The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Parents Just Don’t Understand

by Pan

Chapter 6:

I was watching TV when it really hit.

Maybe it was the cute guy on the show I was watching, maybe it was just that I had basically nothing else to do, maybe it was just hormones…whatever it was, I was suddenly juicier than I could ever remember being.

I glanced around the room—I probably should have done a more thorough check to make sure that Mom wasn’t around, but frankly I was too turned on to even care. We’d just gotten back from another appointment, and so Mom probably wasn’t going to be out of the bathroom for another hour or so. Every time we go and see Dr. Williamson, Mom does her weekly grooming straight after.

Believe me, I wish I didn’t know that. Your own mother asking advice about the best way to keep herself smooth…down there…is the last thing you ever want to hear, trust me.

Fortunately I was lounging around in nothing but a pair of orange hipsters and matching bra, so there was nothing to stop from reaching down and slowly stroking the outside of my panties.

My entire body shivered at that first touch. God it felt good. Another quick glance assured me that I was alone, and soon two fingers made their way past the band of my panties and were soon slowly stroking up and down my wet slit.

The credits began to roll as my first orgasm shook my entire body, but I didn’t stop stroking until another five episodes had passed and it was time to change the DVD.

* * *

“Mom!” I cried out. “Doorbell!”

As I heard my mother’s footsteps approaching, I quickly pulled my fingers away from my wet kitty. Ever since that first time in front of the TV, I’d been unable to keep my hands away from my privates. Whether I was watching something, scrolling through social media, or just hanging out in my room, I was always playing.

I guess it’s the…what did Dr. Williamson call it? The “teenage libido”.

Changing body and all that.

My brow furrowed slightly at the thought. Something about that wasn’t right, but before I could really think about what it was, the doorbell rang again.


“I’m coming,” she cried out. I felt a pang of guilt—I knew how excited she was about this date. She’d been primping herself for like ten hours, just getting ready.

I’d assured her fifty million times that yes, her tits looked fine in the black top that she’d picked out. I say “top”—it was more like a corset. It had looked great on me, and of all the outfits that Mom had “borrowed”, it was defs one of the ones that looked least worst on her.

Her bigger racked definitely help. Plus the corset nature of it was very slimming. Mom didn’t desperately need that, but…well, she didn’t have my metabolism, so she needed all the help she could get in that area.

I sound like I’m being a dick—I’m not trying to be, it’s just…well, Mom wasn’t a teenager like me, so I dunno why she felt like she had to dress like one.

Underneath the corset top she was wearing basically a pair of black panties, and then black socks that came up to above her knee. If it wasn’t for the upbeat, colorful makeup that I’d helped her with, she wouldn’t look out of place in a strip club.

Her white heels clacked down the hall as she rushed to open the door.

“Tiff!” she said, her nervousness apparent in her voice. “Come and say hi to Buck!”

With a sigh, I stood up, slipped on a pair of flip-flops and made my way to the front door.


No, seriously.


Buck looked like the worst kind of redneck. He was missing at least a billion teeth, his eyes were red, like he’d been drinking, and his thick stubble wasn’t, like, George Clooney stubble. It was more like…I dunno, Bad Santa stubble.


As I bounced into the hallway, he stumbled back slightly. Normally I’d be all about the attention, but coming from this guy I just felt gross. His eyes slowly travelled up my body—pausing at the wet patch at the front of my panties, lingering for an uncomfortably long time at my tits—and finally resting on my face.

“Jesus,” he said, and (as if someone had challenged him to be even more gross) spat into the garden. “This your girl, Margaret?”

“Sure is!” Mom said, not even phased by the fact that the creep couldn’t remember her name. She was positively glowing at how much Buck the Fuck was enjoying the sight of her daughter.


“I’m gonna go,” I mumbled, and without looking back, I could tell that Buck’s eyes stayed on my ass the whole way down the hall.

* * *

Mom came back like…half an hour later? I dunno what old people do on their dates, but I’d expected them to go and see a movie or something.


Maybe she’d clued into what a perv he was, and dumped the creep?

The car pulled into the driveway, and I sat up, panicked. I’d taken advantage of Mom’s absence to pull up some porn—not that I really needed it, lol, but I felt like being naughty, y’know?

I quickly erased the history on Mom’s computer, but before I could run back to my own room, I heard her coming up the stairs…

…and she wasn’t alone.

“Tiffany?” she called out, and she sounded waaaay too happy considering she’d probably just spent half an hour fighting off Buck’s wandering hands. I froze, not sure what to do. If I walked out of her room now, I’d have to explain why I was in there (and I did not fancy Mom learning that I knew how to find porn)—and I’d have to talk to that creep Buck.

Nope. That wasn’t happening.

Instead, I ducked into the closet. I knew Mom wouldn’t be getting changed, not in front of a virtual stranger, so I was pretty safe. Hopefully she’d see him out and I’d be able to sneak out once she’d disappeared.


I closed the closet door—just in time, too. I could hear Mom and Buck coming into the bedroom. They must be…


No, it couldn’t be.

Oh Jesus fuck, no.

“She must have gone out,” Mom whispered, in what I can only assume was an attempt at a seductive tone.

“Pity,” Buck belched. “She’s a piece of work, isn’t she?”

“You’re so naughty!” Mom giggled, as I mimed putting one finger down my throat. Blech.

“Now,” he grunted, “let’s see what you look like out of that little black number.

“Oh, Buck!” Mom said again, throatily.

Unable to believe what I was hearing, I pushed the closet door open—just a crack, just enough to see what the fuck was happening.

Buck was crudely groping my mother’s prominent tits, as she tried to wriggle out of the slutty black number she’d randomly decided to wear to her date that night.

And—based on the look on her face—she was loving it.

No. No, this couldn’t be happening.

I slumped back in the closet, trying to be as quiet as I could. I just couldn’t understand what was happening. Mom couldn’t be…could she?

With him?

The sounds coming from my mother’s bed were a pretty clear indication of what was going on, but just to be sure I poked my head out.


All I could see was Buck’s hairy ass, crudely pumping up and down on my mother. It looked like she’d only managed to partially remove the corset before Buck ran out of patience and shoved his short, probably-smelly cock into her snatch.

This couldn’t be normal. Could it?

Last time I’d thought my Mom was acting out of the ordinary, I’d been proven completely wrong. Maybe this was something similar.

Maybe…maybe this was just how grown-up dating worked. It wasn’t like me and my besties, where the guy has to at least be a hottie before we’ll let him slip a finger in.

Maybe once you hit a certain age, it wasn’t about who you were dating, it was just about the fact that you were dating.

Maybe Mom was just as horny as I was, and she was using Buck to get off—like I’d been relying on my nimble fingers.

…maybe some day, I’d be doing the same thing.

“No,” I whispered under my breath. “No, no matter what—I’ll never date someone like Buck.

“I’m going to stay 15 forever.”