The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

“Pretty Vacant”

“I’m not really hypnotized,” Valerie said quietly. “I’m pretty tired, I’ll admit. Pretty...” She paused, momentarily distracted by a gleam of light from Jacqueline’s crystal pendant. “Um...vacant...but I’m not hypnotized.”

“Of course you’re not,” Jacqueline agreed. “You’re just relaxed, that’s all. You’re relaxed and happy, feeling pleasantly sleepy and enjoying the sensation of listening to my words and watching the pendant.”

Valerie nodded. “I’m just watching the pendant,” she said. She was so grateful to hear that Jacqueline wasn’t going to disagree with her on this; after the long plane ride and the exhausting process of dragging her bags from the airport to the train station to the hotel, she didn’t have the energy to argue with the bunkmate she’d been assigned to. Even thinking about thinking felt too hard right now. It was a relief to hear that the two of them could spend the night before the teachers’ convention relaxing and chilling out, instead of bickering about whether you could really hypnotize someone against their will. “I’m just relaxing.”

“Mm-hmm,” Jacqueline murmured, her eyes fixed on Valerie’s gaze. “You’re relaxing deeper and deeper, Valerie.” Valerie only kind of noticed Jacqueline’s stare, though, because she was looking more at the pendant than at Jacqueline. But the pendant swung past Jacqueline’s deep blue eyes, and every once in a while it felt like she would lose track of the pendant and sink into Jacqueline’s gaze for a little while. But that was normal, when you were tired like this. You wound up zoning out every once in a while, not really thinking about much of anything. It was perfectly natural.

“It’s perfectly natural,” Valerie repeated out loud. She hadn’t even realized that Jacqueline had said it until she’d repeated it; she’d kind of blanked out, losing track of her surroundings for a moment while she stared at Jacqueline’s pendant. But that wasn’t the same as hypnosis. She was still aware of Jacqueline’s voice, and Jacqueline’s eyes, so she wasn’t hypnotized. She remembered everything that Jacqueline said...eventually. That proved she wasn’t hypnotized. She was just relaxed and happy, that was all. “I’m not hypnotized,” she said, eager to make the fact clear to her temporary roommate.

“No, you’re not hypnotized,” Jacqueline said, her voice calm and soothing as she agreed with everything Valerie said. “You’re just tired, that’s all. You’re sleepy and relaxed, drifting and floating on a warm tide of pleasant drowsiness as you listen to my words and follow along with them.”

“Exactly,” Valerie responded. She felt her head sink back into the pillows as she reclined onto the bed. It made it a little harder to see the pendant—she had to look up at it from this angle—but she was too drowsy to sit up much longer. “I’m just tired,” she said. “It’s been a long day.”

“Such a long, exhausting day,” Jacqueline agreed. Valerie was so glad that she was being reasonable about this. She’d worried when she first met the other woman that she was going to be rooming with some sort of obnoxious kook, but Jacqueline was turning out to be so nice. “So exhausting that you’re worn down. All the effort of travel has left you weary, deep down in your mind. You don’t even want to think anymore.”

Valerie nodded enthusiastically. “I don’t want to think anymore,” she replied. That was exactly right. Jacqueline understood it perfectly. She didn’t want to think about connecting flights or train tickets or registration forms, she just wanted to kick back and relax deeper and deeper. She just wanted to let her mind go...

“...blank,” Jacqueline said, her voice soft and purring in Valerie’s ears. “Blank and empty and vacant and docile, relaxed and easy, just listening and responding. No need to think, no desire to think. Letting your thoughts wander as you listen to my voice and watch the pendant sway and sparkle.”

“Uh-huh,” Valerie said. She let her eyes unfocus for a moment, exhausted by the effort of looking up at the pendant. But they didn’t close. That proved she wasn’t hypnotized. Her eyes were still open, so she couldn’t be hypnotized. She was just kind of... “...vacant...” she muttered dreamily.

Jacqueline reached out and stroked Valerie’s hair. “Exactly. Your mind is relaxed and peaceful, and you’re so happy to be here in this warm, safe place with me.” Her touch was so soothing and relaxing that Valerie let out a little sigh of contentment. She was so glad now that she met Jacqueline. So glad that she could trust Jacqueline completely, and “rest and relax, feeling that connection between us deepen as you float along, listening to my words. Your thoughts drifting and scattering, no need to try to reclaim them. You know you’re safe with me. You know you’re comfortable with me. You know you’re relaxed with me.”

“Relaxed,” Valerie murmured. It was so nice that she was getting along with Jacqueline so well. They seemed to agree on absolutely everything. Jacqueline agreed that Valerie wasn’t hypnotized. She agreed that Valerie’s mind was empty, exhausted, tranquil and suggestible. She agreed that Valerie was sleepy and comfortable. She agreed that Valerie was beginning to become...

“Aroused,” Jacqueline whispered. Valerie didn’t really remember when they’d gotten so close to each other. She’d been spacing out, vaguely exhausted and not really thinking about anything in particular, and somewhere along the line Jacqueline had gradually shifted until Valerie could feel the heat of the other woman’s body against her own. It didn’t really matter, though. It felt good. It felt sexy. “So sexy, so hot, staring into my eyes and feeling your pussy tingle...”

Valerie whimpered just a little at the warmth between her legs. She’d never really thought about doing anything like this, but it felt so natural and comfortable right now that all she wanted to do was give in. She was enjoying the feeling of Jacqueline’s hand pressing against her crotch and grinding ever so slowly. It felt good. She didn’t need to fight it; she wasn’t hypnotized, after all, so if she was going along with Jacqueline’s whispered suggestions, it must mean that she really wanted this.

“I’m not hypnotized,” Valerie agreed, her hips gently rolling in time with Jacqueline’s touches. “I’m just relaxed...aroused...docile...suggestible...vacant...blank...” It was getting harder and harder to say the words now, as more and more of her breath was taken up with moaning. “Dreamy...d-d-drowsy...unnnh...deep and blank...” She felt Jacqueline unzipping her jeans, and she eagerly wiggled her hips to help Jacqueline slide them off. She must not be hypnotized, if she could still undress herself.

Valerie proved it further by undoing her blouse before Jacqueline could even suggest it. Her fingers found her own nipples, teasing them and tweaking them until they stood up stiffly from her chest. “Horny,” she gasped out, resuming her litany of agreement. Jacqueline was so smart; everything she said made so much sense. It was impossible not to agree with her. “Sexy, mindless, helpless, oh!” Jacqueline slid two fingers into her slick pussy, and Valerie forgot how to speak for a moment.

She felt Jacqueline pressing right on her clit, and her pussy clenched tightly around the questing fingers as her eyes fluttered in bliss. Valerie fought to keep them open, though. She couldn’t close them, she had to keep them locked tightly on the pendant so that she could prove she wasn’t hypnotized. She had to follow the pendant’s every motion as Jacqueline slowly trailed it down her body to let it dangle in front of her heavy, full breasts. Valerie watched helplessly, noticing the way that her eyes sometimes locked onto Jacqueline’s tits the same way they’d locked onto Jacqueline’s eyes, but she didn’t really think about it. There wasn’t any need to think about it. There wasn’t really anything to think about.

But then, suddenly, there was. Valerie wasn’t sure where the idea had come from, but it seemed like such a good idea once it came to her in Jacqueline’s husky, purring voice. She reluctantly took her hands away from her own breasts and undid Jacqueline’s blouse, then unsnapped the other woman’s bra to reveal a pair of magnificent tits. The pendant nestled right in the middle of that gorgeous cleavage, drawing all of Valerie’s attention to it. She felt as though she was drawing closer and closer to Jacqueline’s body.

And then the nipple was right there, and it seemed like the easiest thing in the world to open her mouth and suckle it. It felt so perfect, getting lost in the drifting, vacant pleasure of Jacqueline’s fingers in her cunt and enjoying the fullness of Jacqueline’s ripe breast filling her mouth and watching the pendant as it sparkled just above her eyes. She felt like she could lose herself like this forever. Whatever hypnosis felt like, it couldn’t be this good. Valerie moaned around Jacqueline’s teat as she came.

She wasn’t thinking about Jacqueline’s words at all anymore. There was no need; they were always right. She always agreed with Jacqueline, because Jacqueline always agreed with her and everything she said made perfect sense. So all Valerie really noticed was that Jacqueline’s voice was unsteady as she said...said...said something that Valerie couldn’t quite remember, but it suddenly seemed like a good idea to stop sucking on Jacqueline’s tits and watch the pendant as it trailed across sweat-slick skin down and down, past her belly to rest gently just above Jacqueline’s clit. Valerie didn’t even notice the new position of her body until she felt Jacqueline’s tongue nuzzling against her slick folds.

And that felt so good that Valerie had to reciprocate. She had to lick Jacqueline’s pussy, spiking her tongue deep into the other woman’s muff and licking the juices from her dripping wet snatch. She had to get Jacqueline off; it was all she could think about now. Everything else had melted away into a relaxed, dreamy bliss, and she needed to make Jacqueline cum.

It was so good, that was all. Valerie wasn’t hypnotized, it was just she was tired and horny and oh so deliciously vulnerable that letting her thoughts scatter and her mind relax and her body cum (and cum and cum and cum) felt so fucking good that she wanted to do it. That was all there was to it. It made so much sense, now, as she felt Jacqueline’s juices smearing her face as the other woman came with a tortured yell all over her tongue.

“I’m not hypnotized,” Valerie murmured again, as Jacqueline wriggled around to curl up next to her. “I’m just feeling tired, is all.”

“So tired,” Jacqueline whispered, cuddling next to her. The other woman’s body felt so warm and comfortable that Valerie knew she wanted to sleep next to her tonight. “So vacant, blank, and sleepy...”

“So sleepy,” Valerie agreed, as her eyes finally drifted shut. But that didn’t mean she was hypnotized. That just meant she was tired. Exhausted. Sleepy...

Jacqueline said something else, but Valerie couldn’t remember anything after that.