The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Poor Steve

Steve was a prime target for lusty females who just wanted sex. It was tough being a handsome, muscular massage therapist. He was the only man at the massage parlor where he worked, so was a lightening rod for flirting from both his co-workers and clients. A lot of men would have made the most of this situation, but not Steve. Steve was the epitome of professionalism. It didn’t matter that the women he worked with were all beautiful, or that his clients were naked. Steve was friendly, but never too friendly. Besides, he had a beautiful wife at home.

Naturally, this didn’t stop the women. To them, Steve was prime meat. They fell over themselves to parade their willingness every chance they got. At first, their attempts were hasty and not well thought out. After all, these were women used to getting what they wanted. They tried the usual tricks women use to seduce men. They wore revealing outfits and moved to show off their sexy bodies. They made sexual references at every opportunity. The most industrious girls got Steve drunk.

Okay, so maybe getting drunk with his beautiful co-workers wasn’t very professional. Neither was ogling them when they leaned forward or bent over. Steve didn’t mean to do it, but he was a guy. Not fucking them repeatedly on the massage table was about the best anyone could expect, especially under such tempting working conditions. Steve only ever looked though, no matter how inviting the girls made themselves.

Needless to say, Steve spent a lot of his time frustrated. On his lunch breaks, he met his wife at their apartment for afternoon nookie. On the afternoons she couldn’t sneak out from work, Steve jerked off in the bathroom. All his female co-workers were pretty sure what he was doing. It killed them that he never let them help.

Often times, when Steve left the bathroom, the girls would be waiting. Sometimes they’d tease him. Mostly, though, they made their presences known. They competed for his eye contact. The girls were fiercely competitive, like sexy sharks.

“Steve, you should have waited for me to finish my session,” Amy said. “That was so very naughty of you.” She was teasing him, and the girls too. Amy was creating the impression the she and Steve were familiar. It was an attempt to mark her territory. Well, Steve’s wife’s territory... All the girls did this. Steve was used to it.

“I should have waited for you to use the bathroom?” Steve asked, trying to act all innocent. He was flushed or blushing. All the girls giggled.

“Well, I hope you thought of me,” Julie said, touching him on he chest. Funny thing is, she was exactly whom he’d thought about (she was wearing the pink top he liked).

“You wanted me to think of you while I was in the bathroom?”

“Oh, yes,” Julie said. The girls all giggled again, and Steve felt his cock stir. “I’ve got to go,” he said, hurriedly. “It’s time for my two o’ clock.”

Steve’s two o’ clock was a beautiful woman named Natalie. She was a personal trainer for movie stars, and flirted with Steve mercilessly every time she came in.

“Steve,” she said, taking his hand as soon as she saw him, “you’re so good looking. You really should find yourself an agent.”

“You tell me that every time you see me,” Steve said.

“I think it every time I see you. Let me introduce you to the right people. We’ll talk more about it over dinner tonight. I’ll cook, you bring the wine.”

“You know I don’t date clients...”

Natalie suddenly looked around, as if just noticing the other girls watching them. “Oh,” she said, as if Steve was just saying that because his co-workers were listening. Of course, she was playing the same territorial game as the others.

Steve and Natalie went into one of the tiny rooms and closed the door behind them.

“It is such a tease having him around all the time,” Julie said. “You have no idea the things I’d do to him if I just had five minutes. I swear, five minutes!”

“Believe me, I know,” Amy sighed. “It’s a shame we can’t roofie rape him.”

“We’d get caught,” Alexis said. “Besides, what if he couldn’t keep it up?”

“That would so suck,” Cindy said.

“I’d be willing just to lick his abs,” Julie said. “I’d pay money to lick Steve’s abs.”

“Never can overemphasize the importance of great abs...”

“No,” Amy said. “I want more than just his abs. I want to look deep into his beautiful blue eyes while he licks me to orgasm. I want to ride his huge cock.”

They all knew it was huge. They had convinced Steve to make a photocopy of it that time he was drunk.

“Well, what can we do about it?” Cindy asked. “How can we make him into our little sex puppet?”

“Ah,” sighed Julie, “if only Satan would answer our prayers...”

Just then, Steve’s 2:30 appointment came in. She was a cute little blonde in a tight red dress with no panty lines... typical of Steve’s clients.

“Well, Satan sure as hell answered Steve’s prayers,” Alexis said.

“I don’t know,” Trish said. “Every girl wanting his body probably really fucks with Steve’s head. I think it’s admirable that he’s faithful to his wife.” She laughed, “Not to say I wouldn’t fuck his brains out if I had the chance...”

They all laughed, including the blonde.

“Hey,” Amy said to her, “what’s that perfume you’re wearing? It smells familiar.” All the girls smelled her.

The blonde loved the attention. “It’s Steve’s favorite,” she said.

“That’s right,” Julie said. “That’s the perfume I always smell when Steve gets back from lunch. His wife wears it.”

“I’m trying to make use of the association,” the blonde said. “I’m systematically trying every psychology trick I know.”

“That’s what we’ve been missing!” Cindy squealed in delight. “A sneaky plan!”

“Yeah,” Julie said, “That perfume association really works. I smell it and think of Steve. It’s making me wet.”

“What else can you teach us?” Amy asked.

“Sorry, girls,” the blonde said. “You get to spend all day tempting him. I need to keep some kind of edge.”

“I suppose,” Cindy pouted.

“It’s 2:38,” Julie said. “I’ll go see if Steve’s ready yet.”

Julie peeked into the little room and was stunned to see Steve’s face buried in Natalie’s pussy. “Steve, what are you doing?” Julie hissed, feeling extremely jealous.

Steve didn’t look up, but Natalie did. “Shh, come in,” Natalie said. “Don’t alert the others.”

Julie went in.

“He’s hypnotized,” Natalie said. “Steve’s been my sex slave for three months now.”

“Wow,” Julie whispered, pondering the possibilities. “How do you do it?”

“I’ll show you,” Natalie said. “Simply watch my pendant.” She held it up for Julie to get a good look. “Stare deeply into it. Let yourself fall into it. It’s very easy to hypnotize people. The trick is to make them relax. But for them to relax, you have to be relaxed. You have to let yourself become hypnotized as you hypnotize your subject. It’s the only way they can relax. You have to be relaxed. You need to relax your mind and believe what you hear. As you hear yourself tell your subject to relax, you need to relax too. I want you to hear what I’m saying in your voice, as you say it in your head. I want you to hear yourself tell yourself to relax. Listen to yourself. Trust yourself. As you tell yourself to relax, trust yourself. Relax...”

It only took a few minutes. Julie was under Natalie’s power. Natalie told Steve not to listen until she patted him on the head. Then, to Julie, she said, “Steve’s a good looking guy. It’s easy to see why you think you’re attracted to him. However, your attraction to him is not desire for him. What you really desire is to be him. Steve is everything you wish you were. You wish all the girls were attracted to you like they are to Steve. You felt jealous when you wandered in here and saw Steve licking my pussy, but it was Steve you were jealous of. You wished you were licking my pussy. You want all the girls to want you like they do Steve. You realize this now, and are so happy to have this new insight into yourself. You only thought you were attracted to Steve because you’re gay. You feel so free now that you know your true feelings. You love women. They’re soft and beautiful, and you feel really oral towards them. You love licking pussy and can smell it whenever you’re near a girl. It makes it hard for you to concentrate on anything else. You might still sometimes feel attracted to men. Now that you know it’s because you really want to be a man, you should know what kind of man arouses these feelings of desire in you. Your attraction to Steve was because you wanted to be him. Now that you know that, you’re not attracted to him anymore. So why are you still attracted to other men? It’s confusing, and you don’t need to worry about it, so don’t. Just relax, and let me tell you what kind of men you like. You like men who tell you Natalie sent them. These magic words set you off. They make you so horny to get fucked by these men. But you’re gay. You’re a guy trapped in a woman’s body. Whether you’re with a girl or guy, you’re still gay. With a woman, you’re a lesbian. With a man, you’re a gay boy. You will only fuck men like a gay man would, using your hands, mouth and ass. It’s like you don’t even have a pussy. When you’re with a man, your pussy’s gone. Your pussy can only belong to a woman. You want it to belong to me. Sorry, but I’m not gay. You don’t know whom your little pussy belongs to. This makes you anxious. You need your pussy to belong. It’s your utmost priority to find a girl to own your pussy. You need to do that right away. You can’t relax when your pussy has nobody to take care of it. You won’t be able to relax once your pussy belongs to some girl either, but then your excitement will be from happiness. You’ll be wound up all the time, thinking about how turned on you are that your pussy belongs to a girl. Okay, when I count to three, you’re going to wake up. You’ll embrace all your realizations as deep, permanent parts of your psyche. Your entire identity will be based upon embracing these suggestions completely. Before that becomes your priority, however, you’ll wander out and tell the girls I fell asleep and that Steve will be out in just another minute. Okay, one—two—three. Wake up.”

Julie blinked her eyes a few times and remembered where she was. Then, her face brightened with enlightenment. This was her realizing she was gay and that her attraction to Steve was a desire to be him. Then, she frowned. She needed a girl to own her pussy. But this was not her most pressing concern—not yet. First, Julie left the room and bought Natalie another few minutes with Steve.

Just as Steve’s masterful tongue brought her off to orgasm, Natalie realized in horror that she had forgotten to tell Julie to forget—that she’d been hypnotized—that Steve was hypnotized. Oh, no! Natalie tried to sit up, but Steve was already back on her, giving her clit time to breathe, but lapping at her sex in a fresh, newly-awakened location. She felt another trembling orgasm being pulled from her, coaxed really. It was fucking impossible how well Steve knew women’s bodies! Natalie came again and quickly, before Steve could work her over again, commanded him to stop.

She dressed fast she could, woke Steve from his trance and tore out of the room. In the waiting room, Julie had her spandex pants pulled down to her ankles. “Doesn’t anyone want my pussy?” she asked. It was cute, in a way. But Natalie couldn’t help being embarrassed for her.

“Julie,” Trish asked, “what’s wrong with you? Why are you acting so strangely?”

Julie stopped to think. She was eager to please, in hopes that a girl would claim her pussy. She thought really hard. There was an accomplished look in her eyes when she suddenly remembered. She opened her mouth to say it.

“Julie,” Natalie whispered menacingly.

Julie immediately noticed the new girl in the room. Her eyes filled bright with hope. “Do you want my pussy?” she asked. “It’s all yours, if you want it.”

“Um, I guess so,” Natalie agreed, and Julie threw herself, pants around her ankles, into Natalie’s arms. She hugged her hard, weeping tears of joy.

The manager was out of town, and no one wanted to get Julie in trouble. They agreed to keep Julie flashing her crotch amongst themselves. The blonde wearing the same perfume as Steve’s wife even admitted to being turned on by it. Julie went home sick, with Natalie.

All the girls (but Julie and Natalie) noticed Steve’s face when he smelled the blonde’s perfume. He seemed to float on a cloud and followed the blonde into the room, a dopey look on his face.

“We need to get some of that perfume,” Amy said. All the girls nodded.

During the blonde’s massage, the smell of her perfume kept reminding Steve of vagina. He thought he smelt it, and was sure he could taste it. Doubtless, this was because he never cleaned his face after servicing Natalie, but Steve certainly didn’t remember that. The blonde smelt it too, and thought it was her vagina. Steve’s hands all over her body definitely made her wet. It turned her on to think he probably smelled it too.

When her massage was over, she tipped him generously. She also gave him a CD. “I burnt this for you,” she said. “I know you’ll love it.” This wasn’t the first CD the blonde had given him, so Steve was sure he’d love it. He’d loved the others, and had listened to each of them repeatedly until being given the next one. Sometimes, when he thought of her, he thought he loved her too. But he hardly knew her, except for the hour they spent together once a week, so figured he probably just wanted her really badly.

“Thanks,” he said, putting the CD in his backpack. All the girls saw.

“You might want to lock that in your car,” the blonde told him. “Make sure no one walks off with it.”

“No one here I can’t trust,” Steve said.

“Do it for me,” the blonde said. There was something about those words, or maybe the way she said it. Steve suddenly got a humongous hard-on. Of course, he’d do it, he thought, if it meant so much to her...

“Anything for you,” he said, a little too passionately. The girls looked panicked. It was silly. They wanted him as a group, but each wanted him to herself.

The blonde walked Steve to his car, and the girls speculated, “What do you think is on that CD?”

“Subliminal messages, probably.”

“From the looks of things, they seem to be working.”

“We better move quickly!” Cindy growled possessively, “She’ll be back next Thursday.”

Steve came back inside. A different woman—one from the parking lot—followed him. “Do you work here?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said, flashing his dazzling smile.

“I’d love a massage... from you,” she breathed. It was her fantasy in front of her. The woman was about to faint.

“Sure,” Steve said. “Come on over to the great book and we’ll figure out a time that’s right for you.”

To own such a man... The girls squirmed in anticipation...

Meanwhile, outside, Natalie tried to hypnotize Julie again, but it wasn’t working. It was because Natalie had fed her that line of shit about not being able to relax. She hated herself for it now.

“I’m sorry,” Julie said, but she didn’t look sorry. She couldn’t stop smiling, “I’m just so excited that my pussy belongs to you...”

Natalie tried the pendant, but none of the blankness that had been there the first time appeared in Julie’s eyes. “Okay,” Natalie said, “I’m taking you to my friend, Paul. He taught me how to hypnotize. He’ll know what to do.”

Julie was absolutely cool with this. She was eager to go along with anything Natalie wanted. They went to Paul’s.

“Paul,” Natalie said, “I hypnotized this girl, but fucked up royally. I need to clear up some things, but can’t get her back under.”

“She’s cute,” Paul said.

“Paul, pay attention. I need you to hypnotize Julie here. I need to make her forget a bunch of stuff and also to break this fascination she has with me owning her pussy.”

“You told her you owned her pussy? I thought you didn’t swing that way.”

“I don’t. I fucked it up, remember?”

“Did you give her any kind of trigger phrase?” Paul asked.

“She will only want to fuck men when they say Natalie sent them, and then she will only let them fuck her in the mouth and ass.”

Paul laughed, “How nice. Why don’t you both have a seat and I’ll see what I can do.”

Paul did his magic, but after two and a half hours of every induction he could think of, Julie was still not hypnotized. She was anything but hypnotized. She was staring at Natalie and licking her lips.

Natalie, on the other hand, was a pile of mush slumped over in her chair.

Well, I might as well make her happy with the situation, Paul thought.

“Natalie,” Paul said, “you are the most womanly woman I know. And one of the things all women love is to accessorize. You especially love to accessorize. You love to accessorize with accessories that make you more attractive to men. Julie’s submissive pussy is a perfect accessory for attracting men. It’s a lot of fun to bring her around with you and show her off. You really enjoy how excited men become watching the two of you together. It’s fun to get them so excited. It’s fun to make the most of your accessory, to use her to make men very excited. You know the best way to use Julie here to excite men. I know you do, and that you’ll have a lot of fun doing it. Maybe you’ve had inhibitions about this kind of thing in the past, but it’s different with Julie. She’s not a girlfriend; she’s an accessory. Like lipstick, or a purse, or a vibrator. Julie is your favorite accessory. You’re so happy to have her and show her off. She’s very useful too, not just for attracting men, but also as a toy. Like a vibrator. Better than a vibrator. Julie is an extremely skilled accessory. She brings you to orgasm every time, and the orgasms she causes you are the most mind-bending, powerful orgasms you ever have. She amazes you every time with how incredible she is. You’re so proud of her, and you enjoy rewarding her for being so devoted to you. It’s so easy to reward her, since everything you do with her brings her so much pleasure. It’s fun bringing Julie pleasure, Natalie. You like to show off to her how easy it is for you to bring her pleasure. You’ll work hard to top yourself every time you pleasure her. You feel greater and greater feelings of satisfaction each time you show up your last performance. Overall, you are very pleased that things turned out as they did. Maybe this wasn’t what you planned, but everything always turns out for the best. Now, Natalie, you’re not going to consciously recall any of my suggestions to you, but you will remember them as beliefs you formed yourself. You’ll wake up feeling bright and refreshed when I count to three. One—two—three. Wake up.”

Natalie woke up feeling refreshed. “So, did you do it?” she asked.

“I hypnotized Julie with no problem,” Paul said. “You’ll get along much better from now on.”

“Thank you, Paul,” Natalie said.

“Thanks so much,” Julie agreed.

This is not a lesbian story. It’s a story about Steve.

Next day, Steve showed up at work to a bunch of girls offering him presents. “Wow,” he said, “it’s not my birthday or anything.”

Cindy, not terribly imaginative, had stolen the blonde’s idea. She gave Steve a music CD chock full of subliminals. “It’s easy listening,” Cindy said, “so we can play it here at work.” The other girls frowned at this, but let her do it. They had all promised not to interfere with each other’s attempts to seduce Steve. Cindy was feeling very clever as she slid the CD into the stereo and turned the volume up, up, up.

“Damn, Cindy, you don’t need to make it that loud,” Amy protested.

Cindy turned the volume down... slightly. She looked pleased with herself. The girls all recognized the beats as being between 60—72 beats per minute, the same rate as the human heartbeat, the same beat rate used in church music and by cults to lull their followers into the alpha state, a mental state of extreme suggestibility. The girls at the massage parlor knew all about the alpha state. Thanks to the information available on the Internet, they were now (kind of) experts on all forms of mind control.

“I brought you some delicious tea,” Alexis said, trying not to smile. “I’ll prepare it for you later when we have a few minutes free.”

“Sure,” Steve said.

“I burnt you a really cool computer program onto CD,” Amy said, handing Steve the CD. “It’s not exactly a screensaver, but it looks like one. Let’s run it on the computer here.” Quickly, Amy gestured with her right hand. It was old NLP trick to distract the left side of the victim’s brain (the analytical side that filters out bullshit). “Take me out to lunch later,” she said, “and I’ll tell you more about the program.” Amy stood in close to Steve, invading his personal space. This dropped him immediately into the alpha state.

“Um, okay,” Steve said. He never knew what hit him.

“My gift isn’t for you,” Trish said. “It’s for your wife.” Trish handed Steve a box. The other girls were mortified they hadn’t thought of this, and wondered with all their might what was in the box.

Julie gave Steve the pink top she’d worn to work yesterday. “I don’t need this anymore. I wore it because you liked it, but now I know I’m gay.” Julie was the only girl wearing a different perfume.

Steve was stunned by the news that Julie was gay. She had always really seemed to like guys. Steve might have thought it was a phase, had it been one of the other girls. But Julie had always seemed confident of her identity. Also, she was acting different now. Her being gay made sense. Of course, the music in the background (particularly the beats per minute) might also have made Steve more open to what everyone was saying...

Suddenly, Julie was a girl that Steve could feel comfortable with. It’s fucked up how these things work, but she now became infinitely more attractive to him. There weren’t too many girls Steve couldn’t get if he wanted. The new unattainability of Julie made her sexy as hell. Well, she’d always been, Steve supposed, but now she was even sexier.

“Thanks, girls. Thanks for all the gifts. I have no idea what I did to deserve this, but it’s definitely cool. Thanks.” Steve flashed his smile and all the girls swooned, except Julie, who was absolutely uninterested.

Julie’s interest did perk up later, however, when Natalie stopped by to pick her up for lunch. She looked so excited she could burst. They held hands; Julie held Natalie’s hand with both of hers. She looked ecstatic, and never took her eyes off Natalie. Her co-workers were now sure Julie was gay. Natalie got off on it, especially Steve’s eyes popping out of his head when the girls kissed. She made sure he saw her hand on Julie’s ass as they left. This is fun, Natalie thought!

“Wow,” Amy said, once Julie and Natalie had gone, “I guess Julie is gay.”

“Yeah,” Steve sighed. He had an erection the size of Florida.

“Hey,” Alexis asked, “can we shut off this music? We’ve been listening to the same fucking song for like four hours.”

“No!” Cindy yelled.

“Come on, Cindy. It’s putting me to sleep,” Steve said.

“Okay, Steve,” Cindy said, pouting, “but can I talk to you for a minute alone?”

Steve nodded, like he’d been expecting this. Certainly, his subconscious did... They went off together into the tiny room and closed the door behind them.

“I know what this is about,” Steve told her.

“Do you?” she asked. Her heart was beating so fast.

“I think so. You’re a really beautiful girl, but I know you’re insecure...” Steve looked deep into her eyes and forgot what he’d been about to say. He felt lost in them, and it took him several seconds to regain his train of thought, “I’ve been an asshole ignoring you when you’re so obviously attracted to me. I’ve been feeding into your insecurities. I should have been giving you attention. You deserve all of my attention. You deserve more attention than I have to give. I’m so sorry I didn’t realize it before.”

Cindy was very pleased with the results of her subliminal messages. He’d given them back to her almost verbatim. “You can start making up for it now,” she whispered, putting her arms around his neck, leaning in for a kiss... KNOCK, KNOCK!

Steve jumped and the spell seemed to be broken. Amy was standing in the doorway, “Steve, are we getting lunch or what? I’m starving.”

Cindy wanted to kill her, but played it cool. She was hoping her suggestions would be strong enough to hold Steve’s attention. However, Amy was ready for this. “By the way, Cindy, your one o’ clock is here.”

“Send him in,” Cindy sighed. Very well, she’d get Steve later...

Steve left with Amy. It wasn’t until a few minutes later, when her one o’ clock didn’t come in, that Cindy realized she’d been tricked.

“It’s a hypnosis program,” Amy told Steve at the restaurant. “You just type in whatever it is you want mixed in with your subconscious, then sit in front of the screen and relax. Everyone has something they want to change about themselves. I figure I can patent it and make a million bucks.”

“I never realized you were so smart,” Steve said. “I’m impressed.”

Amy wasn’t sure how to take that, especially since she hadn’t written the program. She decided to take it as a compliment anyway, since she was smart. “What would you like to change about yourself?”

Steve answered so quickly it surprised her, “I wish I wasn’t so self-centered.” This was straight out of Cindy’s subliminal messages, but Amy had no way to know that.

“I never thought you were self-centered,” she said. “You always seem really down to Earth.” Of course, she could see where he could be self-centered, with every woman lusting after him...

“I just feel awful about Cindy,” he said. “She really likes me.”

Amy snorted. It was an unexpected laugh, “Steve, everyone really likes you. Do you feel bad for all of us?” Steve thought about this. What Amy was saying made sense, but it was Cindy he really cared about. Steve suddenly realized: It was Cindy he really cared about!

“No,” he said.


“It’s really just Cindy I care about.” It felt good to say it.

This was worse than Amy thought, but it also made her aware of the possibilities. If a moron like Cindy could burrow so effectively into Steve’s head, she should have no trouble at all. Cindy was only ahead because Amy hadn’t really started yet.

“I want you to be my guinea pig, Steve. Let me know if my program helps you.” Amy pulled a laptop out of her bag, made some click-clicks here and some click-clicks there, and put it in front of Steve. “Type in a suggestion,” she told him.

Amy didn’t look at what Steve typed in. She knew it didn’t matter. “Click start,” she said, and Steve did. Amy watched Steve’s eyes flutter as he tried to focus on the screen. She could see the muscles in his face relax, the curious lines in his forehead disappear.

“Steve, can you hear me?” she asked. He didn’t look up. This was a pretty good sign, though Amy was kind of interested in how he’d react to audial suggestions. If she started telling him stuff, would he be open to it? Or was Steve so focused on the screen that everything else was tuned out?

“Steve,” Amy asked again, “can you hear me?”


“Well, if you can hear me, you’re terribly interested in what I have to say. I always have fascinating things to say. Like how I want your hard cock inside me. You can imagine that, can’t you Steve? I know how often you imagine that. You’re always imagining it...” Amy had no idea if he could hear her. It didn’t matter. She was enjoying the idea that he might be hearing her. If felt good to tell him things she’d wanted to come right out and say for so long. Oh, she flirted with him, but it wasn’t the same. She’d never really told him how she felt, as it could be construed as sexual harassment. She could say anything she wanted now. Steve was completely absorbed by the suggestions being fed to him through the computer screen. Amy continued, “You’d love for me to be your girlfriend, Steve. You often think about how much you wish you’d met me before you got saddled with that wife of yours. She doesn’t know what you need. I’m the only person who knows what you need. What you need you can only find between my legs, Steve. But that’s okay, because it’s always here when you want it. Between my legs. It’s like we’re soul mates, Steve. We connect. Our connection transcends everything else. It has priority over any other commitment. It is natural, meant to be, necessary, beyond our control. And you love it, Steve. You love that your need for me is beyond your control, that you’re helpless by it. Embrace your helplessness for me, Steve. Revel in it...” Amy thought about what Steve had said earlier, about her not being smart. She laughed, “And I’m the smartest person you know. Way smarter than you, Steve. You’re gorgeous, but you’re the one who’s dumb...”

Then, she heard it. It sounded like a whisper.


“...what I need between your legs...”

Amy smiled.

“...beyond my control...”

“Yes, Steve,” Amy told him, “beyond your control. My control. You’re under my control, Steve.”

“...your control...”

Amy was so fucking wet. “Steve, the program’s almost over. It really helped you. You’d like to try it again. Maybe see how else my program can help you, how else I can help you...”

“...dumb...” he whispered.

Meanwhile, Natalie dropped Julie back off at the massage parlor. Natalie loved being seen with her, so walked Julie inside. It was getting so she enjoyed showing off her new accessory to women nearly as much as men. Owning Julie’s pussy was so amazingly sexy! It definitely made her more attractive than any shiny, new pair of high heels. It was a bummer Steve was out. She’d have loved to tease him even more.

Whereas before, Cindy, Alexis and Trish were always friendly in an entrepreneurial way, now it was with an interest in gossip. This totally got Natalie aroused. Gossip about her and Julie was like foreplay. Thinking of it, she couldn’t wait for Julie to get off from work.

Natalie had walked Julie into the parlor, and now Julie walked Natalie back to her car. They kissed with tongue for several minutes, groping each other conspicuously. When they pulled apart, Natalie commented on what had been going on inside. Alexis and Trish seemed to be deferring to Cindy. As long as she’d been coming for massages, no one had ever deferred to Cindy. But the girls had been hanging on her every word, fascinated by her talking about balancing her checkbook. They had hardly noticed Natalie and Julie. Well, they had noticed, but not as much as they should have.

“That was weird,” Julie agreed, not as interested in the other girls.

“Why do you think that was?” Natalie asked.

“Subliminal messages on the music CD Cindy’s been playing at work,” Julie said. “They’re all conspiring to seduce Steve.”

Natalie looked troubled. “Were you listening to it?”

“I spent most of the time in the back room. I had more sessions than anyone today, except Steve. He always has the most...”


Julie laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Natalie asked.

“Your pussy smells delicious,” Julie said.

Natalie smiled. “Come straight over after work, my little accessory. You’ll taste how delicious it is.” Then, she said, “Snag that CD too, if you can. I’d love to figure out what’s on it.”

Julie nodded. She’d do ANYTHING for the girl who owned her pussy.

Not too many miles away, Amy brought Steve back to her apartment. They’d been making out off and on during the drive over, so this was pretty much a sure thing. Steve was all wrapped up in Amy. He couldn’t stop touching her. Amy was kind of nervous he might crash the car, but his hand between her legs was something she’d wanted for so long that she didn’t tell him to stop. As they stumbled into Amy’s living room, their mouths never came apart.

Steve kicked the door shut behind them. Amy pulled his dick out of his pants. She was so turned on. She’d wanted this desperately since meeting Steve last year, and now that them together was so close to becoming reality, Amy felt herself close to cumming. And he wasn’t even inside her yet!

Steve and Amy were so hot for each other; they never made it to the bedroom. They hardly made it to the floor. Before Steve could even finish taking of his pants, Amy was in his arms, positioning his dick to slide inside her. Despite its girth, it entered easily. Steve held Amy to him by her ass and she grinded up and down his length. His legs were shaky, but it was with desire not weakness. Steve spent hours in the gym every day, so was strong enough to hold them both up. They fucked standing.

“Isn’t this good, Steve?” Amy grunted in his ear. “See what you’ve been missing?”

Steve laid her down on the floor and settled on top of her. He cradled her head in his one hand so she could kiss him without having to strain her neck. They kissed.

“I want this all the time,” Steve whispered, and Amy smiled. That was about the gist of message she’d programmed into the mind-control software. That he wanted her all the time. That he’d be impulsive in his desires for her, act without thinking. Amy had suggested all sorts of things that would remind him of her.

You think of Amy when you hear a telephone ring. You hope it’s her.

You think of Amy when you start your car. You want to be with her.

You think of Amy when you smell soap. You want to be clean for her.

You think of Amy when you get into bed. Unless she’s there too, you have a nagging apprehension that there’s still something you need to do.

“Yeah, all the time,” Amy giggled, taking him into her with each thrust. This was so great, she thought. Finally having Steve. She looked up at him. He looked intent and handsome. She could get used to this, she thought.

Amy felt herself getting close, so close. Steve was teasing her, coaxing Amy almost to orgasm, then holding her on the brink, balancing her... just at the edge. She couldn’t think. Then, suddenly, he sped up, pounding into the wet, slippery riches of her pussy. Faster, oh fuck, faster. Amy came, and Steve knew when to slow down and when to speed up to keep her coming. He pulled orgasm after orgasm from her like they were Kleenex tissues. Steve kept up until Amy’s little box was empty, then came in it like a million bucks. Amy stared up at him in awe. Nobody knew women’s bodies like Steve.

As they drove back to the massage parlor, Amy thought about the program she had used on Steve. She hadn’t been sure it would work, but it had worked better than she expected. Maybe it had worked too well. Amy felt just a smidgeon of guilt. She had taken advantage of Steve in the worst way. Sure, it had been incredible, but that didn’t make it right. There was a chance the suggestions she gave him would be permanent. Amy hadn’t really considered this before, and hadn’t read the Read-Me file that came with the program. She felt guilty over the possibility that she had fucked up his life. Yet, if it hadn’t been her, it would have been one of the other girls. At least she deserved him.

Amy thought about the other girls. Cindy was too needy, Alexis was too materialistic, Trish was just boring, and Julie was suddenly a lesbian. Amy, however, was perfect. She was exactly what Steve deserved. But what about Steve’s wife? Amy had never met Steve’s wife. She never ever visited him at work. Amy wondered what she was like.

When they got back to the parlor, Alexis was giving Cindy a pedicure. This was strange. Usually, Trish was the only one who was ever nice to Cindy, and even she wouldn’t be giving her a pedicure. Alexis noticed Amy’s quizzical look. “I’m giving Cindy some extra special attention today,” Alexis said.

To Amy’s dismay, Steve remembered his Cindy-fascination as soon as he saw her. “I thought about you the entire time we were apart,” he told her. Cindy beamed.

“Where are Julie and Trish?” Amy asked.

“They’re having sex,” Alexis said, then laughed. “Just kidding. They’re both in sessions.”

“Do you mind if I take over from here?” Steve asked Alexis.

“You want to give me a pedicure?” Cindy asked. Even she was surprised. “Do you even know how to give a pedicure?”

“It doesn’t look too hard,” Steve said. “Of course, I am dumb.”

Amy stiffened. There was no other reason for Steve to say that other than her having told him so in the restaurant. She hadn’t thought he was listening. Oops. Hopefully, it wouldn’t become an issue...

“No,” Cindy said. “I’m the one who’s dumb.”

Amy and Alexis shared a look. Cindy was dumb, but she’d never admitted it before. That was part of how she was dumb. Cindy could be ignorant, and when Cindy was ignorant, she was aggressively ignorant.

Steve went to work on Cindy’s feet. He focused on them with his complete attention.

“I don’t deserve this,” Cindy said, obviously thrilled by the attention.

“You do,” Steve said. Alexis nodded. She started on Cindy’s other foot.

“What the hell is wrong with both of you?” Amy asked. “Cindy’s annoying. None of us can stand her. Have you both all of a sudden forgotten that?”

Cindy started to cry. “You’re right,” she sobbed. “I am such a fucking loser!”

“No, you’re not,” Steve said.

“But she is,” Amy said.

“I’m so dumb sometimes,” Steve said. “Of course you’re right.”

Amy stopped in her tracks. There was her dumb suggestion again, rearing its ugly head. She’d convinced Steve he was dumb.

“You’re not dumb,” she told him.

Steve was confused. He knew Amy was smarter than him in all things, yet also that he was dumb. Now with her telling him he wasn’t dumb, Steve didn’t know which to think. He stared at her for clarification.

“Dumb people don’t study philosophy,” she said. Philosophy was Steve’s passion. “They’re usually ignorant like Cindy here. Heck, most can’t even read. Does that sound like it describes you?”

Steve watched her mouth dumbfounded. He wasn’t sure what to answer. He knew Amy was smarter than him. She seemed to know him better than he knew himself.


“At least I’m gorgeous,” he said. Amy seemed to expect more from him, but he couldn’t think of anything more to say. He was dumb, after all. Steve smiled, and went back to pedicuring Cindy.

“Alexis,” Amy said, “I need to talk to you alone.”

“But I’m giving Cindy a pedicure!”

“By the way, I don’t appreciate you lying to me earlier about my appointment being here,” Cindy added. Steve and Alexis patted Cindy’s feet sympathetically.

This is crazy, Amy thought. Clearly, they were responding to subliminal messages from Cindy’s CD. From her research, Amy knew you couldn’t hypnotize somebody to do something they didn’t want to do already. She could understand Steve’s desire to worship Cindy. Deep down inside, Steve probably wanted to worship them all. It went with the constant dangling of beautiful creatures Steve could lust, but not touch. He was susceptible to their manipulations because he’d been aching for an excuse since forever. Amy also understood why Cindy’s CD wasn’t affecting her. She had absolutely no desire whatsoever to serve Cindy. That didn’t explain Alexis. Well, maybe it did. Obviously, Alexis had a subconscious desire to serve Cindy. Maybe Amy didn’t know Alexis as well as she’d thought...

Steve and Alexis took care of Cindy’s feet until Cindy got called away on a session. Once Cindy left, everything seemed to return to normal. Well, more normal. Steve kept giving Amy looks of longing that started at her eyes, then always landed on her crotch.

Alexis noticed. “Steve,” she said, “I think it’s time for our little tea party.”

“Can Amy come?” Steve asked.

Alexis was about to say no, but thought about it. “I don’t know. Would you like some tea, Amy?”

The tea was very probably drugged. Amy considered this, yet if the drug was hypnotic, she wanted to know what suggestions Alexis was giving Steve. Could she hang out without having any tea? Of course she could. “Okay,” Amy said.

Except, just then, Mr. Smith came in for a session with her. “Maybe when I’m done,” Amy said.

“Sure,” Alexis said, giving Steve a look over and licking her lips. She then led Steve into the back office. Amy watched the door close and heard it lock behind them.

Inside, Alexis made Steve them a pot of tea (the office had a kitchenette). “I mixed the ingredients myself,” Alexis said. “I know you’ll love it.”

Okay, here’s the deal with the tea. The tea was drugged. Big surprise... The drug Alexis used was carbo-dopa. See, anything that’s addictive is addictive because it releases dopamine in your brain. Alexis’s plan was to get Steve addicted to her. The only problem with using dopamine was that you could inject a syringe of it into your bloodstream and it wouldn’t do shit. Dopamine doesn’t pass through the blood-brain barrier. L-Dopa, however, does. Once in the brain, it converts to dopamine. The problem with L-Dopa though is that most gets digested. That’s why Alexis used carbo-dopa. In theory, the carbo would get digested, leaving enough dopa to affect Steve. Alexis wasn’t afraid of getting drugged too because it was perfectly cool if she was addicted to Steve, providing Steve was addicted to her more.

Alexis sipped from her tea, and after a few sips, refilled it. Then, she encouraged Steve to drink up, as she had already had four refills to his one. As the tea cooled enough for them to drink fast, Alexis suckered Steve into drinking almost the entire pot. By this time, it had been twenty minutes since they’d begun drinking the tea. If everything went as expected, the effects would start in another ten. At this point, Alexis would throw herself at Steve. Even if he resisted at first, Steve would quickly become hopelessly addicted to what she was doing to him. With the dose she’d given him, Steve would become addicted to Alexis like she was crack. Once she had him interested, Alexis figured, she would better refine his addictions to the positions and acts she preferred. Basically, Alexis wanted Steve for the same reason Natalie liked Julie. Steve was an attractive accessory that could bring her pleasure. Alexis was a selfish bitch. The other girls were selfish too, of course (as evidenced by what they were doing to Steve), but Alexis was the most obviously selfish of the bunch. But she sure was hot!

Alexis checked her watch. It was time to act. She wandered over to Steve and sat in his lap.

“What are you doing?” Steve asked her.

“Getting comfortable,” Alexis said, squirming around in his lap.

“Uh,” Steve said.

Alexis began kissing Steve’s neck and playing with his nipples.

“No, Alexis,” Steve said. “You’ve got to stop this.”

“You could get addicted to this,” she whispered in his ear, getting lipstick all over his ear. Alexis wore the sluttiest lipstick of all the girls. Steve loved slutty lipstick.

Now it had been a half hour. The carbo-dopa kicked in.

“Ooh,” Steve said. “That does feel nice.”

“Yessss,” Alexis said, as the tea hit her too.

But it was just the first few sips of tea kicking in now. Steve still had enough will to resist. He tried to push Alexis off, but like half his body didn’t work. It was a piss-poor attempt that Steve gave up as soon as Alexis freed his dick from his pants.

“You like that, don’t you, Big Guy,” Alexis said, pumping his dick in her hand. Her eyelids were fluttering. So were his. “Is all that for me?”

Just then, there was pounding on the door. It was Amy. Her session was out and she wanted in. “Ignore her,” Alexis said, sucking Steve’s bottom lip.

“Steve, open the door,” Amy said. “I have something you need.”

“Between your legs...” Steve whispered, moving to get up. Alexis, determined to hold his attention, took his dick in her mouth. It tasted like pussy, but since it was already in her mouth, Alexis tried to ignore it. Just then, another wave of dopamine flooded Steve’s hypothalamus. He slid his fingers into Alexis’s hair encouragingly. As Steve did this, a fresh wave of dopamine flooded Alexis’s neuroreceptors, reinforcing her behavior, and her craving for the taste.

Outside, Amy pounded on the door, “Steve, open the door. I have something you need. Between my legs...”

Her voice pulled at him. Steve tried again to move toward the door. Again, Alexis competed with Amy’s hold on him, sucking Steve’s dick with even more zeal. As she blew him, Alexis tried to maintain eye contact, but it was difficult with her eyes fluttering like they were. It was much easier to close her eyes and just concentrate on the feel of dick skin against her lips, against the roof of her mouth, dick going down her throat.

The dopamine continued to reinforce their behaviors. For Alexis, this was sucking dick. For Steve, this was getting his dick sucked.

Temporarily, the pounding on the door stopped. Amy was getting the key from the front desk. That meant Alexis only had another minute or two to make Steve cum. Alexis threw her entire self into sucking off Steve. She worked her lips over Steve’s dick fast and furious, without regard for her own well-being. Alexis gagged often, but the gagging was becoming pleasurable as the drug in the tea reinforced it. She felt Steve harden even more, the head of dick swell with anticipation. Eagerly, Alexis licked and sucked at the head, pumping Steve’s dick at the base. The drug was overpowering now. The details of the room were a blur. All Alexis could focus on was Steve’s dick, and what she was doing to it to make him cum. All Steve could focus on was Alexis sucking his dick, and Amy, when she had been knocking at the door.

They both heard a key slide into the lock, jiggle and turn.

Steve was holding Alexis’s head with both hands now, making noises that Alexis would crave forevermore. Steve came, and Alexis swallowed his cum, swallowing again and again as Steve held her head. “Stop, stop, it’s too sensitive,” he whispered, but she couldn’t stop. Alexis was addicted to sucking dick. Another wave of dopamine washed over both of them. “Ooh,” Steve groaned.

Amy entered the room, and closed the door behind her. “What’s going on in here?” she asked, though it was entirely obvious what was going on.

“Steve,” Amy said, “tell me what you need.”

“Your pussy,” he whispered. “All the time.”

Amy took off her shorts and brought her pussy up to Steve’s face. Playfully, she rubbed her pubic hair against Steve’s cheek. “Tell me what you want,” she teased.

“Your pussy,” Steve said, pulling her to him by her hips.

Alexis wanted to tell him to stop, wanted to tell Amy to get out, but her mouth was full. Yet, what did Alexis care so long as she had a dick in her mouth? Alexis ignored Amy and returned to what she (now) loved best: sucking cock.

A few feet higher, Amy ran her fingers through Steve’s hair while he dug his tongue into the crack of her pussy. She tasted delicious. Steve buried his face in Amy’s crotch, and felt another wave of reinforcement. Like Alexis, he had his eyes closed. He could hardly see with them open anyhow.

“That’s a good boy, Steve,” Amy whispered, mussing his hair. “You’re my good boy...” Now she looked down at Alexis, down on her knees in front of Steve, his cock all the way down her throat. Her chin glistened with saliva and cum. “Christ, Alexis,” Amy said to her, “you are such a little slut!”

Alexis moaned as more L-dopa metabolized into dopamine. Amy took this to mean Alexis liked being called a slut. Certainly, a submissive streak explained Alexis’s desire to serve Cindy.

“I can’t believe all you wanted from Steve was to suck his cock. Me, I wanted him to be my boyfriend. You, you just wanted a new dick to suck.”

The dopamine hit Alexis more steadily now; the dose already affecting her intensified as more dopamine flooded her hypothalamus. Being degraded had never turned her on before, but now she was starting to like it. Alexis was learning to associate it with pleasure. Amy seemed to be getting off on it too, watching Steve lick her pussy while Alexis sucked greedily at his dick.

Steve was getting ready to cum again. Amy could tell, from the way the tempo of his tongue increased, “Alexis, Steve’s about to explode. It’s going to be hot. It’s going to fill your mouth. Steve’s going to cum right down your throat. I can tell from how frantically he’s licking my pussy. Or maybe he just loves my taste. Do you love my taste, Alexis? You tasted me on Steve’s dick down there. I fucked his brains out earlier. My dried cum tastes delicious, doesn’t it, Alexis? I don’t suppose you left any. No, you sucked off every drop. Only the flavor of cheap lipstick and cum now, eh? I think you’re about to get another swallow. Steve’s going insane on my pussy up here. He’s getting ready to pump his cum down your throat. Fuck, Alexis, look at you. You’re so fucking eager for it, working for it. I never knew you were such a slut, Alexis...”

Steve came. Alexis tried to swallow all of it, but there was too much. Steve had been really excited. It got all over Alexis’s face and the front of her shirt.

Now she was trying to start again, but had to pause to catch her breath.

Just then, there was a knock on the door. “Why is the door locked?” It was Trish. “Is Steve in there? He has a session.”

“He’s here,” Amy said. “He’ll be out on a minute.”

Except Steve wasn’t getting up. He was reaching for Alexis, pulling her toward his crotch by her hair...

“Steve!” Amy yelled at him, and he jumped. “Get up! You have a session.”

Being authoritative helped. Steve got to his feet and pulled up his pants.

Amy wetted a paper towel and held it to him, “Here. Wipe your face.”

Steve did as he was told, and went to his session. Amy turned to Alexis, “What was in that tea?”

“Carbo-dopa,” Alexis said sleepily. She had lipstick and cum smeared on her face, hands and shirt.

“What the hell is carbo-dopa?” Trish asked.

“It was supposed to make Steve addicted to me.” Alexis smiled, “I think it worked.”

Trish looked to Amy for a more complete version of what had happened. Amy explained, “When I came in here, Alexis was sucking Steve’s dick. I think she’s the one who got addicted.”

Alexis defended herself, “Steve loved it. I bet he’ll let me suck his dick all the time now.” She smiled like she couldn’t wait.

“That’s okay,” Amy said. “You also made him addicted to licking my pussy.”

Alexis’s head began to clear. She realized things had gone terribly wrong.

“You both made a mess of things,” Trish said. “Didn’t either of you learn anything about generalization studying mind control on the Internet?”

“Oh, shit,” Amy said, “you’re right.”

“What’s generalization?” Alexis asked.

“It means Steve’s not addicted to licking my pussy,” Amy said. “He’s addicted to licking ANY pussy.”

Trish laughed, “It also means you’re addicted to sucking any dick, Alexis.”

Alexis thought about this.

“That’s why I decided to direct my manipulations to Steve’s wife,” Trish said. “I mean, let’s face it. None of us here are experts. We’re bound to fuck up before we get it right. I like Steve. So, if I’m going to fry someone’s brain, I’d rather it not be him.”

“I didn’t think...”

“No, you didn’t.” Neither Alexis nor Amy had ever seen Trish so angry. “Carbo-dopa is used to treat Parkinson’s disease. Did you give any thought to what it might do to a healthy brain? What if you and Steve suddenly stop producing dopamine now? What if you’ve given yourselves Parkinson’s?”

“How do you know all this?” Amy asked, awed by their usually quiet co-worker.

“I researched,” Trish said.

“I did too,” Alexis said. She looked like such a slut there on the floor.

“Get cleaned up,” Amy told her, handing Alexis a wet paper towel. She wiped her face and tried to clean her shirt. The lipstick and drying cum wouldn’t wipe off, so Alexis removed her shirt and tried to clean it in the sink. The stains smeared, but wouldn’t come out.

“Does anybody have an extra shirt I can borrow?” Alexis asked.

Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t, but both girls said no. Trish was smiling.

“Are you addicted to being called a slut?” Amy asked Alexis, grinning.

“No,” Alexis said, quietly, but suddenly excited. Her face felt flushed, her nipples hardened, goose bumps appeared on her arms and legs.

“You’re blushing,” Trish said, not actually laughing at her yet, but on the verge of it.

“I’m not a... slut,” Alexis said softly.

“Sure you are,” Amy said. “What do you call blowing Steve while he ate out my pussy? You couldn’t get enough. What do you call wearing a cum-stained shirt at work? Alexis, you are a total slut. No doubt about it.”

“Stop calling me that...”

“What? Slut? But you are a slut, Alexis.”

Alexis was quiet.

“Aren’t you going to say anything?”

“I’m not a slut.”

“Okay, then,” Amy said, “you’re not a slut. I’ll stop calling you that.”

Alexis watched her expectantly.

“What are you waiting for? I’m done calling you names. Obviously, you’re not a slut.” She paused, then added, “If you were, you’d masturbate in front of us.”

Alexis waited for Amy to say something else, but Amy had turned away and was moving as if to leave.

“Look,” Trish laughed, “she’s doing it!”

Amy turned around. Alexis’s face was red with embarrassment. Her hand was down the front of her pants.

“My god, Alexis,” Amy laughed, “you are such a total fucking whore!”

Alexis wouldn’t make eye contact.

“Look at me,” Amy demanded. Alexis kept her eyes cast down.

“Look at her, Alexis, you slut!” It sounded funny coming from Trish, but she was still angry with Alexis for drugging Steve. “Sluts aren’t shy. Look at her.”

Slowly, Alexis looked up at Amy. Her eyes were full of shame. Amy and Trish cracked up laughing.

“Get Julie in here,” Amy said, and Trish went to get her.

“Please,” Alexis said, “don’t make me do this.”

“What am I making you do, Alexis? Did I tell you to be so slutty? Did I tell you to suck Steve’s dick?”

Trish came back with Julie. Julie’s eyes widened at the sight of Alexis masturbating.

“Alexis here wants to show everyone what a slut she is,” Amy said, “and you were the only person we could think of who might be interested, what with you being a lesbian and all...”

“You look very sweet doing that, Alexis,” Julie said.

“She looks like a slut,” Amy said. “She is a slut.”

Alexis moaned.

“Does she like being called that?” Julie asked.

Trish nodded.

“Slut,” Julie said, and giggled.

“You want to see what a slut she is?” Amy asked. “Julie, take off your pants.”

“My pussy belongs to Natalie...”

“What about your ass?” Trish laughed. “Can Alexis suck your ass?”

“Alexis, don’t you have anything to say about this? You’re just staring at us with your fingers in your pussy. If Julie takes off her pants, are you going to suck her ass? Are you that much of a slut?”

“Don’t worry, Alexis. My ass is clean,” Julie said, taking off her pants. She went to Alexis.

“Are you going to lick it or just stare?” Amy asked.

“I can’t reach,” Alexis whispered, leaning forward.

“Pull her ass to you then. Are you a slut or not?”

With her free hand, Alexis pulled Julie’s ass closer. Then, she leaned forward and cautiously pushed her face between Julie’s ass cheeks. Carefully, Alexis stuck out her tongue and took a little lick of Julie’s asshole. “Slut,” Julie said affectionately. Alexis pushed her face tight against Julie’s ass and really began licking at it now.

Trish was laughing at her. It was a nervous, kind of grossed out laugh. “God, Alexis,” she laughed, “you are such a slut.”

Slut. Slut. Slut. There was a rhythm to their name calling, and Alexis fingered herself to it. As she fingered herself, she licked at Julie’s asshole, getting her tongue oh so deep. Julie moaned louder and it was like Alexis could hear them calling her a slut in every sound Julie made. It got Alexis increasingly more excited until she could feel herself getting close.

“Lick her, you slut.”

“Slut. That’s what you are, Alexis. You’re a slut.”

“Lick me, you slut.”

Alexis came like a river. The orgasm gushed from her, her juices dripping down the crack of her ass. Alexis was still licking Julie as she came, and buried her face hard in Julie’s ass. Julie moaned in pleasure.

But now Alexis was done. She quickly pulled back, trying to catch her breath, and looked at the girls in the room. They were staring at her, and Alexis felt so ashamed. She looked down into her lap and noticed her hand still down the front of her pants. She pulled it out, stood up and went to the sink. “That was really mean,” Alexis said quietly. She was crying.

“You should have thought of that before drugging Steve,” Trish said. “Don’t worry though. So long as you don’t do it again, extinction will set in.”


“Sure. If you don’t get a buzz when you give head or get called a slut, eventually you’ll lose the incentive to keep doing it. It’s called extinction. Just stay away from that drug you took, and this’ll all just blow over.” Trish giggled, “Pardon the pun. Blow over, get it?” She giggled again. Alexis didn’t look amused.

“Hey, where’s Cindy?” Amy asked.

“Um, she wanted some time alone with Steve,” Trish said.

“But you said Steve had a session...”

“Cindy asked me to. You know, we really should start being nicer to her...”

Amy was pissed. She ran to the tiny room and flung open the door. There was Cindy, her legs wrapped around Steve’s head. “Oh, Steve,” Cindy exclaimed, “you’re so wonderful! I’m so lucky—” Cindy noticed Amy.

“What are you doing here, Cindy?”

“Steve and I are expressing our love,” Cindy answered defensively.

Amy snorted, “He doesn’t love you. Steve’s addicted to licking any girl’s pussy, at least for the time being. He was doing mine fifteen minutes ago...”

Cindy pouted, but couldn’t keep pouting, as Steve carried her to yet another earth-shaking orgasm, “Oh, ooh, Steeeeeeeeeeeeeve!”

Amy felt jealousy watching them. She wanted Steve all to herself. “Steve,” she said, “I have something you need.”

Steve paused.

“Tell me, Steve. What do you need?”

“Bewen yur egs,” Steve answered, never pulling his face from Cindy.

“Steve,” Amy said, “you need it, and it’s right here...”

Steve looked and Amy pulled down the front of her shorts for Steve to see. Soon as he saw it, Steve forgot all about poor Cindy. He threw himself at Amy, licking away at her crotch with abandon, leaving Cindy alone on the table with her legs in the air.

Cindy stared in disbelief. Cindy understood that Steve had chosen Amy over her because Amy was better in every way. Cindy felt worthless. She was a loser. As it all made sense, Cindy’s eyes watered, but she wouldn’t cry. She vowed to be strong and not cry. Cindy couldn’t help sniffling though, quietly to herself.

“Ah, don’t be a crybaby, Cindy,” Amy laughed. “It’s not your fault I taste so good.”

“I don’t understand,” Cindy said. “What’s wrong with me? Why doesn’t anybody like me?”

Amy appraised her, “You’re cute enough. Your problem is you talk too much. Everything you say is whiny and dumb. What you should do is just look pretty. You know that phrase: women should be seen and not heard? That phrase was invented with you in mind, Cindy. Just don’t talk. You’re cute enough. Stick to looking pretty, and you’ll do fine.”

“Thank you,” Cindy said. “I really respect you for telling me the truth.”

“Sure,” Amy said. “I have some more advice for you, if you want it.”

“Oh, yes, please!”

“Well, I heard you say earlier that you’re dumb, so I’m not telling you anything you don’t know...”

“I am dumb,” Cindy sighed.

“That’s obvious,” Amy laughed, “but you’re cute in that perky, little girl way. Unfortunately, looks don’t last. What I would do if I were you is find yourself some guy with cash to take care of you. Do whatever it takes, but convince him to marry you. Have kids as soon as you’re married. That way, if he divorces you after your looks fade, you still have income. But don’t get divorced, if you can help it. I’m divorced. Believe me, it sucks. If you keep your husband happy, he’s less likely to divorce you, so you should try to keep him happy.”

“Wow, thanks for the advice,” Cindy said. “The only problem with that is that Steve’s not exactly a guy with cash. And he’s the only one I’d ever want to marry...”

“Cindy,” Amy said, “look at Steve. Does it look like he wants to marry you?”

Now Cindy couldn’t help crying. She’d believed Steve was meant for her since the very first time they met. Cindy had continued to be surer of it every day since. It broke her heart now to see Steve sucking at Amy’s pussy like her brainless sex puppet. Maybe Amy was smarter than her, and prettier, and better in every way... but Cindy refused to give up on Steve (she loved him with all her heart).

Cindy slammed the door as she left the massage room. Then, she went to the stereo and put her CD back on. Cindy turned the volume all the way up, and dared anyone to try to turn it down.

“Excuse me,” someone said. “I’ve been waiting twenty minutes. Doesn’t anybody work here?”

“Um, yeah,” Cindy said. “I do. Who are you seeing today?”

“Julie,” the man said.

“Hang on. I’ll get her.”

Cindy went back into the office. Trish, Julie and Alexis were smoking a joint. “Julie, you have a session,” Cindy said.

“Is it 3:00 already?”

“No, but he’s been waiting twenty minutes. Hurry up. Also, nobody better turn off my music or I’ll kill whoever it is. I am not speaking metaphorically.”

Julie went out to greet her session.

“Do you want to hit this?” Alexis asked, offering Cindy the joint. “It’s not laced with carbo-dopa.”

“What’s carbo-dopa?” Cindy asked.

Out front, in the waiting room, Julie was surprised to see Natalie’s friend, Paul. “What are you doing here?” Julie asked, cheerfully.

“Well,” said Paul, “I do tech support and just got off a three hour call. Some asshole wouldn’t let me get off the phone no matter how above and beyond I went. Every time I fixed one thing, he had five more. And he was never grateful. I’m feeling pissed off and tense, so decided to take my lunch break, pay you a visit and take my aggressions out on your ass.”

Julie was horrified, “I’m sorry. We’re not that kind of massage parlor. We don’t have sex with clients here. And don’t say one of the other girls let you. Guys always say that, but we know they’re lying.”

“But Natalie sent me,” Paul said.

“Oh...” Julie said. She had a hungry look in her eyes. “Please come with me.” She brought Paul into one of the tiny massage rooms. “Get naked,” she said, but did not hand him a towel or turn away. Paul did not hesitate. His dick was hard before he ever took off his underwear. Julie licked her lips.

She pounced on him, taking Paul’s dick in her mouth. Julie made noises as she gobbled him up, and the vibrations felt wonderful. “Here. Chew a couple of these,” Paul said, tossing Julie a box of Altoids he’d taken from his pocket. “Don’t swallow the mush. Let it diffuse in your mouth. It’s the coolest sex trick I know...”

Julie did as she was told, then eagerly resumed sucking Paul off, curious what effect the Altoid mush in her mouth was having on him. Had he been able to form words coherently, he’d have told her it felt hot when her mouth was on him, and cold when the air hit his exposed skin. “I yehahaaaa,” he said, loving every minute.

He made her stop before he came. “I want to take my aggressions out on your ass,” Paul said. Julie was seriously excited about this. A good ass fucking fit for a gay boy like her...

Paul rolled a condom down the length of his long, skinny cock. Julie rubbed it liberally with massage lotion, climbed onto the table and lifted her butt to him. Paul probed a finger into her first, preparing Julie’s anus for penetration. Reflexively, she pulled back. Paul could see Julie wasn’t used to having anything in her ass. He fucked her with his finger first, allowing her to get into the rhythm. Soon, Julie was bucking her hips in time with Paul’s finger, really getting into it. Once Julie was warmed up, Paul rubbed her anus with the head of his cock, lubricating it. He pushed in, just the tip of his head, and Julie tensed. “Relax,” he whispered. “Push out a little. Make yourself easy.” He entered her slowly, letting her acclimate to the invasion of his cock in her ass. Her little anus was tight. Paul wanted to fuck Julie fast and hard. He would soon enough. Now, he just tried to prepare her for it.

“Fuck me like a boy,” Julie whispered.

Paul thrusted faster, and could feel Julie deciding how to interpret the sensations. It hurt her, then she loved it, then she detached herself, and then loved it again. “I’m your boy,” she whispered, over and over. “Fuck me like I’m Steve...”

Steve? Of course, Steve. Julie wanted to be Steve. She wanted to be Steve getting fucked up the ass. This is what she imagined to make Paul’s dick in her ass feel good.

Now Paul really vented his frustration. He took out his job stress on Julie’s ass. The old guy who wouldn’t right-click. The bastard from Alabama with the laundry list. My printer won’t work. Fix my scanner. Nobody ever appreciating what he did for them. Paul pounded his cock into Julie’s virgin ass. All the while, Julie screaming, “Fuck me like a boy...”

Meanwhile, back up front, the woman who’d made an appointment yesterday arrived for Steve. Trish, Cindy and Alexis were done smoking their joint and were back up front. Trish went to find Steve for his session. When she saw he was with Amy again, Trish shook her head, “Aren’t you satisfied yet? I haven’t even had a turn. Anyhow, it’s time to stop. Steve really does have a session now.”

Amy left with Steve and Trish, just to make sure. She thought about what Trish had said, about not having had a turn. Thing is, Amy didn’t want to give Trish a turn. Now that Steve was her’s, she wanted him all to herself. Amy considered how to ensure this. It occurred to her to hypnotize the other girls with her program, and make them lose all interest in Steve. Yet, she didn’t want to do it as the program was now. Even if she spoke the suggestions while they were entranced, the messages buried in the screensaver would be telling them they needed Amy’s pussy all the time. Amy had been hit on my lesbians before, and did not want to attract that kind of aggravation.

Steve and his session went back into the tiny room.

“Cindy,” Alexis asked, “why’d you have to choose such crappy music? You could have made a CD with Korn or Nine Inch Nails. What’s with this Rod Stewart crap?”

“If you want,” Cindy said sweetly, “I can make you your own CD.”

All the girls laughed.

“So, I guess everyone’s happy with the results, huh?” Trish asked. “Everyone seems to be getting what they want.”

Alexis’s 3:00 session arrived. He was an older gentleman, in his sixties. He wore a diamond pinky ring and flashed lots of cash. He was one of Alexis’s regulars. For months, he’d come to her twice a week for massages. This wasn’t uncommon. All the girls had regulars with crushes on them (though not as many as Steve). This particular regular often offered Alexis money. He just wanted a handjob, but Alexis wouldn’t do it. Prostitution is a slippery slope. “Besides,” Alexis had said more than once, “he’s old.”

They went back into one of the rooms.

“Listen,” Julie said, “I’ve got an appointment at the hair salon. I’ll be back in a few.”

She left.

Amy, Cindy and Trish sat and listened to Cindy’s CD. Now that Steve was in the other room, Amy began to feel bad for how she’d treated Cindy. Sure, she wanted Steve to herself, but they had all promised not to interfere with each other, and Amy had gone and done just that. It wasn’t Cindy’s fault she was dumb.

“You know,” Amy told Cindy, “a guy like the one Alexis is with would be perfect for you. He’d treat you like you were fucking gold. He’d buy you anything you wanted. That’s one way to know a guy likes you, when he’s willing to spend his money on you. I know you’re not materialistic like Alexis, but it’s still important for a guy to take care of you. Guys don’t think like we do. Money matters to them, and when you get them to spend their money on you, you become an investment. It’s how they commit.”

“I know that,” Cindy said, pouting. She was still angry with Amy for stealing Steve.

“Fine,” Amy said. “I was just offering advice...”

“It’s Steve I want,” Cindy said. “I’m in love with him.”

“He’s married,” Trish said, “and he’s always been nice to us. Don’t fuck up his marriage.”

“I don’t care about his marriage. I didn’t make any commitment when they got married.” Cindy looked determined, “Steve will be mine!”

Amy remembered her suggestion to Steve about going to bed, that if Amy wasn’t there too, he’d have a nagging feeling of something left undone. This, Amy felt, was her master stroke. She smiled.

“You think I’m stupid, don’t you?” Cindy accused. “That’s why you’re laughing.”

“I’m not laughing,” Amy said. “I’m smiling, and you’re a lot less stupid when you don’t talk.”

Cindy pouted quietly to herself.

A guy came in for a session. He was a sucker for girls with cute pouts, so chose Cindy. Cindy led him into one of the little rooms and closed the door behind them. A moment later, she came back out.

“Did you see what he drove up in? A Ferrari!” Amy was grinning. “That’s the kind of guy you should go for!”

“That room’s out of lotion,” Cindy said.

“Alexis has an extra bottle in her room,” Trish said, so Cindy went in there. But when she opened the door, she was amazed by what she saw. Alexis was giving that old guy a blowjob! Cindy couldn’t see Alexis’s face, but her red curls were all over the man’s groin area. Her head was bobbing up and down.


The old guy opened his eyes and grinned at her. “Your friend could suck the paint off a flagpole,” he laughed. “I knew if I was persistent she’d come around.” Alexis kept sucking, oblivious to their conversation. She could hear it, of course. She just didn’t want to stop or face Cindy. “How about I throw you $100 to come on over and suck my nipple? It won’t take long. I’m real close.”

Cindy just stared. The guy was wrinkly and gross. He had spots. She was horrified to see Alexis sucking his cock.

From the waiting room, Amy asked what was going on, but Cindy couldn’t speak. She continued to stare in disgusted fascination.

“Cindy?” Amy called again, and when Cindy didn’t acknowledge her, Amy and Trish got up to look. As soon as Amy saw the situation, she burst out laughing, “Oh, my god, Alexis. I can’t believe you’re sucking off this wrinkly old raisin. You are such a slut!”

Alexis continued slurping away at the man’s old dick. She was so enthusiastic...

Trish suddenly looked up in realization, “Oh, no! Steve!”

The girls all ran to Steve’s room (leaving Alexis sucking the guy’s cock). Amy pulled open the door. There, on the massage table, Steve and the woman were locked in a 69-position. The woman glanced up when she heard the door open, giving the girls a clear view of Steve’s saliva-wet balls in her hand.

“Wow,” Trish gasped. “That photocopy didn’t do Steve justice...”

Steve was caught up in what he was doing. Not only did he continue licking the woman’s crotch without pause, he began thrusting his dick in her hand, begging with his thrusts for her to put him back in her mouth. She did, because, really, it was so sweet how horny Steve was for her. It was a little awkward though with the girls watching.

Steve rubbed his thumb against the woman’s anus, sucking her clit with even greater fervor. He was grateful to be back in her mouth where he belonged. Indeed, this scenario was as addictive to him as crack.

In the other room, Alexis finally brought the old guy off. He came in her mouth hard and thick, and his semen had a strong taste, like it had been storing up in him for years. Alexis was crying, but she couldn’t stop. She swallowed every drop of his cum and continued sucking...

The nervousness of being watched sent the woman on top of Steve into shuddering. Her legs buckled and her groans could be heard throughout the parlor, even with Steve’s dick in her mouth. Steve washed his face in her, licking, tasting, feeling her wet pussy all over his face. The feel of her pussy bucking against his face excited him so that soon, he was thrusting in and out of her mouth. It was too much for the woman, now trying to catch her breath. She spit his dick out and pumped him good with her hand. Steve thrusted in her hand and exploded in orgasm, all over her fingers and face. The woman continued to pump his hard cock as it throbbed out its last leaks of cum.

“It’s the carbo-dopa,” Trish explained to Cindy. “They’re addicted to oral sex.”

“Wow,” said Cindy, imagining the possibilities.

Trish frowned, “The problem here is that as long as Steve continues to get reinforced for his behavior, the addiction will strengthen its hold on him. On its own, the addiction Steve now has for licking pussy would extinguish itself, but as long as girls keep making him cum too, he continues getting his dopamine fix.”

“That bitch just reinforced him,” Amy said, getting Trish’s drift.

“At least Alexis didn’t get reinforced...” Trish said.

“Who cares about Alexis?” Amy hissed. “She’s the one who started this anyhow.”

In the other room, the old man was giving Alexis a wad of cash. This was as good a reinforcement as anything else. Being handed money is always cool, and does trigger a feeling of satisfaction (dopamine rush). Poor Alexis... She was becoming a whore...

“What we need to do,” Trish said, “is let Steve lick our pussies, but without letting him get off. Without reinforcement, he’ll eventually tire of it.”

“Excellent idea,” Cindy said, imagining Steve licking her pussy. But then she imagined Steve licking Amy and Trish, and frowned.

“That’s a stupid idea,” Amy said.

“What’s so stupid about it?”

Both Trish and Cindy waited for Amy’s answer.

“What are we supposed to do, all sit on the massage table with our legs spread while Steve takes turns licking our pussies? No offense, but I don’t want either of you anywhere near me when I’m with Steve.”

“You’re just as bad as Cindy!” Trish accused. “You want him all for yourself.”

“Well, why shouldn’t I?” Amy asked.

“He’s married,” Trish reminded her.

“Fine,” Amy relented. “We’ll let Steve lick our pussies.”

“Should we invite Alexis?”

“NO!” Amy and Cindy said together.

“I wonder if she’s still sucking off that old guy.”

The girls all made grossed out faces and Amy laughed.

It took effort, but finally they managed to pry the woman off Steve’s face and get her out of the room. Cindy took her money, but didn’t let the woman make another appointment. When the woman tried, Cindy pushed her out of the massage parlor and slammed the door in her face. When Cindy returned to the massage room, the door was locked. Cindy felt a note of panic. Amy had tricked her again. That fucking bitch! Cindy pounded on the door. “Let me in or I’ll kill you,” she screamed, and meant it.

Trish opened the door. “Sorry. I didn’t realize it was locked.”

Cindy came in and took off her pants. Trish and Amy were already naked from the waist down. The three girls sat on the table and called Steve over. “Oh, Steve,” they called, “come and lick our pussies...” It was beautiful: three sexy girls naked from the waists down, their gorgeous pussies waiting to be licked. Steve didn’t know where to start.

“Steve,” Amy smiled, “what do you need?”

Steve suddenly knew where to start. He dove face first between Amy’s legs and began sucking on her delicious pussy lips. How he loved the taste of her, the feel of vagina in his mouth, that feeling of submission, worship... With each hand, he fingered Cindy and Trish, working his knuckles into them, twisting his fingers to massage inside their pussies. Amy and Cindy knew Steve’s mastery of the female body, but for Trish, the experience was fresh and startling. Trish had to grip Steve’s wrist with both hands for balance just to keep from falling from the table. Her eyes rolled back in her head.

Even anticipating Steve’s ability, Amy and Cindy fell under the same spell. Amy gripped handfuls of Steve’s hair and bucked her pussy up against his face, really grinding into him. Cindy massaged his neck and shoulder, yelping, “Oh, oh, Steeeeeve!”

Steve was just that good.

So wrapped up were they in how Steve was making them feel, that only Cindy noticed Alexis enter the room. Her lipstick was smeared. She looked a mess. Alexis seemed surprised to see the scene in front of her, but only for a moment. Then, she noticed Steve’s hard dick, left unattended. She wanted it.

Cindy tried to tell Alexis no, but couldn’t speak, as she was too distracted by Steve’s fingers working in and out of her cunt. She could feel herself getting closer and kept pushing her pelvis further into Steve’s able hand. Cindy just kept getting wetter. She could feel herself. Steve’s fingers sliding in easier and easier, more slippery with every snap of his wrist. Cindy began to anticipate the rhythm and thought for a second to alert Trish and Amy to Alexis sucking Steve’s cock, but then Steve was rubbing her clit, with just the very tip of his thumb... Cindy wanted more. She rocked her hips faster, begging for him to apply more pressure, to give her more of his thumb. Just a tiny bit more, just Steve’s thumbprint on her clit, would send Cindy off to orgasm heaven. She caught onto his wrist and drove her pussy at him. Steve paused, for a millisecond, long enough to scare Cindy that he was going to stop, but not long enough to lose the momentum. Then, Steve gave her his thumb, just his thumb, and two fingers inside, and carried Cindy off... to the dragon’s lair, to space, to an operating table, to an arena full of spectators, to a future millennium when the Earth has been annihilated by the sun. Cindy screamed Steve’s name at the top of her lungs, and came for him. It was an orgasm that freed her from her mortal coil, threw her astral form up through the ceiling and made her, just for a second, forget her own name. When she came to, Cindy was Steve’s bitch. No doubt about it...

Beside her, Amy and Trish were feeling similar sensations. Trish had gone limp and was weeping tears of joy. She was on one continuous orgasm stretched out with peaks and lows that never really got that low. Trish felt pulled taut, like a guitar string stretched from the beginning of time to its ending, thrummed by Steve’s thumb gently stroking her clit. She could feel every ridge of his thumbprint, and it was like he could feel what she was feeling. How else could he time it so perfectly? Trish came in his hand again and again.

Between Cindy and Trish, Amy had Steve’s head in a leg-lock. She was bucking, but her legs were like a vice grip. Amy held onto Steve’s hair in handfuls, cumming all over his face. Amy’s cum ran down his stubbled neck. When she could take no more, Amy pulled Steve up by his hair and kissed him frantically on the mouth. Their lips mashed together, tongues all in each other’s mouths, banging teeth with reckless abandon... Amy’s hips continued to buck reflexively, twitching, twitching, twitching. She gave herself to Steve with that kiss.

The girls collapsed back on the table, catching their breaths. Then, Steve resumed. It was too much too soon, but it wasn’t like Steve went immediately back to their clits. He started again, slow and gentle, in spots that weren’t so sensitive. It didn’t even feel like he was trying to bring them back to orgasm. It felt nice and relaxed, without purpose, like he just meant to make them feel good. Yet, soon they were cumming again.

It was fucking unreal how well Steve knew women’s bodies.

Down below, Alexis sucked at Steve’s dick. She loved how it felt in the back of her throat, that feeling of choking, then again having air, being light-headed with the pleasure of sucking dick... Alexis was eager to perform even better. As an experiment, when she’d deep-throated Steve all the way down to his pubic hair, Alexis opened her mouth a little wider and tried to suck in the skin of his balls. Alexis’s saliva dripped down Steve’s balls. She groaned with Steve’s dick down her throat, feeling so wonderful, so... slutty.

Steve was just about there. He could feel himself close to bursting forth with another load. It was like he couldn’t get enough. This was the craziest day. It was like after being tempted so long, the dam had finally cracked. His lust for these girls that had been building up, driving him insane... finally did. They had driven him insane. Jesus, how could any mortal man be expected to hold back with such beautiful girls tempting him all the time? It was like trying to hold together his skin with his soul trying to get out. Impossible! His lust for Amy, Alexis, Cindy, Julie and Trish had beaten him. Not to mention those other just as attractive clients... Steve’s yearnings had turned his brain against him. Now his desires tore free of him, and his brain just made excuses. Amy and he were soulmates, destined to be together no matter what. Alexis sucked the most amazing dick. Cindy most deserved his attention. Steve struggled with these ideas, but it was like standing into a really big wave. His balance seemed pulled out from under him. Julie was available forever; now was suddenly off limits. Trish truly wanted to see him succeed. Steve was overtaken by it, thrown into the undertow. He tried to breathe, but it was like fire. He breathed the fire, and it rejuvenated him like air. The girls overtook him, and Steve loved them for it. For granting him what he most desired, Steve gave up and became theirs. This moment, he realized it. He was oblivious to everything but them. Servicing Cindy and Trish with his hands. Getting what he needed from Amy with his face. And Alexis! She was sucking his dick.

They consumed him, and he loved them consuming him. Steve was their slave forever. He exploded for them. He came everything he had into Alexis’s mouth. Alexis swallowed, gulping down Steve’s come and deep-throating him. Steve withering into afterglow, holding onto Cindy, Amy and Trish like life preservers. He groaned in submission. Alexis started bobbing up and down on him again.

Julie returned to the massage parlor. When she couldn’t find anybody, she checked the massage rooms. Julie saw Steve hugging the girls on the table. His face was in Amy’s lap, his dick in Alexis’s mouth. Julie thought to herself, “I wish I was Steve!” Indeed, everyone could tell. Julie had returned to the massage parlor with Steve’s haircut, hair color and wearing an identical match to what Steve was wearing.

“That bitch,” Amy hissed under her breath. “Claimed to be gay, then behind our backs, started mirroring him!”

Mirroring? The other girls had read about it, but none had bothered trying it. Amy resented Julie more for this, especially after her attempts to convince them she was gay.

After everyone had gotten cleaned up, Amy pulled Julie into the bathroom and confronted her.

“I’m not trying to mirror him,” Julie protested. “I want to be him.”

“That’s crazy,” Amy fumed. “You’re crazy! What’s all this about?”

So Julie told her. She told Amy all about walking in on Steve and Natalie and how Natalie had hypnotized her and then Paul hypnotizing Natalie, and how she and Natalie were bisexual lovers, and how she wanted to be Steve.

“You want to be him?”

“Oh, yes! More than anything!” Julie answered.

Amy considered how she could use this to her advantage. Amy was the crafty one... “You could start by seducing Cindy,” she suggested.

Julie looked puzzled. “But my pussy? It belongs to...”

“I know. Buy a strap-on.” Amy shrugged, “Seducing Cindy is your next step, if you want to become Steve...”

“Do you really think so?” Julie looked desperate to believe.

“Absolutely. You get Cindy, then Alexis will be a piece of cake.”


“Sure. You want Alexis.” Amy shrugged toward the door, “That’s what Steve’s doing. If you want to be him, do what he does.”

“Seduce Cindy...”

“First you have to buy a strap-on,” Amy reminded her.

Trish came into the bathroom. “What’s up with the costume? You said you weren’t interested in Steve.”

“I’m not,” Julie said. “Not exactly...”

“You didn’t exactly want us to think you were interested? Do you think we’re stupid, Julie? Look at yourself.” Trish forced Julie to look at herself in the bathroom mirror. “You could be his slightly emasculated twin.”

Emasculated. The word made Julie want to scream. She needed to get testosterone treatments, if she ever hoped to become more like Steve.

“I want to be him,” Julie said.

Now Cindy and Alexis entered the bathroom. The girls crowded Julie in the stall. Cindy blocked the doorway. “So, what now? You’re after Steve? Oh, but wait. You gave him his favorite shirt. That was a slick one, Julie. It slid right past us...”

“I bet she sprayed it with his wife’s perfume first,” Alexis growled.

Julie told them all the story of how she wanted to be Steve. She also imagined how hot it would be to get with Cindy.

The girls could hardly believe it. “You want to be Steve?”

Julie nodded.

“That’s fucked up,” Trish said.

“Don’t be too hard on her,” Amy said, sweetly. “If she wants to be Steve, maybe we can help her.”

“We could call her Steve,” Cindy said.

Julie grinned. “I also want to get testosterone injections.”


“You know, to look more manly.”

Trish laughed, “I can’t believe it. You really want to be Steve.”

“You should consider a complete sex change,” Amy said.

Julie was grinning and nodding her head. Her eyes were large and excited.

“I can get testosterone,” Alexis said. Alexis could get any pharmaceutical drug.

Julie’s dream was coming true. She felt like she could cry. But Steve wouldn’t cry. Steve would smile his dazzling smile and give that come-hither look with his eyes. Julie tried that, and the girls all blushed.

“You looked so much like Steve just then,” Alexis said, and Julie beamed.

Later, Alexis was ordering food for delivery to the massage parlor. “Would anyone else like to order anything?” she asked.

Steve took the menu from her, looked over it for a moment, then handed it back. “Do you think you could read this to me?” he asked.

Amy noticed. So did everyone else.

“You want me to read it to you?”

“Please,” Steve smiled. “I’m gorgeous, but I’m dumb. I can’t read...”

Amy stiffened. Trish noticed her stiffen. While Alexis read the menu to Steve, Trish asked Amy why Steve couldn’t read.

“I told him he was dumb. I didn’t think it would affect him.”

“Untell him,” Trish demanded. “It’s bad enough you’ve turned him into your sex puppet, but I won’t let you destroy Steve’s mind. You better fucking fix this right away.”

“You won’t let me?” Amy asked. “I better? I don’t think you know who you’re talking to, Trish. Who are you to threaten me?” Amy considered making Trish dumb.

“Listen, I’m not threatening you,” Trish said. “I’m just concerned for Steve.”

“I’m sorry,” Amy said, “I shouldn’t get so defensive. I don’t know how to fix Steve.”

“You don’t know how?”

“No, there was a Read-Me that came with the program, but I didn’t read it.”

“I think you should,” Trish said. “We can’t send Steve out into the world like this.”

“You’re right. I’ll go read it right now.” She went to the back office and set up her laptop. There, she loaded the Read-Me file, finding it unusual that the Read-Me was an executable file. It loaded. As Amy read it, the words seemed to blur until she could only concentrate on a few words at a time. Amy found it was easier to read if she relaxed her eyes. The distortion didn’t bother her as much. Soon, Amy was reading without comprehension. Her eyes skimmed over the words as if reading them, but she wasn’t even trying. Amy felt like she was falling into the screen, and it was easy to relax and notice the pixels in her monitor flex right in front of her. The screen seemed to be pulsating. If her eyes weren’t open, Amy would have sworn she was asleep.

The next thing she knew, her computer was shut down and a telephone was in her hand. “If you’d like to make a call,” the voice said, “please hang up and try again.” Funny, Amy hadn’t remembered making any phone call. She hit redial, but there was no answer. Who had she been trying to call?

Suddenly, Amy wanted to be on the Internet. She plugged the phone cord into her laptop and connected using the second line. Usually, Amy went on the Internet to shop or read e-mails, but today she went straight for the porn. Amy had never liked porn, but as she clicked on different thumbnails, she imagined herself in the different poses. Sucking a man’s dick while another fucked her up the ass. With a candle in her pussy. Pierced. These thoughts were dirty and exciting. But Amy wasn’t like that. If anything, Amy was far too good for that. She was high-class, not some amateur pic on Sublime Directory. Yet, she could still send pictures to men. That wasn’t at all the same thing as posting her pics on some sleazy website. It was way more personal. And if they chose to pass her pictures on to some disgusting website, then that was their problem. That just meant they were scummy and untrustworthy. Not that she’d done anything wrong. The thought made Amy’s pussy ache to be filled. She found a digital camera online and ordered it special next day delivery.

When Amy got out of the office, Trish asked her, “Did you figure out how to make Steve smart again?”

“I forgot,” Amy admitted. “I got all caught up in my plan to send perverted pictures of myself to men on the Internet.”

“Amy, get your head on straight. We close in two hours. Steve has to be okay by then.”

“I’m sorry. Let me go back through that Read-Me file.”

Amy returned to the office, cracked her laptop and opened Read-Me.exe. Again, the blurry screen got the better of her. It didn’t take nearly as long this time. Amy could feel her mouth whispering the words she was reading, but couldn’t make out a single thing. She’d get to the bottom, then start back up at the top. Absentmindedly, Amy picked up line one.

“I’m on the phone,” Cindy said.

Amy dialed a long distance number.

“I said I’m on the phone.”

Amy didn’t reply for twenty seconds. Cindy thought she might be fucking with her when suddenly Amy said, “My mind is open to your suggestions.”

“What did you say?”

“My mind is open to your suggestions.”

Cindy hung up the phone and went back into the office. She saw Amy holding the telephone to her ear and staring off into the computer screen. “Amy?” she whispered.

“My mind is open to your instructions.”

Cindy thought she was dumb, but she wasn’t always. She quickly pieced together what had happened. Amy had somehow hypnotized herself. But what was the deal with the telephone? Suddenly, Cindy pieced it together for real. Someone else had hypnotized Amy. That was whom Amy was trying to call.

Cindy took the phone from Amy, hung it up, and clicked redial. She put the phone back in Amy’s hand, and went to listen on the front extension.

“Hello?” A male voice.

“My mind is open to your instructions.”

“Well, hello again, Amy. I didn’t expect you to call back so soon. Did you get that camera already?”

“No...” Amy’s voice was slurred.

“Well, you should hurry up and do that.”

“Do that...”

“Hey,” Cindy asked, “who is this?”

The man on the other end of the line hung up.

“Amy?” Cindy whispered.

No reply.

“Amy,” Cindy said, “Steve and Cindy are soulmates. You just want us to be happy.”

“Just want us to be happy...”

“No, not us. Just Steve and Cindy. You want Steve and Cindy to be happy.”


“Repeat back to me what I just told you,” Cindy commanded.

“Amy, Cindy and Steve are soulmates. You just want us to be happy. Us. You want Steve and Cindy to be happy.”

This wasn’t at all what Cindy had meant!

“No, Amy. Cindy and Steve are soulmates. You’re not our soulmate. You like rich guys, not Steve. You like guys who buy you things. Not Steve. Steve belongs to Cindy. It makes you happy to see Steve and Cindy happy. Cindy is Steve’s soulmate.”

The other girls were coming.

“When I hang up, you hang up too. Count to ten,” Cindy said quickly, “then wake up.” Cindy hung up, and tried not to look suspicious. She was confused though. Why had Amy repeated her suggestion wrong? It didn’t make any sense, and then Cindy remembered.

A hypnotized person will often omit negative words automatically. Amy omitted the nots and nos. Cindy tried to remember everything she had said, and tried to figure how Amy would have interpreted it.

Amy must think the three of them were soulmates. Cindy frowned. She couldn’t remember exactly how she had phrased the rest of it, but figured she’d discover the results of her suggestions soon enough...