The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Reader’s Picks: Amorpheus

I love the psychological dimension of stories much more than the actual sex in them—to me, an explicit description of sex just can’t hold up to a well-done MC sequence. I love long inductions, and I love them from the victim’s point of view. I typically like my stories with unwilling victims who struggle against their dominators, and fail. It doesn’t need to be harsh and aggressive—some of the stories I picked certainly are, but others are more peaceful. To me, the appeal is in the psychology of submission—the feeling of having your very being slip away, and replaced only with desire and need.

STTNG—The Best of All Worlds

I love the scene of Troi on the table, being assimilated—where she admits that she knows its over, but spends four more paragraphs fighting it anyway. And Troi’s subsequent taking of Shelby isn’t half bad either.

Getting Some Tail

I’m not normally fond of furry stuff at all, but I looked at this one on a lark, and I’m glad I did. The induction makes up over half the story here, and it’s marvelous. Patricia is taken over the course of days, allowing Farleven to linger on each step of her submission without running out of things to describe.

Don’t Trust Anyone

Whereas most robot stories tend to focus on the victim as an object, Dr. Robo’s always deal with the sensation of being turned. This story doesn’t actually have any sex in it, but I doubt you’ll find it any less erotic for it.


Despite the warning of “Extreme squick” at the beginning, this story’s not all that bad. It’s cutely self-depricating, with the main character being a mind control fetishist who gets in a little over her head. Well, a lot over her head.

The Virus

I’m surprised, in a lot of ways, that only one person has this listed as a favorite so far. Lke Getting Some Tail, the induction is spread over days, allowing for length of time without redundancy. The story has a bit of a sense of humor, too. And it’s old enough that its “Write your own sequel” concept was still really novel.

My Life As A Robot

Another robot story, just to make my claim that I don’t usually like them even stranger. I picked this one, if you will, to show the softer side of MC. It’s a remarkably tender story, despite being about being turned into a robotic sex slave. Who knew?

Another Fine Mess

Consider it my bid for minority representation in Mind Control. Also because it has one of the most unusual descriptions of an induction I’ve ever seen.