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Puppet of his master

(m/m mc sci-fi robot)

Dogslife ()


I heard the voice and opened my eyes, feeling very strange and distant. I try to blink my eyes, but nothing happened. Two men were standing in front of me: one tall, blond and good-looking, the other shorter, dark-haired and quite attractive.

“Where am I?”

Well, that’s what I tried to say, but nothing came out. I tried to raise a hand to attract the men’s attention, but nothing happened.

“You will see that the subject is completely paralysed at the moment,” said the blond man, “I have finally perfected my brain control techniques: a combination of drugs and a deep form of hypnosis more similar to programming than anything tried before.”

The shorter man waved his hand in front of my face. Panic was beginning to rise within me at the situation I found myself in and I was desperate to try and make some movement or sound as the shorter man began to poke and prod me, ending up with a twist of my balls. I felt the pain all right, but I could do absolutely nothing about it.

I was standing up. As far as my peripheral vision went, I seemed to be in some type of cubicle, but I had absolutely no idea where it was or how I had come to be there.

“Impressive,” said the shorter man, “but an immobile body doesn’t really prove anything.”

The blond man sighed.

“Okay.” He turned towards me. “Take two steps forward.”

My legs moved of their own accord, I had nothing to do with it, I was beginning to feel as if I were trapped within my own body. I came to a halt, suddenly aware that I was wearing a pair of briefs and glad that at least I hadn’t been humiliated by being naked as well. My steps took me close to the dark-haired man.

“I control everything he does. Everything. Kiss him.” The last was an instruction to me.

I leaned forward slightly until my lips made contact with those of the dark-haired man. For the first time since waking up, here was something I felt okay about, even though I was not even controlling it. He grabbed the back of my head (my arms were still by my sides) and kissed back, exploring with his tongue.

“Stop kissing.”

I pulled back immediately from the man, even though I could have happily continued.

“Hey, not fair!”

The blond man chuckled.

“He’s my toy, Ryan. I get to play with him first.”

Ryan smiled at this. The blond man continued.

“Watch this... Piss yourself.”

My god, he controlled my bladder! Without any chance to stop it, piss began gushing out of my cock, soaking the briefs and running down my legs.


Connor held up his hand.

“It gets better. Shit yourself—and don’t stop until your bowels are empty.”

I wish I could have run away or blushed or anything. But all I could do was stand there as my arse opened and my briefs began to fill with soft, warm shit. My piss flow finally slowed to a trickle but it took a good few minutes for me to stop shitting myself. My briefs hung low, filled as they were with the mess. I was completely humiliated, both by the mess and my inability to stop this happening to me.

“Complete control, see? I can have him crying like a baby or doing anything I want. Forget the old hypnosis thing about not being able to make someone do what they don’t want to. My method gives me total control.”

“I’m impressed. But can we do something about this smell?”


My eyes closed.

* * *


I opened my eyes again and saw Ryan and Connor watching me. Something felt different. I realised that I was covered from head to toe in a very thin, lightweight, skin-tight suit.

“This is the final part of my project. This suit has the ability to pick up the wearer’s thoughts and use them to realign itself to an appropriate shape and texture.”

Ryan was staring at me thoughtfully. All I could do was scream inside—nothing I tried to do would release me from Connor’s control.

“Watch.” Connor looked me in the eye. “Dog mode.”

I could feel myself shrinking away inside, my feelings and thoughts becoming unclear. I sank to my hands and feet. As I did so, I caught a glimpse of my fur-covered legs. I winced inside as I felt pressure at my arse and then something push its way in.

“Wow! I can’t believe the way the suit developed fur. Shame you couldn’t get it to grow a tail as well instead of sticking one up his arse.”

I could hear the words but they no longer seemed to make much sense. Only in a tiny corner of my mind could I cry out that this was not right, everything else about was rearranging the worlds into smells, black and white vision and simple instructions.

Connor lifted one of my hands (paws? I was confused about who or what I was).

“Not just fur, Ryan. It even simulates paws.”

Connor stroked my back. Now that felt right. I looked up at my master and let out a short bark. He stroked my head.

“You want to go for a walk? Well, I guess a short one wouldn’t hurt us. You up for it, Ryan?”

Ryan hesitated.

“Well, I guess it is quiet in the grounds.”

“No-one will see us if we go out for five minutes,” murmured Connor as he fastened a collar round my neck. “And he looks enough like a dog if they do.”

He clipped a lead onto the collar and set off, with me instinctively knowing to follow just behind him. The voice at the back of my mind arguing against this was growing quieter and more distant. I barked again and wagged my tail.


A door off the room led directly to the grounds and Ryan and Connor walked slightly ahead of me.

“This is kind of weird.”

“Stop worrying, Ryan. Oh, look. Spike must have got out from the farm.” We stopped as a large, friendly-looking Alsatian approached. It came behind me and I paused as it sniffed at my arse and crotch. I then turned round and returned the favour, noting that his cock was partially erect. My cock began to stir as well—this was a fine specimen of doghood. I growled very softly in my throat, as the Alsatian licked my face. I felt my collar being tugged. I pulled back against it, but was yanked away.

“Somebody’s getting randy, I think. Another time perhaps, but not right now.”

After some initial resistance, I allowed myself to be lead back inside. The tail was pulled out of my arse.

“Human mode.”

I rose slowly to my feet and felt the fur fade away and my thoughts and sense return. My initial feelings were revulsion—how could I have sniffed at the dog’s arse like that? How could I have allowed myself to become aroused?

I stopped, as Ryan and Connor spoke quietly on the other side of the room. My cock was still half erect and was actually growing. Amidst my humiliation, could it be that I was actually becoming turned on by being controlled? Could I grow to enjoy it? Well, there were much less good-looking people to be attracted to than Connor. I felt my cock strain within its covering.

Connor glanced over and shook his head.

“A couple of bugs to iron out, I think. End arousal.”

My cock immediately went flaccid. I could only feel those feelings inside now, not even in my cock.

Connor and Ryan returned.

“It’ll work.”

Ryan grinned. “Okay, so it’s a bit of a strange fetish, but I like the idea.” He looked me in the eye. “Robot mode.”

Again my thoughts and feelings faded away until I could barely feel myself there. Replacing them were cold, analytical thoughts, programs, algorithms. I noticed without any feeling that my suit had turned silver.

“Turn and face the mirror.”

I followed Connor’s instructions and saw a handsome, well-defined, silver robot, functioning well and ready to serve its masters.

“Turn back and bend over.”

With slightly stiff movements, I turned back and bent at the middle. My true self seemed just a minor programming aberration. My program was to serve. “Lift your head and open your mouth.”

I did so and saw Ryan unzip his trousers, lower them and his white briefs and place his cock in my mouth.

“Oral pleasure mode.”

Under the control of my central processing unit, I began to suck gently on his length, while my tongue explored it. I heard a soft moan, as his hands grasped my metallic head. Then I again felt pressure at my arse.

“Anal pleasure mode.”

My programming instructed me to relax that orifice and I felt Connor’s large cock push its way inside. My programming recognised pleasure, but only as an archaic sense that humans enjoyed. My robot alternative was satisfaction at my programming working well in serving these two men.

Both men began pumping into my anal and oral orifices, arousing themselves more and more, and completing my programming needs. I sensed that both men were close to release and tightened both my orifices to make the experience more pleasurable for them. After precisely one minute thirty-eight seconds, they withdrew almost instantaneously. My hearing sensors detected sounds which led me to believe that my service had been satisfactory.

“Stand up.”

I straightened back up to standard position number one, my CPU aware of low-level system checks, but otherwise satisfied to wait.

“Human mode.”

Like a jolt of electricity my sense of self returned, as my skinsuit faded back to its basic shade. For a few seconds I raged at the indignities being heaped on me and then I paused. Actually, I had really enjoyed being fucked in my mouth and arse. In fact, I was already beginning to adjust to the thought of being Connor and Ryan’s puppet. Somehow, losing control of my life seemed less important than I might have believed before.

“Step back into your booth.”

I stepped back.

“Attach yourself to the umbilical.”

I pushed myself back until a thick tube slotted into my arse.


“Yeah, Ryan, I thought it would be a good idea if our puppet didn’t need to eat or drink. The tubes in the umbilical provide all his needs and take waste products away.”

Ryan nodded.

“Saves a lot of messing about, I guess.”

As I felt the gentle vibration of the tube in my arse, with things being added to and taken from my body, I wondered if this could turn out to be the best thing that had ever happened to me.