would be easier on you girls if I could make you just want to serve me. Oh well. I can only do so much. But don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. After a few months I barely ever had to use my keyword on Debby. She decided at first that she was going to make me use it all the time if I wanted her to do something, but I started to punish her every time and she came around.” Michelle continued, with an evil smile as she recalled her first victim.

“How did you...punish her?” Cecilia asked hesitantly.

“You really don’t want to know-it’s nasty. But I’m sure it won’t come to that with you two. You’re not dumb enough to make me do that to you. No, you’ll both figure out it’s just better to obey than not and then we’ll all be one big happy family. The punishments really turned Debby around for me. After them she was really well adjusted.”

“So well adjusted that she killed herself?” Cecilia asked with mock innocence.

“Very funny. That’s almost as funny as the one about the girl named cuntslurp that ate my pussy until I came on her face.” My sister, suddenly angry again, sneered at her.

I knew what Cecilia was going through as she knelt there looking up at my sister, now wanting her in that awful way. Michelle didn’t wait for Cecilia’s inevitable begging though. She just got up and pushed her naked sex in the girl’s face. There was no way Cecilia could resist the object of her addiction with it jammed right in her face, and soon I found myself watching my sister ride my best friend’s face.

“Eat it slave. Suck my cunt!” Michelle ordered as she pulled Cecilia’s face into her crotch.

My sister ground her crotch into Cecilia’s face with gleeful supremacy for a few moments, and then pushed her away and began to verbally torment her.

“I bet you don’t feel very smart or funny now, do you? As a matter of fact it should be clear to you right now who the smart one is. Tell me Cecilia, who’s the smart one. You, or me?”

“You are Michelle. You’re the smart one. I-I’m stupid.” Cecilia admitted to her, controlled by her hypnotically induced lust.

“That’s right. The fact that I was able to turn you into the little kneeling cuntsucker you are now is pretty good evidence that I’m smarter than you. Why don’t you just come over here and make me cum in your face now.”

I watched, ashamed at my own inability to do anything to help her, as Cecilia plunged her face back into my sister’s crotch and eagerly slurped at Michelle’s pussy. The show just got even nastier to watch as Michelle worked herself into a frenzy against Cecilia’s face. As Michelle’s moans grew it was obvious that Cecilia was enjoying her work as well. As my sister neared climax, she wrapped her fingers tightly in Cecilia’s hair and pulled her face tightly into her crotch.

“Enough cuntslurp.” Michelle quickly ordered, continuing to hump the Cecilia’s face.

As Michelle savagely mashed her sex in the now struggling girl’s face, I knew exactly what she was going through. It was the same thing that she’d done to me that morning with her ass. Using her hypnotic power to make you want to do these things, and then take it away leaving you in a horribly humiliating position. I knew that while Michelle was fucking her face that Ceci must feel trapped in hell. Using both hands Michelle pulled Cecilia’s face against her as she smeared her pussy in the kneeling girl’s face, the thrusting motion of her hips getting faster and faster. Ceci struggled to free herself, but Michelle easily kept her face trapped there until she kept her word and came in my friend’s face. With a long sigh Michelle shook and quaked against Ceci’s trapped face for a long minute before pushing her away.

“Well, I wish I could say I hated having to do that to both of you, but I didn’t. I loved it. So go ahead and try to defy me as much as you want. Now are you both ready to behave?”

“Yes.” We both replied.

What choice did we have? She held all the cards, it was useless to try to fight her. I had a new nickname, and unless something changed, a humiliating new life.

End Part One of Two