The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Title: Olivia’s Ass Toy

Blurb: Olivia uses hypnosis to transform her partner into her ass toy.

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Olivia let the amethyst pendant, the anchor for her partner’s trance, fall back beneath her top. She hadn’t had any particular intentions when she’d entranced Robin. Her submissive partner had been responding so well to hypnosis that trance had become a regular part of the couple’s erotic life. Probably she’d direct her entranced partner to undress her, to kiss her body, to massage her breasts. That was more or less the routine. Then she’d give them some post-hypnotic suggestions to bolster their enthusiasm and their pliability, wake them from trance, and they’d proceed with sex.

She started with the customary affirmations. “You are a submissive. Your submission is exciting and safe.” Robin echoed each sentence as Olivia had trained them to do. “You are contentedly helpless. I arouse you. When you are aroused, you are suggestible. When you are suggestible, I mold you. The more you feel my control, the more enchanting I become to you. Your lust for me allows me to control you, and my control over you fuels your lust for me. To obey me is fulfillment. To please me is rapture.

“You long to be hypnotized because you love the feeling of my words submerging your thoughts, like a rising tide submerging a beach. And when my words recede from your mind, your thoughts reemerge, but they’re different. I’ve changed them, just a little bit. And you’re different. I’m altering you, little by little. Whittling you into my perfectly pliable plaything. And you’re so grateful for that. My hypnotic power over your mind is the most wonderful gift you could be given. You feel so happy, so submissive, so aroused, so helpless whenever you are hypnotized and whenever you think about hypnosis.”

Olivia regularly tranced Robin and reinforced their joy in and yearning for hypnosis and submission. On one level, this was an obvious and pragmatic practice: one of the greatest appeals of erotic hypnosis was its use to strengthen the appeal of activities that the pair already enjoyed. But there was also something thrillingly perverse about the exponential spiral they’d (Olivia liked to imagine) set in motion: Robin a powerless subject hypnotized to want more and more hypnosis, Olivia their loving and opportunistic domme only too to eager to acquiesce.

But then something else occurred to Olivia that Wednesday—an urge to carry things further and in a novel direction, to broaden the scope of the games she played with Robin’s mind. Wouldn’t it be hot to really tweak them? Not just amplify an interest they already have, but to give them a new one? To actually change them?

“You are fixated on my ass, Robin. The thought and the sight of it arouse you.” Robin dutifully repeated back Olivia’s suggestions for them as they’d been trained to do. Olivia blinked; she had barely thought about what she’d say before she’d said it. Usually the wording of her hypnotic suggestions to Robin was carefully considered. She stepped away from the bed on which her entranced lover was sitting and peered sideways at herself in their bedroom’s upright mirror. Olivia shimmied out of her skirt and tried to imagine Robin kneeling behind her, kissing and nuzzling her ass. She flushed. Her pussy moistened. Yes. This was a good idea.

“My ass is irresistibly sexy. Its width, its roundness, the way it moves when I walk all captivate you. You long to touch it, to kiss it, to be close to it. When you are aroused, you will find yourself daydreaming of it more and more often. When you are with me, whether I am clothed or not, you tend to become distracted by my ass; you find it difficult not to stare.”

Olivia finished undressing and returned to the side of the bed. She stood with her back to Robin, looking over her shoulder at them as she had them repeat her suggestions with their eyes open, fixated on her backside. The sooner their brain learned to associate the sight of her ass with lust and pleasure, the better, she figured.

After several more repetitions, Olivia silenced Robin. “Now close your eyes again, sweetie, and relax back into the blankness of trance. Feel the wonderful, cool darkness washing through you, washing you away. The conditioning that I have just given you has begun to change the way that you think, and my suggestions will continue to prevail upon your psyche, but you cannot remember them. Although the hypnotic encounter you have just experienced is now etched into your subconscious, you do not know it has happened. You cannot recall the events of this trance; they are purged from your conscious memory. In a few moments, I will count you up out of trance, and when I reach ten, you will wake feeling happy, refreshed, grateful to me for having hypnotized you, and ready to continue our love-making.”

Once awake, Robin rose from the bed and embraced Olivia in a warm hug. Olivia stroked Robin’s back and cooed into their ear, “that’s my good boy.” They kissed, and Robin’s hands found there way down to Olivia’s butt, where they began to massage her asscheeks. When their kiss finally ended, Robin began to kiss their way down Olivia’s body. Olivia allowed herself to fall onto the bed, and Robin was soon kissing and lapping at her cunt.

When Olivia awoke the next morning, she was confused not to find Robin, who normally slept in later than her, asleep next to her. But immediately she realized that they were asleep next to her: their pillow was only vacant because during the night, they had slipped down lower on the bed in order to snuggle her butt, and they were still there, one arm draped over her upper thighs, their nose pressed against her left buttcheek. Olivia’s surprise instantly gave way to a thrill at what she had done to her partner.

* * *

Although Robin had never given one before, it hadn’t taken much more than a week for rim jobs to become a regular part of the couple’s sexual repertoire. Robin had started with protracted kissing of Olivia’s ass, but a curious impulse had pulled them like a magnet toward her anus, and they hadn’t been able to resist exploring her intoxicating orifice, first with their lips, and then with their tongue. Now, after each was suitably worked up, Olivia and Robin’s sex would quickly find Robin eating Olivia’s ass, stimulating her clit with their left hand and stroking themself with their right.

For their part, Robin did not understand what had happened. As far as they knew, they’d indulged a caprice a week ago to lavish some attention on Olivia’s rear, and things had rapidly snowballed from that first whim into persistent daydreams into frequent and exuberant anilingus. They didn’t understand it, but they were enjoying it quite a lot. The suddenness and spontaneity of this new fetish was electrifying. Even better, Olivia seemed to be loving it.

Over the course of the preceding nine days, Olivia had reinforced Robin’s conditioning, but hadn’t introduced substantially new suggestions. But as she ground harder into Robin’s face that Friday, the excitement of their brisk progress into ass fetishism ran through her, and along with it came the desire to change them further.

Olivia pulled herself forward, away from Robin, deftly slipped her pendant back onto her neck, turned around, and leaned down so that her pendant and breasts were directly in front of Robin’s face.

“Focus on the pendant, Robin. Relax and focus on the pendant. Take a deep breath in—good boy—and let it out slowly.” She cupped their cheek with her hand. Their trigger notwithstanding, Olivia knew that merely ordering them to fixate on the pendant typically wouldn’t be sufficient to re-entrance her submissive partner. But to her delight, it seemed from the dazed and distant look in Robin’s eyes that the surprise of an abruptly interrupted rim job had amplified the trigger’s effect.

“Deeper and deeper, good boy. I know you want to continue licking me, and that’s why you’re going to open your mind to me as completely and as swiftly as you can. Stare at my pendant and let it carry away your consciousness; let it open your mind to me. You know that the deeper you allow me to go into your mind, the happier you will be. The more control I have over you, the more pleasure you feel. Deeper and deeper, good boy. Sleep.

“Because I understand you so well and I want you to be as happy as can be, I’m going to reveal some things to you about your sex drive. When you wake, you will remember this trance, and you will feel grateful to me for drawing your attention to these facets of yourself, which have always been there, waiting to be recognized.

“Many people have places they find sexy, that they naturally pair with sex: a bed, a beach, a waterfall. You have places like that too. For your mind, that place is hypnosis. As much as hypnosis puts you in the mood for sex, you associate sex with the sensation of your thoughts ebbing away into a blissful void. Of unlocking your mind for me. For your face, that place is between my asscheeks. That is the sexiest place you can imagine yourself. Whenever you think of sex, you imagine yourself engulfed by my curvy ass. For your tongue, that place is buried as deep as it can go inside my asshole. Whenever you are in the mood for sex, or whenever I decide to put you in the mood for sex, you crave to French my anus. The sensation of exploring my ass with your tongue and lips is the most erotically satisfying thing you can experience.

“The experiences of hypnosis and of worshiping my ass with your mouth are each so closely associated with the idea of sex for you that they start to converge. You find that whenever you are going down on my ass, you begin to slip into a trance. Your thoughts and your will slip away into oblivion so that your need to please me and your ecstasy at lavishing worship on my anus become your entire being. So closely have the experiences become entwined that you may find that, with enough focus, you slip into a light trance just from fantasizing about going down on my ass.

“Your adulation of my ass is not just something you feel during sex with me. No, any time you masturbate or any time you have sex with anyone else, you find yourself compelled to imagine yourself worshiping my ass. Exalting my ass is no longer just your primary sexual fantasy. All of your erotic fantasies—all of them—have been replaced by these: your need for me to hypnotize you, rewrite your thoughts, reprogram your mind. Your need to obey me. And your need to be between my asscheeks, tonguing my asshole. Whenever you masturbate or whenever you have sex with anyone else, you are drawn irresistibly into a perfectly vivid fantasy of fucking my ass with your tongue, until the fantasy may almost supplant your reality. You cannot orgasm—ever—until you surrender your mind to my power and your body to the worship of my ass.”

* * *

“Aren’t you worried about things getting monotonous?” Felicia seemed intrigued but skeptical.

Olivia twirled her friend’s hair as they cuddled on the couch. “Not at all. Not in the slightest. It’s not boring—it’s exhilarating! Here’s why. First, just because they’re obsessed with my ass doesn’t mean it’s all they’re good for. They’re as obedient as ever—more so, because I motivate them with the possibility of going down on my ass—and they still have all their same triggers. They’ll do whatever I want; it’s just that they’ll be fantasizing about my ass the whole time. That’s not a problem for me. Naturally, when they eat my ass, I usually have them rub my clit at the same time or something like that.

“Second, I really do love ass play. I guess it’s not for everyone, but it feels great. And it’s not just about the (wonderful) physical sensations of ass play: it’s the fact that I gave them a fetish. I changed their behavior and their psyche in such a deep and powerful way.” Olivia squirmed a little and a thoughtful look stole across her face. “I think I have a meta-fetish for partialisms. Creating that kind of overwhelming obsession in somebody is just such a turn-on.

“Another part of the appeal of giving them an ass fetish in particular—in addition to how much I enjoy ass play—is the allure of the taboo. Giving them a partialism for my breasts or my pussy—something that’s already commonplace sex anyway—would feel kind of redundant, you know? But not everyone is into licking asses, and more importantly, I don’t think Robin was until recently, so that does feel especially hot.

“And finally,” Olivia grinned, “I have you and Peter.”

Felicia blushed.

Olivia continued, “And speaking of which, maybe if this experiment goes well, I’ll do something analogous with you, my darling pussy slave. How would you like being turned into a cunt toy?”

Felicia whimpered. Olivia guided her triggered friend’s head down between her legs.

* * *

Zenja was already wearing her helmet when she opened the door for Robin. “Right on time! Are you all set to go?”

“Actually, I realized on the drive over that I’d forgotten to fill my water bottles. Do you mind if I fill them here?”

“Of course not! Come in,” Zenja beckoned her colleague into her apartment. Robin made their way to her kitchen and Zenja followed them inside, not-so-subtly ogling her friend’s fit, powerful legs. As Robin filled their water bottles, Zenja unclipped her helmet sauntered over to them. “Hmm, maybe we don’t have to leave right away, pussy slave.”

Robin sighed. Their arms relaxed and their expression grew distant. Zenja took the water bottle from their hand, set it on the counter, and led her now willing sexual servant to the bedroom.

* * *

Zenja gasped once again in orgasm. As her ecstatic spasms subsided, she reached for Robin’s shoulder and pulled them up to embrace her, stroked their back.

“That was so lovely. You’re lovely. Is there anything I can do for you?”

Robin smiled back placidly. “If you didn’t notice, I found eating you out quite satisfying.” They pointed to the wet spot on the bed. “Anyway, having the smell and taste of you all over my face is plenty repayment. I think I’ll wait to shower. I’d just have to shower again after our ride anyway.”

Zenja smiled and pinched her colleague and friend’s cheek. “You’re adorable. Ah, but right, the ride… And we just burned easily and hour of daylight. Why couldn’t I wait until we got back to jump your bones?”

Robin shrugged. “It’ll be fine. The whole ride is beautiful, and sunset is more of the destination than the end of the path. We’ll just turn back early. And anyway, your enthusiasm is flattering,” they grinned.

“I’ll bet! I’ll have to thank Olivia the next time I see her. She’s so generous to let me use you! And you’ve been so enthusiastic recently!”

Robin just nodded. “She’s generous indeed. And we’re all grateful for that.” Robin had enjoyed the sex as much as they always did—they’d always loved giving their friends pleasure, and Olivia had been able to facilitate that with hypnotic conditioning and triggers—but the experience had been not unpleasantly bizarre today. It had been like being in two places at once. As their fingers had brushed across Zenja’s clit, their tongue had circled Olivia’s anus. As they’d lapped at Zenja’s pussy, Olivia’s buttocks had clenched around their face. And each time they’d brought Zenja to orgasm, their tongue had entered Olivia, and they’d lost all sense of reality, themself, or anything.

But they couldn’t bring themself to mind. There was something shocking about how quickly they’d succumbed to this new fetish of theirs, but their experiences with it so far, bizarre as they sometimes were, had been entirely pleasant.

* * *

Almost two months had passed since the beginning of Olivia’s experiment. Olivia and Robin’s sex life was wonderful, but it had reached a plateau. As much as Olivia was enjoying Robin’s artificially created fetish, the process of altering them had been so exciting that she wondered if she could take things even further. So one day, as they were relaxing in bed after a long day at work, she’d surprised them with a trance.

After a speedy induction and some protracted deepening, Olivia was ready to give Robin new instructions. “I’m going to use my power over you to make you a little less human. But that won’t make you any less the wonderful being that you are, I will not love and care for you any less, and you will not love yourself any less. I am going to make you more wonderful, by making you a little less human, and a little bit more of a toy for me. And you know what a perfect, wonderful fate that is. You are so glad that I have made this decision to transfigure you even more into my plaything.

“You will not remember this trance. There will be no need for you to remember this trance. I am not going to give you instructions to remember and carry out. I’m going to change you. And a change does not depend on whether you remember it happening. I am not giving you suggestions. I am describing and creating the being that you are becoming and that you will be forevermore.

“The only sexual fantasies you have ever had have been these. You have longed to be a possession. You have longed to be a hypnotic puppet. You have longed to be my ass toy. You cannot recall any other erotic fantasies you have ever had, because you have never had any other erotic fantasies. For as long as you have had a sexual identity, you have longed for me to determine that sexual identity. You have longed to obey me. And you have longed to submit to my ass. You felt these longings before we knew each other, before we met, and you knew that you were incomplete, because you had not met me, and I had not taken control, taken possession of you. When we began dating, you became giddy at the prospect that your destiny—which you already knew was to serve me and to be owned by me—may finally be realized. And when I finally decided to take possession of your mind by hypnotizing you for the first time, that was one of the most fulfilling experiences of your life.

“You are in the deepest trance you have ever experienced. And you are still sinking deeper. You are sinking through the inky brine of yourself, down to the very deepest part of yourself, the part that knows what you are. You can sense many things here. Your career: ‘Physicist.’ Your talents: ‘Teaching.’ ‘Saxophone.’ Your personality: ‘Brilliant.’ ‘Sweet.’ ‘Funny.’ ‘Patient.’ ‘Bold.’ ‘Gentle.’ There are many more things than I can name here. We’re not going to touch any of them. They’re staying right where they are. We’re going to keep going down, deeper still, to the very very bottom, where we find your name: ‘Robin.’ And now, all the way at the bottom, we’re going to dig a little deeper still. We’re going to open up a little more space, beneath what used to be the absolute core of your identity. And we’re going to leave a few concepts in here even deeper, the new core of your self. They are: ‘Olivia’s hypnotic pet.’ ‘Olivia’s obedient plaything.’ ‘Olivia’s ass toy.’

“Those concepts are cemented in place now, never to move. We have not changed who you are, because we have dug deeper than ‘who.’ You are not a ‘who’ anymore. You are a ‘what.’ We have changed what you are. You are Olivia’s hypnotic pet. You are Olivia’s obedient plaything. You are Olivia’s ass toy. And then you are Robin. And then you are brilliant and gentle and bold. And then you are a teacher and a musician and a physicist.

“Take a deep, deep breath. Your first breath as Olivia’s hypnotic pet. As Olivia’s obedient plaything. As Olivia’s ass toy. Feel that breath enter the body of a new being. Feel that breath cement the new you, anchoring it now to the physical world, never to be displaced or dislodged.

“Come back up into shallower waters now, my pet. We have done our work down in the deep. But whenever you are aroused, or having sex, or whenever I have left you idle in trance, those concepts will drift through your mind: ‘Olivia’s hypnotic pet.’ ‘Olivia’s obedient plaything.’ ‘Olivia’s ass toy.’ They don’t need to be words—your mind is free to process those concepts in whatever way comes most naturally to it. But even when all else is gone and silent and still, those three concepts will always be there, always the core of what you are.

“Because you are my possession, my hypnotic pet, I no longer need to hypnotize you to repurpose or reprogram you. You are my hypnotic pet, and so you are always as susceptible to my suggestions as when you are hypnotized. Anything I say about you, to you, is true. I own you, and so I have the power to define you and program you. I can do this at any time and in any way.

“Now, as you come back up into a normal trance, feel the pressure decrease, and know that that is the relief you feel at recognizing, accepting, and embracing your new identity. Feel yourself permeated by the joy of being my hypnotic pet, my obedient plaything, my ass toy. And then, after you have taken all the time you need to process those happy feelings and emotions, let them drift away on the current, forget completely about this trance, and come back to wakefulness.”

Olivia’s breathing had grown ragged. As she waited for Robin to rise out of trance, she reflected on what she’d just done, and a small orgasm rolled through her. She’d transfigured their sexual identity. Their innate submissiveness had made them an agreeable medium, but she had refined that submissiveness, intensified it forty fold, shaped it into a new, definite, erotic form. And her dominion over their mind and their sexuality had been achieved with such grace. Their relationship was as strong as ever; indeed, she had taught them to enjoy sex more than ever before. They were the same sweet, funny, brilliant boy they had always been. But now their relationship had evolved, and just as deeply as they were sweet, Robin was now owned by Olivia. Just as deeply as they were brilliant, they were now Olivia’s ass toy. Now, it was what they had always been, even before she had brainwashed them, even before they had met.

* * *

Olivia’s hypnotic pet snuggled closer to her as the movie began to play on their television. “I just remembered: Zenja wanted to thank you for letting her use me. She’ll probably thank you herself when she gets the chance, but I thought I’d pass the sentiment along anyway.”

“That’s nice of her. Any particular reason?”

“Well, she says I’ve been more energetic lately. But I can’t really place what she’d be referring to. Anyway, she’s been taking full advantage of her weekly trigger recently. And we’ve been screwing without me being triggered too.”

Olivia smiled at her partner’s amnesia and their friend’s gratitude and was moved to further benevolence. “Listen, ass toy. Zenja may trigger you any time, and in any place at all, and as long as it does not interfere with your work or an obligation you have to me, you will happily do anything she asks for as long as she wishes. The next time you see her alone, you will tell her that I have made this change to you. Do you understand?”

Olivia’s ass toy nodded. “Yes, Olivia.”

* * *

As Olivia’s obedient plaything began packing their notebook, folders, and laptop into their bag, Wyatt stepped into the doorway of the university office, smiled, and waved. “Hey Robin! Emily, Zenja, and I are going out for a drink. Want to come?”

Tomorrow, Saturday, was a government holiday, and though Olivia often worked late on Fridays, Olivia’s ass toy knew that today she had off from her job at a government research institute. They promised themself that next time, they would join their colleagues. But before that thought, or any other, had been able to pull itself together, an image had flashed through their mind: Olivia’s magnificent, perfect ass descending on them. The entire rest of their identity blissfully obliterated as their face vanished between their goddess’s ass cheeks.

“I’d love to, but I’ve already got plans,” Robin fibbed. “You three have fun!” They smiled as their friends departed. They couldn’t wait to get home.