The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

“Play With Me”

Skye set the rolls of bright pink elastic bandage down on the coffee table, next to the vibrating massager, the digital timer, the ball gag, the pink artificial feather, the heavy-duty duct tape, and the medical shears. She smiled down at Nathan, but he didn’t smile back. His eyes were already looking inward, sinking into the spiral that existed only in his mind. He probably didn’t even notice the preparations, at least not consciously. He was only thinking about how to go deeper, become more blank and helpless and obedient to Skye’s will.

She caressed his cheek lovingly, feeling the familiar intermingled emotions of pride and love and confidence and protectiveness that she could only call ‘dominance’. “Who are you right now?” she asked, standing up and removing her clothes item by item. She let them lay where they fell; one of the wonders of having an obedient submissive was that he loved to pick up her underwear.

Nathan’s eyes closed heavily in a glacial blink, then reopened with visible effort. “I’m your toy,” he said softly. There was no emotion in his voice, not even the drowsy bliss she sometimes heard when he was first descending into trance. He had gone too deep for that, down into the place in his head where the voice of his conscious mind was completely silent and all he could do was respond and obey. It didn’t mean he wasn’t happy, of course. It just meant that he was so helplessly blank that he couldn’t think about what the words he was saying meant anymore.

“And what do good toys do?” Skye asked while she finished undressing, her panties coming away from her skin in a sticky, soaking mess as the thin fabric clung to her labia like an eager lover. She’d been looking forward to this all week, daydreaming about it as she texted Nathan from Singapore and video chatted with him from Hong Kong, her libido turning every night of the business trip into a masturbatory fantasy of all the things she would do when she returned. It still felt like the middle of the night to her jet-lagged brain, but she had more than enough energy for this.

Nathan let out a slow, lazy sigh, the only sign (along with his extremely hard, purplish-red cock) of the deep, obedient ecstasy flowing through his hypnotized mind and body. Skye felt herself practically glowing with pride at the sight of him, like a sculptor admiring a finished work—she’d shaped every single one of his thoughts by now, transforming him into her perfect submissive. He’d loved every step of the process, of course, but Nathan didn’t have any idea when they started on this journey together just how much his mind was capable of. She was so glad that she could show him.

And she was about to be more than just happy. “Good toys play with their owners,” Nathan responded reflexively, taking the bandages off the table and winding them around her ankles. Skye stood with her feet close together and her arms at her sides, feeling her cunt gush with arousal as the fabric unwound from the roll and clung to itself with each circuit of her body. He was careful to do several layers before taping the end to ensure that Skye could do nothing more than wiggle as he worked his way up.

“That’s my good slave,” Skye purred, her voice husky with arousal as the layers of bandage wound up and around her calves and knees. It took him a few extra moments to get the massaging vibrator into the correct position, nestling it gently against her pubic mound before wrapping another roll of bandages around her thighs to hold it in place. When he was finished, though, she was completely immobile from the waist down, with the cord and the wand’s controller trailing out from the pink fabric that covered her. She could already feel her musk soaking into the fibers, saturating the room with the scent of her desire.

“What does it do to you when you bind my body?” she asked, as he began to pin her arms against her waist with infinite, methodical patience. More patience than Skye had at the moment, quite honestly; she told herself that she was wiggling around to make sure nothing was cutting off her circulation, but she knew it was a lie. She just couldn’t wait to start fruitlessly struggling against her pet’s careful, precise bondage, feeling that sensation of delicious predicament as her muscles stretched and strained against the elastic fabric and failed to free her. She was so horny she was practically begging to cum already.

“Binding your body... binds my mind,” Nathan mumbled, his cock smearing precum against the bandages as he stood up to wrap her upper body. She knew he wouldn’t give in to her pleas, though; that was the whole reason for the deep hypnotic programming. Skye didn’t want someone who would listen to her when she begged, she wanted someone who would hear her desperate moans and whimpers and gasps with the pure and perfect pleasure of a mindless slave obeying their programming.

Nathan was mindlessly obedient. He listened to her every command. Especially the commands telling him not to listen to her.

She still opened her mouth wide to accept the ball gag, once he bound her arms all the way up to her shoulders (leaving her tits deliciously exposed to his touch, of course) and helped her to lie down on the air mattress they’d placed on the living room floor. She knew that he was a good boy and he would ignore her once they got started, no matter how desperately she begged him to cum... and she also knew full well that she would be begging by the time he finished with her, no matter how much she told herself that this time she would stay in control of her treacherous cunt. But she wanted to feel helpless, and there was nothing that made her feel truly, deliciously captive like losing her ability to speak.

They didn’t use a blindfold, though. Skye wouldn’t be able to see the timer without the blindfold. Nathan set it for an hour and placed it just on the corner of the coffee table, where Skye could glance over at it without any difficulty. He plugged in the vibrator and said, “Are you ready, Mistress?”

Skye gave an experimental wriggle. She tested the gag to make sure it was in the proper position, let out a muffled grunt to be certain that she couldn’t speak. Finally, she nodded. And her mindless, obedient toy started the timer. And the vibrator.

He kept it on low for the first few minutes, barely idling against Skye’s flesh as she sighed softly in pleasure. The jet lag made it a little different this time than usual, she almost sagged into her bonds as the pressure to keep her dominant persona finally relaxed into drowsy helplessness. She loved being in control, loved putting Nathan through his paces and watching him mindlessly follow her every whispered instruction, but... sometimes it felt so good just to let go of everything. It felt so nice to know that her slave was taking care of her, and all she needed to do was close her sleepy eyes and let her body feel. It felt almost peaceful—

Nathan notched the vibrator up into a pounding, insistent buzz that seemed to resonate through Skye’s whole cunt, making her eyes snap open and her whole body jerk to rigid attention. She remembered just a little too late that her slave had orders to keep her on the very edge of climax for as much of that hour as possible—of course he wasn’t going to let her drift off into a lazy reverie of dreamy pleasure, not when he could fuck her into a dripping, writhing mess of helpless lust. Skye’s hips strained involuntarily as the thrum of the vibrator made her clit tingle with arousal.

But Nathan knew her too well to believe that she was even close to orgasm yet. He turned the vibrator up further, letting the sensation radiate all the way up and down her pubic mound from the place that it rested against her vulva, and began to tease and stroke her breasts. His fingers tugged on her nipples, almost milking them into stiff buds that stood straight up from her chest as her vision swam with ecstasy. She moaned into the ball gag, her voice a growl of mindless pleasure as she gave up the struggle to stay silent and composed in the face of seemingly endless bliss.

It wasn’t endless. She tried to tell herself that. She knew that when that timer beeped, in... fifty-seven minutes, oh god... that Nathan would snap out of his trance, give her the release she craved with a climax so intense she saw stars every single time, and unbind her. She just needed to endure fifty-seven minutes... and fucking goddamn motherfucking hell, thirty-two seconds... of relentless, remorseless teasing of her dripping cunt. Her tingling tits. Her squirming, struggling body. Oh. Oh fuck.

She didn’t even have to worry about a safeword, or a punishment if she failed. Because she couldn’t fail. Nathan’s hypnotic compulsion ignored her every whimper and whine and moan of desperation, and he would only resort to the shears if he noticed something that made him believe she was in actual danger. She had programmed him with all her tells, everything she couldn’t help doing when the pleasure got too intense and she was about to go over the edge into orgasmic bliss. He wasn’t going to let her cum. Not even once. She couldn’t tell him to stop, she couldn’t tell him to keep going. For the next...

Fifty-six minutes? Fifty-six fucking minutes? Oh fuck...

...Skye had absolutely no control at all. She had given it away—not to Nathan. He was only the instrument of her torment, with no more control over events than she did. No, Skye was being dominated by the cruelest, most sadistic bitch she’d ever met. Herself. And if Skye knew anything about the way she thought, it was that she took absolutely no shit from bratty subs. She let out another anguished moan of pleasure, knowing that it wouldn’t do a goddamned thing.

She was wrong. Nathan clearly took her whimpers as a sign that she needed to be teased much more brutally, because he picked up the feather off the table and began to run it over the soles of her feet. Skye jerked as if she’d been suddenly electrified, her sensitive skin tickled almost beyond endurance by the wispy fibers. She couldn’t bend her legs more than a few degrees due to the layers upon layers of fabric binding them up, but she thrashed as much as she was able to.

Nathan’s only response was to tickle her harder. He didn’t smile—his face remained blank and expressionless, immune to any pleas for mercy—but his cock twitched and throbbed and dribbled precum as his programming reminded him with every helpless whimper and desperate wriggle that he was pleasing his mistress. She knew she could never give him anything as perfect as that feeling of pure, perfect obedience. Even so, she heard herself squealing, “No, no, no more!” into the gag as his fingers swished the feather up and down the soles of her feet.

It came out as “Nmmm, mmmm, nmmmhhh!” Skye had really done an excellent job of fucking herself over.

It was when Nathan brought the feather up and began to brush it all over her breasts that Skye hit her first edge. He swept it in slow, lazy circles around the surface of her skin, working his way out from the nipple in a spiral pattern that made Skye’s eyes roll back in her head and her moans melt into one long, continuous exhalation of aching arousal. Her back arched into a perfect bow, her fingers clenched and unclenched underneath the pink bandages, and somewhere in the back of her head she felt the inevitability of the onrushing climax like the stillness just before a thunderstorm. She was so close...

And then the vibrations stopped. The feather pulled away. Skye was left to simmer, her nerves radiating electric bliss that seemed to make the very motion of the air against her skin an erotic caress. But it wasn’t quite enough to finish the job and get her off, and after a moment that hot tingling potential faded down into the background radiation of arousal once more. Her breathing slowed, softened. Her muscles sagged back down into exhausted immobility. She let out a frustrated sigh.

And the vibrations began again. Not strongly, not yet—Nathan knew that when Skye was just coming back down from the very edge of climax, too much stimulation would push her right back over the top. But he wasn’t about to let her cool all the way down, either, and the tingling buzz in her clit felt so much more agonizingly delicious when she was still this sensitive. Skye heard herself gasp loudly, the sound echoing strangely in her ears as she realized she was disassociating just a little from her own actions.

She looked at the timer, only noticing that her eyes had slipped shut when she noticed she was opening them to see forty-eight minutes remaining. She did the math with great difficulty—twelve minutes an edge over, um, an hour, and an hour was sixty minutes, so... she whimpered as Nathan leaned down and began to suck on her nipples, alternating back and forth between them with a popping noise as his mouth tugged against her slick flesh. S-sixty minutes was, was...

She felt his tongue swirl over her skin, his lips pursing around her stiff nipples and flicking back and forth against the nub of sensitive flesh. Sixty minutes, times twelve was, was... um, six hundred, plus twelve? No, that didn’t sound right. A, a hundred twenty, times six, which was like two hundred forty times three, which, oh, oh fuck oh god that felt so fucking good! Skye squealed and whimpered and squirmed as Nathan notched the vibrator back up again.

Two times three was six. Skye constructed the edifice of numbers with the diligent patience of a drunk trying to light a cigarette, her brain struggling against the undertow of pleasure to try to figure out just how many times Nathan was going to bring her screaming and moaning to brush against her own climax. Four times three was—was twelve. So it was six twelve hundred, which was... was... Skye’s back began to arch again, her body straining against her bonds as the arousal built into a cresting wave that threatened to slam down over her brain and leave her swamped in ecstasy.

Seven hundred twenty? That couldn’t be right. Skye tried to unpick her math, looking for the error in her calculations, but she couldn’t remember what numbers she was trying to multiply and what numbers she was trying to divide and Nathan’s tongue kept swirling around her breasts, back and forth, one to the other, and she could hear herself moaning so loudly and everything behind her eyes was going warm red and her whole brain was focused right on her clit and it felt like it was tingling and sparking and—

Vibrator off. Skye sagged onto the mattress, panting heavily as her eyelids fluttered open again. Forty minutes. Even if she’d divided instead of multiplying, she’d have gotten it wrong. Nathan always had an easier time edging her as the time went by. Her nerves refused to calm down, they ached to drink in the sensation that he poured into her, and it took less an less to bring her back to that same near-peak of arousal. Skye couldn’t remember how many times he’d teased her the last time they played this particular game—fifteen? Twenty? She knew that even thinking about it was dangerous when she was this turned on, that she could slip away into a reverie of helpless, squirming arousal just trying to recall how needy the pleasure had made her last time. But she couldn’t stop, either.

It always felt so good, she thought to herself as the buzz began to slowly ramp up again. It felt irresistibly good, like the endorphins were drugging her mind into a thick syrup of helpless arousal every time she surrendered like this. If it was anyone else but Nathan doing it, she’d probably wind up bent to their will within about three sessions—the thick fog of brainless lust combined with the endless pull of relentless pleasure mixed with the desperate need to do anything to cum, it all melted her right the fuck down into a needy submissive slut. But Nathan didn’t even notice, other than to confirm he was obeying properly. She could melt as much as she wanted.

Not that she had a say in it, she reminded herself as Nathan began to turn up the vibrations again. She had taken away her own power to say no, rendered herself so delightfully helpless that even speech came out as whimpers and moans. Her every ‘oh fuck’ came out as an ‘ophhhk’, her whimpers of ‘please’ turned into ‘flfsh’, and all she could do was scream into the ball gag as Nathan teased her feet with the feather all over again and she moaned and writhed in delicious torment. She tried to read the clock, but her eyes were already beginning to roll back in her head as the pleasure took her once more.

But Nathan refused to let her sink all the way into ecstasy, switching off the vibrator once more as her body steeped in residual sensation. She felt like just the tiniest touch on her clit, just the smallest little whisper of a breath would push her into a mind-blowing climax, but Nathan refused to give her the satisfaction. She opened her eyes, registering ‘36:05’ on the clock but no longer really connecting it to anything. She just wanted to cum. She didn’t care about anything else.

Her eyes slipped shut as the vibrations began again, pulsing and throbbing in random spurts and spasms as Nathan began to play with the massager’s settings. The surprise made it even more powerful; her nerves had no time to adjust to the sensation, no chance to dull it into familiarity so that she could focus on anything for even an instant. All she could do was squirm helplessly against the bandages, desperately wriggling in an effort to get loose that she already knew was doomed. Nathan had obeyed her perfectly. Goddamn it.

She didn’t even open her eyes after her fourth edge, her mind and body simply too exhausted to care about the clock anymore. She simply lay there, panting and shaking, her muscles trembling with the effort of straining against the elastic fabric. She wasn’t sure whether she struggled harder when she was trying to free herself, or when she just felt so much incandescent pleasure from Nathan’s teasing that her whole body tensed in near-perfect ecstasy. She knew she was speaking, mumbling pleas to her mindless slave that it was over, she was done now, she needed him to stop playing and help her cum, but she couldn’t really think about her words. She couldn’t think about anything.

When he ramped up to the fifth edge, Skye could hear genuine distress in her voice as she mumbled incoherently through the gag. Her arousal felt like a physical thing, like a weight pressing down on her mind and crushing everything except the need to cum, and she couldn’t stop herself from begging anymore. It didn’t matter—he couldn’t hear her, and he wasn’t listening even if the gag hadn’t reduced her to a drooling, incomprehensible slut—but Skye didn’t care anymore. She needed to do something, anything to get herself off and she needed to do it now.

She tried to make herself cum, after the sixth and seventh edges left the bandages soaked through with arousal. She writhed and wriggled and squeezed her thighs together around the inert massager, trying to force any kind of stimulation against her clit that would allow her release, but Nathan had placed it perfectly to rest against her pubic mound without giving her even the slightest chance to rub against it on her own. She struggled to roll over, hoping to at least grind her hips against the mattress and bring herself off like that, but Nathan simply reached out and turned her onto her back again with the endless patience of a mindless slave.

She was kind of glad he couldn’t hear what she called him. She wasn’t thinking very clearly when she said it.

After the tenth edge, Skye finally remembered her salvation—the timer. The numbers that had slipped completely out of her oversexed mind suddenly popped into focus with crystal clarity as she realized that she’d totally lost track of time along with everything else but an escape from the inexorable teasing. Surely she’d gotten close to the end now? She must have. She’d been lying there with her eyes closed, her whole body wracked with spasms of arousal as Nathan played with her breasts and stroked her forehead and buzzed her clit into a hot, tingling mess. It must have been an hour. It must have. She forced herself to open her eyelids, forced them to focus on the clock swimming in her field of view.

Seventeen minutes. Skye groaned in despair.

She lost track of the edges after sixteen. It was inevitable, really—even if she could still remember her numbers, even if she didn’t begin to feel like time was looping and skipping in its groove like an old record player as her mind simply shut down for longer and longer stretches, they were simply coming too fast now. Her body barely had time to cool down from one writhing, squirming near-climax before Nathan pushed her to another, her body so sensitive now that mere seconds of stimulation were enough to push her near to cumming. Was that one edge? Was it two within heartbeats of another. Had she ever stopped edging? Had she ever stopped edging in her entire life, or was everything just a strange dream she had concocted to distract her for a few moments from the endless sexual torment? Skye didn’t know anymore. She didn’t know anything anymore except for pleasure.

When she finally did hear the three sharp beeps, the sound of the timer going off, Skye didn’t even know what they meant. She floated in a fugue of sexually charged befuddlement, her mind no longer functioning at all under the onslaught of pleasure. She only knew that suddenly the vibrator came on full blast, Nathan’s fingers tweaking and tugging on her nipples in a sudden and unrelenting onslaught of pure ecstasy. She couldn’t even process the climax when it hit—it didn’t make sense to her, nothing could feel that good, nothing in the entire universe could feel as perfect as her body felt right at that moment as Nathan finally pushed her over the edge and gave her what she needed. It was simply like her mind exploded, and it didn’t stop.

He kept her there, that was the most amazing part. He kept her right in the heart of her orgasm, pushing the boundaries of the climax out further and further until time lost meaning and all she could do was float in the perfect pleasure and moan. Her eyes squeezed shut so tightly she saw sparks of blinding bliss against the warm redness of the inside of her own eyelids, her body strained up and up and up until her muscles quivered with the effort of it. It was worth every moment of the last hour. It was worth everything she could give. It was beyond perfection, and Skye couldn’t get enough.

But eventually, her body simply wore out. She slumped back down in exhaustion, trembling and sweating and whimpering as Nathan unwound the bandages and held her as she sobbed in sheer religious awe. And once she was completely free, he cuddled up to her, covering them both with a blanket so that she could finally let the waves of deep, dreamy lethargy take her down into sleep for a time. Skye would reward him when she woke, giving him pleasure every bit as intense as the bliss he gave her. But for right now, just seeing her smile in drowsy bliss was all the reward a good toy like him needed.