The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Poppaea and Juni

Rome, Italy: 2003

Juni was back.

She had returned to Rome-the eternal city-where she had found friendship and had her first sexual relationship with Emperor Nero.

In the course of time, the Eurasian had become a popular singer, specializing in hip-hop music, and tonight at the Colosseum she and her dancers were going to perform. Her visit was noted by the press, who not only took pictures but did several interviews with her. Juni was exhausted and decided that she’d rather chill in her hotel room than do another interview.

In the hotel room, Juni lay on the bed. It was a gorgeous sunset evening and she figured that if she could, she could probably sneak over to the Colosseum early without being noticed. However, that required a disguise but infortunately Juni didn’t have one. Still wanting to go to the Colosseum, she picked up the phone and called a taxi. In a few minutes, she went downstairs to wait for the taxi and when it arrived, Juni got in and the driver asked, “Hey aren’t you....”

“Um, please don’t ask questions. Just drive me to the Colosseum,” Juni said hastily.

“Okay, sure thing,” the driver said, and took her to where she wanted to go.

In a few minutes, the taxi arrived at the Colosseum and the Eurasian said, “Here’s your money. Don’t tell anyone that you saw me.”

“Okay,” the driver said, “bye”. Then he drove off.

Juni went into the Colosseum and in a few minutes, she heard a voice:

“I see you’ve come back.”

“Emperor Nero?", she asked.

“Yes, my dear,” he said.

Juni turned around and saw the emperor. Then they embraced and shared an overdue, long passionate kiss.

They were together again. It seemed like an eternity that they were apart.

“I’ve missed you Juni,” the emperor said.

“As have I,” Juni said, “very much. When I came back to Rome, I just had to see you again.”

“Stay here with me,” the emperor said, “it’ll be just like old times.”

“I can’t. I have to leave in a few minutes.”

“Juni, please don’t,” Nero pleaded.

“I have to. But I guarantee that you’ll see me again tonight.”

“By yourself?", Nero asked.

“Not quite. I’m a performer now and tonight I’m going to put on a show here. In fact, I have to go now so I can get ready.” With that, she kissed him on the cheek and hurried off. Nero sadly watched her leave.

* * *

That night, the Colosseum was rocking. Thousands of Juni’s fans cheered and screamed while she and her dancers performed. Little did she know that a young woman named Poppy was sitting in the stands. Poppy could’ve just been another fan but she wasn’t. She was the re-incarnation of Nero’s wife, Poppaea. Poppaea had been kicked to death by Nero and now she was out for revenge. She had been secretly watching Juni with Nero and decided to use her as a vessel to get revenge. Poppy just had to find a way to get to her.

* * *

After the show, everyone slowly cleared out and all that were left were Juni, Poppy and the crew. She approached Juni and said, “Hi. I’m Poppy,” extending her hand.

“Oh hi, I’m Juni,” she said-shaking it, “do you want an autograph?”

“No,” Poppy said, “but I hope that I’m not bothering you.”

“No, not at all,” Juni said.

After the last crew member said goodnight to Juni and left, Nero appeared. It was just what Poppy wanted. Now she could execute her plan. In a few mintues, Poppy transformed into a spirit and jumped into Juni’s body. Now SHE had control.

The Eurasian felt strange and Nero asked, “Juni, are you okay?”

Juni took on a more sultry voice and said, “Nero, remember me? I’m Poppaea, your wife.”

“Poppaea?", the emperor asked.

“Yes. I’m the one that you kicked to death,” she said.

“Get out of my body!", Juni exclaimed.

“Relax Juni. Relax. You’ll tire yourself out by fighting, and it’s no use to fight me. You just need to relax and listen to me.”

“Poppy,” Juni said.

“Poppaea!", the spirit exclaimed.

“Poppaea, I have a life to live. I don’t have time to exact revenge on people. What happened between you and Nero is in the past. Please don’t make me do this.”

“Juni just listen to me. Listen to my voice. You are not in control here,” the spirit said, “I am. Just relax. relax. Do as I say. Relax. Stop fighting with me.”

Juni eventually stopped fighting with Poppaea and said “Okay.”

“Good,” Poppaea slyly said.

Then she proceeded:

Juni approached the emperor and said in a sultry voice, “Nero, kiss me.”

“Yes darling,” he said-and they kissed passionately. Afterwards Poppaea said, “Kick him now.”

Juni did as she was told and kicked the emperor in the stomach.

“Oww!", he yelled, and doubled over in pain clutching his stomach.

“Very good...very good,” Poppaea said, “I certainly enjoyed that. I think I’ll do it again.”

Then she told Juni to kick Nero’s stomach again. The Eurasian complied and this time the emperor was angry.

“Had enough?", Poppaea said through Juni, “because I can always give you more!”

“You bitch!", the emperor shouted and grabbed Juni by the neck.

“Go ahead you bastard. You can’t kill me,” Juni said.

After he let go, Poppaea said, “Let’s see how angrier we can make him.”

In a few seconds, Poppaea had her punch the emperor in the face. She did, and that’s when Nero had had enough. He punched Juni in the face, and the blow was so strong that it knocked her unconscious. Once unconscious, Poppaea got out of Juni’s body and said, “Well, I finally got my revenge.” Then she changed back to Poppy and left the Colosseum. Nero was left with an unconscious Juni and rather than leave her there, the emperor changed his form to the handsome Italian Juni had met before, and picked her up. He left the Colosseum with her and took the Eurasian to a hospital, walking the whole way. Nero finally arrived there and handed the young woman over to an attendent, who quickly got her into a private room and laid her on a bed. The attendent covered her with a blanket, and left the room. A short while later Nero came in and saw Juni, still unconscious. The emperor looked at her for a while, hoping that she’d wake up.

In a few minutes, Juni woke up and saw a young man next to her.

“Who are you?", she groggily asked.

“I’m Nero,” he said.

The Eurasian grew fearful and exclaimed, “Get out of here!”

“Juni, don’t be afraid. Do you know why you’re here?", Nero asked.

“No, how did I get here? The last thing I remembered was when you punched me at the Colosseum...”

“And you fell unconscious,” Nero said.

“How did I get here?", Juni asked again.

“I brought you here,” Nero said, “in fact, I carried you here.”

“Is Poppaea still in my body?’, Juni asked.

“No. After you were knocked out, she got out, changed into another form and left,” Nero said.

“Leaving me for dead,” Juni said.

“But you’re not. You’re alive,” Nero said and smiled.

“Yeah,” Juni weakly said-and grinned.

The emperor held her hand and said, “I can stay here with you if you want me to.”

“Thanks. I’d like that,” Juni said, “but I want the door locked. The last thing I want are the press and screaming fans coming in.”

“I understand,” Nero said-and went to lock the door.

The two were together until Juni fell asleep and afterwards Nero crawled into bed with her. He put his arm around her and pressed his clothed body next to hers.

They fell asleep together.

* * *

The next day, Juni was still in the hospital recovering from the head blow. Nero was still with her and they ate breakfast together in private. It was a great morning, but unfortunately that afternoon Nero had left to go back to the Colosseum-leaving her alone.

Juni eventually recovered and was back at the Colosseum a couple of nights later putting on a smashing show. Fortunately, Poppy wasn’t there to torture her anymore but Nero was there, and he enjoyed watching her perform. It was truly a great night, which ended in cheering.