The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Pleasures of Business

My name is Gary Money; I know my last name literally is a currency reference, and you would not believe the problems that meant for me in school, but I digress; I was the head accountant for a medical technologies firm called Bio-advance Solutions, because hey if my name is Money I might as well get paid to look after money is what I thought and to be honest I never thought I would get as far as I did in the 6 years I worked for the company. I’m a 6′9″ Caucasian man with brown eyes and short cut black hair who is often found dressed in very expensive looking business suits complete with well managed tie, and if I were describe my appearance I would say it mildly attractive. However that is a tale for another time, this story begins with something else entirely. At the time that all this began to happen I was dating the head of a psychological research company called Minding Changes, when we started dating I had no idea that she was the biggest of the big dogs in her company, but what I did know was that she was a high ranking member of the company because that was what she told me and I didn’t bother look any deeper at the time. Minding Changes was working on a new psychological therapy aid, one which the company I worked for could help with and I had told her to send a liaison down to my place of business so that we could possibly discuss how to get this new device up to 4 or 5 working prototypes. She thanked for the input and said she would take it under advisement, 2 months later the board was in discussions with her representative and 4 months after that the companies were not only working on the prototypes together they were also in a partnership and discussing a merger, as to whom would be the top dog after all this was up in debate, or so I thought. It was almost a year after I had made my suggestion and my girlfriend, whom I still had no idea was a head honcho, and we were enjoying a nice dinner and talking about how surprised her company’s little brain child was almost ready for testing and on top of that instead of just 4 or 5 like I had thought would be produced the company had 26 prototypes and had decided to do a quality test with them using random people from both companies in addition the system was complete lottery so there was no way of telling who would get one. My boss, whom was also woman by the way, had jumped at the idea when I mentioned that I was in a relationship with someone from another company and they were trying to develop a new medical therapeutic technology, little did either of us know what was destined to happen next.

4 months after the recent talk I had with my girlfriend a package arrived for me, I found this both unusual and fortuitous because my boss had given me the week off since I had been literally working everyday from 5 in the morning to 9 at night the past year and a half trying to make sure all the expenses and back logs in the finances were properly accounted for, the package was quite small since it fit in my left hand so easily. After I returned to my apartment, which was a bit too big for my comfort, but my employer had insisted if I was going to be in an apartment complex near my work place that it should at least have a place that is suitable for hosting a party every once in a while, I closed and locked the door and shades then took the package to my safety chamber and opened it there, say what you will about me, but when you work in the medical industry there are some gag packages you learn to anticipate and precautions you are quick to pick up. What I found was a folded platinum green halo apertures with a note saying that I was chosen as one of the random testers and that the physical therapy suit which had been designed and made along with it would be arriving the following morning, looking over the letter as I removed the folded halo from the chamber I could have sworn I asked the tech team responsible for the computerized raffles to continually keep me out of the random selections since I didn’t very much like the idea of being part of a random sample for product testing. I decided that since I was already part of the sample I could wait for the suit and then try them both on at the same time, of course at the time I didn’t know that the aforementioned suit was part of a separate project from Minding Changes’ R&D and only one person was designated to receive it and that the 2 units together would produce and interesting result and also that the note that came along with my package had been delivered from a different location than the other units. The following day the package with the suit arrived and a I went through the same routine I had with the halo’s package, finding only a skin colored body suit with a slight blue tint to it. I figured since I was now part of the experiment to go all the way so I first donned the suit, which was all one piece, and found that it fit my dimensions a little to perfectly, almost like it had been custom made with my exact body structure in mind, when I finished putting on the suit I noticed that while my hands and feet were fully encased in the suit that it stopped just short of the base of my neck. After going through a quick motions check I found the suit was completely non obstructive and unfolded then donned the halo. After placing the halo on my head I searched for the activation switch and found it near the base of my skull, as soon as the halo activated I felt the suit melt into my skin, which was actually quite pleasant, and then felt the halo bury itself into my skull, which was much more painful, so much so that I passed out on my floor and woke up to find that a day and a half had passed me by when I checked my computerized clock and calendar. I got some oatmeal out the cupboard and poured into a bowel with some milk then warmed it up in the microwave, a method that I found helped calm myself and focus was eating warm oatmeal and milk. After I heard the distinctive ding of my microwave when it was finished I got a spoon out the drawer and opened the microwave door find the bowl and cereal at just the right temperature to be warm with out burning my hands and starting eating, as I ate I started to hear my boss’s voice in my head and she was talking in a way I had never heard before.

Her voice in my head was saying, “I find that mister Money infuriating, but he’s too good a worker to let go and he has a cute butt. While other workers try to avoid the dating in the work place policy and fail eventually he actually took the initiative to date outside the company and in doing so found us a new business partner, I’ve been holding off on any further promotions since there’s talks of the merger which could lead to a completely different command structure, I worked to hard to get where I am, I turned this company from a struggling warehouse into a major firm, and that man is one of my best and could possibly out rank me when the merger finally happens. I will not ever let a man be on top of me in the business world, or when we’re having sex in fact I want men to insist I’m on top during love making sessions. Alright Marian you can handle whatever comes your way, that’s what makes you such a good business woman.” That is where I stopped listening in and tried to focus my mind elsewhere and succeeded in focuses on her secretary, whom was also a woman, she was named Irene.

In Irene’s mind I heard, “that mail delivery boy for the office is cute, and even though it’s against company policy I’ve been dating him for the past 19 months now, and last month’s sex was unbelievable I can’t believe a man with that much talent is only a mail clerk.” Alright moving on. Unfortunately I ended up focuses on the mail clerk the secretary was having her affair with. His name was Marcus, almost everyone called him Marc.

“The boss’s secretary has a sweet ass, and her boobs ain’t bad either, that girl has talent, maybe I should actually settle down. Of all 20 girls I’ve screwed since my junior year of college she’s the best.” Once again I found myself trying find someone else to focus on. So far the 3 people I had focused on were all thinking about sex at a time I knew they were at work. My next unwilling victim was my girlfriend, Sandra.

In her head I heard, “oh, these halo’s trigger the pleasure center, they’re definitely not ready for the market, although they weren’t supposed to be prototyped like this either as it stands the original is currently in R&D lock up with the therapeutic exosuit, good thing too, who knows what those 2 would do if they were tested in... wait someone from our R&D sent the prototypes we made, this is bad who did they send them to? Gary, well I wouldn’t worry too much the man practically wrapped around my little finger and wouldn’t actually put either on without a good excuse... I can’t believe those idiots they sent a note stating that those prototypes were part of the... keep it together girl you’re in big cheese in this company so you can figure out a way. First I need to remove the halo... there we go it’s removed so now I’m not part of the network, it won’t read my psyche like someone who doesn’t take it off. I’m so happy I found Gary, he’s been a wonderful asset and he hasn’t tried to push for sex, oh my lord if anyone found out I’m still a virgin, get it together girlfriend okay, I will admit that Gary is kind of cute. That man sells himself short, for someone who likes to take a close look at the value of things, he’s got the kind of looks you would expect a movie star or model to have and he’s perfectly content to look over finances, the man’s favorite games are Monopoly and Masterpiece for god’s sake, two games that are more about finances than anything else, his favorite movie is “How to Rob a Bank”, which probably says there’s something wrong with his head and where most guys keep a porn stash he keeps a lay out of his personal retirement plan and acts like is something more embarrassing than porn, and he out right told me he didn’t have that sort of thing in his house or on his computer or internet viewing history, at times I wish did so that he could have something to be truly embarrassed about. The worst part of it all is he’s the only man I want to force me into sex and is the only man who hasn’t tried, and to make matters worse thinking about that gets so...” okay that’s enough of listening in on my girlfriend’s head. Little did I know that was the beginning.

3 weeks later

I was back at my desk when Marc left the mail on my desk for the month’s expense reports as usual and just casually thought in his direction that he should stop fooling around and get his act together and propose to Irene, after all she’s thinking of you as her gallant knight, don’t disappoint her, without even looking up from my desk and heard a ting like sound and looked over at Marc just in time to see a quick flash of light similar to the color of my halo in his blue eyes before he left, and that that had me wondering. After work, my boss called up at the end of my one week relaxation and insisted that I work from 8 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon for 2 months before resuming my duties at my usual 8 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon schedule. I felt it best not argue with the head honcho on these matters and just agreed to her terms, after work for that day I found Sandra waiting for me, and once again I heard her in my head saying “why don’t you just take my virginity already, what are waiting for?”

“Sweetheart I’ve been thinking, maybe its time we got married, after all we’ve been dating for 5 years and I don’t want you thinking I’m just dragging you along or getting cold feet,” this caught her off guard, even more so when I presented her with an emerald ring, “Sandra I didn’t want to be cliché and you know how I like to look in on the budget, besides I think this compliments with your amber eyes,” I said the last part as I got down on one knee and held up like an offering to her right there in park by the fountain at a time where there was almost nobody else there. The only thing she did was take the ring out of its case and slide onto her finger then peck me on both cheeks. 2 months later. We all found ourselves at the wedding of Marc and Irene, it was a very lovely ceremony, what made it more surprising to everyone in the company that the 2 were having a proper wedding was that the entire company had been invited to the party. After the festivities I was flying back with Sandra in private jet chartered by her company enjoying the view when I found myself thinking since I had proposed to Sandra that she should be perfectly honest with me about a few things, I felt the tinge again and saw not only Sandra’s eyes flash my halo’s color, but also the locations where her halo had touched her head as well. “Sandra,” I said, “I want you to be honest with me. What exactly do you do in the company.”

“I’m president, CEO and Chairman of the board,” she said in an almost trance like state, and slightly mechanically.

“okay,” I said, “do you have a date for our wedding plans?” I inquired

“Yes,” she said in the same manner as before, “I was thinking this coming June 16th, at night, the location was scouted and found approved, there will be a lunar eclipse happening on that night at that location.”

“Alright sounds good, um where exactly is the ceremony taking place?” To which she gave exact geographical coordinates. The rest of the flight was uneventful, June was another 4 months off, I’m sure she already started on some the preparations herself, but it was technically my wedding too so I had to be able give some input.

4 months later

Our wedding ceremony went off without too many complications, because of my mathematical abilities I was able to time exactly when to start the ceremony so that the we were backgrounded by the eclipse, which did happen by the way, just as we began our kissing. Then came the 2 month honeymoon, which was crashed by my boss 1 week into the second month, but by that time I had grown accustomed to my new found ability and made both women into my sexy obedient pleasure robots. I then ordered my now wife to place my cock in her pussy all the way to the hilt facing the same direction as me, which I knew she was now capable of since we had some amazing sex within the first week of our honeymoon, then ordered my now mindless employer to strip all her clothing off, because she had crashed our love making session in bed, and get her now obviously CCC breasts to squeeze against my wife’s DDD breasts and have the 2 have an intimate lesbian kissing session where they also sucked on each others’ breasts.

Now the company’s have merged and I am still the most senior accountant, but my wife is now president of the newly minted Bio-rhythm Advanced Minds, with my former boss the vice pres. However when we off the clock and at home my wife and former boss take on submissive roles as my sexy naked sex slaves that are more than willing to engage in any sexual acts I want them too, regardless of how humiliating or degrading they might think those same acts are in the outside world. You know I really do like where I am now. I have a good job, really good pay, amazing sex with 2 highly devoted women and new power to to read surface thoughts and impose my will on others. Where will my new abilities take me? I don’t know, but for now I don’t have any plans for anything further than this.