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Paperback Part Four


Here....check this out. Mens’ magazines of old often had hypnosis content. You like: “How to get gals through Mesmerism” and articles like “She was Tranced into Bed!”. I was looking through this one one day during my college days and found this ad announcing the publication of the book. Great picture, huh? I know it’s not that preserved and pretty faded, but I think I like the picture better than the original cover art.

Through the years, I acquired a marvelous collection of hypnosis related materials. Magazines, comic books, pulp fiction, dvd’s and vhs tapes and, yes, some porn, all with lovely damsels deeply hypnotized and obedient. I treasured that collection, until Noelle brought my life down. As I mentioned, the cascade of disasters created by her disproportionate wrath made me flee the country. I like to think an FBI evidence tech with a hypno- fetish now enjoys my collection.

Yes....Noelle cost me so much...but back to her later.

Thanks to my work for the disreputable, I was able resume my research. Just as I did with my other employers, I never let my paymasters know the full extent of my successes. Mostly, they used me for non-torture interrogation of women...and I never failed them. I had little choice, it was the price for their assistance. From their point of view, I was their tool for the rest of my life, little more than an indentured servant...a lackey.

But, I was far more ambitious then that.

By 2009, the first incarnation of my “Svengali Device” was operational. My employers thought it an interrogation tool. They were happy to supply their own female agents to prove its efficacy in various demonstrations. Soon I had a vanguard of lovely, deadly, women within the organization, all totally under my command.

By 2013, it was my organization.

I do hope you don’t think me a braggart.....but facts are facts....I pride myself on my objectivity. But, I tend to ramble....especially in the presence of a beautiful woman.

Forgive me......that was rather clumsy......

Why don’t we just return to the World of P•O•W•I•E•.

* * *

Chapter Five


Stella dreamed she stood in front of a large glass door. On the other side, a beautiful Japanese woman of indeterminate age was pounding the glass. She seemed to be shouting at Stella, but the glass blocked her voice. Even the woman’s pounding on the glass was silent to Stella. She was about to look for the door knob when.......

”Wake up, Stella.”

Stella’s first sensations told her she was naked in a bed, her head resting on ample, nude breasts. Her mouth was tantalizingly close to a moist nipple. The chest rose and fell as it’s owner tried to catch her breath. Stella slowly opened her eyes, and slowly sat up and saw the breasts belonged to Laura Lindsey.

She was confused for a moment, then the memories flooded her mind....memories of making a pretense of going to the apartment to discuss the case, then seducing the younger agent. Stella knew she had lusted for Laura ever since she first met her, and finally acted on those urges.

At least that was what her memories told her.

Laura broke the silence.

”Wow....just wow...that thing you did with your tongue.....”, she breathlessly whispered.

Stella laughed. “Just something I picked up in Macao, when I had to hide with some courtesans. They call it the “Joyful Hummingbird Dance.” Her voice grew serious. “I’m glad it made you happy....I love you Laura....I belong to you.....body and soul.”

Stella was inwardly surprised at both the choice and passion of her words. Certainly, she had said similar things in the past, but always as a tactic. Her body and her sexuality were two of her greatest weapons. She used them to wrap targets, male and female, around her little finger. But even if the words seemed odd for her, Stella couldn’t deny their truth. She had fallen madly in love with Laura, and would do anything for her.

Stella moved her head, soon they were both deeply kissing. Laura finally broke off and said, in a some what distant voice:

”My dream come true, the magnificent Agent Stella Stryker’s my devoted lover. But, I’m not selfish, let me return the favor. Lay down on your stomach, your head at the foot of the bed.”

Stella looked at her quizzically, but found her body automatically obeying. Even though Laura was barely out of college and so unsophisticated compared to her, it just seemed right to follow her lead. Once Stella was in position she turned and saw Laura was holding an egg shaped device with a power cord plugged into wall.

Stella smiled.

”You are a naughty girl behind those librarian glasses.....but you don’t need that to make me climax.”

Laura laughed. “’s not what you’s something much, much better.” She touched a button, and the device began to hum. Before Stella could say anything, Laura pressed and rolled the “egg” along her soles. Stella gasped as the warm pleasure spread from the bottom of her feet, then fell into a profound fugue state. Her eyes rolled up, then closed.

Laura’s voice was now clinical as she removed the device from Stella’s soles and turned it off:

”Stella...can you hear me?”

”Yes.....I hear you, Sister Laura.”, Stella murmured.

”Good, open your eyes and take the sheet off of my feet.”

Stella obeyed. Laura continued:

”Now, what do you see?”

”A yellow ribbon..tied around your ankle.”

”That’s right, and if you pass all of your tests, Darling, Sister Cynthia might promote me and give me a pink one. Wouldn’t that be fabulous?”

”If that is what you want, Sister, that’s....that’s what I want.”

Laura began to absentmindedly fondle Stella’s toes. “Good. Now, Sister Cynthia wants to be sure you are absolutely under her control....that she can entrust you with any mission the Sisterhood assigns you. She’s taken MK Ultra’s Bluebird protocol and adapted it. You will be given three tasks....seduction.....theft....and assassination. Now...let us begin. Seduction.....”

Stella began kissing the top of Laura’s foot, then slowly made her way up the leg with her tongue. Laura girlishly giggled. “No....stop...not me, Silly. Seducing me is no challenge. No....Sister Cynthia has a less pleasant target in mind. Tell me, do you know Congressman Kennard”

Stella thought for a moment, then robotically recited:

“Theodore Franklin Kennard, representative of the Second Congressional District of New Hampshire, born 1925, married to Selma Kennard, eight children. Currently, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and member of....”

Laura interrupted, That’s enough dear, no need to be a show off. What matters is that he’s angered Sister Cynthia by backing off his support of the Equal Rights Amendment...that just won’t do. As you know, he’s a scandal prone pig. For your first test, you will gather compromising material to use as leverage.”

Laura continued briefing Stella, then they both returned to more pleasant activities.

* * *

Congressman Kennard loved junkets, and this one to a sunny Southern California was no exception. One of his wealthy benefactors had sprung for his suite at this superb golf resort.

He sat by the pool waiting for the rest of his foursome, sipping on a Bloody Mary.

The air became electric when a gorgeous blonde in a daring black mini bikini padded to the high diving board. Kennard was glad his sunglasses covered his rapt gaze as the girl slowly mounted the ladder. She had long plantinum hair, brown tanned skin, and long legs that ended in a goddess’s body.

She slowly strode rode to the end of the board, then launched herself into the air, rolled twice, and entered the water with barely a splash. An Olympian would have been proud of the dive.

A pool boy boy was setting his second Bloody at his table. Kennard asked:

”What’s her story?” He tucked a twenty into the boy’s pocket.

”Ummm...yeah...she’s far out....I heard she’s some sort of supermodel out of Swedien.....Inga Hammershold or something....she’s booked into one of the villas.”

Three middle aged men approached Kennard’s table. The bald man in the lead said “Sorry to keep you waiting, Teddy.” Kennard ignored him and watched as the girl pulled herself out the pool and lay on a lounger. She seemed to be staring directly at the Congressman. The man who had spoke followed his gaze, then angrily shook his head.

”C’mon....Teddy....I just got Selma to fire her divorce lawyer....we can’t afford another scandal.......

Kennard looked defeated. “Jeez, Hap......a guy can look, can’t he?

Three hours latter, Kennard was headed for his suite. He walked past the driving range and stopped dead in his tracks. The Swedish girl was practicing her swing. She now wore a short white tennis dress and a visor, and her hair was in pigtails. He then saw she stood on the turf in her bare feet.

The girl did not notice him as she seemed very intent on her stroke. He stood admiring the view, then decided to break the ice.

”You know, dear...your hands are a tad high on the club.”

She turned with a surprised expression, then smiled prettily at the politician.

”Sorry.....our English is not too hitting ball wrong?...Can you maybe show me proper hitting?”

He smiled pleasantly and walked behind her, wrapping his arms around hers, pressing his body against hers. As he adjusted her grip on the club, he whispered in her ear: “You ought to be wearing shoes....this a fancy joint and they might throw you out.”

The girl giggled and said: “Why? The golfing much better, as you say....”. Her tone grew much more sensual. “I like doing so many things bare.”

“Is that a fact, my dear....maybe you can show me.” he whispered in her ear. She just giggled in response.

Ninety minutes later, Stella stood in the villa master bedroom drying her hair. She had showered, removing both the fake tan and the smell of the Congressman from her body. She also had taken off the long platinum wig, and was now dressed in jeans and a white crop top that left her shoulders bare.

Kennard snored away, naked and with his ankles and wrists still tied to the bedposts. No knock out drug had been needed, Stella’s sexual prowess had induced utter exhaustion in the man. Later, even with the knowledge he’d been set up for blackmail, Teddy Kennard would secretly feel it had been worth it.

Stella crossed the room, and removed the compact video and sound recorder from its hiding place and put it in her handbag. Then, she left.

Later that afternoon, at P•O•W•I•E• headquarters, Laura Lindsey was in the underground pistol range, practicing. She sharply inhaled when a familiar body pressed against her back and long arms wrapped around hers, the hands adjusting her grip on the pistol stock. Stella appeared to be helping Laura’s marksmanship. But when she leaned closer, she breathlessly whispered:

”Please....Please Laura...I need to see you....I need your touch....your lips....please...”

The lone other Agent in the gallery left the room, leaving the two brainwashed women alone. As soon as the door closed, Laura turned around and faced Stella, still wrapped in the taller agent’s arms. They were both in their P•O•W•I•E• uniforms, Stella unshod as usual.

”Now, pet....we’ve talked about discretion here at HQ...”

”I’m sorry...Laura...but I can’t help it....I need you so bad....I have to see you...”. Stella’s voice quivered with emotion.

“But have you done what I asked....passed your test?”

“I......I don’t know what you mean......but...but..somehow, I’m sure I have......I could never disappoint you, Laura....”

Laura smiled and gently wiped a tear from Stella’s cheek. “Well....I suppose you could come by...say 8. Oh...and don’t forget to bring your video camera. I picked up a fun costume for you to wear. For me. You’ll do that, Stella, for little ole me? Maybe bring a nice bottle for our celebration?”

”Ummmm, sure.....I can do that......whatever you ask, Laura.....just let me be with you.....please...”

Laura smiled at the utter relief in Stella’s voice.

That evening, Laura reclined on her sofa in a short red teddy. The yellow ribbon was on her bare ankle. She laughed heartily as she watched the video playback through the camera’s small monitor.

For her part, Stella stood next to the sofa as still as statute. She wore a burlesque version of a short French Maid costume, complete with frilly apron and headpiece. Her legs and feet were covered with a wide, open mesh material, simulating fishnets, but allowing her her toes to poke through. Her hair was in a pony tail, and her make up was nearly garish. She held a tray with a bottle of champagne and one glass.

Laura pushed “STOP” on the camera.

”Well done, Ma Cherie......I think Congressman Kennard will be on his best behavior now.. Let’s have the bubbly now, S’il vous plait.”

Stella smiled doll-like with utterly empty eyes. She curtsied, the bottle and glass perfectly balanced on the tray.

“Oui, Madamoiselle”. Though fluent in French, the accent was cartoonishly emphasized. Stella put the tray on the coffee table, then expertly popped the cork and poured into the long stemmed flight. She then kneeled at Laura’s feet, and offered the glass. Laura took one sip. “ tasty...and expensive...thank you for bringing it.”

Stella stood and curtsied again. “But of course, is my pleasure to serve you.”

Laura smiled. “We can celebrate, then I’ll give you your second test. The Sisterhood wants you to steal a new communication system from the U.S. Navy. It’ll fetch a tidy sum on the Black Market, and prove even a super patriot like you will betray Uncle Sam. But first, have some champagne, you don’t need a glass.” Laura took the bottle, and slowly poured it out on her legs, from the tips of her toes to the top of her inner thigh.

Stella blankly smiled, curtsied, and repeated “Oui, Madamoiselle”. She then kneeled and began licking.

* * *

Perhaps, before we got started, you noticed a beautiful, middle aged woman in a French Maid costume. That description of the costume had always stayed with me, and I eventually had one made to the book’s specifications. During our marriage, I even convinced Noelle to wear it a few times, but never with any enthusiasm, unless she was hypnotized.

Of course, the woman you saw is Noelle. Once I perfected my device, I saw to it that Noelle was brought to me. Perhaps foolishly, I harbored thoughts of being husband and wife again. But every time I returned her faculties, the ugly recriminations began again. As much as I enjoy making love to a woman in trance, I discovered I couldn’t do that with Noelle anymore. It just seemed empty and wrong now.

I’ve sadly come to the realization that Noelle will never again fill the hole in my soul. That will be up to someone else.

I’ve decided to return Her to her other life. I’ll give her money, and new memories covering her time with me. I’ll even let her go back to the clod she married. She’ll have post hypnotic triggers as a safety feature, a back door should I need her under my control again. But, otherwise, she will be free.

What else can I do? Despite everything she did to me, I still have some feelings for her.

I can’t kill her.

Recently, I came up with an that would give me happiness in a way even Noelle could not.

Drats.....I’m getting ahead of myself yet again. Let’s finish the chapter. By this point, teenaged me had concluded it was nearly the perfect hypno story. If only it had a male hypnotist.....

* * *

Suddenly their joy was interupted by the ringing of a phone. Laura looked annoyed, but still reached for it. Stella paused her ministrations and waited for further command.

”Hello....what is it?” The frustration was obvious in Laura’s voice. She listened for a moment, then her anger drained from her face and voice.

“Svengali.........Svengali.......Svengali”. Laura’s said the words like a prayer.. She listened for another moment, then absentmindedly hung up the phone. She then stood, and padded over to the apartment’s front door on quiet bare feet.

She returned with a tall, gaunt man. He had a long, scraggly grey hair matched by a similar beard. He wore a suit that appeared three decades out of fashion. He stepped into the living room, and spoke directly to the kneeling Stella in a thick Central European accent.

”Good evening, Liebchin. You are as lovely as I’ve been told. What sweet music we will make together, my dear.”