The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Pet Teachers 2: Purring Pussy

by J. F. Gargiulo

I’m on my third life.

My first ended some time ago. All I remember is that it hurt because someone hurt me. My second, better life began when I entered the care of Melanie, my mistress, and my current life began when she Transformed me into my true self.

Third time really is the charm, and in case anything happens, I have six more in reserve. I truly am the luckiest pet in the world …

It’s been some time since we left The Transformation Retreat. I can’t remember—it’s hard keeping track of time the way humans do …

Yes, for the record, I am a cat. I may look like a plump human woman with her curly brown hair in pigtails, hairy legs, fat tits, and a brand mark on her head—but I assure you, I am a cat.

How do I know this? Why do I believe this?

Simple: Mistress Melanie made me see the Truth about myself and helped me cope with it.

And please don’t try to change my mind—Mistress already has, and I’m quite content being her property forever.

Now, where was I? … Oh, yes, we left the retreat and now live in a motor home. We’ve been on the road for a while, and while it’s a cramped existence, I’m with my family, and that’s all that matters.

Speaking of which, they’re now all out in a field, where we’ve parked for the night. Mistress’s other pets are relieving themselves, while Mistress and her slaves watch over them.

I am looking out at them from a window inside our home. As I said, I am a cat, and I am in my natural habitat. This is normality.

* * *

Susan didn’t think that this was normal. How could she? She just ate dinner with her friends.


Who does that?

And they had a chance at leaving, but decided to give Melanie and her retreat one more day … Why? “I’m not feeling walking around naked.” She admitted her feelings to her friends! So … why stay?

She lied on her bed on her side, staring at the empty space next to her. She sighed and rolled onto her back. She knew why she wanted to stay …

She stroked her clit … Her body shook and convulsed. Susan opened her mouth, but no words came out as her eyes rolled back and chest heaved.

She cummed. It felt so good to cum … but if only she had someone to do it with … She blinked back tears. She knew that her husband was gone, but still …

Wasn’t there anyone who could take the pain away … forever?

* * *

I’d gladly stay in this vehicle forever if it meant living with Mistress, the slaves, and the pets.

Still, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to stretch my own legs …

I piss in my litter box and then crawl down the stairs and onto the grassy field. It’s twilight, and every blade of grass in front of me is as distinct at the next. Everything on the other side of the field, however, looks blurry … and sad.

Well, metaphorically. Ever since I was Transformed, my eyesight has changed. The blue sky is steadily darkening and the grass is green, but there’s a smattering of gray and yellow everywhere. I can see in the sky where the sun’s setting, and there should be red there … but I can’t remember what that looks like.

I miss seeing that color, but if this is how Mistress wants me to see the world, then I can’t be too sad about it. I must accept it.

I roam a few feet away from the motor home, away from the others. I need to be alone. I’ve come to love this time of the day when the sun sets and the stars come out. My eyes don’t hurt as much. I smile: It’s almost as if I’m supposed to be a creature of the night …

I stop, resting on my haunches. I lick the back of my paw. Before I was Transformed, I used to call my front paws hands and my hind paws feet. But now I know better, thanks to Mistress. She showed me the error of my ways and made me feel better about myself. She loves me so much, and I love her just as much.

I gaze up: The stars are out. Tilting my head back, I sing an ode to Mistress, without whom I am nothing. But, of course, I no longer speak as she does.

I caterwaul—mewling, meowing, hissing, and screeching a cadence of love. When I’m finished, I lick my paw, wash my face, and head back to my family.

My fat butt-cheeks sway as I crawl. I wish I had a tail like a c—

I stop. Wait, that … that doesn’t make any sense. I don’t need a tail to be a cat … do I? I speak like one, I go on all fours—if I had a tail, would it be up my asshole? How could I shit, then?

I pant heavily—this is very confusing … I am a cat—I have to be one! Mistress said so …

I breathe heavily … I wish I could tell her—

“Kitty-cat! Like, kitty-cat!”

I shake my head. Ugh—the bimbo. I freeze and scan the area. Though it’s black as pitch, I clearly see someone scamper my way. Vicky kneels in front of me and I sit, looking away from her. She strokes my hair.

“I, like, yuh know, wuv you sooooo much! … What? Yer sooooo pwetty!”

She’s naked except for the braids that give her pigtails, and she smiles ear to ear. Vicky hugs me tightly and plays with my pigtails, and I wish to bite her or claw her eyes out, but … but I just can’t … Mistress told me to love this idiot and obey her, but there’s something else that holds me back … I can’t quite explain it …

All I know is that I must love and obey Mistress … And I do, honestly. She gave me my life back, after all. Not in the way I ever expected, but still …

Vicky gasps. “O. M. G. Does kitty wanna, like, yuh know, have some milk? Wouldn’t it be, like, zlint ‘n’ stuff fer kit t’ suck on m’ tit?”

We stare into each other’s eyes. Mine are unimpressed; hers are blank. Then they widen in realization. Then she frowns. Then they widen again.

“That, like … totally rhymed! Zlint!”


She lies on her back and rubs her nipples. My mouth waters—I have to admit, I am hungry. I get on top of her, and … notice that we are in a patch of dirt … Ah! I’ll use it to spell out on her milky body that I want a tail!

Scooping some dirt up with my paw, I throw it down on her stomach and spell out tail.

Or at least, I try to. The more I try to, the more I end up kneading this idiot’s tits. I feel my mind become cloudy … Yes, this is what I’m supposed to do, how I’m supposed to behave, not … whatever I was just trying to do …

“Meow.” I am a cat, now and forever. How foolish of me to believe otherwise …

Vicky’s milk seeps out of her erect nipples, drop by drop. I bend down and feed, closing my eyes and lapping her natural juice, which soothes my throat …

After I have my fill, I sit back up on my haunches. Why does she have dirt—

“Kitty-cat! You, like, have no manners! I’m dirty and there’s milk all over yer mouth! Grody! So grody to the max!”

She licks my lips clean, and as much as I hate her, we tongue. It’s such a good feeling, second only to when I tongue Mistress. I’ve pissed on Mistress because no one else can have her. I have the urge to piss on this idiot … but I can’t.

She might never leave my side, and I can’t have that.

But then our urges get the better of us. Vicky wraps her arms around my thick body, and I awkwardly position my arms around her neck. She rubs my back and I pat hers. I meow from deep in my throat, but I’m not angry or being defensive. Vicky coos and starts breathing heavily, licking and kissing my neck.

“Oh, kitty, yer, like, yuh know, so pwetty … So pwetty …”

She plants a big one on my cheek, then pushes her body against mine, forcing me onto my back. My hind legs kick wildly in the air as Vicky makes out with me. In return, I scratch her back with my claws.

“Ow, ow, kitty … that … that hurts so good …”

The bitch bites my neck and sucks my earlobe. She lifts her body to straddle me, squeezing my fat tits hard, the milk shooting out in strands as thin as cobwebs. She leans in to catch my natural goodness, but fails, instead hitting practically every inch of her face except her mouth.

Then she turns around and gives me cunnilingus as her tight ass smacks my face. Her tongue flicks a mile a minute, and my body trembles. I reach for her vagina with my tongue, and when I find it, I lap at it in long strokes. Her body shakes.

We cum at the same time, our faces wet with each other’s juice. After we’re spent, Vicky gets off of me, and we lie on the ground, staring up at the stars …

“Vicky! Susan!” a voice calls out. “Inside, now!”

Vicky’s eyes turn glassy, and I feel mine do the same.

“Like-we-hear-and-we-like-obey-Elaine!” she says, in monotone. “Fer-shur!”

“Me-ow,” I purr, in monotone. “Me-ow.”

Vicky stands up and walks toward the vehicle, her expression blank and arms outstretched in front of her. I follow. When we get there, Elaine is standing by the open door. Elaine, I like. She keeps to herself and is Mistress’s slave. She pets and kisses me, and fucks me gently. She’s not rough and energetic like Vicky.

Did I mention how much I hate her?

Vicky scampers in; I crawl in behind her. Once we’re inside, Elaine turns the vehicle on and drives off. Vicky goes into the bathroom, where Mistress cleans her off, because the dumbass is completely helpless without Mistress.

I crawl into my nice, big plush bed on the cushioned bench seat, under a window. I look around my home. The evening is my favorite part of the day: quiet, peaceful, relaxing. I don’t know why it ever wasn’t—I mean, I’m a cat.

Granted, I’ve seen myself in a mirror and I physically look like Mistress Melanie, Elaine, and Vicky, but Mistress told me that I’m a cat and not a person, so, logically, I’m a cat.

The other pets are asleep; I have no real opinion of them. The only thing we have in common is that we love Mistress and obey her, for we are nothing without her love and comfort.

Molly is a chicken, and usually just clucks and pecks around for food outside and shits out eggs inside. She sleeps in her nest, which is on the floor right in front of me. Her legs are folded under her, and her featherless wings lay motionless at her sides. Her chin rests on her gently rising and falling flat breast. I should hate her the most, for she was the one who suggested that we stay one more day with Mistress … But given my present situation, how can I hate her?

Donna the monkey, for the most part, stays inside keeping the place neat and tidy, walking on her feet and knuckles. She shits in her adult diaper, especially when she’s excited, and always eats with her toes. She’s curled up at the other end of the bench, sucking on a thumb and clutching her teddy bear.

Then there’s Mildred. She’s a dog. I don’t like it when she chases me sometimes—she just wants to play, I think. At least, she’s never been mean to me. When she’s happy, she shakes her ass, and I can’t help but wonder if she should have a tail, too. She loves her toys and belly rubs. Below Donna, Mildred’s asleep on her side in her plush bed, which is in a metal cage.

Mistress and Vicky sleep in Mistress’s bed.

Everything in the vehicle is crisp and clear, not like during my first two lives. I smile.

Thank you, Melanie, my owner, I think. I slave for my mistress every day. I love her bare feet in every way.

And I do. How can I not?

The motorhome makes a sharp turn. I carefully peer over the bench to look outside. We’re traveling down a highway. We pets were clothed once we left The Transformation Retreat, so as not to bring attention to us, but we soon found that this was unnecessary.

Plus, I’ll just say that we didn’t like it very much …

There are hardly any cars out. Still, I love looking at them go by … them and the trees … and the brick walls, and the metal barriers … one by one … it’s so relaxing …

So relaxing that I can never help but fall asleep, and I sink down into my soft bed …

* * *

The sofa was soft. Susan found it hard to stay awake she was so relaxed. Well, maybe it also had something to do with the big breakfast that she and the girls had, as well as the yoga and meditation session that Melanie led them in.

And the pocket watch that Melanie swung back and forth … back and forth … back and forth … in front of her eyes …

“So, what do you think of my retreat so far?” Melanie asked, while sitting next to Susan.

“Oh, it’s very nice,” Susan answered calmly. “I think like it.”

“You think?”

“Yeah, we’re not so keen on being naked. Vicky wants us to leave. She hates you.”


“I don’t know …”

Melanie nodded. “Well, Vicky is a real killjoy, isn’t she?”

“I guess, but she’s my friend.” Susan squirmed.

“Relax. I know she is, but you can’t let her ruin your stay here. She’s a burden on you, and you must not let her be one. Always be suspicious of her. Do you understand? Can you do that for me?”

Susan watched the watch for a few seconds before answering. “… I’ll try …”

“Good. Now, what, if anything, do you like about the retreat?”

“I don’t know … I guess the food—not that that should surprise you.”

“Care to elaborate?”

Back and forth … back and forth …

Susan sighed. “I really hate my body.”


“Isn’t it obvious?” Susan fought back tears. “I’m fat and ugly.”

“No, you’re not. There’s nothing wrong with being a little thick. I think it suits you.”

“If only my husband felt that way.” Susan swallowed. “I … I started gaining weight while we were going through a rough time financially. Food was the only thing that kept me company while he worked overtime. The stress of teaching didn’t help, either.”

“Did he not want to touch you?”

Her voice cracking, Susan said, “No … I started touching myself. It felt good, but …”

“Nothing beats the touch of a loved one.”

“Exactly. When he died, I thought that I’d get a pet, you know? Maybe a cat … But I didn’t.”

“Why not?”

“Because I thought that I’d only be filling a void just to fill it. I didn’t really want to stroke a cat, I wanted him to stroke me …”

Melanie nodded. “May I touch you?”

Back and forth … back and forth …

“I … Okay …”

Melanie handed the watch to Susan, instructing her to continue swinging it. Susan, of course, obeyed. With one hand, Melanie rubbed Susan’s clit, and with the other, she fingered the teacher’s lady-hole.

Susan moaned, her chest rising faster and faster, her toes tightly curling and uncurling …

“Just watch the watch, Susan, and listen, and know that the touch of a woman is a beautiful, liberating sensation. This is what turns you on from now on, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Your hand, my hand … It doesn’t matter. Embrace your body, embrace your gender—embrace the new you.”

“The new me,” the hypnotized teacher repeated softly.

“Yes, the new you … is a lesbian. Don’t deny that you love women—four of your best friends are women, and I love you because I want to help you. Now … relax and close your eyes.”

Susan obeyed, and she let go of the watch, which landed on her pudgy stomach. Her arm fell over the edge of the couch.

“Very good, my Susan,” Melanie said, rubbing and fingering her even faster. “Enjoy yourself, my love.”

Melanie removed her hands from Susan’s lady parts, and the history teacher orgasmed, squirting a stream of cum into the air. Susan arched her back and moaned. Melanie cupped her hands and caught some of Susan’s fluid, drinking it as if it were the nectar of the gods.

“Oh, Susan, you taste so good,” Melanie said. “Would you like to taste yourself?”

Susan ever so subtly licked her lips. “Yes, Melanie …”

The retreat owner rubbed her fingers on the wet spots on Susan’s fat body and stuffed those fingers into the teacher’s mouth. Susan licked and sucked Melanie’s fingers.

“Good girl,” Melanie said. “How do you feel?”

Susan smacked her lips and smiled. “Wonderful.”

Melanie kissed Susan’s forehead, snapped her fingers, and said, “Sleep, deep sleep … Susan, I’m going to count to three, at which point you’ll awaken from your trance, completely relaxed and refreshed. You’ll forget everything that’s happened to you here except for the good feelings that you’ve received. You’ll want to continue staying here, telling me your secrets, your desires, and exploring your need to obey and love me, and removing the pain of your husband’s death. All of these things Vicky wishes to take away from you. Understand?”

“Yes, Melanie.”

“Good. One … two … three—eyes open, wide awake!”

* * *

“Susan? Wake up, my pet.”

I open my eyes and look up. I behold my mistress! I leap onto the floor and get on all fours, rubbing myself against her legs, purring happily. She reaches down and gently strokes my hair …

I shudder. I owe everything to this woman. I will never betray her. I will slave for her no matter what. I crane my head up; she smiles and nods approvingly.

“Very good, my pet teacher. You know your place so well! But come. We’re home now.”

I stare at Mistress as she walks to the open door.


I frown. What does she mean? This vehicle is my home—I pissed in it the first chance I got …

Mistress turns to me and pats her leg. “Susan! Come!”

I obey, crawling through the vehicle and ambling down the steps outside. It takes a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the sun. I don’t like the sun.

I crawl a few feet to take my place next to Mistress’s other pets. Mildred, sitting quietly and panting, is on a leash held by Elaine. Molly and Donna sit patiently by the fucking bimbo, who’s too busy making spit bubbles to care about what’s going on. I sit on my haunches and lick my paw.

Mistress stands before us. Behind her is a large wooden house. It’s three stories tall with a front porch and windows all around.

“Like, uh, yuh know … what is this ginormous place? Mistress? Huh?”

“This, you bimbo piece of shit, shall be our new forever home,” Mistress proclaims.


Ugh, how I hate her—she wanted to ruin Mistress, wanted to keep me from removing my pain … And yet, for some reason, I wouldn’t dream of talking to her that way—

Now, Johnny, we both know that you’re not stupid. Some students need more help than others. It’d be in your best interest to study more each night, or ask one of your classmates for help …

“Rraow!” I snap back to the present and shake my head. A sharp pain races through my head till I remember what I really am: a pet cat.

Still … it felt good helping out—

“Rraow!” No! I’m a cat. I can’t go back. I don’t want to …

I look around. We’re surrounded by grass, dirt, and trees. The house isn’t a mansion, but it looks big enough for all of us to live in comfortably.

“O! M! G! It’s, like, sooooo ginormous ‘n’ stuff! Mistress, um, like, yuh know, why are we gonna live hare?”

“Because life on the road might bring unwanted attention, you dumbass. So long as we live here, we’ll be safe and sound. No one will bother us.”

“But, um, yuh know, uh, like, whar, like, uhr we?”


Stupid Vicky looks half asleep while staring at Mistress, but then she snaps back to attention. “Oh, now, I, like, get it! Trippendicular—to. The. Max! Fer shur!”

I watch Elaine, Vicky, and Donna unload our belongings into the house while the other pets explore the grounds. From the time we left the retreat to now, we acquired a number of goods and luxuries to make our lives more comfortable.

Suddenly, Mildred chases me around the house, her barking high-pitched, and I do a good job making sure that she doesn’t catch me. Then, without warning, she stops and starts chasing Molly, who flaps and clucks wildly around a tree.

Then Mildred stops, sniffs around, and takes a dump right in front of the staircase leading up to the porch. I’m already on the porch. I piss where I am, and then crawl a few inches away.

When everything is unloaded, we’re brought into the house and each given our own room on the second floor. I’m put in mine, which has a hardwood floor and a window with a sill too small for me to climb on to. The boxes with my toys and belongings are off to one side.

I sniff them … I swear I got a whiff of catnip, but I can’t be sure …

I crawl around, looking for a place to mark my territory—

The sun … it streams into the room through the window, and I watch the dust particles dance in the air …

They call to me. I listen …

“Damn it, Susan, I’m not in the mood! You know how tired I get when I work overtime. If you watched how much you ate, at least our grocery bill would be manageable! And why is there dust all over? Don’t you ever clean? Go to sleep—I know I will!”

I shake my head violently. What’s wrong with me? I. Am. A. Cat. Mistress made me one—I shouldn’t be thinking bad thoughts …

I swallow. I crawl into the sunlight—the warm, comfortable sunlight—and I fall asleep in the middle of the day …

* * *

They agreed to give it one more day. Susan retired for the night, entering her Spartan bedroom and lying down on her bed.

She found it hard to get to sleep. The room was cool and comfortable, but it was lonely … She wondered when the relaxation tape would play …

Susan didn’t have to wonder long. A hidden speaker played a low tone that lulled the American-history teacher to sleep.

And once she was out cold, the speaker began playing a prerecorded message, one spoken by Melanie: “You are tired. Sleep. There is no reason to wake up. Sleep, and listen. Melanie is your mistress. You will obey her because you want to obey her, and you want to obey her because you have to obey her. She is the only person who can take away your pain. Heed her advice. She is your mistress, so obey her every command. She is your owner, so never think that you have any rights. Obey, obey, obey …

“You are a lesbian. Women turn you on. You love it when they touch you; you love it when you touch yourself. You have a foot fetish. You wish to have your feet pampered and played with, tickled and tortured. And you wish to do the same to your mistress.

“Little by little, you will stop being a human. Little by little, you will start to become a cat. You want to become a cat because that will take your mind off of the pain … The pain of losing your husband … The pain of being fat …

“You will wake up in the morning and give a glowing review of this tape.

“On the count of three, you will obey these commands but never realize that you’ve been given them. One … two … three …”

And Susan remained asleep, though without her realizing it, she stroked herself in her sleep and cummed in bed. When she woke up, she wiped herself off and didn’t question what happened.

At breakfast, Melanie asked everyone what they thought of the tapes.

“It-was-so-relaxing,” Donna said. “I-can’t-remember-the-last-time-I-slept-that-well.”

“Same-here,” Molly said.

“I-agree,” Susan said. “I’ve-even-forgot-why-I-came-here … Something-about-being-sad …”

“Same-here,” Mildred said.

Victoria looked at her friends in turn, and noticed that their eyes were glassy and speech was off.

“And you, Vicky?” Melanie asked.

Victoria remembered her wet dream and swallowed. “It was … fine, though I really don’t like the idea. It’s as if someone’s invading my privacy …”

* * *

I piss in my room, even though while I slept someone placed my litter box next to me. This is my domain—I had to mark my territory.

“Kitty-cat! Like, din-din, fer shur!”

The bimbo comes and gives me my dinner: a saucer of milk. She lays it down and I hiss at her. She stands straight up, backs away, and scampers off.

I crawl to my meal and lap it dry.


Mistress calls! I must answer.

Trudging down the hallway, I enter the master bedroom, pushing the ajar door with my head. I sit on my haunches by the side of Mistress’s bed.


She cradles the bimbo in her arms.

“Susan, I want you to stop being mean to Vicky,” she says sternly. “We’re all family, and you all must love each other.”

I stare at them in turn. But … but she’s been mean to me and Mistress … and Mistress has been good to me, so …

This doesn’t make sense.

“Susan, do you understand?” Mistress asks.

I stare. No: I love when and who I want to …

Mistress sighs and picks up something from the bed … a toy on a string on a stick … I sniff and lick my lips. Catnip!

Mistress swings it before my eyes, and I follow it … back and forth …

“Susan, love Vicky as you love me and Elaine,” Mistress says, and then she snaps her fingers.

I blink and shake my head. No. I can’t love this idiot—

The fact of the matter, Carmen, is that if you don’t pass the final exam, then you’ll be held back. You don’t want that, and neither do I. You’re a bright young woman—don’t give up.

“Rrraow!” Again with the weird visions and the sharp pain … But this image rings true—I don’t want to disappoint Mistress. She commands; I obey. I climb onto the bed and crawl to Vicky, who tenses up, but I rub my head on her soft, naked body.

“Awwwwww, Mistress, like, she, yuh know, wuvs me! So trippendicular to the … What? Max!”

She grabs me and hugs me tightly. She kisses my face, and I purr happily as Mistress strokes my hair.

“Good girls,” Mistress says, soothingly. “Good girls.” She snaps her fingers. “Susan, on the floor before my feet. Worship them.”

Yes, Mistress, I think.

She props them at the edge of the bed, and … that smell … it’s not just her toe-jam … it’s also …


I shake my head and rub my face with my paws. She did this just for me!

I lick in between her soft toes and suck them till they’re as wet as the inside of my mouth. I want to kiss her wrinkly soles, but … I can’t seem to recall what a kiss is—a human kiss, that is.

So I lick them.

Once they’re thoroughly wet, Mistress snaps her fingers.

“To your room, Susan. It’s bedtime. I’ve told Elaine to put your cage in there, so I want you to sleep in it. Obey.”


I leave them and, once in my room in my metal cage, I fall asleep.

* * *

“What day is it?” Susan asked Victoria.

The world-history teacher shrugged. “Who the hell knows? No clocks, no calendars … It’s been more than one day, I can say that much, and I’m ready to get out of here.”

The two teachers sat next to each other. Donna was having her session with Melanie, while Mildred and Molly were walking the grounds with Elaine during their common time.

“Yeah …”


“Nothing,” Susan said, shaking her head.

“Spill it.”

Susan sighed. “Melanie’s been helping me cope with my loss, so … I want to stay.”

Victoria shook her head. “You can’t be serious.”

“I am. I don’t know why you won’t give her a chance. She’s only trying to help!”

“No, she’s not!”

Susan folded her arms across her chest. “Prove it.”

Vicky sighed. “That’s just it. I have none.”

“Then you better lighten up and get used to being here, you killjoy,” Susan snapped.

“Excuse me?”

“Melanie’s right—you take the fun out of everything,” Susan said. “One of the reasons why we came here was so you could cope—”

“I know, and I appreciate it, really,” Victoria said. “It’s just that … I just don’t trust Melanie.”

“Have you ever?”

“Why are you taking her side?”

“Because … she-cares-about-our-well-being-and-the-least-we-can-do-is-show-our-support.”

Victoria could’ve sworn that Susan’s eyes turned glassy, if only for a split second.

“Oh, yeah, I’m sure she does,” Victoria said.

“Well, I really like the private sessions,” Susan said. “They’ve been helping me.”

Victoria nodded. “At least that’s one of us.”

Susan rolled her eyes, got up, and walked away in a huff.

“Where are you going?” Victoria asked.

“To my room—I can’t take this negativity,” Susan answered without looking back and waving her hand dismissively.

When she got to her room, she opened the door and gasped as she stood in the doorway. There was a full-body mirror, a scratching post, a plush bed with toys on the floor, and a litter box.

Susan closed the door behind her and examined the objects … not knowing what to make of them. Then she noticed a note on her bed, which she read: “Hi, Susan! Hope you enjoy the presents. You’ll get your pet cat soon enough—trust me on this … In the meantime, get acquainted with them! Love, Melanie.”

Susan smiled. Melanie always seemed to know what to do. She put the note down and … well, scratched the post, admired herself in the mirror, sat on the bed and played with the toys, and … visualized herself in the litter box …

* * *

After waking up, I crawl into my litter box and take a dump. I crawl downstairs for breakfast. My saucer of milk and bowl of fish are next to Mildred’s water and kibble bowls. The dog eats with her face buried in her bowl as Vicky kneels before us, watching us intently.

Ugh—Mildred’s such a loud chewer. I lap my milk up quietly.

“Nice kitty-cat … nice puppy-dog,” Vicky says as she gently strokes us. “I, like, yuh know, wuv you both sooooooo much! Fer shur!”

When Mildred is finished, she crawls away, and Vicky watches. The dog scratches at the back door. Vicky gets up, puts the bitch’s leash on, and takes Mildred outside for a walk.

I finish my meal and crawl around the house. I love my life, and I love my family so much. I couldn’t ask for a better existence.

In the living room, I find Donna helping Elaine unpack some boxes. The monkey ambles back and forth, from one room to the other, up and down the stairs … I assume that Molly is somewhere outside shitting out tomorrow’s breakfast.

And just like that, I yen for one of her eggs. Maybe Elaine will get one for me …

I crawl to Elaine and rub against her leg.

“Mrao,” I purr. “Ow-rrrrow-meow-www …”

“Hello, Susan,” she says, reaching down to stroke my furry head. “Such a good kitty, but I can’t play now. Mistress Melanie wants everything unpacked by day’s end.”

I sit on my haunches, staring at her. Then I notice a cup on the coffee table. I crawl to it, study it … I reach out to it with my paw—

“Susan, no,” Elaine says.

We look at each other … I reach out again—

“Leave it, kitty.”

I knock the cup over. It hits the wooden floor, water spilling all over.

She smacks my fat ass. “Bad kitty!”

“Rrraow!” I jump back and hiss at her.

“No! Bad! Go away!”

Donna comes rambling into the room, climbing on to the couch and digging through a box.

Elaine says, “Donna, kitty spilled water on the floor. Clean it up.”

And Donna obeys. Elaine sighs and sits on the floor. She pets my head; I purr happily.

“You’re such a spoiled pet,” Elaine says. “I hope you’re happy.”

I know. I am. I love my life.

Taking my face in her hands, she plants a big, wet kiss on my lips, shoving her tongue down my throat. I return the favor.

* * *

Their lips parted.

Mistress stared down at Susan, running her fingers through the teacher’s hair. The teacher smiled at her mistress demurely.

“Did you like that?” Mistress asked.

“Yes, Mela … Yes, Mistress.”

Mistress nodded. “You’re learning. Good.”

Susan giggled. “I’ve thought about what you said, and … I’ll put in for retirement.”

“And what about your possessions?”

“I …Can we share them?”

“No.” Mistress gently rubbed Susan’s temples and stared into her eyes. “I must have everything.”

Susan swallowed. “Okay …”

“Very good.”

Mistress spat on Susan’s lips and rubbed off the pet’s lipstick. Then she got off of her pet and knelt before her bare feet. She placed cotton balls in between her toes and began to remove her nail polish.

“Mistress … ?”

“Shh … I’m just removing the last traces of the outside world. We wouldn’t want that impeding upon your Transformation into your true self, would we?”

“Oh, no, of course not.”


Once the nail polish was removed, Mistress took out the cotton balls and massaged the history teacher’s bare feet. Mistress had seen prettier peds—these were small with wrinkled soles and pudgy toes.

Still, women’s feet were women’s feet, and who was she to deny herself the pleasure that they give? Mistress scrunched Susan’s soles and gently twisted each toe.

“Aside from a mani-pedi, do you pamper yourself?” Melanie asked.

“No, not really.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t know …”

“Is it because you’re fat?”

“Yes …”

“Mm. Well, Mistress likes a little chunk on a girl every now and again.”

Mistress kissed each sole so lightly that it tickled … then she kissed the tip of each toe so gently that it sent shivers down Susan’s spine.

“Do you like it when I pamper your bare feet, Susan?”

“I love it. Can I pamper yours?”

“I thought you’d never ask.” Mistress stood up and snapped her fingers. “On the floor—now!”

The harsh tone took Susan by surprise. Still, she sat up and rolled onto the floor quickly, getting on hands and knees. Mistress sat on the couch, pressing her bare soles against the compliant teacher’s face.

“Smell my scent and lick in between each toe.”

Susan detected a hint of foot funk, and she felt the urge to gag, but only for a split second. It ended up turning her on. She licked in between each toe, and kissed each sole—

And Mistress promptly slapped her slave’s face with her foot.

“Did I tell you to kiss my feet?”

“No, Mistress.”

“Then why did you do it?”

“Because I thought you’d like it.”

“I did like it—very much.”

“Then … why did you hit me?”

“Because I didn’t tell you to kiss my soles. Now, on your back!”

And Susan obeyed, opening her mouth to receive Mistress’s bare foot. Her mouth stretched as wide as it could as Mistress stuffed her foot halfway down Slave’s throat. She pressed her other foot down on Susan’s throat.

The teacher flailed her arms. Her legs spasmed as she tried to breathe—it was even hard to do so through her nose … She thought of tickling Mistress’s feet, or even forcibly removing them from her body …

But no. She endured the pain. She knew that she had to.

Mistress removed her feet. Susan sat up, gasping for air. Mistress smelled and licked the foot that she had in Susan’s mouth.

“Now that was better behavior, Susan. I expect more of that in the future.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Susan said quietly.

Susan’s mouth was open, and she held the back of her hand up to her mouth. Her tongue almost made contact … But then Susan shook her head.

“Are you okay?” Mistress asked.

“No. I’ve been having some weird dreams … about cats.”

Mistress sighed. “I see. Well, then, it’s a good thing that you told me, because I have a job for you.”

* * *

“Good job, Donna! Very good!” Elaine tells the monkey, who then ambles back into the kitchen. She stands up and puts her hands on her hips. “All right, kitty, I need to finish unpacking, so scat.”

I obey. I crawl to the fireplace, which is unlit, and the clock on the wall catches my eyes. It’s shaped like a black-and-white cat, and its eyes and tail flick back and forth in time with the ticking seconds.

I can’t help but stare at it … It’s so relaxing, blocking out everything else … my head feels light as it sways in unison with the clock …

I can almost hear Mistress’s voice …

* * *

“How many of you have ever been hypnotized?” Melanie asked.

The naked teachers all sat in a semicircle on their yoga mats in the lotus position. No one said anything or raised a hand.

“All right, well, hypnosis is a powerful tool that will help you all relax and come to grips with whatever’s ailing you,” Melanie continued. “Now, let’s begin. Deep breath in, hold it … exhale … Good. Again … Good. Now, close your eyes, relax, and listen to my voice …”

The teachers obeyed.

“Relax, and let go … Let go of all of your inhibitions … Free yourselves from the mundane of everyday life … This is your time to let loose …”

And Melanie continued to wash away their defenses with each softly spoken word. As she did so, she went to each one, whispered a command into an ear, and told them to sleep.

One by one they collapsed onto the floor, their bodies splayed out …

* * *

I wake up with a start and find myself lying on the floor. I shake my head. I crawl around the house some more. I hear a soft pattering noise from outside, so I look out the window. Raindrops.

Mistress comes inside with Molly, who clucks and struts around till Mistress commands her to sit in the corner. And Molly obeys, of course. Mistress passes by me, scratching me behind the ear—blessed be her hand, now and forever.

Dinner is soon served, and I eat my mixture of chopped-up fish next to Mildred, who gets some bread and meat mixed in with her kibble.

As I eat, I overhear Vicky ask Mistress, “Mistress, uh, yuh know, like, uh Mistress? Wouldn’t it be so zlint if, yuh know, we could have, like, en-ner-tain-mint with our din-din? Fer shur?”

Mistress doesn’t answer right away, but ultimately asks, “‘Entertainment’? My, where did a dumb little shit like you learn such a big word?”

Vicky devolves into a giggling fit. “I dunno! I, like, yuh know, made it up! Fer shur! Whaaaaaat?”

“Shut the fuck up and eat, you idiot!”

“Yes, Mistress, I, like, hear and, yuh know, obey! To. The. Max.”

Of all the childish behavior! You’re in high school! You should know better than to treat your fellow classmates that way!

I growl to myself. Mistress can be such a bully that she makes me so mad … I must tell Mistress to be nicer to Vicky. I can’t tolerate bullies—

Ow! A sharp pain rips through my head. No, I can’t. I’m a pet cat. I continue eating. My mind wanders, and I think of sitting down … I think I once did as a human …

* * *

Susan sat staring at Victoria. Her friend tried to get out of her chair, but couldn’t, which was weird, since she wasn’t strapped down. The plump woman’s hands were in her lap, and her bare feet were planted flat on the floor.

A puff of smoke, a loud bang and sparks—but not once did Susan flinch.

The smoke cleared to reveal Mistress, who was dressed provocatively. By her feet was a bag … She held a stick … Mistress and Victoria exchanged heated words …

Susan’s eyes closed. She laughed at the movie being shown in front of her eyes, but then she cried because a different movie played … Suddenly, the temperature in the room fluctuated rapidly from hot to cold—she sweated and shivered so much that she sneezed hard.

Then her eyes opened upon Mistress’s order. When she was told to get up, she couldn’t. She wanted to obey Mistress, but her fat ass was stuck to her chair …

More heated words between Mistress and Victoria … She wanted so desperately to move …

And then she did, thanks to Mistress tapping her on the head with her stick—no, it was a wand …

And Susan immediately got on all fours—it felt so natural! The plump woman purred and mewed, and she crawled around. Her knees and hands started to hurt, but she said nothing about it.

After all, Mistress didn’t tell her to do so …

She sighed. She couldn’t take crawling around given her weight. So, Susan sat on her haunches and licked the back of her hand.

Mistress came from behind the chairs and stroked her pet cat’s curly hair.

Susan shuddered and broke out in goosebumps. Her eyes watered. Mistress loved her so much! She rubbed her face against Mistress’s leg because she loved Mistress so much …

“Susan, stop!” Victoria cried.

Susan didn’t like that. She shot Victoria a look, sneered, reared back, and hissed at the captive world-history teacher. And why not? This bitch was the one who tried to undermine Mistress, who hated Mistress, whom Susan loved. So, logically, Susan hated Vicky …

“No, Susan, bad kitty!” Mistress admonished. “Be nice to Vicky!”

As you wish, my mistress, Susan thought, turning away. I do not agree, but I will obey.

And Victoria was forgotten once Mistress held a stick with a string tied to it, with a ball dangling from it … A catnip ball!

“Kitty wants this, hmm, don’t you? C’mon, get it!”

Susan’s eyes widened with awe and delight. Her nose twitched at the scent, and she rubbed her face and meowed happily. She pawed the ball, which Mistress moved every which-way. Susan always failed to get it.

Mistress walked behind her volunteers, and Susan climbed onto her chair. It hurt doing so, but she did it … for Mistress …

“Susan, look here,” ordered Melanie.

Susan froze. She saw and knew only the tip of the wand. It tapped her on the nose, and Mistress told her to sleep. The teacher relaxed her body and fell off of the chair and onto the floor. And she felt no pain …

* * *

It’s such a pain when you get your head stuck in a brown paper bag. It just fell off the table and onto the floor, inviting me in. It’s not my fault—honest.

I paw at the bag, but that doesn’t do anything. It’s not like I have fingers … I try not to crawl around in a panic, but I do so instinctively. At least I haven’t hit a wall …

“Susan, stop!”

Elaine. I obey.

She presses one hand against my back, and with the other she slides the bag off of my head.

I blink a few times. I can see again! I look up at Elaine, and she smiles down at me.

“Silly kitty,” she says. “Finished eating? Stay out of trouble.”

I purr and rub up against her leg. Then I crawl into the living room. Elaine follows me. She sits on the couch between Mistress and Vicky. Donna massages their bare feet, which are black with dirt except for their arches. I sit and watch the monkey clean their feet. Then she puts separators in between their toes and gives them all pedicures.

Molly’s clucking and cawing in the corner snaps me out of my reverie. She shits out some eggs for tomorrow’s breakfast. Mildred is busy in the kitchen gnawing on and licking a bone. I love watching Mistress and her human slaves get pampered.

“This is, like, so trippendicular and, yuh know, like … not grody at all, Mistress!” Vicky says, wiggling her painted toes.

As their toes dry, they watch a movie on TV. Elaine cuddles up to Mistress, while Vicky covers her face, looking every few seconds from between her fingers. The room is dark, and the only light comes from the TV, which lights up my human owners. There’s talking, screaming, and noise from the TV, but I find my owners more engaging …

I can’t put my claw on it, but something about the way that everything looks right now reminds me of myself …

Trying to figure it out exhausts me, so I take a nap …

* * *

“Is this a new exercise, Mistress?” Susan asked.

“You could say that.”

“Will it help?”

Melanie smiled. “Susan, it’ll give you a whole new outlook on life.”

Susan sat in a chair. The room was dimly lit, and before her was a projector screen. Elaine then strapped Susan down and shut the lights.

Susan fidgeted a bit. “Melanie?”

“Don’t worry, Susan. All will be revealed soon enough.”

Susan swallowed. Butterflies fluttered inside her, but then the screen lit up, and immediately Susan was bombarded with images and videos of cats.

“Listen to my voice, Susan,” Melanie said soothingly, “and I will tell you how you can forget about your pain and start your new life …”

“But the cats—”

“Indeed. To forget and change, in your case, you must become not someone completely different, but something. From this moment forward, Susan, you’re not a human being, but a cat. In fact, you never were a human being, but a cat who was confused about her own identity. But that’ll never happen again, will it?”

Susan didn’t know what to say. The quickness of the images and videos made it hard to concentrate on Melanie’s words, but she did her best to juggle the two.

“Melanie … I’m sorry, but this is kind of too much—I mean, can you slow down the pictures, please?” She fidgeted some more.

“No, that’s all part of the process.”

“Oh … okay …”

Once Susan figured out how to manage listening and watching, she started to feel more relaxed … refreshed … receptive …

“Susan?” Mistress asked quietly. “Will you ever feel pain again? Ever feel loss again? Ever be confused again?”

She swallowed. “I … I don’t think so.” She exhaled deeply. “No … No, I won’t … This doesn’t feel like an exercise …”

“Oh, but it is …” Melanie chuckled. “You could say that it’s your final exercise … Repeat: I am my mistress’s pet cat.”

“I am my mistress’s pet cat,” Susan said carefully.

“Very good! Repeat your mantra till I tell you to stop.”

And Susan did for … she had no idea … But once Melanie told her to stop, Susan just kept watching the screen … It was so kind of Mistress to give her a refresher course on her true behavior …

She didn’t even realize when Elaine pronged her eyes open and dropped water into her eyes … Her mouth hung open as her subconscious listened to her mistress’s true words …

“Susan, why are you a human?”

“I’m not. I’m a cat.”


“The pain …”

“What about it?”

“It makes … it makes it go away …”

“What makes it go away?”

“Being your cat.”

“And what pain do you have?” Melanie asked.

Susan’s mind raced as she tried to think of an answer …

“Well?” Mistress asked.

“I … I don’t know …” Susan smiled. “I don’t know!” She laughed. “I feel so good! I’m free! Thank you, Mistress! I’m a cat!”

“Then speak like one, my pet teacher.”

Mistress had a point, and something clicked inside Susan’s head, a faint numbness clouding her mind, mouth, and throat. She opened her mouth to speak, wanted to speak words, but knew better …

“Meow,” Susan said.

* * *

When I wake up, it’s the middle of the night. Everyone’s asleep in their own rooms, though I have a hunch that Vicky is trembling in Mistress’s arms. I don’t recall always being able to see in the dark well, but I think that that has a lot to do with how I was lied to about being a human and not a cat.

Once I accepted my natural cat-hood, my eyes as well as my mind became so much more clear and focused. I mew in happiness—praise be my mistress.

I pad up the staircase to inspect a small rumbling sound. Once on the landing, I crawl my way to an open door and find Mildred lying asleep on her side, snoring. I leave, making my way down the stairs. I knead the place I woke up from and fall asleep again …

The next time I wake up, it’s because I feel something lightly tickle my nose. I brush at it with my paw, and I hear giggling … My eyes flutter open, and I see Vicky kneeling in front of me.

“Kitty, like, kitty-cat! I’m soooo done munching my, yuh know, de-lish brake-fast that, what? … Elaine made from Molly’s butt-eggs. They’re, like, sooooo not grody, but sooooo trippendicular ‘n’ tre! To. The. Max. Uh, yuh—fer shur! So now I, yuh know, wanna play!”

I do nothing but stare at her. I want to claw out her eyes, but Mistress said to be nice to Vicky …

Then I notice that she holds a brush. She sits me up and brushes my hair. She’s surprisingly very gentle, and she counts off each stroke … though she can only count to ten. I lick the back of my paw and wash my face, including the M on my head, which no longer hurts …

* * *

“Susan, did you know that tabby cats have an M pattern on their heads?” Mistress asked.

The teacher was strapped down tightly to a table. She stared blankly at her owner and shook her head, purring lowly.

“Well, if you’re to be my tubby little tabby, then Mistress should give you one, now shouldn’t she?”

Susan smiled. “Meow!”

Mistress patted Susan’s head. “Good girl.” Mistress lightly licked Susan’s lips.

The glassiness vanished from Susan’s eyes. “Mmm … Mmmmeow-stressss,” Susan managed to say. “Will it hurt?”

Mistress smiled down at her love-slave. “Only for a bit.”

Susan tried in vain to move. “No … No … no meow-rrrr pain! Please, Meow-stress …”

“I promise … no more pain after this …”

“No … no …” Susan continued to struggle. “No meow-rrr pain now, Melanie! Please!”

Mistress snapped her fingers, and Elaine placed a gag in Susan’s mouth and told her to bite down on it. Mistress took a branding iron and a blowtorch from off of a wall and seared the end of the metal rod. It was in the shape of two capitals M’s, one overlapping the other.

Mistress then walked slowly toward Susan. The history teacher was desperately trying to flail and break free of her bonds. Her eyes shot daggers at Mistress. She emitted a deep hiss, which was muffled by the gag and her saliva, which seeped from the corners of her mouth.

The end of the rod was bright red … The closer it got to Susan’s head, the more its heat became unbearable … The brainwashed slave sweated profusely, only to have Elaine wipe her forehead clean. Elaine held Susan’s head as steady as possible, which was easier said than done.

Susan did everything that she could to stop Mistress, including trying to scratch her with her claws.

But it was no use. With her eyes, Susan followed the hot branding iron. They rolled into the back of her head, and the iron made contact with her skin and hair.

The hypnotized slave let out a muffled scream from deep within her throat. The smell of burnt skin and hair filled Susan’s nostrils. It made her want to vomit, but she held it down.

The iron was removed, and the mark was left to cool … Susan could hear it sizzle, feel it throb …

Why would Mistress hurt me? Susan thought. Doesn’t she love me? Could everything have been … a lie … ?

Melanie gave the branding iron and torch to Elaine. “I love you, Susan,” Mistress said. “I know that it didn’t feel like it just now, but it’s the only way to burn the last remnants of pain away.”

She took a mirror off of the same wall and held it up to Susan.

The teacher could clearly see the mark on her head …

Two M’s …

Mistress Melanie …

“Now you’re mine forever,” Melanie cooed. “And everyone will know it.”

Susan let the words sink in as she studied what had been done to her …

“Have I ever lied to you before?”

Susan shook her head slowly.

“Can you ever forgive me for causing you this pain?”

Susan’s eyed welled up. She shook her head slowly.

“Good girl,” Mistress said, before bending over to kiss the mark of ownership. “There—all better!”

How could I have been so stupid as to misjudge you? Susan thought.

Mistress then knelt before Susan’s bare feet and worshipped her soles.

“What other treatments do you prescribe for her, Mistress?” Elaine asked.

After Melanie finished licking Susan’s feet, she stood up and walked around her pet cat. She snapped her fingers and told Susan to sleep, and the pet cat obeyed.

“She should get injections in her throat, limbs, knees, hands, and feet. She needs her strength to go on all fours forever, and her legs shouldn’t need shaving again—the extra hair will help convince her that she’s a cat. While she’ll think like a person, her vocal chords need to be readjusted—she still sounds too human for my taste.”

“And what of her nose, stomach, and tits?”

“Hmm … yes, her nose, definitely—her sense of smell should be heightened. Her tits we can leave as is, I think. Her stomach … She has expressed a desire to lose weight, but … If she loses it, she’ll go back to the way she was when she was married, and she might remember her husband, and that might break her conditioning. If she keeps it, she’ll be unhappy, but she’ll remain my tubby little tabby. And she’ll love that I love her body, and will be happy. Besides, her treatments will help her cope … Oh, and remember to give her contacts and serum for her eyes. Make it happen.”

“You command; I obey,” Elaine said.

After taking a few minutes to whip up her serums, Elaine gave Susan her injections and unstrapped Melanie’s pet.

“Wake up, Susan,” Melanie said, stroking her kitty’s hair.

Susan’s eyes opened. The brainwashed woman stretched and mewed, purred after being petted, and then sat on her haunches and licked her hand.

Melanie took a couple of steps back and said to Elaine, “Now.”

The medical slave, crouched under the table, sprang up with her arms spread wide and shouted, “Boo!”

Susan screeched, leaping up off the table and landing deftly on the floor on her hands and knees. She crawled away, then reared up—that is, pushed her fat ass up while perched on her hands and tiptoes—and hissed at Elaine.

The slave then took out a pocket laser light and shined it on the floor. The red dot jittered, then wildly moved to and fro … and Susan kept up with it, trying desperately to catch it. Every time she pounced on top of it, it escaped her grasp. When it moved onto the wall, she scratched at it. Susan hissed in annoyance, but wouldn’t give up.

“Sleep,” Melanie ordered.

And Susan obeyed.

When Susan woke up, it was the middle of the night, and she found herself lying on her bed. Her body felt achy, and her head throbbed dully. The room was dark, but … she could see everything clearly … and everything was awash in red, yellow, and orange …

She moved her body slowly. Where did all of this soreness come from?

“Ow … ow …” she said, from deep within her throat.

The soft bed didn’t help. Perhaps the hard floor would … She looked over the edge and, after hesitating for a few seconds, jumped down and landed on her hands and knees.

Pain shot through her body, but … what she did felt right … She crawled around the room, and slowly she felt better …

“Ow … ow …”

Her throat hurt. It felt scratchy and tight … She needed some water—she saw a bowl by the door. Susan made a beeline for it … She lapped till she had her fill. Her throat felt a little better.

“Ow … ow …”

Then she passed by a mirror. She glanced at her reflection, becoming hypnotized by how this one cat mimicked her every move … It looked just like her, right down to the paws, the hair, the breasts, the eyes—

The eyes! Susan stared into them and vaguely remembered her eyes not having vertical irises. But as soon as the thought came to her, it fled, leaving her to sit on her haunches and lick the back of her paw.

And she noticed something else … something on the top of her head … the hair around it was singed … It was a marking, and it looked like an M … Yes, Mistress gave this gift to her … It didn’t hurt, but the thought of getting it did …

“Ow … ow …”

She truly was no longer a human being, but a cat, a pet …

Property …

The door opened. Susan turned toward it. Light from the hallway shined in, revealing the silhouette of Mistress. Susan hissed and retreated into a dark corner of the room—the light hurt her eyes.

“Susan,” Mistress called, patting her thigh. “Come.”

Susan stared at her owner.

“I have a treat for you.”

Susan slowly crawled to Mistress, instinctively rubbing her body against her legs. Mistress stroked kitty’s hair.

“Good girl …” Mistress said, kneeling before her cat. “Here’s your treat.”

From behind her back Mistress produced a collar with a small heart-shaped metal tag. On that tiny piece was Susan’s name.

“Now, stay still.”

Susan lowered and extended her neck. Mistress wrapped the collar around and buckled it closed.

“Good girl! And now, Susan, you’re officially my pet teacher,” she said, her eyes welling with tears. “I’m now the proud owner of a cat. What do you think about that?”

Susan purred. “Ow … oooowwwww … oowwrr … owwrr …” Something inside her head clicked, and her eyes became glassy. “Mrow, mrow … meow …”

And thus Susan began her third life.

* * *

After Vicky brushes my hair, I take a stroll in the yard. The sun’s out and the air’s warm. Mildred scampers to and fro, chasing birds, squirrels, and Mistress only knows what else … I hear Molly clucking in the coop.

I walk around the house and then up the front stairs to the porch, where I take a nap in the shade. When I wake up, my stomach growls. I crawl inside and sit down in my litter box.

I love the feeling of relief that shitting and pissing leave you with …

* * *

The room was dark as Susan crawled through the door, but she could see perfectly. After all, she was a cat …

There was a bright light ahead of her. Mistress was in the shadows, and Vicky was on a table, yelling and cursing at Mistress.

How dare she …

“Meowwwwrr-sssss …”

Susan jumped onto the table, right on top of Vicky, who screamed in pain. Susan looked at this woman, who was her friend, her coworker … and crawled all over the nasty bitch.

The table lowered to the floor and kitty litter fell on top of them. Vicky sputtered and spat, but Susan shook it off and promptly gave herself a bath.

“Melanie, please, no! … Get her off—I can’t breathe!”

“Kitty, do your business,” Mistress commanded.

And Susan obeyed. How dare this so-call friend of hers fat-shame her …

And Victoria screamed.

After she finished, Susan was ordered to her room, and as she left, she heard a hose turn on. She turned around and saw Elaine wash Victoria down. The bitch coughed and spat out water.

“Expect to be treated like shit until you learn your place under my feet,” Mistress said.

Susan left the room, thinking how good, how easy, how necessary it’d be for Victoria to just submit …

* * *

After relieving myself, I go outside again, roaming around the grounds for a while. Mistress has been so good to me … I must show her my thanks … my love …

I pounce on a bird, but it flies away before I can claim it. So I continue stalking the grounds, trying to sneak up on birds, squirrels, and mice …

There’s a nest in a tree branch, and I hear a cacophony of tweets from it. I spring up the side of the tree … but fall over. I shake my head and try a few more times … and fail.

I frown. I don’t get it—I’m a cat … How can I not climb a tree?

… Am I not—

Ow! Again, the sharp pain courses through my brain, but this time also through my whole body …

I freeze. No, I am a cat—I can’t deny that fact or the love of Mistress.

Stupid! How stupid of me for disobeying! I can’t let that happen again …

I look at the sky: It’s twilight … And then I come upon a baby cardinal, washing itself in a small pool of water …

I freeze … and slowly and silently creep up on my prey …

Oh. It’s a dead baby cardinal just lying in a pool of water.

I sniff at it. It doesn’t stink, so the death must be fresh. That’s good because my mistress deserves only the best presents.

I don’t know why, but I go to grab it with one of my front paws … but it’s a fleeting thought.

I shake my head. No—again, how stupid of me! I’m a cat, not a human. Mistress, Elaine, and Vicky are people. I am not. I just look like one, but I’m a cat. I’m Mistress’s cat. Her pet.

Her tubby little tabby.

The thought soothes my mind, sends a wave of calmness washing through my thick body …

I pick up my find with my mouth and make my way back toward the house.

Mistress stands naked at the top of the stairs on the front porch, calling my name, telling me that it’s time to come in for the night.

I’m coming, Mistress! I think, dropping tears as I crawl nearer. I hear and I obey!

She’s worried about me! She really loves me!

I sit before the bottom step, bird in mouth, as Mistress looks down at me.

She places her hands on her hips. “And what do you have there, tubby-tabby?”

I slowly slink forward, up the stairs, onto the landing, and place my Mistress’s present before her bare feet.

“For me?” she asks.

“Meow-rrroooowww-owww,” I purr happily, stretching my neck and lifting my head up, as is only proper behavior for a loyal pet.

She kneels down and scratches my neck. “Thank you, my sweet Susan.”

I purr and think, Thank you for everything you have done for me … and to me. I am yours forever and will always be true to you. I love you.

“Bring it inside and leave it by my bed. You shall sleep with me tonight, and you will dine upon my bare feet and body.”

And of course, I comply. That night, I chew upon Mistress’s toes and lap up the dirt and sweat that has gathered upon her soles.

I slave for my mistress every day, I think. I love her bare feet in every way.

And in turn, I knead her supple tits, sucking the good milk that comes from her body, licking and kissing her radiant face … Her chest heaves quickly up and down, and her arms break out in goosebumps.

She, in turn, plays with my thick body, biting my neck, worshipping my hind paws, and making me squirt in her face as she performs cunnilingus on me … I unleash high-pitched screeches.

What a holy and glorious night!

And then we sleep. Mistress lies splayed out on the bed and I curl up next to her …

At some point during the night, I awaken to a thunderclap. The rain taps the window violently, and the wind howls, making the shutters slam. I glance over at Mistress, who snores contentedly.

She’s fine. Good.

I jump off the bed and crawl to my litter box to do my nasty business. The feeling of pissing and dumping shit out of your body is nothing short of bliss … When finished, I make my way back to Mistress’s bed, but stop. I freeze in the middle of the hallway.

Someone’s crying …

I crawl toward an open door. The sobs get louder … I enter the room.

It’s Vicky, hugging her knees to chest, her back against the foot of her bed.

I swallow. I crawl to her. She slowly turns to face me, and she wipes her eyes and sniffs.

“Like, hi, Susan,” she says quietly. “Why are you, like, up this late? Fer shur?”

I sit on my haunches and stare at her.

Lighting flashes and thunder claps.

Vicky gasps, shuts her eyes, and covers her ears.

I nuzzle up against her. Mistress told me to love her …

“What? Oh, Susan, yer, like, so sweet ‘n’ some junk, yuh know? Like, to the max! So tre!”

She hugs me and licks my cheek.

“Do you, like, hate it when the angels, yuh know, bowl, too? … Like? So grody to the max and un-tre. It woke me up, but, uh … what? I was already feeling so un-tubular …” She wipes her eyes again. “I had this, like, nightmurr, ‘n’ it was so. Totally. Grody.”

I purr, rubbing my head against her arm.

“Yuh want me t’, like, yuh know? What? Tell you about it? … ’Kay …” She swallows. “It was, like, about this guy ‘n’ this boy … ‘n’ thair jus’ thair, yuh know? They, like, scare me soooooo much. I dream ’bout them, like, almost every night … ‘n’ when thair’s totally grody weather like, like, yuh know, now … it makes me feel even more grody ‘n’ un-trippendicular ‘n’ un-tre ‘n’ un-zlint. Fer shur!”

I stare at her. All of my dreams since my conversion have been pleasant. I can’t imagine what it’s like to have bad memories or … well, anything. How could I? Why would I?

I don’t quite know how to deal with Vicky’s problem. I move in to lick her, but then she speaks again.

“Kin you, like, yuh know … keep a secret?”

I blink. I mew.

“Soooo zlint of you, fer shur, kit-kat! Soooo … kin you, like, not tell Mistress ’bout my super-grody dreams ‘n’ stuff? I don’t, like, wanna upset her or … make her mad …”

I understand … Mistress could be wrathful, but that’s only when her submissives don’t conform to her will—which we always should, as is proper …

I sniff the air … I sense great anguish in Vicky, great confusion and fear …

That’s not good. All must be serene in Mistress’s house.

I look around: No one. Good. I will keep her secret.

“Meow,” I say happily, sitting in her lap and rubbing against her.

“O. M. G. Like, yuh know, thank you sooooooo much, tubby-tabby kitty-cat! I, like, wuv you soooo much! Fer shur!”

She hugs me tightly and strokes my hair, calling me “pwecious” so many times that I lose count …

Then she kisses me, and I lick the tears and snot off her face … her pretty face … I kiss her lips, and she kisses back. Then she gets up.

“I, like, overheard Elaine tell Mistress that, yuh know, you made a mess in the living room. Uh-oh! Sounds like super-grody kitty needs—what?—to be punished!”

She runs out and down the hall. I stare at the doorway, confused. I crawl out and see her enter my room, beckoning me with a finger. I obey—I actually obey!

I enter my room, and she closes the door behind me. She’s wearing a strap-on dildo. Where did she get it? I don’t know or care … I lick my lips. She shoos me into my cage, and then closes and locks me in.

I scratch at the side of the cage, but then Vicky presses her bare feet against it. She pokes her toes through the holes, and I promptly and happily suck on them. Vicky plays with herself and cums, moaning happily, her chest rising and falling in a slow, hypnotic rhythm.

My mouth waters. Vicky then kneels before the cage door, opening a small hatch on it. She shoves the dildo through and I gorge myself on it. I choke on it and my saliva, and it feels so good …

Vicky thrusts; I swallow. My saliva seeps out of my mouth, hitting the floor in thick plops.

“Like, so tre! Turn ’round, tubby little tabby—fer shur!”

I push my thick butt-cheeks against the cage and feel the large, hard toy enter my asshole … and leave it … and enter … Over and over and over … It’s such a tight fit that I want so badly to screech at the top of my lungs, but it feels so good to just hold back. My mouth opens wide and eyes bulge.

Then I get it back in my mouth … and then I get it in my vagina. I’m on my back, my knees folded up on my chest, my hindpaws pushing hard against the roof of the cage.

It hurts, but it hurts so good.

Vicky places her hands over my hindpaws, and for a split second our eyes meet. For a fleeting moment I think that we’re meant to be Sole-mates … Could it be that my hatred of Vicky was misplaced?

… Sole-mates … Soul mates …

I think of my dead husband. Surprisingly, the thought of him—his hatred of my body, his death, our fighting—mean nothing to me. I’m receiving the pleasure and love that he never gave me in the end. I screech in ecstasy. Fuck him.

The storm outside rages so much that it silences our moaning and screams to the rest of the house. After I cum, Vicky takes off the dildo and rubs herself till she squirts all over the floor. Her back arches violently. Then she unlocks and opens the cage, crawling in and lying next to me.

* * *

When I wake up, it’s morning. The bimbo still sleeps next to me. Vicky sucks on my tits, but then rolls onto her side. She starts rolling back and forth violently, so I purr and hug her tightly to my fat, warm body.

She calms down. With the back of my paw, I push her thumb into her mouth, and she sucks on it. Gradually, she drifts off into a peaceful sleep …

And I hold on to her, licking her hair and face till I, too, succumb to the feeling of blissful slumber …

I won’t lie: I’m afraid. I’m afraid that I haven’t been true to Mistress. I’m her pet—I shouldn’t enjoy fucking with Vicky, and I shouldn’t hate Mistress for being mean to Vicky.

But …

I carefully and quietly crawl out of my cage. I sit on my haunches as I look out the window at the blue sky, clear of any clouds …

I smile and lick my lips. I’ve been such a fool! The conflicted feelings that have bubbled up recently are like clouds: They’ll be there sometimes, but not always.

What is always there, however, is the blue sky …

That is, me.

That is, my mistress’s pet.

Yes, I cannot and will not be false to Mistress. I am her pet cat, and that makes me happy. I know, deep down in my heart, that this is true love. The past is the past, and I can’t go back … nor do I want to …

Mistress willing, my next six lives will be just as pure and blissful as this one …