The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Pheremone Buzz

by Pause88

The colony was discovering all sorts of new things about this territory. Every day, there was something new, and most of them were terrifying. Like lately, foliage nearby had been found marked with Griffo pheromones. None of the colonists had ever seen a Griffo, but they had reports from the original exploration team. This is an excerpt from that report:

“For a moment, we all saw it. It was hunched over an ox-sized animal about twice its size. Its face was in the animal’s flesh and we realized the sounds we’d heard had been ripping. The smell of blood was thick. I felt both afraid and ill.

It glanced up at us, and looked us over. I was amazed at how expressful its face was. Suddenly, it smiled. A strip of meat hung from between its third and fourth teeth. Its smile widened, and I half-expected it to talk. Then it was in the air, and running through the branches above. It was running, not climbing, as fast as a horse. Soon, none of us were sure which direction it had gone. We assigned Berger to keep watch. Samples were taken from the animal’s wounds and of greasy deposits found on surrounding trees.”

Those greasy deposit were Griffo pheromones.

Lately, Griffo pheromones had found their way into the colony’s open market. People were burning it like incense for use as an aphrodesiac.

Nikki had taken to smoking it, like she did everything suggested to get humans high, and the whole group of people like her, forced to give up tobacco and marijuana when customs agents removed them from their cargo. So far, they had yielded no interesting replacements.

They had high hopes for Griffo pheromones, since its reputation as an aphrodesiac was so strong. Yet, if it was an aphrodesiac, Nikki wanted to discover that alone. She was absolutely neurotic about getting pregnant, since that was exactly what the colony wanted. They got their funding based upon how their population grew, and how many generations they had developed into. Nikki was determined not to be used for her body.

So she went off by herself, into the forest, all the way to the electric fence. No one was really supposed to get this close, but Nikki often came here to observe the jungle outside the fence.

She crushed the dried leaf sticky with Griffo pheromones into her pipe. She sniffed her fingers. The smell sent shivers along her neck. Nikki immediately wanted to lick the tips of her fingers, but dismissed the idea. Who knew how it could affect her consumed orally? Nikki knew better than to take a chance.

She sparked her lighter and pushed the flame into the bowl. Nikki sucked at the mouth of the pipe. She didn’t get anything. She tried again, holding the flame over the bowl to dry it out. The pheromones had turned purple and were melting like wax.

Suddenly the bowl caught. Nikki fell forward, coughing her guts out. She drew in a long gasp of breath, and before she could blow it all out again, was flat on her back. She felt like she was floating above her body. Her eyes rolled back into her head.

As she came to, Nikki realized she was slobbering on her pipe, a hard suck with every orgasmic spasm. She had drooled all over herself. The bowl was empty.

Nikki stuffed the pipe and lighter into her pocket, closed her eyes and settled into the ground. Thoughts swam through her mind. The sounds of the jungle seemed louder. She could hear patterns in it. It occurred to her she shouldn’t be laying on the ground. They weren’t sure if there were insects, or microscopic organisms. Also, the ph of the soil had given Mrs. Phelps a rash.

Yet, Nikki couldn’t find the strength to sit up. It felt so wonderful to roll around.

Then the world slowly returned to her. Nikki sat up and flopped her head forward. She inhaled deeply and felt her skin tremble. She felt an ache of frustration and could smell herself, an aroma of sweat and vagina. She took in a deep whiff of it. It was strong, but oddly compelling. It made her dizzy. She was embarassed by it.

Nikki’s next shower wasn’t scheduled until Tuesday. She wondered if dry-soap would cover the scent until then.

Nikki glanced into her pipe. She had put a lot of leaf and pheromones into it, but now it was empty.

She stood and brushed herself off, feeling giddy. It was wonderful to stretch.

She took a last look over her shoulder, toward the jungle on the other side of the fence. She smelled something strange. There was glistening on some branches too.

That might mean wildlife. Many of the creatures here had a waxy residue on their surface. Or so the reports claimed.

Nikki hadn’t seen anything here ever.

She approached the fence for a closer look.

It resembled Griffo pheromones, but was a paler shade of pink. Yet, heat had darkened it when she’d lit the leaf. Perhaps the sunlight darkened it too. Maybe this deposit was fresh.

Nikki crouched down and peered into the branches. She had no idea what color Griffos were. For all she knew, they might come in all the colors of the rainbow. She looked for glistening.

When she didn’t find any, her attention diverted to the pheromones on the tree branch. It was worth about forty dollars in the market. Nikki also wanted it for herself.

She considered the electric fence. She had no way to shut it off, but maybe she could get the pheromones with a stick.

But if she touched the fence with the stick, she’d get electrocuted.

Yet she could be careful...

Nikki found a thin stick and practiced touching specific points on trees and rocks, until her aim was perfect. Then, slowly, she slid the stick through. She had about an inch in any direction. No matter what, she could not let it touch the chainlink.

Nikki touched the stick to the pheromone deosit on the branch. She poked at it to loosen it from the tree, then tried to rub it all over the end of the stick. Nikki brought the pheromones through and sighed with relief. She needed to find something to rub it onto, then she intended to get the rest.

Nikki had no more leaf, nor any paper. She considered rubbing it on a tear of her clothing, but knew her mother would be angry. Nikki rubbed the pheromones onto the inside of her elbow, then considered the best angle to get at the goo on the other side of the fence.

If she pushed it up from a lower hole first, she could scoop up a larger clump. This meant an extra chance at getting electrocuted, but Nikki wanted it all. She pushed at the clump of pheromones from underneathe, trying to watch where she was poking, and where the branch was in relation to the fence. She thought what would happen if something bumped her, or the branch on the other side. She considered taking another look for the Griffo, just in case it was still around. No, better to concentrate on the work at hand and finish faster. Nikki pulled the stick back and went at it from a higher hole. Now, she was able to scoop up the rest of the slime and maneuver it to her side of the fence.

She put this on the inside of her other elbow, and for some reason, had to fight the desire to rub it in. It tickled cold with the air hitting it, even though the air was warm.

Nikki discarded the stick and took another glance into the branches on the other side of the fence. Nothing.

Preparing to head home, Nikki noticed her smell again. There was something intoxicating about it. She certainly would have to cover it up somehow.

Nikki hiked back through the forest home. She was grateful her parents were out, as she still felt flushed from smoking the Griffo pheromones. She had to babysit tonight, and didn’t feel up for small talk as she got ready.

Once in her bedroom, Nikki searched for leaf paper to collect the pheromones. She found some, but when she looked inside her elbows, she noticed much of it was gone. There were orange stains on her skin.

Nikki collected what she could onto leaf, which was still alot. She stashed it away in her purse and grinned. She felt happy and floaty. She suspected some pheromones had soaked into her skin, and was excited to have discovered a new way to administer it. The effects this way seemed a lot milder than smoking.

Nikki took off her clothes and soaped up her body with dry-soap lotion. It didn’t cover up her scent, not entirely, but it made it softer. She sure didn’t want the Marshall’s to notice, especially Mrs. Marshall. She applied lots of perfume to herself and searched for clean clothes. Yet, nothing she found suited her mood. Everything she had was so tomboyish. Tonight, for some reason, she wanted to dress like a girl.

No one was home, so she didn’t have to get dressed to wander around the house. She slipped into her older sister’s room. Marcie had left home when she got married, but a lot of her old clothes were still here. Marcie had sexy clothes. Marcie had been desperate for someone to notice her. Nikki supposed it had worked.

She didn’t want to dress like a slut, but it was the slutty clothes that attracted her. She wondered what she’d look like wearing them. She decided to try on one particularly naughty outfit. It was red and tight and rubbed deliciously against her skin. Nikki posed in front of the mirror in it, and loved her new look. Against her better judgement, she decided to wear it to the Marshall’s. It felt so perfect on her. Nikki couldn’t bear to take it off. Not even to put on underwear underneathe. It’d be nice to get to the Marshall’s house a few minutes early, she told herself.

As they gave their instructions, it seemed to Nikki that Mr. Marshall was flirting with her. He was much too old for her, but she really enjoyed the attention. She found herself unable to take her eyes off of him. Nikki paid rapt attention to everything he told her, eager to make him proud of her. When he smiled at her, she beamed with pleasure, grateful for his acceptance. Nikki found herself wondering how it would feel to kiss him.

Mrs. Marshall came out into the kitchen, fastening on an earing. She looked Nikki over, disapprovingly. “I don’t want any of your friends coming over,” she said. Mrs. Marshall was a bitch. Funny, Nikki had never noticed before.

“I won’t,” Nikki promised, and smiled at Mr. Marshall, who smiled back.

“Oh,” Mr. Marshall said, “Billy might be home later. Don’t worry about him. He can take care of himself.”

“He refuses to babysit Sammy,” Mrs. Marshall said, shaking her head. “He’s busy being fourteen.”

Nikki took Sammy into the other room to distract him while Mr. and Mrs. Marshall snuck out. If Sammy saw them leave, he’d cry all night.

Nikki played with Sammy until 8:30, then put him to bed. She went out into the living room to watch DVDs, but found her attention wandering to sniffing the insides of her elbows. When she did, she closed her eyes and felt light-headed and sensual.

Nikki fell asleep. She awoke to the door slamming.

“Oh,” a voice said, “Hi, Nikki.” It was Billy.

“Hi,” she said. “You’ve gotten so big.”

“Since last week?” Billy laughed.

Nikki felt her face go red. It was true. She had seen him last week. Yet, tonight, it was as if he’d gotten bigger. There was something more masculine about him.

“How have you been?” Nikki asked him.

He sat down next to her on the couch and leaned back. “Good,” he said. “You look like you’re doing good too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in anything but jeans... except tonight.”

“I felt like being a girl tonight,” she said, noticing how warm he felt next to her.

“You trying to get someone to notice you?”

“I don’t know,” she said. “I guess I’ve just been lonely.” She hadn’t even realized she was lonely until just now.

“I can’t imagine you being lonely,” Billy said.

“Want to try something really neat?” Nikki suddenly asked. “Have you ever tried smoking Griffo pheromones?”

“You do that stuff? Do Mom and Dad know?”

“No, and please don’t tell them. I like them thinking I’m a nice girl.” Nikki leaned up against Billy and dug the pheromones out of her purse. “Smell them,” she suggested.

“I don’t think so,” Billy said. “I don’t trust that stuff. It’s like everything on this world was put here to kill us.”

“This won’t hurt you,” Nikki said. “I’ve tried this stuff. It actually feels really good.”

Billy shook his head no.

“Do you mind if I smell it?” Nikki asked. Billy shook his head no again, and Nikki pressed the crushed leaf to her nose and inhaled deeply. She rubbed a little bit on her fingers and sniffed them. Then, she put the finger in her mouth and sucked on it.

Everything started to fade away. She heard Billy ask if she was okay. Nikki answered with a small moan. She tried to put the leaf into her mouth, but Billy caught her wrist before she could get it past her lips, and took it from her.

Nikki rubbed up against him yearningly. She looked up at him, licking her lips, her eyes pleading with him. “Kiss me,” she whispered and didn’t have to ask twice. Billy pushed his tongue into her mouth and Nikki couldn’t get enough of it. She slid her hands inside his shirt, playing with his nipples and craving the warmth of his skin.

They made out on the floor, Nikki, making out with a fourteen year old. Yet, he was so sexy to her. There was something so strong and dominant about him. Nikki pulled away long enough to pull off his shirt, then she was on him again, sucking on his lips, exploring his sweet mouth with her tongue. He began unbuttoning her shirt and when it was discarded, brought his mouth to her nipples. Nikki cried in pleasure as Billy teased her nipple, sucking hard on it. She began to smell herself again. It made her embarassed, but turned her on all the more.

Billy tugged at the waist of her skirt and for a moment, Nikki panicked. She realized with an aware part of her mind where this was heading. Then, she thought about Billy’s fingers inside her, and kissed him harder. Her hands slid into his pants and grabbed onto his dick. It was so warm. It would make her warm.

She undid his pants and pulled them down around his knees. Billy stood up to take them off all the way. Nikki was face to face with Billy’s hard dick. She wanted it in her mouth.

She opened her mouth and pulled it toward her.

“Wait,” Billy said. He had the Griffo pheromones. He wiped some along his penis and rubbed it all over.

“Is that good?” he asked.

It was a lot, but Billy didn’t know what a lot was, so Nikki was able to get him to put on more.

“More,” she said, and he put more on still, but refused to put on any more after that.

Nikki took Billy’s balls in her hand and rested his penis against her lips. She had never done this before and was excited. She had a pretty good idea of how it was done.

She took his dick into her mouth and waves of pleasure shuddered through her. She sucked and sucked on it, licked all over it furiously, swallowed and swallowed the saliva as it built up in her mouth. Soon, there was more than she could swallow. She let it drip down his balls, and her chin. The skin of his dick felt amazing against her lips. Nikki knew she could never get enough of this. She wanted to suck Billy’s dick all the time.

“Nikki, please,” he whispered, “I want to fuck you.”

She moved her head faster. She needed more and more. She loved how it felt every time she swallowed and couldn’t wait to swallow Billy’s cum for real.

“Stop it,” he said, holding her head steady. She wanted more so badly, but couldn’t defy him. Billy was so in charge, so in control. Nikki knew she would agree to anything he asked of her.

“Let me fuck you,” he said. His dick throbbed in her mouth as he said it. Nikki could taste his precum and imagined his hard dick throbbing inside her.

Nikki nodded, and Billy pulled his dick out of her mouth. She spread her legs and pushed her pelvis up to him. Billy slid a finger into Nikki’s wet pussy. Her pussy was so wet and hungry for him. She moaned, and it sounded like pleading.

Billy kissed her again and Nikki grabbed his dick and put it inside of her. It felt so right. Billy’s dick was meant for her. She appreciated him so much for giving it to her.

Billy slid in and out of Nikki’s wet, eager pussy. She was so absolutely slippery. He couldn’t take it and exploded inside of her. Nikki cried in delight and wrapped her legs around him, and rocked her hips, trying to milk every last drop.

He came so hard, spasming over and over, pumping his cum into her. It was exactly what she needed, and she loved him for it. Nikki didn’t care that he was only fourteen. Billy was her man, and she would do anything for him.

Nikki kissed him and couldn’t stop kissing him. She was so thankful and happy and appreciative that he had been attracted to her enough to cum inside her. Nikki held him inside her with her legs, letting every last drop leak into her. She couldn’t understand why she had been so afraid of this. Billy’s cum was so right. This was her place. She was his. It made such perfect sense. She was a woman. Millions of years of evolution had bred her to crave cum inside her pussy. It was how the human species had lasted so long. Needing Billy’s cum was perfectly natural. Nikki knew this now. She was Billy’s woman, and would do anything, anything at all, no matter what he asked to have his wonderful cum inside her all the time.

They fell asleep with Nikki’s legs wrapped tightly around him.

Mrs. Marshall screaming woke them up. Billy snapped alert, and Nikki instinctively wrapped her legs around him. Even as she realized they’d been caught, Nikki didn’t want to let him go. The world seemed so cold outside the warmth of his arms. She couldn’t imagine being apart from him, and wondered what the Marshalls would do about it if she refused to release him.

Finally, the embarrassment of the situation hit her. She’d been caught in a carnal embrace with a fourteen year old boy. Her face red, Nikki pulled her skirt down to her thighs and let Billy move.

But as he pulled away from her, there was that smell, the smell of their love... and something else. She felt drawn to it. She wanted to breathe the fumes off him. She felt light-headed, and though Mrs. Marshall was calling her irresponsible, Nikki couldn’t stop grinning.

Mr. Marshall walked her home, and flirted with her. Nikki loved the attention. He kept trying to make her laugh, and she did, even at the dumb jokes. Mr. Marshall was fat and had a weak handshake, but now, Nikki noticed something strong and masculine about him. He was so clever. It was easy to imagine him taking care of her. Nikki knew Mr. Marshall was probably very sweet to his women.

No, not women. One woman. Mrs. Marshall.

Yet, Nikki thought Mr. Marshall deserved lots of women. Someone as wonderful as him deserved lots of women making him happy.

Nikki wondered if she could ever make him happy...

He was treating her differently than usual too. Nikki expected it was the scent of the Griffo pheromones clinging to her. She wondered if he was feeling as dizzy as her, and was excited to think of the advantage the pheromones gave her over all the other girls who might want Mr. Marshall.

Did other girls want Mr. Marshall? Her thinking was so fuzzy... and he was so sexy.

“I want you to smell something,” she said to him, “and tell me what you think.”

He leaned in toward her and she thought she might pass out from wanting to kiss him so much.

Nikki put her fingers near his nose and watched Mr. Marshall close his eyes and inhale a big whiff.

“W-What is that?” he asked.

“Do you like it?”

He nodded, and Nikki slid her fingers back under the hem of her skirt. When she brought them back out again, they were damp. She put them back under his nose, and let him breathe in her scent. After a minute or so, she giggled and wiped the moisture on his nose.

Mr. Marshall laughed. He sounded stoned.

“I’ve got more where that came from,” she said.

“I bet you do,” he said, and there was lust in his voice. Nikki pulled up her skirt. She expected—hoped—he’d touch her. She was not disappointed.

But he didn’t just use his fingers. That big man got on his knees and used his mouth on her.

Nikki loved it!

Yet, when she saw his eyes, they frightened her a little. There was something hypnotized and vacant about them, and driven. He was absolutely focused on her pussy, sucking on her clit.

Nikki knew what he was tasting: the griffo pheromones, her crotch and Billy’s cum. There was nothing in there that should cause him harm, yet somehow, instinctively, Nikki realized something very horrible was happening to Mr. Marshall. She could see it in his face. He was losing himself to her. Somehow she knew it wasn’t just temporary either. She knew it on some instinctive level that had evolved millions of years and knew the true power of pheromones.

Mr. Marshall would not be coming back. It was like his soul had been replaced by a desire to worship her pussy. He’d follow her to the ends of the Earth for it. Nikki recognized the feeling—it was exactly how she felt about Billy.

Well, maybe not exactly. She’d experienced the effects of the pheromones before her bonding to Billy, so maybe had some kind of tolerance.

Mr. Marshall, however, didn’t look healthy.

“Are you okay, Mr. Marshall?” she asked, but he didn’t seem to hear her.

Nikki stepped back and Mr. Marshall fell forward into the grass. He began to pull himself toward her.

“Stop,” she commanded, and he did. He stared up at her, dizzy, like he was about to topple over. Nikki realized he was whispering, “ beautiful... perfect...”

“Get up,” she told him. He did, and his posture told her he was waiting, dependent upon her to tell him what to do next.

What had she done? What was she going to tell Mrs. Marshall? Billy? What about her mom? It was only a matter of time before everyone in the colony found out. What would she say then?

“Mr. Marshall, act normal,” she commanded.

No effect. He was standing like he’d rather be kneeling, and never took his eyes off her. His expression was goofy.

It made her feel beautiful.

Suddenly, Nikki was aware of the scent all around her, coming from her. It was very strong. It seemed much stronger than it had been before. Could the pheromones have somehow reacted with her cum? Nikki was beginning to feel very dizzy, and Mr. Marshall’s goofy expression was starting to look cute.

She should really make a run for it.

But it wasn’t fair for her to leave Mr. Marshall like this, especially not when his current state was her fault...

Nikki considered what to do, though it was becoming increasingly difficult to think...

It would get annoying having Mr. Marshall as her little puppy forever.

Yet, he was her responsibility... and there was a way she could make herself like it...

She inhaled a deep breath of pheremones and told him to strip, right there on the sidewalk. It wasn’t a big deal. It was dark, and colonists were supposed to avoid outside after dark.

Mr. Marshall took off his clothes and Nikki couldn’t stop smiling. She was really excited about what was about to happen.

“Lie down,” she told him. He did and she climbed on top of him. She kissed him hotly, becoming aroused by the taste of her pussy on his mouth. She knew the pheremones were mixed in there too. Probably, that accounted for her desire to have his babies.

In the back of her mind, Nikki remembered she’d never wanted kids.

But it was Mr. Marshall... she wanted his kids!

Nikki pulled her skirt up to her waist and settled onto Mr. Marshall’s hard cock. It went in easy, despite her having been a virgin until a few hours ago. Nikki was so wet she felt loose, though she was anything but loose.

She made out with Mr. Marshall while she fucked him, grinded her sopping pussy against his pubic hair.

He was fat, but he felt so good and she knew her entire life had been in want for this moment. She was his and it felt so wonderful to belong to him. She loved him and his son so much it made her eyes wet. She existed to make them happy. They were her life.

Mr. Marshall grabbed Nikki to him. He held her tight and bucked his hips, filling her with his massive load of cum.

Nikki had never experienced such happiness. She held him tightly and kissed him and cried in joy. Nikki also kept rocking up and down on his cock. She wasn’t even aware she was doing it. Soon they were fucking again.

Sometime during, they got it into their heads to 69. As Nikki climbed off him, they noticed all the cum dripping from her. It was all over him.

It smelled amazing.

Nikki took him into her mouth with no question or hesitation. The feelings overcame her immediately: feelings of belonging, desire, worship, need... It was stronger this time, stronger than it had ever been. Nikki felt her mind shriveling like a raisin. She was a little cum sponge... greedy for it... for Mr. Marshall. She desired to be near him at all times, to fulfill his every whim, to satisfy him always, to be an extension of him. She wanted more than anything for him to be proud of her, delighted with her. Often, during this 69, Nikki found herself unsure where they were. When this happened, Mr. Marshall was her anchor. She focused on him, and nothing else mattered. He was her heat, her light, her hopes... her man. He was her man and she was his girl. Nikki was thrilled about this, and that her pussy was soaked with his cum. She looked forward to giving him lots of babies, of expressing her devotion that way.