The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Power Outage

* * *

Dedicated to all those who got caught by the 8-14-03 blackout, stuck for hours with nothing to do...

* * *

A bike rack. A real, honest-to-God bicycle rack, not that stupid ‘mod’ piece of bent steel, but a galvanized steel tube rack with fifteen spaces, and only five bikes parked in it. I hopped off and parked, quickly chaining it up and ‘field-stripping’ it, so nobody else would. The headlight, water bottle, and seat all went into the backpack with practiced skill; I left the helmet hanging off the handlebars. I’d learned the hard way that ANYTHING on your bike was fair game,except helmets, even though I figured I’d only be inside a few minutes. Nobody stole helmets. Ever. I checked the address on the packet, on the fifty-fourth floor of the building I was in front of. I went in, got an okay from the fat security guard at the desk, after he called up to the office I was delivering to. I got on the elevator, getting a glance or two from a couple of pretty girls who got off on the twentieth. Okay, so I wear the spandex gear, I like the feel of it, and it sure doesn’t hurt my ego to get those kinds of looks, even from girls. The biking keeps my legs and butt in good shape, and a little working out helps keep the rest of the package looking good. I flashed a smile at the girls as they exited, just to make the suits behind me jealous of the buffed bike messenger. We stopped again at the thirty-fourth, the thirty-seventh, the forty-first, the forty-sixth, then at the fiftieth; I was starting to think I should have taken an express instead of a local. There was a prissy little suit with a pink tie waiting at the doors when I got off; he pointed at the packet.

“Is that for Grammell Company?” He flashed an officious plastic ID card at me, the kind with the little clip on it. He looked me up and down, the glare faded and started to go doe-eyed, oh, he wanted a delivery, all right.

“Yeah. You...” I looked at the packet, though I didn’t need to, I remembered the name and actually managed to keep a straight face, “Richard Lickerman?” He hadda be gay, with a name like that. I could almost hear the kids in the schoolyard taunting him, ‘Dick Licker Man!’ He gave me a patient, pained look. “Lie-kerr-man, it’s pronounced Lie-kerr-man.” Sure it is...Dick. His eyes were straying down to the spandex crotch; well, I was wearing it so I’d GET those kind of looks, I had nobody to blame but myself. I looked at the badge, it was him alright. I held out the packet, and he took it, his hand straying ‘accidentally’ over mine as he did. I handed him the pad, and he signed for it, then did the hand thing again as he handed it back. I thought he was going to start salivating. “Thanks so much.” He dug in his pocket, pulled out a wallet, and handed me a twenty. That was another reason for wearing the spandex, I always get good tips from the girls and the gays. His card was there, too, I pretended not to notice as I stuffed the bill into my pack.

“Thank YOU.” I shot him the ‘second-degree’ smile, as an ex-lover used to call it, I figured I’d never see the little fairy again, why not give him a little thrill. I turned and jabbed the button for the elevator, and I could feel his eyes rake over the dorsal view, mentally stripping off the close-fitting shorts and shirt. Not that there was much need, what I wore left very little to the imagination. I looked at the bank of lights, the next one over was about to arrive. I got to the door, and two suits moved to where I was as the doors opened. We got on together, there were three more suits and a little Latino guy, looked like a busboy, with a couple of big bags that said ‘Tyrone’s For Takeout’ on them. I heard a tiny sigh, then Mr. Lie-kerr-man’s expensive loafers clicked away across the foyer toward the offices. On forty-five, the two who got on with me stepped out, and the doors had just closed when the lights flicked off. The car gave a shake, the lights went back on, and we started to move again, then the lights went off and we came to a stop.

“Christ!” I felt a hand push hard onto my butt. “Sorry, where’s the emergency button?”

“Well, it ain’t THERE, pal. Good thing I wasn’t facin’ the other way, I’d be singin’ soprano.” A couple of chuckles came out of the darkness, and another voice spoke.

“What are you doing, Nate? I didn’t think you were that kinda guy.” I could hear the guy who’d grabbed me pushing on buttons, but nothing was happening, no bells or lights.

“Come on, come on!” I could hear the rise in Nate’s voice. “What the fuck’s wrong with this thing?” I heard him start to pound on the button. “LET US OUT! HEY! WE’RE STUCK IN HERE!” I groped into my pack and pulled out my bike headlight, flicked it on. I could see the panic in Nate’s face as I shone it on him.

“Hey, take it easy. It’s just a blackout, they’ll have it fixed soon.” He was breathing funny, kind of panting, and he was grabbing at his collar. The other suits stepped over to him. One was jabbing at his cellphone, but didn’t seem to be getting anything.

“Come on, Nate. Just relax. Don’t tell me you’re afraid of the dark.” He was sweating, starting to shake a little. I got my cellphone out, tried it too, but only got a fast beeping. No service. Okay, I was getting a little nervous, too

“Naah, I’m okay. Just don’t like...being stuck in a little box like this.” Great. In an elevator in a blackout with a claustrophobe. Well, I thought, could be worse, I could be stuck with Dick Lickerman trying to ‘push the emergency button’ on me. I switched off the light, and Nate’s voice quavered at me. “Hey, what’re you doing? Leave that on!”

“Look, we could be in here awhile. Nate. And the batteries won’t last that long. I think we should conserve what we have for when we might need it, okay?” The two other suits started talking soothingly.

“That makes sense, doesn’t it? We might need to...signal, or something.”

“He’s right, Nate. Besides, when it’s dark, you can imagine you’re outside, in Central Park, with lots of space around you. Just take it easy, okee doke?”

“Can’t we just, just pry the doors open or something? Maybe we can get ourselves out of here.” Nate didn’t sound any calmer.

“Si, she is good idea.” The thickly-accented voice came from behind me. I heard the rustle of the carryout bags being set down, and the little Latino went around the handrail (HE had the sense not to go groping around in the dark) to the door. Nate joined him, and together they clawed at the door, which began to creak open under their efforts. I switched the light on, the door was starting to slide, and the two other suits got involved, pulling on either side until the metal slid apart. We stared at the concrete wall, with the stencilled lettering telling us “FLOOR 42’, and further down, crudely scrawled, that ‘1972 Vince Salzarini sucks on my big weenie’. Near it, there was another slogan, this in light blue paint, ‘1973 Teddy Blass takes it in the ass’. “She is open up at top?” The little guy sounded hopeful. I shone the light upward, but there was nothing but rough cement, nor was there any sign of an opening at the bottom of the doorframe. Suit number one pulled off his coat, revealing a silk dress shirt, all four men were panting with the effort they’d wasted. The doors creaked shut again. Nate started on the buttons again, this time he was really pounding on the ‘Emergency Bell’ one, with his fist. I pulled him away.

“Hey! HEY! That isn’t going to do any good! And you’re gonna hurt yourself. Just sit down here, and just...close your eyes, okay? And take deep breaths.” I used my ‘commander’ voice, and to my surprise, he seemed to cool down a little as he slid to the floor. The other suits hunkered down on either side of him, trying to be reassuring. I left the light on to try and calm Nate down, it seemed to help too. I shone it upward, into the reflector of the light fixture, and the whole elevator lit dimly.

“C’mon, take it easy. They’ll get us out, we gotta just sit tight and keep calm.”

“Easy, just take deep breaths, in, out, that’s it. Relax.” He was a little better, but he wasn’t ‘taking it easy’, not by a long shot. I squatted down in front of him, and tried to sound in charge , yet reasonable.

“Listen, Nate. My name’s Justin. You’re going to need to loosen up. I need you to trust me, I want you to do some stress-management exercises with me, okay?” He nodded tightly. I smiled reassuringly, the ‘first-degree’ smile, the one my ex had said I could get away with murder if I turned it on a judge and jury. Come to think of it, it had gotten me out of a few scrapes, at that. He smiled back, thinly, but he seemed to come down a little more, get interested in what I was saying. I slowed my speech down, and made every word as soothing as I could. “Good. Now first, just lean back against the wall, try and get as comfortable as you can.” I fumbled around in the pack, found my seat, and unclipped the taillight off it. It was battery-operated, too, the kind that had LEDs in it that could be either steady or blinking. This one had five settings, and the last was a dizzying random flash pattern. “Now put your hands in your lap, and just watch the blinking lights.” I switched it on, and held it up in the palm of my hand as I switched off the headlight. The red flashes played across Nate’s face, and I saw his eyes darting to follow the blinking lights. “That’s right, just breathe deeply, and watch the lights as they dance.” I swayed my hand back and forth as I spoke. “Relaxing, watching the lights flash. The last light, the one there by my thumb, when that light flashes, I want you to blink. Every time it flashes, you need to blink.” He was watching, I’d hooked him. He blinked, then a few seconds later, blinked again. “Good. It’s making your eyes a little tired, watching the lights as they dance.” Blink. “Concentrating, relaxing, you feel your body relaxing, your legs are so relaxed,” blink, “your arms, feel your whole body becoming heavier, so relaxed, so tired.” Blink. He settled against the wall, slumping slightly as his head leaned backward. Blink. “You’re so tired, so relaxed, when I count to five, your eyes will close and you’ll be completely relaxed.” Blink. “One. So peaceful, so still, so calm.” Blink. “Two. Your eyes can hardly stay open, so tired, so relaxed.” Blink. “Three. Nearly there, you want to slip into sleep, so peaceful.” Blink. “Four. You’re so tired, so serene. Drifting, quiet, floating.” Blink. “Five. Your eyes slide shut, you can’t keep them open anymore. Relax. Relax and sleep, peaceful, still, serene. Deeply asleep, deeper with each breath, into a relaxing, pleasant trance. So tranquil. Just floating, listening to my voice, you want to listen to my suggestions, you want to obey my words.” His head had slouched over onto his shoulder, and his body slowly sagged into the suit sitting next to him. Who slipped slowly sideways until he rested against the back wall of the elevator. I’d put them both under. I thumbed the button on the taillight, and set it to steady mode, while I glanced a little apologetically at suit number three. He didn’t notice, though, he slowly slid over onto Nate, his head rolling down into Nate’s lap. Three for three! I stood up and turned to the little Latino; he was standing, but his head was slanted forward onto his chest. Well, damn! He was under, too? I was better at this than I’d thought. I put a hand on his shoulder as I said, “You, the one whose shoulder I’m touching. What is your name?” He didn’t speak English well, but he seemed to understand it, or he probably wouldn’t have gone under.

“Lupe de Jesus Morales Escondido.”

“Lupe, I want you to sit down and relax.” He slid down the wall, crossing his legs Indian-style as he sat down. “Muy bueno, Lupe.” I turned back to the three sleepers on the opposite wall. The red light was giving the whole scene a rather eerie cast, so I switched it off and put the white light back on. “The three men in suits, I want you to stand up.” All three got to their feet. I moved in and took close inspection. Suit one was expensive, I could tell from the clothes and the grooming. Nothing less than Armani, even the haircut cost a hundred bucks, I bet. But it was worth it, he was as pretty as they come, wavy light brown hair, strong chin, slender, saucily upturned nose, thin lips, he even had a cute little mole on his left temple. Bet he drove a Porsche, the whale-tail kind, drove it too fast, too. The relaxed, blank slumber gave him a boyish charm. I put a hand on him. “You, the one I’m touching. What is your name?”

“Glenn Taylor.” The slow, relaxed tone was even more charming.

“Glenn, it’s starting to get warm in here. You need to get out of those expensive clothes, so you don’t ruin them with sweat stains. As soon as you have your clothes off, you’ll be much more comfortable.” Lazily, he began pulling off his tie as I moved over to Nate. Now that he was calm, I could see he wasn’t a bad looker, either, though not as expensive as Glenn. A good tailor can do a lot for a man, and it looked like Nate had one to alter his off-the-rack suits. “Nate, you’re at the beach, on a hot summer day, just open sea and sky and beautiful white sand, and some palm trees for shade. You don’t need to be in your clothes, it’s a nude beach, strip down and get some sun.” He dutifully began to shed clothes, dropping them in a pile. Suit number three was a little older than the first two; his short, blow-dried dark hair was groomed perfectly, peppered with white, as was his mustache. Maybe it was just the thought that I had them all in a trance, or that guys are just cuter when they’re asleep, but he was damn good-looking, too, I decided. And the bulk of the shoulders and the small waist promised some very good musculature under that suit, as well. I put a hand on his chest, and I was even surer of that physique. “You, the one I’m touching. What is your name?” The big chest moved as he took in a breath, his arm automatically moving up for an introductory handshake.

“Scott. Scott Branoff.” I took his hand, he gave a power shake and released.

“Scott, you’re at home, getting ready for bed. You want to have a nice shower before you do, so get out of those clothes so you can get in and under the nice, relaxing water.” Obligingly, he started to shed his clothes, too. I watched the three suits finish peeling; I’d been right, Scott was a really fine specimen, and the other two were no slouches, especially Glenn, he must spend some cash on a gym membership. Ahh, what the hell, I decided. When was I going to have this kind of chance again? I turned around. “Lupe, you just dumped a whole big order of food on yourself, and your clothes are soaked. You need to take them off so you can clean up.” His head came up, he looked at me and smiled.

“Senor Justin, you are maybe very good, I watch much hypnotists, I play along as I see the men, they close their eyes. You have slept these men, but not to me.” The grin grew bigger. “But this idea you are giving to them, I like her. The men, they are you say, hot studs, yes?” His hands were twitching at his crotch. “Maybe, maybe Lupe help you to give to the studs more ideas?” Well, well! Lupe was a member of the cream team!

“Lupe, what did you have in mind?” His dark eyes danced as he stepped in. He pointed to Glenn, who stood naked, his skin an impossibly even dark brown that spoke of time in tanning salons.

“This men, he are always so unkind to us, to the ones who serve. I bring the food many time to his office. No tip, always he complain, always he do not give me thanks. Mi amigo, he is you say, rude motherfucker.” I chuckled, looking at the handsome, peaceful face of the sleeper.

“Lupe, the rude motherfucker needs a lesson, yes?”

“This would make Lupe very glad.” By the lump in his Levis, I could see Lupe was already pretty glad. I leaned in and whispered to him.

“Would a blowjob do for a start? I don’t know how much time we might have here.” He patted me on the arm.

“You are simpatico, mi amigo. She will do for the start.” I turned back to Glenn as Lupe began to unzip his jeans.

“Glenn, Nate, Scott, I want all three of you to listen carefully. Whenever I say ‘power nap’ to you, you will go back into a trance, just as deeply as you now are. Whenever I say the words ‘power nap’. Glenn, I want you to kneel down.” He dropped to the floor, and I noticed that he’d neatly draped all his expensive clothes over the handrail of the car. “Glenn, it’s even hotter now, and you need something to cool you off. Something icy cold, and refreshing.” The flashlight reflected the beads of sweat that started to form on his body. His mouth opened slightly as the beads of sweat began to pool together and course down him. “You’re so hot now, so parched, and you need a cool, icy treat to refresh you. You want it to last, you want the refreshing feeling to last as long as you can, so you’re only going to lick and suck on the cool, refreshing ice cream bar that’s right there in front of you.” His mouth opened wider, and a runner of drool spilled over his lower lip as he leaned forward. Lupe was right there, with an impressive erection, and Glenn began to slurp eagerly at his ice cream. Nate, meantime, had stretched out on the floor of the car, his hands behind his head as he smilingly enjoyed the tropic sun, all thoughts of claustrophobia forgotten. And Scott was moving in a small circle, rubbing his hand across his nude body as he imagined a shower. I watched him, saw the swell of his muscles beneath his skin as he moved. I hoped he paid his personal trainer well, the guy had done a hell of a job on Scott. I couldn’t see any body fat to speak of, and everything on him was beautifully proportioned and defined, without being grotesquely large. He rotated toward me again, his leg lifting as he ‘soaped’ it; he even had a beautiful cock, not too big, proportioned nicely to the physique. He started to lift the other leg, then wobbled a bit, put the leg down, and bent almost double instead to ‘lather’ it. Those gorgeous rounded buns were too much for me, I’d already packed a rod just watching my suits strip, and now it was time for some action, or I’d have an unsightly stretch mark and stains on my spandex. I pulled down my shorts and got willy freed. Scott was still hunched over, rubbing his toes, and I commanded, “Scott, when I put my hand on you, you’ll turn into a block of ice, frozen solid.” I touched him, and he stopped where he was, face downward, one hand just starting to come back up his leg, the other still at the top of his foot. I slid my hand down his back to that beautiful, firm ass as I looked over the curves and ridges of his handsome figure. Usually, I’m more of an ‘arm’ man, all my exes have had great upper-body development, and that’s one of the ‘criteria’ near the top of my list; but Scott had it all, from the light spray of grey in his smooth hair right down to the ends of those cute, well-manicured toes. “Scott, the only way to thaw you out, to free you from your ice, is to use a heat probe. I’ll need to insert it here,” I ran a finger down the tight line between his buns, “in order to do it. Without the heat probe, you can’t last, so I have to do it right now.” I pushed the ‘eye of the hurricane’ (as another ex used to call it) in, and felt the flesh around it relax and give way as I began to feed it through into Scott. I put my light down on my pack so it shone straight up to the ceiling again, dimly lighting the whole elevator, and I took one of his arms in each hand. They were rigidly stuck where they were, his biceps relaxed and meaty, and I gently pulled him toward me until everything was home free. Good God, he was even the perfect size THERE! Moving my hands to the sides of his chest, I rocked him back and forth against me, trying to jack slowly and enjoy it more, if such were possible. Lupe, for his part, had been muttering a stream of Spanish that had gotten louder as he climaxed, too rapid for me to understand, though I did pick out ‘beche’ more than once. Not that I’d have translated much even if he’d been talking slower, I was so involved with the pleasure of ‘thawing my ice sculpture’ that I probably wouldn’t have noticed if the power had come back on and the doors had opened. I ran my hands over his still body, leaning onto his back to touch his legs, his beautifully ridged abs, and that adorable pecker in its little thatch of hair. As I touched it, I felt it ‘thaw out’ and start to rise, so I worked the crotch for a little while, blissfully bringing his gun to bear while I closed in on my own orgasm. Lupe’s torrent of Spanish ended in a shout, and he slumped to his knees in front of Glenn, who instantly followed his ‘ice cream’, folding at the waist and crouching on the floor to get in a few more licks. Lupe was panting hard, but he gave in to Glenn’s snakelike maneuvering after trying a few times to push him away. Glenn got Lupe’s cock in his mouth again, and Lupe grinned up at me, a little painfully.

“ no stop, the rude motherfucker.” I chuckled.

“Lupe, you have finished?” He was weakly trying to pull Glenn’s head away again.

“Si! No! No finish, but...resting, momentito por favor!”

“Glenn, stand up and open your eyes. Come over here.” He got to his feet and looked at me, then stepped over Nate’s prostrate, sweating form. There was a splash of semen at the corner of his mouth, which still hung open. “There is another ice cream bar for you, if you kneel down here.” I pointed to the floor in front of Scott. “Now close your eyes, and you’ll get your treat.” Glenn knew by now what his ‘ice cream bar’ felt like, all I had to do was put the tip of Scott’s pecker to his lips, and he moved in and began sucking. Lupe’s breathing slowed a bit, he sat and watched our threesome ‘close the deal’. I could feel Scott’s body ‘thawing’ under my ministrations, though he remained in position, Glenn still pulling insatiatiably at his cock. I erupted into Scott, jolting against his smooth, beefy buttocks again and again. I felt him fold lower, his big torso pushing Glenn downward. Instantly, Glenn twisted his head around, trying to get back to his position as Scott sank further against his own legs. Glenn must have a real sweet tooth, I mused as I watched him maneuver himself. Lupe giggled, watching Glenn’s efforts.

“Still, he is no satisfy.” His teeth shone whitely in his dark face as he grinned at me again.

“Yeah, his kind never is, huh?” The smell of the food in those carryout bags was getting stronger in the close quarters of the elevator, but now mixed in was the scent of what had pulled out of Scott on my cock. “Glenn, stop. Freeze where you are.” He paused, his mouth open, his hands lifted upward, trying to push Scott’s dead weight away from his ‘ice cream bar’. “Scott, stand up. You’re completely relaxed, comfortable and at ease. Now Scott, lie down on the beach, next to Nate, and enjoy the tropic sun and beautiful ocean breeze.” He dropped down, stretching out on his stomach, his head at Nate’s feet. He reached down under him, made a small adjustment, and then relaxed into the ‘sand’. I stepped into the spot he’d vacated, Glenn just in front of me, openmouthed, his hands raised questingly. “Glenn, when I put my hand on top of your head, you can move again. Here’s another ice cream treat, this one is chocolate.” I set my hand on him again, and he buried his face in my crotch, suctioning onto my pecker and rasping his tongue over it. Lupe giggled again.

“You are no satisfy, too!” I tried to answer, but it only came out as a moan. He shook his head. “You will also make the nervous one to play?” He pointed to Nate, now glistening with sweat. I collected myself and tried to give a more coherent answer. Glenn had a really incredible tongue.

“Aaaahnd you thiink I am no saaahtisfy? Lupe would liiike more, si?” He gave a short, barking laugh.

“Si! But there is time, I think. The lights, they are no for long, they will be no for more long.” His words came dimly in, as I climaxed, dredging up what must be the last of my trouser troops for a while. The air in the elevator was getting a little warm, what with all the exertions that had been going on; I figured we all needed a little down time. I caught my breath and sat down, Glenn’s head trailing after me as I did. “Glenn, stop, relax. Lie down here on the sand next to Scott, and take a nice, relaxing rest on the beach.” He obediently rolled onto the floor, his arms at his sides, his cock standing at almost half-mast. Guess chocolate WAS an aphrodisiac. “The food, perhaps we should eat? I think that the ones who order do not want now.” I picked up my shorts from the floor. “No, Justin, you are I think very handsome. Please to stay without, it is very warm here.” He was right, it was warm. I found myself shrugging off my shirt as he took off his. He eyed me approvingly. “You and these men, you are most handsome, very beautiful to watch.” He finished stripping down; not bad, slim and defined, beautifully dark-skinned all over, very nicely put together, although not as big as I like them. He crawled over to the food, pulled two white styrofoam containers from one of the bags. “This is the caliente, she will be spoil if no eating.” He gestured. “Por favor, sit. The air, she is cooler here.” He popped open the boxes, one had fettucine with chicken and vegetables in a white sauce, and the other had a spicy-smelling rice and beef chunks. He pointed at the rice dish. “I eat, si? She is my best like.” I nodded, smiling. We sat and ate, both of us eyeing the sweaty, sleeping men on the floor, and grinning at each other like kids in a candy shop. The food was delicious, but I tried to curb myself. We might be here a while, and there was no sense in stuffing myself, there was no sanitation either. My mind started to go over the reality of our predicament; I remembered the last blackout had lasted for days, but I’d been out in the open for that one.

“How long have we been here?” Lupe looked at his watch, but before he could answer, three mumbling voices replied from the other side of the car.

“Sixty-seven...minutes,” muttered Scott.

“’ hour,” whispered Nate.

“More’ hour,” Glenn murmured. Lupe grinned at me.

“The sleepers, they are the good clocks. Si, more than the hour have pass. The air, it may be bad soon, no?”

“You’re right, I think we need to see if there’s another way out of here.” I picked up my light, and held it above me as I examined the roof of the car.

“Here.” Lupe was pointing up at the right rear corner of the ceiling. I shone the light there. He was right, there was an outline there, what looked like an access hatch. But the roof was about ten feet from the floor, the builders had tried to give the impression of spaciousness, I guessed. We’d need a ladder of some kind to get up to it. Too bad I hadn’t got one of THOSE in my pack. “These too tall, perhaps I can stand on you to reach?” He looked past me at the row of slumberers. “No! These, they will be to stand on! This I see on the television, the woman is slept, made into the rod of iron, and the man, he stand on her. You can do this to the men?” I’d seen something similar myself. It was worth a try.

“Glenn, Scott, Nate, stand up.” The men rose, Glenn facing toward the wall, and the other two turned toward me. I guessed it was Nate’s turn to shine, the other two looked better equipped to be upright support beams, anyhow. “Nate, your whole body is becoming stiff, rigid as a steel post. Your bones are becoming stone, your limbs are locked immovably, your flesh is becoming iron. You can still breathe normally, but you are a statue, immobile, solid.” I took his shoulder, pulled on it, and he rocked stiffly toward me, the statue I had ordered him to be. I stood him upright again, and he swayed slightly as I released him. “Scott, Glenn, open your eyes. Scott, take Nate’s shoulders, Glenn, take Nate’s ankles, and carry him over to that corner.” They watched me point over at Lupe, who was pulling on his jeans again. They turned to Nate, lifted him up, and brought him over to the corner. “Scott, Glenn, your hands are welded, bonded to Nate, your bodies are locked, rigid, made of steel. The three of you are a single block of stone, immovable, unbending, fixed.” I saw the two men stiffen, Glenn’s hands gripping Nate’s ankles firmly as Scott’s biceps popped out. I went down on one knee, and Lupe climbed up onto the human platform. He reached upward.

“She still is too far.”

“Scott, Glenn, your arms are no longer rigid, no longer stone. Nate’s body is made of balsa wood, it is very light, and you will lift it slowly up to the level of your chest.” Despite my suggestion of lightness, I could see their arm muscles tense as they obeyed, the veins popping out. Their faces remained blank, staring across at each other and at Lupe’s shins, but their arms began to shake slightly.

“She is good, now I reach.”

“Scott, Glenn, lock your arms. They are made of stone again, held rigidly as steel.” The shaking ceased, they resumed their fixed poses. I couldn’t resist, I strayed a hand across Scott’s taut arm, then down onto his now deeply-rippled, tensed abs; my cock started to rise at the sensation. Above me, there was a metallic clang, and the heavy, hot air in the car began to dissipate. Lupe shouted, his voice echoing in the long shaft above us.

“Hello! Help! You can hear! Help!” The echoes began to die. Far above us, there was a faint clanging sound. We listened anxiously. Its echoes faded, too. “Hello! HELLO!” The clanging was not repeated. Lupe put his head down into the car again, resting his weight onto Nate’s stiff form. “Justin, give for me the light.” I got it, shadows wheeled crazily as I tossed it upward, and the car went black. Above me, Lupe was silhouetted in the oblong opening, shining the light up. “The door, she is very near us. Maybe, I can open. I go up.”

“Wait, first come back down here, Lupe.” He shone the light back downward.

“I bring the help, I find someone.” The light went back up.

“Not yet, come back down. Let me see first. Por favor, mi amigo.” The light dropped, and I grabbed at it as it fell. I shone it up, Lupe had dropped down and was standing again on Nate’s stomach. He laid down, put his legs over Nate’s side, and dropped to the floor again. “Gracias. Lupe, maybe we’re safer in here instead of up there jumping on the roof. It’s a long way down if you fall. Let me look, the most important thing is that we have some good air in here now anyhow.” I’d set down the flashlight again, and I pulled on my shorts as I spoke. Lupe nodded, then cupped his hands together for me to step into. I put a foot in them, then stepped onto his shoulder; he gave a little grunt.

“Senor, I wish you have slept me as well, I too could be the rod of iron now.” I clambered onto Nate, pulling hard against one locked arm as I got up. Lupe took the light and held it high, and I reached down and took it. I stood, feeling the stimulating sensation of Nate’s body locked beneath me; I looked through the opening, shone the light upward. I might, straining on tiptoe, reach the bottom of the door, but I wouldn’t have the leverage to open it. And climbing up there to get a better position looked suicidal; as I’d thought, there was a good-sized opening around the car, and no railing of any kind on the roof.

“Lupe, we won’t try that until we’re a lot more desperate. We’re more than forty stories up, and there’s nothing to catch onto if you slip.” I slipped back down and dropped to the floor.

“Justin, this I can do! I do no fear.” He took my hands and tried to cup them as he had. I pulled away, shaking my head.

“Glenn, Scott, you are no longer frozen, no longer made of stone. Put Nate back down on the floor.” Their arms lowered, they bent down and deposited Nate on the carpet.

“I do not fear! I bring the help!” I shook my head resolutely.

“We’re okay right here, Lupe. It’s too dangerous.” He looked sullenly at the floor.

“Justin is coward.”

“Lupe is foolish!” His head came back up, and he unexpectedly grinned broadly.

“Maybe, maybe you want Lupe to be the living coward and no the foolish dead?” I gave him the ‘first-degree’ smile.

“Si, mi amigo.” I ran a hand across Scott’s broad, solid back. “And we have our hot studs, I think we can keep occupied for a while. Hey, did you have anything to drink in there?” I pointed at the carryout bags.

“Si, bebidas.” He pulled out two cans of soda; I shook my head.

“Let’s just share the one, we might need the other later.” He popped the top, took a swig, and offered it to me. “Nate, you are no longer stone. Stand up.” He got to his feet alongside the other two men. “When I put this can to your lips, you will take two sips, and you will be completely refreshed and replenished, as if you’d just drunk a quart of water.” I went to each of them in turn, and gave them some. All three were still shining with sweat, I remembered I hadn’t brought them back from the ‘tropics’ yet. “Nate, Scott, Glenn, the tropic sun has set, and it’s a lovely evening, you are cool and comfortable, relaxed and contented, still on the beach, enjoying the blazing canopy of stars overhead. Sit down here on the sand and rest.” The three flopped onto the floor, Nate kneeling, Scott and Glenn leaning against the wall, all three looking raptly upward, smiling faintly. “Lupe, would you like to be a beautiful island girl?” He looked puzzled for a moment, then his face lit up.

“Ah, for the pleasing of the gringos?” I nodded. He pointed at Nate. “This one, I will be beautiful for. He needs much relax.” I leaned down, put a hand on Nate’s shoulder.

“Nate, when I tap your forehead, there will be a gorgeous islander next to you, ready to please you. Your island fantasy come true, Nate.” I put my finger against his forehead as Lupe slid into position. Nate’s tiny smile blossomed into a foolish grin, and he turned and put an arm around Lupe.

“Ah-loha.” He began to neck with Lupe, running his hands across his body as Lupe wrapped himself around him. They curled down onto the floor, rolling one over the other, stopping near the doors. Guess I was left with the rest of the vacationers, I thought.

“Scott, your fantasy dream islander is standing in front of you, ready to please you. Stand up, and show your fantasy how you do it Stateside.” He sprang to his feet and wrapped both arms about me, pulling me into a clinch that really threw me. What a set of lips, maybe it was just that sweet mustache, but the guy really knew how to work what he had. And he had a lot to work with. I melted as he smothered me, his hands roaming at will and taking advantage of every target of opportunity. At this rate, Glenn would have to wait a while, Scott was gonna use me right up. I was doing some reconaissance of my own, one hand climbing slowly up a fleshy lat, the other busy bringing his periscope up, not that he really needed any assist. He pushed softly but firmly on my shoulders, well, I guessed I told him his dream was ready to please, I knelt and started in. He was perfect, perfect, perfect. Just the right size, just the right angle of dangle, he slid into my mouth like a sword into a sheath, exactly. It was such a treat, I rocketed right back to that plateau, not caring if the power ever came back on. I could feel him start to issue, I pulled, he jetted, again, again. He dropped, kneeling in front of me, and took my head in his hands again. That lush, firm set of lips again, this time adding in some tongue for good pleasure, er, measure. If the power did come back on, and we got out of this, I was gonna be back every day, with a special delivery package for Mr. Scott Branoff, personally delivered, Your Eyes Only. His hands were back on the prowl again, damn, they felt so good, not soft and pampered, not rough and calloused, but perfect. This porridge was Just Right. He pulled, leaned back, and I came down on top of him, he began sliding me slowly up and down his body, rubbing me sensuously against him. He came again, powerfully, I felt the spray as it shot between us; how damn much did he have in him? The original Sex Machine! And he was still rubbing, the lubrication sliding me easily over him, as he fired another salvo, then brought me upwards for more mouth-to-mouth. Those sly hands again, the fingers tickling against my skin, and I made a deposit to the already generous layer between us. Hell with daily deliveries, I was taking this one home with me, locking the bedroom door behind us, and throwing away the key. I felt another load squeeze out of him, and this time, he put his head back and panted.

“Oh, jeez. You are something else, I’m never going back to New York. How about it, just you and me?” He slid a slow hand up my back, into my hair. “I can give you anything, you just ask and it’s yours.” He pulled me strongly upward, began licking the semen off my chest and stomach in long, wide laps. Oh, the sensation was incredible! “Come on...” Lick. “ it and I’ll...” Lick. “...get it for you.” I tried to get another shot off, but I was out of ammo, I was actually surprised I’d been able to keep firing as long as I had. He’d licked me pretty much clean, now he was holding me straight-armed up over him, one hand on each side of my chest, like a rag doll. There were those big, beautiful arms, muscle on muscle. “Anything. I’ll buy the island, we’ll kick everybody else off.” He was giving me a dimpled smile that made my ‘first degree’ look like a frown, and those pleading hazel eyes would have melted the ice caps. I put a hand on each of his shoulders.

“Scott, close your eyes, relax, go to sleep.” He was still smiling, his arms gave way under me as I leaned onto him. I tried to avoid going back onto the stickiness on his abdomen, now that I was clean, and managed pretty well. I stood, to find Lupe smiling up at me while Nate busily, hungrily mouthed down his front. He was smiling even more broadly as Nate took his cock with one hand, then slipped it into his mouth and began to suction it.

“Senor Nate, he too is simpatico.” Sure, I thought, why not? Hadn’t really occured to me, but it almost stood to reason at least one of the three was gay. I’d kinda pegged Glenn, by that pricey suit and the silk shirt. The smiles we were exchanging froze, faded as we heard the clanging sound from above, this time closer. Lupe pulled Nate’s head away, jumped up and got under the opening in the roof. “HELLO! HELLO! HELP!” This time, there was a voice, faintly.

“Hello! Where are you? What floor?” Nate had crawled after Lupe, pleading.

“Hey, come back, come on, handsome. We got all night.” Lupe looked helplessly at me as he tried to push Nate away again. I joined them under the opening and shouted up to the voice.

“Forty-two, we think. We’re stuck between the floors.” I looked down at Nate; he was trying, doglike on all fours, to get at Lupe again, who looked like he was trying to dance away from him. “Nate, close your eyes and relax. Sleep.” He collapsed onto his arms and legs, looking even more doglike, as he dropped off.

“We’re at fifty. We’ll be there in a few minutes, and we’ll get you out. Stay calm.” Well, so much for our tropic paradise. I shrugged at Lupe, smiling.

“Guess the island fun will have to wait, eh, amigo?”

“Lupe has enough fun, gracias. I hope I may be sticked in the dark with you again, no too soon?” I opened my arms, and we hugged. He planted a firm kiss on my lips. “Gracias, Justin. I remember this day much.”

“Lupe, for you.” I pointed at Glenn, still sitting, stargazing. “Glenn, whenever you hear Lupe say ‘simpatico’, you will instantly fall into a deep trance, and do whatever Lupe commands. You will be completely in his control whenever he says ‘simpatico’ to you. Glenn, Nate, stand up and get dressed.” The two men rose, Glenn still smiling gently, and moved to their clothes. Scott was another situation, his front was covered with jism, he was a mess. Lupe had just put his shirt back on; he smiled again, dug into the bags, and produced a stack of paper napkins. I guessed it was better than nothing; I swabbed across Scott’s gently breathing torso, soaking handfuls of the paper squares. Best I could do, Lupe held out his empty styrofoam container and I threw the mess into it. “Scott, stand up and get dressed.” He rolled up and stood, began to slip into his boxers. A little sadly, Lupe and I stood watching as the three got back into their attire. Glenn finished first, and Lupe went over to him. He reached under the jacket and pulled out Glenn’s wallet; Glenn just stared dully at a point on the opposite wall, still with a trace of a smile. Lupe opened the billfold, pulled out a wad of cash. I looked at him smiling, but disapprovingly, as I pulled my own shirt back on. He grinned back, then put all but a fifty back in and replaced the wallet. He shrugged at me.

“To pay for the food.” I laughed.

“Okay. Hell, you’ll have him anytime you want, amigo. Just play nice, comprende?” The other two had finished dressing, and the three were standing like a Brooks Brothers window display, Nate staring blankly at the doors, Scott’s eyes fixed on the opposite corner to him. Lupe pulled a comb out of his back pocket and ran it through Nate’s hair, smoothing it back into place. I licked my hand, and repaired Scott’s coiffure in similar fashion. I pulled his lapels straight; just like nothing ever happened, three suits all ready to conquer the corporate world. I ran a finger over Scott’s mustache, rubbed away a little blob of stickum. I reached into his jacket, pulled out his billfold, and opened it. there was a stack of his business cards inside, as I had hoped, and I took one, and slipped the wallet back into his pocket. “Scott, Nate, Glenn, when I clap my hands together twice, you’ll all wake up. You won’t remember being asleep, you won’t remember anything you did or anything that was done to you. But whenever you hear me say the words ‘power nap’ to you, you’ll instantly fall into a deep trance, deeper than the one you’re in now. Whenever I say the words ‘power nap.’” I could hear footsteps faintly, then there was a loud clang just overhead. I brought my hands together sharply, twice, and the three suits looked around stupidly at each other. Another loud clang, their heads all swiveled upward. Nate sent up a shout.

“Thank Christ! HEY! IN HERE! WE’RE IN HERE!” He set to pounding on the door, making the car shake. Above us, the voice came again, loudly, and a little peeved.

“OKAY! Settle down in there, for Chrissake. We’re trying to get a ladder onto the top of the car. We’ll have you out in a minute, just take it easy.” Scott and Glenn went over to Nate.

“You heard him, you gotta relax, okee doke?” There was a thunk on the top of the car, then a few shakes, then the sound of footsteps. A head poked in through the hole in the ceiling, and a flashlight played around the car.

“Everybody okay?”

“Yeah, fucking great. Come on, drop down a ladder or something, get me outta here!” Nate was still up to full adrenaline, and I could see the face at the opening scowl.

“Yeah, yeah. Step back, I’m gonna drop this in.” A bundle of rope and wood appeared at the opening, and unrolled into a rope ladder as it came down. Nate was right there as soon as he recognized it, the other suits close behind. I shouldered up my pack as Nate gingerly climbed, the other two holding the ropes steady for him. Glenn was next, Lupe holding the side of the rope that he’d let go of. I motioned to Scott, and took his place as Lupe and I watched his lovely butt climbing. I pointed upward.

“No, mi amigo, you go.” The face at the opening reappeared.

“Well, somebody come on up, we got two more elevators to check!” I pointed again, and Lupe climbed as I held the ladder. I gave a last look around, there didn’t seem to be anything...the light caught the gleam of something there in the corner, and I went over. Behind me, the voice came again. “Let’s go, I ain’t got all day!” It was a gold pen, engraved with ‘SCOTT BRANOFF’. I slid it into the waistband of my spandex and started up the ladder. It was a little tight going through with the pack on, but the guy waiting there helped me up, then pulled the ladder out. I went over to the other ladder and climbed out, to where Lupe was still standing in the cavernous darkness of the forty-second floor foyer with a security guard.

“Stairs are over there.” The guard waved his flashlight vaguely to the right, then went to the open elevator door to help the other guy out.

“Thanks for the help, guys.”

“Si, gracias.” The guards looked briefly at us, and the one who’d done the climbing smiled.

“No problem.” They started to haul the ladder out. I could hear the footsteps of the three suits echoing toward the stairs, and we hurried along to catch up, my light bobbing as we trotted.

“Scott Branoff?” The footsteps halted, and Lupe and I caught them. Scott was looking at me curiously.

“Yes?” I held out the pen.

“Oh.” He took it, slid it back into his jacket. “Thanks.” He turned away, and the three began to troop through the door, Lupe and I trailing after as we started down the stairwell. Around the thirtieth floor, Glenn was trailing by about a half-flight of stairs, and Lupe had slowed up, too, after giving me a little poke and a wink. I kept up with Scott and Nate, and by the twenty-first floor, Lupe and Glenn had fallen back a whole floor. From above me, I heard a single word from Lupe.

“Simpatico.” The footsteps above stopped. Scott and Nate were still headed down, and I jumped after them, caught up. We were at fourteen before Scott noticed Glenn was gone. He stopped, and Nate bumped against him on the landing.

“What’re you doing?”

“Where’d Glenn go? And that little Mexican?”

“They’re making hot Latin monkey love in the men’s room on twenty-three,” Nate joked. Both men chuckled, and I smiled too. You might be closer than you think, Nate. Scott shouted back upward.

“Glenn? Hey! Pick it up, come on.” We stood and waited, then they turned to go back up.

“Power nap.” I’d just wanted to see if it really worked, just as I figured Lupe had. Both men stopped in midstride, Nate on the landing, Scott starting up the next flight. Guess it did. “Stay where you are. When I clap my hands twice, you’ll wake up and continue down the stairs, as if nothing had happened.” I left them there, pounded back up again. Above me, I heard Lupe.

“Justin, this is you?”

“Yeah, come on. These guys wondered what happened, I had to put them under again before they came back up.” He was giving that muttered stream of Spanish, I figured I knew what Glenn was doing. I found them on the landing to twenty-one, Lupe sitting on the second step of the flight, and Glenn kneeling, ravenously sucking on his cock. “Lupe, Lupe. Still you are no satisfy?” He grinned at me, then put his hand on Glenn’s head. He froze, then sat back on his heels, staring dully at Lupe’s crotch, his mouth in an ‘O’.

“I wish to see that the command, it is good.” He stood, tucked in, and zipped up. “Glenn, stand.” Glenn rocked his knees off the floor and simply unbent his legs, his upper body never moved, his face still in the same blank stare, mouth open. Lupe put a hand up and pushed on his chin, and Glenn’s mouth shut. Lupe wiped a thumbful of cream off Glenn’s blandly slack face. “Glenn, you will wake when the fingers snap. You will remember nothing of the sleep. We are going down the stairs.” He snapped his fingers, and Glenn blinked, then turned and started down the stairs. I jumped after him, trying to get ahead, as Lupe came after us. I reached the sleepers on fourteen first, and clapped my hands sharply at them. They both started, then began down the stairs again. Glenn and Lupe caught up on twelve.

“There you are, what took you?” Glenn looked puzzled at Scott’s question.

“Took me? I’ve been right behind you.” Lupe and I exchanged glances. Glenn jumped the bannister and landed on the flight ahead of Scott. “And now I’m ahead of you, slowpoke. Come on, last one out buys lunch for the other two.” The three clattered away down the stairs, laughing and calling. Lupe and I descended at a more leisurely pace; when we reached the lobby level, the three suits were gone. The lobby guard let us out, and we exited. We shook hands outside.

“Vaya con Dios, mi amigo.” He nodded over at the bike rack, mine was the only one there now. “This that you do, it can be dangerous. Be with care.” I shot the ‘first degree’ smile to him again.

“That goes for you, too, Lupe. Vaya con Dios.” He turned and walked off down the sidewalk, and I went over to the rack.

* * *

“Mr. Branoff? There’s a messenger with a packet for him here at the desk.” The fat guard looked at me like he’d never seen me before, I’d been standing in the same spot six days ago, dressed in the same clothes. “Go ahead up, sixtieth floor.” I went across to the elevators, this time there was one open that sailed right up to sixty without a single stop, with me the only passenger. I padded across the foyer, to a pair of glass doors marked ‘6060—Worldwide Securities’, pushed on the gold handplate. The door swung in, and an older woman in a severely tailored business outfit looked at me approvingly from behind her desk.

“Package for Mr. Branoff.”

“I can take it.” She smiled.

“Sorry, hand delivered, to addressee only.” I gave her a ‘second degree’, and she melted, just like I knew she would.

“The door at the end of the hall.”

“Thank you.” I stalked off, and collected some more smoky glances as I walked past the banks of desks in cubicles. I knocked on a huge oak door with a gold nameplate, ‘SCOTT BRANOFF’.

“Come in.” The muffled voice came clearly. I turned the knob and stepped inside, onto a thick pad of carpet, looking at the incomparable midtown view that his office windows afforded. He put down his phone and stood, coming around his desk as I walked across the room. “Yes?”

“Package for you. Sign here, please.” He’d pulled out the gold pen, the one I’d handed him back last week. He gave me closer look.

“Don’t I...” He stopped, embarrassed by how his phrasing might sound; “I mean, you look...” he stopped again, realizing that would be just as fruity. I gave him the ‘first degree’ smile, and he automatically gave his back.

“Power nap.” The gold pen slipped from his hand and fell to the carpeting. I put my arm around his shoulders and gave a few suggestions. His eyes slid open, and he paced slowly to his desk and thumbed the intercom.

“Mrs. Davis, would you ask Mr. Taylor and Mr. Farnden to come to my office immediately? And please hold all my calls, I don’t want to be disturbed until further notice.” His hand slipped down to his lap, and he stared at his office door, still smiling vaguely, while I stood at the windows, taking in the view. There was a knock; Scott got up, went across to the door, and opened it. Nate and Glenn stepped inside. “There’s someone here I want you to meet,” Scott said, gesturing to me.

“Power nap.”