The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive




I’m hovering close to the booth overseeing the wait staff doing their jobs when my phone vibrates. She wants me and I’m there in seconds.

Heather’s gaze was fixated on the new Heather when I enter.

“Lylia. This one is special. She’s strong, both mentally and physically. I’m going to enjoy playing with her. I think she’ll last far longer than any of the others.”

I smile at knowing Heather will be pleasantly occupied with this one for so long. It will take months to process all the Heathers we’ve taken today. Months of happiness for Heather. That warms my heart.

“She’s fully occupying Marlie and Yvettia so you do the honours and get me a full upskirt, please.”

This had never happened before. This Heather must be really strong. But I can’t just walk there and do it, so I crawl under the table and emerge next to Yvettia. There I search her bag and find her knife. It’s tricky cutting the skirt as she struggles again when she sees it, but Yvettia does a magnificent job in holding her still enough for me to make a slit along the whole length of her expensive pencil skirt. Yvettia and Marlie automatically force her legs further apart as soon as they can and I lift up the cloth that has dropped between her legs. Now Heather had a full upskirt picture for her collection.

Heather checks on her phone and smiles. “Stockings and a garter belt,” she murmurs. “And a thong as well. All matching and expensive if I’m any sort of judge.” She looks at me with a wicked grin on her face. “I think we have a naughty one here.”

Then Heather surprises me when she says, “Tell her all about me.”

“What now?” I’m flustered.

“Yes,” she answers in her tone of finality.

I think for a while, wondering where to start and decide on a straightforward chronological tale. Staring at this new Heather I start.

“I first met Heather at college. It was in my second year and we were roommates in an out of college house which housed ten of us in five pairs.” I hesitate here and look at Heather but her gaze doesn’t waver. “At first, when we met in our room, I thought she was just somebody I could be friends with. I mean we shared a room so it was important to get along, but I already had my friends and I was quite settled. I didn’t want to move out of college accommodation I had the previous year, but cost was important. Plus it wasn’t as if my friends were all staying there either. We were scattered all over the town, in search of more bang for our bucks.”

I look at the new Heather, who is staring at me now. Every now and then she tries out her vocal chords with no results. Her voice will eventually return, but not this soon.

“Within a week I was in love with her. It was amazing. I never understood why I didn’t worship her as soon as we met, but I didn’t. Heather is the sort of woman everyone adores. I wasn’t the only one. All the occupants of that house loved her inside a week. I’ve never seen, or heard, anything like it in my life. She was amazing. Still is.”

“You know what she was best at? She was so focused at whatever she wanted she just went for it. She never deviated from her goals, she was like a robot. In fact, her nickname at college was Gynoid Heather.”

I smile at my recollections. “She took us out regularly to various places and, to be honest, I can’t remember many of them. You know what they say—if you can’t remember, it must have been good. But I don’t want you to think we slacked off. No. Heather insisted we all applied ourselves at our chosen subjects and we all passed with the highest grades. Once this routine was established, Heather took to spending more and more time on her own. This didn’t worry us as, obviously, we all wanted what was best for her and who would know better what’s best for Heather than Heather herself? No, we were all pleased she was so happy and we all did our best for her. We used her time away from the house to do the housework and sort out rotas and things. Obviously we all chipped in for Heather’s rent. That goes without saying.

“We stayed together in that very same house for the whole of our time there. By the end of college we were inseparable and we all knew Heather was the glue that kept us together. I, and the others, were all devastated when Heather Norris entered our lives. It was in my final year and she was a new student Heather got to know. We knew whenever Heather had seen her that day because it showed in her demeanour. It was obvious this Heather Norris was having a bad effect on Heather and we all tried to calm her down and sooth her mind. Initially that worked, but it didn’t last. By the end of the year, Heather was sometimes beside herself and had to take it out on somebody. Every one of us was afraid she would attack this Heather Norris or someone else. That’s how bad it got. Because of that we all took it in turns to be on the receiving end of Heather’s tantrums about this other Heather. We had a rota designed so nobody had to miss an exam or anything important in our studies. Heather can be a little over the top when punishing people.”

I am looking at this new Heather all the time I give this potted history. Obviously I don’t include everything. You can’t, can you? But I do keep the essentials. Enough for her to understand Heather would brook no resistance from anybody. From us, obedience was automatic and instant. From others obedience may take some time to achieve, but it always comes. Heather must have been pleased with my recitation because she hasn’t corrected me or stopped me, so I continue.

“Heather bought this place a few months after we all graduated. Actually, there were more of us by then. Heather had other friends she wanted to help. She bought this place and she turned it into a restaurant, this restaurant. It took us a lot of time and effort to convert it. Heather had to ensure we all took the relevant courses for the work to continue, electrics, plumbing, carpet laying, all that. We did all the work ourselves. Heather saved an enormous amount by us doing that for her. She didn’t mind waiting either. She had enough money to go out regularly to enjoy herself as well as for business. We had our accommodation on site, on the floor above. We still do. Heather was very clever about this. This way there would be no bother if Heather wanted us to work overtime and we all did. After all, there was nothing else to do but to help her.”

I smile at her. “You might wonder about the money. After all, we didn’t make a profit for years, but that was OK because Heather had it all sorted. She made deals with this city’s business men and we supplied them with people at a cheap rate. This business is still there for us, but now, we get commissions. Typically we have to supply… well, take today for instance. We had a request for a young lady, early twenties, blond, shortish hair, C cup and five foot seven tall. Luckily, we found two in our customers. Would you believe it? Normally that specific an order takes a couple of weeks, but today we got two the first full day after receiving the order. We took the two as well. That needs explaining. You see, the first one we took was called Raychel, but we found out later her middle name is Heather so we obviously kept her for the Heather collection. That meant we still had to fulfil our order but another suitable one came in later this morning.”

I stare at the new Heather. “I mean, how lucky is that? They both looked so similar and we had two within hours of each other. I’d show them to you to prove it, but we’ve already shipped one off. Sometimes we do that when they want an untrained one. We normally specialise in training, which is much more profitable, but we know the customer is always right. Zac, our contact, was very pleased, so pleased he took the other two we had for sale. I didn’t tell you about them, but we just couldn’t let them go because they knew too much. You see that, don’t you? That’s never happened before. We’ve always taken one or two every few months, so nothing gets back to us. Mostly well away from here as well. And today’s the day we’ve taken all that product as well as three Heathers. Now you make four.”

I take a breath. I’m happy and it shows. I don’t get much chance to boast like this and I’m taking all the enjoyment I can from it.

“You didn’t know about that either, did you? Heather collects Heathers. Heathers like you. To be honest, it’s a bit of an obsession with her, but she really doesn’t like anyone else being called Heather. So she takes them when she finds them and keeps them here.” The new Heather is staring at me. It nearly puts me off my stride. It’ll be good when she’s tamed. “Heather will train you. You’ll forget your previous life and Heather will cherish you and keep you. You needn’t worry about life at all from now on. Heather will make all your decisions and you’ll love her for it. To tell you the truth, she does treat the Heathers differently from the rest of us. We all work here and Heather makes certain we all love what we do here. The Heathers are kept in a different building and Heather plays with them whenever she wants. You know, I think she’ll be spending a lot more time in there from now on. There were three there before today. Now there are seven. We’re all so excited.”


Like everyone else, I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. In my job I made the most mistakes when I started. It’s a horrible feeling when the opposition lawyer goes down a path I hadn’t prepared for, especially when it was entirely my fault. Slowly, over the years, I’ve learnt and improved. And based on my present position, I’ve learnt faster than most. The first thing I learnt was never to give away the fact I didn’t have a clue what to do. Let them speak and open your mind to possibilities, then wing it. I became very good at that before I learnt to prepare properly by anticipating how my opponent would attack.

So I automatically enter this mindset now. I relax and listen to what this minion says. Of course I don’t believe her but it looks as if she believes it herself. That implies she’s been convinced the story she’s telling me is true in all respects. But these two heavies clamped onto my arms and legs convince me I’m in serious danger. Coupled with Heather’s preparation in freezing my throat. That’s definitely premeditated. This is real. I know instinctively my best bet is to get away now. Once I’m really out of sight of the public I don’t stand a chance. That’s obvious.

It’s that Heather I’m worried about. Everything revolves around her, so I watch her carefully. I think she’s disappointed at my reaction to her minion’s little speech, for she says, “I think we’ll hypnotise her here. She’s a little too strong to walk her outside.”

I rejoice. This is pathetic. I’m a hypnotist and I know this is impossible. And you can’t hypnotise anyone against their will. Whenever I do it it’s because my subjects wanted me to. It was their fantasy as it is mine. But even then it takes many sessions to get anything meaningful from the hypnosis. And this woman is going to hypnotise me here and now? And I’ll just do as she says?

My main subject, Sarah, does Karate as a hobby and she’s really good at it. She told me the main benefit of any martial art in a real fight is the mental attitude. Well, it is for most people. Those who spend their lives practising these arts may be different. So I force myself not to despair. Not to think of anything at all. Just absorb whatever I can and act without thinking.

Now Heather’s statement she would hypnotise me takes a turn I didn’t expect. I never knew about actually.

“Get me the helmet,” she tells the minion. “Marlie and Yvettia have their hands full with this one.”

The minion looks and realises she can’t just do that. So she crawls under the table and emerges next to the heavy on my left and brings forth a small thing that must be the helmet she was told to get. It is more of a circlet than anything else but there is a wire attached to it. The minion places it on my head and holds it there.

Nothing happens.

Heather speaks directly to me. “If you’ve read anything about mind control then forget it. That helmet won’t turn you into a slave. All it does is focus your mind. It temporarily deletes all those voices in your head that argue against themselves. It focuses your mind totally and it makes you very susceptible to hypnosis as well. That’s a side effect. It’s a good side effect though, don’t you think? After I switch this on, I’ll just tell you what to do and you’ll do it. No, the effects don’t last long but by the time your brain cottons on to what’s happening, you’ll be where I can control you properly.” She smiles as she stares directly into my eyes. This woman loves the sound of her own voice.

She touches her screen and the effect is immediate. I’m focused on her and her voice without any concern for what else was happening. I never even considered thinking anything else but what I was told.

“You are hypnotised now. You will do whatever I say. You will walk with us to the back rooms without any struggling.” She repeats that a few times before indicating to her minion to remove the helmet.

I know that wasn’t hypnotism. It was just a woman telling me I was hypnotised. But it works. Those pathetic words coupled with that helmet work. I can feel it. I try to be scared but I’m not. I’m not elated either. I’m just focused on her words.