The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

“One Thing Leads to Another”

Sophie flopped backwards onto the couch in triumphant exhaustion. There was still a lot to do—the cardboard boxes needed to go down to the dumpster, the posters still needed to go up on the walls, the clothes needed to go from ‘strewn across the bed’ to ‘folded and put away in the dresser’, and Sophie needed to wash off the sweat she’d worked up from moving everything in. But all that could wait for a few minutes. The important point was, dorm life had officially begun. Her parents had left a full hour ago, and for the first time in her life, she wasn’t expecting to see them again anytime soon. She was a genuine, card-carrying adult, living for the first time in her very own space—it was small, but she didn’t care. She didn’t have to worry about anyone bursting in on her, she didn’t have to share the room with obnoxious siblings...she had total freedom within these four walls.

I think I’ll leave my towel on the floor after my shower, she decided. Just to see what it feels like.

Her act of rebellion was interrupted by a knock on the door, and Sophie almost jumped at the sound. She hadn’t expected anyone—she’d moved in a full week before classes started, and the residence hall was barely a quarter full. She didn’t have any high school friends going to Christian Liberty—most of them wanted to go to schools that weren’t quite so ‘square’. Her parents had a ten-hour drive to get back to Pittsburgh; they wouldn’t turn around and come back for anything less than the campus catching fire. So who would be...?

The knock sounded again, and Sophie scrambled to answer it. She opened the door to reveal a woman with brown curly hair, thick-rimmed glasses, and a tweed outfit that left practically everything to the imagination. She smiled an aggressively friendly smile and thrust her hand out for Sophie to shake. “Hello!” she said brightly. “My name is Carol, and I’m with the Christian Liberty University Welcoming Committee!”

Before Sophie could say a word, Carol stepped into the doorway as though she’d already been invited. “Your parents mentioned to us that you would be moving in today,” she said, “and we thought we’d stop by and have a friendly chat with you about what you can expect from campus life.” With a touch of bewilderment, Sophie craned her neck to glimpse the hallway, but she didn’t see anyone else. Apparently Carol was using ‘we’ to mean ‘me, and the moral authority I carry’. Still, Sophie was far too much her parents’ daughter to kick out an authority figure without at least an effort at polite conversation, and Carol would almost certainly understand that she was way too wiped to have any kind of meaningful discussion.

“Well, thank you,” she said, intending to follow that up with a brief monologue about her desire for fifteen minutes’ rest and a long shower before any kind of orientation session, but Carol pounced on the pause like a lion stalking a gazelle.

“You’re so welcome, Sophie!” Carol closed the door behind her. “We know what it can be like for a young lady like you—away from home for the first time, out on your own, feeling that heady rush of freedom that comes from being an adult with an adult’s responsibilities. It can be a little overwhelming, especially when you don’t yet have the routine of classes to help you settle in. That’s why we wanted to talk to you as soon as possible about some of the more important expectations we have here at CLU. The most important, really” She sat down on the couch, her knees held tightly together and her hands folded in her lap as if in prayer. “I’d like to talk to you about chastity.”

Sophie felt her cheeks flush involuntarily. “Oh, well, um...thank you, b—” She tried a little harder this time, but the next word was effortlessly devoured by Carol’s response.

“You’re welcome, Sophie. I know this isn’t an easy talk, especially coming from an old fuddy-duddy like me.” Carol chuckled lightly. Sophie almost laughed along; it was difficult to be sure, what with the hairstyle and the tweed dress that rendered her almost shapeless, but Carol didn’t look much more than ten years older than Sophie was. “But it’s vitally important that we discuss it, because a pretty young thing like you can get into trouble so easily.”

Sophie’s body language must have given away her irritation, because Carol headed her off before the words could even make it to her lips. “I know you don’t think so—believe me, I’ve talked to hundreds of bright young girls who’ve come to Liberty precisely because they’re not ‘that kind of girl’. I’m sure you’ve made promises—to your parents, to your beau back home, to yourself, even—that you’re going to save yourself for the right young man, and for your wedding night.”

Sophie was about to explain that she didn’t even have a beau yet, but Carol had taken the reins of the conversation and had no intent of letting them go. “Those promises are wonderful, Sophie, and I’m sure you think you’ll never break them. You’d never ‘go too far’ with a boy, never let them ‘take advantage’ of you. But the thing, sit down with me for a moment.”

Sophie sat down, bristling just a bit. She didn’t like the tone of Carol’s conversation—Carol might have talked to hundreds of young women, but it didn’t seem like she’d listened to a single one. Sophie had never had any problem sticking to her abstinence pledge. She’d always been proud of the fact that her parents could trust her to wait. She’d never even touched herself, let alone a boy. She certainly had no intention of letting some campus pickup artist get into her pants...well, when she was wearing pants. She suddenly glanced down at her outfit. Was that the problem? She’d only worn the cut-off shorts because she knew she was going to be carrying boxes in the hot sun. Carol didn’t think—

“I normally dress much more modestly,” Sophie blurted out before she could stop herself.

Carol only smiled all the wider. “Of course you do, my dear!” She patted Sophie gently on the shoulder. “I wouldn’t want you to believe that I thought of you as some sort of ‘loose’ or ‘fast’ girl, just because you were wearing shorts that were a little too high...and a shirt that showed a little too much.” Sophie gritted her teeth, but if Carol noticed, she didn’t let on. “It’s just that, need to make sure you’re careful about the situations you get into. Because once you’re in one of those risky situations, you may find things getting out of control without ever meaning for it to happen.”

Sophie had just about had enough. “Look,” she said, “I’ve had these same talks with my parents, and I can tell you what I told them. I don’t plan on going to parties, I don’t plan on ‘hanging out’ with boys, and I have no intention of getting into any kind of risky situations.” She hated the way she sounded, all frazzled and defensive, but she was tired and angry and the only way to get in edgewise appeared to be to rattle her sentences out like a machine gun.

“Oh, of course not, dear!” Carol responded in saccharine tones. “Nobody ever plans for any of these things to happen. But when you get into a bad situation, it’s so easy for it to get out of control. One thing leads to another, and then another, and pretty soon you’re in a place you never intended to be. That’s why I’m here, to help you identify those bad decisions early and avoid them. Here, let’s pretend I’m a boy, and we’re studying together in your room.“

Sophie was still trying to wrap her head around that statement when Carol swiveled slightly to face her on the couch. “Now, I know you would never bring a boy over to your dorm meaning to go ‘all the way’ with him, but it’s so easy for that innocent study session to turn into a mistake without either one of you intending it to happen. It starts with the smallest things—maybe he puts his hand on your knee, for example.” Carol reached out and matched the action to the words.

“Um.” Sophie looked down, not quite sure what to say. Carol’s hand rested on her knee with the kind of familiarity that suggested it had always been there, radiating a pleasant warmth against her skin. “First, I wouldn’t bring a boy to my room. So this,” she pointed to the hand by way of a hint, “simply wouldn’t happen.”

Carol sighed in mock pity. “Oh, if only I could tell you all the times I’ve heard that! So many girls start with good intentions, and the next thing you know, they’re alone with a boy and he’s stroking their leg.” Sophie inhaled a touch sharply—Carol was doing exactly that, petting her in a circular motion that definitely felt a little too intimate. This felt like it might take ‘pretending’ just a bit far.

“If he did that, I would tell him to stop,” Sophie said, setting her face in her firmest expression and emphasizing the last word with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer.

“That’s a good start,” Carol said, while not actually stopping at all. If anything, her hand began roaming further up and down Sophie’s calf, caressing the muscles before gently dragging her fingernails back up to Sophie’s thigh. “But it’s easy to say that you’d do that when it’s not happening to you. You might think that you’d have the resolve to say ‘no’, but imagine those warm, tingling sensations running up and down your leg. They’d distract you, Sophie. They’d distract you because you’ve never felt anything like them before.”

Sophie had to admit, those fingers were a little bit distracting. She’d never really gotten past the hand-holding stage with a boy before, and while that had felt kind of nice and warm in a way that she didn’t really want to think about right now, it wasn’t anything like this. When Carol’s hand ran down her leg, it felt like sparks were shooting right up her body, all the way along her spine, and into her head. She couldn’t help imagining just how hard it would be to say no to somebody doing that to her. Even somebody less determined than Carol seemed to be.

Carol’s fingernails were tracing the hem of Sophie’s shorts now, occasionally scritching across the fabric to trail up and over and down to her other leg. “That same resolve that kept you safe all through high school is exactly what would make you weak, Sophie. You’ve spent so long avoiding the boys that you don’t even know how good it feels to be touched like that. Those fingers, those warm hands would leave you shaking, quivering, tingling, panting.”

Sophie wasn’t panting—she felt like she couldn’t breathe at all. But she was shaking just a little. She hated to admit it, especially considering that Carol was another woman, but this was getting to her just a little. She needed to get Carol out of here and clear her head before...before this led to something more. (But it wasn’t real, was it? They were just pretending, weren’t they? Something in those touches made her a little uncertain.)

But if she did kick Carol out, wouldn’t that mean that Carol was right? Or would that be the right thing to do if they were just pretending? Sophie wasn’t really sure of anything anymore. Wouldn’t stopping mean that she really couldn’t trust her own body? It was hard to think, and the feeling of Carol’s hands rubbing up and down her legs wasn’t helping.

“And that innocent touch leads to a little kiss, Sophie,” Carol said, leaning in. “That boy distracts you, weakens your resolve, and then....mmmmm....” Carol’s lips pressed against Sophie’s. It was soft, insistent, nothing like she’d imagined a kiss would feel like. Carol followed it with another, then another, then another before Sophie could even fully respond to the first one.

“And you can’t resist those kisses.” The words allowed no possibility of disagreement, but Sophie tried to open her mouth to at least try. Carol kissed her open mouth hard, pressing her back into the couch and leaving her gasping for air. “Of course you can’t. Your libido is finally waking up now, all those years of repression leaving you so vulnerable to the first person to touch you the way you need to be touched.” Carol’s hands kept up a counterpoint to her words and her lips, sliding just underneath the hem of Sophie’s shorts and tickling her upper thighs.

“You see, Sophie? One little touch leads to a kiss leads to another kiss, and before you know it, you’re not in control of your body at all.” Carol interspersed the words with slow, nuzzling kisses down Sophie’s neck to her collarbone, pulling aside her t-shirt to expose her shivering skin. “You can’t control this. You can’t imagine why you ever thought you could. You’re completely helpless against that aching, relentless desire.”

Carol pulled the shirt completely off one shoulder, taking Sophie’s bra with it and exposing her right breast. “And those caresses, those kisses, that arousal leads you on without you ever realizing when it became impossible to stop.” She leaned in and planted a long, slow, wet, sucking kiss directly on Sophie’s nipple. “Doesn’t it?”

Sophie dimly realized that she’d just been asked a question, the first time in what seemed like the whole conversation that Carol had actually wanted her opinion. But she wasn’t sure what she should answer, or even what the question was exactly. Carol seemed to have too many hands and too many mouths and she was finding all these places to touch Sophie and suddenly she was grinding the heel of her hand against Sophie’s crotch and she’d never imagined that it would feel like this and the question was something about...

Carol pulled down the rest of the shirt, trapping her arms and leaving her breasts exposed. “Doesn’t it, Sophie?” she asked firmly, running her fingernails across Sophie’s nipples while she continued rubbing the crotch of Sophie’s shorts.

“I, um...I...” Sophie couldn’t remember what the right answer was. She couldn’t remember what the right question was. “Yes?”

“That’s exactly right, my sweet girl,” Carol whispered in her ear, nibbling on her earlobe between breaths. “It’s impossible to stop, it’s impossible to fight. When you feel this good, this hot, all you can do is give in.” Sophie felt Carol’s fingers undoing the button on her shorts, slowly pulling down the zipper, insinuating their way inside her shorts and her panties and her pussy in one smooth and practiced gesture. “You can’t resist. You can’t fight it. All you can do is melt into helpless pleasure.”

“...pleasure...” Sophie whimpered out the word as though it was the only thing that still made sense to her. Her body humped Carol’s fingers without any conscious effort on her part, driving them deeper and deeper inside with each thrust of her hips.

“Good girl,” Carol said. “Doesn’t that make so much sense?” She punctuated her words with a lingering lick over Sophie’s erect nipples. “Once you start to give in, you can’t stop. You can’t resist. All it takes is for the two of us to be alone together, and your body takes you to this state of needy...aroused...endless...pleasure.” Her thumb danced across Sophie’s clit, eliciting another round of moans and whimpers. “You don’t need to think about it. It just...happens. One thing leads to another, and before you know it you’re aching to be my good little slut without even realizing it.” She flicked Sophie’s nipples, first one and then the other. “Isn’t that right?”

“Yes,” Sophie whimpered, no longer caring what she was agreeing to. Her pussy was so wet now, and the fingers felt so good inside her, and she just wanted to stop thinking and let all the ecstasy wash over her in a wave of pure pleasure. She’d already felt it once, maybe twice, and it felt better than anything she’d imagined. If that was an orgasm, no wonder so many of the girls in high school had been trying to have them.

“But of course, you don’t want a reputation as a ‘fast’ girl, do you?” Sophie shook her head. The words only loosely connected in her mind now; she was listening to the tone of Carol’s voice, agreeing with whatever she was told. It was the quickest way to get Carol to fuck her harder with those amazing fingers. “No, of course not. So you’re going to stay out of these situations with boys, or even with other girls. It’s just not safe, not now that you understand that your horny, slutty, sexy body will make you mindless and aroused so easily.”

Carol pulled Sophie forward, and even though Sophie’s eyes were half-closed with bliss, she could see that Carol was pulling her head down into Carol’s lap. The tweed skirt had been hiked all the way up to Carol’s waist, and there were no panties underneath. “So you’re only going to be like this with me. Any time I come to visit, you’ll just let me right in, and let that sexy little pussy of yours do all the thinking for you.”

She pressed Sophie’s face down until it was nuzzling Carol’s pussy, and the musky scent absolutely swamped Sophie’s senses. “It’s all you need to do. It’s all you want to do. Whenever you and I are alone, you’re going to wind up right there, licking my pussy, aren’t you?” Sophie’s only response was a moan muffled by slick flesh. “You...oh, you can’t stop it, you can’t...mmm, you can’t fight and...hhh...oh, good girl, good girl, good fucking girl!” Sophie felt a rush of fluid against her face and lapped it up eagerly.

And then Carol was lifting her up, shifting position, sliding under her and pulling her shorts down around her ankles. Within moments, Sophie felt Carol’s tongue licking her the same way she’d licked Carol just moments ago. It felt slick, wet, insistent, spiking into her pussy, and she was grinding down against it, moaning and begging and whimpering but it all just came out as grunts and moans because her mouth was occupied sucking on Carol’s clit, and every time she writhed in pleasure she felt her clothes restricting her movement and making her feel so deliciously helpless that she had to cum, and one orgasm led to the next, and to the next, and to the next...

Until finally Carol slid out from under her, leaving her naked and spent on the couch. Sophie rolled over, barely able to move, her eyes glazed with pleasure. “My beautiful girl,” Carol said, caressing her cheek with fingers slick with Sophie’s juices. “And every night you’ll think about this, about me, and those thoughts will lead you to arousal...and that will lead to playing with that beautiful pussy while you think about how easy it is to agree with everything I tell you...and that will lead to you looking forward to my next little visit, won’t it?”

Sophie knew that the only response that question could lead to. “Yes, ma’am,” she said, her eyes sliding shut as Carol let herself out.