The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Reader’s Picks: Chris


I like female dominant stories. I like very slow inductions/seductions. I hate stories that spend two sentences entrancing the victim and the rest of the story ordering the victim around. I like it when the victim is always trying to resist but always losing more and more willpower. I have a slight preference for males being the victims but there are many many wonderful stories where a female is the victim. Any stories that focus on breasts or especially lactation are likely to be favorites.

Some of my picks:

My Sister’s Tits by CactusJuggler

No surprise that this would be one of my favorites. Breast milk that enslaves you? Sign me up! CactusJuggler is in a class by himself, I wish he would reappear on thre scene, I miss him. If you know anything about how he is doing, please let me know.

My Descent Into Lesbian Tit Slavery by CactusJuggler

I love this story because the victim fights to resist and fails so completely. A woman is slowly enslaved by her neighbor. She is conditioned to become addicted to nursing at the woman’s breasts.

Ellen’s Breast Milk Enslavement by Liplover

So overdone it is almost campy (not at all a bad thing, we are here for fantasy after all!). Such preparation to make sure she is seductive enough that no man could resist...

Pillow Talk by Homer Vargas

Homer Vargas and CactusJuggler are the two masters of what I like. I am very grateful that Homer Vargas is still active and has written so many stories. I really like all of them but this has a special place. I love superman being reduced by seduction and hypnosis to a helpless infantile state.

The WOPI Chronicle by Homer Vargas

Ok, I was going to only include one by Homer in this short list but I could not resist. The quote “You won’t think so well once I let my titties work on you, David” really says it all. I love it when it becomes so hard to think and what better tool than a beautiful woman’s breasts.

Venus Slave Trap by VENUSowned

What an amazing series. The women are so seductive, they know all of the weaknesses a man has and they use them so beautifully. No man would stand a chance. I want to try to resist... and fail...

Zarah by FranZAM

“Hypnosis is a type of seduction, James,”—This is the first serious mind control story I ever read and it hooked me completely. It is still one of the very best. It has absolutely the most beautifully described induction I have ever read.

HypnoSister by FranZAM

A man is seduced into an infantile helpless desire for his sister, starting with her breasts. I was never completely sure but it appears the author was kind enough to take some of my comments about an earlier story into account when writing this one.

Special Education by Pinky

Another great author. I wish this story had many more parts written for it. This teacher knows how to gently encourage obsession in her poor male students that will leave them totally in her soft feminine control.

Beach Zone by Pinky

A man sees a beautiful woman at the beach and starts following her. We all have seen women like this—you just want to slowly walk closer and closer. You know that you will get too close but your are helpless. You would eventually have the good sense to stop but when she knows you are looking and encourages you—you are lost. Very nice description about being enslaved by a beautiful swaying bottom.

I have to give an honorable mention to a story that was removed at the request of the author: Purple Haze by N. Trance.

This is one of my favorite stories and I am grateful that this site enabled me to find and read this wonderful story before the author pulled it. I would love to know more about why the author decided to do this if you know and if it is not breaking a confidence to share.

Moon Party by A Nony Mouse

A beautiful breast seduction and enslavement.

The Smell of Victory by Reth Eldirood

There is something I love about a heavy perfume making you dizzy and weak..

Puppy by Jrad

Something a little different, becoming a helpless little puppy for her..

A Broken Man by greapos

Hypnotic breast obsession and then she turns him into her little baby.

Eclipse by greapos

Each time she nurses him he gets smaller and weaker. She wants him to be a little baby.

Cat’s Lair by Raven’s Den

A strip club, secretly used to enslave employees of a company to get their secrets..

Leg Therapy by Pinky

I love therapy gone bad, here she induces a fetish in him for her legs.

The Candidate—Jennifer by The Mind Master

A complete brainwashing center to turn adults into helpless diaper dependent infants.

Gigi’s Control by mike smitus

The inductions are a little short but the ideas are great. I love the use of perfume. I love the studying to find weaknesses. The hallway and “you’re not going to make it” was one of my favorite scenes of all time.

I was disappointed the author did not include an email address because I wanted to thank them. I really hope to see more of this series. I would expecially like to see a lot more on what happens to the powerful customers who end up in diapers, as experienced from the customers perspective as they slowly succumb.

Regression Therapy: Jack’s Story by A Sinister Bent

I love stories where female therapists take advantage of their poor clients. Add to that regression and a nice little conspiracy and you have a story that is sure to be a favorite of mine.

Supremacy by iii888

“you will become very weak minded every time a girl kisses you, your will will start dissolve every time a girl kiss you, your soul will melt every time a girl kisses you, do you understand?”

I love the kissing slowly dissolving his will.

I also really liked the new story Lipstick Mayhem.

Shopping for Lingerie by Mesmer Eyezed

A salesgirl has been waiting for a man who cannot stop staring at her breasts.

Delightfully Buxom by Mesmer Eyezed

A large confident woman in a skin tight dress who knows you are helplessly attracted to her.

Interrogation Expert by Mesmer Eyezed

A perfect fantasy. Relax into the care of your beautiful nurse as she drugs you and makes you feel so comfortable.

Jill’s New Baby by pshadme

What a great few weeks for fans of age regression! I want to thank pshadme and BobYoungerFantasy for this story. I enjoyed it and it was wonderful that it also inspired Homer Vargas to write a new one. In this story, I love the baby doll top and the maternal tones Jill keeps using on the poor young (and getting younger) man. I also really love the way she touches his cheek and hair. Who could resist melting into her touch?

Ruth’s Big Baby by Homer Vargas

Dr. Ruth skillfully used his fascination with her breasts to render Robert helpless and start her hypnotic regression.

The Adventures of Silver Girl by Madam Kistulot

A really delightful new author. There is no rushing though the loss of control here. It is lovingly and beautifully described in first person as your mind slowly melts and you try to resist but are slowly overcome. My favorite characters are Pink and Dust. This story puts its finger right on an indescribable feeling of pleasure on the cusp of losing control.

Love at the Office by Sweetlori

Very nice secretary drugs and seduces the boss story. It includes a little breast feeding which is always a favorite of mine.

Lesson Learned (Sweetlori) by Sweetlori

Drugged tea and two young girls fall under the spell of an older woman. I love when one is curled up adoringly and helpless as her hair is stroked like a pet. Some breast feeding.

Smokey Seduction by Seducedbybeauty

Beautiful Asian uses drugged smoke and later a drugged perfume. Very seductive and gentle but inescapable enslavement.

Flight to Jamaica by Mesmer Eyezed

During the induction he falls asleep on her large soft breasts and drools on her shirt. She knows his weakness and uses it well, ending with helpless breast feeding.

The Wrong Club by Mesmer Eyezed

A club where a man falls under the spell of a large beautiful woman who uses her eyes and her breasts as she dances to capture the whole audience.

SAG Vehcile by Mesmer Eyezed

“Now you just rest your head and let those sleepy little eyes close” Three women use the warmth of their bodies and their soft voices to make him fall helplessly asleep and into their spell.

Doctor Susan by Mesmer Eyezed

Conspiracies are always fun. Women bring their husband to a seminar where they are drugged and brainwashed

Girlfriend’s Devious Sister by pshadme

Sister in law with her seductive ways and low cut blouse knows just how to treat him like a little boy and encourage his desire to feel small and helpless.

My New Apartment by pshadme

Seductive voluptuous older landlady knows how to weave a maternal seductive spell around a young man. Long delightful story.

Professional Help by pshadme

Paul, the poor boy, gets out of the frying pan and ends up in the fire. Endless teasing and dribbling.

Turned On by Johnny Reb

Woman drugs neighbor and brainwashes him to love larger woman. Then they brainwash and fatten his wife. There is not much hypnosis but I do like the ideas. Corn Fed Girl is also good if you enjoy fattening stories.

The Freshman—A Lesson Learned by A Nony Mouse

Student stays with his Aunt Cassandra, who is a psychologist and uses regression to enslave her little nephew.

Shore Leave by A Nony Mouse

Spy drugs military man and then uses her body and especially her breasts to enslave him.

Nippled and Dimed by Dou7gx

Girlfriend uses her nipple as focus to hypnotize him.

Hypnotic Lap Dance by Jypsy Jones

Neighbor woman uses hypnotic lap dance to enslave a young girl. Very nice seduction and use of breasts.

Pumping Up, Dumbing Down by A Sinister Bent

The beautiful trainer at a gym uses drugs and hypnosis to make him less and less intelligent and more and more enslaved.

Indiscretions by A Sinister Bent

Cannot say it better than the author did: “Corrupt hypnotherapist Dr. Kara Pendleton is hired to sabotage a presidential candidate.”—I love stories like this. Lucky for us, Dr. Pendleton appears in several stories.

Pavlov’s Girls by A Sinister Bent

I love Pavlovian conditioning so I included this one even though I prefer female dominant. Nice campy story.

The Hypnotic Shop by diana_singleton; dozygirl1966; focus_blue; goodgirltammy; new_alchemy; sacrip; sw_card44 and Wendy Slippers

A very long good story. My personal favorite is chapter 7 when drugged breast milk in a pacifier is used to regress a woman and question her.

Top Floor by Bedrich

Computer screen brainwashes woman to be nurturing and to treat her manager like a baby.

Seminar by Bedrich

Psychologist is unaware she treats her mentor like a baby whenever he wishes.

Travails With My Aunt by H. Jekyll & E. Hyde

Aunt regresses and controls her nephew.

Marta and Robert by Homer Vargas

Another from the master. A conspiracy by plump sexy women at a party. Breast feeding and brainwashing regress a man and enslave him to his soon to be wife.

Dawn and Ken and Maria and David By Homer Vargas

Breast feeding and regression by his housekeeper. “After a night of sleepy sex with Maria, Ken will be her puppy dog”