The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


“Dammit Larry!” Kimberly danningforth shouted into her phone. Her daughter Melissa rolled her eyes as she sat in the back of the car bored and chewing gum, “you are supposed to be working for me i’m getting screwed over here me and my daughter have been kicked out of the house and all our cards have been cancelled”.

“Well i’m sorry about that mrs danningforth” melissa heard larry the divorce attorney reply on the phone “i can post a letter straight away to mr danningforth demanding he unblocks your cards”.

“Well you had better i want half of everything he has!” Bleep bleep kimberley looked at her mobile “Fuck” “hello” hello” she threw the mobile at the floor of the car “don’t worry sweetie i’m sure this whole thing will get cleared up soon we just have to live at the beach house for a little while”

“But mom, i cant just move to a beach house permanently” melissa said “what about all my friends am i going to have to start a new school?”

“Look honey we just have to stay at your aunts beach house while i go through this trial separation it will only be a little while”

Taking the four hour journey to the beach house in the chevy Melissa had her feet up on the seat blowing a small handheld fan. Pouted in her sunglasses.

Finally they pulled up at the beach house Maybe this wont be so bad Melissa thought i might get to see some cute boys

It was exactly as she remembered it though small and cramped old wood painted white with hardly anyone around.

She got her bag out the chevy and brought it inside her aunt’s house, kimberly’s car had just run out of gas “well this is home for now” Melissa went upstairs to listen to her ipod.

Walking downstairs later wearing short jeans and a top looking for her mom Melissa only found a note on the kitchen table informing her she had gone out for groceries she was struck by how quite it was round here “what is there to do for fun” she said

Suddenly there was a noise at the door as something dropped through the letterbox

It looked like a flyer pink and white with eye catching colours

Melissa bent down to pick it up

Want to earn some cash while having fun Melissa read

Come down to Pleasure land and enjoy the summer it looked interesting with with a multi coloured spiral flume in the centre “seems like some sort of waterpark”

hiring for the summer now17+ no experience necessary

The flyer also had an girl in a bikini sliding down the rainbow flume with a model posing for the camera with a sultry look down the bottom..

Looks fun melissa mused she did need to get out the house and earn some cash

“Hello this is pleasureland, candi speaking how can i help you” the ditzy voice said on the phone

“Hi this is Melissa danningforth, about a job in your park”

“Of course” the sultry voice said down her mobile phone “we are always looking for new talent”

“Have you got a laptop?” uh yeah melissa said sitting down by her computer

“Okay before you start we are going to need to fill out a small questionnaire” Candi giggled

Type in pleasureland and click on the logo down the bottom

It had a picture of a bikini bottom “ok type this code in Melissa 5541” candi said and when she clicked it the strings opened up and a graphic of a spiraling rainbow flume in the background started and a pink start button came up “that’s good Melissa” candi breathed in almost a phone sex voice.

Fading graphics of young people having fun in the back ground started as Melissa clicked start as it shrunk and spiraled off into the centre.

The quiz took about fifteen minutes with basic questions and had repetitive music playing in the background.

How old are you? Melissa clicked 17

A picture of a girl and her friend hugging

type in your name Melisa typed it in

A picture of a girls mouth

Melissa giggled this was so silly

Okay Candi said come down to Pleasureland tomorrow morning

The phone clicked off Melissa was feeling a little dizzy and turned off the computer.

From the pictures it seemed just like a regular waterpark, snack stands, drinks .

Melissa got on a bike she found at the beach house first thing in the morning and rode the mile distance to the waterpark,leaving her mom at home, arriving it was already hot the temperature was starting to rise.

“What a great day to be here” she said.

There was a few cars in the car park as she locked her bike up and walked up to the front entrance she pressed a buzzer and the big heavy door clicked open inside it was pitch black with only neon lights to guide her “this is strange” Melissa thought she had never seen an enclosed water park before inside there was mirrors on either side facing down the dark hallway

Giving the illusion of space.

Repetitive pop muzik played in the background as Melissa followed the multi coloured neon lights round the corner coming to a brightly lit pink futuristic desk with a receptionist sitting in a big pink leather chair.

“You must be melissa” the young cheerful girl said “uh yes” she beamed at her “we have your uniform right here” and opened a door leading to an office Melissa followed her inside and was handed a pink fruit smoothie “we don’t allow employees to drink the products on the premises so we make this drink ourselves and you can have that for free three times per day” the receptionist said.

Sitting at the office desk was a woman with a name tag that said Ms Drist “please sit Melissa” she said and Melissa sat in the big comfy sofa it was so hot so she took a sip of this drink it was sugary and sweet with a pleasant aftertaste and it was so hot the air conditioning was only on a little and it blended with the distracting music that sort of faded into the background.

“I am so pleased you could join us, i want you to know we support and empower women here thats why we assigned you a mentor on your first call and we give you a buddy to help you along”

“Dont you think women should be empowered?”

Melissa did she supposed it was nice of them trying to help her she finished up her drink and it made her feel fuzzy and happy

the pictures on the screen at the back of the office kept fading in and fading out with different pictures of people having fun suddenly a image flashed up of a girl in a bikini bending over.

The door opened and it shook Melissia out of her relaxed state the receptionist came in to get to some paperwork bending over the desk as Melissa listened to the manager describing her roles.

The receptionist put her drink down and started doing her lipstick which the manager ignored completely even though she wasn’t doing any work she guessed this was the support they offered here.

The manager got up as she was talking and moved around the office Melissa eyes followed her.

Walking out of the office ushered by the manager into a waiting Cathy the music fading away from the office.

“Hi Melissa i’m cathy your mentor here at pleasureland” a 17 year old brunette girl wearing only a bikini, handing her a tiny bikini Melissa took it “lets get you changed into something more appropriate shall we?”

Cathy opened a side cubicle for her and she closed the door.

It was really warm with bright lights easy for her to slip off her clothes and put on the uniform looking like all the others.

She walked out the cubicle putting her sunglasses on.

“Okay lets get to the park” Cathy said as they both ran outside of the enclosed dome

“Here put this on” as she slipped a small headphone into her ear brushing her hair out the way

“It lets candi talk directly to you” Melissa remembered her ditzy voice and it made her giggle she put her hand over her mouth in surprise

“ don’t worry Melissa we want you to have a fun time” cathy said beaming

Slipping the clip on her bikini bottoms and grazing her ass “oops”

“Okay perfect”

Melissa stood at the drinks stand absentmindedly listening to Candi talk over the radio

Cathy was infront of her moving things, talking to customers she started to find herself watching her ass as is swayed back and forth as she sipped another drinks.

Handing out sweets and drinks sure was easy though.

“there’s two young girls over by the slip and slide” Candi giggled on the radio

“Oh looks like they are lovers” “one hand on her ass”

Melissa could imagine that.

“Watch out shes going for a kiss”

“Tongues gently touching” Melissa imagined the two girls sensually making out.

“Hey Melissa” Cathy clicked her fingers “oh sorry i just zoned out a little”

“Haha it’s okay” she said leaning over the table giving her a good view of her tits.

Eyes and mouth

“Come on lets take a ride” Cathy said playfully

“Okay” “which one” Melissa said “lets try heating up” its rarely open

Cathy said leading up the spiral stairs The managers clicked open the rope barrier for them and they went down a short slide leading to a private hot tub.

They both sat talking in the warm water enjoying the relaxing break

The bubbles were warm and they each had two more pink sodas Melissa was starting to feel this warm fuzzy feeling come over her and a feeling of getting more and more horny.

Cathy slipped her bra off and put it on the side of the jaccuzi “so how are you finding things today?”

“Mmm really good” Melissa said

Cathy got closer and closer to her half lidded eyes and kissed her on the mouth

“Hey wait i um”

Cathy giggled “sorry i’m bi curious i just cant help it”

“Bi curious?” Melissa said

“Yeah i am curious about girls”

Wait am i bi curious? melissa thought

For the rest of the day the manager didn’t make her do any work and she received an extra $100 bonus for perks in her paycheck

The next day the manager had Cathy and Melissa in the office to perform a lap dance the manager wanted Melissa to look like she was flirting with cathy

“We want you to be your best at performing this is just a way to lower your self consciousness with dealing with crowds” the manager explained

Cathy was sat on the chair smiling

Dance for Cathy? Melissa thought sure she could do that.

She walked over swaying her hips before bending over and letting her long blond hair fall over her face

Then slowly bending back up.

Then turning and rubbing her ass on Cathys lap

“Perfect” they both said “listen Melissa how would you like to stay in our new company apartment?”

“An apartment?, how does a waterpark make enough money to afford that for employees?” she said

“Well we are actually part of a multi platform entertainment industry and we see great things in you Melissa” the manager said

* * *

Late in the evening Melissa was sitting in her new city apartment watching another training video and playing with herself her eyes glazed and mouth slack repeating words from the training video.

There was a knock at the door it was her first customer.