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Author’s note:

My apologies to new readers! I do try to keep in mind those folks who are arriving in the middle of the “epic”, but you will find a minimum of exposition about what has gone before in the world of Corelle D’Amber.

You may wish to start with Corelle’s debut in ‘Friendly Takeover’ but I encourage everyone to dive in here and enjoy anyhow. For additional appreciation, you might wish to read the ‘Needle’ trilogy starting with ‘Needle Dance’.

My tales will often contain mc, fd, ff, and edi (Extremely Disturbing Imagination). All stories copyrighted. Fictional characters were probably harmed in the making of this story.

Petal Lick

Eye of Serpent

Corelle D’Amber was smaller, I reflected, than you might imagine from her pictures. She was five foot six and she was standing in the library of her mansion when I knocked on the mahogany doorframe. The only light catching her auburn hair was from the flickering flames in the stone fireplace.

She blew a smoke ring slowly at the dark wall, but didn’t respond to my knock at all.

“Hello? When did you start smoking? It’s not good for you. I can’t believe you’d want to take up such a filthy habit.” I walked in uninvited and reached for a table lamp.

“Don’t turn the light on, Suzie.” Her voice was subdued but stopped my hand instantly.

I swung my head up and watched her. She took a long slow drag on the cigarette and then precisely blew a wavering figure in smoke that looked strangely like a Chinese dragon swimming from her mouth towards the fireplace. Her normal bangs were gone with most of the rest of her hair. The eye patch over her left eye was the same crimson silk as her pajamas. With her hair only growing in now to a boy’s stylish length, she looked quite a lot like some rebellious woman of forty making a fashion statement and telling the world to ‘like it or not’.

Except for the age, maybe that was much closer to the truth. Maybe my patient and lover had been stripped of her disguise by recent events. I didn’t want to think so. “I have the report I promised you.”

She flicked the remains of her cigarette into the fireplace. It was a casual thing but I was startled. The motion was completely economical. One snap of the wrist and the lit smoke sailed across twenty feet and into the flames.

“Tell me what it says, won’t you?” She stared at the flames. “You don’t need the light for that, I know you’ve read it all several times. Just give me the executive summary.”

I walked over and put the papers down on her desk where she could go through it later. “I’ll tell you what I suspect you already know.” I turned back toward her. She hadn’t even looked my way yet. Why was she holding me off? I’d been wrong not to listen to Louisa two weeks ago. She’d seen it first and said Corelle was holding us all at a far distance. “Your blood pressure is up fifty percent on average. EKG is not normal, even for you. There is an odd secondary trace in your EKG that looks like an equipment error and isn’t. I’ve run the test on three occasions. There are some chemical compounds showing up in your blood that I’ve never seen before and I can’t tell what they are. Complex protein chains of some kind, they look nasty. Could be a bug you picked up in Hong Kong, but I don’t think so. I’m thinking you might have been purposefully given a disease while captive, so I’d like to check that out some more. Your reaction time is up and I can’t explain that either. You’re ! not sleeping well which is to be expected. When you do sleep you usually wake up sobbing and speaking in a language we don’t understand, which I’d like to talk about.”

She was picking up and lighting another cigarette. She didn’t flinch, didn’t change her languid motion of cigarette to dark lips.

I walked up behind her. “Don’t try and deny it, Corelle. We’ve all seen a dozen little signs. You’re sick. You look fine, but you’re not. I’m your doctor, how can I help?”

“You can’t,” she sighed.

“That’s nonsense,” I hoped, “I’ve got reams of data—.”

“Shut up, Suzie.” She turned around slowly, “You can listen or you can leave now, your choice.”

I swallowed. I couldn’t recall that she’d never spoken to me like that. I was glad the poor light didn’t show my harsh blush or shivering hands. “I’ll listen of course, I’m your friend as well as your doctor.”

She watched me. “I’ll explain this once, I doubt it would make sense to anyone else. No one has as much information about me as you do. In a way, you’re my Achilles heel, Suzie. I’ve been so curious as to what science might be able to tell me about myself that I’ve let you take your study as far as you wanted. I’m not sick. I’m not dying. I’m healing from what was done to me and I will get better.”

She took a very long drag of her smoke, “It’s like a broken bone only you can’t set it, you just have to hope that it mends well. The Ancient healers, peace-loving souls that they were, are all dead and long gone. There’s no one who might help me. Any knowledge out there for assisting my healing is in the hands of my enemies. So I’m doing the best I can. Your report confirms that my body is fighting back. I appreciate your efforts and I will read your report.”

Even though she had mentioned healers, she didn’t often speak to me about the Ancients and their ways. I wondered if I wanted to know more, yet knew I would ask anyhow, “You’re talking about something in your mind? How close is your analogy? Your mind is hardly broken.” My voice was too emotional. I could hear my fear for her. Hell, I could taste it.

She smiled, “Yes. Something in my mind.”

“You could talk to Bess—.”

I was shocked by the cruel laugh that erupted from the thin lips.

Corelle got control of her mirth and stepped over to pull another cigarette from a pack discarded on a low table. She backhanded the one half smoked into the fireplace without looking. “Dr. Rand is a witch doctor with no training and no concept of my problem. If she were a Zen mystic, she might have something valuable to say, as it is, she is as qualified to help me as a janitor is to do neurosurgery.” She flamed the end of her new cigarette. Her face was monstrously lit for a second.

“Toxic habits won’t help you get well.” I nodded to her smoke. “Why not talk to her? Is that why she and Della are here this weekend? You could try!” I decided it was OK to get pushy with her if she was going to hold back.

“I did.” She blew smoke into my face.

I coughed. Outraged and blinking my eyes, I didn’t understand why Corelle was acting this way, “Did what!?”

“I did talk to Bess. I thought it might perk up my attitude or make some small difference. Maybe just hearing some ‘friendly advice’ might help me sort out my own thoughts. She’s a very modern girl, our Bess. She suggested I get rid of my ‘primitive mindset’. She recommended I update my ‘world view’ and these ‘night terrors’ wouldn’t bother me. She recommended some tranquilizers for my ‘stress’ and suggested some hypnotic sessions to improve my sleep.”

I bit my lip, “Maybe that couldn’t hurt. You’re sleep has been very troubled. She’s got a great reputation in trauma work. She knows her field and she’s only trying to help.”

Corelle laughed in a lower register than before.

God, I didn’t like that laugh. It felt like she was laughing at me. I swallowed my anger. “It couldn’t hurt.”

Corelle nodded, “I suspected so and it amused me to think that Dr. Rand might try to put one over on me. So I agreed. She put me in a trance.” She tilted back her head and smiled. She blew a smoke ring up into the darkness.

“Put one over on you?” What did that mean? “It didn’t help?” Was she feeling sorry for herself? Was she experiencing something like rape trauma? Blaming herself for letting down her guard? That I expected. The rest didn’t make sense with the Corelle I knew.

Corelle quirked one corner of her mouth up into a distorted smile, “Dr. Rand gave into temptation while I was in deep trance and tried to make me over into a submissive slut toy with a vocabulary of ‘moo’ and an unlimited trust in Bess Rand.”

An ethereal earthquake tilted the room and I felt someone run an ice cube down my back. “No. . .” My heart pounded an irregular rhythm. Bess tried to dominate Corelle? Anger rushed into my head. While she was a patient? After what her enemies had just done to her, she’s assaulted by one of us? I reached out for Corelle.

She allowed it. I touched the cool silk on her arm and slowly stepped closer.

“I’m sorry, Corelle. I never thought—.” I shook my head, “So who turns out to be the primitive, your kind or ours, eh?” Bess should be locked up or excluded from the group. I had no idea she had that little control. I see no reason not to tell Evelyn about this. Evelyn should know what to do.

Corelle took another pull on her cigarette, “Not to worry, Suzie. I knew her fantasies before she did. I showed them to her, after all. She’s not just a humiliation submissive. She’s also a switch. She loves the idea of having her own powerful woman to tear down and place under her. A bit of fantasy worship of me mixed in, I suspect. It’s her nature to want to take advantage. I wasn’t affected at all. It was entertaining watching her try.”

She couldn’t be serious! “How can you be that calm about it? It didn’t affect you? What are you saying?” I whispered, “Corelle, don’t play the invulnerable Ancient with me. I know you’re hurting. Bess tried to take advantage of you. You were raped by the Celestial Fu, you shouldn’t have it almost happen again in your own house!” I gave her a gentle shake.

Corelle looked at me like I was a child, “It can happen anywhere, Suzie. Anytime.” She studied me for a long moment. “This is why none of you can help me. Not even you, Suzie. You don’t recognize the illusion of your modern world. You don’t realize the world isn’t what you all want it to be.” She turned away so quickly I tensed thinking something was coming at us both.

She snapped her wrist and flicked a smoking cigarette across the long distance and into the fireplace. Then she watched the flames for a moment.


She sighed, “The world your people have built is about safety and mutual support. Humans thrive in the social group. Your entire modern civilization is a model of protection. It’s gone so far that your legal system now offers recourse for human error from those trying to help society.” She turned back to me and smiled, “My people needed family and friends, too. We sprang from the same background, the same cauldron that humans did.”

“But take an honest look at me and the remaining Ancients, Suzie. We wouldn’t still be here if we needed a safe and social world. We’d be extinct like the rest of our Blood. Monsters thrive alone. Monsters only depart when you kill them and whatever doesn’t kill them, makes them even stronger.”

“And until all the monsters are dead and gone, your world will never be safe. You are all living a lie, Suzie, but you like the lie. The lie keeps you from seeing the monsters.” She nodded at me, reached and pulled another cigarette from the pack. The lighter flared again. She blew a small puff of smoke.

I couldn’t believe the things she was saying. Monster? Corelle? She was obviously feeling confused and alienated.

She nodded again as if she read my thoughts and knew I wouldn’t believe her.

“I should let you go home or invite you to bed.” She smiled and smoke curled out of her nose.

A sudden change of directions, but I was game. I grabbed for the offer with a rush of pleasure. “That’s an easy one. A lonely drive in the car or a warm bed with you?”

“Walk with me then.”

We held hands and took the slow walk upstairs.

* * *

I turned on the light in Corelle’s bedroom and saw Bess Rand squirming on Corelle’s bed. My breath stopped.

Bess was covered in a pattern of body paint, but I’d see her do that before for “play” weekends at the mansion. She was splotched with flat black and white patterns from her white sandal-strap high heels to the cowbell and collar around her neck.

Bess blinked when I turned on the light and huskily mooed at me. Her hands were pulling hard on her fat pink nipples and her large breasts were slowly bouncing with the motion. I’d seen that before too. I felt an unwelcome pulse of arousal. Bessie’s thighs glistened as she strained up on the balls of her feet.

What I’d never seen before was Bessie with her vagina mounted upon the bedpost of the footboard, her hips trying to move the entire king-sized bed frame. I chewed my lower lip with sympathetic ache. The dark wood post was wet and darker under her vulva. I glanced at the other footboard post. The solid wooden ball on the top of the other post was near as big as my fist. I felt a disquieting flutter in my stomach.

I looked at Corelle. This was a disturbing level of eroticism. Was she asking me to play with Bess? Or only to make love to Corelle while Bess watched us from her pinned position? I didn’t like either option. Corelle was obviously in a merciless mood. I felt my thighs shiver and my arousal cool. “I see Bessie is paying for her misbehavior.” Hell, I didn’t sound as calm as I wanted to be. Was Corelle trying to ‘act’ the monster for some reason? Scare tactics?

Corelle nodded, cigarette dangling, and slipped her pajama top back off her pale shoulders. Her soft breasts were crowned with rose nipples that were hard nubs. “You can leave if you like. Bess suggested the punishment. Didn’t you Bessie?”

Bess met my eyes with lust glimmering there and took a deep breath, “Mooooooooooooooo. Yes, mmmy lady.” She gave her nipples an extra fierce yank. Bess smiled at me as if she knew I wouldn’t have the nerve to stay.

I winced. If that’s what she was thinking she was probably right. Hell, I was a doctor. I couldn’t watch this. “I can’t stay with her here, Corelle. It isn’t right. Even though, right now, I don’t like her very much.” I wiped my hands on my hips.

“That’s fine, Suzie. I understand better than you might think.” She stepped out of her pajama pants. I glimpsed the aromatic garden of her half grown-in bush. “Bessie will keep me company.”

I shuddered. Corelle was getting ready for bed. I so wanted to be with her tonight. Bess was getting what she deserved and half enjoying it, no doubt. Not that I wanted to watch. I’d like to—.

Oh, hell! Corelle stripping! She never wore the eye patch to bed!

I should get out quickly. Out. I glanced at Bess again, as I might at a terrible wreck on the highway. I looked back at Corelle, sensing that I had hesitated too long. Hell! The eye—

—Pussy. The smell of my pussy. Exciting. Submission. Humiliation and exposure. Hot. I want the soft skin of her breasts in my hands. On my skin. Horny. Auburn hair. Graceful. Licking my stockinged legs. Lesbian. Crimson lips. Lipstick. Sucking. Stretched and spread. Pussylicker. Fuckslave. Sucking smoke. Bad girls. Hot smoke. No. Yes. Nothing hotter than being a bad girl. Sexy. Slave. Slut. Hot smooth ass. Forcing Bess’ face into my shaved pussy. Make her work off her crimes. Crazy bitch. My snatch was dripping down my legs. I’m not afraid of the dark—

The soft light in Corelle’s bedroom shone on Bess Rand squirming on Corelle’s bed frame. My breath quickened.

Bess was covered in a pattern of body paint, splotched with flat black and white patterns from her come-fuck-me sandal-strap high heels to the cowbell and collar around her neck.

Bess leered at me and huskily mooed. She pulled hard on her swollen pink nipples and her large breasts were slowly bounced with the motion. I felt an unwelcome pulse of dark arousal. Bessie’s thighs glistened as she strained up on the balls of her feet. The dark wood post was wet and darker under her vulva. I glanced at the other footboard post. The solid ball on the top of the other post was as big as my fist. I felt a disquieting wetness in my pussy.

I looked for Corelle. She was already naked, even the eye patch was discarded on the floor as she walked over to Bessie. The room’s only light was behind Corelle and warmed the small tight cheeks of her ass. I knew that Corelle’s unlit face meant that Bessie was safe from the Eye. But could I make love to Corelle while Bess watched us from her pinned position? I thought again about driving home alone. Corelle was in an eerie mood. I felt my thighs shiver and my arousal throb. “I see Bessie is paying for her misbehavior,” I offered.

Corelle nodded and reached out to Bessie’s sopping cunt. I couldn’t see what she did there but Bessie shuddered and mooed in a long mournful bellow. I saw that Bessie’s knees were shaking with orgasmic shudders.

What the hell. I started to take off my jacket, “Say, can I help?”

* * *

Bess groaned in the dark and I woke up tangled in the silk sheets.

Of course, Corelle wasn’t there. I slipped out of bed and lit a candle on the bedside table. Bessie mooed softly and squirmed on her snatch mounting. The near empty pack of cigarettes was there on the table so I knew Corelle was probably not far. I shook a cigarette out and bent over the candle to light it. I felt the over-sized pair of chime-balls shift deliciously inside my vagina.

What was I doing? Oh, god! I’d been so absorbed by Corelle’s smoking, it had—.

I felt the rush of sexual power as the hot smoke coiled in my mouth. I licked my lips and felt the wetness start. This was bad. The disgusting smell was so arousing. I couldn’t believe I was being this bad. The burnt smell in my nose held faint tingling reminders of pussy. I grinned and traced my finger gently around my clit, feeling so wicked. I wondered if I begged nicely if Corelle would help me stop smoking before I left. Or was it Corelle that decided these things? Was it me?

Was it a force greater than both of us?

Did I want to ask her that? Would I understand the answer or was I too ‘modern’?

“Put the light out, I’m not wearing my patch.” Her voice came as a whisper from the high-backed chair by the window.

I blew the candle out. Lights from the hall leaked under the door. After another moment, I could see the stars through the window near Corelle.

“Come sit on my lap and hold me. I had another nightmare.”

“Yes! My pleasure, Mistress.” I grinned and blew smoke in Bess’ face as I walked by her in the dark.