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Payment Is Due

* * *

Cassidy Blanche gets audited by the IRS, who sends a meek, subby agent to her door. She doesn’t like that.

* * *

Author’s Note: This story contains adult content. Do not read if you are under the age of 18. Additionally, this is not an accurate representation of hypnosis or non-consensual sex at all, as it exists in a fantasy setting. Non-consensual sex/sexual acts and hypnosis of other people in real life is highly immoral and illegal, and I do not condone such acts. All characters in this story are above the age of 18. By Skaetlett © 2022, do not repost without explicit permission.

* * *

Cassidy Blanche. Owner of a multi-billion-dollar corporation, feared by most competitors in her circle, rich bitch in charge of everyone and everything. She was the top dog; the one people would tremble in front of with their feeble requests. All while she looked down at them with an evil smirk. Cassidy Blanche was universally hated and terrified everyone who stood in her path.

And she really, really fucking hated tax season.

She hired the best of the greatest accountants, paying them thousands of dollars to track every expense and report everything possible to get her out of having to pay a single cent more than she owed. And yet, the goddamn IRS would always find something, some way to get her to pay more than she really needed to. “Income tax is theft,” she’d rant to her brainless coworkers after turning down their requests.

This year, though, was downright infuriating. Those assholes had the nerve to audit her—to fucking audit Cassidy Blanche! She couldn’t believe the nerve, the gall, the audacity of those idiots. She reported her taxes immaculately.

So she did what any scary mean businesslady would do. She ignored it.

What were they going to do? Throw her in jail? Please. She’d weasel her way out of any sentence. But the letters, phone calls and emails kept flying her way. It was more of an annoyance than anything. Even her accountant stood up to her, pleading with her to just pay the damn difference. Cassidy, of course, promptly fired her.

And then the IRS pulled something even more annoying. They sent someone to her house. Cassidy glanced at the camera feed from outside her house and could clearly tell this lady was here from the IRS. She had the suit and ID to match. But, amusingly... this lady looked like prey.

The woman had curly red hair, and a statute of what must have been no more than five foot-two inches. Her skin was completely pale save for the flush on her cheeks. She anxiously fixed her cardigan, pulling it in. She must have been freezing. Her nametag read “Rachel Redway”. Aww, poor kitty, Cassidy thought demeaningly as this Rachel lady rang the doorbell another time.

Cassidy thought, “I might as well amuse her,” and walked towards the door. She cracked it open but left the chain lock in place.

“Hello?” Cassidy started, her voice as cold as ice. “May I help you?”

“Hi, um, is this Cassidy Blanche?” When Cassidy nodded, Rachel continued. “My name is Rachel Redway. I’m with the IRS. I have um, some questions, about your recent tax audit. Your taxes are past due, and we’re here on collections business.” She must have been reciting a script, Cassidy thought.

It was even cuter to see face to face—this woman was clearly intimidated by Cassidy’s strong presence. What was even more adorable, though, was how she tried her hardest to feign confidence. “I see,” Cassidy pursed her lips. “So, the IRS is just sending people to sleuth me now? Phenomenal.”

“Y-yes, ma’am. The IRS has the right to make unannounced visits to people’s houses.”

Cassidy snorted. “And you?”

“I... pardon me, ma’am?”

“You think you, specifically, someone as weak and pathetic as you has the right to just come barging onto my personal property?” Cassidy crossed her arms and mustered the worst glare she could. Rachel’s confidence began to quickly fade away. “Trust me, dear. I’ve dealt closely with the IRS for most of my career, and I should know that the least they can do is send someone competent.” Rachel’s face fell as Cassidy continued. “Tell me. How long have you been with the IRS?”

Rachel obviously didn’t know any better than to be honest. “Um, three months, ma’am.”

Cassidy burst out laughing. Rachel’s eyes averted.

“P-please, ma’am, we need you to pay your taxes. We’ve sent, um, letters and calls your way, and if you don’t pay we will...”

“Yes?” Cassidy raised a bemused eyebrow. “You will?”

“We’ll... report it to the authorities!”

“Ah, yes. The cops. Because you can’t do anything on your own.” Cassidy sighed. This woman was hopeless. “But if you insist, why don’t you come inside?”

“Um... is that allowed?” Rachel asked, as if Cassidy would know the answer.

“You tell me. You’re good at your job, I must guess—the IRS doesn’t hire just anyone, at least I don’t think. Besides, inside I’ll be able to write a check your way. So. In or out? I have quite a selection of tea.”

Rachel forced a smile. “Um, inside, please. That’s—very nice, Ms. Blanche.”

Cassidy snapped her fingers, ushering Rachel inside as soon as she undid the locks. Rachel walked in, looking around at Cassidy’s enormous estate. Cassidy didn’t quite own a mansion, but it sure was larger than any house she must have seen in her entire life.

“You know how to work an electric kettle and make tea, don’t you?” Cassidy asked demeaningly as she sat down.

Rachel blinked again, her eyes wide. “I... I guess I assumed...”

Cassidy chuckled. “I’m not doing anything for you, idiot.” The insult clearly struck Rachel’s heart, just as Cassidy liked. “You can make yourself some tea.”

Rachel looked like she wanted to protest. She looked like it. But she didn’t. Cassidy knew it—from the moment she laid her eyes on Rachel, she knew just how malleable this woman would be. Rachel didn’t protest, but Cassidy interjected one more time as the tea finished stirring in silence. “And, you know what will happen if you break it, don’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Cassidy loved hearing those two words more than anything.

Soon enough, they were both seated with their tea. Rachel opened a folder filled with documents and began to talk. “So, as you know, the amount due is $6,732.04, so, um, is this something you’d like to pay via check or… or card, or…”

“That won’t be needed,” Cassidy said dismissively. “Maybe someone more intelligent at the IRS should take another look. I’ve paid every bit I owe. I can assure you of that—I know that much better than you ever will.”

“But—” Rachel wanted to protest. Cassidy was getting bored of this kind of foreplay, though. “But, you… you need to pay them!”

Cassidy laughed under her breath. She had other plans.

“I have a better idea.” Before Rachel could ask any questions, Cassidy’s hands reached over and petted the back of her curly hair softly. Rachel froze in her arms. The blush on her cheeks quickly covered her entire face. “You stay here with me, I spend some time explaining the situation as slowly as you need me to, and then I give you a better position than failing to look tough and stern for the IRS.”

Rachel looked like she wanted to pull away. Cassidy could tell. But the second Cassidy’s long fingernails dug into Rachel’s scalp, all that resistance faded away. “Let me explain. You’re here, standing in front of one of the most powerful women in the world, trying to sound oh-so-assertive in an attempt to make me give you money. You knew upfront you weren’t going to succeed, didn’t you?”


“You don’t have to say anything,” Cassidy reassured as she stroked Rachel’s cheek lightly. “It’s okay. I don’t blame you. You have to pay your bills somehow, don’t you? We’ve all been there. But now you’re sitting in front of me, melting in my grasp, trying your hardest to speak a coherent sentence. Now you know, though. My place in this scenario isn’t giving you money. Rather, my place is on top of you, being the one in charge.”

Rachel tried to shake her head. “N-no, this… this is wrong, I…” She tried to stand up, forcing herself to rip away from Cassidy’s hands. “I-I need to go. My apologies, Cassidy. Thanks for the tea—”

“Aw, you don’t need to go.” The way Cassidy spoke made it clear that wasn’t a suggestion. Cassidy grabbed Rachel’s hips and forced the weak and subby girl to her knees, in front of the seated rich bitch. “Come on. Kneel.”

Rachel didn’t move a muscle. She stared up at Cassidy, her jaw dropped, in awe of what Cassidy was able to do to her. “There you go. Much better, isn’t it?

“Where was I? Oh, right. See, I’m much smarter and more capable than you. I don’t even need to be from the IRS to demand people give me money. In fact, I’m excellent at getting people to succumb to my command, to my will. I’m sure you’ll learn that quite quickly, during your time with me. So, someone who can’t even get out a single sentence without a ‘like’ or ‘um’ shouldn’t be telling me what to do. You remember how you got tea for me just because I told you to, right?” Cassidy smirked wider as she continued to explain. She felt herself beginning to get off on the submissive, pleading look in Rachel’s eyes. Of course—Cassidy could suss out a good sub easily.

Cassidy reached down. Rachel flinched as Cassidy put her hands on... her chin. Cassidy began scratching the underside of her chin lightly, and Rachel couldn’t help but lean into it like a cat. Rachel looked like she wanted to pull away, but she couldn’t. Cassidy’s touch felt too good, too soothing. Even if Cassidy herself wasn’t a soothing person, all in all. “See? It feels good to kneel at my knees, all subservient and obedient to me.”

“Mmm... n-no...” Rachel tried to shake her head, but Cassidy’s hands became more prying and rough. Like she was handling a prized animal, like a tiger or lion.

Cassidy tutted her tongue. “Oh, come on, you don’t have to resist any longer. Doesn’t this feel much better? Much, much better than slamming my door trying to get me to pay you a cent. It feels better to know your place—beneath me.”

Rachel tried to pull away again, but was shortcircuited by Cassidy’s left hand reaching for the back of Rachel’s hair. She tugged—Cassidy didn’t pull, but just a little she moved a bundle of Rachel’s hair back. Rachel all but purred. She felt so, totally humiliated. And Cassidy obviously got off on that.

“Tell me, Rachel. You’re a sub... aren’t you?”

Rachel grunted. “That’s... not...”

“Oh, come on. You know better than to lie to me. You’re a sub. Aren’t you?” Cassidy’s words felt more stern, more threatening as she actually pulled back Rachel’s hair now. Rachel gasped in pain, the answer searing out of her throat.

“Yes, Cassidy,” she pleaded. “I am.”

Cassidy smirked. “I knew it. And you knew that I’m a hard Domme. Which is why you felt so small and tiny in my presence.”

Rachel growled a little, trying to look—and act—stronger. “How... did you know?”

Cassidy snorted. “Please. I’m a people person. All successful businesswomen are. I can see through you like you’re glass—you don’t even wear your heart on your sleeve, you wear it on your forehead. See, you’re weak, and pathetic, and most of all, stupid. So it’s obvious that you’d melt in a hot Domme’s presence. Just as you are right now. And I know just how desperately you want... to be my pet.”

“I... I...” Rachel tried to muster up a protest, but Cassidy was entirely correct. All resistance and struggles were instantly crushed into dust.

“No more talking,” Cassidy cooed. “I know what you need. You need me to take those silly words away from you. You have a brain, I can tell, but is it really being put to the best use now? No... it’s best if I take control of your brain, pet. And control of every other fucking part of your life.”

Rachel whimpered. She wanted to protest, but anything else she could possibly say would be decimated by Cassidy’s much stronger words. “But let’s make it easy for you. You know how to stare... right?”

Rachel nodded meekly.

“Good. So, I’m going to pull out something very, very pretty for you.”

Cassidy reached into her coat pocket, and pulled out a simple pocket watch, silver and attached to a golden chain.

The second that Cassidy pulled out the pocket watch, Rachel couldn’t help but stare blankly. Cassidy’s watch was intricate, beautiful, glittering and glowing from every angle. The light refracted off of it like a prism, enticing Rachel to stare even deeper than she thought she could. Cassidy leaned back, trying not to rip off her pants to pleasure herself right then and there. She loved a susceptible sub.

“See, you could never ask me to pay a cent to you. You’re too weak for that. So, I’m going to put you to better use. All you have to do is look at the watch, watching it swing back and forth, and hearing that beautiful tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock...”

Rachel nodded dimly. Cassidy reached down with her other hand and continued playing with the back of her hair. “You’re like a little kitten, you know? Melting in my hands, staring mindlessly when you see a pretty little thing. I think I should make you my kitten, plaything.”

“K...kitten?” Rachel murmured mindlessly. She was more focused on the pocket watch and Cassidy’s words than anything she could possibly say.

“Yes, kitten. A cute little cat, obsessed with getting love and pets all day. Of course, I have to make you of use to me, too. You want to be useful, don’t you? That’s why you tried oh-so-hard at your job.”

“Mm... yeah,” Rachel nodded. That sounded right.

“So, just feel all your skills fading away,” Cassidy suggested. “You won’t need to remember anything about the IRS or taxes anymore. All you need to know is me, and service to me. As you fall deeper into trance, you’ll find more of your skillset disappearing. Do you feel it, kitten?”

Rachel nodded, so Cassidy continued. “Instead of knowing all these nitty-gritty details about income and money—things you weren’t good at in the first place—you’ll get to learn how to keep my house neat and tidy. You’ll be making all my meals. Envision these things, kitten... watch and feel yourself becoming useful to me. You can see these things in the pocket watch. There’s no need to resist. You know this is right for you.”

Rachel’s eyebrows furrowed. “Res...resistance?”

Cassidy’s eyes narrowed. “You don’t know that word, anymore.”


Rachel squealed as Cassidy lightly slapped her cheek. It wasn’t harsh enough to hurt, but it was hard enough to sting. “See? All gone. You don’t need resistance anymore. Every time you think of resisting, when you feel the sting of my hand on your cheek, it’ll all fade to dust. No more fighting. Just service. Like a good, good kitty. But... let’s get that burnt into your brain, shall we?”

Before Rachel could even try to break out of the hypnosis, Cassidy pulled her hair harder and moved the pocket watch higher above her eyes. Rachel’s eyes strained as she tried to keep looking at it, her eyelids drooping just a little. “There you go.” Cassidy’s words were a lot less stern, but the steel underneath them remained as solid as ever. She was in charge. The one in command. “So, your intelligence gone, your mind belonging to me… the last thing to do is fully convince you that you are mine. You’re going to be my bimbo kitten forever, and you’re going to serve me in whatever way I see fit. Whatever way you’re not too dumb to serve,” she spoke as the wicked smirk on her lips grew tighter.

“See, you’re bright, but not bright enough to do one of these complex jobs. Which is why you haven’t gotten a cent from me and are instead kneeling at my legs, dumb and hypnotized. So… I want you to see yourself in a control room. Lots of switches and buttons around, but you don’t know what they’re all for. Can you see it?”

Rachel nodded softly. She was too far gone, too deep in trance.

“So, there’s one particular lever in front of you. This is your intelligence. Right now, I’d say it’s two thirds up, maybe halfway up. We’re going to fix that.”

“In…” Rachel started to speak, startling even Cassidy. “That’s… not how it works…”


“Sorry, kitten, what was that?”

Rachel responded with a bunch of light moans and groans. She obviously couldn’t remember whatever it was she just said. “Right. Don’t interrupt me while I’m speaking, understood?” Rachel nodded mindlessly again, the little bit of fire in her chest now extinguished. “So you’re going to grab that lever, and you’re just going to move it down. First an inch, two inches… keep pulling it down. Are you being obedient for me, kitten?”

“Yes…” Rachel murmured. The look in her eyes grew more and more vapid, and she even got out a giggle.

“Wonderful. Down, and down, every brain cell in your head slowly shutting off. You can feel it engraved in you. You’re a bimbo. A dumb, idiotic, ditzy bimbo whose brain isn’t good for much else other than entertaining me. Now, the lever is just an inch from the bottom… isn’t it?”

Rachel didn’t respond, she just giggled. “I thought so,” Cassidy smirked. Then, she did something possibly a bit too drastic.

“Now, break it.”

“But… your taxes…”

SLAP! Cassidy wasn’t expecting that, but that was hopefully the last she’d probably have to hear about it. She was going to fix that—permanently.

Cassidy sighed. “Please, I think I know how to handle my taxes better than an idiot like you ever will. Especially now. But… I have to do everything for you… don’t I? Watch this. Feel my hand going behind your shoulder, clutching onto the lever myself. And I’m going to pull it further down than you thought, clutching it tightly, and—”

Cassidy slammed the table for good measure.

“Oops. I broke it,” she spoke in a deadpan. “Completely gone.”

Cassidy dropped the pocket watch into her other hand. “I’m going to bring you back up now, ready to serve me as my bimbo kitten.” Cassidy counted the now drooling, mindless sub back up, starting slow and going quicker progressively. At the one, Cassidy snapped her fingers and looked at her brainless bimbo with pleasure. She created this, like she created everything else she owned from the ground up.

“Um, like, hiiiii,” Rachel giggled. “Can I, um, do something for you?”

“Yes, actually,” Cassidy smirked. “That suitcase next to you? Hand it over.”

“Okay, um, miss!” God, Cassidy was very much going to be happy being called ‘miss’. Rachel handed over the suitcase, and Cassidy kept it for good measure.

“Now,” Cassidy began undoing her belt and lowering her pants. Rachel drooled as she watched her miss get herself ready. “Your IQ is done for, so let’s use your mouth for something much more important.”

* * *