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Title: Perfume

Tags: mc, mf, fd

Description: Elizabeth takes advantage of her magical perfume to get some payback on a creep

Disclaimer: If you are under age wherever you happen to be accessing this story, please refrain from reading it. Please note that all characters depicted in this story are of legal age, and that the use of ‘girl’ in the story does not indicate otherwise. This story is a work of fantasy: in real life, hypnosis and sex without consent are deeply unethical and examples of such in this story does not constitute support or approval of such acts. This work is copyright of Kallie © 2018, do not repost without explicit permission

* * *

Elizabeth rubbed her eyes with a tired sigh as she counted the subway stations left before her stop. It had been a long day, like all her other days. She loved her job as editor-in-chief of a small magazine, but sometimes it felt all too much like herding cats. She was often forced to work long hours at the office, and she had become very familiar with late-night subway journeys home. She didn’t enjoy the experience. She had to be constantly vigilant for weirdos and creeps. There were plenty of spare seats, sure, but Elizabeth was usually so tired that she was afraid she would fall asleep if she sat down. So, she remained standing, eagerly anticipating the moment she stepped back into her apartment and slumped down on her couch. Her happy thoughts of rest, hot tea and pizza were disturbed, however, when she felt her phone buzzing in the pocket of her suit jacket. Elizabeth sighed. It was probably another work email. Hopefully it was something routine, and not another fire she needed to rush to put out. When she checked her phone, though, she found herself staring at picture of a cock.

Once Elizabeth had overcome her initial shock, she realized what had happened. She’d received the dick pic via a new app on her phone. It was something some of the other girls at the office had persuaded her to download—an app that let people anonymously send bluetooth messages to anyone with the same app in the near vicinity. Naturally, it was being used for all sorts of good-natured office jokes and pranks. As the editor-in-chief, Elizabeth knew she needed to remain a little above such things, but she didn’t see the harm in participating in a little fun everyone once in a while. The girls had, however, told her that she should deactivate the app when she left the office. Clearly, she’d been so tired she’d forgotten. Elizabeth sighed. She shouldn’t have been surprised to learn that people were using the app to sexually harass women. It had to be someone on the same train. Elizabeth looked around. There weren’t many people on the same subway, so late after dark on a week night, and Elizabeth was deliberately standing on the far end of the carriage from most of them. Mostly, it was people just like her: late-night commuters who looked far too wrapped up in their own stress and exhaustion to pay the slightest bit of attention to anyone else. But as Elizabeth surveyed the train carriage, there was one person who she found looking in her direction: a young, well-groomed man with a distinct shit-eating grin plastered across his face. He was obviously the culprit. Elizabeth broke eye contact as quickly as she could, but it was too late. The young man drew himself up to his full height and started lumbering towards her.

“Hey, beautiful,” he said. “Like what you see?”

Elizabeth did all but roll her eyes to signal her distaste. “No.”

“Oh, come on!” he continued, with an easygoing laugh. “No need to be that way.”

“Look.” Elizabeth grit her teeth. “I’m just trying to get home in peace, I’ve had a very long day at work and—”

“No need to say anything,” he interrupted, still wearing the same shit-eating grin. “I get it. A woman like you needs to blow of steam at the end of the day. I knew it from the moment I saw you. They say women hit their sexual prime when they get a little older, right? Not that I’m saying you look old! You look pretty great, for your age.”

Elizabeth bristled at the obnoxious comment. What the hell was ‘older’ supposed to mean? She was only 34. At least he thought she looked good, she reflected wryly. She always made sure to look neat and professional for work, with a freshly-cleaned suit and tidy, long, black hair. More importantly, when was this guy going to leave her alone?

“Anyway, it’s great to meet you,” he continued, apparently oblivious to her discomfort. “I’m Olly. What’s your name?”

“Elizabeth,” she answered, realizing a little too late that should probably should have made up a different name.

“Lizzie? Nice.”

“Elizabeth,” Elizabeth insisted firmly.

Olly seemed not to notice how annoyed she was. “So, what’s your stop? I think we’re both eager to get back to your place.”

Elizabeth couldn’t believe how persistent he was being. Was she really going to have to use her special trick to deal with him? “No. We’re not. Please just leave me alone. I didn’t want to see a picture of your dick and I’m even less keen on seeing it in person.”

She was sure that would finally make Olly give up, but instead he took another step towards her, looming over her and making her feel like she had no room to breathe. “Hey now, Lizzie, no need to play hard to get. We both know you’ve seen what I’m packing. Let’s face it, I’m the biggest you’re ever gonna get, so cut the ‘I don’t suck dick on the first date’ act.”

Elizabeth stiffened, her hands balling into tight fists, but then she made herself relax. If that was how he wanted to play it, she would make sure he got exactly what he deserved. It might even be fun. Olly was a creep and an asshole, but he wasn’t wrong in saying that Elizabeth needed to blow of steam. Maybe toying with someone like him until he was begging for mercy was exactly what Elizabeth needed. She’d had plenty of practice at it. Elizabeth reached into her handbag and pulled out a small spray bottle. She sprayed a little of its contents onto the back of her hand, and then rubbed it onto each side of her neck.

“What’s that?” Olly asked.

“It’s just… perfume,” Elizabeth answered. It wasn’t entirely a lie. Flipping her demeanor around completely, she fixed her face into a suggestive smile and looked up at Olly, blinking coyly. “I want to freshen up a little bit, if we’re gonna do this.”

Olly blinked, seemingly a little taken aback by how quickly she’d turned around, but after a moment his grin grew even wider. “Alright! I knew you were just playing hard to get. Wait until the guys hear about this!”

It took all the willpower Elizabeth had to not grimace at his crudeness, but she kept smiling sweetly. “So, Olly, how does my perfume smell?”

“Huh? Oh, I’m sure it’s fine,” he replied instantly. But then Elizabeth saw him lean in a little closer and sniff, his nostrils flaring. Almost immediately, his eyes went wide and his pupils started to dilate. His nostrils flared as he took repeated sniffs of her aroma. “Wow… yeah that… that really does smell good.”

“I’m glad you think so,” Elizabeth said. Her smile was genuine now. It was working.

“What’s in that? I’ve never smelt anything like it.” Already, he was practically swaying from side to side.

Elizabeth didn’t answer him. “So, Oliver, do you do this often?”

“It’s Olly,” he answered, sounding a little unfocused. “Um… do what?”

“Send dick pics to strangers on the train, before you come on to them.”

Olly frowned for a moment, like he wasn’t sure how he was supposed to answer, but then he relaxed and his smile became easy and vacant. “Oh yeah, like… every week,” he said, laughing.

“I thought so.” Elizabeth kept smiling and kept talking seductively, even as she watched Olly carefully for signs of how he was succumbing to her ‘perfume’. “Why? Why the dick pic?”

“I’m pretty big,” Olly replied simply, with a frat boy-esque giggle.

Elizabeth pulled out her phone again and took another look at the picture. “I guess you are.” In truth he was wasn’t much above average, based on her experience, but she knew flattery would get her what she wanted. “I can’t wait to see the real deal.”

Olly’s eyes, whilst still eager, were becoming increasingly unfocused, and he was almost slurring his words. “Not long now, baby.”

“Oh but, the thing is, I just can’t wait,” Elizabeth purred. “Show me now.”

Olly frowned, but he was slow to speak. Elizabeth knew that at this point, he would be having a lot of trouble thinking. “But… aren’t we… here?”

“It’ll be fine,” Elizabeth assured him soothingly. “Come on, handsome. I’m right here, begging for it. Won’t you let me see that big, long, incredible cock of yours.”

Olly kept frowning for another moment, but it was clear that Elizabeth’s plea was overriding his common sense, although he was still sensible enough to glance around surreptitiously and make sure no-one else on the train was looking too closely. Once he was satisfied they weren’t, he quickly fumbled to unzip his jeans and pull his dick, already half-hard, out of his underwear.

“Good boy,” Elizabeth purred, injecting a note of false awe into her voice. “Wow, it’s so big. I just can’t help myself.”

Making sure that they were standing so that no-one could see, Elizabeth moved closer to Olly, resting her body against his. His eyes went wide as she pressed her breasts into his torso, and wider still when she rested the palm of her hand against the front of his jeans and started rubbing his thigh through the denim. Even that indirect contact made him shiver, and had blood flowing into his cock. “I… I… s-shouldn’t we, um, wait?” he spluttered.

“I’m sure a big man like you can’t wait, right?” Elizabeth soothed, making her voice low and sultry. “And besides, I know I can’t keep my hands off. Just stand there and let me take care of you, OK? Call it a taste of what’s to come. I know generally handjobs are a little underrated, but believe me, my hands are magic. It’s going to feel amazing.”

Elizabeth slid her hand across the front of Olly’s jeans and along the shaft of his exposed cock. Almost instantly, it became totally hard. As she started stroking him, his knees threatened to buckle underneath him and his eyes almost rolled back into his head. He was clearly using all his willpower to keep his moans quiet enough that they were only audible to the two of them. Elizabeth allowed herself to let out a little laugh. The power of suggestion was a wonder to behold.

“W-w-what… the fuck…” Olly eventually managed, struggling to speak through the sound of his own moaning. “What… this isn’t… normal… w-what’s going on?”

He’d noticed. It was bound to happen eventually. Elizabeth wasn’t even the slightest bit concerned. He was already just putty in her hands. “You remember you asked what was in my perfume? It’s actually a little something I make myself, out of a few special herbs and reagents.” Elizabeth kept stroking his cock in a slow, steady rhythm as she explained. “It’s quite alluring, and more importantly, it mimics certain human pheromones—with a dramatically more intense effect, as you’re experiencing. The precise recipe is a secret, of course. Can’t have people using it irresponsibly. But I like to keep a little around, in case I have to deal with someone like you. It’s ironic, really—the range of the effect is so limited that if you hadn’t insisted on invading my personal space, it wouldn’t have done anything to you.”

Olly’s eyes slowly widened as his drugged, overwhelmed mind struggled to process all the information Elizabeth was feeding him. “What does it do?” he asked, sounding panicked.

“First of all, as you can probably tell, it makes you more turned on than you’ll ever be in your life,” Elizabeth continued. She’d dropped the enticing, seductive tone she’d been affecting before, and now sounded like a stern, motherly teacher lecturing a bad student. “And secondly, it suppresses the part of your brain that applies discernment, context and critical thinking to new information you receive. In other words, it makes you incredibly, incredibly suggestible. Whatever I tell you, your mind will accept it as gospel truth. That’s why the way I’m stroking your cock feels so amazing right now. Suggestion.”

Elizabeth was pleased to see Olly was started to sweat bullets as he stuttered: “H-h-h—”

“How long does it last?” Elizabeth interrupted, guessing his next question. “Well, the immediate effects only really last as long as you’re being exposed to my perfume. But of course, that could be for however long I please—it’s not like you can get away from me now, even if you tried.” Elizabeth saw him start to try and pull away, and then immediately fail as her suggestion took effect and his legs rebelled against him. “The suggestions I give you, however, can persist for a while. For days, weeks… maybe even a couple months, depending on how how resilient you are and on how much of an impression I make.”


“What am I going to do to you?” Elizabeth paused for a moment, enjoying the look of tense anticipation in Olly’s pained, flushed face. She hadn’t planned any of this, but she had to admit, she was having fun. Watching Olly squirm and knowing how much control she had over him was sending a hot thrill all through her body. “Don’t worry, nothing too lasting or too sinister. I’m not a cruel woman. I just want you to think twice before you pull this kind of stunt with another girl ever again.”

“I… uh… shit,” Olly babbled. It was obvious he wasn’t sure whether to threaten her or beg for mercy.

“Shh. Just relax and listen to me.” Elizabeth experienced another thrill as she saw Olly’s face slacken, his stress draining away, and his ears perk up attentively. He knew he was in trouble, but he couldn’t help but relax, all because she’d told him too. Her own body was starting to feel flushed. “Now, Oliver, you know, you really shouldn’t send pictures of your dick to total strangers. It’s incredibly rude.”

Olly nodded and a hint of guilt crept into his face as he accepted the suggestion.

“I know you’re proud of that thing, but still.” Elizabeth started stroking his cock a little faster. He was hard as rock under her touch. “But you know, a big dick isn’t necessarily something to be proud about. As they say, it’s not what you’ve got, it’s how you use it. How do you use it, Oliver? Tell me honestly, when these crude pick-up moves of yours actually work, do the girls cum?”

“Uh…” Olly thought for a long moment. It was clear that between the intoxicating drug Elizabeth had dosed him with and the way she was stroking his cock, thinking was all but impossible for him. “I dunno.”

Elizabeth tutted. “Like I thought. I bet you never give their pleasure much attention, huh? Too busy thinking about this.” She gave his dick a firm squeeze, eliciting a gasp. “That’s the problem when you’ve got a nice, big dick like yours. Too much blood flowing down there. Not enough staying in your head, where you need it to think. Just like right now. Your head is feeling so light and blank, isn’t it? You’re so turned on that the way I’m stroking your cock is all you can think about, isn’t it? Your head is empty, and your dick is doing all the thinking for you.”

Olly nodded slowly as the suggestions washed over him. His eyes were totally vacant except for slight pleading look of need, he was panting like an animal, his face was pure red, and his cock was throbbing dangerously.

“And the thing is, Oliver,” Elizabeth continued, “right now, I control your dick. Not you. You’re totally helpless. I’m the one stroking your dick, toying with it and teasing it. I’m the one giving you this pleasure. And right now, pleasure is all you care about. The pleasure you’re feeling in your dick right now is in control of you, and I control the pleasure. I control your dick. I control you.”

Olly’s face inexorably slackened, the resistance he was still trying to muster slowly draining out of him with each one of Elizabeth’s pheromone-laden words. “Cmon… Lizzie…”

“No,” Elizabeth interrupted, looking at him pointedly. “Right now, to you, my name is ‘Miss Elizabeth’.”

“Hnng,” Olly grunted, gritting his teeth. But the words forced their way out of him. “M-miss Elizabeth… please…stop.”

“That’s better,” Elizabeth said approvingly. “I’m glad to see you can ask politely, when you really need to. But the thing is, I asked you politely to leave me alone, and did you do it? Answer.”

“No,” Olly admitted, his voice turning high and whiny with need.

“No,” Elizabeth echoed. “So you have no-one but yourself to blame for this, Oliver. You’d do well to remember that, as you stand there and listen to me tell you all about how the blood draining from your head into your cock is making you so incredibly sensitive, and making it so incredibly hard to think.”

Olly let out a low moan, as the suggestion took effect and Elizabeth started stroking his cock a little faster.

“I suppose in a way, you got exactly what you wanted,” Elizabeth mused playfully. “A beautiful woman, touching your dick. Are you satisfied? Do you feel like a man now, I wonder? Probably not. A man is supposed to be in control, right? But as we’ve established, you’re not in control. I am. It’s not even really your dick anymore. It’s mine. My toy. And when I’m touching it like this, you’re not a man, are you? Just a weak, helpless, dumb, drooling little boy.”

With each word Olly seemed to shrink, his previously cocky posture withering away. His mouth was hanging open and he was making constant, strangled noises. Between that and the way he was twitching, he practically looked like a zombie.

“And silly little boys do what they’re told,” Elizabeth continued. “You’re much better like this, nice and obedient. Much less obnoxious. It’s so easy with people like you. There’s only one thing you really care about, so it all it takes is for someone to take a firm hold of you in the right places.” She squeezed his cock for emphasis. “Your cock controls you, and I control your cock. It’s as simple as that. I’m sure even a dumb, empty-headed boy like you can understand. But also, the incredible pleasure you’re feeling right now is filling your head, pushing out everything else. I doubt you’re much of a thinker at the best of times, Oliver, but it’s just so much harder to think when your body feels so good, isn’t it?”

Olly just grunted and nodded. He looked like he was about to hit his limit. Elizabeth couldn’t have that, not yet.

“Right now, you can’t cum without permission,” she whispered firmly. “Understand? You’re not allowed to cum until I say so.”

The needy look on Olly’s face became even more pained. “B-but…”

“No ‘buts’,” Elizabeth insisted sternly. “Don’t worry, once you do finally get permission, holding back will be the least of your problems. After all, you only care about your own pleasure, right? When that pleasure fills your head, like it is now, there’s no room for any thinking—certainly not about anyone else. Such a selfish boy. So desperate to pump a load into the nearest warm body that you don’t even bother to check if the girl has had a good time. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. You’re much too dumb for that. Just a slave to your own pleasure. Just a slave to your own cock.”

Olly’s bottom lip started quivering. It was obvious that his frustration at not being able to cum was starting to boil over. He was starting to thrust his hips, humping into Elizabeth’s hand to augment the merciless rhythm of her stroking. It was useless. No matter what he did, he couldn’t get the release that, thanks to Elizabeth’s suggestions, was the only thing he could think about.

“So dumb,” Elizabeth continued. “Not a thought in your head, and all because of me. You needed me to step in and do the thinking for you. It’s pathetic, really. A crude, dumb, classless annoyance who can only think of sex. What do they call people like that? If you were a girl, people would call you a bimbo. What does that make you, right now? A himbo? A bimboy?”

A small trail of drool escaped Olly’s slack mouth.

“Really, you’re no better than animal,” Elizabeth explained, still in the same stern, teacher-like tone of voice. “People can think. You can’t think. People can resist temptation, and hold themselves to higher standards. You certainly can’t. Do you know what people do with animals? They train them. Just like I’m going to train you, right now. I’m going to train you into a better person. And the first step is acceptance. You need to accept what you are. Do you understand me?”

Olly gave an awkward, twitchy nod.

“Good. So listen to me very carefully: from now on, whenever your dick gets hard, you’re going to become just like this. You’re going to get all dumb and weak and helpless and desperate. And you’ll become completely and totally submissive to anyone else who touches your cock. A well-trained dog needs a leash. That’s going to be yours.”

Olly’s eyes somehow managed to go even wider. Even through his aroused, drug-induced stupor, it was clear he was more than a little panicked. Elizabeth was impressed he was thinking clearly enough to be concerned about it.

“But maybe that’s not quite enough,” Elizabeth mused. “That doesn’t exactly stop you harassing poor, innocent women on their way home from work, does it? So how about this: whenever you approach a girl and treat her with anything less than complete and total respect, if you somehow persuade or browbeat her into taking pity on you and sleeping with you, you won’t be able to. Because the moment you get turned on from the prospect, you’re going to cum. Instantly. Right there, in your own underwear most likely.”

Olly’s eyes went from wide to bulging, and his body started shaking violently. Elizabeth couldn’t tell if he was trying to rebel against her suggestion, or if he was simply that desperate for orgasm. He looked so pathetic that she decided to take pity on him.

“Here, let me give you a taste of it.” Elizabeth stopped stroking his cock, and managed to slip his painfully-hard erection back into his underwear. She zipped his jeans back up, leaving him with nothing more than a large, awkward bulge at the front of his pants. She pressed her palm against it, rubbing over his cock. It was a fraction of the stimulation she’d been giving him before, but even that was enough to make him whine with need. “Can you feel it? You’re right on the edge, aren’t you? Just from this. Just from being rubbed through your pants. Does it feel that good? Does this make you feel nice and powerful and manly, Oliver?”

“N-n-no,” Olly managed. His voice was nothing more than a high-pitched squeak. His breath was ragged, and he looked like he was about to collapse from Elizabeth’s teasing.

“But the worst part is, you still want it, don’t you?” Elizabeth started rubbing faster and faster. “You want me to let you cum in your pants. Because you’re just a slave to the pleasure. Just a slave to your cock. Isn’t that right?”

“Fuck. Y-yes. Fuck. Fuck.” He sounded delirious.

“Beg for it,” Elizabeth instructed.

“Please,” Olly shot out instantly. “Please. Please please p-please. I need it, I need it so bad. Please, Miss Elizabeth, please.”

“That’s better,” Elizabeth commented approvingly. “Nice and polite. Maybe you can learn something after all. Very well then. Cum.”

Olly let out a single gasp, so loud that Elizabeth noticed a couple of head’s turn momentarily from further down the train. Then, his knees started shaking and his eyes rolled back into his head. For a long moment, he looked like he was in heaven. Elizabeth had never seen such an expression of absolute, perfect bliss. But then, as the mind-clouding fog of his own arousal started to fade, he sagged, realizing what he’d done. What he’d begged for permission to do. He looked at Elizabeth with plaintive eyes. She winked at him in return, hearing the train start to slow.

“I think this is my stop.” She waltzed over to the doors of the subway train. “Remember, the suggestions will only last a few weeks. Maybe a couple months at the most. No need to be too distressed, Oliver. Use the time to think some things over.”

With that, the train came to a halt. When the doors opened, Elizabeth stepped out onto the platform with a fresh spring in her step. She was now even more eager to get home than ever—she had to admit, dominating Oliver had left her more than a little pent up, and all she could think about was getting home to her vibrator. She might have rebuffed the arrogant boy, but that didn’t mean she didn’t have needs. After that, Elizabeth noted to herself, she’d have to remember to disable that app. She didn’t want anymore random dick pics.

Or did she? There were plenty more Olivers in the world, after all.

* * *