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The Perfect Interview

The receptionist, Mrs Harris, heard the clip-cloping of the girls high-heels long before she saw her and was immediately unimpressed. Mrs Harris had been sorting out the interviewees for Cambridge University for many years now and it never ceased to amaze her that so many bimbos thougt they could get in. But then the girl turned round the corner and the Mrs Harris saw her and was bowled over. This girl coming down the corridor was not like any other girl she had seen. For one it did not look like she had made any effort to dress for the occassion—she was wearing a very short pair of white shorts and a low cut top. On her face were a large pair of dark sunglasses and her long wavy hair fell loosely to her shoulders. The receptionist normally frowned upon prospective students not adhering to the formal dress code of Cambridge University but for once she was delighted. This girl had the greatest body she had ever seen. Every inch of her creamy supple body just cried out to Mrs Harris to be caressed. Mrs Harris was a married hetro-sexual but for this one moment she could think of nothing but how sexy and stunning this vision of a girl who came towards her was.

The girl stopped in front of the reception desk. Mrs Harris struggled to get her breath and her compusure back. “Name?” she asked. “Nadine Stubbing” the girl replied. She had the voice of an angel. Mrs Harris, still trying to remain professional then asked “the time for your interview?". “2.20” The clock on the side read 2.50. Mrs Harris was nothing if not professional, and even for this beauty in front of her she had to lay down the law, “I’m sorry but you missed your interview and I’m afraid Cambridge does not offer any second opportunity.”

To her suprise the girl laughed. She then smiled the most irresistable smile and took off her sunglasses. Mrs Harris gasped—the girl was stunning but that did not prepare her for the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen. She could not look away—it felt like she was falling into the deep brown eyes in front of her. Then the girl began to talk. “I’m sure there is someway you could accomodate me... I know how much you want me to please me and I would be very happy if you could do this one small think for me”. The girl leaned a face close to the receptionists and finished by saying “pretty please”. Mrs Harris was overwhelmed; this girl was the most perfect, wonderful being in existence—of course she would do that for thre, she would do anything for her. Whether it was the girl’s beautiful lips or her mesmeric gaze she did not know, but Mrs Harris felt her face moving closer and closer to the girl—she could not stop. She managed to squeeze out the word “anything” before their lips touched. Mrs Harris could not describe the feeling—it was so far beyond anything she had ever experienced. The girl pulled away and straightened up putting on her sunglasses. Mrs Harris begain to regain her senses. “Err... So...Your interview will be...". Nadine cut her off: “My interview will be next, I hate waiting. You can do that for me can’t you?”

“Of course... anything for you”. She stared at the back of the girl as she walked into the waiting room.

Within barely a minute of sitting down a voice called “Nadine Stubbing”, indicating it was Nadine’s turn to be interviewed. Nadine smiled to herself; she was unaccustomed to waiting.

She stretched out as she stood upand was aware of all the other interviewees staring at her. One may have thought the stares were due to the highly inappropriate clothing for a formal interview or because she was being called before them despite being in the waiting room a fraction of the time.But the stares were for one reason alone: Nadine had a figure to die for and when she stretched out the world held its breath.

She entered the interview room, a fairly large room with a table at the far end. She saw who was sitting behind the desk: two fairly old looking men and a stern looking younger woman in the middle. Nadine summed them up as she approached the table – she deduced that it would not be too hard to achieve what she wanted, although the woman might pose a challenge. Just as she was summing them up Nadine could feel them looking at her, making their initial judgements. She assumed they were unimpressed by her attire but that wouldn’t matter soon.

She sat down in the chair opposite the interviewers and waited. “Good afternoon Ms Stubbing”, the woman said. “Good afternoon”, Nadine replied nodding at the silent men, “and please call me Nadine” she added.

The woman ignored her, “Ms Stubbing, let’s get down to it shall we? What do you have that makes you think you’re of Cambridge material?”

Nadine cartwheeled inside – straight away they had given her the opportunity she needed. “Well,” she began as she uncrossed and re-crossed her long legs – she noted that both the males seemed to enjoy that though she could not tell if the woman had even noticed – “I’m a very hardworking individual and I always make sure I do a very good and professional job”. She took off her sunglasses and looked into the frowning eyes of the woman and carried on: “and I’m a very helpful person” she smiled sweetly and her voice took on a very soft, soothing quality, “and I can understand how difficult it is to get through the day sometimes… I know how tiring it is to do interview after interview after interview and I know how tired you all are now. And I can help you, I can make you fell so much better.” She was monitoring the female interviewer whose facial features seemed to soften. Nadine was almost disappointed – she has expected a challenge. She continued now also including the two men under her powerful gaze: “I can see you want my help, that you need my help, you need me to relax you and I can help you. You just have to let me help you and relax you…”. Nadine carried on in the same way – subjecting each interviewer to her seductive voice and entrancing eyes. She would occasionally stroke her own legs or breasts to further her influence over them. She had just finished her basic induction and was just considering what to say for her first instructions.

The trio opposite her were looking at her intently, overwhelmed by the beauty in front of them. But then the woman said, “errr… I don’t think this is relevant…”. Nadine was stunned; she had thought the woman was already under her control. That was very good resistance she noted. She stood up and walked round the desk. As she walked passed the first man she caressed his shoulders and stroked his face – she felt him quiver with pleasure. She then walked round the woman who just sat there still facing in front. Once round the other side she bent over, placing her perfect behind just inches away from the face of the other man. She began to wiggle it slightly – she knew the man would love that, but she was more concerened with the woman here. She cupped her chin and turned her face to face hers. The interviewers eyes immediately locked onto Nadine’s hypnotic stare. “Now my pet”, Nadine said, “everything I tell you is relevant. Anything I do is relevant to you, because I am all that matters to you. As you carry on staring deeper and deeper into my eyes you realise that I am the only thing that matters to you. You love me, I am all you think about, your greatest wish is to please me… tell me what you think of me?” Nadine enjoyed this direct approach – she rarely hypnotised people to such an extent but she loved doing it . The woman, was breathless but managed to force out a few whispered words “I love you… you are my Goddess” – being worshipped was something that turned Nadine on immensely and on this occasion she had not even had to force the woman to do so.

Nadine smiled, “good girl. Now what I want you to do is”. She was stopped in her tracks by the man behind her who had lost all self-control and was now kissing and groping Nadine’s perfect peach of a backside. Nadine straightened up, turned around and gave a mock-frown: “Now then, what a naughty boy you are. Do you think you are allowed to caress your mistress’s arse without her permission?” The man looked mortified: “No I’m sorry, please, I didn’t mean to I...I...".

“Well”, Nadine interjectied finishing his stuttering, “if you submit to me right now and promise to be a good little slave to me I will forgive you”. The man’s eyes lit up—he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do more -submit to Nadine, the most wonderful person he had ever seen, or get her forgiveness. He fell to his knees “I submit to you mistress Nadine”. He prostrated and began to kiss her feet. Nadine laughed and then said “enough—sit back down”.

She then turned her attention to the other male interviewer—he was sitting just as she had left him but he was looking around and was clearly no longer in a trance. Nadine guesses he would be back to normal if not for the fact she was only a couple of meters from him and he could clearly hear her voice. She moved round the side of his chair and sat on his lap. She could feel his penis—it was very hard. She caressed the side of his face and seductively murmured “and your a very good boy... very good... I know you are just so thrilled to be mine. And your going to be so well behaved—you can’t wait to submit can you...".

If the man had been coming out of her control he was straight back in it now. “No... can’t wait... must submit...". “Well go on then”, Nadine prompted. The man submitted “I submit to you mistress Nadine. I shall do anything and everything for you.".Nadine smiled at him, “Good boy, now for your reward”. She kissed him. She felt the moisture underneath her immediately.

She then walked round the side of the desk and sat back down. “Right. Now here’s how the interview went”...

It was a few weeks later when Nadine got the letter from Cambridge University. “Congratulations” it read, “we are pleased to inform you that you have been offered an unconditional place to study at Cambridge University”. Nadine could hardly wait