The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Phase Zero Clinical Trial: Response To Hypnozamine In The Human Female

by B Pascal

Chapter 21

Sometime later, I don’t know when because I couldn’t open my eyes to see the clock, I felt her get up. In the distance, I heard the toilet flush and the sink faucet running, then she was back in bed, lying next to me, completely motionless. She took my hand, then I fell asleep again, the light still on.

I don’t know what woke me next, but when I stretched and opened my eyes I found her lying on her side next to me, examining me as one would a laboratory specimen. I watched her for a while, while she lay there with an enigmatic smile on her face.

Finally, I said to her, “I can’t decide if that smile says ’Well, that was interesting and lots of fun’, or whether you’re trying to figure out how to dismember and dispose of me without your roommate or the police catching on.”

“More of the former, just a bit of the latter. I still haven’t decided if I liked that or not. I came so many times, but it was almost too much to bear.”

“I kept listening for your safe word, but you never said it.”

“No. I almost did a couple of times, then it became a kind of personal challenge to see what it would feel like to be forced to cum so many times because I had no control. I wanted to understand what my limits were. I know, more or less, how much I can take when I’m being ordered around and guys are calling me slut or whore, I know my limits and when to say stop. But I didn’t know what I’d feel like when I was given one orgasm after another. I had to find out.”

“And what did you decide?”

“Mostly, I liked it. It was scary because I had no control, and there were a couple of times where it felt like there were too many too close together, and I was too sensitive to really call it pleasurable.”

“Did you keep track of how many times you came?”

“I lost count after eight or nine, it was like my brain turned off. It was a lot.”

“Maria, was it too much? I wasn’t sure and I couldn’t read you. I didn’t want to give you too much, but I couldn’t tell if it was. And you didn’t say ’ballerina’.”

“I know. Like I said, it was an experiment. If we were to do that again, I probably would stop you, maybe a time out while I recovered, before we started again. Still, Sam, pretty impressive. I couldn’t stop cumming. Oh, and that last one? After you fucked my mouth, and then you started hammering your dick into me? Jesus, when you came so did I, and it was like this tidal wave washing over me, I was completely helpless. It wiped me out, like unconscious.”

“Me, too. I’m still half comatose. I think I need more rest.”

“No argument. Let me get the light.” She hopped up, displaying, I thought, an unseemly amount of energy given the way I felt. But the light went off, and she was back in seconds, snuggling up to me. She gave me a kiss on my chest, squirmed until she found a comfortable position, and then she was out. That seemed like a good idea, so I joined her.

I woke again, aware of the light in the room. Daylight, I think. Yes, and the nerve of it. I looked to my left and saw an empty place where Maria had been. Then I heard footsteps slapping on the hallway floor and she popped into the bedroom, a robe wrapped around her, looking impossibly bright-eyed and cheery. Oh, right, I’d had this problem last time I was here. A morning person.

“It’s alive. It’s alive!” she said. Not a bad impression of Doctor Frankenstein, given the hour, but perhaps not showing quite enough respect for my weakened state given how it was attained for her benefit.

“I made coffee, should be ready soon.”

“Do you think your cheer will be contagious if you keep it up long enough? Is that your plan?” I asked. “I’m not usually faced with this degree of ebullience at this hour of the morning. It’s a little disturbing.”

“You can be a bit stuffy, Sam. I only point that out so that you can better yourself.” I stuck my tongue out at her.

“What’s this here?” she asked, batting her fingers against my morning wood. “It looks very much like a penis, except not as erect. Perhaps if we applied coffee to it... Internally, I mean.”

I could see now that this would be relentless until I got up and started my day. This is the problem with morning people. They believe that everyone’s life would be improved if only they would start their day earlier, and cheerfully set out to bring the good news to all.

But perhaps in the interests of harmony, I will drag myself in for coffee. Then she’ll think she’s won. I pulled on my shorts, then pulled them off again and turned them around the correct way. This is the problem with rising too early in the morning, simple mistakes like that which can have a ripple effect and ruin your whole day.

Life appeared slightly brighter with coffee in front of me, but Maria was making an effort to be extra cheerful. She seemed quite a different person in the morning.

“Here, have some cereal, maybe it’ll brighten you up.” She put a box of corn flakes and a carton of milk on the table, and gave me a bowl and spoon. I did that, and I actually did feel a little better. I had a bit more coffee, too , which helped.

She came and sat in my lap and put an arm around me. “So what am I going to tell the others when they call? Will they believe me?”

I was still a little slow, so I asked, “What others? What do you mean?”

“The girls. The ones you played with last night, trivia? Remember? They’re gonna call and want the details. Everything. Size. Girth. Boxers or briefs. How many times. Was he man-scaped. Was he any good.”

I stared at her. “You mean like post-game commentary? Ranking the good and bad plays? Giving a score? Are you serious?”

“Sure. We need to be able to establish standards, like a baseline, so we know who’s good. Sometimes there’s a bragging aspect to it, like with you. They’ll be so jealous when they hear how many times I got off. And sometimes it’s bad, the guy’s a jerk or inept, and they’ll commiserate and help you through it. It’s what we do.”

“Is this just you five, or do other women do this, too?”

“Oh, I don’t know about others, but my friends have always done it, and it’s kind of fun, like keeping sports statistics.”

“Maria, you’re talking about this, and in my mind I’m swapping genders and realizing that women would be horrified, appalled, outraged, if guys said they talked about and ranked women they slept with like you’re doing with men. I’m a little annoyed with this.”

“Oh, Sam, it’s harmless. Anyway, right now you’re like at the top of the rankings and they’re all jealous of me, so you should be proud.”

“I’m not. I’m ticked off. I wish you’d stop this.”

Now she looked like she was suddenly aware that she may have gone too far. She wasn’t malicious, but I don’t think they’d thought this through. It was really an invasion of privacy to be doing this, just as bad as if some guy posted naked pictures of his girlfriend on the Internet without her knowledge.

“Sam, I’ve upset you, I see, and I’m sorry. If you don’t want me to do that, I won’t, I won’t give them any details.”

“Maria, that would be best, I think. How would you feel if I started telling all my work buddies about this hot woman I’d taken to bed? You don’t have to answer that.”

Now she looked really abashed. “I’m sorry, Sam. I wasn’t thinking.” She laid her head on my shoulder.

“Let’s not talk about it any more,” I said, trying to cheer her up. “What time is it, anyway?”

She looked at the clock on the stove, which I hadn’t noticed. “About nine,” she said.

“What time’s your roommate coming back?”

“Oh, probably not till early afternoon, if it’s like the other times.”

“So we might have time to play with each other, see what might fit where, that kind of thing?”

She gave me a smile, finally. “You wore me out pretty good last night, Sam. Not sure what I’ve got left.”

“That goes for both of us, but in the interests of science, perhaps some experimentation is in order. Something less aerobic than usual.”

“Is there any kind of sex that doesn’t involve some kind of movement, physical exertion?”

“All the good kinds of sex seem to require it as a prerequisite, I think. The good news is, you can work it out so that only one of the people involved actually has to move.”

“Well, in that case...”

“I’m glad that’s settled. So where, Maria? Here, on the kitchen table? How about bent over the sink in the bathroom?”

“I’m thinking the bed sounds pretty comfortable. Another time for the bathroom, perhaps.” She stood up and took my hand.

Halfway across the bedroom she shrugged the robe onto the floor, and again I thought, really nice ass. I still had my shorts on, so I slipped them over my hips and let them slide to the floor.

She reached the bed and turned around and looked at me, then at my almost-erect dick. “Well, I see that some of us like the morning just fine. But why don’t you bring that over here and we can make sure he’s in top condition.“

She sat on the edge of the bed and, holding my dick, pulled me toward her. “That’s good, right there,” she said. She held it with one hand and leaned in to wrap her lips around the tip. That made me groan. With her lips just barely touching the skin on my dick, she slid the tip in and out. It was like tickling my cock with a feather, teasing, tantalizing, not quite enough friction to get me off, just enough to make me beg for more.

She really was quite good at this, and I’ll bet she could keep me hanging for hours if I’d let her. But neither of us had much energy left, so we should get to the main event pretty soon.

“A little deeper, Maria. That feels so wonderful, I want to feel it slide into your throat, baby.”

She opened her mouth and dropped down on my dick, not all the way, but deep, wrapping her lips tight around it, and assaulting the shaft with her tongue. I couldn’t help myself, I said, “Oh, FUCK, yes, like that, Maria!”

She sucked her cheeks in, keeping the tongue moving, and slowly slid the dick out of her mouth while she worked the lips over the shaft. Two more minutes of this and she was going to have a throat full of cum.

“One more time, baby, all the way in, deep as you can, let me feel it, please.”

She knew exactly what I wanted. She had told me she was proud of her ability to do this, so she opened her mouth wide again, and pushed my dick all the way in, until the tip was in her throat and she closed her lips around the bottom of my shaft.

“Oh, my God, baby, that is so perfect, don’t stop.”

She did what she did before, sucking on my dick, working everything that moved against the shaft as she slid slowly up the shaft, until I was fighting off an orgasm. When she reached the top and popped off, I said, “No more, Maria, I need to be inside you right now.”

I grabbed a condom from the side table and had it on my dick in seconds, while she scrambled back onto the bed, watching me.

I knee-walked up the bed until I was right in front of her spread legs. “Pull your knees back, Maria, show me your pussy.

She put her hands behind her knees and moved them back until they were pointing at the headboard. I slapped her clit with my dick which made her catch her breath, then lowered it and slid it into her cunt. It was so perfect that I moaned, and felt so good that I didn’t think I’d last long.

I started a hip motion that pushed my dick in and pulled it out when my hips relaxed. Her mouth was open wider now, as she felt her arousal growing, getting more urgent. And all the while I was pumping her marvelous little cunt, I was thinking how annoyed I was with the Know-It-Alls, collecting and trading bang buddies like baseball cards, comparing statistics, assigning values to them. For some reason, it still bothered me, even though she’d said she was sorry.

And that annoyance somehow fended off the rising orgasm, made it less important. I took one hand and reached inside her thigh and rubbed my fingers over her wet clit, which made her gasp and say, “Oh, fuck, Sam, oh, I’m...”

She wailed as her orgasm rolled over her. I kept rubbing, hard, just to control her, until she begged me to stop. Then I leaned forward and put my weight on my arms, so her knees were now hooked over my shoulders, which forced her ass backwards so I could now fuck her pussy straight down.

And I did. Hard, no finesse at all, just slamming my dick into her cunt until several minutes had passed. Her mouth was open, breathing hard, and her eyes were wild.

“That feel good, baby, that get you really close now? You want to cum again? Tell me.”

She couldn’t, because her mouth was locked open, trying to draw in as much air as she could, but she nodded yes, I want to cum.

“I think you’re about ready, Maria. So I’m going to count down from five, and when I get to zero, you’re going to cum for me. Are you ready?” She nodded yes.

I was pounding into her hard, and, oddly, I didn’t feel like I was going to cum yet. “Five. Four. Three. Two. One.”

I waited, just to be mean.


“Oh, shit, YES! Yesyesyes, I’m cumming, oh, baby, I’m cumming!”

It really was wonderful to watch her get off, her face showed every emotion as it swept over her. I kept fucking her hard until I could finally hear her say softly, “Nonono, no more.”

In the distance I could hear my own orgasm reasserting itself. It would probably be here soon.

She was conscious, but her eyes were closed and she was breathing deeply, trying to gather herself again. I was on my knees in front of her, watching her recover. Her pussy was wide open, really wet, dripping down over her perineum onto her ass.

I looked at her asshole glistening, and just out of curiosity I extended my middle finger and pushed it slowly into her ass. Her eyes shot open. “Sam, don’t, it’s too sensi... Oh, God, what... I’m cumming!”

She called that out in a kind of despairing plaint, with no control over what was happening to her. Because I had previously planted the command, ’thing other than dick in ass = warm orgasm that spreads from your ass all through your body’, and that was what was happening to her now. It washed slowly over her and she relaxed into the bed.

I slid my finger in and out a few more times just because it was fun to watch, then slipped it out. And from nowhere I thought to myself, I’m about done here. Sweet girl, beautiful and sexy, but not a lot of depth and I think this is about as far as I can go with her. I don’t know why I decided that at that specific moment, but there it was.

I still had my own needs to take care of, but that wouldn’t take long, I didn’t think. While she recovered, I looked around on the bed which was still scattered with sex toys. I was looking for... ah, there it was, the lube.

“Maria, are you okay? You awake?”

She opened her eyes and nodded briefly, but truth be told she really looked out of it, like she needed another six hours of sleep.

“I’m close, Maria, and I need to cum. Get up on your hands and knees, baby. You don’t have to do anything other than show me your ass.”

She looked like she was going to say she couldn’t, but finally she struggled up to her hands and knees, and lowered her arms and head onto the bed. It really was an exceptional pussy, and that ass looked so firm and round. I didn’t think this would take long.

I found the bottle of lube and popped the cover, pouring a little onto her asshole. That woke her up as I rubbed it around her anus. “Sam, what are you doing?”

I poured some lube onto my dick and rubbed it around, and said, “I’m getting your ass all slick, baby, so it slides in easy.”

“I don’t think I can, you’d better not. Wait, wait...”

But my dick was already pointing at her asshole, and with my thumb I pushed it in. She cried out, “No, no, not now.”

“Maria, you know you love this, you got off so hard last time I did this I thought you were going to faint. Tell me this doesn’t feel good. You can’t.”

I’d only pushed in for an inch or so, sliding almost all the way out, then in again. She was still saying, “No, don’t,” but it was getting softer, less demanding. I could feel my orgasm getting close, so I went a little deeper. Under me, she was getting more responsive despite her protests, because I had left her with the suggestion ’dick in ass = crazy with anticipation, right at the edge of cumming’, and that’s what was happening.

It was taking her over, the exhaustion forgotten, feeling more aroused the longer I fucked her ass. She was fighting it, I could tell, but she was vocalizing quietly now, grunting, saying “Yes”, squeezing her ass around my dick. And that was getting me a little nuts, too.

“Oh, crap, Maria, whatever you’re doing with your ass, don’t stop, that’s perfect. Grab my dick with your ass. Shake it.”

Oops. She took that last request literally, and she was shaking her butt, twisting my dick from side to side as it slid in and out. I think I’m done, about five seconds more...

“Christ, baby, here it comes,” I shouted as I pushed in hard, all the way. Under me, she said, “Oww, oh fuck,” but it was too late now. I felt it coming up from my balls and told her, “I’m cumming, Maria, oh, crap, cum for me, do it!”

Her ass was still shaking, gripping my cock so hard I don’t think I could have pulled it out if I wanted to. I was shouting something, I don’t remember what, and she was repeating, “Oh, yes! Yes! Yes!”

It couldn’t have been more than a minute but felt like hours that we were locked together like that, every nerve ending on fire. When it began to dissipate, I realized how sensitive my dick was now. Her grip on my dick had relaxed some, and I found I was able to slide it out a little, but then I pushed it in again because it felt so wonderful. I did that several times, and got a little rush when it hit bottom each time. Under me, she was saying, so quietly I almost couldn’t hear her, “Omigod, omigod.”

Finally, when I felt my dick going limp, I took hold of the condom and pulled slowly out, making it last as long as I could. Her ass ultimately released my cock with a wet pop, and she said, “Ohhhhh.” I would like to think that she was sorry to let it go.

I sat there on my heels for awhile, waiting for some modicum of energy to return. Her ass, the butthole still gaping at me, eventually keeled over to one side and she lay on the bed with her knees up and eyes closed.

I stood up and tested my balance, which seemed to be okay, so I stumbled to the bathroom and disposed of the condom and washed my hands and face.

Maria didn’t look like she’d moved as much as an eyelash. I lay down beside her and looked at her for awhile, trying to memorize her features. I didn’t think we’d hook up again. I would give some more thought to their ranking their conquests, but I thought that she’d fall right back into that pattern with the next guy she took home.

“Maria? Maria?”

She eventually opened her eyes, at least partway.

“You look exhausted. I think I’m going to let you sleep some more, so I’ll go. I’m really glad we were able to get together again.”

She couldn’t talk, but she blew me a kiss and closed her eyes. I got up and got dressed. While I was there, I picked up the sex toys I could find and dropped them back in her dresser drawer. I wasn’t sure how much of that part of her personality she’d shared with her roommate. With the bed clear of objects, I pulled the sheet up to her shoulders to cover her, and left a kiss on her neck.

I thought a lot about her on the drive home. She was beautiful and sexy, quite smart, fun, and yet there were some jagged edges to her personality that I knew would eventually start to bother me, like the way they gave no thought to ranking their men on some kind of hotness scale. There was always something to get in the way of a lasting relationship, wasn’t there? How did people ever find someone compatible? It seemed like the odds were stacked against everyone, that finding the right person was almost impossible.

Sara might have been damn close, but she had someone she liked better. Now I was starting to feel sorry for myself, so I forced myself to think of something else as I drove.