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A Pack Of His Own

Chapter Five

Will still wasn’t entirely sure how they’d talked him into this, but both Lacey and April had convinced themselves that Dr. Dina Getschmann would be throwing herself at him within a matter of weeks. He wanted to argue that the entire idea was absurd, but the last several months had taught him that whatever he’d thought he’d known about the world in general, the world clearly had the right to override his opinion at the drop of a hat.

And at this point, someone had upturned an entire goddamn hat rack.

The first time that he got to see Dr. Getschmann after Lacey and April had decided for him that he was going to seduce her was at a New Year’s Eve party that was being thrown by some of the faculty, but the guest list included all the TA’s, which meant that April was on the invite list, and she’d brought Will as her “plus one.”

Before the party, Lacey had put him through the ringer, the two of them having the sort of intense, sweaty, banging against the wall sex that left him musky in an unmistakable way. Lacey herself had passed out around her fifth orgasm and was unconscious in the bed when he and April got dressed. The plan had been to make sure Will still reeked of sex when they showed up at the party, and to hope that no one was blunt enough to ask him to go home or take a shower.

While they were in the car on the way over, the smell of it was overpowering enough that he caught April rubbing her thighs together multiple times. “If you keep doing that,” he finally said to her, “you’re gonna want to pull over and fuck before we even get to the party.”

“Oh I definitely want that, but that would defeat the point, wouldn’t it?” April licked her lips, sliding one hand to reach over and rub her hand along Will’s leg. “You have no idea how hard it is to keep my hands off you, do you? You’re, you’re like a fucking drug, and it can be very difficult to think when you’re around. I need to get you to the party before I pull over and gorge myself stupid on your body and don’t have the energy to make it to get you to the doctor.”

“You honestly believe this crazy plan of yours is going to have any impact?”

“I know that you can’t smell you, Will, but believe me when I tell you that the very scent of you is, like, fucking intoxicating. It makes thinking really fucking hard.”

Her hand was starting to crawl even higher, so Will moved to take her hand and fold her fingers intertwined with hers. She squeezed down hard, and the red needle on the speedometer danced a little higher, as Will tried putting on his most calming voice. “Slow down, April, or we’re going to spin out on the ice or something.”

April’s foot eased off the accelerator as she let out a deep breath, nodding in quick agreement. “Right. Right. No speeding, no racing, no thinking about getting fucked, no matter how good you smell right now.”

The rest of the drive took a bit longer than expected, but April was keeping the pace of the car a little below what she normally would, and the music in the car a bit louder than she normally might, just to keep herself from focusing on Will’s presence so much.

When they arrived at the house, Will noticed there were plenty of cars parked in front, as well as lining the streets all the way down the block, forcing them to park around the corner, and walk up through the freshly plowed snow. The weather, thankfully, seemed to have calmed at least a little, so while the ground was covered with freshly fallen snow and ice, the winds weren’t whipping around to stir it up.

They stepped up to the door and rang the bell as Doctor Michael Buchanan answered the door in sweater vest and slacks, a little bit of a surprised look on his face as he glanced at Will then looked down to April, who was waving at him. “Hello, Dr. Buchanan. I’m April Reynolds, Dr. Getschmann’s TA. She sent me the invitation to your party?”

The professor’s face immediately softened. “Of course my dear, come in, come in. I can’t be expected to recognize all of the teaching assistants on sight, but your name is on the list, so come in, come in, before the weather picks back up again.”

“It’s supposed to be calm and quiet until tomorrow, Mike,” another professor, Doctor Alice Bridges, said from deeper inside of the party. “Just close the door after them.” The teacher’s house was tastefully decorated, mostly Christmas decorations, but there were nods to other faiths as well scattered around the place. It was one of the nicer houses in the area that Will had been inside of, much older than most of the newer McHouses that had sprung up over the past few decades.

They were brought into the main room, and despite the fact that Christmas had passed nearly a week ago, Christmas music was still in heavy rotation. Will also wondered if maybe the invitation had included mention of an ugly sweater competition, because there were some truly horrific pieces of cardigan on display throughout the living room, many on professors, but also on students that had to be teachers’ assistants.

Will wasn’t sure how many people were packed in the house, but it certainly had an entirely different vibe from the house party where he’d picked up April. People were engaged in small clusters of conversation, but nobody seemed to really be enjoying themselves all that much. It was mostly like people were stumbling their way through conversations, lots of people who seemed to feel obliged to be there rather than having any real desire to actually be there.

These kinds of parties weren’t uncommon around campus, but the majority of them were held either just before a semester started (or had started) or right before the class year was ending. The holiday parties tended to be dull affairs, and the fact that whoever was hosting the party had chosen to put on the lightest, whitest Christmas jazz Will had ever heard wasn’t helping any.

“Professor Leenaerts!” Will said, recognizing one of his professors across the room. Professor Donny Leenaerts had taught Will’s film studies class last year and had introduced him to Jean-Luc Goddard and French New Wave cinema, something Will had quickly taken a shine to. “How’s it going professor?”

“Very good, dear boy, very good indeed.” Professor Leenaerts was an odd mix of a man, having sprung from an Italian mother and a Dutch father, so he tended to be brutal in his critiques and overbearing with his praises. “I’ve been disappointed not to find your name amongst my students for any of the classes I’ve taught this past year and would love to see you amongst my students again, perhaps for the post-modern cinema class I’ll be teaching both this spring and again next fall.”

“I’m not signed up for the spring class, but I’ll make a point to get myself into it in the fall.”

“There’s still time, my lad, to get in the spring class instead!” the professor chuckled. He was small almost hobbit-like man, a few inches under five foot tall, bald on top but with hair springing out from nearly every other place. “You’ve never had your eyes opened until you’ve truly gotten down and dirty with Terry Gilliam’s Brazil. Ever seen it?”

“Can’t say that I have, sir.”

“Gilliam wanted to release the film as 1984½ but a filmed version of Orwell’s 1984 was released around the same time, so he had to settle for a different name instead. Brilliant movie. Absolutely batshit crazy, but most of Gilliam’s best stuff is like that.”

“Professor, let me introduce you to April Reynolds, my girlfriend,” Will said. “April, Professor Leenaerts is one of my absolute favorite professors. He never once taught a boring class, and he’s always willing to let two students argue it out if they’ve got competing interpretations.”

The professor tipped his head to one side, giving April a soft smile. “Pleasure to meet you, miss Reynolds. Far be it from me to be telling tales but…” He leaned forward, whispering into Will’s ear. “Didn’t I just see you with a redhead the other day?”

Will grinned from ear to ear, offering a little shrug. “That’s Lacey. She’s my other girlfriend.”

“And you’re okay with this, Miss Reynolds?”

“I’m thankful for it,” she said to the professor with a soft and warm laugh. “He’s got so much endurance that I don’t think I could keep up with him if I was the only woman in his life. In fact, we’re probably going to need to add a handful more, just to keep up with his animalistic appetites.”

“Well young man, if you find it in your heart to let an old man in to confidence about your secrets, I certainly wouldn’t mind knowing how you’ve managed to convince two beautiful women not only to co-exist, but to do so eagerly.”

“If I knew Professor, I promise you, I would happily tell you, but I think I just lucked into it, if I’m completely straight with you.”

“Excuse me, Professor,” April said, grabbing Will by the wrist. “But I want to go over and introduce Will to Doctor Getschmann, who I’m TA’ing for. Pardon us.”

“Not at all, my dear.”

April leaned in and whispered into Will’s ear. “You stand as fucking close to her as you can, you hear me? Right fucking on top of her.” Will isn’t sure how to respond, so he simply nods. “Dr. Getschmann, let me introduce you to my boyfriend, Will Bowland. Will, this is Doctor Getschmann, the professor I’m TA’ing for.”

The woman was smaller in person than he’d remembered, a tiny slip of a woman, obviously Jewish, with brown hair cut into a bob these days, down to her chin line, dressed in a leather skirt that stopped just above her knees, dark stockings, a white blouse that makes it clear she’s wearing an expensive red lace bra on beneath it, not so sheer as to be transparent, but thin enough so that the red bleeds through.

Will couldn’t help himself and leaned in to press a kiss to each of Doctor Getschmann’s cheeks, like he was some French dilettante, and he could hear the woman gasp sharply as she inhales two nostrils full of the heavy sex funk still lingering all over Will’s skin. It certainly began to affect her right away. She whimpered “Oh!” in surprise.

When he pulled back, it was his turn to smell—excitement. The doctor’s body had immediately begun to respond to his scent and his presence, her cunt slickening immediately and while he knew that he shouldn’t have been able to pick up that smell, he could tell it was her, unmistakably. It wasn’t just the smell of her either. Her breathing had gone shallow, maybe even stopped for half a moment or two, before she forced herself to breathe again.

“H-h-h-h-hello, Mister Bowland,” Dr. Getschmann said, her voice shaky and unsteady. “It’s g-g-g-g-g-good to see you again. Y-y-y-y-you’ve certainly done some growing up since you were in my class last year.”

Will had decided that if he was going to do this, he had to act like he had literally nothing to lose, and the last several months had only reinforced his self-confidence. He’d stared down two robbers with guns, so what was one beautiful woman at this point? “Yeah, well, a bit of a growth spurt, maybe. Put on a little bit of muscle here or there, but not so much that I thought anyone would notice. Does it look good on me?” he asked her, tossing her his most relaxed, easy-going grin.

“Oh! Well, you look, mmm, older, more mature, less boy and more, um, man, if you will. I don’t mean to offend you, Mister Bowland, but you seemed a lot more skittish a year ago.”

He offered her a wink and a shrug. “People change as they grow up, Doc. And please, call me Will. I’m not one of your students anymore, so there’s no need for formality.”

“A-a-a-alright, Will, as long as you call me Dina,” she said with a smile that completely lacked any confidence or assuredness. He wasn’t sure where the confident, strident teacher he’d seen only a year ago had gone, but right now, she was coming across as if she’d never talked to a man before, or maybe never talked to a man who captured her interest so sharply. She had her hands folded together behind her back, and she was swaying a little nervously, one of her feet on point so she could grind the tip of her shoe down into the ground. “How long have you and Miss Reynolds been dating?”

“We’re not totally exclusive, Professor,” April said, injecting herself back into the conversation, almost as if the good doctor had forgotten she was there. “In fact, Will and I also share a girlfriend. I don’t think Lacey’s been in any of your classes, so I don’t know that you’d recognize her, but she’s a firecracker, let me tell you, and I am thankful for the help.”

“H-h-h-h-help?” the doctor managed to get out.

Fuck yes,” April moaned. “Will’s an animal, and I mean that in the best possible way, baby.” She rubbed her hand down Will’s chest before looking back to the Professor. “We can fuck for hours and he’s still hungry for more, so when I finally feel like my legs are completely turned to Jell-O, I can just tag in Lacey, and vice versa… But I’m starting to think it’s still not even close to enough to keep our man satiated. Not that he complains! God, no. He’d never say we weren’t doing enough, but it’s just… it’s like I can still see the hunger in his eyes when I’m ready to pass out. We’re thinking about looking for even more outside help.”

“S-s-surely you must be joking, Miss Reynolds,” the doctor managed to spit out.

“Oh no, Dr. Getschmann,” April purred, dodging the ‘Airplane’ joke admirably, Will thought. “Honestly, I think it might take five or six women to keep Will completely satisfied. Maybe even one for every day of the week.” She brightened up suddenly, clapping her hands together. “And don’t you think this is his idea! We’re begging him to let us get additional help, just so Lacey and I can get a bit more sleep.”

“I s-s-s-see,” the doctor stammered. “How have you gone about looking for someone like that?”

“I would imagine most women would see just how satisfied we are and would be practically crawling to get a piece of our man,” April said. “I swear to God, I only thought I knew what orgasms were before I met Will. The first time he fucked me, I couldn’t stand for the better part of the evening, I was having the shakes so much for so long.”

“That sounds… quite intense,” the older woman said, shifting her weight nervously back and forth from one foot to the other, almost like she was intent on getting away from them as soon as possible, her tongue wetting her lips whether she knew it or not.

“Oh, it was,” April cooed in delight. “When I woke up in the morning, I was still all tingly and warm inside, although that may have just been the immense amount—” Will cleared his throat to interrupt April, who giggled, bringing her hand up to her lips. “Sorry! Sorry. Probably oversharing. I’ve been known to do that, considering how much fun I’ve been having with him.”

“No no!” the professor said. “It’s refreshing to see students with such a… sex-positive attitude, especially in, uh, regards to sharing one’s partner if one is unable, um, to keep up with said partner’s needs or desires. How regularly would you say that you were active, Will?”

“I’m sure April’s exaggerating a bit,” he said, trying to downplay it, subtly leaning in, cuing April for her interruption, which she came in with right on time.

“Once or twice a day,” April rushed in. “In fact, Lacey was supposed to be coming with us tonight, but Will saw her all tarted up—”

“Now April, let’s not overshare.”

“No no!” the doctor said. “As I said, sex-positive! Carry on.”

Well,” April said, leaning in and whispering to the doctor. “She came downstairs looking all ‘Miss Hot Young Thing,’ and Will just bent her over the arm of the couch, hiked up her skirt and went to town on her. She couldn’t even stand up properly afterwards, so at her request, he just left her as a puddle on the couch, and we came straight to the party. Didn’t even have time for him to hop through a quick shower.”

Will could hear the good doctor’s heartrate had risen to a frantic gallop, her breathing quick and almost on the border of hyperventilating, which was only taking in more and more of the scent of Lacey’s dried sexual juices that still wafted off him.

“Good on you then, Will,” the doctor said, as she glanced around the room. “Excuse me, I need to find the ladies’ room.”

She pulled away from them, and Will made sure to let his hand brush against the small of her back as she turned, seeing the visible shiver that ran up her spine. Her body almost slowed in its movement away from them as his fingers had teased her skin through the semi-sheer white blouse, but she kept moving, heading into the crowd and disappearing, making her way down the hallway before opening a door, stepping into a bathroom and closing the door with a hard slam.

“Too much?” April giggled at him.

“Nah, I think it was juuuuust the right amount,” Will said.

“Should we just head out?”

“No no,” Will chuckled. “We’re going to hang around a bit longer. Besides, I think we’re not out of action yet.”

April grinned up at him, tugging on his shirt. “What do you know that I don’t?”

“What do I know? Nothing. What do I suspect? Well, just wait a bit and you’ll see.”

Will and April mingled for a little bit longer, and about three minutes later, Will got just what he expected. There was a constant hum of conversation, that sort of burbling tickle of audio that blended so that all the various voices formed one stream of white noise. Then, cutting through even more clearly than a murder scream, a single moan of intense ecstasy erupted from inside of the bathroom. He suspected it wasn’t as loud as it felt to him, but he could see the look on April’s face that confirmed she’d heard it, and a few other people were looking around the party, desperately trying to convince themselves that they’d imagined the woman’s overwhelming sound of orgasm they thought that they might have heard.

“There we go,” Will said, a smug look of satisfaction on his face. “We can head out now.”

“You don’t want to see her face when she comes out of the bathroom?”

He shook his head. “No, I want her to come out and still be thinking about that orgasm, and what drove her to it. If I’m around, she’ll try and break herself out of it. Let’s g—” A student waiter carrying a tray of silver goblets turned suddenly and ran straight into Will, the goblets spilling warm mulled wine all over him, as he snarled. “The fuck is the matter with you?!”

“Sorry, sir!” the young man said, bending down to scoop up the goblets quickly, trying to get as far away from Will as he can. “Sorry sorry sorry!”

Will picked up the last of the goblets and handed it to the young man, bearded and muscular, who stared at Will’s hand holding the goblet for the man to take from him before backing out and heading towards the kitchen.

“You okay, Will?” April asked.

“I’m soaking fucking wet, but I’m fine,” Will said, annoyance plain in his voice. “Let’s get out of here. I want to get home and take a goddamn shower.”

They headed out to the car and Will scowled as he saw something gleaming on the windshield of his car. Resting atop one of the windshield wipers, there was a glint of metal, and he leaned into take a better look at it. It was a bullet, made of pure silver. He picked it up off the windshield and stared at it, holding it between his fingers. It felt light and he wondered if it was ornamental, lacking powder. Maybe someone thought they were being funny. He tucked the bullet into his pocket and hoped April hadn’t seen him tuck it away.

When they got home, Lacey was eager to know all about how their first encounter with the doctor had gone over from April as Will headed straight into the bathroom to hop into a shower to wash the smell of spiced wine off his body. Sometime in the middle of his shower, one of the girls must’ve snuck in and grabbed his clothes, leaving behind a change for him.

After the shower, he dried himself off and put on the clothes they’d left for him. When he headed out into the living room, he found the two women sitting on the couch, talking about how Dina had seemed, how tense and worked up she’d seemed. April was so excited recollecting the events to Lacey that she could barely sit still.

“So I take it we think it’s working?” Lacey said with a smile.

“It’s working alright,” Will said, moving to sit down in his reclining chair, not wanting to sit down between the two of them, knowing one or both of them would be all over him if he did, even without the smell of sex on them, even with Lacey having been satiated only hours earlier and April the night before. They’d constantly accused him of being sexually hungry, but the truth was they were just as sexually rabid, if not more so than he ever was. They’d blamed that on the smell of him, but he was starting to think he was nose blind to his own scent, because he certainly hadn’t noticed any change in the way he’d smelled.

“Why didn’t you stick around and go after her now, Will?” Lacey asked.

“In front of all the other teachers? I don’t need to be flaunting what we’re doing, even if there’s nothing improper about any of it,” he chuckled. “Besides, you wanted her to be worked up and crazy, so we’re going to let her stew for a while. Just let it rattle around in her brain a bit. She teaches ethics, and the fact that we’re talking about her hooking up with the same guy who’s hooking up with one of her teaching assistants. That’s a bit bigger of a jump than she’s used to. She’ll get there, though. It’s just going to take a little bit longer than you’d anticipated.”

“You think she’s still going to go for it, though?” April asked.

“You saw her getting all worked up,” Will laughed. “Yeah, she’s going to go for it. She’s just got to work herself up to it. I clocked her number early on when I was taking her class—she’s a thrill seeker, the kind of person who gets off on the risk from doing something borderline unethical. Shit, she’s probably got an exhibitionist streak a mile wide. She strikes me as exactly that type of woman—wants to fuck in the park, in the back seat of a car, up on a ski lift. I guarantee you that she wasn’t embarrassed when she came out of the bathroom at that party; she was gleeful. They all knew what she’d been doing, but none of them were probably bold enough to confront her about it.”

“How long do we wait?”

“Oh, give it a bit,” Will said. “I imagine after a week or two of seeing you coming in, helping her grade papers and plan lectures, she’ll be primed and ready and unable to resist all that much longer.”

“Until then, we’re really just going to wait?” Lacey asked.

“Patience, Red,” Will joked. “Our time will come.”

They had a few days before classes were starting up, and, barring one argument, things were mostly pretty quiet. The argument had sprung up when Lacey had put Will’s clothes into the drier and they started making a loud rattling noise until she’d taken them out and found the silver bullet that was in his pocket. It had resulted in Lacey chewing him out, claiming that if he was being threatened they needed to know about it, to which Will had argued that it was just some kids playing a prank, like they had with the flowers. It turned out the bullet didn’t even have gunpowder in it.

Lacey and April had spent a while dressing him down, telling him to take his health seriously, and then Will had figured it was time to put all the cards on the table, so he’d told them about the attempted robbery that had happened while they’d been home for Christmas break. That made them go from angry to nervous, which hadn’t been Will’s intention, and he rapidly talked them down. They were disappointed that he hadn’t brought it up to them, but he pointed out that the men had been far too skittish for him to feel any real sense of fear about it.

“Is there anything else weird going on we should know about, Will?” Lacey had said. Somewhere in the middle of the argument, they’d pulled him up from his chair and sat him down between the two of them on the couch, so they could sort of pin him from getting away, each of them resting their calves on top of his thighs.

“It’s a little hard to differentiate between what’s ‘weird’ and what’s ‘the new normal,’ Lacey,” Will said with a defeated laugh. “I went from not banging anyone to banging two of the hottest women I’ve ever seen, who, by the way, are trying to get me to also bang one of my ex-teachers.”

“Yes yes,” Lacey said, rolling her eyes, waving her hand at him. “That’s all ‘new normal’ shit. I’m talking about being threatened by stick-up men who have a change of heart or leaving a silver bullet on your windshield sort of weird.”

“I mean, I’ve sort of felt like I was being watched or followed here or there, but it doesn’t seem like I see the same people very often. Not any more often than you normally would in a small college town, you know?”

“Okay, so now we’re going to start seeing if we can find anyone tailing you, Will,” Lacey said. “We can make a game of it, but I don’t want anyone fucking with my main source of good dick, you hear me?”

By the end of the week, Lacey and April had started to use a sudden obsession with taking endless selfies to start cataloging the people who seemed to be following Will around, noting there were three men and one woman who kept popping up with surprising regularity in the background.

On the following Monday, April had gone in to help Dina prepare her lesson plan for the next month reeking of Will. They’d made sure to fuck literally right before she’d thrown on her clothes and headed into the professor’s office, so that the odor of raw sexuality would fill the room. April had come home a few hours later laughing about how badly Dina had been squirming and wriggling the entire time they’d been prepping for the classwork.

The evening news kicked off with a story about a grisly murder that had occurred just twenty-some miles north of Boulder in the small town of Lyons, not even two thousand people strong. The crime scene was described as incredibly gruesome, saying that the murder victim had been decapitated, and at that time, police did not have any suspects.

Just around the time the weather report was beginning, predicting even more snow to be coming within the next twenty-four hours, there was a knock at the door, hurried and insistent, as Will moved and answered the door, finding Doctor Dina Getschmann standing on his stoop, parka and snow pants on, her eyes looking at him like a junkie in need of a fix.

“I want in.”