The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

A Rage Awakened

by The Lycanthrope


The refrigerating wrap was bulky and uncomfortably cold against her knees, but Cindy didn’t care. She carefully positioned Jon’s raging erection, then lowered herself onto it and gave herself up to the perfect bliss that surged through her mind and body. Slowly she began rocking back and forth, biting her lip to try to keep from moaning. She felt the connection in her mind.

You are so sexy, Cindy.

That’s sweet of you, Jon, but I’m too fat.

Sexy is all of you, not just the parts you don’t like. Don’t worry though, baby girl, we’re working on those things right now. You know what is happening?

Yes. Take what you need. Take it all, if you want. You need the energy. Take all of me! I’m yours, Jon. I will always be yours.

Only four pounds… Very nice, Cindy! You grip my cock so tight when you come! That’s a good girl. Only four pounds for now; 14000 calories of energy to help both of us become what we want to be.

Take more! Please take more, Jon! I’m yours… ahhh!

That’s my girl, such a good come! I need more than you can give, Cindy. I’m only going to take four right now, so it won’t be too obvious that you’ve lost a lot of weight overnight. Don’t worry though, we’ll do this again. You’re mine now, and I want you to be happy.

Through the haze of her fourth orgasm, Cindy noticed that the throbbing pulse she felt from Jon’s cock buried inside her was much faster than what the bedside monitor was recording. She didn’t care, though. He was wonderful, powerful, perfect, and he wanted her! She felt his cock grow within her.

“Come in me, Jon. I’m yours now and forever. Please come in me!”

She screamed in ecstasy as his orgasm triggered her fifth since she’d started riding his still motionless body. Her screams of pleasure were just for the two of them, though. The sounds of their coupling were contained within a damping field projected around his ICU room. The additional energy Cindy had given him had made him stronger.

He still had a long way to go, but now he had a chance.


The PI pulled into the first diner he could find, checking to make sure that the target hadn’t also stopped there for breakfast. He’d stowed his gear in the trunk when he’d left the motel. Now he retrieved the small roller suitcase from the same trunk and walked into the diner with it in tow. He looked like any rumpled traveler grabbing breakfast after catching a cross-country red eye flight, rather than an investigator who’d spent the night in a car parked at the auto body shop next to a motel.

Coffee helped clear his head. This one would need to be handled with kid gloves. He’d never had a client go completely postal, but you didn’t really know who would be the first. The target had spent the entire night with his little side-piece… actually she was his second little side-piece… at the motel. The investigator’s casual stroll down the walkway in front of the motel rooms had ended with a tiny contact microphone adhered to the corner of the picture window next to the door of the target’s unit.

He accepted a refill on his coffee and ordered an omelet and a bagel for breakfast. He’d need the energy to go through all of the photos, video, IR video, and audio he’d collected. Definitely kid gloves on this one. Especially the IR video and audio from the contact mic when the target was on the phone with his wife telling her that he was staying in the City because he was working late. One hand was holding the cell phone to his ear while the other one was on the back of the girl’s head as it bobbed up and down in his lap.

That was the kind of thing that could send the client off the deep end and turn a simple case of infidelity into a homicide, a suicide, or both. Maybe he should hold that little bit of evidence back and just present the photos of them going into the room and then leaving together the next morning. He’d have to play it by ear.

The eggs and bagel were good, as diner fare went. He paid his check, tipped generously, and wheeled his little suitcase into the men’s room. Eight minutes later he emerged with his hair combed neatly, his teeth brushed, and wearing a fresh set of clothes. He’d need a shower and real sleep before he met with the client, but at least he was presentable for the morning trip to his office. He’d make an appointment to meet with the client the next day. If things went to hell, Mr. Timothy Rutherford could end up dead. If they went smoothly, then he’d just end up divorced and out many millions of dollars.

It wasn’t the first time in his career that the investigator thought that he’d be rich if he worked on a commission basis like injury lawyers did.


Dr. Puri was unaware that a rather large woman was being transferred from NYPD custody to the seventh floor psychiatric unit as she was getting a morning status update from Cindy Schmitt. Jon could sense it, though. The extra energy he’d absorbed while buried deep inside the tall APRN had greatly expanded his senses. Through Cindy he’d found a link to the myriad electronic systems of the hospital, including the computer systems.

The slight reduction in his temperature and the stabilization of his vital signs encouraged Ela Puri. She agreed with Cindy that the patient should remain in the refrigerating wrap for the time being. His temperature was still very high, but at least things on the monitors looked much better. Of course she’d verify them in person as soon as… no, she’d trust the readings on the monitors. They were more accurate than her manual instruments anyway. If only he’d regain consciousness…

A tiny smile crossed Jon’s face. The monitors said what he wanted them to say. The reality was that the changes were continuing as fast as they could with the energy he was getting from the multiple IVs. His body fat had burned down to a point that really wasn’t healthy for him. He was pretty sure that he could have made Dr. Puri’s thermometer, baumanometer, and other instruments read whatever he wanted them to read, or he could have made her see them reading anything he wanted. He didn’t want to expend the energy to do that, though, so it was a simple matter to make her decide to just trust what the monitors said.

He’d bide his time for the next dozen hours or so, letting the changes progress at a slower rate. He’d learn to use the new access he had to all things electronic and discover as much as he could about the new arrival four floors above him.

* * *

There was someone new and very different. The last time somebody new had entered Lauren’s inner world had been nearly two decades earlier, when she was twelve years old and that had been Lee-Lee. Sure, the various entities had changed over time, but there hadn’t been any new ones in a long time. This one was definitely new and not like any of the others. He came from outside, not from inside, and his name was Jonathan.

Unlike the others, Jon didn’t want to push her out of the way and take over. He asked her what she wanted and he actually listened to her. Not only that, but he was able to talk to the others in a calm, controlled manner, without the aggressive ones fighting to take over. He explained that they were all important parts of her and all of their needs were important.

Lee-Lee had stepped back as soon as Jonathan had showed up and Lauren was been in control of herself for the first time since the guy in the club had bluntly laid his hands on her large breasts and sent Javon and Lee-Lee into a struggle for control. Now they talked to Jon and he talked to them.

Lunch arrived. Jonathan was talking with Camryn. Lauren ate. Jon was comforting Rocky. The tray was taken away. Camryn was replaying things that none of them remembered. Javon was observing calmly, for a change. The conversations in her mind continued as the afternoon hours passed.

Lauren liked it best when Jon talked directly to her. He understood how her size was her shield against abusive men. He knew about her pain. He cared about her. He accepted her as she was and showed her how she could be. He believed in her more than she believed in herself. He shared the story of his sister. Lauren cried at his pain and loss.

Dinner arrived. Jon was telling her about what was happening to him. Lauren ate. He told her what he needed, what he could offer in return, and that he wanted her to make the decision. The tray was removed. Jon trusted her with his very existence. She trusted him completely. How could she not? She loved him.


A quiet click marked Jon’s mental manipulation of the cabinet lock. Lauren opened the door and retrieved her clothing and other belongings. She shed her huge hospital gown and began dressing.

Is this too much for you, my love? I don’t want you to hurt yourself.

I’m fine, Lauren, and you’re sweet for being concerned. From here on it’s all electronic, and electronics are easy to manipulate. It’s all switches. Either electrons flow or they don’t flow. Simple stuff.

By way of demonstration, the red indicator above the keypad next to the door switched to green and there was a quiet buzz as the bolt was withdrawn. Lauren cautiously opened the door and peeked into the hallway. It was empty. Toting a bundle of sheets, blankets, and her hospital gown all stuffed into her pillowcase, she headed down the hallway as quickly as she could.

The laundry room was right where Jonathan had said it would be. She emptied the contents of the pillowcase into a hamper of dirty laundry and then dropped the pillowcase on top. The charts she’d removed from the clipboard were folded up in her pocket and the empty clipboard was hanging at the foot of her bed. There was no evidence left in her room that she’d ever been there.

Back in the hallway the keypad next to the main doors to the wing flashed over to green as the doors unlocked. Lauren slipped through the doors and breathed a sigh of relief. Jon was still perfect — the elevators were closest to her wing and the nurse’s station was down near the entrance to the other wing. She saw the light above the elevator keypad switch over to green and one of the doors opened. Lauren hustled into the elevator. The button for the third floor was already lit.

* * *

For the first time in 28 years Lauren was whole again. Jonathan had reintegrated all of the entities in her mind and now there was only Lauren — whole, wonderful, and getting better with every thrust of Jon’s magnificent cock into her wet pussy. How long ago had it been that he’d started thrusting back? Twenty minutes? An hour? A dozen orgasms? She didn’t care, she just loved being one with him.

She could see his body changing as her body was changing. At first she’d been afraid to mount him after seeing his painfully skinny form. As her fat had melted away, already giving him over a million calories of energy, his body had grown more muscular. He’d also definitely grown inside her. Feeling his cock fill her over and over was the ultimate bliss for Lauren. She never wanted it to stop. She wanted to be Jon’s ultimate sexy fantasy girl so he’d take her over and over for the rest of her life.

God, I love you inside me! Make me perfect, Jon. Make me… like this.

She imagined herself as she wanted to look, so Jon could see.

I like your new confidence, Lauren. Two hours ago you would have been horrified at the idea of looking like an average girl. Now you want to look like a wet dream porno star.

I love you, Jon. I want to be perfect for you.

You are perfect for me, baby. I love you and I just want you to be happy and healthy.

Make me happy and healthy and that sexy. I’m yours forever, just like Cindy, but I’ll be happiest if you can make me like that. Please?

I can feel how deeply you want this. You will have it, my love, but I need to take care of something first.

* * *

Cindy gathered her things and hurried out her apartment door, pausing only long enough to lock it behind her. She’d rather not be late for her shift, but if she couldn’t find what Jon needed in the next 90 minutes, then she’d just have to be late.


“Thank you, Jon,” Lauren whispered as she lay exhausted on Jon’s chest. He was still buried deep inside her. “Thank you for saving me. Thank you for accepting me. Thank you for… everything.”

I love you Lauren. I loved you just as much when you were still upstairs. My love for you just keeps growing. You’ve given me so much. I’m so much stronger now. The changes are still happening and I need to figure out what I can do and how to do it.

“I’m here for you. Whatever you need. I’m not going anywhere.”

The door opened quietly and Cindy slipped inside. She saw the slim girl lying on top of Jon and noticed his hard cock splitting the auburn curls between her legs.

“You must be Lauren. I brought you some things.”

Lauren sat up and shuddered as Jon slid deeper into her. She turned and smiled at the tall blonde standing beside the bed.

“Hello sister. You must be Cindy. Thank you for the clothes and thank you for helping Jon and for… well…”

She took Cindy’s hand and pulled her into a searing kiss. Cindy moaned into her mouth and deepened the kiss. Lauren felt Jon’s cock throbbing inside her. Slowly, her muscles aching, she lifted herself up off him.

“Your turn,” she told Cindy.

“He looks a lot better… and bigger!”

“I had a lot to give him. A few hours ago I weighed about 350 pounds more than I do now.”

“You’re beautiful. You’re perfect!”

Lauren blushed and kissed Cindy again, then started unbuttoning her blouse. Soon both women were naked.

“Maybe he can make you like me, if that’s what you want.”

I know what Cindy wants, Lauren. Cindy, you’re already a sexy, curvy girl. We can’t have you lose weight too quickly because too many people know you and see you every day. Know that you will lose all of the weight you want to lose and it will all be from your waist, legs, and rear end, just like you want. Your big, beautiful breasts may get a little bit bigger, just so we can get them higher the way they are in your fantasy image of yourself.

Cindy straddled him and slid herself down onto his cock, then bent forward to kiss him.

“Thank you, Jon. I love you.”

I love you too, Cindy. Just as much as I love Lauren. You are both mine and I am equally yours. I’m still changing, so I don’t know how long it will be before I can wake up — another day at least, I think. I do know that Lauren made me strong enough for this, though…

He thrust his cock deeper into Cindy and she moaned in pleasure. She felt Lauren’s hand just above her ass, pressing her down further onto him.

“Fuck him, sister,” she whispered in Cindy’s ear. “Take his wonderful cock deep inside you. He loves our pleasure. Fuck him harder!”

Cindy knew she was completely loved, both by Jon and by Lauren. She loved them both with all of her being. She let Lauren’s hand guide her rhythm, pressing her down as Jon thrust up into her.

“He loves the way you squeeze his cock when you come, Cindy. Feel how much thicker he is now. You’ll squeeze him even tighter. Come on his cock, sister.”

Cindy turned her head and looked pleadingly at Lauren. Her need was answered immediately with the busty girl’s lips on hers and their tongues intertwined. Lauren’s hand left her back and then Cindy felt both hands on her breasts. Lauren was squeezing, kneading, pinching and rolling her nipples. Cindy exploded in an orgasm that seemed to go on forever, then collapsed onto Jon’s chest. Lauren brushed the blonde locks aside and kissed Cindy on the forehead.

It’s easiest and quickest if I just give you these thoughts and knowledge all at once. Is that okay with you?

Both girls indicated their agreement and then felt a shift in their minds. Lauren was Jon’s girlfriend. She’d just showed up that night and met Cindy. She’d been away and she hadn’t known about the terrorist incident or Jon’s hospitalization until that day, then she’d come back as quickly as she could. There was no longer any record of her ever having been admitted to the psychiatric ward in the hospital’s computers. Cindy had decided that Lauren was the closest thing Jon had to a relative and she’d allowed her to stay as family. Given that Lauren lived with Jon, it was a committed enough relationship.

Now I need to focus and figure out what’s going on with me. Cindy, you’ll need to get back to work before somebody starts wondering where you are. Lauren, sweetie, you probably need some rest.

I’ll sleep on the couch here, Jon. I’m not leaving you.

Okay, that works, as long as you’re comfortable.

It pulls out, Jon.

Thank you, Cindy, my love. Oh, and you’re down two more pounds tonight. You’ll continue losing two pounds a day until you get to your ideal weight. You should start talking to friends and coworkers about a new diet program you’ve started, so they won’t wonder if you’re sick with the super fast weight loss.

Lauren put on the clothes Cindy had bought for her. Everything fit perfectly. She’d have to ask Cindy where she’d found such a sexy bra that fit her huge bust so well. The couch pulled out, just as Cindy had said, and she laid down to sleep, as Jon wanted.

Jon didn’t notice. His mind was in New Jersey, approaching Philadelphia. He was tired and eventually he’d need to rest, too, but how far could he reach with his new power?


Dr. Puri was surprised to find a woman sleeping on the couch in Jonathan Bradford’s room. She’d come directly there to check on him as soon as she’d arrived. Today’s “special patients” meeting was scheduled first thing in the morning. The woman stirred, then rolled over, revealing breasts that had to be a testament to artistry in cosmetic surgery. The door opened behind her.

“I didn’t see you come in, Dr. Puri,” whispered Cindy.

“Who is this?”

“Her name is Lauren Daly. She’s his girlfriend.”

The girlfriend stretched and opened her eyes.

“Hello. I’m Dr. Puri. I’m managing Mr. Bradford’s medical treatment.”

“Hello Dr. Puri. I’m Lauren. I’m Jon’s girlfriend.”

“We couldn’t find any relatives or close friends.”

You were traveling for work. Jon’s presence in her mind soothed her and aroused her. They’d shared the memories of their entire lives during their transformations, so she knew how he’d gotten where he was.

“I was away… working. I came back as soon as I found out about Hannah. His work said he collapsed and was taken here.”

A few miles a way a back-dated entry was created in the call-log database at Jon’s workplace, confirming the call that Lauren never actually made.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you, Lauren. It’s good to have someone advocating for Mr. Bradford. I need to check on him quick before I go to a meeting.”

She and Cindy moved to Jon’s bed as Lauren went into the bathroom.

“Did you check her out to make sure she’s not some kind of fake?” Dr. Puri whispered to Cindy.

“She’s legit. I checked.”

“Okay,” Ela still seemed skeptical. “How was his night?”

“His vitals are stable, despite the high fever. No real changes.”

Of course Cindy knew that there had been incredible changes and they were still going on, but there were no outward indications of that other than his incredibly high body temperature.

“Well at least we have an outside advocate for him now. That’s something new to bring to the damned meeting… Say, are you losing weight?”

“I started a new diet a week ago. So far it’s…”

The door closed behind Cindy and Dr. Puri. Lauren peeked out of the bathroom, then emerged naked. She knew that Jon had ensured that they wouldn’t be interrupted. He wanted her and she achingly wanted him again. Moments later the bulky cold wrap was undone and she was atop the only man in the world that mattered to her.

“Oh Jon! I can’t believe how much I need you! I think I needed you even before I knew you existed. I can’t wait until you wake up and I can look into your eyes.”

Soon, my love, soon. The changes are almost done. No more than another hour or two. It’s just so amazing! So many things that I can do now…

In Lauren’s mind Jon could sense “echoes” of people and events in her life. They were like threads of energy, connecting her to people and places. Following them was easy for him. Moments later all of the police officers who had interacted with her only had a vague, unimportant memory of her being released the morning after she’d been arrested, rather than being transported to the hospital. The police computer records changed to misspell her last name, making her reasonably untraceable. The hospital personnel who had interacted with her forgot about her completely.

* * *

“A girlfriend? I don’t suppose he’s on her insurance?”

Dr. Puri wasn’t the only person in the meeting who thought that Briggs was a vulture.

“I don’t know. I only met her for a minute, and it wasn’t the most important thing.”

“We’re already over $16,000 beyond what his insurance will cover. It’s important. I want to talk to this woman. We can’t afford to keep him in the ICU. We’re going to have to unplug him soon.”

“As I told you before, Mr. Briggs, he’s not ‘plugged in’ to anything other than a wrap that’s keeping him as cool as possible. There are no artificial life support systems sustaining him.”

She wished that Mr. Blake, the administrator was there. He’d seemed to be on her side, even if his main concern was possible bad publicity.

“Well I need to meet this girlfriend. Maybe he has a savings account or maybe she can pay for him.”

“Last I knew, she was with him in the ICU.” Silently Eta Puri added, “you money-grubbing vulture.”

* * *

There was one thread in Lauren’s mind that Jon knew would eventually need to be dealt with. The pain that it still cause her was obvious.

Do you want to come with me? You know where I’m going.

Yes, Jon, I need to do this. Find him.