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Pool Party

* * *

Darcy winds up humiliated at a pool party, and a stranger hypnodomme offers to take her mind off of it.

* * *

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults 18+. If you happen to be underage while accessing this story, please refrain from reading it. All characters in this story are of legal age. This story is a work of fantasy; in reality, nonconsensual sex and hypnosis are deeply immoral and illegal, and this story does not constitute support or approval of such acts. Please do not repost without explicit permission.

* * *

“Ugh, fuck!” Darcy cried out as she bolted from the pool. She turned around just a few seconds ago to find yet another woman with her phone out, snapping a shot of Darcy. Most likely, Darcy’s chest.

For a woman barely hitting five feet tall, Darcy was blessed — or cursed — with a massive set of tits. For a while into her adult life, she didn’t mind it in the slightest. No, in fact, she enjoyed the attention. But soon it got to her. Everywhere she went, she was surrounded by people of all genders gawking and staring at her. Darcy would see people with their jaws on the floor, and eyes bulging out of their heads. Sure, as soon as Darcy would turn around, they’d make a poor excuse or turn away. But Darcy knew, she always knew.

And she hated it. She loved her breasts, but she could do without the unwanted attention. Darcy thought for a second that going to a pool reserved for not-guys would take the edge off. At least then she wouldn’t have to pull out the “I’m a giant lesbian” retort when she was asked out by yet another guy. Nope, she realized, apparently this place wasn’t much better.

Darcy sighed as she stepped away from the pool. She kept her eyes on the floor, trying not to slip. As soon as she was out of sight, she looked for a secluded area. Somewhere she could cool down from the embarrassment. Maybe even somewhere she could send a quick angry text from. Pushing her way through the crowd, she found a hallway past the bathrooms, near the staff rooms. She peeked into a random room, seeing it was an empty lounge room. She ran through the door, slamming it shut behind her. She wasn’t supposed to be here, but she didn’t care. Darcy collapsed on the floor, cursing in frustration once again.

“Hey, you doing... alright?” Another voice perked up. Darcy’s head whipped around, startled by the unfamiliar woman. She must have been obscured by the shadows somehow.

“Uh, y-yeah, I’m fine,” Darcy lied and composed herself, brushing off the dust from the ground. “Just... peachy.”

Darcy got a better look at the woman. She was definitely taller than Darcy, but she didn’t tower over her. Her skin was tanned, meaning she must have spent lots of time at the pool. Her head was topped with the brightest, reddest hair Darcy had ever seen, and Darcy was curious as to how her clearly dyed hair didn’t stain the pool. The woman being a well-endowed woman herself, Darcy couldn’t help but look at her chest. Darcy had F cups on her tiny body, whereas this woman was much smaller. She was gorgeous. Not that Darcy could particularly take it in, considering how flustered she was.

“Really?” The woman cocked her head, looking at Darcy empathetically. “You know, feel free to sit down with me. You look upset.”

Darcy wanted to brush her off with another lie, but she was right. Darcy wasn’t okay. She could use a random stranger to talk to. At the very least, this woman wasn’t staring at her like an object. Darcy knew she could trust her.

“Yeah, so... oh, crap,” Darcy’s face paled as she realized something. She didn’t even ask for this kind stranger’s name. “Sorry, I, uh, forgot to ask. What’s... your name?”

“Oh, it’s Alicia,” the woman responded with a kind, warm smile. “And you?”

“Darcy... I only just started coming here.”

“What a lovely name!” Alicia chuckled. “I’ve been here for a while, no wonder I hadn’t met you. Anyways, what’s up?”

Darcy inhaled, preparing to talk. “It’s really just... getting a lot of unwanted attention,” Darcy murmured, looking down as if motioning to her breasts. They were so huge, even just looking down made them bounce a little. Of course she garnered looks and glances wherever she went. “Just because of how big my chest is.” As she spoke frankly about it, she blushed a little, realizing she was dumping this on some random stranger. Alicia seemed receptive at least, so Darcy continued. “Everywhere I go, people stare at me. Like they see me as some sort of object, or like a person attached to a pair of giant tits. People barely even look at my face these days! Doctors, jobs... and don’t get me started on how much of a nightmare dating is. When I came out as bi—oh, yeah, I guess that’s important too—I assumed dating women would be easier. Nope, all the same.”

Darcy sighed, collapsing back in the plush seat. She didn’t even realize how wet the sofa was becoming, since she only stepped out of the pool momentarily. “Like, I just want to go to the pool in peace, y’know? Or go for a walk, or hang out outside or do... anything. But everywhere I look, it’s a new person looking at me like I have three heads!”

“Sheesh,” Alicia whistled. “That sounds excruciating. I’m sorry you’re dealing with that, Darcy. People should be able to see you as a person, not just a pair of boobs. I’m sure you’re a bright, wonderful person—at least from what I can see—with a great mind. You’re more than just your boobs!”

Darcy sighed. “Thanks. Sure doesn’t feel that way sometimes.” After a moment of less uncomfortable silence, Darcy asked a question. “If it’s okay to ask... do you happen to know why people stare so much? You can be honest.”

“Honesty from a stranger as to why people stare? That’s brave,” Alicia teased. Darcy looked a bit miffed at that—she didn’t dump her problems on Alicia to be laughed at. Alicia cleared her throat, silently realizing her mistake. “Well, when people are nervous, their eyes just sometimes drift. Usually people look down, which is where your chest happens to be. So sometimes it’s purely accidental, right?”

Darcy grimaced. “I guess that’s true.”

“But for others... at least the ones who aren’t intentionally being creeps... the sight of boobs can be...” Alicia’s voice lowered a bit. “Hypnotizing.”

She blinked. Huh? “Hypnotizing? That sounds... ridiculous.”

“It’s not!” Alicia waved her hands defensively. “People take comfort in watching a pair of boobs bounce around. It can be entrancing to watch. Doesn’t excuse people being creeps for sure, but why do you think there are so many boobs in porn? People love to stare! They love falling into the sight of a pair of boobs. It’s like a spiral, bringing you in deeper and closer.”

Darcy sat there silently for a minute. Then, she broke into a light fit of laughter. “You’re joking. No one thinks like that, right?”

“No! Of course not! In fact...” Alicia leaned in closer, as if telling Darcy a secret. “That’s what got me into being a hypnosis Domme.”

“Huh?” Darcy swore she didn’t hear that correctly.

“Yeah. I made videos of my own tits with hypnotic inductions, just for fun or for partners. Then people found the videos online and started paying me for it. It’s actually what I do full time these days. It pays all my bills, gives me a retirement fund, and lets me take vacations as needed. All because people love boobs. And people love being hypnotized by them, too!”

“So...” Darcy bit her lip. “That actually works? Like, hypnosis really, actually works?”

Alicia chuckled. “Yes. Mostly if you want it to. I only work with willing subjects, of course. I have a pretty big presence in the hypnosis kink community, so... it’s not hard to find people willing to play with me.”

“I... see,” Darcy nodded. She pretended to understand. “How does it work? Like, all this hypnosis stuff...”

“Well, first I start out with bringing out my chest—” Alicia motioned to it, and Darcy noted that her own breasts were quite endowed. Not as much as Darcy’s, of course. “And then I just swirl my boobs around, having the subject stare at them... talking to them gently about how they’re falling deeper and deeper into trance. Trance is kind of a meditative state, where you feel blissful and relaxed, so sleepy... and, also, so willing to hear my suggestions.”

Darcy didn’t quite know what trance felt like. She just heard of hypnosis kink a few minutes ago. And yet, the more and more Alicia talked... the more Darcy wanted to go into trance. She could swear she felt her mind shutting down just a little as Alicia described trance. It felt so calming. So relaxing. It felt like what Darcy needed. “What...” Darcy snapped herself out of it. “What kind of suggestions do you give?”

“It depends on what the subject—and I—both want! Some people are into feet stuff. Some people are into being made submissive and obedient. And some... some people are into my favorite—intelligence reduction.”

Darcy tilted her head, her wet blonde wavy hair dropping down her shoulder. “What’s that?”

“Oh, it’s where I make subjects all ditzy and giggly. Unable to think. Y’know... like a bimbo.” Alicia’s face lightened the more and more she talked about hypnosis, especially with IQ play. “It’s just so fun, y’know? Having a subject give you their intelligence. Making them all dumb and happy for you. When you try to ask them a question, they just giggle and say ‘I dunno!’ It’s so charming.”

Darcy hesitated to respond, for a strange reason. She realized how much she liked that idea. For herself. Darcy’s legs clenched as she tried to hide how turned on she was by the thought of being a bimbo. A boob bimbo. Staring at other people the way they’d stare at her. It felt hot as hell... and in a way, comforting.

“And,” Darcy tried to change the topic. “And you make money off of that?”

“Oh, lots,” Alicia laughed at the question. “People will pay good money for it. Of course, I also enjoy doing it for fun.” There was no way Alicia didn’t notice the look on Darcy’s face. Darcy’s eyes could be read like a simple book. Darcy wanted to do it. She wanted to get hypnotized by Alicia. It was obvious, no matter how hard Darcy tried to hide it.

“So...” Darcy tried to gather her thoughts. “Say you hypnotized me, just—just hypno, I mean hypothetically... you could turn me into a ditz?”

“Oooh, yes I could! I love the word ditz. I could see you being a good one. I’ll even do it for free, since you’re so cute and kind,” she chuckled.

“And... you’d do it by making me stare at your boobs?”

“That’s my specialty. I could even hypnotize you into staring at other people’s boobs—just so you know how they feel. How does that sound? Sound any fun to you?”

Darcy couldn’t stop herself from vigorously nodding. “Yes. Yes that... that sounds like a lot of fun. And you don’t mind the fact you just met me?”

“Not at all. Barely the first time I’ve done it.”

“...Alright. I’m for it. I could get my mind off of... all this.”

“Oh, trust me,” Alicia grinned as she began pulling down the top of her bathing suit. “Yes you can.”

The hypnosis began. Alicia began moving her breasts side to side, up and down. Darcy stared. She knew she was staring the way people did at her. But... she couldn’t stop. Alicia’s boobs were so entrancing. Just like she said they’d be.

“You don’t have to do anything, Darcy,” Alicia spoke in the softest, most soothing tone Darcy had ever heard. “You just have to look. Keep staring at my breasts, watching the way they bounce up and down, up and down, to the side, over and over again. Just keep watching. You know how to stare. It comes so easily to you. So naturally.”

Darcy couldn’t help but stare. Alicia was right—it was just too easy. Her eyelids began to feel heavy, fluttering up and down. Darcy tried to keep her eyes open. To keep staring.

“That’s it,” Alicia cooed. “Just keep staring at my boobs. Keep falling into them. As you go deeper into my boobs, you fall deeper into trance. And as you fall deeper into trance, you go deeper into my boobs.” Darcy could feel her shoulders slump just a little. She struggled to keep her eyes open. All she had to do was keep staring. Stare. Stare. “So easy. So relaxed and gentle. You can feel it, can’t you?” Darcy instinctively nodded her head. It was so easy. She did feel relaxed. Everything Alicia was saying sounded so… right. “You can feel your eyes growing heavier. It’s okay, you’ll be able to relax them soon. You’ll be able to fall into a deep, nice, long trance. Falling into my boobs, under my spell. Under my words. Under my guidance. Being an obedient, lovely boob bimbo. You don’t have to worry—you’ll be safe. I’ll take good, good care of you.”

Darcy nodded. She was safe. Safe with Alicia. Safe in Alicia’s boobs. Everything felt so… okay…

“On the count of five, you’re going to fall into trance—whatever that means for you. A place where you can just sit down and listen. Leaving all your troubles at the door. Are you ready?”

Darcy murmured a haphazard “yes”.

Alicia chuckled. “Of course you are. You’re so good for me. Five. Your eyes beginning to close—” they did—“your body beginning to feel heavy—” it did. “Four, feeling all safe and calm. Feeling secure in my presence. Three.”

The numbers began to feel farther apart, each interval taking a few more seconds. Alicia’s voice became much more hushed and quiet as Darcy lost bearing of her surroundings.

“Two. Eyes closing. Almost ready to let go. Deep in trance. Deep in hypnosis. Deep under my control.”

Darcy moaned lightly. It was already starting to take effect.

“One, and drop.”

And Darcy dropped. Just like she had been conditioned all her life to follow Alicia’s voice. To be in trance. To be mindless.

“Now, Darcy,” Alicia continued in a soft spoken, gentle tone. “I want you to sit in this peaceful, relaxed state and just... breathe. Inhale slowly, exhale even slower.” Darcy followed Alicia’s breaths, timing them with her new Domme’s. Every breath she took, she felt herself go deeper into trance. “That’s it, just like that. Just keep breathing. Follow the sound of my voice. Follow my words. Follow me. You don’t have to worry about anything—all those people staring at you like total perverts, all the unwanted attention you get for such a beautiful part of yourself... it doesn’t hurt you right now. No one can hurt you because I’m here, guiding you, protecting you.”

Darcy giggled just a little as she imagined Alicia—this strong, powerful hypnodomme—protecting her. She felt safe. Much safer than she did only a few minutes ago. Part of it was being in such a calm state of mind, and part of it was trusting this woman she barely knew. Why did she feel so trustworthy? Darcy couldn’t quite put her finger on it. All she knew was how secure and peaceful she felt.

“While you’re in this state of trance—without jumping back into the waking world—I want you to open your eyes just a little.” Darcy obeyed. Her eyes were positioned so that she was looking out of a small one-way window. She stared at all the gorgeous women passing by. “Aren’t women so beautiful? It’s so nice to look at them. Doesn’t it feel so entrancing, just seeing beautiful ladies walking around? Especially with such large, plump breasts out?”

Darcy didn’t even register how she felt the way people felt staring at her. Alicia was right. Watching the ladies’ breasts bump and bounce around... it almost dragged her deeper into trance. Deeper into the safe, gentle place.

“Yes, isn’t it lovely? I can tell you’re being so good, latching onto my words like they’re all you have,” Alicia chuckled. “You don’t have to be ashamed of watching. You don’t have to feel guilty about how much you’re gawking. The way you’re drooling right now, right down your chin. The way your eyes have depleted of all light. You feel dumb, dim, ditzy staring at these lovely pairs of breasts. Dumb, dim, ditzy... and horny. Doesn’t that sound right? Doesn’t that sound like you?”

Darcy nodded. She giggled as she did.

“Dumb, dim, ditzy, and horny. Those words describe you. And every time you’ll see a pair of nice, round, large tits, you’ll think of those words. You’ll be them. Repeat them for me, won’t you, Darcy dear?”

“Dumb, dim, ditzy, and horny,” Darcy murmured. She didn’t even have to think twice about it. The words were burnt into her head. “Dumb, dim, ditzy, and horny. Dumb, dim, ditzy, and horny.” As she repeated the words, she could feel herself getting more and more turned on. Her vision zoomed in on the various chests, focusing on one at a time. Her eyes followed the boobs until they disappeared, the next set popping in. Every set of boobs she’d glance at, she’d become dumber, dimmer, ditzier—and much, much more horny. After the sixth or so set of boobs, Darcy could feel herself grinding against the plush seats. She grinded her aching cunt against the sofa. She needed to be dumb. She needed to be a boob bimbo.

“Yes,” Alicia cooed. “That’s what you are. A horny dumb idiot. All you care about is boobs. And every time you’ll see a pair of boobs, you’ll feel yourself going back into this state. Back into being a boob bimbo. Being dumb, dim, ditzy, and horny. That’s all you’ll be. You’ll hardly even be able to control your body, your sex drive from how needy you’ll be. Every time. Every single time you see a pair of boobs. This is what will happen to you. You want that... don’t you, Darcy?”

“Mhmm!” Darcy responded enthusiastically, giggling all the same. She wanted to be a boob bimbo. It felt so right. How could she never have known about how great it’d be?

Darcy squirmed as she suddenly felt her sides grabbed. Alicia’s strong hands picked Darcy up like a delicate vase. She must not have had much trouble with it. Darcy was, after all, quite small aside from her chest. Alicia dragged Darcy’s body up into her lap, and Darcy could feel that Alicia was just as wet and turned on as she was. Darcy grinded herself now into Alicia’s lap, and Alicia chuckled as she did. She was having quite the power trip with this—turning a random stranger she just met into a complete bimbo. A boob-obsessed, dumb, dim, ditzy, horny bimbo.

She continued watching out the window. The pool was reaching its peak time, which meant more and more women were stopping by. Darcy caught as many as she could. Every set of breasts turned her on more, no matter what size or shape they were. She squirmed and moaned, pounding her cunt harder into Alicia’s lap.

“Now, now,” Alicia chuckled, “you don’t have to grind so hard into me, my dear ditz. I know how horny you are. After all, how couldn’t you be? You’re seeing so many wonderful pairs of breasts. So many hot ladies. You’re just completely enthralled, entranced, in need of them. How do you feel about me playing with you a little?

“Mhmmmm,” Darcy tried to respond through her vapid giggles. “Yes, yes please, Miss Alicia!”

“Oooh, Miss Alicia,” she licked her lips, “I like that. Yes, call me Miss Alicia, if you will. Is it okay if I move the bottom of your bathing suit to the side?”

“Yes, please, Miss Alicia.”

“Good,” Alicia smiled devilishly as she moved Darcy’s bottom half to the side, using two fingers to stimulate her clit. Darcy moaned and groaned, grinding even harder into Alicia’s fingers. “My, you are so wet. Imagine getting this wet all the time, every time you see a hot lady’s pair of breasts. That’s what you’ll do. You’ll fall deeper into breasts, becoming dumber and dimmer each time.” Darcy panted as Alicia stroked her clit harder and faster. She gasped and panted and needed more. Every time another woman would pass by, she’d become even hornier, even wetter. She was a boob bimbo. She loved being one.

“Darcy, dear, I want you to know I don’t want you to cum right now.” Alicia laughed as Darcy whined and moaned hearing that sentence. “I want you to feel like you’ve earned it. Like you’ve earned an orgasm after spending so long staring. Did you know that ‘idiot’ comes from a Latin root, meaning ‘to stare’? That’s what you do. You stare, like an idiot. How does that feel?”

“It... it feels so, sooooo good,” Darcy moaned, grinding harder. She hated not being able to cum, especially with the way Alicia edged her. Every time Darcy even seemed remotely close to finishing, Alicia’s movements would stop and cool down. Darcy felt herself get ripped from the brink of climax, from the edge, every single time. A pang ran through her heart, and another through her pussy.

“Good. You’re doing so well for me, dear. Maybe I’ll even let you cum in the next few minutes! Or the next few hours, or days.” Darcy kept whining, wordlessly begging for release. She didn’t know what to focus on—Alicia’s fingers, her voice, how wet Darcy was, or what seemed like the millionth pair of boobs passing. She felt so needy, her cunt ached so much.

“I want you to tell me, Darcy, before I let you cum... what do you like so much about boobs? Use all the words your small brain is able to.”

“Um, they’re like, so good!” Darcy giggled through her moans and whimpers.

“Huh, fascinating start,” Alicia laughed. Darcy knew she was being laughed at and didn’t care. “Can you think of anything else, dear? Anything else pop up?”

“Um, they’re, um…” Darcy struggled to think, both through how horny she was and how deep in trance she was. “They’re big! But not, like, all of them. But the small ones are nice too! And they, like, bounce around, and are soooooo fun to look at.”

“Good! You’re making a little more sense now. What else? You need to be very convincing if you want me to give you anything, especially an orgasm.”

“I… I dunno,” Darcy furrowed her eyebrows, trying to think. “Thinking is, like, so hard.”

“I know it is, especially for a dumb, dim, ditzy, horny boob bimbo like you. But you can do it! After all, I told you to do so. So you will. What. Else?”

Darcy whimpered. Now thinking was even harder. Her thoughts were clouded by boobs, boobs, horny, boobs, horny, horny, boobs, cum, cum, cum. She couldn’t think of anything else she liked about boobs! Thinking was difficult enough in trance anyways. “Um... they make me...”

Alicia perked up. “Yes? They make you what?”

“They make me... horny... horny and dumb...”

“Two out of four words,” Alicia grinned. “Boobs make you... your mantra. Repeat it.”

“Boobs, like, boobs make me a dumb, dim, ditzy, horny bimbo!” Darcy moaned out as Alicia began fingering her harder. She slid two fingers easily into her cunt, using her thumb to please Darcy’s clit. “They make me so dumb, so dim, so ditzy, and so horny! I’m like, so horny, Miss Alicia!”

“Good. You’re such a good girl. You’re one of the best subjects I’ve ever had. So obedient, so ditzy, so dumb. Horny. You love to stare. You love to obey me. You love to be my loyal boob bimbo.”

Darcy whined, even in the admiration and praise. Only one thought truly stuck in her mind. “M-May I please cum now, Miss Alicia?”

Alicia chuckled once again. “Not yet.” Darcy was about to cum anyways in frustration, just to spite Alicia. She was way too obedient for that, though. “First, I want you to thank me.”

“Mmm?” she hummed inquisitively. “Thank... you?”

“Yes. I’m doing you a big service, aren’t I, dear Darcy? Taking time out of my busy day to turn you from a frustrated, agonizing young woman into a dumb, dim, ditzy, horny bimbo. This is more work than it looks like—dozens of people would pay me over a grand for this opportunity. And yet, you’re here, reveling in my affection and orders for free. So you should thank me.”

“I... I...” Alicia was right. Darcy should have been grateful. More grateful than she’d ever been for anything. After all, Alicia made Darcy understand. She made her understand why people stared—how incredible boobs could be. How incredible her boobs could be. Before meeting Alicia, Darcy hated looking at boobs if only because they’d remind her how people looked at her. But now she understood—as much as her bimbo mind could understand. “I... I’m so, so, like, so grateful, Miss Alicia! You are like, the hottest, um, best hypnodomme ever! I like, totally understand how great boobs are now.”

“Really?” Alicia smirked. “Then I suppose you could thank me even more.” Before Darcy had a chance to formulate a question, Alicia moved the bottom part of her bathing suit. A large, red strap-on popped out, almost twitching like an actual dick. As Darcy salivated over Alicia’s faux cock, Alicia moved the top part of her bathing suit down to reveal her own set of nice tits. Darcy felt drool drip down her face. Her eyes darted between the dildo and Alicia’s nice, plump breasts.

“If you’re really grateful,” Alicia started, “then you’ll worship my cock as you stare at my tits. Got it?”

“Yes, Miss Alicia! I, like, totally understand.” Darcy, if anything, still knew how to please other people. Any boob bimbo had to know how to pleasure others if they requested. Darcy opened her mouth, wrapping it around the strap on. She began bobbing her head back and forth. As she did, she continued staring at Alicia’s tits, the way they’d bounce up and down as Darcy pleasured the strap-on. Alicia’s hands moved over to her tits, squeezing and groping them. Darcy drooled even more. She wished she could also squeeze and grope them.

And stare. She loved staring.

Darcy, continuing to drool and lick Alicia’s strap on, kept staring at her tits. They were so round. They looked like such fun toys, toys that Darcy could play with or watch for hours at a time. Looking at boobs was so much better than thinking. It wasn’t as fun or as entrancing to think. Darcy loved being a boob bimbo, she loved being Alicia’s boob bimbo. Every time she tried to have any sort of intelligent thought, she’d just start bouncing her head harder, salivating more, staring even deeper at Alicia’s boobs.

“Why don’t you go ahead and use your tongue a little? My strap could use some licking with your sucking.” Darcy obeyed, using her tongue as she bobbed her head back and forth, licking the shaft of the strap on. Just like a normal dick, she paid special attention to the tip, licking beneath the folds and curves, hitting every single sweet spot she could. Alicia moaned all the way as she did—almost like the cock was hypnotically attached to her. Maybe it was—maybe Alicia hypnotized herself to attach the cock to her pleasure.

“Do you want to cum, Darcy?” Alicia asked with a soothing, teasing edge to her voice.

“Mmm-mmmf, mhhm!” Darcy attempted to respond, despite her face being stuffed with Alicia’s cock. She wanted to cum. She’d been edged so many times that it felt like her brain was melting out of her ears.

“I can’t understand you, Darcy,” she smirked. “Do you or do you not want to cum!”

Darcy tried to respond, once again her voice being muffled. She managed to speak out enough words like “yes”, “please” and “cum.”

“Good. Cum for me, Darcy, cum for me as long as you can.” Darcy happily obliged, her hips bucking back and forth as she began sucking and licking the dick even harder. As she did, she continued to stare. She stared so, so much. Her eyes were getting sore as she tried to keep them open through her orgasm. Her body ached. It ached for cumming, for boobs, for being a dumb little trance slut. For being a dumb, dim, ditzy, horny boob bimbo. That’s what she was. How could she never have known how incredible looking at women’s boobs was?

Eventually, her orgasm stopped—as did Alicia’s apparent one. Alicia tapped the seat next to her, inviting Darcy to cuddle her for some nice, relaxing aftercare. “One, two, three, and up.” Alicia snapped her fingers, and suddenly, Darcy seemed out of her boob haze. It took a minute for her to reorient to her surroundings—and to having intelligence again.

The feeling stayed with her, though—it was incredible how fun it was to stare at boobs. And now, she felt a ton more confident. “Thank you, Alicia,” Darcy murmured, the fatigue hitting her like a truck. “That was very, very nice.”

“As was it for me,” Alicia smirked. “You know, I still hardly know anything about you. Where do you live?”

“Oh, um,” Darcy blinked, trying to think of that answer. Her brain was still slow to start. “I actually live off of Village Street.”

“No kidding!” Alicia exclaimed, looking at her new tired, submissive partner. “I live in that area too. Can’t believe I’ve never seen you.”

Darcy blushed. That was quite a coincidence. It was a good one, though—she’d be able to see Alicia again soon, and have another session potentially.

“Y’know, you were a pretty good subject,” Alicia started, licking her lips. “What do you think about being in one of my hypnokink clips sometime?”

* * *