The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Puppet Strings

He was a consultant by trade. No real home for him. Ever since he graduated from college, there has been no attachment to any place called “home.” After six hard years of school, four undergraduate in mechanical engineering and two graduate in psychology, the job he took as information technology consultant was a safe and economically wise decision. His friends and parents had always wonder about the puzzling path he had taken through school. Engineering, then graduate school in Psychology? How strange a path this was; however, he made excellent grades, so obviously he knew what he was doing; so they thought.

The truth is he had things that he wanted to find about himself, and the best way he knew how was through a formal course of study. The psychology department offered the most liberal program of exploration, so he took advantage of the classes. However, the answers that he sought were not found in this course of study. The “why’s” to some of his behavior were never answered by his professors; the real question was this behavior bad. He was voyeur; he loved to peek at things that were forbidden to him. Ever since he was a teen, he would sneak around his neighborhood and “peep” into various windows at the private world of his neighbors; what were they doing when no one was watching, what secrets were they hiding. He was never caught and the feeling he received from “the spy missions” was inexplicable. To him, it was almost sexual. He spied on various things from sexual acts to some illegal behavior. But what gave him the highest of highs was viewing the male form. He did not think of himself as gay, but the sight and acts of males by themselves gave him a special sentiment. He found himself staring into showers, bedrooms, and gyms where he stared through the darkness at men doing all sorts of things. He liked it especially when he caught them masturbating when they thought they were all alone. Through college, this behavior followed, watching roommates, athletes, and strangers. His fascination for voyeurism grew, but there was something missing. Something not there.

He attributed this to bad behavior trait; therefore, the study of psychology would help him, but in all the books he combed, the answers he sought could not be found. However, he did find something that did peak his fancy just as much as the voyeurism, hypnosis. The world of hypnotism became his new fascination. The whole process struck him as the height of eroticism; the induction was foreplay. The trance was the seduction, and the post hypnotic suggestions were the afterglow. He study everything he could get his hands on from the writings of Erickson to every two-bit stage hypnotist he came across. He learned and catalogued every induction technique there was, and became quite the expert outside of being called “Doctor.” However, the real world was calling, and he had to make this into some kind of “practical” use. In other words, get a job. Somehow he had turned his study of hypnosis into a Master’s in Industrial Psychology. He managed to talk his way into one of the largest information technology firms in the land where he designed the training regimens for large implementations for many different companies. It was a good living; the travel to different places and the new people he met was great.

But the fascination with voyeurism never left him. In the many hotels and apartments that he stayed. He found himself staring through a set of binoculars into some other persons windows. The company policy was to pair all out of town personnel with a “roommate” to create a better work atmosphere. So he took to spying on his roommates. Peering through cracks in the door as his roommates moved in their bathrooms; watching them sleep. It satisfied him..... to some extent. There was still something missing. Something needed to be added to this act to give him the high that he needed. Then it hit him like a ton of bricks: hypnotism and voyeurism. The control to make someone do things they would not do in front of others was the highest of highs. He remembered all his induction techniques and some radical ways of instilling post-hypnotic suggestions, and he could make anyone do anything he wanted them to do. This would give him what he needed, what he craved.

However, how would he get his first “victim.” He thought long and hard about this. He could not just walk up to a person and say, “Excuse me, sir, but I would like to hypnotize you and make masturbate.” Because even with the most radical techniques the subject had to be somewhat willing to go under. Then, one day on his assignment in Cleveland, he sat on the couch with his roommate, Will, watching a magic show on the television. There was a segment on hypnotism where several people were made to act like chickens, his roommate chuckled and said, “That is sooo fake. I don’t think they’re hypnotized.” The wheels of his mind began to turn. The door had been opened. Will would be his first participant in satisfying his desires.


Will Cox started working at the firm six months previously; this was his first assignment. He did not come the conventional route to the job, for he thought that he would still be serving his country and “becoming all he could be” in the Army. Will had always wanted to be a warrior ever since growing up in the farmlands of Southern Illinois, so he worked hard throughout high school and he received an appointment to West Point. After four grueling years at the Point, he received a commission to Army where he was a First Lieutenant in Infantry. He didn’t stop there, though, he decided to go a little further. He chose to go to one of the toughest schools in the Army; he entered Ranger school. It was tough and mentally draining, and it almost killed him. However, he triumphed and earned his wings as a Ranger. He was all set to make a career in the Army. However, as with happens with life, the best laid plans of men often go astray; it was not meant to be. After receiving his first assignment overseas, he contracted a congenital stomach disease that almost killed him. Needless to say, he had to retire prematurely from the Service, and his career was over.

Will bounced around the country searching for purpose. However, he had to earn a living while searching for meaning in his life, and he was at least armed with a computer engineering degree. So he found himself at the firm installing large database systems. It was by pure coincidence that Will and the Consultant became roommates.

“That is sooo fake. I don’t think they are hypnotized,” said Bill, “They’re just actors paid to do a job.”

The consultant’s eyes began to sparkle. This was the avenue that he was looking for to satisfy his fetish. “So you don’t believe in hypnosis, huh,” he coyly said.

“I’ve seen some shows on some of the bases and back at West Point, and they are all fake; acting like chickens and stuff,” Bill said.

“ Now that is not true,” said the consultant, " They are allowing themselves to be hypnotized, knowing that they will be performing, so it is easy for them to perform those silly acts. That is not what hypnosis is all about.”

Will was looking quite inquisitively at the Consultant by this time. Will then said, “You sure do seem to know a lot about this. What, are YOU a hypnotist?” Will asked with a slight chortle.

With an almost sinister smile, the consultant said, “Why yes I am. I told you I had my Master’s in Psychology. My concentration of study was in Hypnosis.”

Will was kind of startled by the revelation, but also kind of curious. The Consultant knew this and leaped to continue to spin his web of intrigue on his potential subject.

“Hypnosis is a state where the subconscious mind is open. We tend to block our subconscious mind with the constraints of the conscious mind. All hypnosis does is remove that block. Now some people can remove more of that block than others.” The consultant knew that was a half truth, for he knew that his inductions and techniques could render anyone willing to be hypnotized totally at his command. Once under they would do anything that he wanted them to; all they had to do was say that they were willing. “I could demonstrate that with you.” With that statement the consultant waited for a response that would dictate the rest of the events for the evening.

Will looked puzzled for a moment, as his mind wandered what this would be like. He finally squirmed to the answer that the Consultant had dreamed of. “Yes, okay let’s do it but I don’t think that I will go under that deep if at all because of my army training.”

Will could not be further from the truth, for the Army, particularly Ranger school, had prepared him to follow commands explicitly and unconditionally. Once under, Will would be an ideal subject, the Consultant thought.

Physically, Will intrigued the Consultant. He was about 5′ 10″ with dirty blond hair and blue gray eyes. Due to his congenital disease, he had lost a lot of weight. However, he did work out occasionally and had some definition to his body. His skin had the look of someone who toiled in the sun at times. He was no exceptional model, but he would do nicely as the Consultants first puppet.

Will’s Induction

The Consultant did not waste any time setting up for Will’s surrender. He decided this first session would be used to test how he would respond to strong post-hypnotic suggestions. He had Will sit in the most comfortable chair in the room and stare at a tiny dot located on the ceiling.

“Okay, now that you are comfortable I want you take real deep breath....Hold release it, and stare at that tiny black dot on the ceiling.”

The dot was slightly above his head, so Will had to fix his eyes slightly up above his line of sight.

“Take another deep breath....and release...concentrate on my voice.... and stare at the dot. Think of things that give you pleasure”

Will thought to himself that the strained eye position was not one of these pleasurable moments. The dot was in slightly strained position to stare at and try to relax; his eyes were already beginning to tire from the strain.

In a very low subtle tone, the consultant spoke soothing words “Concentrate on my voice.... and as you stare at the dot you will notice as it starts to grow. As it grows it will be easier to see, putting less strain on your eyes, relaxing them more and more.... You see it, growing larger and larger, notice as I say it gets bigger and bigger.”

Will’s eyes began to water and strain even more. However, he did notice as the consultant said, the dot became larger and larger. It became easier to see! “OH, my god it is growing! How is it doing that!” he thought.

“As it get bigger you feel it easier to focus on the dot and you become more at ease and content. It pleases you to just let it grow and grow.... As it grows, your body becomes more and more relaxed.”

The Consultant noticed Will’s muscles becoming less tense and his breathing becoming more relaxed as he stared up at the ceiling. He seized on the cue.

“Notice as the dot grows larger, your body feels so light. All your muscles feel so relaxed you just feel like floating way. Just let yourself float away peacefully and slowly, let yourself go into a nice restful sleep as dot is now large circle on the ceiling.”

Will thought to himself, “He is right, the strain is gone it feels so good to have all that eye tension to be gone. I feel so relaxed; I just want to float away.”

In reality the dot had not grown, and Will was staring at the same strained position, but the consultant’s voice had lulled him into an almost catatonic state.

“Just floating away. Feel that relaxation all over your body. Just floating.... Allow my voice to guide you to the most pleasurable relaxing experience that you ever had.....Down....floating down.....Down....Down...Down. Whenever you feel yourself so relaxed...just let your eyelids you want to totally relax and enjoy this pleasurable experience. You will enjoy it much more if you just allow your eyes close and let my voice guide you... float even deeper.”

As the consultant watched, Will began to blink rapidly, and his eyelids started to flutter.

“Just close your eyes, feel the pleasure as the relaxation overtakes you.”

Will’s eyelids continued to flutter, and with a pleasurable moan, his eyeballs rolled up in his head. There he sat, breathing very deeply as the Consultant continued to perfect his spell.

“ Continue to feel the relaxation as I will guide you into the most pleasurable experiences that you have ever had. I want you to be aware of every part, every inch of your body. When I touch any part of your body you feel a pleasure that you have never felt before. It will give you so much pleasure and relax you even more with each touch. Each touch will allow you to relax even more and slip deeper and deeper. Listening to my voice and my touch can only give you this pleasure. Are you ready to receive this most wonderful gift that I am about to give if you are say ‘Yes’. You will find it easy to speak as this will help you to relax and fall deeper with every word.”

There was small stirring in the chair as Will moaned a long slow “Yeeeesss!”

The Consultant reached out a finger and touched Will’s hand. Will moaned and squirmed. He shifted slightly in the chair as the consultant reached out and touched his arm. Will moaned once again as his body reacted to the touch. It was as if that touch was the greatest experience that he had ever felt. The Consultant noticed other parts of Will’s body react to his touch as well. His face became flush and his breathing a little hurried. Beneath the t-shirt that he was wearing, his nipples were becoming quite erect and protruding through the fabric, and in his shorts a small bulge had formed. He was turned on like he had never been before!

“Do you like this feeling, should I continue to allow you to have it,” the consultant questioned.

Will squirming in his seat moaned another pleasure-filled, “YEEESSSS!”

Will’s hands had begun to move to reach inside his shorts. With every touch he stroked himself, until he was ready to cum in his underwear. However the Consultant had other plans.

“ I am going to stop now.” There was puzzled and frustrated look on Will’s face as a frown began to form. Will had already formed the link between the consultant’s touch and his new found pleasure " I will give you this gift again, if I so desire, if you continue to please me.”

Will, eyes tightly shut, began to beg, “Please, don’t stop!” His hands trying to satisfy the void that was left from the Consultant’s withdrawal had reached into his pants to satisfy himself.

“I will give you this gift one more time tonight, but if you want to continue to obey me you must obey my orders to the letter. Do you understand, even the slightest deviation will result in you not receiving the gift.”

Will, still stroking his cock, said pleadingly “Yes I will obey!”

“Good, when I touch you again you will not cum but you will fall into a deep sleep. In this sleep you will dream about my voice speaking to you and you must follow all the instructions that it gives you. Do you understand.”

Will on the verge of unloading moaned “YEEESSS!!”

The Consultant reached out and touched his forehead. Almost immediately, his hands fell out of his pants to the sides of the chair. Will’s head fell back onto the chair and his mouth fell slightly ajar. He was asleep, lying motionless except for his penis which was still begging to be released from the confines of his shorts.

The Consultant could hardly contain himself. He had succeeded in the initial induction, and here sat Will totally oblivious to the world around him. He began to snore slightly while his cock was still twitching beneath the fabric of his underpants. But the Consultant had other plans for his new puppet; he wanted to test him even further. He began to speak in a dreamy voice:

“ Will when you hear the snap of my fingers you will return to full awareness, but you will remember nothing that conspired while you were hypnotized. It will be like a dream, and every time you try to remember it will be far too hard.”

Will mumbled, “Too hard.”

“There are three other things I want you to do before I give you the gift again. Remember I can only give you the gift if you follow my orders to the letter.”

“To the letter....” Will sighed.

“The first thing is after about an hour you will decide to go to bed. As soon as your head hits the pillow you will fall into the most blissful deep sleep you have ever had. It will be so comfortable that nothing , except the sound of your alarm clock, will be able to awake you. While you are in this blissful sleep you will have the dream of dreams. This dream will have the most gorgeous woman coming to have sex with you. Don’t worry all you have to do is lie there and react to every thing she does for you. She will please you almost as much as my touch does. Do you understand.”

Once again, Will sighed a “Yeeesss.”

“Finally you will feel so refreshed and awake in the morning that tomorrow you will want to be hypnotized again. You can’t hardly wait for tomorrow night, for I might bestow the gift upon. Would you like that?”

A slight smile appeared on the slumbering face and another “Yeesss,” rolled off his lips.

“You have been an excellent subject, and we will have more fun tomorrow. Now I am going to snap my fingers and you will be fully aware of everything around you feeling refreshed and awake, but all the stuff we did while you were under will seem like a dream. One....Two...Three”

And with the snap of the fingers, Will’s eyelids blinked rapidly again and he began to move. It was several seconds before he could talk.

“How do you feel?” the Consultant asked.

“I feel ....good, real good. So did it work? How long was I under?", Will groggily asked.

“For about 1 hour and you were a good subject.”

“You didn’t have me act like a chicken, did you?” he asked .

“No, but I think you will be pleased with the results.” the Consultant slyly responded.

Will looked puzzled for a moment, trying to remember some detail of what took place over the hour he was under the trance. However, the effort to recover those memories became to great, and he stopped trying to remember. The last of the post-hypnotic suggestions had taken affect. He did not even notice the protuding bulge that still lingered in his shorts.

Over an hour later, the second suggestion kicked in as Will became very sleepy. “(Yawn) Wow, man I’m tired all of a sudden. I think I’ll hit the hay.” And Will headed of to bed consciously unknowing that he was falling the orders given to him.

All the Consultant could do is smile and say “Pleasant dreams!” as he watched Will’s form drift off to prepare for bed, for he knew that the big event would come later in the still of the night

The Dream

The Consultant could barely drag himself to bed because of all the thoughts that raced through his head. What was he to do with his new puppet? The options seemed endless. However, he had to take himself to bed to past the time and prepare himself for his real job.

Meanwhile, Will had managed to get to the shower to prepare for bed. The suggestion that the Consultant had given him was so strong, that he almost nodded off in the shower. However, he managed to finally drag himself to bed. As soon as his head hit the pillow, the bed seemed to engulf him with a very comforting and lulling warmth. He closed his eyes and disappeared from the conscious realm.

It was almost three hours later that the Consultant awoke with a start. " Oh, my God! I have missed the event!” An eerie feeling of dread crept over him as he thought that he had missed the performance by Will that he had so carefully worked hard to implant. Nevertheless, he thought to himself that it would not hurt to take a look to see the sleeping form. So the Consultant carefully crept across the dark apartment to Will’s room. He slowly turned the doorknob as to not wake him if the suggestion did not take affect. As the door crept open, the moonlight illuminated the room, for Will slept with blinds slightly ajar.

There in the moonlit room Will lay, under the one thin white sheet. He was turned on his side with the pillow barely grasping his head. The Consultant slinked into the room and sat next to the bed, hoping to see some sign that his post-hypnotic suggestion had taken effect. In the eerie darkness, all he saw was Will’s sleeping form just breathing in and out, in and out. The Consultant sat there for what seemed like an eternity before there was any movement. He began to grow impatient and try to formulate some new way of hypnotizing Will. He tried to figure out what he had done wrong or if he had already missed the performance.

Just when he had all but given up hope, Will rolled on his back. The light snoring that had filled the air stopped, replaced by a soft moan. The consultant perked up; “Could this be it?” he thought to himself. About a minute later, came another moan, then another in rapid succession. Soon Will began to wriggle slightly in the bed. Under the sheet, his cock began to twitch, and escaped from the loose fitting boxers that he had worn to bed.

Will’s mouth fell open as the pleasurable writhing continued, and a soft, “Ungh!” escaped from his lips. Will’s hands had moved from their position beneath the sheet to above his head as if someone had placed them there and was holding them in the submissive position. Sweat beads had began to form on his forehead as his hips began to gyrate up and down ever so slightly; clearly as Will entered his fantasy woman. It was the best dream of his life! The Consultant watched this dance and almost lost himself in his voyeuristic pleasure. However, he regained himself and realized that he wanted to see much more. He decided to test to see just how caught up Will was in his fantasy. He moved closer to the bed, and began to remove the sheet that covered the squirming Will. The Consultant grabbed the sheet and pulled it slowly down. It crept slowly down Will’s hairy chest and across his abdomen. It was then pulled over his now fully erect penis. The sheet actually pulled Will’s cock slightly downward; which in most cases, would cause some pain and discomfort to most. However, it looked like it added to the pleasure he was having. After the sheet was pulled free from the boxers, Will’s cock sprang straight into the air, but he was oblivious to the removal of the covering. All he did was continue his pleasurable writhing.

Will was totally turned on; his nipples were even more erect than before and abdomen began to make shivering clinches as if he were about to give forth his load. His cock was now fire-engine red and all the veins began to protrude as the life fluids rushed into the lengthened shaft. His testicles had also worked their way free from the loose-fitting boxers and had swollen with the milky life juice. His legs stiffened and he began to whisper “Yes!” beneath each breath.

The Consultant looked at the sight and wished he had his camera. He moved closer to Will’s head and put his finger onto one of Will’s eyelids. He carefully parted the eyelid until the pale blue iris began to show; then lightly pulled on the eyelid more until Will’s pupil showed. This did not deter Will one bit as he continued to revel in his fantasy. There the Consultant was watching his subject go through the motion of orgasm while holding open one of Will’s eyes. He held the eyelid open until Will’s eyeball slowly rolled back in his head revealing only the white part.

The sound of “Yes” coming from Will was now replaced with incomprehensible sounds. His hips gyrated faster up and down as the tip of his penis began oozing out his male lubricant. Suddenly, a loud, “NNGH!” came from his lips and his back arched upward. His buttock muscles clinched very tightly, and the first string of his semen dribbled out and down the sides of his shaft. Then, another string shot out onto his arched abdomen; with one big push, one stream shot straight in the air and landed on the edge of the bed. He continued to spout his life fluid like a fountain for a good minute until he was all spent. After his last stream flowed from his now purplish shaft, his hips fell back onto the bed, and the hands that seemed to pinned over his head slid gently back down to Will’s sides. His shaft began its downward turn as his balls emptied and began to fall back from their clinched and shriveled position. His head dropped to the side, and had his eyes been opened, he would have been staring directly at the Consultant. His breathing was still slightly elevated, still sweating ever so slightly.

Will then began to snore as sleep once again overtook him. However, this time he had slight satisfied grin on his face as he had just finished the best dream he has ever had.

The Consultant then strolled confidently from the room and returned to his bedroom, knowing that he had been fulfilled. And also knowing that he would have more time to enjoy his new toy, for the next night he would solidify his hold, and Will would be privy to anything that he had in store for him.

The Deepening

The next morning, the alarm in the consultant’s room went off at 6:00 AM. He groggily slid from the bed, for he was a little exhausted from watching the spectacle the previous night. After taking a shower, and getting dressed for work. He decided to look in on Will, to see if he was still asleep, and if the post-hypnotic suggestion was still in effect.

He carefully opened the door to Will’s room and crept inside the room. He stood by the bed as the first rays of sunlight beamed directly on the bed from Will’s window. Sure enough, Will was still sound asleep; his eyes were still moving beneath the lids as they do for someone in deep REM sleep. The Consultant called out Will’s name aloud, no response. Again he called out “Will!” There was no movement. He went to the bed and tapped him and shook him vigorously. All Will did was fall back breathing evenly as if no one had disturbed him. The Consultant, satisfied that the suggestion had worked well, left the room with a satisfied smile.

Ten minutes later, Will’s alarm went off. With a few flutter’s of his eyelids, Will sprung from the bed with a most satisfied expression. He felt totally refreshed and awake, ready to take on the rigors of work. After whistling merrily through his morning routine, he came into the kitchen where the Consultant sat eating his breakfast.

“I don’t know what you said to me while I was under, but it worked great! I’ve never slept that well in my entire life.”

The Consultant spoke proudly, “All I did was unlock a key that was already there.”

Will then surrendered to the last suggestion that was planted, “Well whatever it is can you do it again tonight! I have this big presentation, and I will need something to make me feel like this again! I feel so alert and psyched.”

“Well,” the consultant responded, trying to contain his excitement. “We’ll see if we can do this again tonight.”

The day pressed on for both, neither could contain the anticipation for the night’s events. The Consultant went through the day, barely concentrating on the work he had to do. Thoughts raced through his mind as to what to do next. He knew this would be the opportunity to plant the event or phrase that would automatically trigger the deepest hypnotic trance. Will had turned out to be more susceptible than he ever dreamed. The next step was to get him to accept the suggestion that the Consultant’s voice was so pleasing to him that after the trigger, that he would do anything he was told. The infinite thoughts of how to satisfy his insatiable voyeuristic nature filled his day.

Will’s exuberance was manufactured by the Consultant’s suggestions. However, he flew through his day, accomplishing more tasks than he ever had. He gave fresh new ideas in his meetings that wowed the executives on the project. There was an extra pep in his step the entire day. When six o’clock came around he dashed for the door racing to get back to the apartment to work on his presentation and his second “helpful” session with the Consultant.

Will was the first to reach the apartment. He was almost disappointed that the Consultant had not made it there yet. The Consultant arrived a little over an hour later. Will recounted all the things he had done throughout the day.

“I can’t tell you how much stuff I got done today. I still can’t remember what you told me to feel this great, but I wish you could bottle it and sell it. You’d make a fortune. So let’s get started, man!”

The Consultant then said, “Hold on, I’m going to work out and then eat, then, we will do it.” The Consultant knew this would agitate Will but it would make him much more susceptible. Will grudgingly agreed and said " Well, I just work on my presentation until then, but remember I need to get to bed early for my presentation.”

The Consultant retorted, “I’m sure you’ll have no problem sleeping once I’m finished.” And with that statement, he went off to his workout. After about two hours, he returned and said, “Alright, let’s do this!”

Will disregarded the work he was doing and took the same chair he had the night before. He stared at the ceiling searching for the dot from the night before. However, the Consultant wanted to try another method..

“What I would like you to do is clasp your hands in front of you as tightly as possible. Like this.” The Consultant illustrated by cupping both his hands. A little puzzled, but Will followed the instructions. “Now close your eyes very tightly and hold it.”

Will sat in the seat clutching his hands and closed his eyes as tightly as possible. “Now relax them and take a deep breath.... Now clasp your hands again in the same manner and close your eyes tightly!...Now release!...and again.”

The Consultant droned on for some time with the same instructions. Will seemed to be becoming quite frustrated with this action, but the Consultant continued.

All of sudden the Consultant slipped a phrase like the hands are glued together within the clasp and release monotone incantation. Soon it was becoming harder for Will to separate his hands, his muscles strained more and more to separate his hands along with a furrowed brow that gave away his struggle.

Then the Consultant tone grew louder and said, “Open your eyes.....Your hands are glued tight..... no matter how much you strain, you cannot pull them apart!”

Will could not believe what was happening! How had his hands been glued together without him knowing. His pectorals and biceps shook with the effort to pull them apart. However, they would not separate. All his focus shifted to try and pry his hands apart.

At this time the Consultant had slipped behind the chair out of Will’s sight. He leaned over Will’s straining shoulder and calmly whispered into his ear and said, “I can separate your hands and relax you totally if you allow me to do this. Once your hands are separated, you can release allll the strain and frustration that this has caused. Let me help to let go. Will you allow me to do, can I give you that release?”

Will straining said “Yes!” The Consultant then grabbed Will’s straining wrist and easily parted them. Will felt a sense of relief that his hands had been separated, he also felt a very comforting relaxation run through his entire body. As his arms were further separated he felt all the muscles in his body becoming limp, his breathing became slow and fluid, and his eyelids began to droop. The Consultant gently placed Will’s arms on the armrest of the chair, and as they were settled, his eyelids closed and his head drooped onto his chest. He had fallen under again.

The Consultant then began to massage Will’s temples and began to talk. “As I make these oh so relaxing circles recall the pleasure that my touch gives you. With each stroke, relaxing more and more, concentrating on my voice. Relaxing more and more, deeper and deeper to experience that special sense of pleasure.”

A relaxing and satisfying sigh escaped from Will’s lips as the Consultant continued his actions and words. “Relaxing more and more, you will discover that my voice is what is leading you to that very special, pleasurable, place. Following the voice... my voice is pleasurable; it gives you the ultimate pleasure to listen to my voice, to follow my voice.” Stopping the massaging circles, he continued, “My voice will give you pleasure, it will lead you to pleasure; it will give you pleasure to follow the commands that gives you.”

Will began a pleasurable swaying to the consultant’s voice. He felt the same stimulus that he had felt the night before; he hung on every word the consultant spoke to him. His body began to react in the same fashion as it did the night before. He began to make the same sounds as if he was going to reach orgasm.

The Consultant began to speak with one line sentences to test the responsiveness of his subject:

“Hands floating into the air.” Almost immediately Will’s hands began to levitate above the armrest.

“Higher” The hands moved higher, just a little above Will’s head.

“Higher, faster” As he chanted this phrase, Will’s hands flew as if they had been launched by rockets, pulling him out the chair. His backside was now hovering above the chair as it seemed as if his hands were trying to escape from the rest of his body.

“Stand up, completely.” He did so immediately, with hands still floating high in the air. “Hands floating down, down, down.” Will’s hands floated lightly back to his sides. Another pleasurable sigh fell from his lips.

“Becoming hotter, hotter, clothes must be removed.” Beads of sweat began to form on Will’s forehead, he began to perspire profusely. His hands slowly pulled the T-shirt he was wearing over his head. Then the hands reached and began to fumble with the pants he was wearing. Slowly, the pants and boxers he was wearing were lowered, leaving him totally nude in front of the Consultant.

“Cooler now, very comfortable. There is a tingling feeling between your legs. Tingling is getting stronger and stronger, up your leg, up your shaft.... That’s it. Shaft is twitching, growing bigger. Twitching, tingling.” Will felt his manhood seem to move on its own accord. With each phrase, a surge traveled up his cock.

Will let out a series of slight gasps as his six inches filled with blood. It throbbed and twitched as it rose from its limp position. “Twitching, excited, dancing in the air,” the consultant chanted as Will’s body reacted to every word the consultant said. “Higher and higher it goes, filling with the life juice,” Will’s penis danced as if connected to a puppet master’s strings. His testes began to draw up into his body as they vigorously prepared to give forth their load.

“Will are you ready to cum?” the consultant teased, noticing the pleading look for release on Will’s face. “You know you cannot release unless I give you permission.” Will pleaded, “Please, I need to shoot!”

“I will give you release only if you follow the next set of instructions.....When ever you here the phrase ‘Fire in the hole’ you will, go into a relaxing trance even deeper than you are now where you will obey only my voice. Obeying my voice will allow you to slip deeper and deeper into a relaxing state and make it even easier to follow my commands. When you are in this trance you can trust my words to guide you. Do you understand?” A very hurried yes came from Will’s mouth as the watery male lubricant formed on the tip of his penis.

“What is the phrase that will give you release and allow to reach this state? Say it, and release your heavy burden.”

With an almost grunt-like sound, Will said “Fire in the hole! Unghh!” and shot his load. It sprinkled out in long stringy globs onto the floor. After a good thirty seconds, Will was spent of all his life juices and stood swaying with his eyes tightly shut, as if the release had let out all his strength, both physically and mentally. He had no will of his own in this euphoric state. All he could do is await the next command from his Master.

“Very good, Will; now open your eyes and look at me.” Will’s eyes fluttered open and stared blankly at the Consultant, awaiting the next order. “You will clean yourself and dress; afterwards you will sit in the chair and fall into a deep sleep remembering nothing that transpired tonight. You will only remember that the session went very well and you are very ready for your presentation tomorrow.” Will nodded his acknowledgement of his orders.

Will silently went about gathering his discarded clothes and slowly cleaned himself. He finally slipped on his clothes, and no sooner had he pulled his shirt over his head, he slumped back into the chair where the evening’s festivities had begun. His head rolled back over the headrest and his mouth fell slightly agape. A light snoring sound escaped from his mouth. The man was totally asleep as if given a ton of sleeping pills. A satisfied grin ran across the Consultant’s face as he thought about the endless possibilities that lied ahead for him and his new toy.