The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


(mc, ff)

Synopsis: A hiker encounters a raven in the dark forest.

The raven qourked loudly as it cleared the sylvan path ahead of me. The straps of my daypack were biting into my shoulders and I could taste the sweat on my lips, but I was glad to have my companion along to act as a guide.

I had been hiking since dawn; moving easily through the New England woods—through the second growth hardwood forest, under the canopy of trees enveloping me like a lover, past the abandoned nineteenth century stone walls that marked the landscape as an area of nature’s reclamation and rebirth. The soft breeze set the trees to singing – rustling all around me. But my mind was frittering away on other things instead of reveling in the beauty around me. I was still in shock over the events of the past few days, and I was making my body burn with exertion to try to sort things out.

The raven’s call brought my mind back to the trail and let me sort through the scattered memories one last time.

Lissa and I had been together for years, so I knew that something was off – the signs had been there for months. To say that the fire had dwindled between was probably apt. I knew that she loved me, but her passion had ebbed. The late nights with her thighs wrapped around my head were rare these days. She was opting to spend more and more time with the computer, and I had no idea why.

Finally, I reached the end of my rope and had to confront her. I needed to know what I could do to make her love me the way she used to again. Two nights ago, I walked into our home office and saw her face bathed in a green light from the monitor. Closing my eyes and begging silently for courage, it spilled out of me like a torrent.

“Do you still love me?”

“Have I done something wrong?”

“Is there someone else?”

“What can I do?”

“Is it me?”


I was crying as question after question poured out of me. It was as if a dam had burst. She couldn’t even keep up with my questions; I didn’t give her the time to respond until I just sputtered to a halt with a bubbling sob. Silence held the room like an iron claw. There was a single tear shining emerald green in her eye. Welling up; held in place for a precious moment before gravity took it cascading down her cheek. In that instant, I knew one truth – she still loved me, and we could work the rest out.

The rest, I learned, was something I had never considered. She didn’t want to tell me; she was afraid, but finally I coaxed it out of her. We had a long talk about her wants and desires. Secret things that she had never shared with anyone. The website was glowing green right there between us all along: The Erotic Mind Control Story Archives.

Lissa was writing erotica and posting it there. Dreams of fevered couplings, resistance, transformation, and submission. I read every word and I saw a side of her that I had never known before. For fuck’s sake, she was even posting to a message board of like minded people. I had never guessed. Never considered the possibilities…Mind Control?…it seemed so strange, forbidden even. Thinking about my fur lined leather handcuffs, I realized that I was no prude, but this was something that I had never considered. Something more, something deeper.

I asked her what she wanted. And she let me know through sobs of fear and longing. She didn’t want to lose me, but she was afraid I wouldn’t understand. So I left. I’m sorry to say it…but I did. I just had to go to the woods to try to wrap my head around what she wanted from me.

Part of me was just shocked I suppose...and I needed time. I this what my family felt when I came out? Could I be the person she needed?

The raven landed up ahead of me and hopped from one leg to another in a clearing where several game paths converged. It began to roll in the dirt to play—doing forward headrolls like a clown. I stopped and stared at the subtle iridescent greens and blues in his feathers and thought about the role of raven in folklore. The Norse myths of ravens as Odin’s keepers of Thought and Memory, their role in the legend of Bran the Blessed...they were seers, diviners of the future to so many cultures. A snippet of a song lyric rose in my mind, ‘your future your future, I would tell it to you...’.

The raven had stopped and stared at me; coal eyes meeting my green orbs. Time had seemed to stand still. The breeze and sounds of the forest died away. And then it hit me...

* * *

Lissa. My sweet love.

The herbs would take weeks to build up in her system, but they would in time. Each sip of tea leading to more and more fugue states at night when I would whisper sweet nothings into her ear. Binding her link by link in a chain of my making. Planting suggestions – how to dress, how to act, how to fuck, how to address me, how to think.

I could see her in front of me – nude, kneeling, head bowed, uncertain of what is driving her to do this. I cup her cheek and rub the back of her ear, fingers twisting through her mane of dark black hair. Her blue eyes quiver with an undisguised mixture of love and lust. She can’t help but follow me, crawling along on hands and knees, as I crook my finger and lead her without a word to the bedroom.

A plaintive moan gushes from her lips as she sees the candles casting a golden glow about the room. They are centered around a silk sheet with a stiff leather collar sitting upon it. Her collar.

“Rise and slip into bed, Lissa,” I whisper seductively.

I can see that she’s trembling as she walks by me, hips swaying like a courtesan. Fear is slipping into the part of her mind that is helplessly watching this fantasy unfold. I’m surprised at how much I enjoy that. Lissa grasps the headboard of our bed with each hand, slipping into a bondage of her own mind and her own programming. Helpless, open, aroused, and ready.

I swoop down on her quickly, not letting her have a moment to think. Sucking her lower lip into my mouth as I palm her pink nipples. My tongue glides everywhere over her body – neck, collarbone, breast, hip – as I murmur questions to her.

“Is this what you wanted? To be taken, right? Can you resist any more? Do you even want to try? Or has your mind been locked into my harness? Are you owned?”

I pull the collar reverently from its place of honor, as Lissa’s eyes plead with me. Whether begging to stop or continue, I can’t be sure. But then it doesn’t matter, her choice past long ago. Her body is twisting in ecstasy, pale white skin glistening with the sweat of lovemaking. With a deep breath and a deft motion, I slip the black collar around her neck, and close its lock, sealing her mind to my will. A shy smile blossoms from my lips as I clip a leash onto her and hold her as a pet in my hands for the first time. Her icy blue eyes lock onto my form, howling out with the delight echoing through her soul. Her fists crumple the sheets of our bed as she submits. I would make her mine. And her entire being quivers with rapture.

A single word springs from my dear one, “Mistress…”

At that moment, I would feel it. Feel how wonderful it would be to serve this creature so totally, taking her life and soul into my heart, and own her. I knew that I would serve my slave for my entire life. Her joy is my joy.

Lissa rolls in the bed as if released from her self-inflicted bondage. Her arms still stretching out languorously above her, rounded ass raised up in the bed, muscles rippling in her back, breasts hanging down like teardrops from her china-white body. She is presenting, like an animal. Her cleft, framed in wet matted coal-black fur is split and open in front of me.

I kneel behind her, rubbing my body against her bottom, dragging my fingers over the corded muscles over back. Massaging her, marking her with my fingernails. Tiny stripes of inflamed red flesh in a sea of cream. I descend over her ass, rubbing my face against it, dragging my teeth along the shivering skin to mark it as I have her back. My pink tongue darting over her skin leaving a swath of goosebumps in my wake.

I can smell her. The rooms is filled with the scent of Lissa. My breath pours over her sex as I creep closer and closer. She starts to writhe, pressing her breasts against the sheets to provide some friction. Her cunt is swollen; lips glistening and pink. I drag my tongue over her pussy, parting it further with the broad expanse of my tongue. Her shrieks provide immediate feedback as to how it must feel.

I keep her on edge like that for hours. Nibbling on her lips…pulling them with my teeth. Sucking on her clit – drawing it out from its sheath. Rubbing my fingers into her sodden sex, feeling the ridged rough of her cunt, massaging the nub of nerve endings that made up her g-spot. And the licking—constant, incessant. My tongue dances over every inch of her. She rides me, humping my mouth and nose with little control. But she can’t cum, not until I let her.

I pull up and drape my body over hers – we’re writhing in time, grinding ourselves together in a torrid ballet. I slip two fingers into her slit – twirling them around, deeper and deeper into the core of her. My voice is moaning now too – hovering on the ledge that Lissa has been clinging to for so long. I lap at her shoulder and whisper in my raspy lust-laden voice:

“You were once Lissa, my sweet girl, but your true name is Raven. Now cum for your owner.”

Her release gushes over my hand. Lissa melts away and Raven is born in the fires of orgasmic bliss. Now my soul is signing with love and power. She is taken.

* * *

I blinked. Staggered back against the rough bark of the tree behind me. Reality brushed away the waking dream that had taken me. The raven kraalled loudly. His head bobbing up and down as if affirming the vision that had struck me.

Something Lissa said before I left finally made sense, “I can’t give you what can only be taken.”

I knew what to do; it was so simple. I had to take. Take everything from the one I loved more than anything. Almost unconsciously, I slipped a silver bracelet off of my wrist and left it in the dirt for the raven. It was a gift from Lissa, a simple hand hammered band engraved with celtic knots. An offering now – a gift from one Raven to another through my hands. As I turned to walk away, I could see him swooping down over it, taking the gleaming jewelry into his beak and setting off for his roost.

I set out deeper into the gray woods looking for the herbs that I needed to make her dream—our reality.