The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Title: Power Training

Date Written: February, 1999

Synopsis: A personal trainer lives up to his reputation for being very “motivational” (hypnotically so) during his client’s weight training sessions


The rude alarm broke the silence of the night. A weary arm sleepily reached out and smacked the snooze button, nearly knocking the electronic intrusion off the nightstand and to the floor. Five more minutes, Rick thought. Just five more minutes. He pulled the covers tightly around him, conscious only to the warmth he felt in his bed and the cold air he knew was waiting to slap him into awakened reality. And, minutes later, the grating noise began again.

Rick stumbled out of bed and sauntered towards the bathroom...the hot shower that would bring a breath of life into his sleeping existence. “Why the hell did I agree to get up so early?” he thought to himself. Knowing that this was two hours earlier than he normally used to get up, he was amazed that he was even awake. Above all, he wondered just what had gotten into himself. Ever since he had hired his new fitness trainer, he had not been himself. Don’t get me wrong...he had been turning into something wonderful, but he didn’t have even the slightest inkling as to why this was so. He knew the trainer was good, motivational, even. But how Jonathan was able to motivate him like no one else had been able to, well, that was still a mystery. But no matter, Rick thought. He knew that he really had no choice. When the alarm went off, he knew that he had to get up and go to the gym. Something irresistible about the gym (as if being surrounded by beautiful, nude, sweaty male torsos wasn’t enough of a good reason!). Something inside forcing him to go to the gym and to work out harder each day than the day previous. Driving him. Pushing him. Coaxing him. Entrancing him.

Six months ago, you wouldn’t have seen Rick in this gym...or ANY gym, for that matter! Rick had always been a sexy man, good health and muscles, but never a competition-level body builder. Never important to him, he had always reasoned. “No time. Too busy. Just not enough hours in the day...” The list of excuses had been a mile long. All those reasons for not working out.

But that was then. And this is now. And since Rick had “found” Jonathan, everything had changed.

It’s funny. Rick had only a vague recollection of yesterday’s training session in Jonathan’s private gym, though he knew he had been going regularly for some time. He could see the results; his legs were stronger and more muscularly toned than ever, with thighs and calves that could smash rocks if they were ground between his powerful legs. And, talk about “baby got back”! He had a butt you could bounce a brick off of! And he loved this feeling...loved the changing in his body. Not only did he love all the changes taking place, but he thrived on them. Needed them. There was a rush that came in waves every time he worked out at Jonathan’s gym, and the adrenaline was addictive. At least it was the adrenaline Rick blamed for the addiction. Or was it something else? Some other form of addiction Rick was completely unaware of? Just as quickly as these thoughts entered Rick’s mind, they dissipated...washed down the drain as the showerhead slowed to a stop and the coursing stream of hot water ebbed into a trickle, followed by nothingness. Rick turned off the shower and stepped out, carefully admiring the beautiful naked body he saw in the mirror, massaging his body with a soft bath towel. As he rubbed his body and noticed his reflection, a strong desire to rush to the gym and to pump iron began to strengthen in him. And this knowledge, this remembrance of working out and of how good it feels to work out harder and stronger each day was turning him on completely! Even now, Rick could hear Jonathan’s voice prompting him to push...push out now! The sound of Jonathan’s voice was unmistakably powerful and irresistible! And Rick knew that he would follow each command with increasing strength and stamina.

Rick was rock-hard and his breathing had deepened. He saw his dick pressing out far beyond the towel, and the towel was now falling to the floor. He reached for a bottle of oil given to him by his trainer. He must cover his body with oil, his smooth skin and sinewy muscles glistening as he aggressively massaged his body. And as his oil-covered hands took hold of his dick and began to cover each inch in intoxicating lubricant, a picture of working out flashed through his mind. As Rick’s hand encircled his massive penis, he could feel his hands wrapping around a bar with weights on it. Each move of his hand sent a shiver of excitement through his body, excitement only doubled and tripled by the sight of himself pressing weights and feeling his hands wrap around tubular manhood. It was hard for Rick to tell the difference between his dick and a weight bar of steel. Both were equally exciting to him. He could hear Jonathan’s voice, telling him to concentrate on pressing the weights. And with each press of the weight, Rick felt the sensation of a wet mouth and lips sucking on his cock and balls. He could only see himself pressing the weights, but the feel of this incredible blow job was making him tingle, shiver, and pulsate with excitement. Every press of the weights made these sensations increase. When he would stop pressing the weights, the blow job would fade away. And Rick found himself pressing harder, longer, knowing that each press brought him one step closer to orgasm. He felt these urges increasing and he knew he must obey them. No choice. No other option. Must work out. Feels so good to work out. Feels so bad to not work out. Need to work out. Need to press weights now. Feeling the blow job now. Now. Now. NOW! Pressing harder now. Lips and tongue sucking harder now. Temperature rising with each full press of the weights. Falling back and down, drenched in excitement and desire. Must work out. Must cum. Must cum now. Must cum now! Cumming now!

And Rick awoke in a mass of muscle and slumber, curled on the bath mat, a towel crumpled at his side. His massive chest and smooth abdomen were covered in a milky white substance, and all he could remember was working out. Needing to work out more. Needing to work out now.

“What just happened?” Rick thought to himself as he pushed himself up and off the floor. His arms ached slightly, in the same fashion his legs had ached yesterday. “That’s odd. I don’t remember working out. I must have had a helluva workout yesterday,” he thought. Though the specifics had slipped his mind.

Time to get to the gym now. Rick hated to keep Jonathan waiting, even if only for a moment. He threw on some tight fitting spandex running shorts and a loose sweatshirt, then he headed for the door. The thought of working out was enticing him again, every thought making him breathe deeply, relaxing in the knowledge that each workout was bringing him one step closer to his goals, whatever they might be. He was not sure what all his goals were, but he was bound to follow them implicitly. He had no will to do otherwise. In fact, he could remember no time he DIDN’T want to work out to the fullest (after all, it felt so good, didn’t it?). All he could do was think of how great his workout would be, this thought ever present, strong and growing in his mind as he walked the 10 blocks to Jonathan’s gym.

“It’s about time you showed up!” Jonathan’s sly smile widened into a full grin, a sweet and impish quality paired with an unbelievable forcefulness. When Rick saw that beautiful smile, he would melt...he always did. And the bronzed and rippling muscles that pressed from beneath Jonathan’s golden tank top were enough to make any red blooded gay man freeze in his tracks! “What do you mean, big guy?” Rick yelled back. “You knew I’d be here!” “Yes, I did,” said Jon. “And today, I want to work a bit on the mental training we started last week. Don’t worry...we’ll get a good workout in, but I want to start with a few little relaxation techniques I’ve been working on. C’mon and I’ll show you how they work. Can’t work out with tense muscles.” Jonathan walked into his office, Rick hurriedly following behind. He didn’t remember this being a part of the workout, but he would do anything Jonathan asked. Jonathan pointed Rick towards a large reclining chair and asked him to take a seat. The leather upholstery felt good sliding on Rick’s bare legs. He could feel the coolness and the straps of the leather warming to his body, a slight scent of leather, aromatic and soothing...and he almost sensed a bond with the he had been here before. But that couldn’t be. He didn’t remember this chair at all. Yet, somehow, it was comfortable here...relaxing. Feeling totally at ease, Rick sank back into the chair and pressed the leg rests outward. Almost as though that was exactly what he was meant to do. “So, Jon, how does this work? Is this one of those massage chairs? I’m anxious to get started with my workout, so let’s get this warm-up business taken care of.” As he was talking, Jonathan laughed a bit and then stepped behind Rick. Rick could feel Jonathan’s hands touching his neck on both sides, right at the point where the neck ends and the shoulder begins. “Your muscle work is coming along nicely, Rick. I’m just going to show you something that will relax you and help you to get a better workout.” Jonathan placed a small, moist, round pad at the base of Rick’s neck, on the right side. This pad attached to wires that reached behind the chair. Jonathan then attached a similar pad to the base of Rick’s neck, near the left shoulder. They tingled slightly, but they were not uncomfortable.

“I’ve been doing some studies on how brainwave patterns affect people’s ability to work out consistently. Seems that, by reversing the bipolar negative and positive ions that are naturally emitted from the left and right brain stem, the pain index sometimes connected with working out can be lessened, if not completely removed. Long story short, these pads will relax your muscles and allow them to work out more strongly. Just close your eyes and let the sensations take over.”

Rick wanted to keep his eyes open, but the harder he struggled to maintain his visual contact with the outer world, the faster his eyelids began to pull to a close. Jonathan spoke from somewhere behind the chair, and Rick noticed the lights in the room begin to fade. “Rick, allow your muscles to relax and rejuvenate. And as your eyes close, heavy, sleep, you feel a warmth spreading through your body. Think of how great your workout will feel, and relax NOW! Arms heavy, legs heavy, your body falling backward into the chair and spinning into a dark, quiet place. Peaceful, deeply relaxed...deep sleep now. As you listen to my voice, you feel your body falling into a deep sleep now. With your eyes closed and your body falling into submission, notice how peacefully the blanket of sleep covers you, taking you to a more obedient place. As you breathe, each breath pulls you more deeply into my voice, longing only to hear my voice moving through your mind and guiding you toward the oasis in your mind that will assist you in reaching your goals. How good it will feel to follow my instructions and become completely healthy and at ease. How easy it is to let go and let my words filter through your mind and take you deeper and deeper into calm willingness to do what you know is sleep now...sleep now...sleep now...drifting, floating, falling, melting, SLEEP NOW!”

Jonathan continued with his induction process, knowing that the electrodes were adding just the right amount of pulsations necessary to place Rick’s mind into a completely willing and submissive state. “Rick, as you listen to my voice, feel the small electrical pulses moving throughout your body. You notice that these sensations, tied directly to your center of consciousness and unconsciousness, feel stronger with each breath...stronger and more powerful with each second that passes. In a few moments, I will count from 10 down and backward to 1. With each count, take a deep breath and feel the pulses moving through your body and mind as they increase, relaxing and exciting you at the same time. With each breath, you will allow your mind to freely float up and out and down a dark corridor, further away from your slumbering body. And the further your mind floats away, the more relaxed, at ease, and willing your body will be to fall into deep sleep now and to follow my orders, taking you into deep hypnosis for deep results. Sleep now as I count from 10...9...8, deep sleep now, further into dark sleep now...7...6...5...falling and drifting deeper into sleep now than ever before, spiraling downwards into my voice and following each instruction without question...4...3...sleep deep, sleep strong, sleep deep, falling into deep sleep now...2...deep and forever lost in sleep now...1...deep hypnosis covering you completely.”

Rick’s breath had slowed to an inaudible vibration, barely able to lift his well-toned chest with each intake of mesmerizing oxygen. Jonathan lifted Rick’s limp, muscular arm and dropped it again...checking for any signs of knowledge or resistance. Of course, there was none...his arm fell and slapped the arm of the leather chair, bouncing to the side and dangling freely. Jonathan smiled...he knew that in this deeply hypnotized state, Rick would follow each command without question. Rick (and a number of other submissive and obedient body builders like him) made “work” worthwhile for Jonathan. To say nothing of all the fun and excitement constantly at his fingertips! “And to think, Mother wanted me to be an accountant!” Jonathan thought, smiling ironically to himself as he pressed the legs of the recliner to the floor and took the electrodes off each side of Rick’s unconscious body.

“Rick, in a few moments, I’m going to count to five. On the count of five, you will stand and open your eyes, yet your mind will remain completely asleep. Amazing, how you are easily able to speak and to move when I ask you to do so, and yet nothing can awaken you until I tell you it is time to awaken. Do you understand?” Rick mouthed the words indicating his knowledge and his unquestioning acceptance. “You will stand, eyes opening yet mind and body falling even more deeply asleep with each second that passes and with each move you make, awaiting further instruction.” Jonathan began a magical countdown to Fantasyland. “...4...5!” Rick’s body, now fully compliant and at ease with the role of submissive, swayed to an upright stand. Jonathan continued. “Now, Rick, I know that you want today’s workout to be even more successful and effective than yesterday’s, don’t you?” Rick nodded. “And since I will not open the gym to my “regular members” for some time, you know that we will have complete privacy as I offer you a workout in the Greco-Roman style. Remove your clothing now, completely relaxed and at ease. Each piece of clothing that falls to the floor will take your mind 5 times deeper to sleep than it is now. Sleeping 5 times more deeply with each piece of clothing that is removed and dropped. When your clothing is completely removed, you will breathe deeply and fall much deeper than ever before.”

Rick’s sweatshirt flew up and off, a volcano of cotton intermingled with male sweat. It flew off and to the left, landing on a piece of workout machinery awaiting such a prize as this. The musculature of his abdomen and torso revealed an ever so slight trail of hair, moving gingerly down the center of his chest and dissipating into a cavern of smooth skin, slightly above his navel. Jonathan couldn’t resist reaching out and “steadying” Rick. After all, he couldn’t let a perfect specimen like this fall and hurt something. Nope, there was no damaged goods here, as Jonathan was full aware. The workout shorts fell next, revealing the most beautiful set of smooth thighs and calves a man could proudly display. Muscles on muscles, not an inch of this body had been left undone (or untouched, for that matter) by Jonathan. He was a great trainer, Jonathan was. And what he lacked in personal ethics he made up for in satisfied clients and phenomenal results. As Rick reached for his jock strap, Jonathan slipped his fingers beneath the bands and assisted the process. When the jock strap flew freely, Rick visibly fell forward, completely asleep and oblivious to the massive “arms of the trainer” catching him gracefully and guiding him. “Follow me, easily able to walk and to follow my instructions. Even with your eyes open, nothing can awaken you from this continual sleep and this powerful workout.”

Jonathan felt that, by keeping all muscles visible, he could see which areas still needed attention. “Only for them,” he reasoned away his own personal, selfish motives for wanting his sexy gods to be clothing-free. Of course, he knew better than that. Every time he touched Rick’s body, Jonathan’s dick pressed further into his own jock strap...stretching outward and longing to make heavenly contact with Rick’s ever-growing cock. In Rick’s slumber, the only part of his body NOT relaxed was his 9 inches of succulence. Jonathan took Rick by the hand. “I want you to walk and follow me. We are going to workout now, and you will willingly press harder and with more strength than ever before. Your eyes will only see your body working out. Your subconscious mind will only know that it has worked out completely. There will be no knowledge that your clothing is missing. In fact, you will see your body completely clothed, yet every bit of your skin will only increase in sensitivity. Each touch will motivate your mind to press harder and your body to reap the full benefits. Your mind will guide your body to grow and respond to all workout regimens. Your body will also react and succumb to all pleasant sensations, only wanting them to continue and to increase in sensitivity.”

The trainer’s powerful suggestions continued. “And as you touch the barbells, wrapping each finger around the weighty bar in the center, you will feel a sexual urge you’ve never felt so strongly before. Your hands wrapping around the weight bar will feel as though hands encircle your own cock, massaging and kneading your fleshy manhood. You do not know where these sensations are coming from. You know only that to continue these sensations, you must work out and press your muscles to the brink of no return.”

Jonathan positioned Rick’s pliant, statuesque body in front of the weight bench. He placed a barbell in Rick’s hand, ordering him to curl the weights and then to press them above his head. And as the weight continued to reach out and up, so did Rick’s waiting cock. And Jonathan had seated himself conveniently on the weight bench, his oral orifice eagerly waiting to take a taste of glory. When the weights had been raised a third time, Rick’s cock was hard and pressing North. “Just continue to press. And with each press, feel the overcoming sensations pulsing through you.” As the last command rolled off Jonathan’s tongue, his mouth proceeded to curl around Rick’s cock, wetly guiding the tip toward himself. His tongue pressed down the underside of the beautifully engorged shaft, licking slowly then madly. Jonathan could see that his activity was having the desired effect...the barbell was moving higher and faster, as Rick’s chest heaved in unison with the automatic thrusts his hips were making. Jonathan was taking it all in, and he could hear Rick’s breath panting to a crescendo. It wouldn’t be much longer for Rick, he could tell.

Jonathan pulled off and began to quietly speak once again. “Rick, you are feeling so excited that you know you must cum. You must hear my voice moving through your mind, exciting you and bringing you closer to cumming. But you are unable to cum until I have commanded it. Tell me you understand me.” In quick, broken phrases, Rick said “I...understa...understand!” The panting continued and increased. “I know you want to cum now, but you must put the weight down and SLEEP NOW!” Jonathan guided the weights back to their rightful resting place and pressed a quick pinch to Rick’s right shoulder. This being a secret, powerful and well-trained post-hypnotic command imbedded in Rick’s subconscious reactions, Rick complied immediately and his limp body fell forward into Jonathan’s waiting arms. “Sleep and relax. Fall deeper into my arms and voice. Drift and fall deeper now...spinning into a deep slumber, deeply hypnotized and willing to follow my instructions.” Jonathan easily lifted Rick’s slumbering form, the limp arms swinging slightly as he placed Rick on the leg press machine. “Now, Rick, you need to work your legs. On the count of three, begin to press your legs out, lifting the weights as you go. Do not let the weights slam down as you bring your legs back to the starting position and press them outward again. As you work your legs, the excited feeling will increase with each movement.” As Rick began to press the weights as instructed, Jonathan began to lick the sweat off Rick’s nipples. As he did this, noticing that Rick’s chest began to heave and follow each movement of Jonathan’s tongue, Jonathan couldn’t resist the urge to join in the fun. With one hand, he added more oil to Rick’s body, lathering his dick with obvious excitable results. With his free hand, he alternated between pinching Rick’s hard nipples and pulling off his own clothing. (He REALLY LOVED having a private gym!)

Jonathan eased his own manly, chiseled body atop Rick’s now well-oiled physique. Using both hands to caress the gigantic pectorals and massage the “workout machine” actively pumping beneath him, Jonathan continued. “At the count of three, your body’s intensity will double and the excitement and arousal you are feeling with every sensation will triple. One, two, three!” An audible gasp flew from Rick’s lips as feelings of sheer ecstasy shot through his muscles and out of his pores, causing his body to tremble and vibrate. Jonathan, in one smooth action, slid an oiled hand down Rick’s massive cock and at the same time placed an expertly eager mouth over Rick’s supple, gasping lips. Jonathan’s tongue pressed deeply into Rick’s mouth, causing him to gyrate like a plane in turbulence (only with more excitement and less spilled Bloody Mary’s). Rick, although consumed with arousal, was a willing-yet-blank servant, only wanting to fulfill Jonathan’s every desire. He must obey. Must submit. Must have it all. Must continue to work out.

With an easily maneuvered movement, Rick’s cock slid swiftly into Jonathan’s Tunnel of Love (now well lubricated with an aromatic mixture of massage oil and sweat). As Rick’s robotic strong legs continued to press outward in an impressive unknowing display of strength and stamina, Jonathan did the “slip and slide”, riding this subservient bronco for all he was worth. With an occasional pinch of Rick’s nipples and a grope of his chest down his rock-hard six-pack of an abdomen, Jonathan could feel Rick growing and stretching inside him. Taking it no more, Jonathan let loose with an orgasm Vesuvius would have been proud of. And the avalanche that followed covered Rick’s chest with a sticky sweetness.

After Jonathan could once again speak, he leaned to Rick’s mouth and pressed against it once more, encircling his tongue around Rick’s lips, then he began to speak into Rick’s ear. “At the count of three, your legs will fall limp and you will become very relaxed and yet still excited. You will be able only to allow the sensations to build and multiply. One, two, three!”

Rick’s legs, now having pumped well past the amount of any normal human workout, limply fell to the bench. His breathing had slowed and his body showed complete relaxation, all but the cock still raging hard inside Jonathan. The Master Trainer pulled up and off Rick’s body. Jonathan then reached down and removed the condom from Rick’s cock. Going down on Rick then and there, Jonathan slid his tongue up the highly sensitive underside of Rick’s cock, the slightly salty taste an added bonus. Encircling all of this mouthful of delight, Jonathan worked harder and deeper on Rick’s cock. Rick was quickly drawn to such a level of energy and excitement, he begged to be release! The need to cum was paramount, the only need Rick knew.

Jonathan played with Rick’s chest and said the “magic word” (the subconscious word of permission which allowed Rick the ability to cum on command only), bringing forth a stream of jism that shot up and out, covering his own chest and the better part of Jonathan’s face in the process. As the last drops flew, an expert hand to Rick’s shoulder dragged him back into a deep slumber.

“Rick, without awakening, I want you to stand now.” Rick willingly obeyed. “There is a towel in front of you. Reach out and take it, using it to completely wipe your body clean. When you have completed this task, you will pick up your clothing and place them in the locker room, on the bench nearest the shower. You will then step into the shower and wash yourself completely. As you turn off the water, you will wake up and remember only the successful workout you’ve just completed.” The sexy zombified adult toy immediately did a towel job on his body, then walked willingly to the showers. And as Rick disappeared into the locker room, Jonathan did a bit of cleaning up of his own. He placed his workout clothes back on and went to the front desk, awaiting Rick’s return.

10 minutes later, a tired and slightly dazed Rick emerged and came to the front desk. “What a workout! What a great feeling . My upper body and my legs are so tired! I don’t know how you do it, but I’ve never had a workout like this before! See you tomorrow, Jonathan.”

Jonathan smiled and waved as Rick headed out the door. As Rick’s muscular ass walked out and down the sidewalk, Jonathan said to himself, “Oh, but you HAVE had workouts like this! So have I.” And he smiled a knowing smile once again, knowing that the fun and games with his favorite stud had only begun.