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Owning Eric, Part 4

Eric hadn’t been home on leave for a few months so he was enjoying having some time off. His little brother Danny seemed to be glad to have him home, too, which was kind of a surprise to Eric, since he and Danny didn’t always get along. Danny was a lot younger than him, 18 to Eric’s 29, and he was kind of a slacker compared to Eric, who was a Naval officer and a SEAL to boot.

“Bro, I have really been looking forward to you coming home.” Danny had said with a gleam in his eye. “You should see my tape production lab in the basement,” Danny bragged. “It’s as good as anything at school and I can make most any tape. I have even done some re-mixes with special sound effects. Can I show you?” Danny practically begged.

“Sure Danny,” Eric said, “We can check it out later.”

With that Danny said, “cool”, and headed off for soccer practice. After spending some time watching TV, Eric called up his buddy Justin who was on leave with him. Justin was staying at a nearby hotel but he wasn’t in his room when Eric called. Probably out banging some bitch, he thought. Justin was a real ladies man and, with his pumped up good looks and his blond hair, he got more than his share of pussy.

Eric was getting bored when he remembered Danny talking about his sound setup in the basement. What the hell, he figured, might as well check it out. When he got down into the cellar, Danny’s stuff was scattered all over the place. He looked it over, but it wasn’t all that interesting to him, just a bunch of recording decks, a computer and some tapes and CDs.

Then Eric remembered the place under the loose board at the foot of the stairs where he used to hide stuff. Just maybe...

BINGO! He looked in there and found some tapes and a notebook. The notebook was a journal of some sort. Danny’s secret thoughts? Eric thought, oh, man, I have got to read this!

He started reading the journal and it was more like some kind of scientific log, although not for very long.

Day One: Gym: I snuck into the gym and put my new workout tapes in place of the regular gym tapes. They look identical and they have the same collection of songs, but they have the new subliminals on them, too.

The guys on the team worked out in the gym to the music for two hours. Coach was in the room too. Things seemed to go okay without anyone noticing anything different. I wore my earplugs and nobody noticed.

Day Seven: Gym: The guys on the team have been exposed to the subliminals for seven days, two hours a day. Coach has been exposed about five times for a total of 8-10 hours. They seem no different. I will wait till end of practice tomorrow before putting it to the test.

Day Eight: Locker room: Things went even better than I could have expected!

I waited until after practice when we were in the locker room changing. As soon as everyone was there I made sure the door was locked and hopped up on the bench.

“Hey guys I got an announcement!” I said. They all turned and looked at me. I just smiled and said.

“Dudes... I OWN YOUR ASSES!” It was like I flicked a switch. Their eyes glazed over and they all just stood there, repeating “Danny owns my ass.” They were totally mindless. Totally mine.

I didn’t waste any time, “Ok Dudes. You all are feeling really horny. You want to strip naked. In fact, you LOVE being naked. Nakedness feels really good. You love to be naked because nakedness is the sign of a true slave boy.”

The clothes started flying immediately as all the dudes on the team stripped off their uniforms, their socks, their shoes, and their jocks, all of them standing totally bareass naked and most of them starting to show boners as my suggestions got into their minds.

“Love to be naked,” they all muttered.

“And why do you love to be naked?” I asked.

“Because nakedness is the sign of a true slave boy,” they answered in unison.

“Good boys, really good. From now on you are all my sex slaves. Every time you find yourself in this good feeling you will want to be my sex slaves. You will want to do anything I command.” I informed my once straight soccer team.

“...Anything you command,” they all chanted. All twenty of my teammates were standing there, naked, jacking their cocks because they were SO fucking horny. It was just what I had always wanted. I told them they each had to suck my cock and to get in line like in practice. They obeyed without delay and soon, John, the youngest guy on the team, was on his knees paying homage to his new master’s cock.

John kneeling in front of me was so hot. He’s a hot jock, young, and built. He has blond hair and green eyes, and that innocent boy look all the chicks loved. I was in heaven. The rest of the team just stood there playing with their cocks.

Looking over at Jay the team captain. “Jay you are a total cocksucker. You love cocks. All you want to do is go around and suck the team’s cocks so they will stay nice and hard. You can not let them cum though. You can only suck them for five minutes and then go on to the next cock.”

“Yes, master!” Jay said. “I love cock!” He instantly got down on his knees and started sucking the nearest cock.

“Greg,” I called out to the assistant captain. “All you want to do is lick my tight ass. You love the taste of my ass Greg. You love it.”

Greg almost dove for my ass as Jay started sucking dick. They both had looks of total desire on their faces. I LOVED IT. I can not explain the total turn on it was to have these once straight dudes working each others cocks (which they had started on their own) and sucking cocks and licking my ass. They would have beaten the shit out of me before. Now they ADORED me, WORSHIPPED me.

“Lick my balls Johnny,” I directed from above. “You are doing great slave boy. You just LOVE to suck cock. You live to suck cock Johnny. And most of all, you live to suck MY cock, Johnny.” Damn I love it. Twenty studs willing to do whatever I wanted. I felt in heaven, Johnny boy sucking me off and Greg eating my ass. I was gonna have to fuck something soon. I eventually couldn’t stand it any longer and wanted to fuck the two biggest studs on the team, Scott and Brian. I ordered them on their knees and then had the two captains get behind them to lick their holes nice and wet for the fucking I was about to give them.

Johnny kept sucking me like a good slave boy. The others watched, kissing each other, feeling each other up and jerking each other. My command that they be sex slaves seemed to have a good effect on them

“That’s it Greg and Jay. You love licking your team mates asses. They taste so GOOD, and you love it. You want them nice and wet for my cock don’t you!” I demanded of my new toys.

“YES, MASTER!” they cried as they slobbered all over their teammates’ asses. I knew I would end up fucking all four of them. I picked Scott as the one I would blow my load inside of. He was the straightest of the bunch and I wanted him to feel another guy’s cum explode into his guts.

Scott looked better than your typical high school jock. He had been working on his bod for some time and it showed. Truly defined muscle like Scot’s didn’t usually show up until guys hit their 20’s. Scot was all muscle. His dark hair and blue eyes would catch your attention and then his perfect body, smooth tight pecs, big biceps and cute bubble butt would destroy you. The girls at school had all succumbed to his good looks. Well, the ones he wanted anyway. He was a big chick hound, and there he was getting his ass licked so he could let his MASTER fuck him. It was too perfect.

As Jay worked on Scott’s ass, Greg was going to town on Brian’s. I had always suspected Brian was bi or at least curious. I didn’t want to take the risk I was wrong before, and now, well now it doesn’t matter, does it? Brian was about 5′11″, with brown hair and brown eyes. He had this smile that made you think he was up to something and he was a total stud on the field. He was probably the best player on the team. Though his body was not up to the form that Scott’s was, his was that teenager body that is a powerhouse. The strong muscles under smooth skin.

There they were on all fours, loving the tongues bathing their holes, ever ready to get fucked by their master. Their 7-inch cocks hard as rocks. Seemed though they had different body types, Scott and Brian both had relatively the same size cock. Though not important to me, they would be using them on their buds soon enough.

I let Johnny work my cock real hard and then told Jay and Greg to suck each other off while I fucked the studs, they started to 69 immediately. Walking up behind Scott and Brian I made sure they were ready. “Scott, Brian...I own your asses bros. And you want my hard cock inside them don’t you, guys? You love to have my hard cock deep in your ass, you NEED it in your ass.”

“Yes, Sir!” they both responded instantly. “You own our asses Sir. We NEED your cock inside them, Sir. Our asses love your cock deep inside them. We love your cock, Sir,” and to accentuate what they said, they both thrust their ass in the air, hoping theirs would be the first I fucked.

I took Brian’s first. Only because I knew I had to save my boy juice for Scott’s tight muscle ass. I ran my hands over his hot jock ass. Those smooth melons with a little bit of Greg’s spit still shining on it. My touch seemed to send shivers up Brian’s back. He reacted like a cheap whore, thrusting his ass further into the air begging “Fuck me, Sir, please fuck me. I need your cock so badly, Sir!”

I just laughed. Pushing my Johnny-lubed cock into his wet hole. He relaxed his butt for me and I slipped in, tightly but without much trouble, seems if the mind is totally willing the body will follow along. Inside him was nice and warm, tight, pulling on my cock. I started to rock back and forth and Brian was in heaven. Moaning with no discernible words.

I reached around his sides and grabbed his throbbing cock jerking it for him. While he moaned I leaned against him and whispered, “You cant cum unless I tell you to Brian. Just enjoy the feeling of your master in side you and jerking you. Each fuck, each jerk you become more assured of how much you love to SERVE me.”

“Serve you, Master” he moaned. We must have fucked for ten minutes. I looked over at Scott. Still on his hands and knees and two of my other slaves seemed to sense he had to be kept lubed, as they had taken up to both lick his ass, each taking a turn with their tongue down his hole. They were such good boys.

The look on Scott’s face was priceless. He had this low guttural moan leaving him, probably because of his buddies rimming him, and he looked at Brian like a jealous slut, wanting all the cock for himself. He was actually ENVIOUS that his buddy was getting fucked by some other dude. Mr. Straight boy, Mr. Pussy Doctor now wanted cock so bad he was jealous of anyone else getting it.

“You want some of this dick, Scott?” I asked him, already knowing the answer. “You need this cock, Scott?”

“Yes Master, I truly need it. I must have it, Sir, please!” Scott begged.

“You can have it Scott but the only reason for getting fucked is so the top can cum isn’t it Scott?” I lead him to his own end.

“Yes, Master, so the top can cum.”

“And where do you want me to cum Scott?” I questioned.

“Sir?” Scott asked in a daze.

“You want me to cum inside you don’t you, Scott?” I pushed on. It was like watching a light snap on.

“Yes Master, please CUM INSIDE ME SIR!” He begged with true fervor. Seems he really liked the idea. If you had asked him, I bet he would have thought it was his. I needed no other requirement. I entered Scott as I had entered his jock buddy, who by the way was lying on his back sucking Greg’s cock. He was hard and Greg was working on his cock as well.

Once inside Scott, I began to fuck him slowly till his ass got used to it. Then I built up speed and thrust and began to fuck Scott hard. I fucked him like a cheap slut. His moaning doing nothing but make me want to fuck him harder.

“Scott, you love to get fucked the harder the better. To be honest Scott the harder I fuck you the more gay you become. The deeper I fuck you the more of a true and utter sex slave you are. And you love it all, you want it all, beg for it Scott beg to be turned into a fuckslave for my amusement.”

“Oh Fuck Sir. I love your cock fuck me harder Sir.” I pounded into his ass.

“Fuck me Sir, not much left of the straight boy Sir, please fuck him out of me.” As I fucked him his hole opened up, as if the straight boy in him lost more and more ground allowing me deeper and deeper inside him. Finally he just pulled his legs up to his head and begged me to fuck him, which I gladly did.

I must have fucked him a good 15 minutes. We were both drenched in sweat. Finally I was ready to cum inside this boy, and a thought suddenly hit me. All my boys were here, hard, jerking it and none had cum yet. I couldn’t let them go that way.

“Gather around slaves. Your master is about to claim slave Scott’s body and mind. When I cum inside him you will all cum onto him. I want him covered in cum inside and out.” The dudes on the team all gathered around, each of them jacking their hard cocks.

“Scott you will love cum. You will want it in you as well as on you. The idea of being drenched in cum turns you on beyond belief. It is the only thing that you want other than pleasing me. When you feel us cum on you and in you, you will be allowed to cum as well.” My instructions were answered with a low moan of “Yesssirrrrr.”

It took me just a few minutes more and I was ready to fill him with my load. “Get ready slaves, your master is close.” I declared. They all took a step closer. As I began to feel my load move up I gave them their final order.

“Now slaves, shoot it! Cum now!” With just those simple words 19 high school soccer jocks let loose their teen spunk on top of and inside the slave once known as Scott.

When I looked down at him, after my post cum high, Scott was rubbing the cum into his chest. He was moaning soft sounds of pure happiness. The other slaves were sitting on the floor all spent from the fun we had. I knew though, that each had to go through the same thing before I would consider them my true slave. I have time though they aren’t going anywhere. They’re mine. All mine.

Eric put the journal down or rather it dropped from his hands as he stared at the floor in shock and anger. His brother was a fag and worse he was a fag that would turn his friends and fellow team members into his slaves, betraying their trust. The SEAL in him drove Eric to decide he had to teach his brother a lesson. A plan began to form in his head as he looked at Danny’s tapes.

Owning Eric, Part 5

Eric snuck into Danny’s room late that night, carrying the walkman he brought home with him. Lucky for him Danny was such a sound sleeper. He hated to get up in the morning and slept like a rock most of the time.

His little bro was sprawled out on his bed in just his boxers, the sheets thrown off his body. Eric looked at Danny sleeping and could hardly believe that his bro had turned all the other guys on his soccer team into his sex slaves, turned them into total fags. This is for your own good, bro, he thought as he put the earphones gently over Danny’s ears and hit the “PLAY” button on the walkman. He snuck back in a couple hours later to take off the headphones and take the walkman away, after the tape he’d found in the basement had played all the way through.

Eric repeated the process for the rest of the week, sneaking into Danny room each night to play the mind-altering tape while he slept, then taking away the evidence before Danny woke up. From what he read in his brother’s journal, that should be enough time, he thought. Then all Eric had to do was put it to the test.

He waited until the weekend when their parents were away before trying it out. “Hey, bro,” he asked Danny on Saturday afternoon, “you want to kick the ball around?” He had Danny’s soccer ball out on the table already and was dressed in his athletic shorts and a T-shirt.

“Cool,” Danny said and went upstairs to change. He came back down wearing a wifebeater and a pair of Umbros and the two of them went out into the back yard. It was fenced in, so nobody could see what they were doing, which suited Eric’s plan just fine.

Danny was a good soccer player, since he played for the school team, while Eric was more used to playing games like rugby, but he kept up with his bro just fine, even letting Danny get a little ahead so he’d feel more confident. His little brother got really cocky.

“I’m kicking your ass, bro!” he said.

“Score’s still close, dude,” Eric said, “all I need is one more goal to even things up.”

“No way you’re gonna get past me!” Danny laughed, standing near the goal.

“Think so?” Eric said with a smile. “Try this!” He dropped the ball on the grass in front of him, lined up for a kick and looked over at his little brother.

“Hey Danny?”


“I own your ass.”

Suddenly Danny’s eyes seemed to go blank and he just started.

“Yeah,” he said, “you own my ass, bro.”

“Step aside,” Eric said and Danny took a couple steps to the right. Eric kicked the ball through the goal easily. Danny didn’t even try to stop it.

It worked! Eric walked up to where his brother was standing, entranced. The tapes had worked. From what he read in Danny’s journal, his bro would do anything he told him to. Now it was time to teach Danny a lesson.

“Hey bro, aren’t you feeling hot in all those clothes?” Eric asked. Danny immediately started to sweat and tug at his shirt. “You’d feel a lot better if you just took them off.”

“Yeah, take them off,” Danny said. He slipped his shirt over his head and dropped in on the ground, then shucked his Umbros, leaving him wearing just his sneakers and a jockstrap.

“In fact,” Eric said, “why don’t you get naked.”

“Get naked,” Danny said as he took of his shoes and stripped off his jockstrap, standing bareass naked in the backyard in front of his older brother.

“Do you know why you’re naked bro?” Eric asked. Danny looked puzzled.

“You love being naked don’t you?”

“Love being naked,” Danny said.

“Because nakedness is the sign of a true slave boy,” Eric continued.

“Nakedness is the sign of a true slave boy,” Danny muttered.

“What are you?” Eric asked his brother.

“I’m naked, sir.”

“Why are you naked?”

“Because nakedness is the sign of a true slave boy, sir.”

“Are you a true slave boy, Danny?”

“Yes, sir!” his bro answered. “You own my ass, sir!” Eric stopped for a moment. He didn’t know if this was going to do any good. It was like Danny was a robot. Would he even remember the lesson Eric was going to teach him? If he didn’t really experience things, then he wouldn’t learn anything.

“Danny,” Eric said. “I want you to listen to me. You’re going to be completely awake and aware of what’s happening, but you’re still going to know that I own your ass and you’re going to be completely obedience to me. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” Danny said.


“Ok, bro, now I... what the fuck?” Danny said as he suddenly realized he was standing naked in front of his brother with no idea how he got that way.

“Hey, bro,” Eric said with a wicked smile. Danny tried to make a move toward his clothes but found that he couldn’t.

“Fuck! What’s going on?” he said.

“I found you’re little experimental journal, faggot,” Eric said. Danny’s eyes got wide and he looked a little scared. “Now I’m gonna teach you not to mess with people,” Eric continued.

“Bro, c’mon,” Danny started to say.

“Shut up!” Eric said and Danny suddenly couldn’t talk any more. “That’s right,” his big brother continued. “I’ve been getting you to listen to those fucking tapes of yours. Now you do what I say. Stay right there.”

Eric went back into the house and came out with his cell phone. He opened it and handed it to Danny. “Call Brian and Scott and tell them to come over.” Danny took the phone helplessly and dialed the numbers. After speaking briefly with his two teammates, he hung up.

“They’re on their way,” he said through gritted teeth.

“Good,” Eric said. “Now you’re going to get a taste of what you gave them, boy. I’ll teach you not to fuck with people.”

“C’mon, bro, please,” Danny started to beg. Eric just held up a hand and he stopped talking.

“Don’t worry, bro,” he said, “dude like you’ll probably enjoy it. Isn’t the idea of getting fucked by your buddies turning you on, Danny? I bet it is. Bet it’s making you real horny.” As Eric watched Danny started to get hard. Inside of a minute his dick was hard as a rock, sticking straight up into the air.

“So horny...” Danny muttered.

A few minutes later, Eric heard a car pull into the driveway. “Remember, bro,” he told Danny, “you can only order these dudes to do things that I tell you to do. Who owns your ass, Danny?”

“You do, sir, my brother Eric owns my ass.”

“Good boy. Hey, come in guys!” Eric yelled at the sound of knock at the door. Scott and Brian came through the house into the backyard, where they saw their bud Danny standing there, totally naked and hard, in front of his big brother, Eric.

“What the fuck?” they said in unison.

“Go ahead, bro, control them,” Eric said.

“Dudes, I own your asses,” Danny said and suddenly Brian and Scott’s faces went blank, looks of surprise and disgust replaced by looks of total bliss and devotion... and lust.

“Yes, Master,” they said. “Master Danny owns our asses.”

“Oh, and bro?” Danny said, turning back to Eric. “I own your ass, too.”

As soon as he said it, Eric’s mind went blank and Danny smiled wickedly.

“Now listen carefully, bro,” he said to Eric in a mocking tone. “You’re going to be completely awake and aware of what’s happening, but you’re still going to know that I own your ass and you’re going to be completely obedience to me. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” Eric said.

“Now.” Eric started like he was awakened from a sound sleep. When he realized he couldn’t move, he started to look scared. Danny just laughed.

“Man, what a fuckin’ idiot. Did you really think I’d let somebody use my tapes on me? I put stuff into the subliminals to make me immune to them, bro. I let you think you were in charge just to see what you’d do. So you were gonna have them fuck me, huh?” He nodded his head back toward the two soccer studs standing near the door.

“Danny, please, you can’t...”

“Can’t what, slave? Who owns your ass?”

“You do, sir,” Eric said in spite of himself, “Master Danny owns my ass.”

“Good slave,” Danny said. “Are you a good slave boy?”

“Yes, sir!” Eric said. He couldn’t stop himself.

“I don’t think so,” Danny said, and Eric felt a touch of panic that he’d disappointed his master. “What’s the sign of a good slave boy?”

“Nakedness, sir.”

“Then why aren’t you naked?” Danny asked. “You do want to be naked, don’t you?”

“Oh yes, sir!” Eric said. He suddenly felt so confined in his clothes. He wanted, he needed to be naked so badly. “Please sir,” he said to his bro, “I need to be naked, sir.”

“Let’s help you with that,” Danny said. He waved Brian and Scott over.

“Dudes, I want you to slowly tear off this fuckboy’s clothes and make him naked for me.”

“Yes, master!” the said.

“Each piece of clothing is like your free will, bro. As each piece gets ripped away, so does a little more of your will to resist. It’ll feel so good to be naked,” Danny purred. “It’ll feel so good to just let it happen.”

Eric tried to summon up the will to resist as Brian and Scott each grabbed hold of a side of his shirt and yanked. He had to...


Oh god! As his shirt ripped off and his muscular chest was exposed to the air, Eric felt a surge of pleasure, shattering his will. Oh god, it felt so good!

No! He couldn’t let Danny do this to him! He had to stop it. He was a fucking Navy SEAL for chrissake! He’d been trained to resist worse than this.

Then Scott wrapped his arms around Eric’s torso and lifted him up so Brian could take off his sneakers and socks. As his bare feet touched the ground, Eric felt another surge of pleasure. All that stood between him and being naked was the running shorts and underwear he had on.

The two jocks each grabbed a leg of his shorts. God! The ripped the seams open. The shorts joined his shirt and socks in a pile on the ground.

Danny suddenly waved the two slave boys back, pausing the assault on Eric’s senses. Oh god, he was so close! He tried to gather the strength to resist, but all he could think about was how good the air felt on his skin, how good it felt to have his Master look at his body.

“You want it, don’t you?” Danny said. “It’ll feel so GOOD...”

“... so good to be naked,” Eric muttered. “Oh god, I want to be naked.”

“Those shorts are the only thing stopping you, bro,” Danny said, glancing down at Eric’s CK boxers. “Tear ‘em off and throw away the last of your free will. Tear ‘em off and tell me who owns your ass.”

Eric’s hands went to the front of his boxers like they had a mind of their own. Without taking his eyes off Danny’s magnificent naked body he grabbed the fly of his boxers and yanked, feeling the fabric rip and tear.

“Ugh, Master Danny owns my ass!” he moaned.

He felt the boxers tear off his body and nearly came from the sheer pleasure of being naked. He felt so fucking good, so completely free of having to do anything except obey his master. Danny laughed long and loud as Eric ripped off the last of his clothing, throwing away the last of his free will with it.

“On your knees, slave,” Danny told his brother and Eric obeyed without hesitation. Danny took a step forward and his hard dick was right in Eric’s face. “You want this cock, don’t you?” Danny said and suddenly Eric did. He wanted it more than anything.

“Oh, yes, Master, please let me suck your cock.”

“You will, boy,” Danny said. “And the more cock you get, the more cock you’ll want. The more cock you get the more you’ll want only to please men.”

“...please men,” Eric said, entranced by the hard cock. “Brian, Scott, strip,” Danny said, and the two jocks started shucking their clothes as quickly as possible. Eric could see they were totally hard, too.

“On your hands and knees, fuckboy,” Danny told Eric and he moved to obey. Danny thrust his dick in front of Eric’s face and said, “suck it.” Eric opened his mouth, the straight part of him disgusted at the idea of sucking a man’s dick, much less his little brother’s, but part of him wanting it so bad. As Danny’s cock slid into his mouth it felt so good, so right. Eric wanted more. He wanted to keep sucking cock.

“Tongue his ass,” he heard his Master say and suddenly the two soccer jocks were both taking turns rimming Eric’s ass. It sent shivers up his spine, it felt so good, like nothing he’d ever felt before. He focused on sucking the dick in his mouth, on pleasing his master.

After the two dudes had rimmed him for a while, even sticking their fingers in his hole, Eric heard Danny say. “Loosen him up for me,” and he felt a hard cock press against his asshole.

Oh, my god, they’re gonna fuck me! He thought. Then the dick thrust in and a wave of pleasure rushed through Eric’s body. Ugh! It felt SO GOOD! Oh my god, he LOVED cock! He loved having it in both ends. He needed to get more COCK! The dick in his ass started to trust in and out and with every thrust Eric’s desire for dick grew. Oh, god, fuck me, he thought as he sucked Danny’s dick, FUCK ME!

After a few minutes, the dick withdrew, leaving Eric feeling empty, but then another cock slid up his ass, feeling even better than the first one. The jock started fucking his ass hard, pounding his dick deep inside Eric’s military hole. He moaned around his Master’s dick, still in his mouth as the stud slammed into him over and over again. It was driving him wild!

Then, suddenly, both dicks withdrew. Scott took his dick out of Eric’s ass and Danny pulled his out of his mouth, leaving the SEAL feeling totally empty. He looked up at his Master in confusion and longing.

“What is it, slave boy?” Master Danny asked.

“Please, sir,” Eric begged, “I need cock.”

“Do you need this, boy?” Danny waved his dick in Eric’s face.

“Oh god, yes, please, sir, I need cock. I’m such a slave to cock. Please, master, please let me have more cock.”

“Tell me what a good little slave you are.”

“Oh, I’m a good little slave. I’m YOUR little slave, sir. A total slave to your cock, Master.”

“Stand up and bend over,” Danny said and Eric scrambled to do as his Master ordered. Brian and Scott came around in front of him, their dicks totally hard as Danny stood behind his big brother, pressing his hard cock against his tight hole.

“Ohhhhhhh!” Eric moaned at the feeling of a dick against his ass. “Oh, please, sir, give me your cock. Please, fuck me! FUCK ME!”

Danny grabbed Eric’s hips and slammed the whole length of his dick into his ass in one motion causing Eric to cry out in ecstasy. As he did both of the jocks shoved their dicks into his mouth, stuffing it to capacity. Danny started sliding his dick in and out of Eric’s ass, picking up speed until he was slamming into his brother’s military butt over and over again, making Eric moan around the two dicks he was sucking. Oh god, how could he have ever wanted anything other than this? He lived to get cock, to suck and to get fucked, to be a good slave boy for his Master. He was such a slave to cock!

“Take that cock, dick-slave,” Danny grunted as he pounded Eric’s ass. “When I cum in you I want your cock to explode, bro. You’re gonna have the biggest cum you ever had.” Danny started fucking harder and harder.

“Jack those cocks dudes,” Danny told Brian and Scott, they pulled their dicks out of Eric’s mouth and started jacking them, eyes glazed with lust and obedience for their Master.

His mouth free again, Eric was able to speak. “Oh, Master, please fuck me! Your cock feels so good! I’m a slave to your cock! Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!!!”

“Oh, fuck yeah!” Danny said, hips going into overdrive as he slammed into his slave-brother’s ass.

“Ugh! Cum now slaves! Cum now!” he yelled as he felt himself starting to lose it and gushed a geyser of cum up Eric’s tight hole. At the same moment all three slaves gasped and shot their loads. Brian and Scott sprayed Eric’s face and back with their cum while Eric’s sprayed his load onto his stomach and the grass below. All three of them moaned at once.

“Yes, Master! You own my ass!”

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