The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Power Commander

Today started like any other day. Get up, take a shower, grab a cup of coffee and go to the lab. I thought my co-op job this semester would be different; working for a company that produces data capturing devices. But the first week has been nothing but meeting all the corporate geniuses and taking notes. Blah! Blah! I had one meeting today that was scheduled to talk about a new project that we were going to be starting tomorrow. Hopefully it might be some fun. I have to leave early, right after the meeting actually to go help by roommate Sean pick-up his new GSX-R 1000 he just had custom painted.

Sean just fell in love with the Suzuki Hayabusa’s copper color, but he hated the front fairing and how it handled. He’s been saving all his money to get his new gixxer painted that color so he could have the only copper colored gixxer 1000. Then he’d be able to truly show off his stand-up wheelie monster.

The morning went by pretty much same old, same old. I spent most of the time taking orders from one of the engineers we nicked named as a super hero “Demanding Man”. He plays the role of assistant manager, even though that position doesn’t even exist. I just humor him and play his game.

I sat down in the conference room a few minutes early to collect my thoughts for the “Big Meeting”. Doug came flying in the room with nothing but a role of black plastic and an Ipaq PDA. Doug was one of the lead engineers I really liked. He would always sit down and talk to you without making you feel like a lowly co-op. He valued your opinion. Of course I had to always work at not staring at him because he was really cute. He always maintained a medium tan and worked out a lot. It was amazing how when he walked into the room at 6′2″ and all but 165 pounds of well defined abs, everyone would just stop chatting and transitioned their conversations over to him.

Doug sat down and told me we would wait a couple of minutes for Cindi to show up and we’d get started. I was little shocked. I thought there would have been more people than just the three of us. Cindi who was majoring in tactical sensor based electronics, showed up and closed the door to the conference room and sat down across from me at the table.

Doug thanked us for showing up and started in on a new product that we were prototyping. He unrolled the material on the conference table. I realized that it wasn’t plastic but a very thin pliable vinyl/rubber material that appeared to be very durable too. Cindi stared at the end of the material and noticed little micro fibers. Doug went on that the company was embarking on using this material which contained both tactical sensors for retrieving data and stimulating responses. He went on to discuss the automotive industry, which was looking at developing this product and integrating it into the drivers seat.

The seat would collect data and stimulate responses in the driver. Doug outlined the project and explained that the new customer is building a $250,000 600hp sports car model to be released in about 2 years. The customer wants to be able to create an almost interactive feeling between the sports car and the driver. After Doug gave us the low down, I just sat in awe. Finally, a project that just Cindi and I would be working on and we’d be reporting directly to Doug. My co-op job just took on a whole new role, and life is now good.

I got out of the meeting and realized I was late to pick-up Sean. I flew out the door and hauled ass in my f-250 and got to the body shop with Sean pacing out in front of the building.

“Dude! Nice of you to show up!” Sean said in his normally pissed state when people are late.

“My Big Meeting ran late. I got here as fast as the truck could physically go.”

Sean looked at me and then a little smile came out. He all of a sudden got all giddy, like a kid in a candy shop. He grabbed my arm and dragged me over to the bay where his bike sat.

“I just wanted to bust your chops, look at the job they did, isn’t it sweet!”

I looked over and saw his new toy. It was absolutely phenomenal. Here stood the only copper colored gixxer 1000 ever made. I kept watching Sean examine his new toy as if he had never seen a bike before. I asked him if he wanted a drool cup, but he didn’t even hear me. The sales manager came out of the office, finished the paper work and we loaded it up in my truck and took it back to the townhouse. Sean just couldn’t stop talking about his new toy the whole way home and how he was going to put a Power Commander in it that the body shop painter just sold him.

I asked him what a Power Commander was and he laughed at me. Sean then explained that it’s a computer that connects to the bike and has an interface to a PC that you can use to control the performance of the bike. I just looked at him and shook my head while thinking that’s all he needs is more power. It’s bad enough he can do stand up wheelies in 4th gear.

We got home, unloaded the bike and put it up on his race stands in the center of the garage. It seems that his $10K bike needed that space in the garage instead of my $35K pick-up. I thought for a moment Sean was going to sleep with it, but he quickly realized that he hadn’t eaten all day and was starving.

He looked at me and with a quirky little smirk asked “So Danny what’s for dinner honey bunch?” He likes to toy with me like that. When he’s all happy and secure with his sexuality (and trust me the bike brings out his testosterone), he likes to act like my boy friend and toy with me.

Sean and I have been friends for 15 years. He said, he always knew that I was gay, somehow even before I knew. But it didn’t bother him because we always kept our friendship at the top of the list. Even though he gets a ribbing now and then from his other biker friends, he always quiets them down with the “he’s helped me out more than anyone else I have ever known.”

I walked over in front of him and bent over to make it look like I was picking up my keys and responded with “How about rump roast? It’s hot and waiting for you to dig in.” That was enough. Sean looked back at me and with a deep voice decided that he preferred to go get KFC. He needed to touch a couple of breasts. We both just laughed and instead decided to go get Chinese. We usually have these sexual banters, it’s kinda what’s kept our friendship going over the years.

Sean got up the next morning and couldn’t wait to go for a ride. He grabbed his dinged up blue/white helmet and his scuffed up black/blue jacket. As he was heading out the door I asked him when he was going to get his matching gear for the bike. He looked at me with a little sigh and said that he spent all his money on getting the bike done and the new gear would have to wait till next year.

A couple of hours went by and I heard the winding up of the throttle of Sean’s bike. He had just pulled it into the garage and was putting it up on the stands. He had quite a bounce to his step. I asked him how was the ride and he couldn’t stop talking about this new road he found that had all kinds of twisties and at the end had this long straight away that had these moguls, for lack of better terms, that were spaced so perfectly that you could fly over them doing about 100mph and at the right RPM as Sean put it, “My balls started to itch!” He just kept clambering about how awesome of a feeling it is and he wished he could figure out how to seize the moment and be able to repeat it anytime he felt like it.

I kinda chuckled at him and I figured I’d bust his chops. “Can’t the Power Commander help you with that?” I blurted out to see if I could get a rise out of him. He just glared over at me and yelled, “If I could figure away to hook myself up, I would. It’s almost better than sex I tell ya.”

We both started laughing at his statement of profound love for his bike. I slammed him with “I guess that makes you BikeSexual!” Sean nodded definitively.

On the way to work the next day, I couldn’t help thinking of Sean’s comments the day before. I just shook my head and started preparing for my first day on the new project. Cindi and I spent most of the day working on brainstorming and documenting our project schedule. We decided that we needed to develop a system interface between the PC and the fabric, but it needed to be mobile. Most of my programming was being developed in visual basic so we both agreed to use an Ipaq. We had a whole library already available of capturing programs, all we need to do is modify them to our needs. Cindi and I began to really get into the “What if?” dialogue. We started talking about drivers that would be able to “feel” the road. We could create many different types of driver experiences based on their driving style and with the aid of their seat actually let them feel it.

I paused with a very distant look on my face. “Oh my God! That’s it!” Cindi looked at me with the expression on her face of, here goes Danny again with his wild ideas. She just looked at me and with hesitation asked, “What’s it?”

“Sean!” I yelled. She just kept waiting for me to keep going. I told her about what had happened with his bike and our conversation afterwards. She just looked at me reminding that a motorcycle seat is only about 12 square inches and that how much data can you collect from somebody’s butt. I realized that was a dilemma, but somehow we could overcome that.

“How about instead of sitting on the material, what if he could wear the material.”

Cindi looked at me and chimed in with a “Like a suit you mean?”

I thought for a moment. Cindi and I both agreed in order to get the readings and interaction the suit would have to be pretty much skin tight. Cindi scarfed up the material and decided to take it with her. She told me she new someone in ESD, a department that specializes in making clothing that doesn’t build up static charges, that could help her make the perfect garment. Of course what she didn’t say is that she was going to see Josh, who just so happens to be quite the gay, erotic, experimental type. Cindi said that she would meet me for coffee in the morning. I went home and fell asleep in front of the TV. Sean was out on the groups weekly night ride to the bar, which means he’d be back about midnight.

I met Cindi at the coffee shop and she handed me a box. She looked really tired. I opened the box and there it was. I black suit with a very small flexible interface cable and a processor chip that had a specialized socket attached for the cable. I couldn’t believe that she had made so much progress in such little time. I started looking it over and asked her what the chip was for. She grinned and explained that while Josh and her were making the suit, the Power Commander subject came up and I guess Josh had a brainy idea and took an interface chip and added the coupling for the suit that you could plug the chip into the Power Commander and use the software and the Ipaq to collect the data from the suit.

I guess it was up to me to write the code. I spent all day working on the programs so that I had something to show Sean tonight. It was his last night of the semester and his birthday. He was planning on partying tonight and this would just top the festivities.

I got home at 5:30 expecting to find tons of people and the party all ready in progress. I walked in to find Sean sitting in the recliner watching TV.

“When’s the party starting?” I asked.

Sean just grunted out that there’s no party tonight or even on the weekend. Everyone decided to make a change of plans and go home for the break instead of stay here. He also told me that UPS left a couple of rather large packages for me and he put them in the family room.

I decided to change topics and asked him how the bike was running. He responded with a “GREAT! But I went through the twisties this time I couldn’t get the feeling that I had the first time out.” He started getting pissy about how he tried 4 times and nothing eventful happened.

A smile overwhelmed me and I asked him if I had a way to capture the data, while he was riding, to see at that point in time what you were feeling, would you be interested. He just about fell on the floor. The TV went off and I had Sean’s full attention. I gave him a little history about the project Cindi and I were working on and that he couldn’t tell anyone about it. Sean just nodded obsessively. I told him to go open the box I brought home. To his dismay Sean unveiled a full length, full body encapsulating looking suit. Sean just looked at me and shook his and started complaining that it was bad enough that he was down in the dumps, but I had picked a bad time to buy him a rubber catsuit, just to test his sexual emotions.

I just looked at him and let him go on for a while and then stopped him and asked him if he was through with his pissing and moaning. He stopped and started to listen. I explained that this was no ordinary fabric and showed him the interface and chip and all the programs I had written. He sat back and with a puppy dog look apologized.

“I thought you were just trying to hit on me.” “Admit it, you do find me attractive right? Even with us being the best of friends, Danny you are sexually attracted to me, correct?”

This was the first time Sean and I had ever had this conversation. I liked Sean very much and Sean was a very attractive guy. He was 6′ tall, 33″ waist, 46″ chest and a six pack to die for. With all the fooling around that we have had over the years, I did occasionally dream of what it would be like if Sean and I were more than just friends. Our friendship though always mattered more though, so I always dismissed the feelings.

“Sean” I responded, “We have known each other for 15 years, we have been through it all and back again. Even though I do find you attractive and have had a few dreams now and then. The bottom line is simple. Our friendship means more than anything in this world! Besides, it’s not like you haven’t taunted me enough.”

Sean sat back down and I went over to the rocking chair on the other side of the room and started reading one of my trade magazines; a while went by and he started asking me about the suit. After a while I convinced him to try it on and we could test my programs.

Sean unfolded the suit very gentle and held it up. The suit had been built as one piece. It had a fully enclosed hood with just eye’s, nose and a mouth opening. It had built in gloves and booties. As soon as Sean turned the suit around he noticed it had something else. An area around where his crotch should be, there was an attached enclosed rubber sleeve. He glared over at me. I just smiled and responded with “you did want to find out what made your nuts itch didn’t you?”

Sean stopped. He looked at me and with a smile on his face he decided to inform me that to make this easier and less stressful for him, he was going to do something I little unconventional. Sean, who used to love playing Dungeons and Dragons used to really get into role playing. He decided that he would change modes and play that part of a closeted gay guy. However, even though the acting would be great, there would be nothing even close to a sexual act. We both agreed. He started to undress in front of me. I just looked at him and asked him why he was doing that here for.

He just smiled and said, “it’s nothing you haven’t seen before is it?”

I guess I was just shocked at the moment. Sean stood in front of me fully naked, his chiseled body starting to glisten with sweat, a full body suit draped over his arm and I’m having second thoughts.

Sean looked at me and asked “Ok, how do I put it on? You have used one of these before I would assume?”

I guess that was a correct assumption. I told him to take the talc powder out of the box that the suit was in and cover your self liberally with it. The suit should then just slide on.

Sean was just about to open the container of talc when he started to think about the logistics of the suit. He stopped and looked at me and asked me for the suit to really work well it needed to be in touch with the skin. I responded with a yep.

He then looked over at me and asked, “What about my hair?”

I stopped everything. I hadn’t thought of that. I looked back at him and with a constrained voice responded, “Logically it makes sense that you would get better results with no interference from any of your hair.”

Sean just stood there. A moment of silence fell on both of us. I thought for a moment that this would be the straw that broke the camels back. In order for him to go through with this he was going to have to shave thoroughly.

Sean looked back at me and said, “All righty then, we need to go shave. I’m not going anywhere for a couple of weeks anyways, so no one should notice.”

I stood there with my eyes wide open and I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. He was going to completely shave himself. Then it struck me. “What do you mean WE?”

Sean grinned and said, “I need your help doing this anyways and if I’m going to suffer, you are to. That way we can both laugh at each other.” Sean made his way towards the bathroom and yelled “Are you coming or not?” Remember what I said earlier though.

I still couldn’t believe it, but what the hell, why not.

Sean and I lathered each other up in a rather PG-13 way. I started with his head first, which wasn’t too bad because he always keeps his hair short so that he doesn’t get helmet head. I worked my way down his back and then he turned and I worked down his chest. I stopped and he looked at me and nodded to say OK. I proceeded down his waist which took some delicate time, then around to his butt and both his legs. I got all said and done and realized that as erotic as this was I didn’t get an erection. Maybe I wasn’t really sexually attracted to Sean. Maybe I was just in shock as to what we were doing and I didn’t have time to think about it. All in all I was relieved when I finished him.

I started to turn to leave the shower and Sean grabbed my arm and informed I wasn’t going anywhere. It was his turn now. Evidently he was paying attention to the movements I made. He mimicked many of the strokes. I was watching the drain of the tub. All of a sudden the short blond strands of hair that surrounded the opening were being covered up by much longer brown strands. Sean finished and I felt my head. It was just smooth skin. I couldn’t get over how it felt. He started down my back and then my chest. He too paused for a moment. I looked at him and nodded. He then let out a sigh and proceeded around my waist delicately, back to my butt and then down my legs. If it wasn’t for the shower being cold I would have sprouted an erection that would have pinned Sean up against the shower door. But, I was able to remain relaxed.

Sean finished and laughed. “We’re as smooth as a babies butt now! You should be able to get all kinds of responses now. Do you want a kiss?” He opened the shower door and before I could even respond he handed me a Hershey Kiss with a devilish grin.

We both got out of the shower and dried off. Sean asked me if I had any of my fetish clothes here so that I wouldn’t be out of place. I was actually surprised. I didn’t realize that he knew that I occasionally went to fetish clubs. I kinda smirked and went into my bedroom and returned with a pair of vinyl pants and long sleeve vinyl shirt that I had.

Sean leaned over and grabbed the container of talc and started covering himself with it. He looked like a white athletic ghost. Sean bent over and first put his feet in the booties. Made a few adjustments to get the air out and then proceeded to work the suit up his legs and then situated his member into the sleeve. Once that was done, he pushed his arms down the sleeves and finished with the hood. Finally he asked me to “zip him up” since the zipper was in the back. It went from the base of his spine all the way to his neck. I then noticed that the hood actually needed to be tied like a sneaker. There were small holes alternating from side-to-side with a very thin, but very strong piece lace. I threaded the holes and tightened and tied the end and sure enough the zipper then anchored the knot so it wouldn’t loosen up. Sean and I were both wondering why the zipper just didn’t go all the way up. We just shrugged our shoulders and dismissed the question.

Finally, there was the finished product. I stood there in my vinyl club outfit gazing on my roommate. The suit fit absolutely flawlessly. It stretched over every nook and cranny of Sean’s physique. Every abs workout, every weight lifting exercise was shown in the definition of Sean’s body encased in this suit. My mouth fell wide open.

Sean looked at my through the eye holes. “Do you need a drool cup? Remember we are on a mission here!”

We went out to the garage. Sean was about to start up his bike when I showed him the chip interface that I needed to install. He took the seat off and we opened up the Power Commander, inserted the chip and we were ready. I hooked my Ipaq up to the serial connection on the Power Commander. I made a special mounting kit and installed it under the seat as well. Sean looked a little puzzled as to how I was going to control the Ipaq from under the seat. I pulled out another Ipaq and showed him that I set up a wireless network between the two so that I could collect everything remotely. He put the seat back on and sat on the bike. The interface cable for the suit and the Power Commander came up between the tank and the seat and sure enough connected to the external sleeve of the suit. Sean looked at me a little concerned and I promised him he wouldn’t get electrocuted. Everyone and everything was now connected. Time to fire it up.

Sean started up the bike and I sat back with my Ipaq. My programs interface came alive. It was showing me the RPM’s of the bike when Sean was at idle and when he goosed it. The whole mixture table for the engine was present. We had made sure to select the Yosh pipe that he had installed. Now it was time for the custom programming. I hit the tab on the table for my program and Sean’s statistics were displayed. I was able to collect information on every square inch of Sean’s body. Every time Sean goosed the throttle the RPM’S would go up and all the sensors in the suit would react. Sean shut the bike down and got off the bike. I couldn’t happen to notice that Sean was quite excited over the progress. I really wanted to bust on him, but decided we had come to far to ruin it. Sean sat on the steps that led into the garage.

He paused for a moment and looked up at me and asked, “How am I supposed to ride my bike looking like this? I will be the laughing stock of the town.”

I looked at him and reminded him that it was his birthday and anything is possible. I then instructed him to go to the family room and retrieve the boxes UPS had left. He did so with out apprehension. Sean lined them up in the garage almost like it was Christmas. I told him to open the big one first. Sean tore into the box. He pulled out a full one piece professional racing leather suit. It was black, silver and had an accent of the exact copper color of his bike. I pointed out that it had titanium inserts in the knee pucks also. Sean was absolutely stunned. Before I could even explain that I had bought it on E-bay for a song; Sean had the suit on and zipped up. He went over to the other boxes to find boots, gloves, spine protector and last but not least a custom painted helmet.

“Where did you find this stuff? It’s the best present anyone has ever given me.” Sean immediately and with out hesitation came over and gave me a great big bear hug. I almost thought I heard a scratch in his voice that would indicate he was crying, but one really couldn’t tell with all his gear on. He went to put the helmet and we both now realized that the lacing was not even noticeable as compared to what a zipper would have felt like in his helmet. Somebody did some planning.

With that, he hopped on the bike and burned out down the street. He didn’t even get to the second house and he was standing tall gazing over the windscreen as the bike was standing almost completely vertical. I grabbed the Ipaq quickly and turned on capture mode before he got out of range.

About 45 minutes went by and I heard Sean downshifting while coming down the street. He parked in the garage and immediately shut the door. He came in the townhouse yelling for me.

“You are not going to believe this. I flew through the twisties at almost twice the speed as before. I got to the last corner and really got on it. The front end came up and I rode a wheelie over the moguls at 104 mph for almost 1.5 miles. I got so hard and was already getting quite sweaty in this getup as soon as I felt the itch I blew my wad. It was the all time most orgasmic experience I have ever had. It even beets Tina. Please tell me you have the data.”

I ran out with my Ipaq and checked the table. I followed the graphs all the way from the point in time that the sleeve’s data started increasing. I followed it all the way till the graph peaked. Noted the reference points and transferred the data out to a special file for archiving. I looked at him with amazement and confirmed we had it.

Sean just starred into space with absolute euphoria. He looked at me and said that he was so happy that we would be able to at least know what was necessary to get to that point again. I just looked at him grinned and smiled in a Dr. Evil way.

“What’s so funny?” Sean paused to see my remark.

“Want to hit instant replay” I asked with a quite confident look. Sean looked puzzled. I informed him that the project that I was working on was to not only collect the data, but to also provide responses to driving selections.

“NO WAY! YOU CAN DO THAT!” Sean just about leaped over to me.

With that I hit the replay command. Sean just stood there and started shaking. His facial expressions through the hood were quite interesting to interpret. I watched as his eyes almost rolled back in his head and he started breathing harder and harder. Finally, I heard an Oh my God and the program was over. Sean looked at me with a noticeable tear running down the eye opening of the suit.

“You’re the man Danny, you’re the man. I love you man!”

Sean walked over wrapped his arms around Danny and

... to be continued.