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An Obedient Dog

* * *

A sweet, subby puppy girl gets turned into a feral, hungry hound.

* * *

The characters in this story are over the age of 18, and if you’re reading this, you should be too. Copyright Skaetlett © 2022, do not copy or repost without explicit permission.

* * *

Bella was Athena’s precious, subby dog girl. She was obedient and would jump at the opportunity to follow orders. Bella couldn’t say a mean word to her Domme if she tried—not that she ever wanted to, and not that Athena didn’t brainwash her into never being able to disobey. Bella wasn’t into kink before meeting Athena, but within a week Bella turned from the most vanilla lesbian ever to the town’s kinkiest sub.

Her name wasn’t actually even Bella beforehand, too. Once Athena saw how eager she was, like a puppy, she changed her name to something more befitting of a dumb little dog.

She loved her Domme, and her Domme loved her. The dynamics in their relationship were blatant as daylight. Bella loved to serve, relinquish her human habits in lieu of a drinking bowl, and stay still as a punching bag for Athena’s rage.

Only one evening, the night before Valentine’s Day, Athena had a strange request to ask of Bella.

“I want you,” Athena started, “to top me.”

Bella blinked. She didn’t want to go against her Domme’s orders. But... she couldn’t deny the request was strange. Not to mention, Bella didn’t have a toppy bone in her body, and she had no actual skill in the field. “F-forgive me for asking, Owner, but... wh-why do you want me to do that?” she asked in a quiet, meek voice.

“Because I’m ordering you to.” Athena glared, readying to punish Bella for questioning her. “Do you have a problem with that!”

“No! Of course not! If that’s what you want, Owner, then... I’ll h-happily serve you.”

Even then, Athena could see the hesitation in Bella’s voice. She sighed, putting a hand to her forehead. “I have an idea for how to make this more enjoyable for both of us.”

Bella’s nervous smile turned into a wide, puppy dog grin. “Really? What is it, Owner?”

SLAM! Athena roughly pushed Bella onto the mattress, pinning her down by the shoulders. Bella panted. She all but grew ears and a wagging tail. “I’m going to force you to be a top,” she started, “via hypnosis.”

“R-really? How will you do that, Owner?”

Athena grinned widely. “You don’t need to worry about that. All you need to do right now...”

Bella held her breath, and kept holding it as Athena used a special trigger of hers.

“Is freeze.”

And that’s exactly what Bella did. In an instant, she found herself unable to move a single muscle. The only things her body could do were breathe and have a heartbeat. Athena drooled onto Bella’s chest, eager for what she could do to her precious puppy. To Bella’s body. And to her mind.

“Just like that,” Athena cooed. “And now, in this frozen state of yours, I want you to gaze into my eyes. Don’t you dare break eye contact with me. Follow my eyes.”

Bella obeyed as Athena’s eyes swung back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth. Just like a shiny pocketwatch or a gemstone pendulum. And just as hypnotizing as well.

“When I close my eyes, Bella, you’re going to fall into a deep trance. Still frozen, still under my guidance, but your mind contorting to my words, burning them into your head. Your brain making way for my beautiful suggestions. Are you ready?”

Bella nodded imperceptibly.

“Good.” Athena closed her eyes, and Bella dropped. “Sleep.”

Bella fell into trance, her eyes closed. Her chest gently rose up and down.

“I want you to imagine a wolf,” Athena spoke. “Wolves are dogs. But you’re so much different than a wolf. After all, you’re docile, enthusiastic, and don’t have a violent bone in yourself. Can you imagine how things would be different if you did?” The induction sounded more like Athena’s distant musings, but it worked all the same.

Bella envisioned a wolf—a gray mountain wolf, hungry, ravenous, looking for its next meal. Its prey. Bella couldn’t imagine herself any more distinct from said beast. She was a meek, shy puppy. Right?

“But what if you saw yourself becoming this wolf? Needy for dominance. In need of your prey to make your own. That sounds as fun as being an impact bitch for your Miss, right?”

Bella whimpered. The more she thought on Athena’s induction, the more it felt like a great suggestion. What if she did turn into a big, bad wolf who was feared by all? A hound-like wolf girl who wanted to take over her Miss?

“You feel it, don’t you? How much you… love the idea of tearing me apart and fucking me mercilessly. Claiming me as your trophy.” Bella vaguely noticed herself drooling at the thought. A streak of fluid dripped down the side of her cheek.

A wolf. A hound. Whatever the term was, Bella felt more and more drawn to it. It still didn’t feel right, though. She wasn’t like that as a person. Bella was a hard sub, after all.

“Of course, you know that I still control you. So doesn’t it make sense for me to decide when you’re a dumb puppy and when you’re a terrifying hound dog? Nod if you agree.”

Bella gently nodded.

“Of course you do.”

Athena kissed Bella’s lips gently, eliciting the lightest of giggles.

“I love you so much,” Athena cooed. “So you know that when I say the words, ‘bitch in heat’, you’re going to turn into a ravenous, drooling wolf who craves violence and dominance. Of course, you’re not going to remember this phrase post-trance—after all, where’s all the fun in that? Where’s the fun in making you suddenly a bitch in heat if you’re expecting it?”

Bella murmured incomprehensibly. She didn’t even realize she was talking. She was too deep to notice.

“Good girl,” Athena chuckled again. “So when I pull you up, you’re going to do your absolute damndest to Domme me. Before I intervene. I want you to give me an honest effort, because… I’m curious how far you can actually go. And then I’ll use it, bitch. I want to break you before I use your new trigger.”

Athena leaned down and kissed Bella’s neck. It wasn’t a kiss. It was a bite. Athena sucked the spot, pulling up and down, keeping Bella gasping and moaning. Athena released the skin, leaving a large, blue hickey in its place.

“Good luck hiding that,” Athena chuckled. “I want you to wait there for just a moment.”

Bella heard some shuffling around as Athena got off of Bella. Her Domme returned with an object Bella couldn’t make out. Athena manipulated her entranced sub’s body and wrapped… something around her pelvis. Something heavy. Bella couldn’t open her eyes quite yet, though.

“Stand up,” Athena ordered. Bella obeyed. She heard more shuffling that she could only imagine was Athena getting back onto the bed. “Get on top of me.”

Once again, Bella obeyed. She was on her hands and knees on top of Athena.

“On the count of five, I’m going to pull you up. Are you ready?”

Bella nodded. Athena whispered the count up, and brought Bella back to consciousness.

Bella looked down. Athena was under her.

“How are you feeling?”

“I…” Bella fidgeted nervously. “I… think I’m feeling good, Miss?” Bella reoriented slowly, and looked down, noting the awkward position. And the purple strap on and harness around her waist. “Um… Miss, why am I on top of you?”

“Because you’re going to Domme me,” Athena said as if it were nothing. “Go on. Do your worst.”

“I-I…” Bella stammered. Where would she even begin? She had no experience in dominance. Hell, she barely had experience in kink prior to meeting Athena. “I… want to, um, f-fuck you, um, so hard.”

Athena chuckled. “Really? Then do it.”

“Yeah.” Bella let the awkward silence hang in the air. “Um… how do I do this?”

Athena rolled her eyes. “Come on. You don’t need to ask me, puppy. You just slide the strap on into my wet pussy. Don’t tell me you need sex ed 101?”

“I-I don’t! It’s just…” Bella looked down at the strap on and blushed. “Do you, um, want me to… fuck you?”

“Yes, dumbass, I thought that was the point.”

Bella didn’t move. She… couldn’t figure out how. It was like being thrown into a foreign country with no translator or guide. And Athena was refusing to help.

Until a few moments later.

“Come on,” Athena urged. “You’re a needy bitch in heat, aren’t you?”

And then Bella’s mind snapped.

It was like Bella had become a completely different person. A wildly different dog. Her hands clenched onto Athena’s shoulders, digging her paws into her Domme’s shoulders. Bella’s face twisted from its innocent, shy expression to a feral, hungry scowl.

“There you go,” Athena chuckled, shivering in anticipation. “Isn’t that much better, puppy? Now you know how to be—”

SLAP! Bella wasn’t having any of it, any of Athena’s taunting or brattiness. She was in charge now. Bella was the top dog. “Shut up and let me fuck you,” Bella exhaled heftily.

“Y-yes, please,” Athena exhaled. Her confident speech turned to stammers and hesitations. Bella made her way down Athena’s body and her hands reached Athena’s dripping, wet cunt.

Bella looked down at her aroused sex, then back towards Athena’s face. She grinned wickedly. “I can’t believe you were ever my Domme. You, who’s all hot and bothered just from having a starving hound on top of you. You really want me to fuck you, huh? What have you been waiting for then, slut? All you had to do was ask nicely.”

Athena didn’t have a response—she held her breath, waiting for Bella to take and own her. Bella’s hands reached down, circling Athena’s tender clit in agonizingly slow circles.

“Beg,” Bella ordered.

“P-please... please, please do it...”

‘Do it’ wasn’t good enough. Bella growled a murmur at Athena. Her circles grew slower, taking away any stimulation Athena had milliseconds ago. “Do what, plaything?”

Athena’s hips bucked against Bella’s fingers. The hound-like wolf girl drooled onto Athena’s waist. Athena’s next few words were incomprehensible whimpers, but then she continued. “Please, please please please fuck me, Bella. I need it s-so bad.”

“How bad?” Bella’s fingers increased in speed again. With her third and last finger, she slipped the digits effortlessly into Athena’s cunt. Inside her walls, but not deep enough to satisfy Athena fully. “Come on, slut. You’re so pathetic and horny. Surely someone as depraved like you, some slut for degradation and submission, could tell me exactly what you want.” Bella took her last hand off Athena’s waist and began pleasuring her strap on. As if it were a dick physically attached to her.

“Please, Bella, please take that strap on and fuck me!” Athena shouted out. Her hips needily fucked against Bella’s fingers, but it wasn’t enough—she needed that long, thick, hard shaft in her.

Bella smirked. “Of course, you stupid little whore. Open wide.” Bella didn’t really have to order Athena; she took her legs and manipulated them outwards, giving the hound easy access to her soaked pussy.

The strap on’s tip reached the door of her cunt.

And Bella stopped.

Athena kept begging mindlessly, repeating ‘please’ like it were a mantra.

“I changed my mind,” Bella teased, and Athena gasped in betrayal. “Get on your hands and knees, on the bed.”

“Y-yes.” Athena moved quickly, getting on her hands and knees. Bella didn’t ask again, she spread Athena’s legs and aimed the strap on accordingly. It came like second nature to her, the need to fuck and breed and destroy.

Bella slid the strap-on all the way in, filling up all of Athena’s tight walls. The wolf couldn’t wait any longer. She thrusted in and out mercilessly, giving Athena no room or time to breathe.

Bella held Athena’s bucking hips still. She wanted to do all the work. She clawed into Athena’s hips, asserting her dominance. The hound growled and moaned and grunted in Athena’s ears. From a distance, Bella had a coherent thought. Why hadn’t she ever tried fucking Athena before? It wasn’t like it took time or effort for Bella to break her.

Bella grabbed onto Athena’s shoulders, only serve to push deeper into her. The hound’s hips thrusted at lightning speed, each thrust harder than the last. The strap itself being a solid 10 inches at least with a not-insignificant girth made Bella feel like she was splitting Athena in half. Not that she cared. Athena was her prey. She deserved to be fucked and torn apart.

Bella’s hands grabbed Athena’s hair and pushed her face into the mattress. Raising her hips, Athena gave Bella access to fuck her even harder. Bella couldn’t comprehend how she was going faster than a few seconds ago, but here they were. Here she was. A fuck-hungry, feral, ravenous hound who wanted nothing more than to dominate her prey and break her mind with a long dick.

Athena struggled, as if she were about to ask Bella for something. What could she possibly want? Painstakingly, Bella slowed down and whispered in Athena’s ear. “What do you want, slut?”

“S-so fast,” Athena gasped. “So... so hard and deep...”

She was right. Even as they slowed down, Bella’s strap was still completely buried in Athena’s cunt. “Is that a problem?” Bella asked, taking them out of the scene for just a minute. It hurt, to potentially have to stop, but-

“No,” Athena begged as if Bella were ripping her soul from her. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

Bella was happy to oblige. She thrusted back and continued to decimate Athena, humiliating her and insulting her with a million different words. Telling her all the things she wanted to do to Athena’s body, from this day on. She wanted to cover it in marks and bites and scratches. She wanted to collar Athena and parade her around naked. She wanted to spend all day, every day, fucking Athena until she were blank and mindless and drooling.

Athena’s mind slowly broke. As did Bella’s, in a different way. Soon, Athena began begging for something else. “C-c...”

“Yes?” Bella hissed.

“Cum!” Athena moaned. “P-please, I’m so close, let me cum!”

As if to punish the request, Bella forced the strap in deeper. “Why should I?”

“I want to break,” Athena begged. “I want you to break me, Bella!”

Bella grabbed a fistful of Athena’s hair and pulled her up. “Call me Owner.”

“Owner, please, please let me cum!” Athena once again broke into brainless, humiliating begs and moans.

Bella grinned, her breath covering Athena’s ear. “As long as I can too.”

“Please, cum inside me! Breed me, breed me!”

Bella didn’t have to say anything else. She slapped Athena’s ass once, hard, and Athena couldn’t hold back anymore. In that second, Athena’s mind and body exploded into orgasm. Her entire body racked with pleasure, bucking her hips onto the strap as Bella came as well. Bella pressed a button on the strap, shooting cum lube into Athena’s body. Rope after rope of cum filled up Athena’s twitching pussy. After Bella’s strap was out of cum, and Athena was out of her orgasm, Bella collapsed onto Athena’s back.

Both of them panting, their heart rates slowed down. They sat in their sexual fluids and ecstacy, in each other’s warm presences.

If Bella could, she wanted to go for a second run immediately. She wrapped her arms around Athena. After a minute of aftercare, Bella raised the question.

“Why don’t we make this a regular thing, slut?”

* * *