The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Sue, a shy and homely girl, turns to a demon for help in getting the boy of her dreams. But what happens when the demon has plans of her own?...

“N-no, I don’t think I could do anything like that,” Sue stuttered into the phone, her best friend Laura on the other line. “I’m not brave enough for that,” she lamented, twirling the phone cord idly as she talked.

Laura was everything Sue wanted to be. Not only was she bold and confident, but she was also quite curvacious and sexy and could have any guy she wanted just by batting an eyelash. And she wanted Sue to have the same luxury, if she wasn’t so damned shy. “Look, Sue, you’re never gonna get anywhere if you’re too afraid to try something a little risky,” she explained, “If you want to get Gary to like you, you gotta do something rash to get his attention.”

“I know, I know,” Sue repeated, gripping her short red hair in frustration. “But I don’t want to do anything that would make him think less of me. That would hurt my chance even more...”

“Dammit, Sue, leaving a note in his locker isn’t going to hurt anything,” Laura promised, still being met with an unsure tone from her friend. “It’ll at least let him know you like him, and he just might like you too.”

Throwing herself back against the bed, Sue whinged again. One thing she wasn’t sure of just what to write in that note, even if she were to go through with it. And what if he really didn’t feel the same? She would not only be embarrassed, but feel incredibly stupid about the whole thing for years to come. “I-I appreciate your advice, Laura,” she admitted shakily, “But I don’t think I’m ready for this...”

The other end of the phone sighed, not really in annoyance, but in defeat. Sue, aside from being shy, was very stubborn and when she believed in something, there was no getting her out of it. “One of these days, Sue, you’re gonna have to learn how to be more assertive and stop being so sheepish! You’re gonna end up alone if you don’t take more chances in life just because you’re afraid of getting hurt.” Sue flinched at the warning, because at this rate she was starting to see some truth in those harsh words. “I’m getting tired and snappy, so I’ll let you go, Sue. But think about what I said, okay? I’m your friend, and I’ll do anything to help you.” Sue nodded, covering her face with her palms. “I’ll see you tomorrow at school. G’night, kid.”

With a click, the line went dead. Laura wasn’t like the stereotypical ‘dumb blonde’, and Sue was happy to have such a good friend that cared so much for her. It didn’t help matters, though, that she was always seen with her and most likely compared to her more attractive friend. If Gary were to take a pick, it would probably be Laura. But she knew her friend wouldn’t lead her astray. Only problem was she has tried writing and it never seemed to turn out well no matter how much she tried. Reaching into her top drawer, she fished out a heavily folded piece of paper, almost like she was trying to hide the contents. With a frustrated groan, she reached back and hurled the paper at the wall, letting bounce off into the trash bin. “Why am I so hopeless!” she cried, pressing her face into her palms and sobbing into them angrily. “I’m so goddamn pathetic! I can’t even tell one guy I like him!” Throwing herself forward onto her bed, she continued to wail. Three years struggling with this was enough; she was tired of being single but too shy to say anything to him. “Can’t anyone help me!”

A sudden chill blew through her body, causing her hair to stand on end. It was like the entire room had been thrown into the north pole. Even her nipples had gone hard almost instantly. She looked to the window and saw that it was still closed. And the door to her room was shut tight as well, there was no way a cold burst of air like that would come from nowhere. Sue wiped her tears from her cheek and cuddled her pillow to her chest, shaking off a few of her sobs as she closed her eyes to head off to sleep. Then she heard it. A chilling giggle. Bolting up, her eyes snapped open to see a tall beautiful woman standing before her and quickly inched back so she was against the headboard, shaking as she stared at this strange woman. The eerie grin on her face shifted into a surprised little ‘o’, her lithe hand moving up to cover it. “Oh, dear me, did I frighten you?” she cooed, smiling again.

“’Did she frighten me,’” Sue thought, a touch of sarcasm in it. The woman was quite tall, shapely and fairly normal looking, but something was off. Her skin was a very pale lavender, and her hair a dark, almost crimson, red. The ruby orbs that were her eyes pierced straight through the darkness and had an unearthly look to them, and if that wasn’t strange enough, she also had elongated pointy ears, black devil horns and what appeared to be black, molting angel wings, one of them appeared to be injured with a bloodied bandage wrapped around a small part of it. She wore a simple tattered black bikini top, the tears appearing like bat wings, and a normal black pair of thong underwear. “The only thing normal about her is her damn clothes! Of course she frightened me!” she continued to herself, clutching her pillow and holding her eyes shut.

“Oh, I’m sorry, hun,” the woman answered, hands on her hips in a sultry pose, completely throwing Sue off. She didn’t ask any questions! What just happened! The strange girl simply grinned more and shrugged a bit, her large breasts jiggling some, threatening to bounce from her tiny top that barely covered her erect nipples. “I can read your mind, you see,” she answered, causing a squeak of surprise from the poor redhead. “And I know what you want,” she continued, holding up the discarded letter. “A boy, huh? A tall, dark and handsome football star? And you’re too scared to say anything, eh?”

“P-put that down! That’s private!” Sue demanded, her creamy colored skin quickly becoming tinted with red. “P-please? N-no one should e-ever read that!”

The strange girl tossed the note over her shoulder onto the ground, where it suddenly burst into flames and being reduced to ash in a matter of seconds, another cry from the confused and now very scared young woman. “Yeah, I know, it’s complete and total shit!” she laughed, the exertion causing another bout of jiggling from her ample bosom. “Oh, I’m sorry if that hurt you, but we must always be honest, right?” Sue quietly nodded, trying to keep her eyes off this strange girl’s endowments, shyly. She wasn’t into girls, but she still found it difficult to look at another girl’s body, even Laura’s. “By the way, my name’s Belladonna, or Bella for short. No more of these ‘strange girl’ thoughts. It’s rude to call people strange! Even in your mind!”

Sue flinched, she forgot this wei—’Bella’ could read her mind. “I-I’m sorry!” she whimpered, bunching up defensively.

“Oh, all you humans are the same!” Bella snarled, leaning forward, looking pretty angry. “’Oh me, oh my, she has horns and wings, she’s so weeeeird!’ Pah! I wonder why I try helping you lot,” she mocked in a high pitched tone and waved it off in annoyance. “I don’t suppose you’d like it if I called you ‘that unappealing girl’? Or ‘that homely no-name,’ eh!” By now, Sue was shaking, small fearful tears coming from her eyes. With a grin, Bella stood up straight, having drawn from the apology well in the scared girl’s head. Satisfied with her rant, she flicked a stray bit of hair from her face. “Anyway, Sue-Sue, I’m here to help you, if you didn’t gather already. And don’t go asking ‘with what?’ like I know you were gonna,” she began, pointing an accusing finger at her. “You want the attention of that studly Gary! And don’t you dare ask how I knew that!” Belladonna, whoever she was, already had all the answers. Sue wasn’t sure if she should be relieved that she doesn’t need to explain anything, or if she should be scared of it. She waved her hand dismissively, wearing another grin. “Don’t be scared, dear, I know these things because I’m an angel, and I help those poor souls who need that extra push.”

“Angel?” Sue asked, interrupting Bella for once. “But... you have black wings? Don’t angels have—”

“It’s not my fault those other bitches don’t know the good I was capable of!” she suddenly shouted, throwing her arms to her sides angrily. “Those fat cows up there were just jealous of me! So they sent me down here and gave me these infernal things,” Bella raved on, spreading one of her ragged-looking sickly wings for Sue to see. “Black wings or not, I’m a fucking angel, got it!” Obviously, it was a touchy subject. Sue gulped and nodded in agreement. Bella was an angel. Another fit out of the way, she brushed off her wing, stray feathers falling to the ground and crossed her arms. “Okay, I’m an angel. And right now I’m here to help you get that guy’s eyes on you instead of that friend of yours, that Laura.” Sue’s eyes widened in shock, but almost immediately after the angel burst into laughter. “No, no no, Sue-Sue, Laura doesn’t want him. He’s not her type. But that isn’t gonna stop some other cunt from snatching him from you. So we don’t have time to lose, sugar.”

Sue now began to think hard about this. She’s wanted Gary’s attention since Freshman year, was far too scared to even say two words to the guy, and now she had an angel in front of her, saying that she could help her... It seemed so simple, especially on paper, but perhaps it was too simple. Surprisingly, Bella didn’t cut her off there. With a nervous gulp, she cleared her throat. “W-well, how are you gonna help me?” she asked, voice unsure of what could be done to help her.

“I’m an angel, remember? I can do anything. You just gotta tell me to help you, and I will, cupcake,” she answered, crawling onto the bed, closer to Sue, smiling as she got closer.

Inching back a bit away from Bella’s approach, a shiver rolled down her spine. “I-I-I mean, h-how? W-what are you g-going to do i-if I say yes?”

“Don’t move away from me, Sue,” she replied in low, sexy tone, “And I can’t tell you. You have to say ‘yes’ for me to do anything in my power to help you get what you so desire,” she purred, literally, into Sue’s ear as she managed to climb on top of her. “You want me to help you get Gary’s attention, don’t you?”

Sue quivered, feeling the angel pressing her body against her. Bella smelled good, she noticed, sort of a combination of a rose and some kind of pungent smell that crossed together into an amazing new scent. Shaking her head from the incredible aroma, she managed to clear her mind. She wasn’t sure just what Bella would do if she said yes, but... was it really something she wanted? It would mean getting the star player of the football team for a boyfriend if all went well. “I-I dunno,” she whimpered, still a bit afraid of what will happen if she accepted Bella’s terms. Suddenly, she yelped in surprise, feeling a rubbing between her thighs.

“Oooh, c’mon, Sue-Sue,” Bella cooed, stroking the soft flesh between Sue’s legs, gently squeezing her with her dainty fingers. Sue whimpered as the feelings increased, instinctively closing her legs, trapping the angel’s hand in her warmth. Bella loved it when they played like this; it made things more fun and amusing. “You have such smooth skin, Sue...” She leaned in closer, gently rubbing her nose to Sue’s neck, a light growl coming from her throat. “I wanna touch more...” Whimpering more, Sue spread her legs some for the angel, finding it impossible to deny her. Another happy purr came from Bella as she ran her tongue sensually along the girl’s neck, feeling the goosebumps form, and moved her hand further up towards her pelvis, rubbing her over her tight shorts.

“A-ahh!” Sue moaned, actually beginning to get wet from the attention. “B-Bella, p-please stop!” she cried, gripping her sheets. “I-I don’t want to do this...” But the angel made no efforts to stop her rubbing, grinning as she pressed against an ever moistening spot even harder, causing her to squeak again and grind her hips a bit. The redhead’s breathing picked up, pressing her small breasts against Bella’s impressive mounds. She’s never done anything like this in her life, and she never thought she would.

Bella’s busy hands continued to work between her legs as she wore a sinister smile, looking over the girl’s face as it contorted into pleasure. “These shorts are so bothersome, darling,” she purred again as she hooked her fingers into the waist band of the shorts. “Let’s get rid of them, alright?” Sue moaned again, shaking her head in refusal, but the angel’s hands moved down, pulling the material down her legs, panties and all. They were pretty wet from the sheer excitement of a first sexual experience, which only served to excite Belladonna further as she almost instantly ran her fingers over the slickened lips of Sue’s sex, carefully easing them in between her labia with a soft squishing sound, eliciting a loud cry from Sue, grinding herself against Bella’s intruding digits. “What’s the matter, hun?” she asked in a husky whisper into the girl’s ear, wiggling her fingers a bit more. “Doesn’t this feel good?” Sue was too busy reveling in the virgin sensations assaulting her body to even think of a coherent response. Belladonna’s ‘question’ was answered with a high-pitched moan, and arching back against the bed. With a dark giggle, Bella’s fingers pushed their way further into the wet folds of her pussy, her thumb pressing against Sue’s clit and quivering as she feels its gentle throb. “Ooh, such a naughty girl, loving a complete stranger’s touch...”

Sue cried even louder, working her hips more feverishly to get more of Bella’s fingers into her and to apply more pressure on her sensitive button. “N-no, t-that isn’t true!” she moaned, trying hard to deny the obviously true accusation as her lips grew more wet as Bella’s fingers continued their sexual assault. “S-stop it! Stop!” she cried out, only making the angel grin more devilishly and work her hands all the more. Sue’s breathing accelerated, her modest breasts heaving in and out with the effort, topped with two short tents on her tank top. “N-noo, Bellaah!” she moaned, squirming her body that much harder.

“Oh, yes, Sue-Sue, moan my name, it gets me so hot!” the angel huffed, pushing an extra finger into the girls tight opening, thick juices almost drooling out onto her fingers. Sue unconsciously continued crying out her name, only goading the amorous Bella to work even more feverishly. “O-ooh, fuck this!” Bella moaned almost desperately, sliding her fingers out of Sue’s sex and lunging her face forward between her legs, lapping with animalistic hunger at her slick pussy and relishing in the taste of the shy redhead. Sue’s body in turn reacted, her clit pulsing harder as her lips quivered, a squirt of cum gushing out at Bella’s face, her smile widening with sick delight, licking it off around ler lips with her unnaturally long tongue. “You taste so good, my little slut,” she whispered huskily as she looked up into Sue’s blue eyes.

“Y-you’re lying!” she whimpered, arching back against the bed, “I don’t taste good! S-stop licking me, please!” the begging continued, though subconsciously loving every passing second as it went by agonizingly slow from pleasure. “N-no more, Bella! P-please!” Her body was steadily growing hotter with each breath as her hips bucked harder against the angel’s devious face as her tongue invaded deeper into her steamy muff. Sue’s hand lunged out, grabbing Bella’s horn and urging her deeper between her legs, moaning like a wild woman in heat, much to Bella’s pleasure. It was all going according to plan. “B-Bellaaaah! Oooh, Bellaaaah!”

“That’s it, honey, keep singing to me!” Bella moaned, grinding her thighs together and feeling the slippery wetness against them. “Ooh, baby, yes, your cunt is amazing! So juicy!” Her own body was gushing her own thick juices onto Sue’s sheets, the black material of her thong growing darker and more slick, tightly hugging the contour of her labia. She could already feel Sue’s walls contracting as more juices dribbled out, which Bella was quick to slurp down. It always felt great for the angel girl to lap up the fresh nectar of a horny human girl, but now was slightly different. She had plans for this sexy piece of meat, and they were just about ready to bear their fruit. “Tell me you want more! Tell me you want to feel Gary’s cock!” Bella called up at the writhing girl. “Tell me you want something to fuck! This is only the beginning, Sue! Just say YES!”

“O-ohhhh, my gaaawd!” the redhead moaned, forcing her sex against Bella’s face as her body rolled in ecstacy at her first real orgasm, her hot fluids splashing out all over the angel. “Oh, ooh YES! YES, Bella! YES!” she practically screamed, arching back as multiple orgasms rocked through her form. The angel grinned even more as she eagerly lapped up the cum gushing from Sue’s body. With the aftershocks subsiding, Sue relaxed back against the mattress, trying to catch her breath. She had never felt anything so amazing in her life. And if this is what it felt like to be with a woman, she could only imagine the kind of pleasure she could get from a man. Or rather Gary, she thought as a shiver rolled down her spine. “S-so... w-what will you do to help me?” Sue asked the angel as she slowly pulled away from her snatch. “Y-you said I only needed to say yes?”

Bella’s eyes glimmered a bright red, a sinister grin curling on her face, a small bit of a white fang visible. She stood up at the foot of Sue’s bed, chuckling darkly. “Sue-Sue, my darling,” she began, her tone completely unreadable to Sue, bringing another, more fearful shiver down her spine. Her long tongue snaked out and licked at her perky violet lips, a full evil smile forming. “You already gave me the answer I needed...” Sue was confused. She hadn’t said anything at all about the little deal they had been discussing. “Ah-ah, Sue-Sue,” the angel answered as she wore a more devious grin, “I said you only had to say ‘Yes’, and while you were writhing on my tongue, you shouted that three times.”

“N-no,” she gasped, “I-I didn’t agree to this.” This wasn’t right, Sue thought. Just what was going on in this angel’s head? Did she really just seduce her into crying out ‘yes’ in the thralls of orgasm? “I didn’t say ‘yes’ to you! I-it just felt so good!” the frightened girl pleaded, tears welling up.

Belladonna grinned again, completely lacking any kind of remorse or empathy to the other girl’s plight. “Personally,” she said, icy cold tone as her eyes almost lit up, the entire eyeball glowing an evil red, “I don’t see a fucking difference.” Black flames seemed to explode from around Bella, causing her to scream in excruciating pain and agony, the fire licking up all the way to the top of her head and the tips of her tattered wings. The feathers burned, her skin melted and her hair ignited, leaving only these black embers in the shape of the former angel. Despite lacking a face or even a head for that matter, Bella’s red eyes remained fixed on the horrified Sue. The flaming abomination made its way back toward her across the bed. All the redhead could think to do was open her mouth and scream in utter terror. But that was just what Bella wanted. “I got you!” her voice screamed out just as Sue had opened her mouth, and lunged her remains into the awaiting entry. Sue’s eyes widened as she felt something invading her, forcing its way into her body, tainting her from the inside out. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and finally passed out, sprawled all over the bed, her body occasionally twitching...

It wasn’t very long for her eyes to roll back into place, almost like a china doll. The once blue eyes were now a dull, almost vacant gray, with her mouth hanging open and slack-jawed. But suddenly, after an intense moment, she blinked, opening her eyes to reveal the very same ruby red eyes the angel, Belladonna, had before bursting into flames. Sue grinned evilly, eerily familiar at that, and looked at her palms with a devilish chuckle. “Oh, yes,” she moaned, her voice no longer hers. “Oooh, yesss!” the voice came again, exactly copying Bella. “Yes! This bitch is mine now!” Bella threw her new head back and laughed in triumph. “Sue-Sue is no more, now it’s a whole new ball game!” Jumping from the bed in her new mortal form, Bella walked up to Sue’s full-body mirror, her grinning only spread further across her cheeks. “Just needs a little work, but I can’t change anything myself yet,” she said, cupping her modest B cups, and eyeing down to the gentle curve of her hips. “This just will not do to suit my needs. I need to be bigger. Better! I need someone to... ‘borrow’ off of...” As she thought, Bella looked to the phone laying on the nightstand. The last caller read: ‘Laura.’ Laura; Sue’s best friend, and quite the hottie, Bella thought, licking her lips. “Laura did say she wanted to do anything to help...”

Down the street in her bedroom, Laura sighed as she sat at her desk. The desk lamp shone on the piece of paper on the wooden surface, a note addressed to Gary. The tired blonde wiped her forehead and sighed, casting a leer down at the paper. “Why is it so hard to write something to someone?” she groaned, slamming her elbows on the table and resting her face in her palms. “Maybe I should take a break...”

“Yes, take a break,” a voice chimed behind her, quickly turning Laura’s attention to a familiar redhead, Sue.

“Oh, Sue!” Laura gasped, wearing a wide smile. “You scared me half to death!” she laughed, hand on her chest as she caught her breath. “Way to abuse the key I gave you.”

At least she thought it was Sue. How was she to know what had happened to her dear friend? Bella smirked, swinging the key Laura had given ‘her’ around her finger. If only Laura knew how much of a mistake it was. “Laura,” she began wearing a false smile, “we need to talk.” Laura raised her eyebrow, turning on her desk chair to meet ‘Sue’s’ gaze. “You’re writing to Gary, aren’t you?” she asked, crossing her arms over her chest. Laura looked back to the note on her desk and then back to the girl before her. Suddenly, Bella was beside the desk and snatched it up just as the busty blonde had gotten to it. “You fucking slut,” Bella growled, crumpling it up in her fist. “All this time, you weren’t trying to help me; you want Gary all to yourself, don’t you!”

Laura rose from her seat calmly, smiling at who she thought to be Sue. “No, I’m trying to help, Sue, really,” she admitted. “I just thought that since you weren’t going to, I would write Gary a letter and sign it—” Before she could finish, her cheek burned from the sudden open palmed slap from the redhead, knocking her back into the desk chair, the force of her fall pushing the chair back against the wall. “S-Sue?” Laura gasped, rubbing her reddened cheek. “What’s your problem, Sue!”

Bella’s usual menacing grin was replaced with a look of pure rage as she glared at Laura. Of course, this was an act, just to make it convincing to her that Sue was abnormally furious. “You are my problem, you stupid whore!” she shouted, throwing the crumbled note to the floor at Laura’s feet. “Look at you, wearing your skin-tight clothes, and your deep V-neck shirts! We get it, Laura, you got big fucking tits!” she continued to rage, pointing at Laura’s form fitting tank top, barely big enough to contain her large breasts, and her night shorts, barely covering the curve of her luscious bottom. “It’s not enough that you soak up all the attention, but now you gotta take Gary from me when you know damn well I can’t do anything! Can’t wait to ride his dick, can you, slut?”

“Sue, you don’t understand!” she called out, suppressing her anger. She knew the situation didn’t look good, but shouting back wasn’t going to help either of them. “I don’t even want Gary!”

“A likely story! I’ll bet you fucked him already!” Bella accused, pointing at her. “Bet he can’t keep his hands off your tits? Or his cock from between them, is that it!” Laura couldn’t believe what she was hearing, and from Sue! What was wrong with her? Bella grinned, looking at the fear and confusion on Laura’s face. “Oh, what, am I hurting the bimbo’s feelings?” she cooed mockingly.

“Sue, stop it,” the blonde almost sobbed. This was horrible. “Sue, I mean it, I want to help you get Gary’s attention. You have no idea how much...” Bella grinned. She knew what was coming next. It was fun being a fallen angel. “I’ll do anything to help you...”

Her eyes flickered, changing from blue to red for a brief second and back to blue, definitely catching Laura’s attention. “Anything, huh?” Though confused, Laura only nodded, watching ‘Sue’s’ eyes. “Well... I think I have a good idea how you can help me...” Bella gestured for the bed, indicating for Laura to move herself onto the bed, which she did, more than a bit unsure. “You see... The perfect way to get his attention is with your big fat tits and perfect round ass.”

Crawling on the bed, Laura’s eyebrow rose as she looked over her shoulder at ‘Sue’. “With my tits and ass?” she asked, looking down at her hanging breasts. “I don’t understand. How is my body going to help you get Gary’s attention?” None of this made any sense to her. It wasn’t that she was stupid, it just didn’t make sense at all.

Bella grinned, looking over Laura’s ass, almost being presented to her. She had enough power for one little thing, but by using that, she could take what she wants from the sexy blonde in front of her. “You’ll see soon enough, bitch,” she answered. “Take off your shorts. I know you’re not wearing panties, you sick little whore.” Laura flinched hearing that, but something about the situation made her blush. She slowly slipped her shorts off, wiggling her hips and her pale rounded ass in the process, no panties whatsoever, and discarded them to the side. How was this supposed to work? Bella grinned as she took at look at Laura’s exposed backside, taking note of the slight wetness of her slit. “Now, that’s just lovely,” she purred, pulling off her own pants. “Now, let’s see what all the fuss is about...” With a groan, Bell arched back, gyrating her hips oddly. The fleshy pink nub just above her labia began to pulse, slowly lengthening. Laura peeked over her shoulder, and her eyes widened in shock at what she was seeing. Bella’s clit pulsed and grew further, the very tip of it swelling and forming a thick penis head, the rest of it pushing out of her body into a fairly lengthy appendage.

The protrusion was definitely forming into a penis, catching Laura’s attention immediately. It steadily pulsed and grew, quickly becoming a very large member. “W-what the fuck!” she cried out in horror. But the moisture between her legs continued to grow, her lips twitching with need. What was going on? Was Sue a hermaphrodite or something? But she watched as her clit literally changed into a cock, right before her eyes. “S-Sue,” she begged, finding herself unable to pull her eyes away from the member, “W-what’re you g-going to do?”

Bella took the member in her hand with another evil grin and began to pump her wrists up and down the impressive length, bits of precum dripping from the head. “Do you really have to ask? You’re in the perfect position to be fucked like the bitch you are!” she answered, working the cock to its full erected shape as Laura watched, eyes widening. Bella chuckled as she made her way to the bed, positioned herself behind the well endowed girl, the head of the penis pressed up against her lips, making her squeal. “Oh, god, you’re so hot and wet!” she shouted, taking a hearty handful of Laura’s ass as she pushed in deeper, loving the sound of the girl’s high pitched wail as the member invaded further into her. “Does any cock get your pussy going!”

Laura cried out as Bella began a more steady pace of thrusting, forcing more of the freakish length and amazing girth further and deeper inside. Arching back, she moaned loudly, seeming to be genuinely enjoying this. Her face turned red and her eyelids grew heavy, feeling the redhead’s mighty cock pump in and out of her pussy. Laura could barely think of anything to say, all that was on her mind was pushing her hips back against the throbbing rod already deep inside her snatch. As she bucked back, her full breasts swayed back and forth, the sweaty flesh slapping lightly against her chest, crying out in pleasure in quick bursts. “O-oooh! Suuue!” she moaned, fresh drool dribbling down her puffy lips.

“Oh my god, you sick bitch!” Bella cackled, pulling Laura in by the hips as she rutted into her, “You’re getting off on your girlfriend’s monster cock!” she groaned again in time with Laura, taking a thrill in the response. “Cock whore! Cock whore! That’s what you are! Anything with a dick and you want it, don’t you!” she continued, forcing herself in deeper and harder with each shout, thick globs of precum and other juices pouring down their legs and pooling on the sheets below them. “That’s what you are! Isn’t it! Isn’t it, you slutty cock whore!”

The words echoed in Laura’s mind, making her even wetter. “Y-yeees!” she practically screamed, gripping her sheets and pulling up at them in absolute ecstacy. “F-fuck me, Sue! Fuck me with your c-cooock!” Of course, Bella had no intention on doing anything other than that and was more than happy to oblige by gleefully driving in deeper and deeper, both feeling the mighty pulsing of the cock and sharing a shout of pleasure. “Oh, god, Sue! I-I’m... I-I’m gonna-gonnaaa!” the blonde moaned even more loudly as her walls convulsed, releasing her thick hot juices, and goading Bella’s cock to burst, flooding her with her own molten cum from the contracting walls. “O-ooh... Oh wow,” she gasped.

Bella shivered as she blew the last of her load into Laura’s hungry cunt, a soft coo coming from her pursed lips. “Wow is what I should be saying,” she said with a wide grin, delivering a swift slap against her round backside. “So, how’s it feel to finally get a fuck from your precious Sue?” she asked, her eyes returning to the ruby red.

She yelped hard from the spank, jarring forward. “B-but,” she stammered, “Aren’t you Sue?”

The angel grinned, exposing her sharper teeth. “No, of course not. I’m her guardian angel, sugar,” she admitted. “I’m just borrowing her body for a bit.”

Laura pulled herself away from the supposed angel, thick masses of cum oozing out of her labia with a whimper from her lips, turning to look back at her. “But... how did you know?” she asked, her face brightened with blush.

“It was obvious to me!” she announced with a laugh, “Just the way you were moaning and so willingly riding my cock. I must say, it’s so easy to read you humans. Bet the guys all think it’s a waste you’re a dyke.”

Laura looked away from Bella, obviously hurt. So it wasn’t Sue after all. She guessed she would have to live with that painful notion, that the one she cared for the most would never willingly come onto her. With a sign, Laura pulled her shorts back on, but remembering something the angel had said earlier. “I still don’t see what fucking me had to do with helping Sue get Gary’s attention...”

Bella’s member hung flaccid between her legs, slick with the blonde’s juices, as another all too familiar grin appeared. “I said you’d see, didn’t you?” she answered with a giggle. “We’re gonna have a bit of a trade.” Laura obviously wasn’t following. Trade what? “I had to get this behemoth between my legs acquainted with you for this to work. And what better way than to fuck you with it?”

It clicked in her head now. “W-wait, you mean we’re trading my tits and ass for your cock!?” she shouted, scrambling further back onto the bed. “N-no way! I-I don’t want it!” she refused, hugging her knees to her chest. Bella’s grin widened further. Obviously, Laura had no say in the matter. With a glimmer of her eye, Laura immediately felt strange. As a shiver rolled down her spine, she felt much less cushioning against her knees and her tight tank-top stop fitting so tightly. With a start, she moved her knees aside to see that her breasts were shrinking. “N-no! Stop it!” she demanded.

Bella could only laugh evilly as she looked down at her own modest breasts and seeing them pump up in tandem to Laura’s shrinkage. “Why! You said you were willing to help Sue!” Slowly and steadily, Laura’s once magnificent D-cups had deflated down to a miserable A-cup, but retaining her plump nipples, making them appear quite disproportionate, while Bella’s had swelled to into DD territory, perhaps edging on E’s, her top straining in vain against the swelling flesh. “Oh yeah, babies! Pump up!”

Laura stood up from the bed and wobbled a bit, her center of balance being thrown off. “Please! Give them back! This looks so wrong!” Her hips had also begun to pull inward towards her sides, losing the gradual curve and being left with a very unspectacular set, her shorts becoming much more loose. On the contrary, Bella’s had bloomed outwards, thighs becoming slightly thicker. She had a perfect set of child-bearers that any man would drool over. “No, no no! This can’t be happening!” Lastly, her perfect and taunt apple bottom had gone the same way her breasts had; shrinking into her body, which was looking less and less womanly with each passing breath, her shorts beginning to droop, now lacking any kind of support as Bella’s rear almost instantly swelled up, becoming a perfectly round heart shape, and completing her new body. In a matter of instants, Sue’s body had gone from a modest, fair-looking girl, to an amazing bombshell, and leaving Laura to whimper in humiliation, losing her feminine wiles to an imposter.

“Oh, it’s not quite done yet, honey,” Bella cooed again. Laura soon felt that she herself was shrinking, everything slowly appearing larger. Her height was being siphoned from her as well it seemed, as for each inch she felt closer to the ground, Bella had grown upward, her legs becoming more shapely as the changes continued. Finally finished, Laura stood at a dismal five foot even, while ‘Sue’ stood a whole foot taller, now more like an Amazoness than just a normal bombshell. She grinned, running her hands along her new form. It felt a lot like home, she thought, feeling her nipples poke up. But she wasn’t through. With a grin, she reached down and took hold of her long, still wet member, immediately getting Laura’s attention. “And now me to fulfill my end of the deal!”

“O-oh god, no! Anything but that!” Laura cried, instantly feeling ill as the cock shrinked back into Bella’s body, returning into a slightly larger than normal clit, and feeling her own clit pulse. Her fingers moved down towards it over her shorts, feeling the throbbing and lengthening take place. A large bulge was forming within the shorts, and a widening damp patch spread over the material from what she knew was her new cock head. With a moan, it twitched harder as it lengthened and hardened, threatening to push its way up passed her waistband and not stopping. Laura quickly shoved the waist down, exposing the swollen, almost purple penis head about the size of a golfball, and the rest of the length. “No no!” she continued to shout, gripping her hair in fear. It grew thick and heavy as it pushed more of the shorts down, oozing thick precum onto her stomach as it did so. Finally, it stiffened up the last few inches, making it a solid foot long at full mast, and blasted its load up into the air like a fountain, making the blonde scream in pleasure and terror.

With her ceiling a white sticky mess, Laura sat back down, watching in amazement as her penis twitched. Bella threw her head back and laughed cruelly. Now she had the perfect body again, and another poor girl’s life was changed this evening. But that wasn’t enough for the fallen angel. She approached the awestruck girl, getting her attention and grinned, giving the head a little peck before spitting on it, leaving a sticky and glistening trail along the length. “Well, lezzie,” she said with a grin as she rubbed the spit into it, making Laura squeal whorishly in unexpected pleasure, “I cursed this cock. It must now fuck at least three different girls a day, and blow its load inside each of them,” she giggled, Laura looking to her in morbid confusion. “If you don’t, you’ll lose more and more of yourself to the growing lust until you become no better than a wild animal.”

Laura sobbed, looking up at Bella with red puffy eyes. “Why are you doing this!”

“Because Sue said she wanted my help,” came the answer quickly as she pulled her pants on with some degree of difficulty before strolling through the door, leaving Laura’s spare keys on the floor, another target on her mind...

Further down the street, Bessie “Minx” Crowshaw stepped out of her car, staggering a bit from the night of partying with her friends. With a dopey smile, she closed the car door, a loud honk going of as she clicked the ‘Lock’ button on her key chain, and making the way up the front door of her house. In her drunken haze, she could barely unlock the door, and cursed as she completely missed the keyhole. “Shit! Pishin’ keyhole!” she slurred with a hiccup.

Bella was just walking up the driveway to see this. The sexy Minx, the head cheerleader, the only other girl aside from Laura with such a luscious and curvy body, the alpha bitch of the high school, slurring like a hic and failing to open a door. Just the bitch she was looking for. She approached her from behind, catching more incoherent garble from the drunk girl, and held her hand out to offer her assistance. Unsurprising, Minx looked up at her with a smile and lazily placed the key chain into her awaiting hand. It was so easy to influence the drunk.

She wobbled a bit, looking Bella up and down and smiled more. “Do I knowsh you?”

The possessed girl grinned at the drawl, mentally noting just how easy this would be. “Yeah, you do, Minx,” she answered as she unlocked the door and pushed it open for the snob and stepping aside for her to enter. “My name used to be Sue, and I go to your high school...”

“Oh, yesh, I-I remember a Shue,” she hiccuped as she stepped in, not even questioning ‘Sue’ coming inside with her, wearing a grin. “But she washn’t... washn’t sho big,” Minx examined. “Did you, you get a boob job?” she laughed as she fell back against the sofa, sprawling out on it, her white and black spotted dress reminding Bella of a cow. How fitting, she thought with a smirk. “S-sho, what’s you doin’ here, Shue?”

“I’m here to get revenge,” she answered, chillingly cold, getting Minx’s attention. With a smirk, she continued. “You see, you happen to have an affliction with calling other girls cows, and I’m thinking that’s got to stop,” she warned.

Minx burst into laughter, kicking her legs against the armrest of the sofa. “Ooh, and what’re you gonna do abouts it, Shue?” she mocked, though with her slurring, it wasn’t too obvious. “If I wants to call shomeone a cow, I’ll fuckin’ well call them a cow.”

And that was the answer Bella wanted to hear. She couldn’t care any less what kind of bitch this girl really was or how she treated everyone else. She just wanted to make this a perfect night and go three for three. First innocent Sue, then luscious Laura and now the bitchy Minx. She was about to get her just desserts. “What am I gonna do about it?” she repeated, getting a cocky nod from Minx, the drinks from before starting to die down. “I’m gonna show you just what a cow is...”

“Oooh, I’m soooo scared of you,” the bitch said with a mocking shiver. “Why don’t you go home you ugly, stupid cow!” she said, bolting up, still a bit drunk.

Bella’s bright white teeth came into view as her eyes turned red again. A strange tingle washed over Minx in the instant she looked into Bella’s eyes. Stumbling back into the sofa, she reached up and rubbed her head. It was suddenly getting hotter around her. “What’s the matter? Getting too warm in here for you, Minxy?”

“N-no, I’m just tired,” she said with a huff. Her face was becoming pretty hot as well, now that she thought about it, and exactly two spots on her forehead were starting to hurt. With a low whimper, she rubbed at the reddened spots, feeling two little lumps starting to sprout from them, and steadily grow larger and to a point. She gasped, quickly jumping up and looking into the reflective surface of the coffee table. “O-oh my god!” she shrieked as she took sight of the now large welts forming on her forehead, reminding her of—

“Yes, cow horns,” Bella answered with a quick smugness, “You’re growing a pair of cow horns on your head.” Minx poked them again, finally feeling hard bone forming as the horns pushed their way through. “That’s not all I’m doing either.”

Minx looked up at her, eyes wide and dopey, a lot like a cow’s. Her blue eyes were turning into a deep, almost muddy brown. Instantly, she looked back at the table and gasped at what she saw next. Her nose was flattening out, the nostrils flaring wider and wider as it became more pushed up against her face. Her ears were next to change, lengthening to just about her shoulders and hanging floppily amongst her dark brown hair. “O-oh god!” she screamed as she bolted up and ran straight for the bathroom, another scream almost instantly following. “W-what’re you doing to me!” she cried out, fiddling with her ears and poking her nose and newly formed horns, when suddenly, her cheeks filled out some, like she was holding her breath. Her face rounded out as well, much her to dismay, as it was growing fat, a distinct double chin beginning to form. “N-no!”

“Yes!” Bella answered, absolutely evil expression on her face as she stood behind Minx. “I’m making you into the biggest cow anyone has ever seen!” Biggest in any stretch of the imagination. It didn’t stop just at her face, as Minx was quick to notice as she took a look at her fingers which were beginning to plump up, the lithe digits becoming like sausage as the hand they were attached to grew to match. Watching in terror, the rest of her arms followed suit, growing much fatter. “Starting to feel a little swollen, are we?”

“Y-yooou fucking cow!” she cried out, feeling a strange urge to elongate her ‘ooh’ sounds, and it came out involuntarily to her surprise. Now the top of her dress began to feel increasingly tight around her chest. Looking down, she gasped as she found more cleavage spilling out as her breasts literally began surging forward, stretching the white material and its black spots tightly over her swelling breasts. Her pudgy hands reached forward around to the top of her breasts, hefting the now heavy mounds in her hands with a gasp as they continued their growth. The dress tore down the center, exposing more of her burgeoning breasts and the huge lumps of nipple at the tips. They had grown roughly twice their normal size, and nowhere near as pert as they were. They were not only bigger, but also fatter. “W-what did yoooou dooooo toooooo mmme!” Minx shouted, struggling hard to keep from elongating her words, finding it near impossible to do so.

Bella laughed again, reaching around from behind to fondle and play with her new fattened mounds, her palms pressing against the nipples, making Minx moan in surprise at how sensitive they were now. “I’m just bringing out your true nature, Minx,” she answered, roughly juggling her breasts. She tried to pull away, but instead of getting by Bella and out the door, Minx was shoved against the wall, stumbling with her lack of balance. “But you’re far from finished, you know. There’s so much more for you to see!” As if on cue, the top of the dress began to tighten further, just below her breasts. Gasping, Minx instinctively reached below them, and grew pale at what she was feeling. More fat was bulging out against her hands, but in two separate orbs of flesh, each with a point. Bella grinned as she watched the victim’s evident horror. “Those are exactly what you think they are,” she giggled, “because what good’s a cow without more tits?”

“N-no! Stop this! N-no mmmmmoooooooooore!” she bellowed, trying as hard as she could to hold back the growing mounds from pushing out any further, to no avail, obviously. They pushed their way forward, putting more strain on her dress as the new breasts formed directly below the first set, steadily catching up to them and becoming noticeably larger in a matter of minutes, causing the rip to spread further down, showing more and more of her strange new endowments, the lower breasts providing support to the originals. “O-ooooh my god!” she screamed, growing more disgusted in her ever mutilating form. “Yoooooooou whooooooore! I’ll fucking kill yoooooooou!” The threat made Bella laugh. What was she gonna do now? Especially with what was still to come. Minx heard a deep growl in the pit of her stomach, bringing all eyes to it. Another grumble and there was a stirring in her midsection. Seeing the angel’s grin, Minx knew just what was to come. “No! Please no! A-anything but that!” she pleaded to Bella’s deaf ears.

“Oh, but why? It’s not like you’ll be on the top of the cheering pyramid anymore!” she laughed crudely. “I don’t even think you’ll be cheering anymore! Or even going out of the house!” The growling continued as the dress pulled tight over her stomach, the material creaking as it was stretched even further. Her stomach was indeed growing larger at this point, filling the remains of the dress to dangerous levels. It surged further out, jiggling and undulating below the white and black spotted dress much to its owners dismay. The already obscene neckline ripped completely down the middle as the belly rebelliously forced it to, ending the life of the dress with a final defiant rip, allowing it to completely grow outward, peeking out a bit further than her enormous lower breasts. Instantly, gravity took hold of the stomach now that it was free of the tight confines of the dress and pulled it further down into an apron, hanging just over her waistline. Along with her fattening gut, her hips had undergone a similar transformation as well as her ass. Her hips had surged quickly, forming juicy love-handles and thick pudgy thighs. Her ass almost exploded outwards in a tremendous show of jiggling and the wave of new fat began to fill out her legs. Minx’s large brown eyes stared down at her new, enormous body and simply could find no words. “Oh, yes, what a lovely little cow you are,” Bella laughed again, smiling a condescending smile at Minx. “Of course, ‘little’ isn’t the word for you now!” Before she forgot, Bella added one more touch; a flesh-colored tail sprouted from her spine, nearly wedged between her enormous jiggling cheeks, ending in a thick tuff of brown hair, completing the new look.

“Y-yoooooou c-cow!” Minx sobbed, casting a death glare at Bella. “Yoooooooou ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuined my life! Yooooooou turned m-mmmmmmme intoooooo a-a freak!” she continued, the elongated words beginning to sound deeper and more bovine like with each one. “C-change mmmmmmmmme back! N-now!”

Shaking her head, the angel looked right back at Minx. “You didn’t learn, now did you,” she cooed. “Now I gotta teach you another lesson, Bessie.”

In disbelief, she raised an eyebrow. “What mmmmmmmmooooooore can you d-doooooo t-tooooooo mmmmmmmme?!” With an all too familiar grin and a flicker of her eyes, Minx staggered back, feeling a strange itching from between her legs. Lifting the rolls of fat, she looked down, seeing her pupic area swollen and pink, with four red bumps in it. “O-oh, n-nnnnnnnnoooo!” she cried out, watching as it swelled up further into a large, pink sack, the bumps growing into four, turgid, almost finger length teats. As if that wasn’t enough, the udder swelled further, growing heavier and heavier, her four breasts resting atop of round belly following along. All eight of her nipples pulsed and throbbed as their milk sacks continued to fill, stray drops of thick white liquid dribbling down them. The fat udder hung heavily down near to her knees, swollen with milk. Finally, large brown spots began to form over her skin, finalizing the ultimate cowification. “O-oh god nnnnnoooooo! Nnnnnnnoooooooo! Nnnnmmmmmmmmooooooooo!” she cried out, the last one slipping out in a deep and bovine cry.

“I don’t think ‘Minx’ suits you anymore, Bessie,” Bella teased, “but your given name sure fits now.” Bessie slid down along the wall, feeling her heavy udder slap against the tiled floor, the rest of her flesh jiggling as she sat her bulbous behind down. Her ears were long and droopy, her nose flattened and pushed against her face with large open nostrils, four enormous breasts topped with purple swollen nipples, and must’ve weighed near 300 pounds, not including the new weight of the milk filling within her jugs and udder. She also had horns and a tail, as well as brown spots over her body. She was now, for all intents and purposes, a bipedal cow. Bessie couldn’t take it, and simply broke out in a frenzy of sobs and sorrowful bovine sounds. “Aw, what’s the matter, tubby?”

Bessie looked up at her, tears rolling down her rounded cheeks and lips curled into an angry sneer. “W-what the fuck do y-yooOOOOO t-think!” she snapped, trying to force her sloshing mass to a stand. “I-I went f-from a slim and sexy h-head c-cheerleader t-tooOOO a fat and ugly freak!” she shouted, hefting her fat gut for Bella to see, who only grinned more. “All because of some jealous cow cunt slut!”

Bella sighed, wearing a smirk. “Too bad. I was going to turn you back to your ‘beautiful’ self if you learned your lesson,” she lied, just to see Bessie’s shocked reaction. She was quick to think of an apology, but Bella interrupted her thoughts with a laugh. “You can take back all you want, but it won’t change my mind!” She stepped up to Bessie, licking her fingers before apprehending the much larger girl and jamming them into her pussy, getting a frightfully delighted moo from her victim. With her grin widening, Bella took one of the swollen nipples into her mouth and began to suck and lick it violently, urging a torrent of warm mothers milk from it, pulling away with a mouth full of it as the milked continued to stream steadily from the nipple. Bessie, face red from the unwanted pleasure, watched as her tormentor swished the milk in her mouth a bit before kissing her plump lips, forcing the warm fluid down her throat, her busy fingers making Bessie cum in a messy show.

“O-oooOOOOO! W-what did y-OOOOOO d-dOOOO to MMMMMMe NNNNNNow!?” she choked and gagged, trying to force some of the milk up. She stopped short, however, feeling an even greater pressure build up within her breasts and her pink udder. From within, milk began to pump into them at an accelerated rate, the already large mounds growing heaver and rounder by the second, and her sack swelling larger and larger, forcing her legs apart, the eight nipples thickening and growing more and more. “Stop it! Please! Stop!” Bessie begged, falling back against the wall.

“I cursed you,” Bella answered coldly. “From now on, you will produce more and more milk! And will crave the feeling of pregnancy, so much that you will do anything to get it!” she continued, her coldness dissolving into a maniacal laughter, frightening Bessie even more. If she could easily turn someone into a freak, a curse couldn’t be impossible. “After all, a good cow needs to be bulled every now and then!”

Bessie sobbed more, her voice occasionally dropping into a low bovine groan. “I-I’m sorry!” she cried, “I-I won’t call anyone a cow anymore! I won’t even say that word! I-I promise! J-just change MMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOO!”

Bella couldn’t help herself from laughing as Bessie’s moo interrupted herself. “Of course you learn your lesson now! You’re a fat blob of cow, milk and soon to be cum! But you know, there are some guys who fantasize about that shit! Try online dating, COW!” she mocked with another evil cackle. “Enjoy your new life of mooing, milking and fucking, Bessie!” Her work done, she turned and left the bathroom, a desperate moo from the cow-girl inside as she lurched forward, falling on her mounds of fat, jets of milk squirting up at Bella’s heels from her fattened nipples. “Maybe I’ll stop by again and see how you progressed,” she added with a dark grin, looking over her shouter, eyes glowing brightly as she left, shutting and locking the door behind her, Bessie’s car keys in hand. Looking over the small red car, Bella mused how much easier it’ll be to get men without Laura and ‘Minx’ around to sponge up the attention. Clicking the ‘unlock’ button, she made her way into the vehicle and started the engine, giggling as she thought of her next destination; Gary Studebaker.

Epilogue: With Laura and Bessie out of the way, Bella was easily able to dominate the school with her looks, malicious wit and knowledge of human nature. Gary was the first of many to fall to her devilish charms and become a willing slave and follower, doing only what she says. After him was the rest of the football team, the cheer squad and even a fair amount of the student and faculty, all of which willing to give themselves sexually to the fallen angel. Not a living soul in the school could deny her will, and it was great for Bella, and it would be until she needed to find another poor soul’s body to steal. She was given all the sex anyone could ever want, and more playthings than she knows what to do with. Suffice to say, she’s in for one hell of a good time, appeasing to each and every one of her many fetishes.

Laura dropped out of school, both for embarrassment of her boyish figure and disgust of her enormous member. Her sex drive had gone through the roof and the constant monster erections made it near impossible to leave the house without tucking it into her pant legs, and even then, if she wasn’t careful, she was liable to burst from the tightness and throbbing and even more likely when watching a good-looking girl. The curse Bella laid on her was indeed true; the first night after, Laura ignored the warning. After midnight, her cock was struck with an intense pain. It throbbed in agony, turning a bright and angry red, thoughts of steamy hot sex flooding into her brain and unleashing loads of hot semen all over the place. After a solid hour, her dick had grown two full inches longer, and about half an inch in girth. Immediately, she began her search for three girls to fuck. And if they wouldn’t cooperate, she would make them, and her quick realization of that frightened her. She religiously continues this routine, finding that she enjoys it, even going so far as having her way with at least six girls, some of them twice at a time, and one of them now a steady girlfriend with an equally sick sense of sexual enjoyment. The two are quite happy with Laura’s monstrous appendage and endless supply of cum, and get into some seriously kinky things.

Bessie’s life had taken a drastic change for the worst. None of her old clothes fit, obviously, over her obscenely large, fat body, and even if she did find something, four breasts and an udder weren’t exactly normal and won’t be accommodated by most conventional outfits. She also found herself continuously hungry, practically shoveling food down her throat, not caring about fat content or the mess she’d make, or even where it came from. And being unable to leave the house was an even more dramatic change. To get new and specially made clothes, she turned to the Internet and her credit cards, for food, she called for take-out, and for money, she got a stay-at-home job, selling her breast milk to a local maternity hospital. As it stood, she had no reason to leave the house, except for one thing. Her curse. The cow eventually hit her pregnancy craze, but found herself unable to go and find someone to ‘bull’ her. She soon found that she didn’t need to leave. Just like the food and the clothes, her bulls came to her. As they delivered for her, she would lure them in, and pay them in sexual favors. To her surprise, her usual delivery boys had a fetish for fat chicks, and even more strangely for strange, wild and kinky sex. She found herself extremely fertile, and was quickly knocked up, in a state of continual arousal during her pregnancy. It wasn’t unusual to hear loud moans and moos from her place at any given time during the day.

And finally, Bella’s first victim. Sue. Sue’s consciousness is still perfectly alive and well within the body that was no longer hers. She watched in agonizing detail as her best friend Laura was raped by her, and defeminized by the same force that robbed her of her body. Not only did she find out that Laura was actively trying to help her, but also that she loved her, and that made the matter far more painful. She also saw what happened to the girl formerly known as Minx, and was disgusted with what she saw. As harsh and as mean as Bessie was, Sue felt no one deserved such humility and mutilation, and was made sick over the guilt she had that she was only able to watch and do nothing. Then finally, Gary. She found out that her Mr. Perfect wasn’t exactly as perfect as she thought. He had never noticed her before, but the instant he saw Bella’s enhanced body, there was no stopping him from practically mauling her. Sue hoped he was different from other guys, and she found that she was dead wrong. But the sex more than made up for it. Now that Bella was in control, Sue would get all the sexual pleasure she would ever want, and wouldn’t have to worry about the repercussions herself. It was a lose-win for her, but now that she was merely subconscious, it really didn’t matter anymore. Life was good for her, and she technically got what she wanted.

And they all lived happily ever after.

The End