The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Phase Zero Clinical Trial: Response To Hypnozamine In The Human Female

by B Pascal

Chapter 5

I knew I was dreaming. In my dream I was aware that it was a dream but it was so pleasant that I didn’t want to wake up. It was erotic in some way and felt really good, and I was happy and relaxed.

I went with the flow for awhile while trying to recognize the details of the dream so I could recall them later, when I felt myself being pulled out of the dream state. “No,” I told myself, “not yet. Not fair.”

But in moments I was back and I realized where the dream had come from. Annie had pulled the covers down to the bottom of the bed and was kneeling at my waist, sucking my cock. It was still a little limp, but there was some rigidity there, and it felt spectacular.

She had my dick in her mouth, and her tongue was swirling around the head of my cock. Sometimes she’d open her mouth and get as much limp dick in it as she could, and suck her cheeks in while she moved her head from side to side.

She was suddenly aware that I was again awake, and smiled at me. My dick was in her mouth, but I could tell it was a smile.

She took my dick out of her mouth and held it while she said, “I’ll have you wide awake and upright in no time. Just lie there.”

She started bobbing up and down on my cock, and I couldn’t think of a better way to wake up. And in just a few minutes it appeared that my dick was restored to a serviceable state.

“Why don’t you come up here and let me suck on your tongue for awhile?”

She slid up my body, rubbing herself on the length of it, which felt wonderful. We sucked face for awhile, then I rolled her on her back while I kissed that place between her neck and her shoulder, and my right hand squeezed her boob and pinched her nipple. She moaned.

I spent some time admiring her tits, licking them and sucking her nipples. I moved one hand down so I could stroke her pussy. This would get her right to the edge. I slid down her body until I had my mouth just above her pussy. My hand was still stroking her cunt, and she was teetering on the precipice, gasping and choking.

I pushed my mouth onto her clit and stabbed at it with my tongue and it was like flicking a light switch. Her orgasm went full on. She slapped both her hands on my head and pressed it into her crotch, while she shouted. I kept it up for awhile, but she needed to wind down. I changed to kisses and nips, and she said quietly, “Oh, shit, oh, yes!”

I moved up her body so I was lying next to her, my arm around her, stroking her back. It was a couple of minutes before she took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Damn! That was amazing, I could get used to that real easy.”

“I like watching you cum, you are so consumed by it, it’s a joy to watch.”

“It’s even better on this end. So, about your career as a professional gigolo...”

“No, I had to give it up, I don’t have the stamina any more.”

“Can’t prove it by me. I’ve gotta get some juice or something. You want?”

“Yeah, now that you bring it up, thanks, I would.”

She padded naked into the kitchen and came back in a few minutes with a couple of glasses.

“It’s ice tea, that OK?”

“Perfect.” I took a sip and was suddenly aware of how thirsty I really was.

I drank half of it and put it down on the side table, and lay back. She put her head on my chest and wrapped an arm around me.

She started talking. “It’s funny, I was thinking about how little we know when we first start to learn about sex. Our minds are so filled with lore and myth that when we actually start doing sex for real, it never lives up to its PR.”

“Yeah, it was kind of a disappointment the first couple of times. I remember thinking, ‘Is that all?’”

“Right. That’s what I thought, too, the first time my high school boyfriend finally wore me down enough to get me into bed. He was in and done in about three minutes, and I almost said out loud to him, ‘Is that it?’”

She went on, “It wasn’t until college, that I started to understand that people get a little more skillful with practice and some feedback from their partners, so it got better.

“I brought that up because I had the same kind of epiphany now. Sex had gotten pretty decent, but this was like the next level higher. It’s like saying, “This is what I want."”

I said, “I suppose we all improve with practice, if we keep an open mind about it.”

“That’s it exactly! An open mind, and lots of practice!”

She moved up onto one elbow so she was looking right in my eyes. “So let’s practice some more.”

“Jesus, Annie, talk about one-track mind.”

She had one hand on my dick, stroking it. “So you got any secret fantasies you want to share? You into whips and handcuffs? Dressing up as Star Wars characters and fucking like Endorian bunnies? What?”

“I’m glad to see you have a full and rich fantasy life. Mine is much more prosaic. I like fucking until I shoot my load into you or onto you.”

“A bit of a disappointment, but I can cope.”

“Can I explore your body a bit more? I was so hot to fuck you earlier, that I kind of skipped over a lot of the interesting parts.”

“All right, we can start that way, and see what develops.”

She lay on her side facing me, and I started on her shoulder, taking a brief detour to try to suck her entire left tit into my mouth. I wasn’t successful, but as a first attempt it wasn’t bad and she was breathing heavily by the time I gave up.

I continued down her side, kissing and licking in various places. When I got to her hip, I rolled her onto her stomach and licked her butt cheeks until she was moaning. Just because I could, I pulled her cheeks apart and jabbed my tongue onto her asshole and got the reaction I wanted: “Yesyes, oh, fuck, yeah.”

But I wasn’t lying when I had told her I wanted to explore her body. It really was a nice body. Her legs were so toned from cycling that the skin seemed to have no give to it, it was really firm. But the cycling hadn’t removed their sensitivity. She was moaning as I licked and kissed the insides of her thighs.

When I reached the back of her knee it was only because I had my hand on her ankle that I didn’t get a leg in the face. She gasped and her leg spasmed upward. My hand on her ankle kept me from getting hit. I experimented a bit, and kissed and licked the back of her knee. She was moaning in a tight little voice, “Omigod, omigod.”

I kept one hand massaging the back of her knee while my lips moved down her ankle. I couldn’t hear what she was saying any longer because it was so quiet, but it was a constant drone under what I was doing. I could feel her body vibrating ever so slightly.

I had to shift position lower on the bed because I was having to stretch my neck uncomfortably to reach the furthest parts, and a good thing I did, too.

I moved down so I was on my knees with my arms over her left leg, closest to me, in order to grasp her right ankle. I moved my tongue from her ankle onto her heel, and the sound she was making changed from a low drone to a high pitched, faraway sound like a mosquito. When I moved from her heel onto the sole of her foot she went ballistic.

“Oh, FUCK! Oh, omigod, oh, shit, stop, stop!” Had I not had my hands across her ankles I would have been kicked in the face. She was twisting her torso, pounding the bed with her hands, begging me to stop.

I didn’t think I was hurting her, this was just hypersensitivity. The sole of the foot is an erogenous zone, and I wanted to see what would happen if I forced her. So I held her legs firmly while she thrashed and begged, and I ran my tongue over the sole of her foot.

Her words changed now, and she was sounding almost angry. “Oh, you bastard, stop! You hear me? Stop, please, it’s too much, please.” She was almost breathless now.

I had to think about how I was going to position myself, to avoid injury. I moved one knee onto the back of left ankle to pin her down, and bent her right leg back at the knee. I took the ankle firmly in both hands and sucked on her toes.

She keened, a high-pitched wail, and cried out, “Oh, Jesus, omigod, please!” I didn’t do it for long, because I thought she was becoming too sensitive. I gave it a final kiss, and lay down beside her, putting my arm around her and pulling her close.

I found her mouth and kissed her, a long, slow kiss while her breathing slowed. My hand was stroking her back, her side, her hips.

I leaned forward, forcing her onto her back while holding the kiss, and moved my hand onto her pussy, massaging it, spreading the lips, brushing the clit softly. It was fully wet under my hand.

She was saying something now, but our lips were still pressed together and I couldn’t hear what it was. I slid my fingers lower and into her pussy, sliding in and out.

“Oh! Oh, God. I’m cumming, baby, yesss!”

She trembled while my fingers were pumping into her and she grabbed onto me hard. I wanted to try something. I had given her a quite explicit instruction of how she should react with my tongue on her clit or my fingers in her pussy. What would happen if I added to the stimulation?

I shifted a little lower on the bed, near her waist, with my fingers still sliding into her cunt. “Look at me, Annie, I want you to look in my eyes, I want to see you.”

She turned her head slightly and looked at me, almost desperately, her mouth half open. I curved my two fingers in her pussy upward, searching for her G-spot, and started rubbing them against it, hard and fast, almost vibrating them. Her eyes went wide, her mouth opened, and she wailed, “Oh, FUCK, yes, YES! Yesyesyesyes, oh, don’t stop, yes!”

Her body was shaking, gasping and grunting, until it went rigid and she collapsed into the bed. I slowed my fingers to nothing, then slipped them out of her cunt and slowly massaged the lips of her pussy.

She was still holding onto my arm for dear life as she stared at me. My arm finally got tired, and I shifted upward and lay down beside her and pulled her in close. We wrapped our arms around each other.

Her head was close to mine, her eyes now closed as her breathing slowed to normal. after some time she leaned closer and started giving chaste little kisses on my cheeks, my eyes, my ear, my neck.

“I can’t remember ever having cum so many times, Sam. They’re so powerful that they drain me, and then it’s like I recover and I’m ready for more.”

“I’m afraid you may have worn me out, reduced me to a disposable shell.”

“Don’t say that. I have great faith in you. Look, you’ve still got a working dick here.”

“It’s the energy to employ it that I seem to lack. Anyway, how come you bounce back so quickly? You looked like you were ready for a twelve-hour nap, and ten minutes later here you are again. I can’t keep up with you.”

“You’re keeping up just fine, boyo.”

“Seriously, I haven’t got much left in me, and I’m going to need some rest shortly.”

She pouted, then sighed. “Oh, all right. Maybe I’ll get one of my vibrators out while you’re recovering. Are you going to ignore that?” She pointed at my erection.

“No, it seems a shame to waste it, though I may have to let you do most of the work. Oh, crap.”

“What?” she said.

“I don’t have any more condoms. I only had the one in my wallet.”

She pointed over my shoulder. “Top drawer, left hand side.”

I stumbled to the dresser, and sure enough, several strips of condoms. I tore one off and placed it on my dick and got back on the bed.

“You just lie there while I find someplace interesting to put this,” she said, throwing a leg over me and positioning her pussy over my dick.

She lowered herself slowly, and my cock slid right in. She went all the way to the bottom and let out a long breath. She leaned forward onto her elbows and started using her thighs to slide the dick in and out. I could see the concentration on her face. I reached down to squeeze her tits and she moaned, so I pinched her nipples and she went, “Fuck, yes.”

She picked up her pace a bit, her mouth open slightly, and I slapped her ass. “Shit, yes, that feels good.” It felt good to me, too. Her pussy was grabbing at my dick, and her pelvis was pulling it in different directions as she twisted around on it.

She was grinding now, and I felt it wouldn’t be long before I went off. I thought I’d give her one before we both came, so I said, “Look at me, Annie, right in my eyes, that’s it. Cum for me, Annie.”

“Oh, YES! Shit, yesyesyes, oh, good, keep going.” I had told her to look at me, but it was too much for her and she closed her eyes as it wound down. She lay forward on my chest and put her arms on my shoulders, breathing shallowly.

I couldn’t help it, her pussy still felt fabulous so I was moving in and out, slowly. I thought I had only a couple more minutes before I shot my load, so I paused and waited for her, stroking her back.

She lay there for four or five minutes before she raised herself on her elbows and smiled at me. “And you’ve still got a hard-on, Sam. Even better. Let’s see if I’ve got one more in me.”

She sat upright and used her thighs to pump up and down on my dick. It wouldn’t take much more to get me off. I pinched her nipples again, then slapped both the cheeks of her ass, and she started giving me a running commentary of what she was feeling.

“Ah, fuck, that’s nice, I feel so close now, and your dick feels so good when it pushes into my pussy. I love when you slap my ass, it almost makes me cum. Are you close? ’Cause I am.”

I was close. I looked her in the eye and told her, “Squeeze my dick with your pussy, baby, grab it hard, I’m so ready.” And she did squeeze, I could feel it. I needed this done now, so I started pounding my cock into her hard, pushing as far into her cunt as I could, feeling my orgasm start rumbling deep in my balls.

“Oh, fuck, Annie, here it comes, I’m cumming. Cum for me, baby.”

She put her hands on my chest and started fucking me even faster, crying out, “Oh, God, yessss!” I could feel my dick pumping out its cum as her pussy throbbed around my dick, milking it.

The power of it washed over both of us and we collapsed into each other to keep from falling off the bed.

I was thoroughly wasted, drained, and I may have fallen asleep for a minute. When I awoke she was still lying on my chest, eyes closed, breathing quietly. My dick was limp, but somehow still connected to the condom, so I pulled out while holding on to the end. She rolled onto her side in slow motion.

I managed to get vertical and stumble to the bathroom to rid myself of the condom. I peed and flushed, then washed my hands and face and made my way slowly back to the bed. I crawled in beside her and got close, closing my eyes.

I felt her moving sometime during the night, reaching down to find the sheet and pull it over us, then I was out again.

The next thing I remember is waking up and hearing the sound of a shower, but I nodded off again, awakened later by the smell of coffee.

She came into the room, wearing a robe and a smile. “What, are we not an early riser?”

“What time is it? Why are you so cheerful in the morning? It’s just not right.”

“Your problem is you need a shower and coffee. Both are ready when you are.” She bounced out of the room. If she wasn’t so hot, I’d be annoyed at her.

Eventually I decided that a shower might not be the worst thing. I found a clean towel to dry off and dressed myself in yesterday’s clothes.

In the kitchen I found her reading a magazine over coffee. She brightened when I came in.

“Oh, good, you didn’t drown. You want coffee?”


She handed me a cup and pulled milk from the fridge. “I’ll make some breakfast in a bit. You slept okay?”

“Like the dead. Like I was completely drained of energy. Oh, wait, that’s because I was.”

She smirked. “You must not be getting enough exercise. Perhaps I can come up with an exercise plan for you.”

“You’d kill me, Annie. I wouldn’t last.”

“I think you’d be fine.”

She cleared her throat. “Listen, Sam, I wanted to say something before I lose my nerve. I hadn’t planned on all that happening last night, it was just supposed to be dinner with a nice guy to help me prepare for the ugly scene I think is going to happen when Bobby gets home.

“But I’m really glad it turned out like it did. It made me realize that there’s so much out there waiting for us and we can’t always know when we’re going to trip over it. So thank you for that.

“I did enjoy being with you—not only the sex stuff, but just talking—and I kinda wish we could spend a few more hours together, but I’ve got to start preparing myself for the talk later and that’s going to take me some time alone.

“So. Until then, let’s have something to eat and some more coffee, okay?”

I nodded. She was right. Those kinds of breakups are always difficult, and I didn’t envy her, but she was right to be done with him. Once she got him out of her life, maybe we could reconnect.

She made pancakes. I would have liked bacon, but Bobby didn’t approve of certain animal products, pork and beef among them, so there was none in the fridge. But it was tasty nevertheless, and filling, and I was feeling a little carbohydrate lethargy by the time I finished.

I looked at my watch and realized it wasn’t even nine yet. What time did she get up, anyway? I could see she was already planning out the conversation with the soon-to-be-ex in her head, so I made movements to leave. I made sure I had everything I had arrived with, and she walked me to the door.

“I really do wish you could stay a little longer, but if I’m going to do this I’ve got to start working on it. Sam, this was memorable. Thanks.” She gave me a long kiss with a little tongue, then ushered me out the door. She blew me another kiss as I walked down the hall.

My car was still there. I noticed belatedly that the parking sign said “No Parking, 6am-9am”, but at the bottom it said “Except Sundays”. So I had dodged a bullet. I unlocked the car and drove home.