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The Office Party

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Chapter 2

I was ready for the next phase, and I decided to start it with the apprentice and the programmers. I asked them to come with me inside the house, and they followed me enthusiastically upstairs to the game room. I tapped Walter’s red boxers, Jack’s blue boxers and Robert’s green boxers. The three men slipped their underwear off and discarded them on the floor in a rainbow of cotton. When they were naked, their bodies relaxed and they looked at me silently and patiently, as if they had nothing to do now but listen to me.

“What would you like to do now?” I asked them, smiling.

Jack was the first to respond. “Anything you want us to,” he said. The others nodded. “Yeah,” said Walter, “just ask and we’ll obey.” Robert said, dramatically: “We’re your willing slaves.”

These three were among the plainest looking of the bunch, but I tell you, man, the moment they said those three sentences they became the most desirable men on the planet. At least, for the next few minutes. Robert was the most attractive, with his blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. Walter had short dark hair, shaved on the sides. Jack was tall and gangly, but his naïve airs made him yummy. All three had pretty typical cocks, uncut for Walter, cut for the two others. I gave them erections with a flick of the finger. They were ready.

Jack, I had sit on an antique desk and jerk off. Robert, I asked to sit on the sofa. I had him sit on the edge and spread his legs, so that his asshole was exposed. He played with his tits at my command, his cock hard and lying on his belly. Walter, I asked to bend over the windowsill, as if watching outside. He had a smoothly shaped ass, which I started to knead. It visibly aroused him, and his ass started to shake jerkily. I asked Jack over, and made him finger Walter’s hole, while Robert watched the show from the sofa with empty eyes.

I fetched Jonathan and Peter and brought them to the study. Those two were definitely attractive men, especially in only their white briefs. They both treated me with the charm they reserved for big clients.

“So, Mark, how do you enjoy the bonding so far?” asked Peter, caring about my opinion for the first time in his life. “It’s great that we can expose ourselves like that to each other, without fear of judgment.”

“Exactly,” said Jonathan, playing with his blond curls, and winking at me.

I grabbed their briefs’ waistbands and snapped them. They instantly responded by slipping them down, and revealed to me their genitals, as well as their blond and dark bushes.

“Are you ready to obey me?” I asked.

“Yes, Mark,” said Jonathan.

“Sure, Mark,” said Peter. “I’ll obey. Just tell me what you want.”

“Good. Sit down on the sofa right there, both of you.”

I kneeled before Jonathan’s seated shape, and then moved my finger up his chest. His cock went up full mast in a moment, and I started to lick it vigorously. God, I thought, I’m licking Jonathan Reynolds cock! The blond angel who flirted with every woman in the office. His scrotum tasted salty and smelled like sweat and precum. Of course, with the suggestion I had made, my touch aroused him. He let his head fall back over the top of the sofa. His breathing deepened and he let out delightful whispers.

I asked him to jerk off while I slid one seat over to Peter. Again, a single line up his chest and his cock rose up. It was uncut, thick and already juicy. I just took it in all at once, and sucked on it in long, unhurried, strokes. Peter was more expressive: he groaned, twisted, and muttered things like: “yeah, suck that big cock, Mark, it’s all yours, fuck you’re good, I’m on the edge there, long and slow, long and slow, hmmmm...”

I sucked Peter for a good five minutes, and then I had the two of them 69 on the carpet. They were completely obedient to my commands. No resistance. I thought of George and his drug: I owed them my sex life.

Next, I went outside to see Johnny, who still stood shirtless, eyes closed, arms folded, in mannequin mode, pants and underwear four inches down his hips. I took off his running shoes and socks, smelled the acrid aroma they gave, and then moved behind him to unwrap his smooth, dimpled ass by pulling down his pants and underwear. I took the clothes off his legs, and then moved to face him. He had a fine cut dick, with a tiny beauty mark on its side. I woke him up. He looked down at himself, realized he was naked, looked back up and then, for a second, a wild glare flashed across his face. It faded into a vague look of submission.

“Johnny, will you obey me now?”

“Yes, sir, I will obey you,” he said, not looking me in the eyes.

“Then drop on your knees and suck my cock.”

My words struck him in the legs—he collapsed to his knees abruptly and fumbled with my pants to let my cock out. My boxers were creamed all over with precum—I may have had an orgasm before, I don’t remember. He executed my order fervently, the way a disciple tries to please his leader. He took my hard-on into his virgin mouth without wincing, cleaned it off with his tongue in his mouth, swallowed the precum discreetly, then nursed it like a baby. Well, there was a cause for this rebel after all, and he took it so much to heart he made me ejaculate in his mouth. I ordered him to swallow every drop, join Jonathan and Peter in the study, and then jerk off while watching them. “Yes, sir,” he said, and then he headed towards the house.

I moved towards another group, and noticed that Clyde was still wearing his jeans. I had forgotten all about him. Wearing only a sexy pair of jeans like that, and with that swollen crotch, the man was oozing animal magnetism. I could see the tip of his cock tucked between the waistband of his jeans and his belly, its little eye begging me to release it. I asked him and Frank to follow me to the basement, where Mr. Moss had set up his home bar. Frank kept telling me he wanted to please me tonight, always a nice thing to hear from a man in black briefs. I slapped Clyde’s thigh; he popped open the jeans and made them crawl down his legs by moving his hips. His hard cock flopped out, bouncing a few times. He wasn’t wearing any underwear. The beast was now naked and mine to control. I wanted to test his loyalty:

“Clyde, I want you to rip Frank’s underwear off his body.”

Frank stared at me in alarm, backed up a few steps, but Clyde had already pounced on him. He picked his trembling frame off the floor with one hand, and then used the other to pull the briefs off. They tore as if made of paper, and he threw the ragged fabric to the ground. Clyde set Frank back on his feet. All of Frank’s anxiety and fear had vanished with his briefs; now naked, he just waited patiently for my instructions, as did Clyde.

“Show me your body,” I asked Frank.

He moved his arms behind his head, and stood there, his soft cut cock hanging straight down. His body was too thin: it seemed as if someone had stretched his skin tightly over his ribs. But there was something in his eyes, some virile innocence, something you find in young officers who still believe in heroes, which made me desire him as much as I did the others. I rubbed Clyde’s shoulders, and I got a gentle roar and a grumble.

“Frank, sit down on that chair over there. Watch and masturbate. Clyde, you will become like an animal. We will wrestle together, and I will tame you. Once tamed, you will feel weak and submissive.”

I took off my clothes and we circled each other for a little while under the watchful eye of Frank. Clyde grabbed me first, and I took pleasure in his raw physical presence. Our two bodies coming in contact aroused him as I had suggested. It made him divide his attention between fighting me and licking me with his rough wet tongue. I let my hands slide down his backside to his firm and fleshy ass. We were soon on the floor. I took a glance at Frank, who was pumping his dick faster now, captivated. Clyde’s robust hands on my body strangely made me feel safe. He was frantic now, groaning, roaring, licking, nibbling. I spanked him suddenly and yelled: “Down boy.” It took him so much by surprise that he cowered away like a wounded dog. I could hear him sob. To think that this was the man who intimidated me the most at the office!

“Go to Frank and lick his crotch.”

Clyde crawled towards Frank and began to lick his inner thigh, which made Frank giggle nervously.

I put on my briefs and went outside again to meet Gary, Darren and Brian.

“What’s going on in there?” asked Darren, smiling. “We feel a bit left out.”

“I’m taking care of people in little groups to keep things intimate.”

They nodded their agreement. By this time, everything I said was a good idea to them.

“Your turn. Go right into Mr. Moss’s living room, without paying attention to what’s going on elsewhere.”

“Sure thing,” said Gary.

“I’m eager to see what you have in store for us,” said Brian.

I followed them in. They ignored Peter and Jonathan sixty-nining on the floor of the study, as well as Johnny masturbating, and went right into the living room. I took a good look at my underdressed colleagues. In addition to their polished, yuppie looks, it was the bond that we shared as friends that attracted me in them. I had always felt a paradoxal feeling towards their wives: on one hand, I liked them because they were charming and particularly clever; on the other, I resented them because they had a more physical bond with Brian and Darren. I was always the third wheel when we went out, and the wives enjoyed that situation.

“So, Mark,” said Brian, sitting on the couch with an impassive look. “What’s the big plan now?” His briefs were closely fitting; I had trouble looking away from the smooth white lumps of his crotch.

“Yeah,” added Darren, who paced, arms folded and smiling kindly, his hard stick waving and beating inside the loose fabric of his boxers, “enough with the waiting.”

“Well, if you’re that impatient,” I said, feeling up Brian’s briefs, “we can get to play right now.” I tugged one leg of Darren’s boxers. “Right after you’re ready.” I poked Gary’s crotch insolently.

I relished the sight of my colleagues and the hunky shipping guy removing their underwear, and with it, their last shred of willpower, especially that exact moment the flicker of freedom died in their eyes. And when I asked “are you ready now to obey me?” and they answered “yes, Mark, we’re ready to obey you,” each in their unique way, there was some of the buddy feeling left in their voice, except of course for Gary, whose submission had a more neutral tone which contrasted with the color of my colleagues’ surrender to me. Yet, it was Gary’s dick that whipped me back to more urgent matters, i.e. my lust. It crawled along his thigh like some thick, plump snake, and just demanded attention. I moved close to him and asked:

“Gary, is your cock mine to play with?”

“Absolutely, Mark,” he said. “Do whatever you like with it.”

I had to ask. This was a nice gentleman, a blue-collar worker who had developed all these muscles through carrying boxes. I caressed those hard-earned muscles, their smoothness, their robustness. I rubbed my head against his pecs, then down to his belly. In close view like that, his body, warm and smelling like sand and brine, became a giant land to explore. As I went down further, the crawling snake loomed into view, just beyond a bushy mass of thick, dark pubic hair. I rubbed my cheek against that hair, then my nose down the length of the snake. I used my tongue to shift it left and right, testing its flexibility. It was already half hard, and a drop of precum hung at the tip of its cut length. His slow, deep and quiet breathing gave me an indication that the arousal suggestion was at play. When I finally engulfed the snake, I made Gary feel every sixteenth of an inch of my lips’ progression; he wriggled in place, and I had to grab his ass firmly not to lose my grip. He yelled at one point, and then popped out tiny moans in a more or less regular manner. His cock actually grew even lengthier in those last stages of the full hard-on. When it was stiff and lengthy and thick, I gave it a few strokes by hand, and then instructed Gary to continue while I attended to my two other guests.

I started by kissing each of them. I rubbed my lips against Brian’s, played with his hair, then let my hands slide down his shoulder plates and flanks down to his ass. I invaded Darren’s mouth more roughly, forcing my tongue in his mouth and ravaging everything inside, while my hands moved quickly from his thighs to his ass, which they then kneaded. I fingered his anus teasingly, and then plunged one finger, two fingers, three fingers, four fingers and finally the whole hand, watching his face cringe with virgin pain each time.

I gave them directions like a movie director. Brian lay down on the sofa, and Darren moved next to the armrest where Brian’s head rested. Darren bent over, his cock hovering above Brian’s mouth, his head hovering over Brian’s hard-on. Gary moved behind Darren, and inserted his huge hard pole inside Darren’s ass. I slapped Gary on the ass, and he started fucking Darren, while my two buddies sucked each other.

Once the scene was rolling, I went out to meet Mr. Moss. He was talking about his vision, and his two ass-kissers were faking how impressed they were at his ideas; the fact that the three of them were almost naked weirded out the scene. I moved close to them, and nodded approvingly at what Kyle was saying.

“I’m glad you agree with me for once,” Kyle said, sincerely.

“Well, for once you’re right,” I said, tapping him gently on the ass.

Pleased, he slid off his boxers, and threw them away. The two others did not react to his being nude. Trent just laughed and said: “That’s confidence, isn’t it Mr. Moss?”

I snapped the waistband of his jockey briefs playfully then, while he stripped naked, I told Mr. Moss: “You want to work with confident people, don’t you? See how these two are impressed by my confidence.” I ran my finger up their chests, and watched their cocks rise up in response. “Why, they’re even turned on by it.”

Mr. Moss had to agree. I touched him on the forehead, and he slipped into trance.

“Trent, Kyle, are you ready to obey me?”

“Yes, Mark. We’re ready to obey you,” they said, their cocks aloft.

“Fold your arms,” I said. I went behind them, and gently stroked their asses. Kyle’s bubble butt was quite an impressive sight. “Slowly turn your heads towards me and look at me with lust in your eyes.”

They obeyed, and I was struck by how convincing they were at expressing: “I want you.”

“Now, turn your bodies towards me too, and move your hands behind your head.”

They performed obediently. I grabbed them both by their hard cocks and said: “Tell me I own your cocks.”

“You own our cocks, Mark,” they said, meekly.

I touched them on the forehead; they closed their eyes. I addressed them in this way:

“When I snap my fingers, you will wake up and regain all your inhibitions. You will be aware that you are naked in front of Mr. Moss and me, and it will embarrass you. However, you will not be able to leave, get dressed, hide any part of your bodies, nor attack me. You will forced to obey me, in spite of yourselves.”

“Mr. Moss,” I then told the entranced CEO, “when I snap my fingers, you will interpret everything that is going on at this party as perfectly normal behavior, except for whatever Trent and Kyle do. You will find fault with them, and will not hesitate to tell them so. You will however see all of my actions in a good light.”

I stepped back a few steps, snapped my fingers, and then watched the scene attentively. Trent and Kyle opened their eyes, took one look at their naked bodies, and became restless.

“What’s going on?” asked Trent, in a panic.

“I’m extremely sorry Mr. Moss,” Kyle said. “Mark must have done something to us, I don’t know what. Hell, I can’t even move my fucking hands to hide myself. What did you do to us, you pervert?” he asked me.

“I’m gonna fucking kill you,” said Trent, trying to jump on me, but instead he stumbled to my feet.

“Mr. Watson, Mr. Howard,” said Mr. Moss in anger. “I think you two are the perverts. Where the hell are your clothes? And how dare you use this kind of language in front of me?”

“But, Mr. Moss, can’t you see?” Kyle pleaded. “Mark did something to us, to you even. It’s this hypnosis thing. I never thought it would work, but it did. Don’t you realize you’re standing there in your underwear?”

“I don’t see anything wrong with what I’m wearing: this is a male bonding ritual! You two, however, have gone too far, these erections are totally inappropriate. You’re ruining this event, and you are defying my authority.”

I left the trio with their problems, and joined the two artists on the beach. They were lying down on the sand, and greeted me warmly. “It’s Mark,” said Julio. “So, is everything going on okay inside?”

“Oh, yeah, everything’s fine.” I lay down between the two, and put my hand on their boxerbriefs-covered thighs. They removed them right away, as if they were now corrupted, then reclined on their elbows. I put my arms around their shoulders, and said: “Are you both ready to obey me, now?”

They agreed. “Come inside with me,” I ordered. They stood up, and the two nude artists followed me inside the house. They did not give any attention to the goings-on inside. We went in Mr. Moss’s bedroom, and I sat on the bed. A simple movement up from their belly buttons to their pecs transformed their limp members into rigid tools. Julio sat on an ebony chest of drawers, one knee up, his pink butt hole vaguely in sight.

“Make love to me,” I whispered to Derek. I lay down on Mr. Moss’ bed on my back, and watched as the dark-haired hunk came towards me with graceful moves, his intense eyes focused on mine. He covered me with his smooth, hot body, and breathed on my neck and in my ears. My hands stroked his backside and firm ass, and my eyes could not look away from his. He rubbed his erection against the fabric of my sweaty boxers, and suddenly kissed me as if he couldn’t resist anymore. His mouth tasted fresh and salty. His tongue was like a small fretful animal in my mouth. Then he went down my chest using only his lips and his breath to stimulate me. He removed my boxers, then licked my scrotum and my hard dick while rubbing my thighs with long hard motions of his refined artist hands.

I signaled Julio to join us, and he lay down on his side next to me, patting my chest tenderly and smiling. I brought his head to mine and kissed him while Derek swallowed my cock. My tongue in Julio’s mouth and my cock in Derek’s mouth made my body jolt as if it carried electricity from one man to the next. It energized me. I had lusted for these hunks for so long, watching them sketch, bent over their drawing tables. Now, the two of them were entranced, nude and at my service. They were, weren’t they?

“Are you two at my service?” I asked, just to check.

“Yes. Mark, I’m at your service,” confirmed Julio, groggily.

“Yes, at your service,” said Derek, with a blank look of obedience, then returned to my cock.

“Straddle me,” I told Julio, maybe just to test his obedience. It was complete. His ass and balls came in contact with my chest, his hard cock pointing up a few inches from my face. “Bring your cock to me,” I said. He raised his groin and moved his hardness towards my face. I ate it whole and raw while he squirmed.

Then I told Derek, whom I couldn’t see beyond Julio: “Derek, fuck my ass.”

He lifted my legs up in the air, then tickled my asshole with the tip of his rock-solid cock. It was perfectly sized for my ass; it glided inside me, thick and warm. With slow back and forth twisting moves, he stimulated my prostate, charging it with sexual energy. I let go of Julio’s cock long enough to say: “I want you two to come the moment I snap my fingers.” Stuffed like I was with one cock in my ass, another in my mouth, I soared planes of pleasure I had never imagined were possible. I grabbed my dick and started to jerk off, while my mind opened up to the sixteen other men in or around the house, men whose mind I had twisted and bent to perform my sexual fantasies, proud straight men I had transformed into my sexual puppets. I felt an orgasm surge from my whole being, and I snapped my fingers. Their hot, gooey juices filled my mouth and ass, while I ejaculated on my belly. I swallowed Julio’s cum, had both artists lick me clean, then I took a shower with them.

Later, the sixteen men followed me to the beach. We dove naked into the cool salty waters, and we huddled together in a mass of twisting, interlocking bodies. We had sex in the sea; we had sex on the beach. To be perfectly frank, I only remember the rest of the night as a vague but intense orgy.

The next morning, when the wives and girlfriends came to fetch their husbands and boyfriends, they were only told that it had been the most liberating and intense experience these men ever had.

* * *

Mr. Moss convinced his board to make me CEO of the company, while he took a very early retirement. I made his fantasy mine: Trent and Kyle always start our meetings together by stripping naked, aware of the humiliation but unable to prevent it. Johnny became my personal assistant, and is very talented at organizing my day and sucking my cock. When the programmers are late in their deadlines, they know the drill, I don’t even have to ask anymore: they take off their shirts, drop their pants and assume the position. The sales reps, Jonathan and Peter, have tripled their annual sales since I gave their clients the triggers necessary to turn them into completely obedient sexual slaves. Brian and Darren have to work late with me three nights a week: it’s a good thing the couch in my office turns into a very comfy bed. I call Clyde to my office sometimes: the minute he closes the door behind him, he drops down on all fours and behaves as a very docile pet, one who satisfies his master in every way. Frank is extremely patient through all the problems I have with my network, but never remembers what he exactly does in my office to solve them. I hired Jack once he finished his bachelor’s degree in engineering, and spend time with him regularly to teach him all the stuff he didn’t learn at school. Gary quit his job as a dancer, and I hired him to do construction work at my beach house (it used to belong to Mr. Moss, but he sold it to me for a very reasonable price). For some reason, he prefers to work in the nude, but then my new roommates, Derek and Julio, rarely wear clothes around the house either. They have also accepted by now that even if they fall asleep in their own beds, they usually wake up in my own, their nude bodies wrapped snugly around mine.