The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

One sip

“One sip,” he stated and her hand froze in the middle of reaching for the cup. “Say what?” Time. She had to gain time. Surely there was a different way to understand his words? “Hmmm? Was that not precise enough?” He didn’t sound upset so much as just taunting. He knew. He friggin’ knew that she had understood his rule crystal-clear. And now he took delight in her squirming. Her eyes fixed on the small cup before her she sought the loophole in his plan. There had to be one. “It’s just water,” she began to deconstruct it, “Isn’t that too simple as a prop?”

“Just one sip of water,” he smirked and she realized he had anticipated this, “sweeps your will away. That is how it works. Because I say so. Are you saying I’m wrong?” There was a challenge hidden in his eyes. But she only managed to squeak before his words took hold. One sip of water sweeps my mind away. Sir said so. And what Sir said was true. She tried to ignore how at that memories flooded her mind. Of things he said. Truths he had created simply because he could. And feelings that were born from those truths. In more ways than one that was the worst part. She could try to find ways around it. Maybe even claim that all those ‘truths’ really were just a game she played along with. But she could not—did not want to—deny the reality of her own feelings. And so there was already a part deep down inside her that adored the way he could shape her world.

“Still,” she defiantly sat up and folded her hands in her lap, “I’m not thirsty. Which means I’m not taking a sip. And thus my mind stays right where it is.” “That is only fair.” Wait, that was it? He was just accepting her refusal? “Because you admitted that as soon as you take one sip your mind will be swept away.” A fluttering breath filled with shame and desire and excitement later she cursed herself. That had been obvious, damn it! But now that Sir had said it out loud there was no taking it back. Because of course her choice of words had pretty much been the same as admitting the truth behind his rule. “Naturally,” a trace of naughty confidence began to echo in his voice, “I have lots of ways to take away your little mind whenever I want to. Don’t I, pretty girl?” Involuntarily her legs clenched in a futile attempt to hide how moist her panties became.

“Yes, sir.” The words slipped past her lips together with her breath. Too fast, too natural to even think about withholding them. That’s how easy it is to agree with Sir, she thought and knowing that this response was something he had trained her to say, this joy something he had programmed her brain to feel, only made it even better. “So perhaps if I wanted your mind to be gone I wouldn’t need you to take a sip. I could just as well use any of those other ways to get there.” She was painfully aware of his eyes scanning her body for the tiniest hint of a twitch. But surely she could resist this obvious teasing?

“Yes, sir.”

Well, so much for resisting! His fingertips began to draw small circles around the nape of her neck with feathery touch and despite herself she found her eye lids fluttering, her breath slowing down until the world around her seemed so far away. The most amazing part about it was that he didn’t even press down—or at least touch the spot itself. By now she was so deeply obedient to his will that even just hinting at the trigger caused her mind to grow hazy. Some part of her could still think. And that part was only the fraction of a moment away from happily letting go for him—holding out just a little while longer. Try to struggle against his power for at least one more tiny instant.

“That’s right, pretty girl. Keep trying to fight it. Keep resisting for me.” Her head swam. Was she just obeying another command by resisting? That couldn’t be as right as it felt. “Yes, sir,” she husked her response. It was really fortunate she could respond without thinking. Her brain was a bit too busy monitoring his fingers at the moment. “Try to delay dropping into trance for me. For as long as you can.” She moaned. She was trying her best to resist resisting to resist. If only that were not this confusing! Her eyes sought his, pleading for help. Sir would know what she was supposed to resist. “You can always take just one sip and wash it all away,” she heard him say casually, “Just a few droplets of water will wash your mind away—and with it all this difficult thinking. Doesn’t that sound so wonderful and easy, pretty girl?” “Yes, sir.” Agreeing was obvious. The quickly fading part of her mind cursed him for using her trigger here. For making her agree no matter what she thought.

The rest of her mind was whimpering with need.

“You already know you’ll be hypnotized, pretty girl.” “Yes, sir.” “I think for you when you’re hypnotized. Isn’t that right, pretty girl?” “Yes, sir.” He deliberately moved his mouth right next to her ear until every breath of his felt like he were nibbling on it: “I will take your mind away. And you don’t want me to stop. Is that true, pretty girl?” “Yes, sir!”

Even now his fingers kept teasing her mind just enough to prevent all thought from stopping. There was just barely enough will left in her to recognize what he was doing to her mind. And far too little for any reaction other than a silently growing damp spot between her legs and moans instead of words. Since he had not given her more words to say, no further truths to believe aside from those two. “Yes, sir.”

For the blink of an eye the fact crossed her mind that she couldn’t recall what she just agreed to. The knowledge that she meant it wholeheartedly, on the other hand, was unmistakable. He’s doing it right now, a squealing voice somewhere seemed to tell her, making my mind his. Just then his hand stopped. It remained between her shoulders, an unspoken reminder that he could reach that spot whenever he so desired. But holding still and thus allowing her mind to resume. Well, somewhat. Her head remained dazed. Feeling distant, almost a little drunk on the surreal bliss she always felt as soon as he changed her mind. “Um…” She didn’t get any further than that.

“Down.” The hand on her back was exerting pressure solely for show. Her body was sliding off the couch on the ground, his word a more powerful driving force than anything else. Eyes downcast she waited. “Perfect.” There was a hint of praise in his voice and all of her hummed with glee. For a few moments silence filled the room as he slid his hands underneath her clothes, undressing her with ceremonious grace. For a few moments the entire world was nothing but his touch on her body, nothing but his hands laying her bare before him. Then a short tinkering noise broke the silence as the cup left the table. She couldn’t see it. But instinctively she knew he held it now. It felt strange somehow as the thought passed her mind that the cup was now as much in the palm of his hands as she was. As much subject to his will and decisions as her. Then his left hand was already underneath her chin, lifting her face up to to meet his intend gaze. He smiled. A cold smile that set her nerves tingling with fire. “I certainly don’t have to,” his words as much praise that stroked her soul as mockery that seemed to tie the bonds around her mind even tighter, “but as soon as you take a sip from this it will wash your mind away. And leave you so very blank for me, completely open and vulnerable to my words. You’re going to be so very suggestible for me, pretty girl.” “Yes, sir.” She didn’t know if the sound of her reply even left her lips. Or if she was already too slack and unfocused for that. In the end, though, it didn’t matter anymore. Not with the cup in his hand, or his eyes on hers, or the sound of his voice winding around her brain like silky threats until she could no longer tell which was his will and which was her free decision.

She only really noticed how his fingers grabbed a hold of her hair to force her head in position that much more easily when the rim of the full cup already brushed against her lips. “You’ve done so well for me, pretty girl.” “Yes, sir,” she sighed happily whilst finally stopping all that exhausting struggle to stay awake for him.

“Now drink!”

* * *