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Property of Sun Central

Chapter 2

-dear readers, I received a request to continue this story, so I sat down and did this chapter, I am mid redoing a couple of other stories, and doing spell and grammar checks. Spelling is more important to me, sometime the minutia of the grammar fails goes with the style and pace at which I write. please enjoy.

Tammy was kneeling, and began with the tops of Lynn’s feet, moaning softly. Lynn trembled with pleasure.


Tall Amazonian photographer Donna, felt a tremendous orgasm, upon hearing the sweet voice of Lynn Maye tell her that she was now, indeed: her property, her photobot.

As her orgasm subsided Donna got dressed and then returned home, acting as normal as she could under the circumstances.

Lynn then focused on Tammy.

Tammy now looked amazing. Her hair was a uniform dark burgundy, her eye and lip makeup now permanent, and her excessively deep tan looked like she spent the last month in San Tropez, or was an extra on Jersey shore. Her body just needed some toning. She was to become a part time, then full time bimbo volunteer at Sun Central.

Lynn addressed her. “When you go home you will do your exercises and then give yourself a pedicure and manicure, using silver polish.” Commanded Lynn.

Lynn could not wait to see how this chick would look totally toned in addition to her tan. With her infatuation for Lynn Maye in full bloom as a giddy Tanning bimbo, this one would serve to pleasure Lynn when Lynn was bored, and work the counter, clean the beds, etc. Her air headed attractiveness would bring in clients with ease.

With her sock less leather clogs off and having removed her excitement soaked panties: Lynn said: “Tammy, start at the top of my feet and kiss your way to my excited box, pretend you are coating me in self-tanner, using your tongue as an applicator. When you are done, when I orgasm, dry me with my panties, then take them home to wear tonight, fantasizing about your new life under my control then bring your self to orgasm.”

Tammy kneeled, and began kissing and licking with the tops of Lynn’s feet, moaning softly. Lynn trembled with pleasure.

It was the beginning a Tammy’s servitude, and the first of several new Sun Central offices.

Donna and Tammy were just the beginning.

Lynn Maye had opened 3 more locations in the past 14 years, and had a full staff that well, utterly adored her. Every one of them had been slowly programmed.

All the women worked part time, so they could still have regular jobs where they actually got paid, as not to arouse suspicion. But at Sun Central’s 3 stores they were the ‘volunteers’.

Sun Central Volunteers were all very chipper, ready to help female customers apply lotion as needed, and while sort of vapid at work, relatively normal at home.

Lynn had put on a few lbs since she got this successful, but hadn’t really worried about it.

She was doing so well, and all her stores had excellent photos and social media. The women who came into contact with her were either under her control, or clients who were more than happy to pay.

She started doing wrinkle removing and skin care, and was doing quite well.

It wasn’t until her husband left for a younger, thinner woman she realized she needed to get back in tip top shape again. She saw herself in a selfie she took with her bathing suit and was appalled. She had ‘thickened’ a bit, and her own muscle tone needed work. Her large Doe eyes and blunt cut were still striking, and her manicures and pedicures were beautiful, but she knew what she saw.


Tammy was still as dark and burgundy haired as ever, and Lynn enjoyed being able to mold her as she wanted to. She changed Tammy’s hairstyle over the years, and had her fitted for breast implants,

and since she worked full time at the salon now and had for years, and since Tammy was herself single, (she sold her house and handed the money to Lynn Maye, after year 1.) Tammy slept and showered at one of the locations now, all her possessions paired down to bikinis and high heeled stripper shoes. She didn’t seem to mind though, having lived at the tanning salon, opening and closing the store, and servicing Lynn Maye at a moment’s notice for the last decade. Botox and tanning spray kept her virtually ageless.

The lack of sunlight and any stress kept Photobot looking young.

Photobot was able to keep her business until the end of that first year, and then she stopped taking clients under the command of Lynn Maye, having satisfied those last contracts.

The sale of Photobot’s business and office building funded store number 3. Photobot then moved into Lynn’s in the ‘servant quarters’ (part of the basement laundry room) and had been Lynn’s maid and obsequious personal servant since then.

Lynn’s ex husband was such an obtuse hick he never noticed how Photobot behaved other than ‘she was a little stiff, and didn’t talk much’. He apparently never noticed the fact Photobot never initiated conversations, or the sly grin on Kim’s face when Photobot had serviced her before he came home from work at the book bindery.

Photobot didn’t know or care. She was always available for Kim’s pleasure, foot worship and continued training.

The last photos Photobot took of Lynn, while praising her beauty and perfection, did indeed reiterate that Lynn herself had lived a little too high on the hog.

Lynn Maye was once a sexy former bikini model: trim, firm and a knock out.

Lynn had to drop some heft to be ready not only for Summer 2019. Now newly single, and now on the back side of 40, Lynn would need to shape up, and quickly. Her face was still quite pretty, and despite her thighs being a little plump her butt somehow was remained magnificent.

Lynn Maye decided to get on a plant based diet, do a serious alkaline water cleanse for the next 3 months. She would also get Photobot to deep massage her daily, and Lynn sprang for that “cool sculpting’ weight loss, having used her ‘skills of persuasion’ on a local doctor who came in to tan. The woman was now a thrall of Lynn Mayes. In fact the entire obedient staff had been getting slimmed and trimmed with cool sculpt, as well as getting lip fillers.


12 weeks of repeated cool sculpting, (that frankly exceeded the recommend amount) the Vegan dieting, daily p90x DVDs at home, plus the UP ultimate performance training, left Lynn Maye stunning. Lynn was 30lbs lighter thanks to P90x and the cool sculpt and her diet. At 42 she looked like a 33 year old again. Everything was tight, defined, and firm, firm, firm. Her bubble butt made you want to take a bite, it was so amazing again. The cellulite was gone, the arm gaggle was gone, Lynn’s arms were firm and sculpted, and her jaw line was tight and smooth again. She looked better at 42 than some women do at 32.

Photobot took pictures of Lynn weekly showing her progress, and Lynn actually looked like a fitness model now. She had Tammy spray tan her with some extra glossy tan, and started wearing more revealing clothes, and sexy shoes.

Now back to her hottie self, better than original, in fact Lynn thought she could branch out from a store in each of the Tri-cities, to other avenues of revenue.

Even without the advanced hypnosis and programming another woman, who was into women would be very attracted to Lynn, and then men, they almost drool a little now when she stepped out of her car, her lithe legs glossy and tan, her feet pedicured with high gloss toenail polish in candy apple silver.

Lynn Strolled into the competition, a small tanning and airbrush make up line that had been a thorn in her sides the last few years year. Lynn had tired of having to compete with Renee’ and her ‘magic mud and airbrush beauty secrets. With photobot trailing behind her Kim set out to take over her competition.

Happy Shiny Tan 4U was a new chain of salons that used some new “super safe tanning and airbrush tech that alleged to ‘be safer, more better’. Sure it was broken English but that was the cute appeal of the Filipino owned Salon. Despite the air of humble charm the Ceo, Renee’ Quilentang showed, she was a vicious, driven, type A personality.

She wanted to put Lynn May out of business. Lynne Maye had other ideas.

INSIDE Happy Shiny Tan 4U

Lynn walked in with PhotoBot in tow, and approached the front desk.

Renee, a beautiful, petite, intense looking young woman of 25 motioned Lynne to

follow her to her office.


Renee’: ‘I take it you came over to concede. Your style, and in fact you, are old and old fashioned. There is no way you can compete with my stores. Maybe I will let you work at the front desk, since you will be the kuletat (means Loser).

Renee’ laughed. In private she was mean and vicious. Her fake charm fooled the rubes of the town. She even pretended to not speak English that well to get the upper hand sometimes.

Lynn just smiled, she knew she had made major improvements to her methods of control over the last decade, and the also knew that the sheer size and strength of photobot could easily over power Renee’

Before they left this meeting Renee’ would be singing a different tune.

Lynn Maye opened her small designer purse and produced a small type C tranq dart. It was hand fired and pretty quiet, filled with a better formula than 10 yrs ago. It was faster acting and very overwhelming.

It would achieve in 15 minutes or less what took a whole tanning session and regimen a decade ago.

Lynn cavalierly pointed and shot. Direct hit to Renee’s neck. Photobot rushed forward and pushed the plunger down before Renee’ could react. Then Lynn stepped up while Photobot held one hand over Renee’s mouth and injected a second shot into Renee’s jugular.

Lynn placed a small hearing aid into Renee’s ear, activated it, and then used a self-adhered small, wireless mp3 playing transmitter on Renee’s lower back.

Renee’ was dazed, helpless. She was positioned into her power chair and sat slumped, catatonic.

The mp3 began, while the new chemical formulation coursed thru the younger woman’s veins and brain tissue.

“This is the voice you know and trust. The voice you always obey and believe. This is the voice of Lynn Maye- loop this thought to yourself, always in the back of your mind

: ‘Lynn Maye is the kindest, prettiest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life, and I am honored to be of complete service to her, awed by her, excited by her submissive and obedient to her.”

Lynn’s voice continued—“You have an aching desire to gain Lynn’s approval, and are infatuated with her beauty. Seeing even an inch of Lynn’s skin gives you hot flashes. You get wet just seeing a revealed ankle.

Your idea of perfection IS Lynn Maye. Her voice cuts through to your core, overriding your own thoughts, and giving you tremendous pleasure in complete obedience to Lynn, being Lynn’s personal worshipping servant. Your greatest desire is to serve and obey Lynn Maye and to work at Sun Central. Sun Central is your favorite place to be, you want to belong to Sun Central. You need to give yourself completely to Lynn and Sun Central. You may keep airs of running this tanning chain, but your deepest fantasy is to run it under the control and power of Lynn Maye.

Your dream is to belong to sun central completely. You are property of sun central; you belong to sun central and Lynn Maye. Her beauty and perfection have you happily under her control, thinking only the thoughts she gives you.

You will improve your body and appearance to better serve Lynn Maye. At the beginning and end of your day, you will exercise in the following manner: You will always will think to yourself: “I must maintain and improve the property of sun central, myself included: to better serve my owner: Lynn Maye.”

The mp3 repeated those tracks, over and over, while Lynn laughed at her newfound victory

The beauty of the device Renee’ was wearing, was that Lynn could use her cell phone to issue voice commands into Renee’s earpiece from anywhere.

Renee’s expression was morphing from blank and dazed to one of admiration and lust for Lynn.

Lynn pulled up a chair and kicked off her sockless clogs, and rested her feet on the desk, directly

in front of Renee’.

Lynn began to wiggle her toes while Photobot made sure the office door was secure.

Lynn waited while the drugs and mp3 took effect then spoke to Renee’.

“I want to see your new attitude, now. Lean over your desk and begin to kiss the soles of my feet, while apologizing for your arrogance, and begging for my forgiveness.”

A tear formed, then just as quickly faded away, as Renee’ slowly leaned forward and gently kissed the sole of Lynn’s foot. Photobot began recording the action of Renee’ kissing and speaking.

Renee: “I am so sorry, Lynn Maye, please forgive me, I idolize you and am desperate to be your eager servant now. I kick your feet in obedient submission.”

Lynn Maye: “now lick them, memorize the leather and patchouli scent, associate it with your utter obedience. Beg me to allow you to keep some of your personality, instead of just transforming you into a mindless stripper bimbo, even though you would gladly let me do whatever I want with you. I could have you pole dancing in Bristol’s lowest rent strip joint covered in tatts if I wanted.”

Renee’: ‘Please, Lynn Maye, let me keep some of my personality, please don’t transform me into a mindless stripper bimbo, don’t make me become a pole dancing tatt covered stripper. I beg you. I beg you.”

Lynn laughed at the turn of events. Sun Central was going to expand into all of Renee’s territories, and use their tanning and airbrush methods, all with Renee’s approval. Renee’ would be under Lynn’s control, and be at her beck and call if she desired.

Lynn smirked. She had been hearing about how delicious lumpias were, now she could have her own submissive little cook.

Satisfied at the turn of events, Lynn wiped her feet dry on the face and neck of Renee’ and put her clogs back on.

Lynn stood and ordered Renee’: “You will act naturally in front of your employees. You will draw up the paperwork giving me full control of your locations. You will be happy to absorb your store’s into mine, and act only as the figurehead, but you are secretly excited and turned on to be my submissive subordinate. In fact, that will be your go to masturbation fantasy, daily, 3x a day when you can undisturbed.

Tonight after closing you will come to me with the paperwork, and request another injection. You will also beg me to be allowed to do more foot worship, the only thing that turns you on now.

Lynn Maye and Photobot made their exit.