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On a Train

Not for those under 18 (or whatever the legal age for this sort of stuff is in your area). If you’re not that old, Boo! Go away now. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of sexual activities, especially non-consensual ones, then don’t read this. All characters and situations are fictional.

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“You shouldn’t eat that. You know that, don’t you?”

Linda started at the sound of the female voice. Abruptly she turned to her left and found herself staring into the eyes of a stranger. She hadn’t realised that someone had sat down next to her.

“I mean you have got a good figure,” the stranger continued, her blue eyes wide and twinkling with mirth. “I’ll give you that. But if you eat too many of those I’m not sure how long that will be true.”

The woman pointed a delicate finger at the muffin in Linda’s hand. Linda’s head turned again. Guiltily she stared at the offending object. She knew the woman was right. It wasn’t good for her. But it was so tempting. She’d had a long day at work and her train trip home wasn’t the shortest. She’d seen the muffin, all doughy goodness and chocolate chips, sitting there on the shelf of the shop on the platform. She hadn’t been able to say no. What did it hurt to indulge, just once in a while?

“I know what it must have been like,” the woman whispered conspiratorially. “It was so tempting. You just couldn’t resist.”

Linda’s head snapped back to the woman. How had she known? I’m not that transparent, am I?

The woman smiled at her. She was shorter than Linda. Maybe only three inches over five feet. Maybe less. She looked a few years younger than Linda as well, early twenties. The woman’s hair was blonde, falling past her shoulders, in contrast to Linda’s brunette mane.

“And it will feel so good when you bite it. You are going to bite it, aren’t you? Or maybe you’re going to lick it first. Run your tongue over it, the chocolate dissolving, just a little, the taste filling your mouth. You can’t resist.”

Linda nodded, her eyes back on the muffin. She could just imagine what it was going to taste like. She lifted the delicacy towards her lips. She couldn’t resist.

“But should you?” the woman asked. At the woman’s question Linda froze, her lips less than an inch away from the tempting sweet. For a moment she wondered why she was letting the woman do all the talking, but the thought quickly vanished. “You know it’s not good for you. All that cholesterol. Yet you bought it, knowing that. Knowing that you shouldn’t. You probably looked at it and told yourself that you shouldn’t buy it. That you should just keep walking.”

Was that what had happened? Linda frowned. She wasn’t sure. Had there been some internal debate? Or had she simply picked up the muffin and paid for it? And what would the other passengers think of her, indulging in something so wrong? Fearfully Linda looked around the carriage, but thankfully no-one seemed to be looking at her.

“I’m Alice by the way,” the woman announced, Linda’s attention snapping back to the person sitting next to her. “And you’re?”

“Linda,” Linda replied, before she even thought about it.

“That’s a nice name,” Alice smiled. The praise set off a warm feeling in Linda. Which was silly, she knew. She hadn’t chosen her name. So there was no reason for her to feel good when someone liked it.

“Some people,” Alice resumed. “Would have looked at it and said ‘no’. They’d have had the strength to resist. No matter how tempting it was. But that’s not you.”

What? Linda wasn’t so happy now. That last comment hadn’t sounded complimentary at all. She shouldn’t just let someone say things like that. Should she?

“You looked at it. Maybe earlier today you’d told yourself you needed to watch your diet. That you’d be good. But you see something like this and you just give in it. It’s not your fault.”

At least Alice wasn’t blaming her. Linda took some comfort from that.

“Maybe someone else would have said no. If you had a stronger will you’d have said no. But you didn’t. Like I said it’s not your fault. It’s just how you are.”

Linda really wanted to say something now. The woman was being insulting, calling her weak-willed. In front of all these other people. But they weren’t paying the slightest attention. Over there was a man, his eyes glued to the screen of his tablet. In the rest of the carriage, more people, earplugs in place, blanking out the world after a day at work. None of them paying Linda the slightest attention. And maybe Alice was right. Maybe if Linda had a stronger will she wouldn’t have picked up the muffin.

“You saw it.” Alice’s voice was clear over the rhythmic click-clack as the train wound its way away from the city centre. The blonde wasn’t loud. But Linda heard every word perfectly. “You wanted it. Something told you shouldn’t. But you couldn’t help yourself. No matter how much you wanted to say no. No matter how much you wanted to give in, you couldn’t help yourself. You couldn’t resist. You didn’t have the strength to.”

“No,” Linda protested, far weaker than she wanted to. “It wasn’t like that.”

“Wasn’t it?” Alice scoffed, a smile appearing on her bright red lips. Lips that looked just as sweet as the chocolate in Linda’s muffin. “Maybe that’s what you tell yourself. But we both know it isn’t true. Someone with a strong will wouldn’t have bought it. Wouldn’t have it now. You do. You’re weak.”

“I’m not weak,” Linda muttered.

“Really?” Alice’s derisive tone was starting to annoy Linda. But she couldn’t bring herself to say anything more. Because maybe the woman was right. “Even now you still want it. Just look at it. Imagine what it feel like. On your lips. On your tongue. It will taste so good.”

Linda tried to move the muffin away, put it down. Fought with all her will to move her arm. But she couldn’t. The muffin looked so tempting.

She gave up.

Maybe she was weak.

But at least she wasn’t eating it yet. That was a good thing, right?

Linda didn’t know.

If Alice was aware of Linda’s confusion she gave no sign. “Now maybe if you’d had someone with you. Someone to tell you how bad it was. Maybe then you’d have left it alone.”

Linda admitted that that was true. At least it might be. If there’d been someone with her she probably wouldn’t have bought the muffin. Probably would have been too embarrassed. And if she’d asked them and they’d said no then there was no way she’d have touched it.

“You’d have listened to what they said,” Alice whispered conspiratorially. The shorter woman was leaning over towards Linda now, their faces so close. The brunette could smell Alice’s perfume, jasmine and something she couldn’t place. “It’s easy to listen to what someone else says.”

Well, of course it is, Linda agreed. All you had to was listen. That wasn’t hard at all. It was easy. Like listening to Alice was easy.

“And then doing what they say,” the blonde continued. “I’m sure you do that all the time. When your boss tells you to do something at work. When you’re told to wait in line. Even boarding this train when you’re told to.”

Alice was right, Linda admitted, she did those things. But wasn’t that what anyone did? Even Alice must have boarded the train at some point.

“Ignored the muffin if they told you to. Or ate it.”

Linda moved the muffin a fraction closer to her mouth. At least her hand moved. She wasn’t sure she’d actually told it to.

She didn’t worry about that, Alice was still speaking. “But more than that, you like being told what to do. I can tell. It’s alright. There’s no shame in it. Some people are just like that.”

Linda wanted to protest. She was her own person. She made up her own mind. But memories were flitting through her head. Of her boss telling her what to do. Of buying a new dress after following a popup advert on her computer. Of waiting in line because that’s what the sign said.

She just did those things. She didn’t like doing them because she was told. Did she?

The brunette couldn’t hold those thoughts. Alice was speaking. Linda had to listen.

The blonde’s voice was a conspiratorial whisper, delicate. Beautiful. Yet with a strength to it. Linda was so aware of that. More than the feel of the seat beneath her, of the rumble of the train. Of the delicious sweet a finger’s width from her lips, there was that voice. Sweeter than chocolate. Sweeter than sin. “You’re soft and weak. Just doing what you’re told. You can’t help it. It’s how you are. You enjoy doing what you’re told.”

“No!” Linda managed. She’d wanted her denial to be firm. Loud. But it was hardly more of a whisper than Alice’s voice. Linda didn’t even know if her voice was audible over the sound of the train.

It was so weak.

Just like her.

“Soft and weak,” the blonde continued. “You’re listening to me because I’m telling you to listen to me. You like doing what you’re told. You like it a lot. In fact, you like it so much it’s turning you on.”

That couldn’t be right. Linda was sure she wasn’t getting turned on. Yet Alice’s voice was golden honey, warm and bright and slipping to her centre. Chocolate and honey and everything else and Linda couldn’t understand how it was all that and more. But it was. It felt so good to listen to the blonde’s voice. Just sitting there like she was told, warmth running through her. Focusing at her centre and spreading out. Her heart beating in time with the train, as the warmth flowed through every inch of her.

“I bet your pussy is all soft and warm and wet,” the blonde whispered. “Just like you are.”

Oh, God, Linda thought, the words barely emerging from the fog in her mind. She was getting turned on, arousal coursing through her. She could feel dampness between her thighs.

“Your pussy is so soft and warm and weak. Just like you’re soft and warm and weak. So weak, you’ll do what anyone tells you to. Do you want to be like that?”

“No?” Linda managed. She wasn’t sure. It felt so good, her pussy all soft and wet. Like she was soft and wet. But she shouldn’t do what just anyone told her.

“No?” Alice laughed, the delicate sound skittering across Linda’s mind. “Soft, weak, little Linda. With her soft, weak, little mind. Trying so hard to make decisions. Trying so hard to be strong. But failing, like when you bought that muffin.”

“I’m not,” the brunette tried again.

“Weak?” Alice finished the sentence for her. “Yes you are. You have a weak little mind. Soft and weak. So open. Just like your pussy. If I told you to spread your legs you’d do it wouldn’t you?”

Linda didn’t want to believe that. That she’d spread her legs for this woman, this stranger. She wasn’t in to women. And they were in public. But she knew she would. If Alice told her to. Because she was weak. Because her pussy was weak. Because her mind was weak.

But Linda didn’t spread her legs

Because she hadn’t been told to.

“Such a weak little mind. Doing what it’s told. All hot and bothered and open. That’s you isn’t it Linda?”

The brunette could only nod.

“That’s right. Agreeing with me. Because your mind is so weak. But you want to be strong, don’t you? To be strong enough to say no. To not buy that muffin. To not do what just anyone told you. To not spread your legs the first time a stranger tells you to.”

Linda nodded. Of course she wanted that. She wanted to be strong. To not be some sort of slut.

Maybe Alice could help her.

“But you’re not,” the blonde declared, Linda’s heart crashing. “Not strong. You’re weak. Your mind, open and wet. Just like your pussy. Your mind is just like your pussy, wet and open for the first person who comes along. Your mind just wants what it wants. Weak.”

Linda tried to shake her head.

“You need someone telling you what to do. That’s the only way you’ll ever be strong. You need someone else’s will. Yours will never be enough. What do you need?”

“Someone else’s will?” Linda answered. She wasn’t sure what it meant. But it felt so good to say what Alice wanted.

“That’s right,” the blonde smiled, the image slipping into Linda’s mind. Linda’s open, weak, mind. “If someone had been with you they could have told you not to buy the muffin. But someone can’t be with you all the time. Except in here.”

A delicate finger tapped Linda in the middle of her forehead. The brunette swallowed nervously, licking her lips.

“If someone strong is in there you won’t have to worry anymore.” The blonde was so close Linda could feel Alice’s breath on her skin. “You’ll know what to do. You want that.”

It wasn’t a question. Linda was being told. She was weak. She did what she was told.

She just nodded.

“They’ll be in that pussy of a mind of yours. That, wet, weak, open thing in your head. It will feel so good. Always having someone in there. Like always having something in that open pussy of yours. It will feel like you’re being fucked all the time. Won’t that be good?”

Linda could almost feel it. Something slipping into her mind, between the folds. A delicious friction. Always there. Always turning her on. Drowning her in bliss.

“And you won’t have to worry about what to do. You’ll just have to ask, what does that person want me to do? And you’ll always have your answer. And then just sink back into the pleasure. Not having to think. Obeying is so much easier than thinking.”

Linda know that was true. Obeying without thought. Like when she stepped on the train when the doors had opened. She hadn’t thought about that not really. It was so easy.

It would be so much easier if the pussy that was her mind was filled all the time.

“I know what you need,” Alice continued. “I’ll be in your mind. Telling you what to do. All the time. Always fucking your pussy-mind. Every minute of every day. You don’t have to say yes. You’ve already agreed. Not that that mattered. Your choices never did.”

It was true, so true. All Linda wanted to do was what Alice wanted. Because she was so weak. She needed someone to tell her what to do.

“I’m in there,” Alice smiled. “Every part of your little mind. Forever. For always. My will, filling you up. No thoughts in your head but how good it feels to do what I want.”

Linda’s breath caught, her eyes going wide. She could feel it. Alice in her mind. Filling her, pleasure radiating out. It wasn’t like having her pussy filled. It was better, so much better. Her small, weak, mind, was overflowing with bliss.

She came, her mind exploding.

And Alice was still there, filling her mind, fucking it.

The bliss would never end.

The train had stopped. Linda didn’t know whether it was her stop or not. It didn’t matter. Alice wanted her to follow. She would. She had no idea whether she would ever go home again. Ever go to work again. It wasn’t important. Alice would decide.

The next person to take the seat Linda had occupied found an untouched muffin there. Even if Linda had remembered it she wouldn’t have cared.

She’d found something so much better.

The End