The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Raindrops Keep Falling

Chapter 2

Moving her hands to the enthralled weatherperson’s shoulders, Rebecca turned her and moved her slowly toward the very large wall mirror to the right of the bed. Not sure quite what to do next, Rebecca let her own thoughts drift, somehow knowing there was more at work here than just her own knowledge and desires.

She found actions and ideas coming to mind... things she’d never have thought of... almost as if this room, or this old plantation house, was speaking to her as well. That was ridiculous of course, but she didn’t really care, as all those whispers had given her an idea, and a way to touch Carolyn that might not scare her away.

Standing directly behind her friend, and peeking just past her neck and over her shoulder, it almost looked as if Carolyn was the only woman standing there facing the mirror. That’s what Rebecca wanted, though, as she shivered in anticipation and thought, Okay... here we go.”

“Please put your arms behind your back and grasp your own forearms, Carolyn. I want to show you something.”

Carolyn hesitated for a moment, her mind uselessly trying to sort this all out, too, and then complied, sliding them back as told. It was simply the easiest thing to do, and Rebecca had been making her feel so relaxed and good, after all.

“That’s perfect, honey. Now, just let me slide my arms through yours and put my hands on your belly, like this....” Rebecca did as she’d said, her own stomach pressed against Carolyn’s arms between them.

“Now, stare into the mirror. It looks as if my arms and hands are actually your arms and hands, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, it does.”

Glancing past Carolyn’s neck again, Rebecca could see, especially in the low light from the candles, that it did look as if Carolyn had her own hands on her belly. “Her” arms looked short and funny, certainly, but still looked as if they belonged to the meteorologist.

“Picture raindrops flowing down this glass now, too, Carolyn... top to bottom, sinking and falling across the face of the mirror, across you, keeping you so happy and relaxed. It’s so pleasant to keep seeing that, I know. But as you do see them, stare at yourself in the mirror, too. What do you think about when you see yourself there?”

“I... I don’t know.”

“Well, you should be thinking about how pretty and attractive you are, even in just jeans and a slightly damp t-shirt. You are very attractive, you know.”

“My nose... it’s too big.”

“You nose is wonderful,” Rebecca whispered in her ear, trying not to laugh. “Everything about you is wonderful, and alluring, and you can see that now, know that about yourself now, completely trusting my words to be true.”

“Yes, Rebecca.”

The producer shivered again. God, she’s hot when she talks all dreamy-voiced like this.

“You can see your body... such a nice body... and a body you like to touch sometimes, because it also feels so pleasant and good. Be honest now, Carolyn... you enjoy touching and teasing your own body in the shower and in your bed at night, don’t you?”

A short pause, and then, “Yes, sometimes.”

“Of course you do, as it feels so good, and is so natural and right. And you feel so good and happy right now that touching yourself would feel natural and right, too. So I want you to think about that. I want you to think about touching your breasts and other parts of your body that would please you as you stare at yourself in the mirror through the raindrops. Think about touching yourself and see what happens.”

“Yes, Rebecca,” Carolyn replied, her words slow and accepting.

Rebecca groaned inside, the anticipation killing her, counting to ten before she started moving her hands. She began by sliding one back and forth across Carolyn’s belly, and moving the other one higher to gently cup and fondle her friend’s right breast. She did this for a minute, reveling in Carolyn’s soft gasp, then shifted hands so she could work the other’s left breast, too, massaging and working it through the tight, soft fabric of Carolyn’s t-shirt and bra.

Not feeling the slightest bit of resistance to what she was doing... in fact, sensing a growing softness within Carolyn’s body and attitude... Rebecca couldn’t wait any longer, and decided to push forward even more strongly.

Dropping both hands to Carolyn’s waist, she slowly worked her jeans open. Then, as one hand moved back upwards to tease and manipulate the redhead’s breasts again, the other found its deeply intimate way down underneath Carolyn’s panties, through the soft thatch of her bush, and began stroking and toying with her pussy.

Rebecca matched Carolyn’s resulting moan as she did that, as she let her fingers drift up and down the length of her slit and clit. When Rebecca dipped one finger between Carolyn’s soft labia and inside her, she thrilled to find some serious wetness there. Hypnotized or not, her friend was sexually responding to all this in a way that couldn’t be faked, or ignored. She wasn’t pulling away, either, or otherwise attempting to stop anything, giving Rebecca more confidence, and the increasing desire to continue.

So, Rebecca began to basically masturbate Carolyn, fingering her pussy in and out and everywhere, teasing her clit and nipples, doing all the things to Carolyn’s body she did to her own when she wanted to make herself feel hot and excited.

Struggling not to moan her words, Rebecca said, “You love what your hands are doing to you, how they’re working your body in such erotic and seductive ways, don’t you?”

“N... Not my hands....”

“No, not your hands, Carolyn, but your thoughts. What my hands are doing are directed by your thoughts, your desires. Your thoughts are saying how good this feels, how erotic and wonderful. Your thoughts are directing your own pleasure... a pleasure you deserve, and want, and need.

“And the way your breasts and pussy are responding to your thoughts, through my hands, are creating new thoughts in your warm, happy mind about how you want this pleasure to continue, and about how badly you want my hands moving over you, teasing and exciting you, giving you the pleasure you crave.

“They are the only thoughts you can think right now, as there’s nothing else in the world but your desires, my touches, and your pleasure. It all feels so good to you, and you want to feel this good, don’t you, Carolyn?”

Rebecca was right... it was hard for Carolyn to remember anything, to think about anything other than how good this was to her. She was so wet, she knew, her breast and nipples so sensitized. Just like her pussy, her brain was flooding with arousal, and what was there not to like about that? So why struggle against it... why even try to think about anything else, when what Rebecca’s hands were doing were already giving her such beautiful thoughts and feelings?

“Want to feel this good, yess...,” she said finally, knowing her words were slurred, but not really caring anymore. Rebecca would know what she meant, what she wanted, so why bother to spend the mental energy to speak clearly? She had more important things to think about, anyway.

“That’s right, honey,” Rebecca whispered, feeling her attractive, young partner shiver in her arms, then feeling her own body respond in kind. “So there’s no need to think or talk or anything, now. I’ll talk and think for both of us while you just feel my hands, and concentrate on how good they’re making you feel.”

She tried to keep her voice pitched quiet and low, despite the way her own mind was squealing This is working! This is going to work! What reticence and guilt Rebecca had been feeling about this was melting away in her own needs and arousal, too, making her movements more certain and more determined than ever to make Carolyn feel good... to feel very good.

While occasionally continuing her raindrops mantra, trying to keep an increasingly excited Carolyn in her happy and suggestible place, Rebecca pulled her arms free and took the opportunity to pull Carolyn’s t-shirt off. Then she unclasped and removed her bra, too.

She wanted to see what she was uncovering with her hands, however, so, when she slid her arms back into place, she no longer even tried to hide her head behind Carolyn’s. Her chin resting on the back of Carolyn’s right shoulder, this left the image in the big, ornate mirror looking more like the Incredible Two-Headed Transplant than anything else.

As strange as that looked, it didn’t seem to bother or deter either woman, though.

Clothes above the waist removed, Rebecca slipped one hand back inside the younger woman’s decidedly wet panties and worked two fingers back into her pussy, making Carolyn moan again. Her other hand was working the bare flesh of Carolyn’s breasts, rubbing and squeezing, teasing her fingers over both stiff nipples, again and again.

“You know you want this now, don’t you, Carolyn,” Rebecca husked, kissing her friend’s neck. “It’s sinking deep inside your mind now that you really want me to continue all this for a long time.”

“Continue... yess... please,” Carolyn responded, totally adrift in sensations, unable to think clearly enough to know if this was right or wrong anymore. All she really knew for certain was that this felt marvelous.

She had no idea when she would be able to think again, nor did she care. So, instead of worrying about that, she simply started to hump herself on Rebecca’s fingers, unable to resist doing that, allowing her body to do as it will.

Oh yes, god... she’s really starting to get off on this, Rebecca thought. Time to take things further.

“Think about my hands taking off your jeans and panties, Carolyn. Think about them moving to do that, about wanting them to do that.”

Carolyn hissed another “yess”, wanting whatever her producer wanted now, as everything Rebecca wanted seemed so enticing and wonderful.

Hearing, It’s okay to move now... in her mind, Rebecca agreed... she wasn’t even sure where the voices were coming from anymore... and pulled her arms free of Carolyn’s once more. She moved around her and knelt, untying Carolyn’s sneakers, and working her shoes and long socks off, one at a time.

Then it was time for Carolyn’s jeans and panties. Rebecca worked those over her hips and ass and down to the floor, then raised her eyes to stare at Carolyn’s trimmed bush and seductively wet pussy.

Let her control your tongue now, the winds, the house, or her own mind told her.

So deeply excited herself, Rebecca moaned her own obedient “yess”, inside.

“You control my tongue now, Carolyn, and you know you want my tongue to make you feel even better,” she called upward, never taking her eyes off her partner’s sex and damp thighs. “Control your own legs, too, and spread them.”

Carolyn obeyed, her body on sexual autopilot. With what little of her mind still worked, she remembered being with a couple of other women in college, but it had never been like this. She had never felt this lost or helplessly aroused with them. This was something different, and better, and oh-so-very hot.

And when Rebecca’s tongue found her sensitive flesh, and began to slowly lick it from anus to clit and back again, she almost came. She certainly would have if Rebecca had told her to, she knew, as doing what her partner said was so important to her now.

Rebecca, for her part, was in lesbian heaven, sliding her arms between her enthralled, aroused friend’s legs to clutch her ass, and to pull Carolyn’s pussy tight to her lips, tongue, and face. Then she ate her up... and down... and inside and out, licking her slit, sucking on her clit and labia. Carolyn’s taste and smell were making her dizzy with desire, and the other’s moans, and the way she ground herself against Rebecca’s face and mouth, were only adding to that.

She could sense Carolyn would be cumming any moment, her own anticipation building, wanting that for both of them so very much. As such, it came as a frustrating jolt when she heard....

Not yet... not yet... take her socks... see how she’s still holding her arms....

Rebecca groaned, wondering what this was all about. But as her mind was turning to sexual mush, too, she found herself doing as told, pulling her wet face from between her partner’s thighs and reaching over to grab Carolyn’s discarded socks. In the process, she noticed that Carolyn, panting and sweaty now, was still holding onto her own wrists behind her back. She wasn’t certain if that was because she hadn’t told Carolyn to move them or because....

She likes them behind her like that... she wants them to remain there, the Voice was telling her. You can help her keep them there....

How? Rebecca thought. Wait! Oh yeah....

She stood, ignoring, as best she could, the way Carolyn’s fragrant, arousing juices coated her face and stepped behind obviously excited friend.

“You shouldn’t have to keep holding your arms like that, so let me help you keep them pinned behind you, Carolyn. You really want to have them held back here I know, as that’s the easiest way for you to keep controlling my arms and hands, the one’s you’re using to pleasure yourself so well.

“You do want to continue to control and use my body for your own pleasure, don’t you?”

Carolyn nodded and said, “Yes!” as clearly as she could. She certainly did want these feelings to continue. She felt relaxed and deliciously tense at the same time, along with happy and extremely needy, and was finding all this impossible not to enjoy, especially as she hadn’t been with anyone for way too long now.

“Excellent, hon. Now, let go of your own forearms, but keep your wrists crossed behind you. Yes, just like that. You’re doing perfectly, you know... just like the raindrops drifting down the window and the mirror, sinking and falling and doing what comes so naturally to you.”

While she was talking, Rebecca had wrapped one long, stretchy sock around Carolyn’s wrists, perpendicular to the floor. She pulled it as tight as she could, knowing it would loosen some, then tied it off.

“Yes, you love how your arms are being tied back here, all safe and secure, to help you keep them out of the way. You don’t need your hands and arms, anyway... only mine, as they’re making you feel so good.”

Rebecca wrapped the other sock around Carolyn’s wrists, too, only parallel to the floor this time, crosshatching the bindings to keep the meteorologist from pulling free.

“There,” she said, smiling. “Now, where were we?”

The Voice again, Rebecca thinking it sounded a bit excited, itself... Take her to the bed!

Rebecca did, thinking it was time, that deeply hypnotized or not, Carolyn wanted this now, too.

She led her friend over to the huge bed, both of them stumbling a bit, caught up in the kinky eroticism of it all. Helping Carolyn onto the bed, then scootching her over to the middle, Rebecca took the three fluffy pillows there and stacked them under the bound woman’s head and shoulders. She wanted to keep most of the weight off her naked, beautiful friend’s bound arms, certainly, but she also wanted her new friend to be able to see what Rebecca was going to do to her body.

That completed, Rebecca was ready and eager to do what came so naturally to her, only to hear....

Look under the bed!

Oh, come on! she thought. We’re all ready to go here!

She thought she heard a chuckle. Not quite yet. Look under the bed near the bottom bedposts. Then everything will be in order, everything will ready.

Rebecca sighed, unable to challenge the Voice further, as it had been right about everything so far, at least in terms of bringing her together with Carolyn.

So she climbed of the bed and quickly did what she’d been told, squatting down and looking under the bottom of the bed. What she found startled her... tied to the bedpost on each side was a long, thin, red velvet rope. Instantly, she knew why they were there, and it sent a wet shiver through her sex that almost made her cum.

For a moment, she found herself wondering if Abigail had somehow known these were here, too?

Quickly, as her need to get on with this was becoming unbearable, Rebecca pulled the first rope out and dragged it up and over the side of the mattress. For some reason, she wasn’t surprised to find it exactly the right length.

“You don’t need to move your legs either, Carolyn,” she told her captive friend, who was writhing gently on the bed and staring at her with sex-glazed eyes. “So let me take care of them for you, too.” With that, Rebecca pulled Carolyn’s right leg out to the side and tied the velvet rope around her ankle.

“Just imagine you’re some Cajun princess who’s been captured by the mother of another family,” Rebecca told her, rushing around to do the same to her left leg. “She’s seen you, and noticed how hot and attractive you are, and just has to have you, whatever the cost.” She bound Carolyn’s other ankle, leaving the “princess” with comfortably and helplessly splayed legs.

The wetness of Carolyn’s pussy was so obvious like this, even in the dim candlelight of the room.

“And now she has her, bound and open on the bed,” Rebecca said softly, her voice thick with lust as she climbed up on the mattress and crawled between Carolyn’s knees, “and she’s going to pleasure her in ways the princess has never been pleasured before....”

Hearing Rebecca’s “explanation” of what was happening to her, Carolyn groaned, as that had struck a old chord within her. From inside her fogged mind came memories of imagining almost exactly what Rebecca was describing. In her case, she’d generally envisaged herself as a French courtesan, bound and gagged and carried off by randy pirates.

However, though there were no ships or hairy men to be seen here, this fantasy was more than close enough for her to moan aloud in desire and desperate anticipation.

“I’m going to use you,” Rebecca whispered, leaning forward to give Carolyn’s pussy two slow licks.

“I’m going to ravish you,” she continued, kissing her way up her quivering friend’s belly.

“I’m going to make you scream with pleasure,” Rebecca told her, laying her torso on her captive’s body, taking Carolyn’s breasts in both hands and sucking each nipple into her mouth.

“I’m going to make you come so hard, Princess,” she husked, sliding the rest of the way up until their mounds and nipples were touching, all hot, wet, and sensitive.

Their lips only inches apart, and getting into this as if it were almost real, Rebecca commanded, “Beg me to kiss you.”

Shuddering and lost, and already helplessly trying to arch her hips, needing to feel her captor’s pussy sliding against her own, Carolyn gasped, “Please kiss me, Rebecca... please!”

And Rebecca did. There was no more time for teasing, and no way for her to resist what she’d wanted to do for days.

She kissed Carolyn hot and hard, their mouths already open, tongues flashing and licking. She ground down against her partner’s body, working her own hips now, letting their pussies rub and slide. It turned her on that Carolyn was responding so strongly to this, arching up underneath her and moaning in her mouth.

For some reason, it turned Rebecca on even more to have such total control of her. She, herself, had always enjoyed the more submissive role in her lesbian relationships; but for some reason, here at Marawind, being the driving force behind this ridiculously hot liaison was ramping her up like crazy.

Eventually, and somewhat reluctantly, she broke their kiss and moved downward, needing to lavish her desire on Carolyn’s breasts... her big, soft, aroused breasts. Grinding her belly against her captive’s slick, hot sex, she grabbed Carolyn’s beautifully untanned tits and began to massage them, her tongue and lips working each stiffened nipple in turn.

Carolyn laid there, her insides vibrating like a bowstring, feeling so lost. She couldn’t move... she couldn’t do much of anything except writhe and gasp. She was being taken... her breasts were being used in a way they hadn’t been for too long, and it was pushing her to the brink of orgasm again. She didn’t even try to stop herself from crying out, “Yess”, and “Please” over and over again.

No... she was spinning out of control now, ceding it all to the four winds... and to Rebecca.

Somehow, this woman had captured her, mind and body, and there was nothing she could do to stop her anymore. She was loving it too, and so aroused she couldn’t stand it. So, when Rebecca tried to make one huge mound out of her aroused breasts, and suckle on both nipples at the same time, she lost it completely, lurching and bucking, crying out and cumming... and cumming... and cumming....

Rebecca felt that, heard that, and was as happy as she’d ever been in her entire life. What had started out as an almost silly sexual crush had become something very real, and wickedly hot. She continued her fondling, licking, and sucking through the whole course of Carolyn’s long orgasm, driving at her, wanting it to be so good.

And it was, for both of them.

When Carolyn had finally stopped panting enough to speak, she tried to thank Rebecca. But the smiling older woman would have none of it, covering Carolyn’s mouth with her hand.

“Shhh... shhh. None of that. Don’t make me gag you,” she said, watching Carolyn’s eyes go wide over her hand. “You will do what I say, and feel what I want you to feel. Besides, we’re not done yet, sweetie... not by a long shot.”

Rebecca removed her hand, and began moving downward again, Carolyn’s eyes still wide and filled with lust. “Feel my body sliding down yours like those raindrops on that wet window,” she said, almost as much to herself as to Carolyn. She felt her own pussy clench as her swollen nipples dug smooth channels through the sweat on her partner’s belly... then lower.

All the way off Carolyn’s body now, Rebecca could only stare at her creamy cunt, and breathe in her erotic aroma.

“Yess... sliding all the way down that window and off, to create a perfect puddle below.”

She pressed her face and mouth into that perfect puddle, not caring that she began to moan even before Carolyn did.

And the pleasure of licking and eating the helpless, wet Carolyn, of making her writhe and beg and cum again, was far better than any such fantasy she’d ever had.

* * *

Rebecca awoke, feeling dreamy and so very good, the memories of the previous night rushing back to her. After that incredible session of wild, wet sex and multiple orgasms... for both of them... she’d basically just collapsed, sated and drained. She couldn’t remember when she’d ever slept so soundly.

She didn’t even want to open her eyes, sensing the brightness of the room now. Strangely, the weather on the day after a hurricane always seemed so splendid. No... she just wanted to lie here and revel in the feelings of her orgasmic night with Carolyn.

She tried to stretch, but... What the hell! I’m already stretched!

Opening her eyes, Rebecca tried to pull her hands down... or her legs up, for that matter... and couldn’t!

“How do those velvet ropes feel on you, Rebecca?”

“Umm... fine... just fine,” Rebecca said, turning her head to stare at her smiling “captive”. Carolyn was sitting there on the bed, looking happy and still gloriously naked. “You’re, well... not doing this because you’re mad at me, are you?”

“God, no! Last night was terrific beyond words, and if I didn’t say it enough before we both crashed, thank you for it,” Carolyn told her. “Somehow you, like, hypnotized me last night, didn’t you?” she asked, reaching up a hand to touch her own breast, to work it gently with her fingers.

Rebecca could only stare at that, licking her lips and shivering inside. “I guess so,” she answered, tugging at her bound wrists again. “I’m not sure why even, other than I was so attracted to you and wanted to be with you so badly.”

“You could’ve just asked, you know, as that’s generally the way such things are done. I guess I don’t mind that, though, as I doubt if I would have said yes. And then I would have missed out, big time, wouldn’t I?”

“Well... hopefully, yes. But me, too, you know.”

“Yes, you too,” Carolyn told her, still smiling and raising her other hand so she could massage both her breasts. “But in some respects I think you did miss out.”

“What do you mean?” Rebecca asked, confused.

“I mean, I was laying her before you woke up, and I heard this soft voice inside my head telling me that you might like to be tied up, controlled, and rather deeply used, yourself. So I collected the ropes and decided I wanted to find out if that were true.

“Is that true, Rebecca?” Carolyn asked, moving a bit closer and leaning in so the bound producer could get an even closer view of her now-excited breasts. “Do like being my captive now, to do with as I wish?”

Needing to say something before she just started moaning, or even begging, Rebecca whispered, “What... what about the crew. We don’t have time for this, do we?”

Carolyn let her voice go all low and sultry, enjoying the needy look growing on her friend’s face. “Don’t worry about that. I called down to the front desk, too. Abigail was still on duty, and promised she’d take care of the crew until we’re done. In fact, she was kind enough to offer before I even asked.”


“Who knows? Perhaps she heard her own voice. Either that, or she heard something in mine.”

“You do have a great voice, Carolyn,” Rebecca whispered. “I’ve always thought that.”

“You do, too, and I found that out for sure last night,” Carolyn replied softly, her own memories of their evening together still so strong. “But for now, let’s see if you can use your lips and tongue for something better than talking.”

“I’ll try... you know I’ll try.”

“And you’ll succeed,” the smiling meteorologist said, leaning forward even more and pressing a rigid nipple to Rebecca’s eager, waiting mouth.

* * *