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Positive Outcomes

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SYNOPSIS: At Positive Outcomes, a company dedicated to client satisfaction, the staff work relentlessly to fulfill each and every request they get.


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

AUTHORS NOTES: Tumblr is dead so I’ve moved all my old Tumblr content over to for now. I’m not writing as much there as I did on Tumblr but do post some new captions once in a while.

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Chapter One — A new client

Reginald walked into the modern office space, located on the outskirts of the city, with a raised eyebrow. If the stories he had heard were true, this was one of the most highly guarded secret facilities in the country if not the world. It looked little different than any of a thousand low rise office buildings that surrounded the city.

He walked up to the receptionist desk, the sleek metal and wood design was simple but stylish. Behind it on the wall was the modernly styled logo and the name of the company, “Positive Outcomes”.

Sitting in the seat was a young woman, her blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail and she wore a smart power suit that hugged her thin frame. She looked up and smiled, “Hello, welcome to Positive Outcomes! How may I assist you?” she asked with a chipper attitude.

“I have a meeting with Mr. Trench at 2.” he replied, his lips almost forming a smile but the gesture, so foreign to his face, failed to fully materialize.

“Oh, you must be Mr. Thompson, please have a seat and Mr. Trench’s assistant will be right out to get you.” the receptionist said and waved him over to the small group of chairs and a couch huddled around a coffee table filled with magazines.

He grunted in return and walked over to the couch, taking a seat but ignoring the magazines for his phone, reading through his e-mail and other items that were waiting for him. It was only a few minutes before another young woman, her heels clicking on the hard tile flooring of the office, came to retrieve him.

“Mr. Thompson, if you would please come with me?” she said smiling and directing him back into the office.

His opinion of the facilities didn’t change the farther back she led him, the dull colours, rows of cubicles with offices around the outside and the flickering fluorescent lights would have been just as much at home at a government office or any large company.

There were a few people milling about, a mixture of young and old, men and women, all seemingly busy at whatever tasks they had been assigned.

They reached the back of the space where two larger offices were and the assistant led him into the one of the right, the sign on the glass of the office read “Donald Trench, CEO”.

As he walked into the office the assistant closed the door behind him and Mr. Trench rose from his large chair behind his desk, a smile coming easily to his lips “Welcome Mr. Thompson, please have a seat.”

Reginald took a quick look around the office, much like the reception area it was modern and minimalistic in nature. The desk was a large piece of glass with chrome legs, a computer and monitor the only things on it. On the wall to Reginald’s right was another large monitor and the other walls of the office were sparsely adorned with modern art of some kind.

“Thank you, I have to say I’m not very impressed so far Mr. Trench.”

“Oh, you mean the office? Yes well, it’s intended to be that way, no better place to hide such an organization than in plain sight after all.”

“I suppose.” he conceded with a frown, “But from what I’ve heard I would have expected more... security.”

“I understand, many of our new clients feel the same way at first, but we have built our organization to be secure without having to be so... gaudy, about it. I can assure you, the security and privacy of our work here is of the utmost importance to us.”

“Yes, now about that work... our mutual acquaintance was a little vague about what exactly you do. Other than to assure me you could help with my current problem.

“Well Mr. Thompson... do you mind if I call you Reginald? We here at Positive Outcomes specialize in rehabilitating problematic individuals.”

“That would be fine Donald. So you work with criminals to make them productive members of society again?”

“No, well sometimes, our clients are very diverse. Without naming names, they include governments, fortune 500 companies, criminal organizations, supervillains and even a few superheroes.”

Reginald raised an eyebrow and Donald replied to the unasked question, “Yes, you see we don’t discriminate on who qualifies as a problematic individual, we let our clients make the decision. We feel that we just aren’t qualified to make those kinds of decisions, so we take on any client that can afford our services.”

“Very entrepreneurial of you.” Reginald replied with a huff.

“And very profitable as well.” Donald replied without the slightest hint of subtlety or shame.

“So, if I have a ‘problematic individual’ that needs to be... rehabilitated, what exactly can you do for me?”

“Perhaps it would be easier to show you, we have three individuals in treatment now that I think will interest you. Let me bring up their current status...” Donald said as he typed on his computer for a moment and then the larger monitor on the wall came to life.

Chapter Two — SolarGirl

Reginald watched the video being displayed and leaned forward in his seat, it was obviously a live feed of a small room, in the center was a naked woman sitting in a steel framework of some kind.

“I’m sure that even without her costume you recognize SolarGirl?” Donald asked.

“Yes... yes, obviously.” Reginald replied, taken aback by what was on the display.

SolarGirl was clearly not restrained in the metal frame but was making no attempt to raise herself from it either. Instead, she seemed to almost be relaxed as she leaned forward into it, her breasts protruding through two holes in it and her chin resting in a padded extension that kept her head upright. There was a broad smile on her lips.

Most surprising though was the large machine sitting just behind her, it had two large wheels attached to it and wide leather straps spaced around each one. They were spinning and slapping SolarGirl’s ass repeatedly.

“We’ve had SolarGirl for just over two weeks now and her rehabilitation is coming along well.”

“And what exactly is her rehabilitation?”

“Ah, well, the client has requested that she be rehabilitated into a pain slut. Of course with SolarGirl’s near invulnerability that isn’t really possible, there so little that could actually cause her pain. It would be more aurate to say that she’s being rehabilitated into an abuse slut. By the time she leaves here, she’ll be turned on by any kind of physical or verbal abuse.”

“And how exactly do you accomplish such a thing?”

“I’m glad you asked.” Donald replied and reached over and touched his monitor, causing the video to zoom in on SolarGirl’s head.

“You see the small device attached to her temple?”


“That’s an emotional recorder/player. At the moment, as seen by the green led, it’s replaying an emotional response we recorded earlier. This allows us to rehabilitate the subject in any way a client requests.

This is done through a two-phased approach. In the first phase, we use a mixture of chemical stimulants and physical stimulation to bring the subject to orgasm, repeatedly. For women, this continuous cycle of orgasms usually becomes addictive after two or three days, and just like any addict, they’ll do anything for their next fix.

For men it takes significantly longer, they just don’t have the same capacity as women do. So while we do have various drugs that help, it still takes longer with men.

Once the addiction sets in we spend the next several days tweaking the process so that we get, and record, the most powerful orgasms that we can. We usually spend a week with the subject in this phase, making sure we have a good variety of data to use during the second phase.”

“I’m sure SolarGirl put up quite the struggle.” Reginald replied, nodding at the insidiousness of the process, using one’s own pleasure against them.

“You know, I almost feel sorry for SolarGirl, she succumbed in only a matter of hours. It happened so fast we weren’t sure she wasn’t faking it somehow. The poor girl was filled with so many doubts about herself and feelings of inadequacy that the release of such powerful orgasms simply overwhelmed her almost immediately.

We recorded the most emotionally impactful orgasms we’ve ever seen from her on the first day. By the end of the second day, we just didn’t have anything else to do with her in phase 1 and moved on to phase two immediately.”

“I’m surprised, she always seemed so... confident.”

“Yes, but isn’t that the way sometimes? We present one face to the world, but it’s only a mask to hide behind?”

Reginald nodded in agreement as Donald continued.

“Once phase 1 is complete we have an opportunity to take care of any outstanding issues with the subject’s availability or any information the client needs from the subject. In SolarGirl’s case, the client had captured her when she stumbled into his secret lair.

While a short disappearance is a common circumstance for any hero, an extended one, or a permanent one as the client has requested, would eventually raise suspicions. So once we were confident of phase 1 for her, she eagerly agreed to make a recording for her cousin when we asked as long as she got to have another orgasm. I’m told SolarMan isn’t very happy with her impulsive quest to find more refugee’s from their doomed homeworld, but isn’t suspicious of it either.

The client already had a detailed file on SolarGirl, including her secret identity, so no other information was requested, but she would have been just as eager to tell us whatever we wanted her to as long as she received another fix.”

“And what will happen when SolarMan realizes she’s not coming back?”

“Well, that will be months from now and he’ll be convinced she’s halfway across the galaxy. Even if he does for some reason start searching here on Earth and finds her, she’ll be conditioned to provide a perfectly reasonable explanation. She’ll confide in him that she had been burnt out as a hero, that she needed some time to herself and that she knew he wouldn’t leave her alone if she had just said as much. She’ll then tell him that she’s not going to return to being a hero, that she’s found happiness outside of that world and has no desire to return.

Even if he doesn’t believe her and asks one of his telepathic friends to check, on the surface she’ll be quite happy with her life. And no respectable telepath will dig any deeper without consent, which she, of course, won’t give.”

“Of course.” Reginald replied and once more almost smiled as Donald continued.

“In phase 2 we use the data from phase 1 to do a classic positive enforcement rehabilitation process. In a standard case like SolarGirl, we start with expanding their normal sexual responses and preferences. It took a few days to bring her around on each aspect, oral being the hardest, but surprisingly anal was the easiest. It turns out she had a bit of a thing for anal before she ever came to us.

Phase 2 usually takes four to six weeks, depending on the subject of course as well as the client’s requests. The first week is pretty standard as I’ve already said, the second and third usually are focused on any specific sexual proclivities the client has requested and the final weeks re-enforce and apply any final adjustments that are required.

SolarGirl has been so susceptible to the process that she’ll be done by the end of this week and be shipped to the client.”

Reginald looked at the display, still zoomed in on SolarGirl’s head, “Her lips are moving, is she saying something?”

“Hmmm? Oh, yes, well we usually leave the auditory tweaks to near the end, but SolarGirl is coming along so fast that we’ve overlapped them with the rest of her rehabilitation... here, let me turn up the volume for you.” Donald replied and touched his screen, the speakers of the monitor coming to life.

“P... ple... please Daddy... sp... spank me... harder... I... I’m a buh... buh... bad girl...” SolarGirl’s voice played over the speakers as the sound of the leather straps landing on her ass echoed through the room.

“Another couple of hours and that stutter will be gone, then we’ll move on to other areas of her anatomy. The client has specifically requested that she be able to orgasm from just having her breasts slapped, but by the time she’s done if you spend enough time slapping it, pretty much any part of her body will bring her to orgasm.”

Donald zoomed the display out once more and muted it, “As I said, SolarGirl has been quite easy to rehabilitate, let me show you one of our subjects who has been more challenging.” he said as the screen changed to another room.

Chapter Three — Miracle Maiden

The room on the display was different than the one the housed SolarGirl, unlike her metal framework, in the center of this room was a classic medical table that had been raised up so that the subject on it was almost standing upright, but still leaning back slightly. However, like SolarGirl, this woman was also completely naked.

Reginald studied the woman for a moment and something in the back of his mind told him he should recognize her but her visage didn’t bring anything to the top of his mind.

The woman was tall, at least 6 foot, but that wasn’t what drew his eye. Instead, it was the two large, round globes that stuck out from her chest and completely dominated her appearance.

After pulling his eyes away from them, he managed to look up to her face, it was surrounded by a golden halo of hair that fell well below her shoulders. Her face was made up with heavy makeup and her lips were puffy and looked to be hard to close completely.

He managed to quickly scan over the rest of her body which was slightly muscular but clearly in top physical form and had over a dozen tubes running to different locations on it.

“Do you recognize her?” Donald asked.

Reginald furrowed his brow before answering, “It feels like I should, but it escapes me.”

“That’s to be expected, the client intends to use her in public once her rehabilitation is complete so we’ve had to make significant physical modifications to her and we’re not done yet either. Perhaps a small hint? In her home country, she is royalty...”

It hit him like a ton of bricks, it was those eyes, those dark piercing eyes, “Miracle Maiden?!”

“Yes, the mighty amazon princess herself. She’s been with us for over 6 weeks now and will take at least that much longer to complete her rehabilitation.”

“12 weeks? Why so long?”

“Well it started with phase 1 really, unlike SolarGirl, Miracle Maiden did not so easily succumb to it. In fact, she took almost the entire first seven days to finally give in. After that, phase 2 has been just as much of a struggle, with each and every aspect of her rehabilitation taking longer than expected.

But even so, we would have finished with her in another week or two at most, but the client has requested some physical changes that will take longer than the standard timeline.”

“You’ve already made such drastic changes, what more could he want?”

“You are correct of course, she’s gone through a dozen surgeries so far, four just on her breasts. Her ability to heal has been a great benefit in those cases, letting us do more surgeries than would otherwise be possible. But it has also been a challenge in another aspect of the client’s request.

I assume you noticed the tubes running to different parts of her body?”

“Yes, I was wondering what those are for.”

“The client has requested that Miracle Maiden become his perfect trophy wife. Arm candy for him to display to the world. And while her height was not an issue for him, her amazonian physique was. It simply would not due for her to be dressed up in a tiny little black dress with her bulging muscles on full display.

Our lab team has come up with a solution of course, it turns out that her super strength is not rooted in her physical musculature, instead being derived from the magical endowments bestowed on her and her sisters. As such, her ripped physique was actually due to the training and exercise routine she maintained as an amazon warrior.

As such we’ve been injecting her muscles with a custom-tailored catabolic steroid, which breaks down muscle mass.

The complication is, of course, her ability to heal from even serious wounds. It has been limiting the effectiveness of the treatment. We’ve had her on a constant drip for the last four weeks and have reduced her muscle mass by 20%. We’ve targeted a total reduction of 60%, so doing the simple math she’ll be with us for at least another eight weeks.”

“60%, do you think that might be too much?”

“We’ve provided the client with some renders of different percentages and while 60% is significant, it’s what he’s chosen. He’s looking for that classic ‘tits on a stick’ effect and I think he’ll be quite happy with the result.

Next week she’ll be going under the knife once more for her final procedures; an eye colour change, a brow lift to open up the eyes, a nose job, the removal of two ribs and the fitting of an internal corset.

Though I have to admit that I’m proudest of what our team was able to accomplish with her vocal cords. Here, let me show you...” Donald said as he turned the speakers on once more before pulling out his phone from his jacket pocket and dialing.

A moment later a ring tone could be heard just off camera in the room, “Hi John, could you give us a little demonstration of the work we’ve done on her voice?”

A slightly distant voice came across the monitor, “Sure, hang on a sec.”

Then a man in a white coat entered the frame and stood beside Miracle Maiden, “Hi DeeDee, you’ve got some admirers, why don’t you say hi?” he said and pointed to the camera.

Miracle Maiden’s cold stare evaporated instantly as she looked directly at the camera and forced her puffy lips into a smile, “Oh my god! That’s soooo amazing! Hi guys! Like, do you want to see my big fake tits bounce up and down?” she cried out, her high pitched voice filled with pink bubblegum and sparkles.

Reginald, like everyone else, had heard Miracle Maiden speak many times. Often at the UN, or during press interviews, or public service announcements or even charity events. Her strong, determined, steady voice was nowhere to be found in the sounds coming from the monitor’s speakers.

Instead, the high pitched sing-song voice seemed more appropriate to a teenager and the words would have never crossed the lips of the high and mighty Miracle Maiden.

“Thanks John.” Donald said and hung up. John waved back at the camera as Miracle Maiden shook her enormous breasts from side to side, then up and down, the wide smile plastered across her face the entire time.

“We’ve had quite a bit of time and been able to implement almost all of the client’s requests. She’s focused on her looks now more than anything, her entire world view revolves around her appearance with a special focus on her breasts. Well her looks as well as pleasing the client of course.

Her ability to make decisions has been severely curtailed, in fact any decision that isn’t about her appearance she’ll look to the client to make. As an extension of that, conversation on any topic other than fashion and appearance will be met with a giggle and some variation of how she’s just a silly girl and doesn’t know anything about whatever topic was brought up.

As you can see, she’s quite proud of her breasts, the client was quite particular that she should be willing to expose them at his request no matter where they were or what they were doing.”

“I’m sure that will be quite the party trick.”

“Yes, I’m sure it will be.”

“And... DeeDee?”

“Ah, yes, mostly a place holder for the time being. The client has made multiple change requests to her name, I’m not sure if he’s really decided yet even now. It’s a simple enough change though, at this point, her mind is so scrambled that a few hours of rehabilitation is all it takes to implant a new name for her.

We’ll continue to tweak and re-enforce her rehabilitation over the next 8 weeks until her physical alterations are complete, then we’ll ship her to the client.”

“And no one will be looking for her?”

“The client intercepted her on her way back to her home country, she had been heading back for an extended celebration of the gods and isn’t expected back for several months. No one from here will be looking for her. And with her home country cut off from any communications with the outside world, well they’ll just assume she is off saving the world or something.

By the time anyone realizes she’s missing, she’ll be hanging off the arm of the client, shaking her tits for anyone that wants to see.

I’m sure that dozens or heroes will look right through her and never realize who she is. Even if they manage to suspect something is off, I’m sure you’ll agree that as soon as they talk to her their concerns will evaporate.”

Reginald almost winced at the memory of the voice that had filled the room, let alone the words that came from between her lips. He had to agree, by the time they finished their work, no one would suspect the truth.

“Of course, these public display rehabilitations seldom are this extensive. Most often the client only wants small changes to their personality, perhaps to change their loyalty or re-align their priorities to fit the client’s needs.

The vast majority of our work is of this kind, small changes that are fit for purpose.

These special orders, like SolarGirl, are usually rehabilitation for private use.

Let me show you one last subject that’s just about halfway through rehabilitation.”

Chapter Four — Prowler Woman

The display changed once more, but unlike the other two rooms, this one did not contain any elaborate equipment setup, instead it was filled with several standard pieces of furniture that would be found in any house. Of course, the woman walking across the middle of the room stood out like a sore thumb and would not be found in anything but a low budget porn film.

She strode across the room on her ballet heels with ease and her body wiggled around in the tight latex french maids outfit that pushed her breasts up to be on display. In her light brown hair was the classic white tiara and she wore white gloves and an apron. In her hand she held a feather duster to complete the outfit.

“And who is this?” Reginald asked.

“This is Prowler Woman, the renowned thief, she’s been with us for the last three weeks.”

“A simple thief?” Reginald asked, raising his eyebrow.

“Nothing simple about this one, or she wouldn’t be here of course. No our little cat burglar here stole something far more valuable than diamonds or jewels from our client.

His heart.

Then she ripped it in two when he caught her breaking into his safe. I’m quite convinced he would have given her anything she had asked for from it, but sometimes human nature is just too powerful to overcome. At least without some help.”

“Didn’t I hear that she had hooked up with...”

“Yes, the city’s knight in gothic armour.”

“But.. he’s a hero.”

“Yes, I did mention we work with some heroes. In this case, as you can imagine, such a hero didn’t take kindly to being betrayed by his lover and confidant. He quickly subdued her and shipped her off to us for rehabilitation.

She was after all a wanted international criminal, so covering up her disappearance was not an issue.

The client is quite rich, I supposed he would have to be to afford all those toys, wouldn’t he?

He lives in a stately manor just outside of the city, all by himself, with the exception of a single, loyal butler who has recently retired.

As such the client decided that he needed a trustworthy replacement that could fulfill his needs and Celine presented him an opportunity he couldn’t pass up.”

“And you said she is about halfway through rehabilitation?”

“Yes, the client has requested a split rehabilitation with her, a ‘public’ and a ‘private’ life if you will. The first two weeks have been the standard recording sessions along with the enhancement of her sexual prowess. After that we’ve been working on the first branch of her rehabilitation.

As you can see this first branch has produced a sexy french maid for the client’s mansion. But it’s not just the attire we’ve changed, we’ve actually tied cleaning to her sexual pleasure.

If you look closely, you can see the green playback led come alive each time she cleans one of the pieces of furniture in the room.

We’ve also removed most of her ability to speak English, fortunately she already spoke several languages including French, so there was no need to learn a new language.

In addition, any time the client is in the room, she’ll do everything in her power to get him to bend her over the nearest chair and fuck her.

She is, of course, completely loyal to him. She would never think of doing anything against him now and she only has his best interests in mind.

We’re only a day or two away from completing this branch of her rehabilitation.”

“And the second branch?” Reginald asked.

“Yes, I’m not sure where her fascination with felines originated, I should perhaps ask her before she leaves, but the client has requested that when she is not working that she have an obsession with being a house cat.”

“A house cat?”

“Yes, in her ‘private’ life, she will be obsessed with the idea of being his pet cat. Here, I have some images the client sent over.” Donald said as he once more worked on his computer.

A moment later, a picture came up over the video display, it was unlike anything he had seen before. In it was a woman, clad in latex, including a full hood with two ears on the top of it. Her forearms were bound to her upper arms and across the back of her neck was a strap that connected her two hands together. Her legs were similarly bound and she was down on the floor, standing on her elbows and knees.

He could just see her breasts protruding from the latex outfit, along with her pussy and ass exposed by a slit in the latex. An artificial tail was logged in the woman’s ass, but a smile was across her face as she seemed to be enjoying it.

Several more similar images crossed the screen until Donald seemed satisfied and closed them, revealing Prowler Woman once more as she cleaned the room.

“We’ll start on the second branch in a few days, the client has provided an extensive list of behaviours she is to have, most of which are as you would expect.

Though there is one behaviour that will cross over between the two branches. You can’t see it at the moment, but she has a jewelled anal plug logged in to her anus right now. She’s been rehabilitated to need something inserted into her anus at all times.

When it is removed two things will happen; first she’ll basically go into heat and her need to have sex will only increase the longer it is out, and second, she’ll feel a deep seeded need have something replace it but be unable to fill it herself.

This behaviour will be consistent in both branches of her rehabilitation, though obviously, they will have different implications for her.

In the first branch, as a maid, she’ll be begging the client, in broken English and a sexy French accent, to put something into her ass as quickly as possible, preferably his cock of course.

In the second branch, as a pet unable to speak, she’ll be rutting around like a cat in heat. Yowling, rubbing up against him and other such actions.”

“I’m sure he’ll indulge her request, after an appropriate time to reflect on it.”

“Yes, I’m sure the client will.” Reginald replied a small wry smile finally crossing his lips.

“Now then, enough about our current subjects, you came to discuss your own problematic individual. What can Positive Outcomes do for you?”

Chapter Five — Colossal Carla

“I have to say that I am very impressed at your operation Donald. I did not expect there to be... such options available.”

“As you can imagine, we keep ourselves well under the radar. Word of mouth is our only advertising, if you want to call it that, and we make sure that the specifics of what we do are kept to a minimum even then.”

“Yes, quite understandable. I may need some time to consider the options that are available to me.”

“Of course, as I said, the first week is always the same recording process so you have at least that much time to consider what you want. If, as I suspect, you’ll be going in a similar path to the examples I’ve shown you, the second week will be similarly already defined.

Of course, the sooner you can tell us the specifics, the better we can prepare for the rest of her rehabilitation.

Perhaps you can start with who the subject is?”

“Ah, yes, well you remember a few years ago when BlackSide invaded the city with his Madness Maidens?”

“Yes, of course, how could anyone forget? He caused quite a bit of damage to our facilities and interrupted several rehabilitations costing us quite a bit of money.”

“Well Callosal Carla did far more than that to my operations, she single-handedly set me back years in my plans. Only now have I managed to rebuild the majority of my holdings. Of course, you can imagine my surprise to find out that she had been working with the League and they had granted her asylum here on Earth.”

“Yes, I had heard something about that.”

“What you probably didn’t hear was that she slipped out from under the League’s nose and has been MIA for over six months now.”

“No, I had not heard of that. That is troubling.”

“But an opportunity as well. I’ve managed to track her down and capture her and my first thought was to simply dispose of her... permanently. That’s when our mutual acquaintance suggested I contact you.”

“Ah yes, never a good idea to go down that path, those pesky heroes always seem to find out and hound you to the ends of the Earth.”

“Yes, I agree. I can have her transported here tomorrow if that works?”

“Yes, yes. Of course, we’d be happy to rehabilitate her for you. How much did our mutual acquaintance tell you about our pricing structure?”

“Enough to know that it is not an issue.”

“Very good. Very good indeed.” Donald said as he stood up and extended his hand, “I look forward to getting the details of your desired rehabilitation and getting you a positive outcome.” Reginald extended his own hand and shook Donalds.

Chapter Six — Phase 1

Carla’s head pounded as she opened her eyes to the bright light and quickly squinted them shut. She tried to raise her hand to her forehead but found it unwilling to move, not from lack of trying but from the restraint around her wrist.

“What the...” she said and managed to crack open her eyes once more to look down at her hand.

She realized two things, first that she was naked on some kind of table and second that around her wrist was a leather and cloth strap that she should have been easily able to break. She tried once more and suddenly her head spun from the exertion and she collapsed back.

She managed to turn her head to the side where there was a slight sting in her arm, to see an IV inserted there and connected to several bags hanging on a stand.

She let out a moan and closed her eyes once more, whatever was in the bags had sapped her strength and made her mind fuzzy.

But more than that, she felt something else as well. Something she hadn’t felt in a long time, a need between her legs that seemed to be growing by the moment. It wasn’t long before the feeling spread throughout her body and with what little strength she had she squirmed against her bonds.

Then, just as the feeling was getting too much to stand, she felt something cold and smooth push into her pussy. She gasped, both at the surprise of the invasion as well as the feeling of pleasure that blossomed from it.

It was soon sliding in and out of her as she tried to resist the relentless waves of pleasure that washed over her. But the drugs in the IV along with the physical assault on her pussy eventually overcame her and she felt an orgasm crest.

Then she felt the device pull out from her pussy and she managed to catch her breath just long enough to try once more to break free, but to no avail. The drugs started to take hold once more, the device pushed into her yet again and the process repeated.

* * *

Carla was cumming again... hard. Harder than last time, easier than last time and she realized she had stopped trying to fight it.

There wasn’t any point. The drugs and the stimulation were too much to resist. All she had been doing was delaying the inevitable.

The orgasm came no matter how hard she fought, so why fight it at all? It had taken a long to for her to realize that, and in fact, it had only come to her in a moment of pure exhaustion. Completely spent from the last orgasm, she had not recovered sufficiently to resist it as the drugs and machine conspired to bring her to orgasm once more.

She had let it happen, not by choice per se, but purely by being unable to do anything to stop it.

The orgasm was better than any of the others and after that, she’d simply let it happen, trying to conserve her strength for something else.

She didn’t know how long she’d been strapped to the table, or how many orgasms she’d had, but at some point, it had stopped mattering.

The orgasms had kept coming and they felt good. No, better than good, great. She’d even started to anticipate them, to look forward to them, to even want them.

That had been the turning point, her body seemed to know the difference and each time now the orgasm was better than the last time.

It had to have been days since she’d awoken, every once in a while someone would come in to refill the IV bags before leaving.

At first, she’d tried to ask them for help, but they ignored her. Then she’d begged them for help, but they still ignored her. Then she’d threatened them, but they’d still ignored her.

Eventually, she stopped trying, no longer wanting to break the cycle of orgasm after orgasm.

But all the bags save one were empty and no one had been in to refill them. Worse, the machine had stopped fucking her hours ago and she was desperately trying to hump it by pushing her hips forward.

Then she felt whatever drug they had used to keep her awake start to wear off and darkness consumed her.

Chapter 7 — Phase 2

Carla’s eyes fluttered open as a clarity she hadn’t felt in a long time returned to her mind, her first thought was how much she needed to cum.

But to her surprise, a man stood beside her and smiled down at her.

“Hello Carla, how are you feeling?” he asked.

“Horny!” she cried out and squirmed in her restraints.

“Yes, I imagine you are. Tell me, do you want to cum again like before?”

“Yes! Oh god yes!”

“Good, good. Now we’re going to play some videos for you and I want you to pay close attention to them. If you do I promise you’ll cum like before. Alright?”

“Videos? I... I... yes... whatever you want. I’ll pay attention, I promise!” she let out, the need between her legs growing more and more urgent.

The man moved out of her view and the display that he had been blocking came to life.

The video showed a woman on her back, a man sticking his dick into her as she smiled and clearly enjoyed it. Soon the woman on the screen was speaking and telling her partner how much she liked it, how he should go deeper, harder, faster.

Without Carla even realizing it, the mechanical dildo that had been fucking her for the last week once more slid into her as the little green light on the device stuck to her temple turned on.

* * *

Carla squeezed her tits as the mechanical dildo slid in and out of her ass and her orgasm crested. The light on the device stuck to her temple remained dark as she did.

It had to have been weeks, or at least what she thought was weeks as time was so hard to keep track of in the windowless room, since she had orgasmed to that first video.

Since then she’d watched and orgasmed to so many videos as the machines fucked her every hole and crevice.

At some point, one of the people who came into her room from time to time, had released the restraints around her wrists and she’d been so happy to be able to play with her own body while she was cumming that the thought of escaping had never crossed her mind.

It was the same when later they removed the rest of her restraints and she was able to reposition herself for each new video as it required.

She was about to start the next video when the same man who had spoken to her before walked into the room once more.

“Hello Carla, how are you feeling today?” he asked.

She replied quickly, “Horny!”

He smiled before he responded, “And you want to cum again don’t you?”

“Oh yes please! I love to cum!”

“Yes, I’m sure you do. You wouldn’t mind doing something for me before you cum again though would you?” he asked.

“Of course not! You brought me so many orgasms! I’ll do anything for you!” she replied eagerly, “Do you want me to suck your cock? Or do you want to fuck my pussy or ass?”

“Maybe in a little while, but first I need you to follow me.” he said and extended his hand.

She took it tentatively as he started to walk towards the door. She looked back over her shoulder, unsure if she really wanted to leave the room that had brought her so many orgasms. But his strong grip on her hand left her little choice as he led her down the hall to another room with several large devices in it.

He took her over to one and had her stand inside of it.

“So tell me Carla, do you like your body?”

She crinkled her forehead as the question sunk in, she’d never really thought about it before, but now a sudden realization came over her. Hours and hours of video swept over her mind as progressively shorter and shorter women were orgasming over and over again in them.

“No... no... I.. I’m too... tall.” she replied and a wave of relief swept over her as a smile crossed his lips.

“So, if I could help you with that, you’d want me to?”

Her face brightened and she smiled, “You can? You can really help me?”

“I can, all you have to do is ask.”

“Oh god yes! Please help me! Make me shorter, make me a tiny little sucking and fucking machine!” she cried out.

“As you wish.” he responded and suddenly the machine around her came to life. It hummed and groaned for several seconds before she felt it start to affect her.

She looked down at the man standing in front of her, her 6′2″ frame towering above him... and then after a minute, she was only looking down slightly at him. A minute later she was looking him directly in the eyes. A minute later she was looking up at him. And finally a minute longer and her neck was craning back to see his face.

The humming stopped and she stepped out of the machine as she looked up at him, “Thank you! Thank you so much!” she cried out and no longer able to control the need to orgasm, dropped to her knees and undid the man’s pants before wrapping her tiny hands around his cock and taking into her small mouth.

There was nothing small about the orgasm she experienced as soon as his cum hit the back of her mouth.

Chapter 8 — Delivery

Reginald sat in Donald’s office as the CEO smiled across his desk at him, “I think you will be quite happy with the results we’ve been able to achieve for you Reginald.”

“I am eager to see them Donald.” he responded.

“Well, then, let’s not keep you waiting.” Donald replied and picked up his phone, dialing a number.

“Could you send Carly in please?” he spoke into the phone and then hung up.

Reginald turned around to see the office door swing open and Carly step into the office. Standing from his seat he took a few strides over to her.

“Hello Sir, how may I serve you today?” the tiny woman asked as she folded her hands in front of her.

Reginald looked down at her, she barely came up to his chin even with what he thought must be 8 inches of heel that she was wearing.

She was wearing in a tailored formal dress that hugged every inch of her body but showed no skin as it flowed down her arms and a high collar wrapped around her neck.

“As you can see her rehabilitation has gone exactly to your specifications. Carly, please come over here and have a seat.” Donald said as he waved at the second chair in front of his desk.

“Yes Sir.” she responded and stepped by Reginald before taking the indicated seat, crossing her legs and placing her hands in her lap.

Reginald retook his own seat, “How tall is she now?” he asked.

“Well, she started out at 6′2″, but we’ve managed to take her all the way down to 4′8″, isn’t that right Carly?”

“Oh yes Sir. Thank you Sir, I so love being this much smaller.” she responded.

“You do?” Reginald inquired.

“Oh yes, I was far too tall before Sir. I could never be happy looking down at men like that. I was meant to look up to all of you Sir.”

“We, of course, had to make some adjustments after the shrinking process was complete. It shrank every part of her proportionally, which left her a little lacking in the chest. Fortunately, we have some of the best plastic surgeons in the world and the latest techniques and technologies to rectify such situations.”

“And my two branch rehabilitation request?”

“No problem at all. Carly, could you please tell Mr. Thompson here what your job is?”

“Oh yes Sir. I’m Mr. Thompson’s personal assistant. It’s my job to make sure that his every need and want is taken care of. I am so honoured to work for Mr. Thompson, I’ll do anything for him!”

“And the second branch?”

“Why don’t I give you some privacy so you can verify that.” Donald said as he stood up and walked to the door, just before he left he touched a small switch on the wall and the glass of the office changed from transparent to opaque.

“Stand up Carly.” Reginald command and she quickly rose to her feet. He did the same and walked over to the couch that ran along the far wall of Donald’s office and took a seat.

“Get undressed and let’s see you dance.” he said and Carly’s entire body language immediately changed.

“Oh fuck yes! I’ve been waiting for you to fuck me since the moment I walked in that door!” Carly said as she reached behind her and unzipped her dress before slipping it over her head and tossing in on the chair she had previously occupied.

She strutted naked over to the couch and cocked her hip to one side as she squeezed her tits together and leaned over as she jiggled them up and down.

“God I’m such a horny little slut!” she exclaimed as she twirled around and pushed her ass out towards him.

“I need your cock inside me so badly! Tell me, how are you going to fuck me for the first time? Do you want to fuck my tits? Or maybe my face? My pussy? Oh god, tell me you want to fuck my ass! Tell me I’m going to be your little anal slut from now on! Tell me I’m never going to cum any other way!”

Carly snaked her hand over her pussy and up to her sphincter, rubbing her finger around her rear entrance as she spoke.

Without saying a word Reginald stood up, grabbed her by the hips and spun her around to face the couch. Then he bent her over at the waist and she braced herself with her hands on the seat in front of her.

He undid his pants and let them fall to the floor before grabbing her ass. His thumb moved over to her sphincter and gently rubbed it.

“Please Sir! Shove it in my ass! I need it in my ass!” she cried out as he obliged her and a small orgasm came over her.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Take my tiny little ass! Make me your little anal whore!” she managed to cry out before he pulled his thumb out and replaced with his hard shaft.

“That’s it Sir! Fuck my ass! Harder! Deeper! Faster!” she cried out as she pushed back as hard as she could on to him, sending him as deep as he would go into her bowels.

He stroked in and out of her as she cried out in pleasure with each thrust, “Please Sir cum in my ass! I want it! I need it! I’ll cum like the slutty little anal whore that I am if you do! I promise! I promise!”

He had no need for the encouragement, her tight asshole was pushing him to the edge already, but her words simply sealed the deal and he released inside of her.

“Oh my god SSSSIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRR!” she cried out as the massive orgasm came over her and she fell forwards, face first on to the couch as she slid off of his shaft.

The cum dribbled out of her ass just as the drool did from her lips.

He had just finished pulling his pants back up when he heard Carly’s soft voice come from between her lips, “Thank you Sir... I’ll always be your horny little anal slut... no matter what...”

Reginald smiled and walked to the door, just before he opened it he called back to her, “Hurry up and get dressed Carly, it’s time to go.”

Just as before her entire body language changed as she rose from the couch, “Yes Sir! Right away Sir!” she almost shouted out as she quickly reached over to the table beside the couch and took several tissues from the box that was sitting there.

After quickly cleaning herself up and putting her dress back on, Carly walked to the door and opened it, finding Mr. Trench and Mr. Thompson talking.

She stepped just far enough out of the office to close the door behind her, then clasped her hands in front of her and waited for the men to finish talking. She could still feel the remanents of Mr. Thompson’s cum in her ass and it brought a smile to her lips.

Eventually, they finished and Carly followed Mr. Thompson out of the office to his car. She was finally starting her new, perfect job as Mr. Thompson’s assistant and she couldn’t wait until he fucked her ass again.