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Puppy Farm

“YES!” Kim exclaimed, almost throwing the controller to the ground. She was the best of the best, being a professional gamer and champion in various tournaments, but her biggest joy was to beat her boyfriend at the games he developed.

“Careful with that!” He said while Kim began making a little victory dance. It pained Sam to be beaten, but he enjoyed watching Kim have fun.

And the sight of her braless breast bouncing in the white tank top she wore was something that made up for it.

Sam got up from the cushion on the floor and left his controller aside.

“I am getting hungry,” He said.

“You are just making excuses because I am kicking your ass.” Kim got up, leaving the controller on the ground, and hugged him from behind.

Sam tried to kiss her but her long brown hair stood between him and her cheek, “And you are hungry even if you don’t realize, then you will get sloppy. And the moment I beat you, you will throw a tantrum and get mad at me.”

She showed him her tongue. He kissed it.

She knew it was true. But she would never admit it.

“So, what are we getting?” She asked.

“I am in the mood for some Korean food.” He said, he turned her around and took a bite of her neck.

She yelped and punched him lightly on the chest.

“Stop it. If you start now we won’t eat anything.” She said. “And I don’t feel like having Korean. Grandma is visiting mom and that’s all she makes.”

“How about a pizza?”


“Fine...” Sam pondered the menu a little. “The usual?”


“I will get my coat. Hey, do you mind waiting for me here? I’m worried about a package that is due for today, but I don’t want my neighbor to snoop about it.”

Kim hugged her boyfriend, “what, did you order something for me?” She bit her arm playfully.

“You will have to wait and see. But don’t open it. Ok?”

“sure...” Kim pouted.

“I will be back in a jiffy.” He said and walked out the door, but turned back to Kim, “One more thing, I am working on a new project for a friend, it’s a freelance program, don’t open it. He made me sign an NDA and all.”

“Scout promise.” Kim lifted her hand and crossed her heart.

“You are not a scout.”

“Go away already. I am getting horngry.” She said snapping her teeth together.

Sam left, leaving Kim to her own devices.

“Let’s see what that program is about.” Kim jumped on Sam’s laptop and snooped around the recent files and emails. There was a recent mail quoting something called TEST6.Exe and saying that he needed to find a willing subject to begin beta testing.

The reply also said that the program ran better on a bigger screen than a smaller one.

Kim found the file and plugged the computer into the main TV and clicked run.

The file went on Fullscreen mode. There was a home screen with a simple MIDI soundtrack and old-school pixel art.

PUPPYFARM. The title screen read.

It seemed like another rip-off of Animal crossing or Stardew Valley. Why was this supposed to be played on a bigger screen? This kind of game could work fine on a Game Boy.

She linked a controller and pressed play. There were two options.

New game & Settings.

She hit New Game.

The pixel art faded to black, followed by a dialogue screen. “Name?” The screen asked. Normally she would enter her Gamertag, but something itched in the back of her head, she decided to input “KIM”.

“Welcome to your new puppy farm,” The screen read, “train your puppy and keep them happy—“ and then the game crashed.

She laughed. That was why Sam didn’t want her to find about it. It crashed as soon as it began.

She tried to restart. This time she went to settings to see what she could change. There was a single stat.

Immersion, High—Medium—Low. The lowest setting was selected.

She wondered what it meant. It wasn’t like this was VR.

She changed the setting to High, pressed back, and this time selected Continue.

The game didn’t fade to black this time. The screen was filled with colorful pixels as the screen loaded. It was a bit annoying, and she was sure even if it was 16 bits this could give someone a seizure.

The game finally loaded. There was a small farm-like setting, a few fields, a tiny house, and a stable. The controls were simple; the music was limited and kept looping the same simple melody over and over; it droned off and after a while, it was easy to forget it was even there.

She moved around the map. It was very limited, and there was a bug that every so often made the screen freeze.

Finally, she walked into the little stable.

There were many empty spaces, but only one puppy. She made the character walk up to it.

The screen froze again. Something began bothering her, a little itch growing down her spine. The dialogue screen read. “Play with Kim?”

She laughed. She thought the game asked her to put the farmer’s name, not the puppy name.

She played with KIM.

There was a little [woof-woof] dialogue over KIM when the farmer played with the little puppy. Kim felt a rush of electricity go down her spine and hit her lower back.

For some reason, reading her name associated with a little dog made her feel… uncomfortable wasn’t the word. Bothered, she thought to herself.

There was a little +10xp.

Kim pressed the options wheel and saw there were more options now. Play, Rub, and Train. It was a bit unsettling, but she felt like she needed to keep playing. She selected the option Play again.

Kim felt another rush go down her spine, it was pleasant and made her body feel warm.

Kim pushed the PLAY options repeatedly until the XP stopped showing.

Then Kim noticed she was wiggling in her seat.

She burst into laughter. ‘It seems this is getting to my head’ she said out loud, “Let’s see what happens if I select. Rub...” There was a flash on the screen.

Kim fell down to the floor, feeling a spasm like someone had pushed a vibe down her pussy.

She gasped for air as she convulsed. Waggling her butt in the air.

The screen went back to normal.

KIM “Enjoyed that.”

She certainly did. She thought to herself.

She wondered what just happened, but unable to stop herself, she selected the option again.

She gasped for air as she convulsed. Waggling her butt in the air. Drool ran down to the floor and she felt it natural to bark.

KIM “Enjoyed that.”

This was messed up. She thought to herself. How? what is happening to her?

“I should stop and confront Sam about this.” Kim stared at the screen.

But something bothered her.

“What happens if I push the train button?”

Curiosity got the best of her. She selected “TRAIN”

She felt a slap on her pussy.

“FUCK WAS THAT!?” Kim’s hand went to rub her sore pussy, dropping the controller to the floor.

The TRAIN option got selected again. The screen flashed accompanied by the slapping sound effect. Kim felt herself spread her legs instinctively.

“NO!” She whimpered. The controller got stuck and selected the same option over and over again. Kim stared at the flashing screen. Each time she heard the slap she felt as if a hand, a belt, or something slapped her ass, her pussy, or her breasts.

Even so, she held the position, spreading her legs, her hands behind her back, perfect posture thrusting her breasts and holding for the sting of the slap.

The game stopped after a while.

“KIM can learn a new trick. Teach KIM a new trick?” The cursor blinked.

Kim heaved. She didn’t know what was happening anymore. She collapsed in place. Her clothes were a mess, she had drool on her tits and her pussy was sore and dripping.

She stared at the screen.

“Yes,” she said meekly. “Please. Yes. I will.” She pleaded. “Teach me a new trick.”

-Voice recognition activated- The screen flashed.

“KIM is an eager puppy, KIM will learn TWO new tricks.”

“KIM... Sit!” The dialogue box ordered.

Kim sat down, her hands, no, her paws standing between her spread legs.

“KIM... Wait!” Kim opened her mouth and heaved.

“KIM is a good puppy.” The screen said.

“Kim is a good puppy,” Kim said.

“Kim is an obedient puppy.” The dialogue box continued.

“Kim is an obedient puppy,” Kim repeated the dialogue

“Kim is a good Puppy.” The screen froze.

“Kim is a good Puppy. Kim is an obedient Puppy.” Kim read the dialogue on the frozen screen “Kim is a good Puppy. Kim is an obedient Puppy.”

Kim kept repeating the words over and over again with her tongue hanging from her mouth until they weren’t words anymore.

Sam opened the door.

“You will not believe what happened...” He closed the door. “I came across the deliveryman just as I was leaving the building and got the package I was waiting—“ He dropped the box and ran to his girlfriend.

“WOOF-WOOF” Kim barked without looking away from the screen.

“SHIT!” He made her look at him, her eyes crossed and empty.

“Kim! Kim!” He called out to her.

“Woof!” was her only response. He looked up to the screen and saw the message on the screen was frozen.

“Fuck! Kim! You didn’t have to put it in the highest setting...” He sighed.

Kim laid on the floor showing her belly, waiting for her master to play with her. Her skirt was up to her waist, showing her wet panties. Her top was damp with sweat and drool, her nipples were completely erect.

“Fuck.” Sam sat beside her and unplugged his laptop. He didn’t know what to do now. His hand instinctively reached up to her exposed belly. He rubbed her, Kim smiled and barked, her tongue hanging out. She enjoyed that.

Sam sighed and opened the box, pulling out the contents. Sure, this wasn’t the plan, but at least now he was sure she was going to like it.

“Who is a good puppy?” He said, placing a collar around her neck and little puppy ears on her head.

Kim barked eagerly.

“yes you are, yes you are.” He rubbed her belly and began taking off her clothes.

“Kim is a good puppy,” He said, and Kim moaned, thrusting up her naked and wet pussy.

“You are a good puppy.” He finished undressing her and pulled another item from the box.

He coated his fingers with lub and smeared her asshole, then he lubbed the metal plug and pushed it inside her, making her yelp and drip from her pussy.

“Who is a good puppy?”

Kim barked again.

“Kim is a good puppy.”

Sam pushed the fluffy tail plug into his girlfriend turned pet.

* * *