The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Reader’s Picks: Boo-Boo

With few exceptions, I tend toward literate stories with some psychological conflict. Many stories are modeled with very little complexity and it tends to make a boring and unarousing plotline. I like stories that defy convention or at least attempt to be true to themselves and not a genre. I have a strong preference for fd stories with gentle and subtle inductions or special circumstances. I like fd stories where the controller is an innocent, since it adds to the shock and contrast when she takes control. Sometimes an ff story will be appealing, but usually these are written so brutally, it’s sometimes not worth reading.


This recent story, unlike many serials, has a gripping progression and an ongoing line of suspense. Like a subtle cat-and-mouse, the two main characters fail to engage each other until the story is almost over. What remains is the suspense and tension between the controller and the subjects. The constant questioning, especially the on-and-off confidence in her own ability to resist kept me wondering consistently at the outcome of the story. It’s rare for these mc stories to be unpredictable.

A Brief Mistake

This has been a long-time favorite of mine. The combination of a beautiful and subtle witch character and a lengthy progression from the beginning of the control to the final consummation was another well-drawn line of tension made this story enjoyable to read. The mystery of the spells and the visualizations required to follow along as the protagonist is forced to stare and watch the beautiful witch created a wonderful erotic sequence quite apart from the usual blatant and stock descriptive passages. The protagonist’s constant desire to resist makes for a delicious struggle. The final consummation and possession is a wonderful device and is well executed here.


Another recent favorite. I like this story because the controller is sweet at the same time as she maintains her control. Her inductions are often stealthy, which is something I always like. Meg’s use of her body as an object of fixation and also a focus point to avoid creates a nice tension. The subtlety of the slavery as well as the persistence of the heroine and the affection she shows the protagonist make this story sexy and fulfilling.

Ellen’s Breast Milk Enslavement

Despite the unfortunate title, this story is a great example of how a simple plot can be executed well. The descriptions and choice of inductions, as well as the devious nature of the controller makes this one a winner. The soft sanctity of the nursing slave coupled with the use of the lipstick as the focal point of control makes this a unique and treasured favorite.

Path of Control: Greg’s Story

While most of this story is very good, I think the fourth chapter is the best part of the whole thing. Greg’s visit to the amusement park is a nice touch, and I always enjoy substitution inductions. In this case, I was flattered that the author didn’t feel the need to beat me over the head with what was actually happening. I also liked the circle tracing part of the story quite a bit. The combination of control via indirect motions like the circle tracing and pulling away from coition while being pulled in is a great source of tension and conflict. The story as a whole has a good deal of stealth, confusion and deception, which are always welcome—especially in this genre.

Physics is Hard

The stealth induction by a supposed innocent in this story is enough to make it work. While I don’t really get into the humiliation at the end, the fantasy and the induction are wonderful.

Femmes Fatales: From Whose Bourne No Traveler Returns

While the continuation of this story leaves a lot to be desired, this first chapter is excellent. The interchange, the seduction, the drugging and the subtlety of it is excellent. Like “A Brief Mistake” the point of consummation also provides a wonderful tension. The descriptions are sexy and arousing, and the inability of the hapless victim to resist despite his attempts make this story a fascinating read.


The induction here may well be one of the most interesting and enthralling. Although the story gets a little weird for my tastes as it moves on, the verbage and inducements Allie offers to her brother are as irresistable as this first part of the story. The confusion and seduction she uses to bring him in are examples of the essential elements of erotic hypnosis.

My Descent Into Lesbian Tit Slavery

Another unfortunate title, but Cactus Juggler shouldn’t have to apologize to anyone. The whole thing as a package is just brilliant. The fact that the protagonist is so instrumental to her own downfall makes it sweet, but the progression of Eileen’s character, with the edges becoming harder as time goes on, also makes it more sinister, and therefore more delicious. The humiliation and give-away at the end seem anticlimactic, but this will always remain a very steamy story.

Professional Help

This was one of the first stories that ever prompted me to write to the author. After skimming my way through the first two parts, the third part was a terrific hook. I must have read the third part ten times before the fourth one came out. And it was some time until the fourth and other remaining parts came out... when they did, I was completely surprised at what happened. At first I was a little disappointed, but as I read on, I realized it may not have been what I expected, but it was some fun stuff, nevertheless. Again, the operative word here seems to be “sneaky”.


This one goes way back for me, I think I downloaded this one from a BBS back in the mid 90’s. The later chapters are a bit too wild for me, but the first few chapters, especially some of the sense-of-smell parts are really enticing. Many stories don’t spend enough dialogue with inductions, but this one is often good enough to put me under while I read. Certainly a classic.

I Bet...

Pretty sneaky, sis. Wow, this one was not what I usually look for, but the end result is really great. Again, the sneakiness, the trapping and the uncontrollable attraction. It taps into a lot of the excitement of adolescence as well. I love that the dominant is the girl’s younger sister.

The Easy Induction

There’s something a little silly about this one, and while flashing can have its shocking effects, I think most of the credit for this story goes to the delicious lead-up and a couple of surprises. Again, there’s something sneaky about this girl that I like.

Panties on his Mind

Like “I Bet...", this one taps into the sense of smell in a very hypnotic, intoxicating way. Although the scenario begins a little awkwardly and some of the dialogue kind of queers me out, it’s still a really hot interaction. I didn’t like the second part at first, but it kind of grows on you.

Scent of Submission

Again with the sense of smell, and again, pretty sneaky. The experimenter starts out so businesslike and plays off her craft so well, I can almost feel his confusion and bliss. The strange setting and nonconventional erotic interactions definitely add to the heat.