The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Nina’s Revenge

Shana, a brilliant doctor has a very jealous sister called Nina that has had enough of living under her shadow of brilliance. She decides its time that Shana became the shadow, or even less.

Dr Shana Tad was busy working in her ward, doing the rounds and checking on all the patients. This was a set routine for her, and after this she would free herself to sit and review clinical trial studies and other research papers she was working on. Shana is a brilliant physician, she was five three, in her early forties, athletic with long dark hair and a dusky complexion, she was Lebanese, but many thought she looked Mexican or Puerto Rican. She has an IQ of 150, which makes her genius and is happily married with three children. Her husband Matt is a successful architect and her three children are all equally gifted.

Shana’s has a sister, and also two brothers, she comes from an immigrant family that came to the US when she was three. Her sister is older, and at fifty has not had a very successful life, working as a beautician most of her time, she has a more dumpy frame, is only five one and has very large tits. Her IQ is not low, its 108, but far from being a genius. In fact, Nina has lived in her sisters shadow as their parents favorite child ever since Shana was born, which put a very big chip in Nina’s shoulder.

It was on a rather unusual day that Nina suddenly had an epiphany, and worked out how she could destroy her sisters success and see her life become nothing, that is how much she hated her. So much so, that she wanted to totally destroy Shana’s existence. The day started when Nina was working in the mall as a sit in finger nail assistant. One of the women that came in was talking to her friend and they spoke about their husbands work. It seems that one of the women was married to a geneticist and the other to a psychiatrist, both of whom were working together in the same bio-company making a unique drug interaction that would help people with phobias overcome their fears by both changing their genetic makeup and changing their brain process. The concept sounded revolutionary to all, and the two women gabbled on about how soon people would be free of fear.

Nina, while not being a genius, was clever enough to understand that changing [peoples bodies and minds could be perverted for other uses, and immediately though of the beauty industry in which she worked. Imagine women having special injections that would modify their behavior to love long finger nails, or even grow long colored finger nails. The concept was quite thrilling, and as she was churning it over in her mind her phone rang. She answered it and her mother was calling about the surprise birthday party she was preparing for Shana. The very thought of Shana curdled Nina’s thoughts and then she wished she could alter Nina with the new treatment. Just as that thought popped into her mind, she had the epiphany, and she told her mother she had to rush. Nina looked up at one of the women as they were about to leave, she got up and approached them. She asked “Excuse me, I couldn’t help overhear you talk about that amazing discovery, I suffer from a slight phobia of heights, is your husband taking on human subjects for testing?”

The taller of the women, Mona answered “Why yes, they actually are at that level with the FDA, and they are going to look for volunteers, here, let me give you my husbands contact information, tell him I sent you.” Mona gave Nina the e-mail address and switchboard number and told her to ask for Dr Mark Steff.

Nina was overjoyed, all she had to do was get into the lab, steal the injections and then she could find a way to administer it to her sister. She was starting to plan the entire process out. When she finished work and got home, she sat down and sent an e-mail to Mark asking to be a subject in their clinical trial. Two days later she got a reply inviting her to Injenix, and she made a date for the following Monday.

Nina walked into the futuristic site, it was part of a larger complex of buildings and she was met by a security guard. She gave him her details and was told to wait. So she sat in the waiting area, where she was offered a coffee. After five minutes, a tall athletic woman walked into the area and said “Hi Nina, is it OK I call you by your first name? I’m Jerry and I work with Dr Steff. If you follow me, we can go to meet him now, where he will introduce you to Injenix and to the study we are now opening.”

Nina got up, shook Jerry’s hand and replied “Thanks, I can’t wait.”

They both walked off down concrete and glass corridors to the lab section of the building.

Nina entered the stark office, stark in comparison to the sci-fi lab surroundings, behind a rather sleek steel desk sat Dr. Steff. “Hi, have a seat” he told Nina, then stood up and as Nina came closer to sit, shook her hand.

“So, Nina” Steff said looking at her folder, “You have a fear of heights and you want us to free you of this?” Nina smiled and said “Yes, please, if you can…I hope this doesn’t mean confront your fears or something like that.”

Steff smiled, “No, on the contrary, we found that there are some latent fears ingrained into us genetically, such as the fear of spiders, which is something that has been with us since the dawn of time. We cannot explain it, but from a genetic point of view, there are specific markers linked to a fear of spiders. Now, as for heights, there are two variables, the first is a genetic one, the second is an environmental one. Consider that you are not scared of heights, but then had an accident involving a height, you would then “grow” a fear of heights. Now this one is psychological and genetics won’t help much. However, if there is a genetic marker that stands behind your latent fear of heights, then we could find a way to cure you.”

Nina took it all in and then asked “So, what’s the procedure?”

“Well, since we are conducting a clinical trial, you don’t pay anything, so that’s an advantage. All we need to do is take a blood sample, and then after we find the markers, we can begin the treatment options.” Nina nodded, and then asked “So, your treatment, what does it involve?”

Steff replied “We start by injecting you with a generic retro virus that has been engineered to target the specific gene code for erasure. At the same time, we inject you with a specific neuro drug that allows us to “suggest” into your mind an anti-fear, essentially we remove both the genetic make up as well as the “emotional memory” associated with heights.”

Nina considered this, and then asked “Is the generic marker identical for all types, and is the neuro drug also generic, or is it tailored per person?”

Steff widened his eyes in amazement and answered ‘You certainly know your science, OK, here goes. The retro virus is tailored per fear, however the neuro drug is a generic home made brew that works on all mind scapes. As such, we only need to tailor the retro-virus to a specific fear, and then when we add the suggestive neuro drug, we implement a reinforced change, and to add to that, the neuro drug, which we call XR-12 is so powerful that in some cases it works without the retro-virus.”

Nina smiled inwardly, all she needed to do was get a hold of the XR-12 and she would be set. Then she asked another question “Dr. Steff, can XR-12 introduce new fears or behaviour patterns, I mean is it safe?”

Steff nodded and said “actually, yes, it is safe, but yes, in the improper hands it could literally change a persons character, and we have had some mishaps in the early days of clinical trials, which were reversible. However, if left untreated, a new character trait could become a permanent one.”

Nina seemed to think and then asked, “Can this procedure reduce a persons intelligence?”

Steff smiled and said “I don’t think so, we have never had an encounters in all our years of study, XR-12 only changes character traits, it does not interfere with the actual brain processing system, intelligence is the way the brain manages data, a highly efficient brain will process data faster and that is how we determine intelligence. Mind you, if you introduced other factors into the mind, making it focus on loop thought processing, you could essentially reduce a persons use of their mind, thus reducing their speed to process data, which is a way of reducing intelligence. Nina responded, “So you mean you could introduce them to a preoccupation with something, which would take up a lot of their processing power and not reduce their intelligence, but more like focus all their thought on one concept, leaving them little processing power for, well thinking?”

Steff hmmd and than said “You know what Nina, you are a very unique mind, and I can see some new concepts coming forward here to help us with other brain ailments we have encountered. Now, what would you like to do next?”

Nina said “I would like you to remove my fear of heights.”

“Very good, let’s remove it, you will need to sign all the relevant documents, you can do that with our clinical trial nurse Mark, after which he will draw some blood and we will call you in for your first test next week.”

Nina went through the whole process and observed where the drugs were being stored as she was having her blood taken, she noticed a large sterile cabinet with hundreds of XR-12 bottles. She looked at Mark and asked “How many of those bottles do I need for a full treatment?” Mark laughed, and said “Bottles? No, only 1 bottle, a very small dose is all you need, we give around 1 mL at every treatment stage, and each bottle holds 10 mL, you only need, on average, 2-3 treatments, this is revolutionary work.”

Nina smiled inside, and then added “So what happens if you OD?”

Mark laughed again “I don’t know, it would be hard to OD since this is a non-lethal drug, but I do know that in the past when they gave too much and made strong suggestions, the patients underwent extreme character changes that were irreversible, they ended up paying out a lot of insurance. I can assure you no one has died from receiving too much. Also, the conditioning is usually done in a quiet environment, with no outside influences, so that the actual suggestive state does not get distracted during the process. Its all quite calming really, even for the study patients such as yourself.”

Mark then said “Now wait here a moment, I have to go to the main lab to deliver your blood.” He walked out leaving Nina alone in the smaller lab. She quickly got up and walked over to the cabinet, and found it was not locked. She grabbed ten bottles from the back of the cabinet and hid it in her bag.

A few moments later Mark came back and said “Well, we are all ready to go, I have scheduled you in for Monday morning at 9am, is that OK for you?”

Nina nodded and said “Yes, that’s fine.” She got up from her chair, shook Mark’s hand and then walked out, just when she reached the door she asked Mark “Does it have to be an injection, cant it be administered orally?”

To which Mark replied, “It has been administered orally, but injections are faster and you can inject less, since the oral administration process gets filtered through the digestive tract. I expect that a does of 3mL is what we used to give orally before we decided to only administer it in-vitro. The oral version also worked faster, but also wore off faster, so we had about 5 minutes of suggestion time, as compared to 15minutes with the injection.”

Tuesday at Parents

Nina had already been asked to come visit her parents before the birthday party and her sister was going to be there too. She decided she would give Shana a small 3mL dose orally in her water and then suggest that she trusts Nina completely and direct her to come to her home after the party.

Shana walked into her parents home and saw her sour faced sister smile at her. This was highly unusual, but she decided not to make anything of it. She kissed her parents and then said “Hi” to Nina. Nina replied “Hi Sis” and then went to the kitchen, on her way through she asked “Does anyone want a glass of water?” to which Shana replied “Yes” but not expecting to get one. Nina went into the kitchen, poured a glass of water and added 3mL of the XR-12, she went back into the living room and walked up to her sister. “Shana, here’s your water, can I have a private moment with you, please?” She added the please since she new her sister would find it unusual and would comply. Shana took the glass of water and sipped down half the glass and said “OK, lets go into our old bedroom”

The two walked to the bedroom and closed the door. Shana sat down, her head left a bit light, and she took another sip of the drink, but actually finished it all. She put her glass down and felt a bit dizzy. Nina looked at her sister and smiled and then asked “is everything OK?”

Shana nodded and then answered “No, I feel dizzy” Nina said “You trust me more than anyone else in the world.” To which Shana nodded and then in her confused mind said “I do”. What Shana didn’t realize is that XR-12 had already started to rewire her brain for suggestions, and now everything Nina would tell her would become a new truth for her. Nina, knowing she only had 5 minutes, got to work.

“Shana, look at me and focus on me now.”

Shana looked up.

“Shana, all our past troubles, all our differences are gone, we were always good friends, all the bad memories and emotions between us are now happy memories and emotions. If there is a bad or sad memory you will forget it forever.” Shana nodded.

“Shana, you have always been jealous of me, because secretly you worship me, you think being short, overweight and dumb is actually sexy and a much better life than being fit, tall and intelligent. In fact, your fetish since childhood has been to be a dumb, ignorant sex worker cleaner, that is only good for sex or cleaning toilets, taking orders from me and doing everything I tell you. This is what you secretly desire, and this desire has been festering in your soul for decades and only recently it has started to bubble up, demanding you beg me to make you into my dumb ignorant sex slave bitch.”

Shana’s mind was rewiring everything, and all her past memories were overwritten, now she had this deep desire to be exactly what Nina wanted her to be, and now it was what she wanted to be.

Nina continued “Shana, you secretly hate your life, you hate being married and want to change your husband, so you will send him to me tomorrow knowing I will persuade him to leave you and live a new life without you.”

Shana noded.

Then Nina added “Shana, you will not remember this conversation, but will not forget it either, we will use this memory at a later date. For now, all you will focus on is sex, you will dream of it, think of it, and your mind will only think of sex 24/7, nothing else matters, you don’t care for your work anymore and you don’t care for anyone but me and serving me. The more you think of sex, the more you will orgasm, and you love to orgasm and want to orgasm constantly. You want to be able to orgasm once every fifteen minutes and the only way you can do this is if you are either having sex, or cleaning toilets or worshipping me and I let you. In the spare time and during your sleep you will only think of sex in all the debased ways there are and the more you think of sex, the more you want it and the more powerful your orgasms will become.”

She then added “Shana, you will only start to think of sex after we leave this house tonight, and you will call me immediately and beg to come to live in my house where you can start to worship and serve me better, and you will beg for me to order you to do everything in life, so that you no longer make any decisions and can only focus on sex.”

Nina smirked, she knew she had now fucked up her sisters life completely, but it was not yet over, she had more installed for her.

Shana slowly came out of her trance like suggestive state and looked up and Nina and smiled, “Hi Sis, how are you today?” She got up and hugged Nina, and secretly felt on heat, she really loved her sister so much she wanted to beg her to make her more like her. She reviewed her life, and realized that being so fit and intelligent with an amazing job was just not happiness for her, she only did it to please her parents. However, in her past, all her life, she worshipped Nina and for some reason now, nearing her birthday she felt all her pent up love and emotions boil over, she really wanted to be with Nina all the time.

The two went back to the lounger, where Shana started to fidget, she had fleeting thoughts of sex, not overpowering ones, but they were there in the back of her mind and she couldn’t understand why she felt that way.

Nina noticed Shana’s discomfort, and smiled, then said “Mum, Dad, lets discuss Shana’s up and coming Birthday party”

Later that evening, as they were ready to leave, Nina looked at Shana, the orders she suggested should kick in now that they were ready to leave, and as they stepped out together, Shana shuddered and stopped. She looked at Nina and said “Nina, please can I come to your place tonight…I really need to. Please I beg you, I want to come to you and tell you my truth.”

Nina put an arm around Shana and said “Sure Sis, come on, lets take your car, you can drive.”

Nina’s House

They arrived at Nina’s house, and Nina told Shana to park in Nina’s place. They walked up hand in hand together and then Shana sat down on the couch and said “I can’t being to explain, but I have been waiting to tell you this all my life. I worship you, I adore you, I love you more than all, you are my role model.”

Nina looked surprised and said “What…but I thought you were the role model, so clever and successful and even slim and sexy.”

Shana shook her head and said “No, its all a sham, to be honest, and I don’t know why, I just wish I had a very simple life. All I think about really is sex, and I love cleaning toilets, I am jealous of our hospital cleaners having such a simple life and job. I wish I could be so dumb and just clean toilets and fuck all the time. In fact, last year when I travelled to Thailand I saw a cleaning lady in a market toilet, the place was a mess and stank, but I was so jealous of her having such a simple job and life style, and then I saw the red light district ad, I cannot explain but I am sick and tired of being me as Mum and Dad want me, I want to be more like you, and even less. I hope this doesn’t insult you, but I want to just serve you all my life, and not have to think anymore.”

Nina was elated, but she needed to enforce this, so she offered Shana another drink with another dose of XR-12 and when she drank it, Nina started.

“Shana, look at me, from this moment on, you only live to serve me and obey me. You mind will constantly think of sex, in fact nothing else matters anymore and after you sign some documents, you will slowly forget all you learned from the age of four and upwards. You will eventually loose all you learned in life and cannot read or write and cannot do simple maths, and you only live to follow my orders. You will orgasm every fifteen minutes, even when you sleep and you will only be able to think of sex or cleaning toilets. The sexiest thing is to have sex in a toilet, and you want to suck cocks clean every day for life. As of now, you only listen to be and obey me. All this will happen slowly over the next few days.”

Nina Added “Shana, sign these documents.” Shana designed a load of legal documents that transferred everything in her ownership to Nina including a resignation letter from work.

Shana nodded and slowly her mind rewired.

Shana looked up at Nina, total subservience in her eyes, she looked dull, and her body shook from an orgasm. She couldn’t think of anything but sex, and had pictures of sex in toilets that made her cum. Her mouth drooled.

Nina then asked her “Shana?” and Shana nodded “Uh, yeah?”

“Shana, what are you thinking of?”

“Uh…sucking cocks, OMG, I need to suck a cock and I want one in my cunt too, I want to hold two more in my hands…fuckkk.” And Shana came again,.

“Shana, drink this water”

Nina gave her another shot for XR-12 and then continued.

“Shana, tomorrow when you go to work, your mind will be totally pre-occupied with sex. You no longer find medicine interesting, in fact nothing interests you but cock and sex and the most exciting sex is in a toilet and with the least intelligent of men. All you desire is to suck the cocks of the lowly, the homeless, you are no longer interested in anything but sucking their cocks, and especially in toilets. You want to be a toilet whore that lives all day in a mans loo and sucks and cleans cocks for them while you pump your pussy to cumm. Tomorrow you will start your first cock sucking session in one of the toilets at the hospital and the more cocks you suck the more knowledge you loose, and when you suck 50 cocks you will loose all the education you had since you were four. After you finish sucking at least 12 cocks tomorrow, you will call me to come to pick you up from work, and you will give your resignation letter in on the way out.”

Nina burst out laughing, and then said “Shana, you are my dumb sex slave now, aren’t you.?”

“Uh, yes me am, me always was”

The Nina asked “Shana, are you a doctor? A highly intelligent successful and rich doctor of medicine?”

Shana tried to remember her past, but all she could see was her serving Nina since she was a kid, and her being a sex toy for Nina. She did have memories of working as a doctor, but they were muddled she was confused. Her brain was so preoccupied with sex, that eventually she forgot to think of her past and refocused on cock. She muddled out an answer “Unh, no, me too dumb to doctor, me stupid fuck slut for Nina.”

Nina was overjoyed, although she wondered how her family would react, she decided it was time to work on them too, but first she had to destroy Shana’s husband, so she called him up and told him Shana was with her and can he come over.

An hour later her door bell chimed, and Shana’s husband Matt arrived, she would start with him and then move over to her kids and then her parents. After that, life would be perfect. All she needed was to make sure they all fell in line with her new reality. So, she decided to make her parents forget their wonderful daughter Shana and only remember her as a disgrace to the family, she would turn Matt into a gay ladyboy loving slut who wants to suck cocks all day long on cam for a living, and then she would make Shana’s children forget their parents and only know her as their mother. With all the property and money that Matt and Shana had, which would now be hers, and the money she made whoring Shana out as a toilet whore, she would have a perfect life.

Matt looked at Nina, he knew his wife disliked her, and that Nina hated Shana, so he couldn’t understand why they were together and even more so, why Shana was sitting on the couch looking stoned. Worse then that, she had a hand down the front of her jeans, it looked like she was playing with herself.

Nina gave Matt a glass of spiked water, and he drank it before he asked what was happening. As matt gulped down the water he started to feel dizzy so he sat down next to his wife on the Sofa. Nina looked at Matt and then said “Matt, you don’t love Shana.” To which Matt replied, “Oh” and then a moment later said “I know”.

Nina smiled gleefully and then added “In fact, Matt, you are really gay and love ladyboys, all you want in life is to be owned by a young Asian ladyboy with a big cock that will make you suck it whenever he needs you. You wil continue to work in your job, making a lot of money for him. However, you really want him to bring a lot of his ladyboy friends home, so they can live with you and you will suck 5 or six cocks every day, three to four times a day each. You will serve them all by working for them, and will provide them with an easy life. All you want to be is their hungry cock and cumm slave and just drink their cumm 24/7.”

Then Nina said “Mark, are you happy with your life?” To which he answered “No, I am not, I want to be a ladyboy’s slut whore, that’s my real love in life.”

Nina smiled and then added “Mark, you will forget your wife, but only after you divorce her tomorrow. Then your mind will erase all memory of her, also all memory of your children. You never had children, they were mine, you are their uncle. You will call your nephew and niece after you leave here and tell them to come to me tonight for something important. Tomorrow you will leave your old home, forget it ever existed and go and rent a small apartment. You will go online and seek a sexy ladyboy to take over your life forever.”

Mark looked up at Nina, shook his head, and just walked out of the apartment not saying a word. When he got into the car, he dialled up Nina’s children and told them to go home to visit their mum. The children thought he meant that their mother was at Nina’s, so they arranged to drive over.

In the meantime, Nina called a friend she knew who worked with a local pimp, and asked her to find a pimp that needs a toilet whore, a woman that would live in a toilet sucking cocks for the rest of her life. An hour later Nina’s door bell chimed, she opened it and saw her nephews and nieces. They saw their mother pumping her pussy on Shana’s sofa and were horrified. Nina immediately offered them a drink of coke, and told them she would explain. They sat down and drank, and then Nina started to explain.

Nina turned first to Stacey, the eldest and a college student learning law, she was 24 and was studying for her masters degree.

“Stacey, you are the oldest of my children, I am not your aunt, I am your mother, and you worship me and do everything I say. All your memories of your mother are about me. Your biggest desire in life is to be a stripper whore and to show off your body to men. You crave sex, and want to have a lot of plastic surgery to implant massive fake tits so you can also follow a career in porn. In ten minutes you will suddenly realize that you don’t want to be a lawyer, and will leave college. You will tell me that you want me to decide your future because you trust me and everything I say is true.”

Then Nina turned to Martin, the second child, who was 23, and was studying medicine in college. “Martin, you are my son, not your aunt, all your memories of your mother are about me. You hate studying, in fact the only thing you really love is bodybuilding and sucking cocks. Deep down you have always wanted to work in the porn industry as a muscle beast with a big cock that sucks ladyboys on cam. You want to work out four hours a day, five days a week, take steroids, and just suck cocks for a living. So, in ten minutes, you will decide you are leaving medical school to become what you have desired the most. You will also only follow my orders since you know I am the most clever person in your life and you trust my decisions with no questioning, whatever I say is true.”

Nina now turned to Julie the youngest at 18 years old, just starting college and a true genius.

“Julie, you are the youngest of my children, I am not your aunt, I am your mother, and you worship me and do everything I say. All your memories of your mother are about me. you don’t like college, you hate learning, and you are not a genius since all you think about is sex. You cannot live without constant sex in your life and you want to be come a crack whore that just lies on a dirty mattress getting fucked by immigrant workers for a dirty pimp. You love the thought of becoming a dumb, druggie whore that will live short life of total drugged sex. This is the way you always wanted to live and in ten minutes you will ask me to find you a dirty pimp who will make your lifetime desire come true. You will also only follow my orders since you know I am the most clever person in your life and you trust my decisions with no questioning, whatever I say is true.”

Nina smiled…and waited.

Five minutes passed and the three came ouf ot their haze. Stacey looked at her mother, Nina and asked who was the woman on the sofa playing with her pussy? Nina said to Stacey “Baby, that’s a dumb toilet whore, a slut I found outside. All she lives for is sucking cocks in a toilet, isn’t that really sexy and a turn on baby!” Stacey’s mind was rewired and whatever Nina said was true, so she answered “OMG yes mum, I love it, and can I tell you my deepest secret now?”

Nina answered “Sure honey”

“I want to leave college mum, I just hate it, and I hope you are not upset, but I prefer to go into the sex industry, its soooo amazing and I am horny all the time and crave sex so much. What do you think? Am I crazy?”

Nina smiled and answered, “No baby, I think that’s a wonderful idea and we can use all your savings for your operations, I also know of a local strip club managed by a really successful pimp, I think he can get you into the scene after you are physically ready. SO, baby, embrace your new life and be proud of who you are.”

Stacey jumped for joy, and kissed Nina, and then said “Thanks mum, you’re the greatest. Can we leave this place and go back home?”

Nina realized that Shana’s mansion was now hers, so she nodded and said “Sure baby, in a few moments.”

Then Martin turned to Nina and asked “Hey Mum, I feel like Stacey, I don’t like med school and always wanted to be a bodybuilder, and just work the sex industry, and don’t get mad, but I’m gay, I love cock.”

Nina smiled again and said “Honey, you do what you have to do, and if I can help I will, in fact, I suggest you enrol in a gym I suggest, I know of a really good one that you can get amazing juice and also reach the porn industry really quickly.”

Martin beamed and walked over to Stacey, they held hands and talked.

Then Julie turned to Nina and said “OMG, so many secrets being revealed to day, well its my turn now, mum I fantasize about being a dumb crack whore…that just lies in some dirty container on the Mexican border and fucks for a living. I know this is a dirty short life to live, but I want it soo much…”

Nina nearly jumped for joy and said “Julie baby, no worries, I know just the man to help you reach that low life you dream of.”

All three of the Shana’s adult children went out of the house and waited by their car for Nina to come with them.

Nina turned to Shana and said “Hey toilet whore, its time for you to come back to my home, you will only stay there for one day, tomorrow your pimp will come to own you. Get your stuff, tomorrow you go back to the hospital and then to your new life.”

Shana was totally engrossed in sexual implosion, her mind just focused on sex and she hardly heard what Nina said, but understood enough to get up and walk with her to her old car.

The Next Day: Nina’s New Villa

Nina had called up her connection on the street and had arranged for Stacey to be taken to a Mexican plastic surgery that would totally transform her body, with cock sucker lips, tits that never end. She had got her gay porn industry friend to come and take Martin, and turn him into a steroid junkie that worked the porn industry, essentially living a simple life of bodybuilding and sex, and the last call was to a really sleazy pimp that would love to take Julie and destroy her with drugs, turning her into a dumb crack whore in some shitty container being fucked by the low life and the poor just to keep them happy for shitty wage income jobs.

As the three woke up Nina prepared the concoction again and gave all three a drink, but one after the other. She started with Stacey. After Stacey had drink the XR-12 she reinforced her desires and lusts and told her “Stacey, listen very carefully to me. You love your new life now, the life where you transform into a sleazy slutty stripper whore. You want to have extreme make overs once every few years to keep yourself as slutty and sleazy as possible since you have finally reached your true desire. You will obey my every word and never question me, whatever I say you accept as your deepest truth, and all you desire is to obey me and follow my orders whenever I am around. If you ever have any doubts or feel confused, you will call me to get direction.

Stacey nodded, and continued to stare until the drug wore off.

Then Nina turned to Martin and said “Martin, the bigger the cock the hornier you get, and all you dream about is drinking cumm and sucking cocks and being with other men. Nothing turns you on more than huge cocks. You work out and take more and more steroids so you can become a bull, a beast, and all you will ever think about and love is cock and muscle. You will obey my every word and never question me, whatever I say you accept as your deepest truth, and all you desire is to obey me and follow my orders whenever I am around. If you ever have any doubts or feel confused, you will call me to get direction.

Martin nodded, and continued to stare until the drug wore off.

Then it was Julie’s turn. “Julie, you liver to be degraded, you cannot imagine life other then being used as a crack whore and being the dumbest yet horniest bitch alive. The dumber you get, the hornier you get, the more crack and drugs you take the more lust you feel. You just live to be a cumm bucket and want to be fucked and used by the sleaziest and lowest. You will obey my every word and never question me, whatever I say you accept as your deepest truth, and all you desire is to obey me and follow my orders whenever I am around. If you ever have any doubts or feel confused, you will call me to get direction. If you are too dumb to call me you will ask your new pimp owner for me, and he will call me.

Julie nodded, and continued to stare until the drug wore off.

Then she woke up Shana and gave her a double dose of XR-12 and then spoke “Toilet slut, that’s your new name, you are Toilet Slut or Toilet Whore, you don’t know any other name and only answer to that name. You live to serve men in toilets and are happiest sucking a mans cock after he has peed. You want to clean his cock, lick his balls and swallow all his cum. After you leave the hospital today, when you resign and take on your new adored life, you will follow your pimps orders and mine. You will obey my every word and never question me, whatever I say you accept as your deepest truth, and all you desire is to obey me and follow my orders whenever I am around. If you ever have any doubts or feel confused, you will call me to get direction. If you are too dumb to call me you will ask your new pimp owner for me, and he will call me. When you goto the hospital today you will retain your intelligence and all your memories, and you will love what is happening to you, the more you think of it the hornier you get until you start to orgasm once every 15 minutes. Then you will become toilet slut and emrace your new life with absolute adoration.

Shana nodded, and continued to stare until the drug wore off.

Half an hour later four cars pulled up and four men walked up to the door. Nina opened the door and they walked in.

Nina smiled and called all four of victims into the hallway and said “Stacey, say hi to Joe, your new owner, you obey him always, he knows best and you are just a slutty stripper whore, go kiss him and embrace your new life with love and joy.” Stacey jumped and whooped, she ran to Joe and kissed him. Joe, surprised was happy too, but then he slapped her arse and told her to get into the car. She was going to get some serious body modifications over the next few months.

Nina turned to Martin, “Martin, say hi to Jim, he is your new owner and he will turn you into a dumb muscle beast that only lives for sucking cocks. Go to him, suck his cock and when you swallow his cumm you will be totally enslaved to his will.”

Martin also jumped and whooped, and then dove to Jim’s crotch, he fumbled on the zipper but opened it and started to lick and suck a nine inch and thick cock, he sucked it for over ten minutes until Jim exploded all his cumm into Martins mouth. At that moment Martins mind accepted that he was now Jim’s property and Jim, with a smile on his face, patted Martins head and told him to get into the car. Over the next two years Martin would turn from a brilliant physician into a dumb steroid junkie with so much muscle it would be hard for him to move.

Then Nina turned to Julie and said “Hey Jules, here is Jake, he is going to destroy your life, he will fuck up your brain with drugs and fuck up your body with over 50 fucks a day and all for free, you will just lie down and be used for the rest of your life. Now go and grovel at his feet and beg him to destroy you. Julie whooped too, and then grovelled and Jakes feet begging to be turned into a crack whore. Jake smiled a vicious smile, and told her to get into the van, there were five men in the back waiting for fuck her. He already had a needle out and was jabbing her with crack.

The Nina looked at Shana “Toilet Slut, this is Max, your new owner. He will take you to the hospital today where you will respond to the name of Shana or Dr. Tad till three in the afternoon. You will resign today, and you will follow Jake’s orders always, and you will start to suck cocks in the toilet at the hospital today. Tomorrow you will go to live in a whore house, where you will be a toilet slut, and all day will service men in the toilet. Now goto Jake and give him control over your life by sucking his cock and being fucked by his partner and being filmed at the same time.

Shanna rushed to Jakes crotch, he called in his partner Pete, and they stripped Shana and fucked her from both sides. After they finished, she was told to get dressed and get into the car.

Nina was elated, and sat back in her new mansion. Now she had to deal with her parents, but that would not be hard. A few drops of XR-12 and they would forget Shana and only know her as the shame of the family.


Toilet Whore sat in a small cubicle in the whore house, it was sleazy and dirty, but she was clean. She had new tits, implants provided by her own money, they were so long and big, and took two years to grow on her but now she had fake tits that hung down to her waist and her lips was puffed up, She also had tons of makeup and bleached hair. She sat on her stool and was being face fucked for the fifteenth time that morning. She sucked up the mans cock, all his pee was now cleaned up and he exploded his cumm down her throat. She orgasmed for the two hundredth time and her whole body shook. Her brain had stopped functioning a year ago, she was ow just an empty shell of orgasming flesh.

The busty stripper was being finger fucked by a John, she rocked the stage every night and after she finished working would suck and fuck for hours. She also sported massive melons, a completely plastic face with lips so huge they were just abnormal, and men loved fucking their cocks in her mouth. She continued to moan happily as she squirted her juices out over the mans hand.

Martin was now called Bull, and he weighed 200 kilos of solid muscle. He was so big, he dwarfed all other bodybuilders. He had used every type of steroid as well as underground drugs that provided genetic growth too. His cock had grown as well, but most of all, he could be fucked in the mouth and the arse and jerk off while doing it, which is what he did on cam every day.

Along the Mexican border is a shanty town, and in the whore pit there lies the worn out body of Julie. She gets fucked on average 60 times a day, she is a cum hole, no brain, no thought, just flesh, a pussy hole and a drugged up mind that shattered a year ago.

Nina sat in her parents home, they smiled at their only daughter and loved her very much. She had a new husband, who didn’t realize that he was in love with her until she gave him XR-12, now the computer billionaire fawns over her all the time and does everything she says.