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“The Pit”

(written by pshadmeJune 2005)

David was weary from his workweek and decided to do something he had never done before. Rather than immediately returning to his quiet, lonely apartment for another quiet, lonely weekend, David got off the bus a few stops early to check out a Happy Hour at one of the local dive bars he noticed every day on his bus rides to and from work. They all seemed to be clumped together near the lower end of his town. David lived in a nice, upscale neighborhood, but it bordered a seedier area just to its south and some of the less attractive parts of that neighborhood have been encroaching on his quaint little corner of the world. But, for some reason, this is one of the things that David found appealing about his plans for the evening. David was a good, middle-class, 24 year-old guy with a private school upbringing who had always been intrigued by the darker side of life. He felt a type of sinful allure to all the things he only saw in movies.

David walked past several small bars and taverns; all giving him the impression of places where old men sipped beer during the day or where barflies hung around looking for someone to buy them a drink. None of them really caught his attention, but as he looked across the street, something, rather someone did. A tall, buxom woman with extremely long black hair who was done up in her Friday night best with a short, black leather skirt, fishnet stockings and black stilettos sauntered down the street. Her heels clicked with each step and, as if she knew David was looking at her, she spun her head, whipping her hair around and smiled at him just as she turned down a side street. This was off the main bus route that David had originally intended to follow, but she looked so sexy that her smile prompted him to pursue her. He had noticed she wore a lot of make-up, which David never really cared for on a woman, but he was so overly intrigued by her smiling at him, that he did not give it a second thought.

David jogged across the street, hoping not to lose sight of her and turned the corner where she had gone. He was just in time to see the top of her head disappear down a staircase. He ran over to the stairs and turned to face them. The small sign above them simply read, “The Pit” with a neon beer bottle flashing “OPEN” and pool cue pointing down toward what he presumed was the entrance.

David assumed that someone as beautiful as she would not be in too terrible a place, so he decided right there that he had found his Happy Hour bar. He walked down the dimly lit steps (his own steps hastened by the wake of perfume he was inhaling) and pushed open the creaky wooden door. He entered and as if by hydraulics, the door slammed behind him. Despite its beaten up look, it sounded like it locked as it closed. David didn’t give it a thought as his mind was still too distracted by the smile from the gorgeous woman in the skirt and heels and his lungs filled with an intoxicating perfume. The bar was sparsely decorated with a few tables and chairs around with no one in them, a long wooden bar with no one at it, not even a bartender and an unoccupied pool table in one corner. In the other corner hung a “Restrooms” sign and as he looked at the doors below it, out came the woman he had followed into the bar exiting what he assumed was the lady’s room. She appeared even taller than she had from a distance; maybe close to six feet, but even taller in her extreme heels. She looked down at David’s 5′8′-stature as she passed him, smiled and amiably said, “Welcome, stranger. What can I get for you?”

The woman walked behind the bar and continued to look directly at her only patron.

“Oh, hello, I mean, I will have whatever light beer you have on tap, please.”, David answered in a nervous voice.

He walked over to the bar and sat on a stool near the taps.

“Hiya, cutie, my name is Lucinda, but you can call me…”

“Lucy?” interrupted David, trying to be flirtatious.

“No, ‘Sin’” giggled Lucinda.

David’s crotch felt a tingle of arousal at her dirty sounding name and she noticed his reaction simply from the look in his eyes. She had not broken eye contact with him since she walked out of the restroom.

“Nice to meet you, Sin. I am David. Is this your place?”, he asked.

Sin batted her heavily mascara’d lashes and leaned in as she handed him his beer, drawing his attention to her deep cleavage, so as not to alert David to what her hand was squirting into his beer. David inhaled the familiar scent of her heady perfume which now washed over him like she had sprayed him with it. He ogled the exposed tops of her full, rounded pale breasts, but eventually pulled his eyes from her chest only to again meet her big, dark brown, almost black eyes as she continued smiling at him.

“Yes, it is. Do you like it?”, responded Sin in a charming voice.

Everything about this woman was arousing David and his mind was too distracted to even put together an answer. He simply nodded and sipped his beer and continued staring into her eyes, like he was lost.

Sin smiled wider and leaned in again placing one hand below the bar. David heard a muffled “click” but thought nothing of it. Unbeknownst to her sole customer, Lucinda had switched the neon sign outside to read, “Closed”.

“So what brings you into my humble little den of iniquity, Davy?”, Sin asked in a condescending tone, but still with a smile on her full, red-painted lips.

“I was just looking for a nice place to have a few beers after a hard week’s work.”, said David, feeling almost embarrassed at her shortening his name.

“Thank you for calling my place ‘nice’, sweetie. It’s just the lower level of an abandoned sewing factory that I inherited from my late grandmother. I put some of the money she left me into making this part a bar for people like you, looking for a haven from reality. But, this IS a little out of the way. I mean, it’s in a basement in what’s practically an alley. How DID you even find it?”, prodded Sin.

“Well to be honest, I saw you from across the street and, well, it may sound odd but just before you turned the corner and I swear I thought you smiled at me. I am sorry if I misread you.”, bravely stated David.

“No, it’s all right, sweetie. I did smile at you. You’re cute and you looked lonely, so I was just being my flirty self. I like lonely men.”, cooed Sin.

David smiled and felt nurtured rather than insulted by her referring to him as a ‘lonely man’. He also felt a surge of blood to his crotch once more and again, Sin seemingly picked up on it as she watched him sit taller in his seat in an effort to make some room for his swelling cock. Her smiled broadened a little more and even took on a wicked look as she began looking into his eyes again.

“I don’t see a wedding band, young man, so who are you avoiding at home, then?...Family?, A girlfriend?”, mused Sin.

David said, with is eyes focused on hers, “No, I live alone. No one is waiting for me.”

Sin’s smile now bared her white teeth and she widened her eyes.

Trying not to draw attention to the fact that he was staring, David continued drinking his beer and was surprised at how light-headed he was feeling after just half of one light beer.

“Does this place get very crowded on Friday nights, Sin?” asked David, trying to be casual as he slightly shook his head in an attempt to clear it, as well as get his eyes out of hers for a moment, but Sin did not move or respond. She simply continued smiling and stared deeper into his eyes once he had settled.

“You like looking in my eyes, Davy, don’t you.”, Sin stated flatly, not in question form at all.

David did not answer and Sin said, “Mmmmm, yes, you like looking into my eyes, Davy. They are sooooo compelling.”

David’s mind picked up on her intonation as almost predatory, like she was some kind of silver screen Femme Fatale hypnotist and was being made to feel even smaller by this tall woman with the form of his name that she had chosen to call him, yet, still in all, it did not dissuade him from keeping eye contact.

“Sooooo relaxing, making you soooo sleepy, Davy.”, trilled Sin.

David’s mouth drooped open and drool started to form in the corners of his mouth.

“The door is locked, the sign reads ‘closed’ and we are the only two in here, so no, it will NOT be crowded in here tonight, Davy. It’s just you and your drugged beer and me and my relaxing eyes.”, explained Sin in a slow, sexy, deliberate voice.

David managed in a mumbled slur, “What are you doing?”, as he put his mostly empty glass down after his mind registered what she had said about it being drugged.

“I am making you soooooooooo sleepy with my hypnotic eyes, sweetie. Just stare deeper into my eyes and relax for Sin. Your drink will speed this along. You will be mine soon and you cannot resist.”, answered Sin in a sexy whisper.

David closed his eyes and tried to stand, but found his legs not responding. He looked back at Sin and found her gorgeous dark eyes again and heard her say, “That’s it, sweetie, try to fight the effects; that will only increase the potency.”

David’s mind was now too overwhelmed to understand what she was saying, so, to his detriment, his brain’s “fight-or-flight” mechanism was urging him to struggle more, which only weakened him more quickly.

“Look deeper into my eyes, Davy, they are soooooooooo relaxing. That IS what you came in here for, is it not? You wanted so badly to unwind and relax after your stressful week and you were lucky enough to find me to help you.”, Sin coaxed.

“You like the scent of my perfume, Davy; I noticed how it excited you. Why don’t you take a deeeeeep breath and allow your body to become more aroused.”, Sin persuaded, as she again leaned in, locking her black orbs onto his helpless eyes.

David inhaled and now between the confusion in his head and the lust for her flirting mixed with the little reality he could focus on, which was the fact that he was alone, in a strange place, drugged and locked in, David’s crotch did little but swell under her direction.

David’s conscious mind was so scattered now. Sin knew this and continued manipulating his thoughts.

“You feel so contented now that you are here, Davy and excited to be looking deeply into my eyes. Breathe in more of my sexy, arousing perfume, Davy.”, instructed Sin, knowing that the more aroused she made him, the more receptive his weak male mind would embrace the intoxicating feeling her eyes and the drug were imposing.

Sin leaned over and while his eyes remained in hers and he breathed in her scent, she began to trace small circles on his temples with her index fingers.

“That’s right, sweetie. It feels soooo good and makes you sooo sleepy and if you fight it, you fall faster. It’s too late for you, Davy. I want a plaything for the weekend and as soon as I saw you, I knew I was going to get what I wanted. There is NO escaping ‘The Pit’ once I decide you won’t.”, Sin said, in a more assertive tone, but still sexily enough to keep David’s mind on his arousal.

The soft fingertips on his head were like a sedative and Sin continued, “That’s it, Davy, stare deeper and deeper into my hypnotic eyes. Concentrate on my voice and feel how relaxed my fingers are making you. You want to fall into a quiet sleep of submission for me, sweetie. The more you listen and feel me and look into my eyes, the faster and deeper you will fall under my spell.”

“Your weak will is sooooo sleepy and you are soooooooo obedient, now, Davy. The longer you listen to me and the more your stare into my eyes, the more submissive you become. You want nothing more than to follow me upstairs now. Just follow my voice and breathe in my perfume.”, instructed Sin as she walked around the bar and towards a service elevator in the darkened corner near the restrooms. She removed a key from a small pocket in her tight skirt. She kept the entrance to her dwelling space locked, so that only she and the prey she choose could access it. In addition, the elevator served to keep her from having to drag her drugged, entranced victims up a flight of stairs.

David rose and turned to follow her beguiling words. His weakened body was able to muster enough strength under her direction to shuffle behind her as she continued calling back to him in a lilting voice, “That’s it, Davy. Just follow Sin. You cannot resist my voice and your body craves my scent. You want to follow me up to my apartment, my submissive little plaything. We are going to have a wonderful weekend, sweetie.”

The elevator made a thud as it hit the basement floor and the eerie light that emanated from it when the doors opened, silhouetted Sin’s figure in strange shadows. He was powerless to stop his steps as she continued her verbal spell, but when he got closer, the light shimmered off of her black hair producing a fiendish aura around her giving David the distinct impression that he was looking into the face of something unnatural.

“Come, come, Davy. Come submit to Sin.”, giggled the evil seductress as he helplessly stepped into the elevator, followed by the sound of her heels on the cold steel floor. And then, the tomb-like doors closed.