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Thank you for your patience on Hot Blood, I’ll finish it when the trial starts.

It is not weird that I wrote this, it is weird that it took two weeks. That said, it has taken a number of drafts to get it the way I wanted it. Finally divorcing it entirely from the public statement and putting it in the second person perspective worked. Yes, apparently I will write porn about anyone Kate McKinnon pretends to be.

If you don’t know what I mean by any of that, don’t worry about it and just enjoy your porn.

Thanks to Jennifer Kohl for being the best hypno sub ever and my first reader.

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She sent an Uber for you, the doorman let you in, the text message told you to be on your knees in the main room of the suite.

You followed every instruction, thinking that was the job.

She walked in, all smiles and wrists and warmth, and your eyes have been on her ever since. She is in an ivory bra and matching panties, but somehow, you’re focused on her wrists. They’re beautiful and the way she moves them when she talks is almost a dance.

“I’m glad I told you to surprise me, my dear” she says. “First of all, I’d like to take care of the money. Obviously, I’ve paid you to be here. But I think you’ll find you enjoy tonight very much.” You did not plan to nod your head, but you feel your head go up and down. Your lips are dry, and you lick them. She gives you a long look. “If you want, I’ll pay you right now and you can leave.” You can feel your face redden. You look for a moment at the envelope she left on the coffee table next to two water bottles.

“No,” your voice is a croak; your voice is never a croak. But you want to be there, on your knees in front of this woman, so much.

“That’s right,” she says. “I want you to stay, too. And it feels so good to do what I want.” She gestures as she talks, moving those wrists and your gaze just follows them back and forth.

“Yes,” you want to bow your head, but you do not want to take your eyes off her. You just watch her, focusing on her wrists. She commands your attention.

“Sit back a bit, I don’t want your knees to get tired.” You obey and it feels so good to take the pressure off your knees. You have to look up even higher and that feels right.

“Thank you”

“Oh, I’m glad to make you more comfortable. So, it’s all right if I play with your body and your mind?” She wants to play with you; you can see the playfulness in her smile.

“Yes,” you say.

“That’s right. I want you to feel good. And you’re finding that agreeing with me feels good.”

“Yes,” that left wrist flicks again. Her gaze is like the sun and you want the sun all over your body. She reaches out and brushes cool hands across your lips.

“Those muscles of yours are very pretty.” So pretty, she’s not pretty, she’s very pretty. You don’t even know, you just want more of that touch. “I want you to touch me. Do you want to touch me?”

“Yes,” oh fuck agreeing feels good. You reach up, your fingertips brushing the outside of her thigh.

“That’s right,” It feels good to touch her, it feels good to agree. “Touching me there is very polite,” she says. “And I appreciate that. But I think you want to touch me more.”

“Yes,” your fingertips run to her inner thigh and she gasps. Feels so good to make her feel good, feels so good to agree.

She looks into your eyes. “Do you want to have the best orgasm of your life?”


She smiles, stroking your neck as she talks. “Stupid question, I know. You’re going to lick my pussy tonight, and after you do, you’re going to have the best orgasm of your life. But you’re going to have to wait. You don’t mind, do you?”

“I don’t mind” You are not even thinking anymore, just saying what she wants you to. And what she wants becomes the truth. You have made her smile again and that feels so fucking good.

“If I brought out my whips and chains tonight? You wouldn’t mind?”

You smile back. You know what the answer is. “I don’t mind,”

“That’s right. And if I had you bring the hottest girl you went to high school with, so I could play with both of your bodies and minds? You would do it.”

“I would do it.” Feels so good to agree.

“That’s right, My Dear. You want to agree with me. Agreeing with me makes you want to cum.” She’s right. You are agreeing with her and you want to cum so hard.

“You don’t care if I don’t pay you?” Now those eyes are twinkling.

“I don’t care.” You say, and you mean it.

She runs a cool hand down your cheek. “I’m going to pay you,” she says. “After all, you’re going to work very hard for me tonight and you’re going to deserve it. I just wanted to see if you’d agree.”

“Anything,” you say. The idea of working hard for her makes you want to cum. But you’re not going to cum until after you lick her pussy. You want to lick her pussy.

“Touch me again, however you like,” she says. You do not decide. Your body just obeys. You sit up and put your hands on her ass. You scrape your cheek up her thigh as she leans forward and lick across her stomach. She puts her fingers into your hair, pulling gently, and lets out a low moan. “That’s right,” she says. She is as turned on as you are. She wants your touch. She loves having this power as much as you love giving it to her. Oh, fuck that’s hot.

“Please,” you moan.

“Your mouth felt good on me. I know you want to lick my pussy. But you’re going to wait.”

“Yes,” oh God it feels good to agree. Agreeing makes you want to cum. She’s standing up straight and you’re still holding her ass and your cheek is on her thigh and that all feels so right. You squeeze her ass, pulling yourself into her. You kiss the ivory silk of her panties.

Her hands are in your hair again and it feel so good for them to be there.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” she asks.

The question startles you. You lean back, looking up at her. “Girlfriends don’t like my job,” you say.

She scratches your neck. “Well, I like your job very much, but I’m sure that’s true,” she says. It feels good when she agrees with you. She looks away from you, into the distance.

She is silent for a moment, but she never stops touching you. You never want her to stop touching you. When she speaks again, she sounds thoughtful.

“If I offered to take you to every city I went to, and I made my speeches and had my important conversations, and I left you chained to my hotel room bed for me to boss around when I got back, would you agree to that?”

“I don’t know,” you say, looking up at her. You hold your breath.

She smiles. “That’s the right answer,” she says, and you feel a surge of pleasure again. “I don’t know if I’d want that either. I just wanted to see if you would agree.”

“Agreeing makes me want to cum,” you say, “and I already want to cum”

She laughs. “I’m sure that’s true.”

Her fingernails scrape along your jawline to the base of your ear. It feels so good to make her laugh; it feels so good to obey.

She pushes the envelope and water bottles out of her way and sits down on the coffee table. She spreads her legs and beckons you forward. It feels so good to crawl toward her.

“Lick my pussy.”

“Yes,” is all you can say before you gasp and lunge forward, sliding ivory silk out of the way. It does not even matter what she tastes like, but she tastes perfect, salty, and you can tell she was excited. She pushes your head against her, wanting your tongue to fuck her deep. Please, yes. “Yes, there,” she moans. She throws her head back and you can hear her cum and she’s not even touching you and your orgasm takes you over and oh fuck it’s in your body and your mind and your feelings all at once. Fuck, yes. You shove your tongue in deeper and she gasps again.

She needed this so much.

You needed this so much.

You lean back, gasping, sitting at her feet. You’re still looking up at her and you know you’re smiling.

She holds up one of the bottles of water.

“Would you like some water?”

“Yes.” Your throat is scratchy. You take it and drink, then you look back at her. “Yes,” you say again.

“Yes what?” She looks puzzled; you haven’t seen her look puzzled before. Was this the first thing you have done tonight that she had not anticipated?

“Yes. Philly, Detroit, wherever,” you say. “Tied to your bed and all of that. Just keep that feeling coming.”

She laughs, looking into her own bottle of water. “Oh, everyone always wants that right after they orgasm, I suspect. Let’s see how you feel in the morning on that. I’d like to have you tied to my bed for the rest of tonight, though.”

Before you have thought about it, you have agreed.