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The people and events in this story are fictional and do not represent anyone or anything from real life.

If you enjoyed this story, please be aware that I write under the name Dark Wynd as well as the name Chrystal Wynd.

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Synopsis: Lady Kanja arrives searching for her sister Lady Gaja. Chaos ensues.

* * *

Note—This was an entry in KhakiAchilles’ January 2019 contest—‘The Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes’.

Note—I posted the first “Office Space” waaaaay back. It’s not required to follow this story, but it does help set the stage. If you read that one and liked it, you’ll probably like this one too. If you hated that one…well, you’ll probably hate this one too. In fact, you’ll probably hate it more because I’ll have made you read tripe twice and you’ll start dreaming up some exotic revenge and it’ll all end in tears. But I did try to warn you, so cut me some slack, okay? Also, you’ll notice (or not notice) a number of odd references to the Beatles, such as ‘Sgt.Pepper’ and ‘Abby rode’. That was a requirement for the contest.

* * *

Office Space 2 — Space Harder

The office was a whirlwind of activity.

Phones rang. Papers rustled. The repetitive sound of a copier competed with the low murmur of the radio, punctuated by the occasional exclamation or obscenity. It was a busy office.

It wasn’t so busy, though, that nobody noticed when a sudden audible pop occurred and three women suddenly stood in the middle of the office.

Two of the women were identical in height and shape, as well as dressed in matching outfits. One wore a black, skin-tight bodysuit covering her from her throat collar to her individually-separated toes. Her raven-black hair reached her shoulders and a black eye mask covered the top half of her features. Two black cat ears poked through the top of her hair and a long black cat tail protruded from just above her erotically-curved buttocks. Her full lips were painted bright red. The other woman was identical in every way, except she wore a white bodysuit, her hair was blonde and tall bunny ears grew through her hair rather than cat ears. A rounded bunny-tail wriggled just above her equally rounded bottom. Both were perhaps 6′ tall. Standing side-by-side, they appeared to be the photographic negative image of each other.

Unusual as they appeared, however, it was the third woman who commanded the most immediate attention.

She was tall. Although her two companions were tall in their own right, this woman towered over them. She was dressed in tight leather that projected strength and eroticism in equal parts. Her leather pants ended in black, knee-high stiletto boots that added another five inches to her six-and-a-half foot height. Her black corset supported her heavy breasts, displaying them in a way that invited those around to look, but not dare touch. Her bare shoulders were smooth, but lined in a way that suggested strength. Black gloves covered her arms from elbows to fingertips. A whip that seemed to project power and authority was coiled, hanging from a band wrapped around her mid-thigh. A shorter whip hung from her opposite hip.

It wasn’t difficult to see she was the one in charge of the trio.

She glanced around the now-silent office. Her steady gaze moved from person to person until it settled on one person. Her eyes narrowed and she advanced upon the man.

“You,” she said. “I am Lady Kanja. Where is my sister?”

The man’s name was Jerry. He had just walked over from the warehouse and he was as stunned as any of them at the sudden appearance of what appeared to be a nearly seven-foot-tall dominatrix appear out of mid-air.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “but I don’t know your sister. Does she work here?”

Lady Kanja gazed down at Jerry. “Don’t be ludicrous,” she said. “She was here. Now she is not. Where is she?”

Jerry glanced around, but no of his co-workers stepped forward. He looked at Lady Kanja and said, “I don’t know your sister. Who is she?”

Lady Kanja reached down and pulled the coiled whip from her thigh. “I seek Lady Gaja,” she said, “and I have no time for foolishness.”

In a single move, the tall dominatrix whirled the long whip above her head and, faster than the eye could follow, sent the length of the whip toward Jerry. The whip struck Jerry on his ankles and wrapped around him.

And continued wrapping around him, extending in length as it did so.

Jerry’s knees were suddenly pulled tightly together and he realized he had been immobilized by the whip. The whip continued wrapping around him, however, in what Jerry felt was a complete disregard for the laws of physics. The long black strap continued coiling around him, growing, moving up his torso, over his stomach and chest. When the insidious whip reached his armpits, it started wrapping itself around his shoulder and moving down his arm. It reached his wrist, then reversed direction and worked its way back toward Jerry’s shoulders. The whip then moved to the other side and wrapped itself around his opposite arm.

Jerry watched the whip work itself down to his wrist and back toward his torso. That’s not a whip, he thought, with sudden insight. It’s a tentacle.

The whip finished its work and Jerry found himself completely wrapped, mummy-like, from his shoulders to his ankles. The whip extended from Jerry’s ankles to Lady Kanja’s hand.

Jerry said, “This isn’t necessary. We really don’t know where your sister is.”

Lady Kanja said, “I will determine what is necessary. Let us come together. Right now.”

The tall dominatrix pulled the whip, jerking Jerry’s feet from under him. Jerry landed on his back with a breath-taking thud. Then Jerry felt himself being pulled toward Lady Kanja.

Not pulled, thought Jerry. Retracting. The tentacle whip is retracting, pulling me toward her like a power-winch.

Within moments Jerry found himself directly in front of Lady Kanja, on his back wrapped mummy-like, staring up at the leather-clad dominatrix. Unable to move, barely even able to struggle, he could only wriggle in his tentacle bonds.

The office supervisory stepped forward at that point. Her name was Pepper Page and she ran a tight office. Nicknames like ‘Sgt.Pepper’ were impossible to avoid, but she considered herself above that.

“Is this really necessary?” said Pepper. “He has already told you we don’t know your sister or where she is.”

Lady Kanja looked to her white bunny assistant. “Silence that one,” she said. “She speaks out of turn.”

“Yes, m’lady!” said the bunny girl. She bounded toward Pepper with an enthusiastic gait. As much as a 6-foot tall bunny girl can bound, anyway. She came to a stop in front of Pepper.

“You’ve been a bad girl,” said the bunny girl, giggling. “But don’t worry. I’ll fix you right up.”

Pepper tried to back away from the tall bunny girl, but the bushy-tailed visitor proved too fast as she leaped forward and grabbed the office supervisor by the front of her blouse. The bunny girl pulled Pepper in for a sudden kiss.

As their lips met, Pepper felt her body muscles relax. She realized her body was no longer responding to her commands in any way. Her legs continued supporting her body, but she could not shift her weight in any way. Her arms hung by her sides, unmoving. Even her fingers remained motionless. And despite being unable to move, Pepper felt her body relaxing even more as the bunny girl continued pressing her full, lush lips against those of the helpless office supervisor.

After a few moments, Pepper realized something felt wrong. Her muscles weren’t just relaxed. They were lax. Strangely lax. Almost loose.

And then Pepper realized she was inflating.

The office supervisor’s skin was stretching. Her thin fingers straightened and thickened until the sausage-like appendages had spread open. Her limbs slowly swelled, her cheeks puffing out, her arms and legs slowly splaying out. It was strangely painless, an airy sensation.

Pepper couldn’t move her head to look down when she heard the sound of fabric tearing, but she didn’t need to see to know she was swelling out of her clothing.

Pepper found herself bobbing in place, like a party balloon on the floor. And then, once she had swelled to capacity, Pepper found herself slowly rising in the air until she bounced against the ceiling, her shoulders and inflated bottom gently bobbing against the ceiling tiles. Unable to move, she could only gaze over the office, a helpless human balloon.

Office employee Abigail’s eyes widened as they followed Pepper’s ascent to the ceiling. As Pepper’s closest friend within the office, she felt acutely embarrassed for her supervisor as Pepper bobbed along the ceiling dressed only in blue panties that were stretched to the limit of their endurance by swelled hips and beach-ball-like buttocks.

Determined to help, Abigail pushed a chair beneath her hovering supervisor. Her co-worker Rick stepped forward and held out his hand for Abigail to use for balance.

“Good idea, Abby,” said Rick. “Let’s at least get her a blanket or something to cover her up.”

Abby nodded her agreement as she stepped on the chair and reached for Pepper.

Lady Kanja observed Rick and Abby’s efforts to help their floating supervisor. She turned to her black cat assistant.

“Yes, m’lady,” said the cat girl, in what sounded like a purr. The cat girl turned and, although she seemed to be moving almost languidly, was suddenly next to Rick and Abby. She appeared to wrap herself around Rick, her body moving against his, a purr emanating from her throat. The cat girl held up a length of what appeared to be a red gel. She pinched the gel and pulled it apart into two separate pieces. Then, still rubbing herself against Rick, her hand slid down the front of his pants. Her hand, now missing the gel, emerged from his pants a moment later.

Rick gasped and stepped back, blinking. “What…what did you just do? My cock is…oh, man…it’s…so intense…!”

Distracted by Rick’s sudden situation, Abby—still standing on the chair—reacted too slowly to stop the cat girl from suddenly sliding her hand up Abby’s skirt and into her panties. The cat girl’s hand emerged empty a moment later, her cargo delivered.

Abby’s eyes widened as the red gel suddenly ignited her pussy. And Abby realized then, as Rick has realized moments earlier, that they each had only half the gel…and each half of the gel needed to be re-united with the other half.

Rick was unable to stop his cock from moving in Abby’s direction. He could only helplessly follow his engorged dick as it migrated toward his co-worker’s overheated pussy. But Abby’s overly-lubricated sex was even more needy than Rick’s cock. There was a momentary battle between the two as Rick attempted to bend Abby over the desk so he could re-unite the two sides of the gel. But Abby’s pussy was equally needy and there was a brief pause as the two tried to align their overwhelming needs—Rick’s need to bend Abby over and Abby’s need to ride Rick’s cock.

It was finally decided when Abby grabbed Rick by his shirt and pushed him onto his back on the nearby desk. His engorged cock was freed of his pants. Abby swung her leg over his hips and lowered herself onto his rigid rod. And then, her body in a helpless state of heat and need, Abby rode.

Lady Kanja nodded in satisfaction, then turned her attention back to Jerry. She held his gaze, her eyes powerful, somehow able to keep him from pulling away.

The longer her eyes held his, the larger her eyes appeared. Stronger. Powerful. He knew he should shift his eyes, avert her gaze somehow, but he couldn’t. He could feel things shifting, changing inside him, but he just…couldn’t.

And just like that, he was hard.

The whip-tentacle encasing Jerry from shoulders to ankles parted momentarily to allow Jerry’s powerful erection to spring free.

Jerry had no idea why he was so hard. He had no idea why he was even erect to begin with. The leather-clad dominatrix notwithstanding, this wasn’t a scenario that Jerry considered ideal for a sexual scenario. And yet his cock was a band of steel, harder than Jerry had ever imagined his cock could become.

“Your body does my bidding,” said Lady Kanja, as if she could read Jerry’s thoughts. She prodded his heavy, thickening dick. “This now serves me, not you. I require its services.”

Jerry said, “But don’t I—“

Lady Kanja had gestured sharply and the top loop of the whip-tentacle had suddenly shifted up from Jerry’s shoulders to his mouth, effectively preventing him from speaking.

The tall dominatrix stepped over Jerry, a spiked stiletto boot on either side of his hips. As she slowly lowered herself, Jerry could feel the tentacle-whip pulsing, sending vibrations through his body, causing his cock to stiffen and thicken even more. As her hips dropped further, Lady Kanja’s tight leather pants appeared to shift and an opening appeared between her thighs.

Completely restrained, more embarrassed than he had ever been in his life, Jerry couldn’t help but moan into the tentacle as Lady Kanja slowly worked her pussy over his fat, throbbing member.

Lady Kanja made a noise of satisfaction as she settled onto Jerry’s thickness. She paused for several seconds, then began undulating her hips back and forth, working herself into a breathless rhythm.

Jerry wanted desperately to cum. He could not see his cock, but he knew without looking it had grown even thicker and longer inside the tall dominatrix. He could not see his testicles, but he knew without looking that they had swelled to an impossible size, bigger than his fists. He could feel the pressure building and he wanted—needed—to release , but he knew it wouldn’t happen unless and until the Lady Kanja willed it.

The Lady Kanja continued to ride Jerry’s hip, stroking herself faster and faster, moving relentlessly toward what would likely be a thunderous climax. But when she appeared on the verge of release, her eyes suddenly snapped opened and she stopped her motion.

“Deceitful urchins!” she snapped. “She’s here! I sense her. There! THERE I sense my sister!”

The office employees who had been unmolested to this point spun around, eyes wide, hearts racing, trying to see what Lady Kanja was pointing at.

The bunny girl and cat girl followed their mistress’s pointing finger to a desk. They reached underneath and pulled a slightly disheveled woman with huge breasts out from where she had apparently been hiding. Each assistant grabbed an arm and they walked her toward the dominatrix.

Keith, one of the unmolested employees, noted the panic-stricken expression on the woman’s face. He took a deep breath and addressed Lady Kanja.

“Ma’am?” he said, speaking hesitantly, unsure of how he should address her. “That’s Diane. She’s been here longer than any of us. Even longer than Pepper. She’s not your sister.”

Lady Kanja stood, pulling off Jerry with a wet slurp. Her pants closed over her sex as she strode to Diane. She placed her index finger between Diane’s massive breasts.

“These have my sister’s energy signature, urchin,” said Lady Kanja. “Explain.”

Office worker Lila stepped forward. “Leave her alone!” she said. “She’s not your sister, you crazy nutjob!”

Lady Kanja didn’t even turn to address that. The blonde bunny girl, however, bounded toward Lila with a big smile.

“Oh, cutie!” she said. “You are such a bad girl! But don’t you worry. We’ll get you fixed up. You’re gonna be waaaaay too busy to be saying naughty things to Mistress!”

Lila tried to back away, but the bunny girl caught her easily. The blonde bunny’s ears perked as she pressed her lips against Lila’s. As she did so, the bunny girl pressed a black gel against Lila’s throat.

The gel began spreading over Lila’s skin, covering her body, coating her. Her clothing smoked wherever the gel touched it and as the gel covered her torso and moved down her legs, the fabric of her clothing dropped from her body and fell to the floor.

The bunny girl continued kissing Lila until the gel covered Lila’s cheeks and neared her mouth. The bunny girl stepped back then and watched as the gel continued its implacable progress.

The now-naked Lila was covered from neck to bare toes with the gel. The black flow was now covering her face and moving into her hairline. Lila’s raven locks began dropping from her scalp as the gel worked through her hair.

The office was silent as they stared at the gel-covered Lila. The office girl was completely coated—each finger, each toe was individually coated. Every line of her now-hairless sex was visible and obvious. Her face was coated as well, even her lips. Her scalp was completely smooth and hairless, and equally coated also.

As they watched, the black gel’s hue shifted slightly, as if it were drying, and it then solidified into a rubber coating.

The bunny girl giggled. “You’re gonna be too busy to be a bad girl now, cutie.” Then she slid a finger through Lila’s cleavage all the way to her rubber-covered belly button.

Lila’s eyes widened, then rolled back into her head as she dropped to the floor, shuddering and moaning.

“See?” said the bunny girl. “That’s a g-skin. It’s like a human g-spot, but alllllllll over your body, you know?”

It was impossible to tell if Lila heard the bunny girl, as she was busy trying to process the overwhelming sensations coming from every part of her body that was touching anything else. Even the floor.

Attention suddenly snapped back to Lady Kanja, who’s face was inches from Diane’s.

“Well, urchin? Speak.”

Diane sighed. “Your sister—Lady Gaja, right?—came through here years ago. Years ago. She…well, she was crazy. She didn’t want anything. She just started throwing all these…weird spheres or something…all over the place.” Diane placed her fists on her hips and threw her shoulders back, causing her huge breasts to pop outward, stretching the fabric of her top, perhaps critically. “One of them hit me. That’s how I ended up with these.”

“I see,” said Lady Kanja, and everybody held their breath.

Keith, who had managed to speak to Lady Kanja earlier without misfortune, spoke carefully once again.

“Ma’am?” said Keith. “That…that was a long time ago. Almost ten years. I…I should think that’s a long time, far too long for it to help your search.”

Lady Kanja said, “Don’t presume anything, urchin. Ten of your years may have passed here, but mere days have passed in our home dimension.”

Keith opened his mouth to speak again, but then thought better of it, and closed his mouth.

Lady Kanja turned back to Diane. “Continue, urchin. You say she was here. Where did she go?”

Diane shrugged. “Some guys in uniforms appeared,” she said. “They caught the crazy bitch and took her away. They didn’t tell us where they were taking her.”

Lady Kanja’s eyes narrowed. “I see. And you chose to hide this information from me?”

Diane shrugged. “Your sister was crazy. And you don’t seem to be much more reasonable. So yeah, I hid. What are you going to do? Give me big, sensitive tits? Go ahead.”

Diane thrust out her chest and jiggled her massive breasts at the tall dominatrix in an obvious attempt at reckless bravado.

Lady Kanja laughed. “Foolish girl,” she said, pulling her other whip from her hip. She reared back and whirled it at Diane, coiling the whip around her waist. The dominatrix pulled the girl to her in a single move.

“You have spirit,” said Lady Kanja, “but it is misplaced. Some time spent as a playtoy should help you learn your place.”

Diane blinked for several moments. Then her eyes widened as she realized something was happening. Although not visible, she could feel changes happening.

“Wait!” said Diane. “Stop! You don’t have to do this! I’ll…—!”

And then Diane couldn’t talk anymore, as her mouth had formed a firm O. Diane felt her limbs stiffen, her joints softening, but becoming immobile, her skin softening, her thighs parting, her face forming an inane smile, except her lips remaining rounded.

Lady Kanja twitched her hand and her whip uncoiled and dropped from Diane’s waist. Now unsupported, Diane fell backward onto the floor. She lay on her back, staring at the ceiling, her legs parted and inviting.

Keith said, “You…you turned her into a sex doll…?”

Lady Kanja said, “That is correct. Out of respect for her spirit, however, I have made it so she will turn back to her human self after she has sufficed to be a playtoy for a sufficient number of males. She will know her place then, I should think.” The dominatrix smiled. “And as a bonus, she will have larger and more sensitive mammaries…as she requested. Lady Kanja can be generous, after all.”

Nobody in the office dared correct her.

Lady Kanja turned and strode back to the still restrained Jerry, whose over-sized cock remained upright, as if awaiting the return of the tall dominatrix. Lady Kanja resumed her position over Jerry’s hips and once again lowered herself onto his thickness.

It didn’t take long. There was little change in Lady Kanja’s breathing or motion, but Jerry felt a tightening around his cock like nothing he had experienced before. There was a slight shifting in Lady Kanja’s hips and suddenly Jerry knew the dominatrix had released his cock. His over-sized balls trembled and suddenly he was shooting a hot, high-pressured jetstream inside Lady Kanja, a long, powerful load that seemed to go on long past what Jerry would have normally produced. In fact, Jerry was sure this was so, as he continued to ejaculate for nearly a minute.

And then he fell back to the floor, exhausted. Complete exhaustion. He found himself unable to move.

Lady Kanja rose to her feet, her leather pants once again closing over her sex, showing no signs of what had happened there only moments earlier. She swung her spiked stiletto over Jerry and paused for a moment to rotate her head in a manner suggesting she was easing her neck muscles.

“Excellent,” she said. “Invigorating indeed.”

Jerry wanted to reply, but he was too weak to speak. He had never felt so drained. His cock had not only shrunk to its normal dimensions, he was prepared to swear it was smaller now than before. Much smaller. And it felt like his testicles had not only been drained, but had deflated completely.

“As a reward to you, human, for your service to the Lady Kanja,” said the tall dominatrix, “you are now experiencing certain changes. In order for you to service Lady Kanja adequately, all that made you masculine was directed into your manhood.”

Unable to speak, his lips slightly parted as he sensed his body re-aligning itself, Jerry could only listen as Lady Kanja spoke.

“Everything that made you a male,” continued Lady Kanja, “was converted into an appropriate vessel so that you could service me. And it allowed you to be…adequate, at least. But that has left your body now, leaving your body in the weakened state it is now.”

Jerry blinked. He was indeed weakened. Barely able to move. Strangely, however, he could feel some sort of surge occurring around his groin.

“You will find that your body will now continue to return to that state. Where you were barely able to provide Lady Kanja with satisfaction, you should be more than enough to provide satisfaction for the inferior females of this dimension.”

Keith said, “But…how’s he going to wear pants…?”

Lady Kanja turned. “Don’t question Lady Kanja, urchin. Do you find fault with his form?”

Keith stepped back, hands up. “Not at all, ma’am! Not at all!”

Lady Kanja turned back to Jerry, who could feel his body shifting, his cock once again thickening, lengthening, growing back to the state it had been in when Lady Kanja was riding him earlier. His balls were already swelling to the size of softballs.

“It is a boon, human,” said the dominatrix. She coiled her whips and put them back in place. “You are welcome.”

Jerry was not inclined to agree with the Lady Kanja. It didn’t matter. He was still in the process of changing and was unable to speak.

“These two,” said Lady Kanja, indicating Pepper, who still hovered near the ceiling, and Abby and Rick, who were locked together by the red gel around their genitals, “will return to their normal states at some point in the near future. That one,” she said, indicating Lila, who couldn’t walk without her rubber-coated feet causing her to orgasm helplessly, “will have to wait longer, as her condition is a punishment for disrespect toward the Lady Kanja. And that one,” she said, pointing to Diane, who remained locked in sex doll position, “will need to fulfill certain requirements to unlock her condition.”

Keith said, “And Jerry?”

Jerry struggled into a sitting position. His thick cock had hardened into a curved rod that reached the top of his belly. His thighs were parted out of necessity, allowing room for his heavy balls.

Lady Kanja laughed. “He has been rewarded for his service.”

And then Lady Kanja and her assistants were gone.